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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  May 6, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news .
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>> right now on kpix 5, live for my camera on treasure island , a look at the skyline of san francisco. >> cannot see it this morning. >> good morning i am len kiese . >> and i am amanda starrantino come weather and traffic, it was warmer in the east bay walking out to the cart. >> almost mid-50s everywhere and it is misty, you might see the streets look a little damp and it is brooding as we saw from that camera, the clouds are low and brooding and that is treasure island. you can barely make out the lights from the ferry building and outside the port of san francisco. trust me but that is the view above santa clara valley looking out over san jose but look how warm, not only mid-50s but near 60. 58 at livermore right now, 57
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in oakland and 59 at oakland or excuse me, concord, santa rosa is in the mid-50s, the usual cold spot but not widespread fog come as impressive as the clouds look, we will hear more in the second from gianna, today's temperatures climb back into the low 70s, then mid-60s and partly cloudy today. when we look at the actual rain, there are a few light showers that will try to follow along the coast this morning but the real focus in the forecast is becoming sunday, the next chance of rain on sunday, will not be widespread or a lot, but a chance to talk about it along with wind, more on that coming up. for now gianna has the drive. >> as far as crashes we're looking good, but things from the weather will impact will drive this morning this is a lie look at golden gate bridge, the foggy spot and the fog adviser is been issued by
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caltrans, also pretty foggy along the coast along highway 1 into daly city. 101 up to 80 will be affected is a limited visibility, and the san mateo bridge give yourself extra minutes, i'll be here also. and if you're out and about those roads might be slick so take it easy as you take the on and off ramps onto the freeways. the bay bridge looks good into the city and you can see it. store mac the nine justices on the supreme court have extra security this morning after a group apparently published their home addresses. they are facing a lot of threats right now because of the draft report that was leaked earlier this week showing the supreme court could be poised to overturn roe versus wade. in the meantime, states across the country are preparing for this health clinics in states where abortion will remain legal getting ready for influx of out-of-state patients if
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this happens. and exploring a loophole for women who could not travel who could apparently be seen virtually come and be sent abortion pills. republican lawmakers in at least 17 states are introducing legislation now to ban or reduce that access. this is the continued fallout from that draft opinion. the final word will be had some time in june and july and we will be on top of it. covid cases are rising in the bay area, some call it race number six good this morning we talked to public health experts about where we stand right now and the pandemic. >> reporter: it is a matter of a debate whether we call it a wave or a swell, or what have you. but it is the sixth time but i'm calling it, for now, a
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swell wave bid >> with covid cases tracking upward across the bay area, and parts of the u.s., some public health officials say we are now in a six covid wave bid with cases jumping more than 160% a month in the bay area, some are calling for masks to come back on. >> when community transmission rises, we need to add extra layers of protection. >> many public health experts like dr. sarah cody are modifying their own behavior, picking up the masks again, or avoiding crowds. >> personally speaking i'm not disengaging with life and i'm taking part in everything outdoors. but i am always carrying my covid streetsmarts with me because i will not take any chances. >> the silver lining, though they are taking up, hospitalization rates are much lower than previous surges come and there are new tools to blunt communities spread. >> this is a good advancement >> a new kind of testing site open at the college of san mateo thursday it allows some who are tested to get a
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prescription for an antiviral treatment right on the spot. >> this antiviral is very effective, 90% effective, at preventing authorizations adapts if given within the first five days of developing symptoms. >> the test to treat site is one of 25 than a 50 mile radius of san francisco and they are designed to help manage covid surges come and avoid harsh shutdowns. >> i think this is a game changer for older adults and those with medical conditions. >> many doctors say the key to living without mandates and restrictions is to keep people out of the hospital. dr. peter chen hong said were doing well with that in the bay area and for example at his hospital, ucsf, there only 20 in the hospital, compared to 150 a day during the height of the january surge. i'm sarah dodgy kpix five. >> a lie look at the state capital were a bill that would allow kids 12 and up to get a covid vexing without the parents permission is going to the senate floor for a vote.
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currently minors need permission for every vexing, especially for those specifically meant to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. a group behind the recall effort targeting recall of the district attorney jason ledeen is facing criticism for what tv ad critics are calling deceptive . speare i had to close because of constant drug dealers in front of my shop and even when arrested they would be back here. >> jason bardeen has a lot of to become a free-for-all. >> that add featured the former owner mr. smith's night club and cocktail lounge and he blames his business, even though he closer must before jason bodine was elected but the behind the ad did not answer questions about whether he could mislead voters and they sent a question think we stand by our ad highlighting the district attorney's refusal to address the drug dealing crisis in san francisco. san francisco voters will get the final say on the recall
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vote coming up on june 7th under ballot proposition h good the vta has lunch and independent review of the downtown b.a.r.t. extension project, while at the same time moving forward with a land critics having calling for review after the cost estimate blend by more than $2 billion in the vta board approved to a construction project. the city of berkeley is moving ahead with the creation of a new community safety department but it would divert certain nonviolent calls of service away from police toward a new unit of the civilian mediators that the proposal would create an office of equity and diversity to monitor all city departments last night's vote was seven-do you favor, but the city still has to figure out how to fund it. the city council is expected to vote on a budget at the end of june. about a dozen people in berkeley are wondering where they will go next after
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caltrans got the green light to clear their encampment near interstate 80. we spoke to an attorney's taking at stan for them by sleeping on the street. >> reporter: evictions started at homeless accounts along highway 80 your this year leaving a group to find a safe place to sleep ly physically exhausting but it is emotionally and mentally debilitating, you get worn down it is hard to get up every day. >> sarah has been on the move after homeless encampment was removed along highway 80. she is tired and only wants one thing. >> just a place to live. >> she, along with about a dozen others, have found a block near the highway in berkeley to call home for now, the claim that she has been harassed by security guards from neighboring businesses. andrea henson, a civil rights attorney, heard about the harassment and decided to set up a tent next to her clients. >> put my tent up, you have me
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and no one will come and talk to you that way and we will find out who this is. i will deal with it. i will defend you. >> henson has been working with this group since 2019 to help find him housing, while others were placed in congregant housing, but henson said these residents have special needs. >> those who were left were the most disabled and so they could not go into congregant shelters because they had serious disabilities, mental disabilities, the preventing them being around strangers. >> andrea henson set her clients have spent years on waiting lists trying to navigate the system but lawyers with a nonprofit, where do we go berkeley, and it specifically andrea henson, have given the group hope they will soon have a roof over their heads. >> she definitely gives us a lot of wind beneath her rings kind of thing. >> i help them right where they are. i am very passionate as a civil rights attorney, i want to help
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those that no one will help. >> city college of san francisco board of trustees is set to vote today on cost- saving cuts. last night, staffers and students camped out in protests. the cuts could affect about 200 faculty positions. not everyone who started the evening in front of collin hall is still bare. our camera started to spot police taking at least one protester away. >> i'm a first generation college student, my daughter the second, our grandchildren will be third generation college is because of the start we got here. i want those same opportunities for black and brown students, and for students who are working poor, to change their lives and to pursue their dreams. >> if approved, the layoffs would cut across all departments. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming a cbs news bay area rapid and new effort to protect oakland residents facing steep rent hikes, the new plans unveiled good
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>> more bear sightings in vacaville, wildlife experts say th
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time for this morning's money watch report. what economists expect from the latest job report and why the fda is limiting the use of johnson & johnson's covid vaccine. and piper reports from the cbs ought center >> reporter: wall street had his worst day since 2020 thursday, giving away all of the gains from the day before. the dow jones lost 1063, nasdaq slid 647, s&p 500 dropped 153. investors will now look to the labor department for positive news with the april jobs report did economists expect to see before hundred thousand jobs were added last month. and for the unemployment rate to take down a 3.5%. the fda is
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limiting the use of johnson & johnson's single dose covid vaccine because of a rare, but potentially life-threatening risk of blood clots that the agency says only those who cannot get a different vaccine should take the j&j job because of the risk of thrombosis. with thrombocytopenia syndrome. ms. pac-man is a home of famer, she joins dance dance revolution, the legend of zelda, and civilization as this year's inductees to the world video game hall of fame did winners are recognized for their popularity and their influence. that is your cbs money watch report. for more go to cbs money at the cbs broadcast center i am matt piper. we are protesting at another death at the hands of another driver in our city. this is something that the politicians have signed on to many times, but they've never taken the action to get us to
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vision zero. >> this morning protesters in san francisco are demanding the city take action to reach its goal of zero traffic deaths. they demonstrated in the tenderloin after a hit-and-run killed someone riding a scooter on sunday. meanwhile in oakland city council members trying to rain and rent hikes for tenants with rent control. owners of the properties are allowed to raise rents by a certain percentage every year based on inflation. because it is so high that right now this years increase would amount to nearly 7%. starting july, councilmember karen five is proposing a permanent cap of 3% and it is scheduled for a vote at the end of the month. vacaville neighbors are back on watch this morning after two new sightings in the city but the fish and while officials say it is not clear if it is the same bear that was hanging on the northridge neighborhood earlier this week and that is because they can travel up to 20 miles a day. and there is a bear habitat in the hills surrounding northern solano county. they say if you see the animal
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do not panic. >> if someone ascertains there is a dangerous situation call law-enforcement immediately. of course that is what you should do. but recognize that just because there is a bear sightings, in a somewhat rural area, and that is the bears much natural habitat, doesn't necessarily mean there is an emergency. >> the department has assigned a biologist to monitor the area in case the bear pops up. cinco de mayo celebrations filled the air with music last night. >> commemorates mexico's victory over france and the 1862 battle over puebla. in san jose, flags flew everywhere as vendors set up shop. there was even a drive-by parade.
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>> earlier a crowd gathered at golden gate park in san francisco to enjoy live music and some dancing. it is now for: 48, let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> and everyone got nice weather yesterday for the celebrations. >> we worked out wonderful but we do express a cooling trend over the next few days and very noticeable. wendy over the weekend and we might get rain on sunday and monday. looking at the live cameras now from atop the santa clara valley looking out over san jose, it is cloudy. let's get a closer look at the view. it will look like that for much of the bay this morning, we can't do mid-level clouds and very warm. upper 50s right now for the majority of us. and there is light misting rain in the clouds. you see it depicted on futurecast. not a lot to it but a few light showers do crop up every once in a while. little green dots.
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we will not get rain out of this, although some of the streets have gotten a bit damp and a little bit of light missed, the closer you are to the coast in the hills the more likely you will notice good daytime highs stay where they were yesterday, low 70s inland and mid-to-upper 60s in the bay. that is noticeably cooler than two days ago but almost identical to yesterday. now, this very active and progressive pattern in the pacific is determined to try to throw something away by sunday and monday. let's look closer at sunday morning, there is a well- organized line off the far northwest coast. this has gone back and forth in the forecast models over the last few days. 18 hours ago it was going too far inland and missing us. we will take this with a grain of salt but at this point there is a little bit of rain, and light chances scattered showers to come through sunday. that is the kind of system that
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would have very spring-like characteristics to it. in other words, we could get a few isolated thunderstorms, but it would not be widespread or steady rain for everybody. it will also likely get wendy as it comes on shore saturday. for saturday afternoon we could see 25 to 35 miles per hour gusts, breezy saturday and the next chance of rain into sunday. monday we have got to keep a chance of showers for monday. that would be the more likely timing of seeing in isolated thunderstorms, then it is done by the early middle part of next week. temperatures do not budge a whole lot, seven-day forecast shows we may cool down a little bit sunday and monday, warming up by wednesday and thursday, how is the drive gianna? >> not that bad, just a few foggy spots, like around the golden gate bridge, if you're on highway 101 around pacifica and daly city i'm pretty dense in the area, so be careful. the roadways might be a little slick because of that light mist on the roadways. we do have roadwork causing a
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lane closure on 80 for between pala meares road in fremont and main street. ongoing, and overnight closures will start this week extending all the way to the 25th of may. plan for an alternate. looking a little murky out some of the live shots in this is a live look of the dublin interchange, some brake lights y so fy gh altamo pass d ises on 20connect on the 580. a fog adviser is been issued for the golden gate bridged by caltrans a little while ago. limited visibility and issue along 101 through the waldo grade and to the golden gate bridge. and the san mateo bridge a couple of foggy spots so keep your eyes peeled. the bay bridge toll plaza stroessner metering lights, quiet ride, hopefully it will stay friday light into the city right now, under 10 minutes for the commute. easy ride along 880 through oakland but that is a look at
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the traffic and here is a look at sports. >> good morning everybody, straight ahead come a night without the nba remains the return of the kpix top five plays last night. and the giants. well, as jim harbaugh when you need help it's great to be in sync with customer service.
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the morning, baseball on top and the giants had ever been in a car stuck in mud or ice, and no matter how much you hit the gas, the tires just spin? you cannot go anywhere. that is san francisco. there were for straight losses and they scored one in each of the last three. i wonder if this fan had a good time, a foul ball off her shoulder. but you know what? she got the ball the score was in the cardinals with the third inning, until melina squared it up. his first home run of the season, opening the story, 1-0, and the cardinals had no the ants t score. basi
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this is thseventh odrove ina i a 14-11 record fourth place, but only three in the league. dillon brooks of memphis, he was suspended yesterday by the nba for saturday's game three at the warrior spirit this occurred at the beginning of game two. payton suffered a fractured left elbow on the play and is out due to the western conference finals. 49ers hybrid diva samuel frustrated in a contract squabble and he stopped following his own team on his instagram page. but something is happening. he started following the 49ers again, why? we do not know. could this be a good sign of a possible deal. he has one year remaining on his rookie contract. maybe it was cinco de mayo yesterday, and today is willie mays birthday. we bring you another kpix top five plays.
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let's go. number five is hockey. look out. look at that hit. boston's hampus lindstrom got the worst of it from andre spencer, carolina. what concentration on this catch. number three. wow, just wow, this is brian williams, and there is no fear. number two, check out diver zeke sanchez, judges did he stick the landing? number one, rickie fowler at the wells fargo championships stared it down. he liked it. why not? boom. and that was for bogey. longest recorded hole out for bogey since the pga started tracking. that was 130 for yards. and a special shout out to
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livermore softball, east bay athletic regular-season champions. a six a 6-3 win over the crosstown rival, granada. the cowboys 12-1 will be the top seed in postseason hits congrats to head coach andrew palazzo and his staff. that is enough. we will see you later. >> that was so sweet. and i'm talking about zeke and the action on the diving board. impress. coming up on kpix five and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> economic concerns are on the rise. and there could be a potential recession. >> federal reserve raising
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live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news . >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. wall street suffered its worst day of the year, the new worries about the economy this morning >> plus, how the federal reserve's interest rate hike could hit many prospective bay area homebuyers especially hard did taking a stand for the homeless, how and east bay attorneys fighting for housing. >> later it is been called the first of its kind in the bay area. the unique site to test injury recovery, good morning i am amanda starrantino. >> it is a friday. let's get to your forecast and traffic on this friday. staying warm. >> we did hear the official click open of the can. >> oh yeah. >> a couple of things on the weather today. it is warm out


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