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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 6, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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growing concern over a new wave of covid.
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health experts explain where things stand and where to go from here. >> wall street is looking to back bounce back. advice from financial experts. a group of professors are hauled away by police the message they want to send tonight. some are calling this a sixth wave. tonight we are talking with public health experts about where we stand. i am calling it for now. with covid cases tracking through the bay area and parts of the u.s. some say we are in the sixth wave.
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with cases jumping 160%, some are calling for the masks to come back on. when community transmission rises we need to add extra layers of protection. they are picking up the masks again or avoiding crowds for now.>> personally speaking i'm not disengaging with life i am taking part in everything outdoors. i am always carrying my streetsmarts with me because i want to take any chances.>> they are taking up the rates and there are new tools to blunt community spread. >> this is a good advancement. that allows some who are able to get a prescription on an antiviral treatment right on the spot. >> it's preventive or
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hospitalizations and deaths. if given within the first five days of the bill symptoms. they are designed to help manage covid surges. >> this is a game changer for older adults and those with medical conditions. we are doing well keeping it out. at his hospital there is only 20 people in the hospital. a live look at the state capital where a bill that would allow kids 12 and up to get their vaccine without their parents permission is heading for the senate floor for a vote. minors need permission for every vaccine except for those
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meant to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. numerous demonstrations have been held outside the high court since a draft decision was leak. justices would overturn the landmark ruling. the senate will vote on a bill to protect the rights under the law. more than honey states are putting more restrictive laws into place for some of the bills have been tied up pending the high court's decision. they are moving to restrict the use of abortion drugs. there will be a battle between the states and the federal government which allows the distribution of abortion pills and states which try to outlaw the distribution of the pills within their boundaries. >> the supreme court's decision
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is expected by early july and we will bring the latest developments on the abortion- rights fight on air and online. wall street we will look for a big rebound tomorrow after the worst day of the year today. we see what's behind this plunge and the one way you should not react. they plunged more than 1000 points over 3%. >> i think it is a sign that inflation is out of control and people need to handle it investors worried the reserve will raise interest rates and slow the economy too much.>>
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americans are shelling out more for a long list of essential items. the cost of food, energy, and gas have all seen major increases. he is writing out wall street roller coaster ride seeing more dips and jumps. americans concerned with their master might avoid a short-term approach. hopefully those who are retired didn't have as much risk in the stock market. if you sell your stocks now you are timing the market and that rarely works. stocks mange their biggest gain since 2020 after the chairman
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said they're not considering an interest rate hike. facing criticism for a tv ad that critics are calling deceptive >> i had to close my business because of drug dealers in front of my shop. they would be right back here. >> the ad features mr. smith's nightclub and cocktail lounge. they sent us a statement saying that we stand by our ad highlighting district attorney refusal to address the drug dealing crisis in san francisco. they will give the final say on the recall effort on june seventh.
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critic; for a review of the single plan for the cost estimate ballooned by more than $2 billion. the board voted to approve a contract for the first phase of the project. berkeley wanted to of had with the creation of a new community safety department. it would divert calls for service away from police and a new unit of mediators. the vote was 7-2 in favor. the city needs to figure out how to find it they are expected to vote on a budget at the end of june.
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evictions started this year along highway 80. it has left a group scrambling to find a safe place to sleep at night.>> you get worn down. it is hard to get up every day. >> she is tired and only wants one thing. >> someplace to sleep.>> she had a dozen others have called this home for now, but claims she has been harassed by security guards by neighboring businesses. she decided to set up a tent next to her clients.>> no one
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will come and talk to you that way and we will find out who this is and i will deal with it. ot werecongregant housing. these residents have special needs. >> the folks who were left with the most disabled. he cannot go into the shelters because it had serious disabilities or mental disabilities that prevented them from being around strangers. >> her clients have spent years on waiting list trying to navigate the system. they will soon have a roof over their heads. i am very passionate is a civil
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rights attorney. staffers and students are camped out in front of the college tonight to protest possible cost saving to 2 faculty positions. are cameras spotted police taking at least one protester away. my grandchildren will be third generation college students because of the start we got here. i want those same opportunities for students who are working to change their lives and pursue their dreams. still had tonight, and efforts to protect residents facing steep rent hikes.
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>> more beer sightings in vacaville. y experts say they're not sure if it same bear that was hanging around earlier this week. we will show you how the bay area is celebrating this cinco de mayo.
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we are protesting another death at the hands of a driver in our city. vision zero is this something the politicians have signed onto many times. the never take the action that gets us there. >> protesters demanding the city take action to reach zero traffic deaths. the apartment association and five individual landlords are set to block the eviction moratoria. is unconstitutional amounting to the government taking private property without just compensation. a city councilmember is trying to rein in with rent control. owners are allowed to raise rent
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based on inflation because is so high others increase what amounts to about 7% starting in july. vacaville neighborhoods are back on watch after two new sightings in the city. officials say it's not clear if it's the same that was hanging around the neighborhood because bears can travel up to 20 miles a day. there is a bear habitat in the hills surrounding solano county. if you see the animal, do not panic. >> you need to recognize that just because there is a bear sighting in a somewhat rural area and there is natural habitat does not necessarily mean there is an emergency.
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>> the department has assigned a biologist to monitor the area in case the bear pops up again. cinco de mayo filled the air with music across the bay area tonight. in san jose flags flew everywhere as vendors set up shop. there was even a drive-by parade. a crowd gathered at golden gate park to enjoy live music and dancing. it was a little cool out there.
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it won't come back for the next several days with look at what to expect. mostly cloudy skies for the rest of the night. a chance for a couple showers north of the golden gate to begin the day tomorrow. the rain chances are going to remain pretty low. let's look at the future cast. these are going to be spotty. very light showers the rest will start off with dense fog.
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this forecast model is trying to push the showers down the peninsula. we will see nice weather as we head into the first half of the weekend. things will change for the second half of the weekend. most of the energy will be farther up to the north. it will set up camp over northern california and southern oregon. even into wednesday and thursday. cooler temperatures are sticking around. also shower chances. we have a shower chance as far as the central bay.
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right now there's the fog spreading out across the bay. temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s and they will dropped out a couple more degrees and we will end up to the low to mid 50s tomorrow morning. i temperatures will top out right where we were today. santa clara valley will have warm spots. you'll make it up into the upper half of the 70s. low 70s for the inland parts. low 60s for san francisco. mid to upper 60s for the northbay. not as warm as other parts of the bay area because you will have more clouds overhead. forecast does cool down. be flexible with any outdoor
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plans. it's nice to see light rain chances in the forecast. >> a night without the play means a return on the top five plays.
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ever been in a car stuck in mud or ice? no matter what you do and no one the grime the tires and spend can't go anywhere. for street losses. i wonder if this fan had a good time. first home run of the season open the score. mother had no problems rounding
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the bases. they just cannot score. this one drove in a pair. the giants did have 10 hits and followed a 14 and 11. only three games. brooks was suspended by the game three of the warriors. payton suffered a fractured left elbow. this is 49ers hybrid samuel who is frustrated. something happened yesterday.
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maybe because it cinco de mayo? maybe because tomorrow is willie mays birth day. we bring you another top five plays. >> that hit enforces half. while. just while. these bikers have no error appears it was for a bogey
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five. longest recorded all out. that was 134 yards. the cowboys will be the top seed when the postseason heads. they have to cheer go cowboys, but it's cowgirls who are actually doing the work. here's a
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you can now sit impose with a picture the first asian-
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american mayor statue. >> when he played basketball he thought he was 6'7". you cannot tell him anything different he was not only someone who loves san francisco, but he loved basketball and he loved this
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salsa.we he 30 monuteofipsnd cinco de mayo.>> (contemporary music) - hi everyone, and welcome to the legal help center. this is where we have legal professionals standing by to answer your questions regarding personal injury. so if you've been injured in an accident that was not your fault, like a car accident, or a slip and fall, give us a call right now.


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