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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 6, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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studios, this is kpix 5 news . >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. wall street suffered its worst day of the year, the new worries about the economy this morning >> plus, how the federal reserve's interest rate hike could hit many prospective bay area homebuyers especially hard did taking a stand for the homeless, how and east bay attorneys fighting for housing. >> later it is been called the first of its kind in the bay area. the unique site to test injury recovery, good morning i am amanda starrantino. >> it is a friday. let's get to your forecast and traffic on this friday. staying warm. >> we did hear the official click open of the can. >> oh yeah. >> a couple of things on the weather today.
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it is warm out right now but it is almost 60 for many locations and that goes along with this pick blanket of gray wool pulled over us right now. look at the scene from treasure island. looking back at the city you do see the bay bridge. 20 of clouds, lower than that on the golden gate bridge and gianna will talk about how this is a little bit of fog for the golden gate. this is the south bay looking over san jose. in fact that is the bright lights of downtown san jose. a great start. 58 livermore right now, 59 in concord, santa rosa is 55 but everybody's in the same place but the clouds are so thick, i light mist along the coast so do not be surprised if you're out there and you notice dampness on the road, it is not rain but light mist. partly cloudy skies and low 70s in lent, mid-to-upper 60s in general, temperatures do not change a whole lot did pick out your part of the bay, particle
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size and feels like yesterday, the big story is the approaching system that will change things going into sunday, and monday and breezy saturday, a chance of rain perhaps on sunday, and it will feel cooler for mother's day, and monday. back with more. let's get to jonathan the drive is looking. >> thank you darren, i did see some of that light mist this one, the roads were little slick, i drove from the coast where was a little foggy. foggy is a golden gate, this is an area where we have limited visibility. it could be an issue and is slowing you down for the ride out of marin county into san francisco. caltrans issued an advisory so be careful as you work your way across the span crashes, safe to say it is friday l■ight othe than some foggy spots and a few slick surfaces. the altamont pass commute a little busy out of tracy onto 580, but everything moving smoothly towards the interchange. metering lights still up on the bay bridge, so far so good heading into san francisco.
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the april jobs report comes out this morning and economist predict less than 100,000 jobs were added last month this come after wall street suffered its worst day of the year. stocks cratered yesterday on worries about the economy. it is added to the fears some have a potential recession. this is a look at the closing numbers. that isn't a typo. the dow jones dropped more than 1000 points. the nasdaq finished nearly 650 points in the red. the s&p fell more than 150 points. the losses erased yesterday's gains after the federal reserve raised interest rates by half a percentage point. the largest rate increase since 2000 when the u.s. was in the middle of boom. >> this inflation battle is first and foremost in people's minds, and how the fed responds. the fed has been very aggressive. it delivered a very large rate hike historically yesterday.
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and said they would probably do that two more times at least along with further tightening measures that are also to come. >> the move by the fed to raise interest rates is to rein in prices which have been skyrocketing for most americans. take a look. since march of last year, the cost of food, energy, and gas have seen major increases. no surprise to anyone. spirit yes, you see those prices and how will the rising interest rates effect the bay area housing markets. now more on what the buyers are already noticing. >> reporter: born and raised in the bay area, magician daniel chen, has made a career out of working for himself. booking gigs around town, and virtually from his home studio. >> we sought to keep on working living in the bay area and it feels like it is a rat race. >> with kids on the set of high school the fremont resident
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wonders if it is worth buying here or moving elsewhere. >> we could comfortably retire in florida or the state of texas. >> mortgage rates have been rising all year and he has crunched the numbers with the latest interest rate hike this week. >> it is supposed to curb inflation. but it feels like there is a catch 22. >> he estimates on a mortgage around $800,000 he would pay an extra $500 a month. putting more down in a different state and moving out of california is definitely something on my mind. >> chan said his family's focus is searched and the space i want to stay in the same district so the kids do not have to change schools. >> real estate is a long-term strategy for you is always a great time to get into the market when you're able to >> while you may see a few less offers on homes, local realtors said prices are still rising in this market. buyers need to prepare to spend more to own even less. >> we think this interest rate hike will only exacerbate the homeowner ownership disparity
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that exists right now between whites, asians, blacks and hispanics. >> experts say the market will only get more competitive, with low supply and plenty of demand. >> there is always someone who is richer, and whether there is a cto or a founder who is pushing up the pricing. >> chan said there is no cheap trick of making his dream of owning his home in the bay area a reality. in fremont sean kipnis. >> out of santa rosa a man was shot during a sideshow and several of these sideshows around the bay area all celebrations for cinco de mayo, this went bad in the bay area and this was best to pull road and west avenue, the man was shot several times in the legs that he is in critical condition but he is expected to survive. the scene was apparently pretty crazy. lisa said over 750 people had gathered to watch sideshows,
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including over 200 vehicles. the person who shot this man is still on the loose, people need to give police tips who were there. a san mateo county neighborhood is on mountain, not mine watch after one was spotted last night at around 10:30. i residence security camera caught the big cat in action. right now the san mateo county sheriff's office is on the lookout. the city berkeley voted to move ahead with the creation of a new community safety department. it would divert certain nonviolent calls for service away from police and toward a new unit of civilian mediators. the proposal would create an office of equity and diversity to monitor all city departments. the vote was 7-2 in favor. the city still needs to figure out how to fund it. the city council is expected to vote on a budget at the end of
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june. in berkeley about a dozen people are scrabbling to find a safe place to sleep at night after caltrans got the green light to clear their encampment near interstate 80. evictions started at homeless in campus this year on a stretch of that highway. some people have found a block near the highway to call home for now. a civil rights attorney who helps the homeless heard about them being harassed by security guards and neighboring businesses. so she decided to set up a tent next to her clients. >> is not only physically exhausting, it is emotionally and mentally debilitating. >> the folks who were left were the most disabled and so they cannot go into congregant shelters. >> andrea henson said her clients have spent years on the waiting list trying to navigate the system. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming of cbs news bay area. covid cases rising from the bay area how a new kind of site could help people infected with the virus the prediction for what could be an even more difficult fire season this
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covid cases are trucking upward in the bay area, now a new and unique site is opening up where people contest for covid come and get treatment for covid, all in the same place. we explain how it works. >> reporter: this covid-19 test site near the college of san mateo is a test to treat site. that means that some people who
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test positive here can go home with prescription covid antiviral drugs. the one-stop shop, test to treat site is the first of its kind in the bay area but a simple concept. get tested, wait here for the results, if positive, nurse and health practitioner will determine if you are eligible for an immediate prescription for treatment. >> sounds like it is even more convenient. i would imagine people would show up. >> seems like a great idea, i don't know how accurate the home tests are so to get results, and also someone follow-up with you, is really advantageous. this is a good advancement in healthcare. spirit dr. curtis chan, deputy health officer for san mateo county. >> this antiviral is very effective, 90% effective, it prevent hospitalizations and deaths if given within the first five days of developing symptoms. >> the people eligible for this medication are people that are high risk for progressing to severe disease. >> the federal government
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launched the test to treat initiative in march, there are currently 25 pharmacies and clinics within a 50 mile radius of san francisco that do test to treat. more drive-through sites are in the works. dr. peter chen hong is a infectious disease expert that say antiviral treatment what the community responded covid without shutting it down. >> the more that we can have all people have access and an easy fashion, the better it is not just for the people getting sick, but the better it is for all of us because these people will be less likely to transmit it to other folks. >> it is important now because we are seeing in increase rising cases across the bay area. i think this is a game changer for older adults and those with medical conditions. >> on thursday there were 100 courses of it on hand at this site and by next week dr. chan said there should be six sites like this one of the college of san mateo throughout the county more will pop up in the bay area in california as well. in san mateo max darrow kpix
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500 a bill that would allow kids 12 and up together covid vaccine without their parents permission is going to the senate floor for a vote. currently minors need permission for every vaccine, expect for those specifically meant to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. cal fire is preparing for what could be the absolute worst fire season this year. fires are expected increase in july. according to the national interagency fire center, the potential for significant buyers in other parts of northern california is expected to spike in june, and last through august. joining us at the desk his first alert meteorologist darren peck. >> and the fire crews have their hands full this summer, they have had the past few years. spirit yes, it is cumulative, we go into another year were things about a little dryer. a couple ways to look at it. no doubt the lack of rain this winter put us in this situation, but how dry was it
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over the last 90 days particularly? remember, in october when record-breaking amounts of rain in december we broke records in the sierra for snow, but at the start of the year it all turned off it the last 90 days the map shows you where we rank in terms of the amount of rainfall that we got for that 90 days, comparison to the last 40 years. the darker the shades of brown, the driest it is on record. look at northern california. in other words the last 90 days are the driest we've ever recorded. it is not just how much rain we got, but how warm has it been? that is something else we need to start thinking about. warmer temperatures create an atmosphere with a greater ability to pull moisture out of the landscape. whenever used to think about it in those terms. but now that has become a bigger consideration. there are all new ways to look at that and visualize it. this is the most common one.
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this is the evaporative demand drought index, there will not be a quiz, but it shows you how much the atmosphere has had the ability to pull moisture out of the landscape. the deeper the shades of red, this is cumulative over the last 12 or years, the deeper into the red, the higher the ranking this is over the last years, some of the places it is of the highest reading in the last 40 years. you're probably sitting at home and you're going no kidding, we knew this was coming. as will be a big story the next several months. now back to today's story. temperatures climbing to the low 70s today and partly cloudy. it is cloudy out there now we showed you that at the top of the half hour when we showed you the fog at the golden gate. give yourself extra time on the road. this morning near the coast expect it to be clouded the first part of the day and then partly cloudy and low 70s inland. same thing for the most part on saturday but saturday gets more interesting. breezy saturday afternoon, and that will be the sign of the next system coming our way.
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watch what happens on sunday. that gets us into sunday afternoon. there is a chance of light rain on sunday we could get a line of showers that come through. we would not get a lot of rain. not so much do we get big rainfall totals on sunday. rather sunday will feel different because the system will turn the wind on saturday and sunday. i will both be breezy and noticeably cooler. there is a chance of rain on sunday and monday. not major blockbuster storms, nonetheless it will feel different. make that a part of your plans. if you have any outdoor plans for mother's day on sunday it will stay cool going into much of next week. that is where the forecast stands for now, gianna how about the drive? it's been a little chilly for the outdoor brunch on mother's day is what we were planning but we will see if we have to adjust. on the roadways the drive looks really good, this is a live look of the freeways, mobile five out and about, good morning brian, photojournalist
5:18 am
giving us a great perspective. he's headed right into the macarthur maze and the bay bridge, we see that extra volume friday light overall, no metering lights as he moves at a nice pace through that area westbound. through the toll plaza, looks like were not seeing any major brake lights or issues. a nice ride into san francisco. we are dealing with a few foggy spots this morning, especially the golden gate ridge, a fog advisory was issued by caltrans right around 3:00 this morning. we will see if it eases up keeping a close eye on limited visibility, southbound 101 working your way into san francisco, sausalito, all that area seeing fog but also along highway 1 into daly city, foggy spots there as well, and on 280 there might be light mist on the windshield and roads, so use caution. no major accidents which is good news if you're headed along 880. a live look of the san mateo bridge and you see that the camera has light mist so a
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heads up, little foggy there as well. 880 looks great, no delays near the coliseum, or the freeway, if you have an early flight to catch at the oakland airport and you're driving there right now, no delays on the freeways. at the dublin interchange extra volume westbound towards 680, but most brake lights headed into the altamont pass out of tracy from 205. >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> a staple in the east bay, wyatt could now be in jeopardy. >> before we go to break a special message for mother with mother's day right around the corner. hello mama, happy mother's day to you. i am so blessed to have you as my mom. it is the greatest gift i've ever been given to be the daughter of you and poppa.
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locations. mid-60s in the bay. partly cloudy today but not as gray as it is right now but it is pretty gray. light mist along the coast, do not be surprised of the roads look damp as you get out on the morning commute, the closer you his. back wh the rest the ord n for fore coming sunday d up. for the past decade, oakland first fridays as been a staple of the event in the community. >> there are vendors, food and live music as well some of the organizers say it is in jeopardy. jocelyn moran joins us in studio on this it is because of ballooning costs, one major one in fact. >> they said the city of oakland was giving them a small portion to cover some of the cost of things like police and fire fees, but that funding is no longer available. we went to telegraph and homebase for small businesses and we asked them about the impact losing this would have on them. >> it feels like home.
5:24 am
it feels like home. we have the same spot every friday. >> a sense of home, that is how this oakland native describes every first friday of the month on telegraph avenue. you will find vendors, food, music and people from different parts of the bay. >> you have to come out to see it and believe it, he walk up the block once and you will be in love. >> mohammed is one of the vendors that sets up at first fridays, he and his wife's business is a brand to inspire ancebrate can amers.melon and gang, know that gang turns people off, but we try to flip that gang and do something positive, and that melanin word, that is the pigmentation of our skin. >> logos inspired by their kids, they have hats, t-shirts and abc books with affirmations. speed all of the kids in the book look exactly like me, my kid, your son or your daughter.
5:25 am
>> is at first fridays is given them the exposure and opportunity to interact with others and is done the same for justin ford and his business, oakland zone 1852, the clothing highlights oakland. >> without it, i'm not sure how many people of oakland would know that we are here and a viable company to consider. >> first fridays is an event they don't want to lose and vanessa mcgee, account manager for oakland first friday, said that police fees and costs for the event has risen. >> faster than we can adjust with that. so we are trying to figure out how we can actively come up with sponsors or grants. >> vendors say losing first fridays would hurt them financially but it isn't just that. >> were talking community, and were talking about neighborhood with people that we see monthly and we consider our brothers and colleagues that have similar businesses. >> businesses they rely on for day-to-day things. >> i cannot even explain how much this means to us.
5:26 am
it is like without this, to be quite honest, we would not be able to pay our rent. we would not be able to have gas money for a week, and were buying diapers. >> it is how they provide for their family, and their business is also a way they are showing others to be proud of who you are. >> do not run away from it, do not question it do not second- guess it, do not feel you have to straighten your hair, where your dreadlocks. wear your hair nappy or wear your hair how you want to wear it, really be who you are at the end of the day. >> you hear how much these businesses mean to them. organizers say they don't know how much longer they will be able to put on the event. but you heard it, they're looking for ways like sponsors and grants, and they're asking for the communities help as well. >> 10 years is a long time, think about the heartbreak that would be in oakland because of this going away. >> if you've been to first fridays you get that sense
5:27 am
there people from oakland and people from all over the bay who go and you get that sense of community. it is about the vendors, but they're talking about how it is home. spent a lot of tradition. >> thank you. it is 5:27 and put on the next half hour on kpix five and streaming on cbs news bay area rapid as the pending overturned roe versus wade is looming, russians and what could be
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>> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield
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and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ e cbbay this is kpix 5 news. >> in morning on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. the supreme court justices given more security to increasing threats against them
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and their pending decision on roe versus wade. >> and the recall effort targeting district attorney chesa boudin which is facing criticism. >> and a new push in oakland to rein in rent hikes. >> and domestic violence increasing throughout the pandemic. how a clothing company is trying to make a difference, and empower lives. sticky morning it is friday may 6th, i am amanda starrantino . >> and i'm len kiese, happy friday, but have you with us, let's get it to the forecast . warm and misty. >> yes it it is near 60, the streets will be damp. if you are near the water, on the coast or even the bay bridge, look at this live view from salesforce tower. i want to take a spring grab, rented up and sell it and never have to go to work again for the rest of my life. >> could we be in on that business venture? >> you all will get a cut but you are expected to continue to show up. look at this scene. a couple of things about this
5:31 am
but those are the low clouds that have socked in the bay and created all this drama. this will create issues on the road, if you are on the coaster going up into the hills, john i'll have more, minor issues with fog. the fog is not widespread in any of the valleys or even the bay. that is the view from mount diablo. you see the lights of concord shining through. that is the scene right now over san jose. just like yesterday when you wake up to that deck of low clouds and it will be gone by late morning. look how warm it has made it. upper 50s right now, near 60 another way of saying it as you step out. partly cloudy today. warm-up to where we were yesterday. almost an exact replay of yesterday. this weekend will feel different for mother's day and i will show you that coming up. how does the drive look? >> sounds like we need a jacket on mother's day so i will plan for thatdrive g as far as
5:32 am
crashes or delays but the weather affecting your drive foggy in some spots, limited visibility will be an issue. the golden gate bridge and live here, you see the extra volume and the cars on the southbound side, the roadways are slick, roadwork just around the traffic break will release cars better. you see the cms sign eliminated, warning drivers of the wet roadway. pack your patience to give yourselves a few extra minutes. the scars on the roadway in general but a little light mist on some of the live shot on a camera. the san mateo bridge a little slick, a few foggy spots, but not the bay bridge, it looks good. this morning, the supreme court justices have been given extra security as threats against them have increased. this after politico leaked a dropped opinion showing the conservative majority will likely overturn roe versus wade meantime with a nearly 50-year- old precedent set by roe versus
5:33 am
wade in jeopardy, some republicans around the country are looking at what else can we change to the court? texas governor greg abbott said he may challenge in 1982 ruling that requires schools to educate all children, including undocumented immigrants. >> the expenses are extraordinary and times are different. >> that is ultra maga. >> the white house called the ideal way out of the mainstream . >> san francisco group behind the recall effort targeting district attorney chesa boudin is facing criticism for television ad that critics are calling deceptive. >> i had to close my business after 20 years because of constant drug dealers in front of my shop. even when they were arrested they would be right back here. >> chesa boudin has allowed it to become a free-for-all good >> that add features the former owner mr. smith's nightclub and cocktail lounge and he appears to blame his business quoting on the district attorney. but the problem is mr. smith's
5:34 am
close several months before the district attorney chesa boudin was elected the rear behind the ad would not answer questions on whether he could mislead voters but they sent a statement saying quote we stand by our ad highlighting district attorney chesa boudin's refusal to address the drug dealing crisis in san francisco. san francisco voters will get the final say on the recall effort on june 7th under ballot proposition h. we are protesting yet another death at the hands of a driver in our city. vision zero is something the politicians have signed on to many times and again, they never take the action that gets us to vision zero. >> protesters in san francisco are demanding the city take action to reach its goal of zero traffic deaths. the demonstrations was held in the tenderloin after a hit and run killed a scooter rider on sunday. city college of san francisco board of trustees is set to vote on cost-saving cuts today. last night staffers and students camped out in protest. the cuts could affect about 200 faculty positions.
5:35 am
not everyone who started the evening in front of collin hall is still there and our camera spotted police taking at least one protester away. >> i'm a first generation college student, my daughter is the second, my grandchildren will be third-generation college students all because of the start we got here. i want those same opportunities for black and brown students, and for students who are working poor, to change their lives and to pursue their dreams. >> if approved, the layoffs would cut across all departments. in oakland, city councilmembers trying to rein in rent hikes with tenants under rent control. owners of the properties are allowed to raise rents by a certain percentage each year based on inflation. because it's so high, this year's increase would amount to nearly 7% starting in july. councilmember carol fyfe has proposed a permanent cap of 3% it is scheduled for a vote at the end of the month.
5:36 am
today open mayor libby schaaf and the oakland antibody coalition will announce a commitment to expand digital access to all public school students in the city. the goal for all students is to have access to a computer, internet and tech support. the coalition has created a $12 million plan to make it possible one out of five women has expressed domestic violence according to the cdc. the number has risen through the pandemic due to lockdowns. this week in the bay area, a clothing company is made it i ked, ca s? to use their potia i woman san jose who says absolutely. >> i have this blue sleeveless, i think it is soap, top eyewear almost weekly to work now. >> with her smile and laugh it is hard to believe this woman has gone through all she has. >> my name is rachel ragan and i am a survivor of domestic violence. >> level of relationships that
5:37 am
caused pain and pair that with a lifetime of drug use. >> i started using it drug use as a 13-year-old and my father was a drug dealer so it was always around >> rachel set a divorce has left her without her kids and financially cut off. >> i had run-ins with the law and i ended up in a drug treatment program that sent me here. spirit here as in city team house in san jose, residential treatment center for women like rachel. three years later she's on a better track. heart of that is due to city team's partnership with a clothing manufacturer. kathy clothing. >> the donors that we have that provide absolutely everything that you could possibly imagine, from food, to clothing, to the events like kathy, were we are able to have clothing to go into interviews. you know it is super important, it is life transforming. >> a single piece of clothing can thread confidence into a woman designing the next steps
5:38 am
of their lives, which is where kathy stylist comes in. >> we could change the world one outfit at a time, it really does make women feel better about themselves. >> katie's thomas has been with kv kathy clothing and she organizes heart of kathy events bringing the high-end fashion experience to women who have an empty closet. >> this helps them hit the ground running. >> 51 women from city team will be getting styled and going home with brand-new clothing just for them. all gifted to them for free. >> i am not used to having that type of focus on me and it gives you a worthwhile feeling that you lose a lot of times in the situations of the past and the background that i have been in. it is absolutely amazing. >> so can a piece of clothing
5:39 am
really change a life? remember rachel's blue kathy top ? >> it isn't mine and it has never been with anybody else. there is something about that. you know it leaves a lasting impact. i think it was honestly one of the first brand-new things that i had gotten. because i was not working at. yeah, it is something i've held onto. >> rachel, not just in confidence, it's a piece with her past, strong faith with her present, and has hope for an even brighter future. you are now married and sober and clean. life is good. >> yes, yeah, absolutely life is amazing. it is. >> she is in such a good place, she is a case manager now and that is her career to help other women have expressed the same thing as her. what is so special is clothing is often overlooked.
5:40 am
she said you can hand in your resume and get the interview but if you're not dressed for the job you may not get it. spirit makes a big difference, and not everybody has those resources, good to have that help. >> so nice to see an incredible to hear her inspiring story. that event is on saturday. something to look forward to. coming up on kpix 5 instrument cbs news bay area. >> a big birthday today for baseball hall of famer and giants legend, willie mays. a new dance competition on cbs. a closer look at what you can expect on the show. >> this weekend things look interesting into sunday and monday there is a chance of light rain but i do not think it is the main headline. it will feel cooler and it will be a bit breezy. we'll talk how it changes going into this weekend, and mother's day, coming
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i am anne makovec at the live news desk with breaking news. the jobs report just cannot show nationwide that for hundred 28,000 new jobs were added in august. that is a little bit better than expectations. that means employment rate is thing constant at about 3.6%. there are all eyes on the stock market which is opening up less
5:44 am
than one hour from now. after the worst day for the dow jones since the year 2020, the beginning of the pandemic, yesterday. we are seeing if this will give investors a little more confidence and we will keep you posted. back to you. storm at giants great, willie mays, celebrating his 91st birthday. last year the kid arrived inin birthday at oracle park. willie mays took a lap or on the field and joined barry bonds for kate. he is the oldest living hall of famer. happy birthday. a new dance competition on cbs which is family friendly, featuring kids and their parents. >> gianna frank about the chat with one of the shows choreographers. and there is a way for you to get involved, right? spirit that is right, it is called come dance with me and this weekends, the shows choreographers and local dance instructor are teaming up to teach you how to dance. >> i think dance is
5:45 am
intimidating. >> but not for choreographer. >> we like to do it in the car, at our house, and we like a release from life. so just throw on music and do it. >> that is what he does, working with artists like beyonce, lady gaga and katy perry and now is the choreographer for corn dance with me, a new show on tbs were paris up with the town to get to learn and perform different styles of dance. >> when you see what these parents do i'm blown away every single time they step on the stage. it just shows you that anyone can dance. spirit this week he will be choreographing a special routine that will be talked about local dance instructors across the country including right here in san jose. >> a live dj on saturday and the format is built for success, group three, break it down and we pick it up tempo, then we build on that choreography. >> classes are open to all levels and all ages, something
5:46 am
they have a lot of experience with. you guys are at a local middle school right now so tell me about that. >> yes, i teach dance and groove to my middle schoolers and 12 and 13-year-olds, that tells you if they can do it, anybody can do it. you don't need any experience. >> so much fun. if you want to participate, get your groove on with their website, check for classes across the bay area or go to funky b's, were carrie and susan are common to sign up for their classes in san jose and come dance with me airs friday nights right here on kpix. i invited them to the set so next time we will get a little dance class. >> he talked about his levels and my level is way down here. >> you have some moves. >> and it is good for exercise and it is fine, it makes you feel good and it gets out your creativity. i love it. we do dance parties at my house
5:47 am
on friday night so come on over. >> and you have it as well on friday nights. >> i have progressed to doing the robot 101. spirit pretty impressive. >> did i embarrass you? spirit yeah. >> yes not going to any dance with you darren. >> like my dad at the bar mitzvah, everyone is embarrassed. so just like yesterday, there are some low clouds and gianna will have issues with fog but only if you're close to the coast or like the golden gate bridge and up in the hills, you might see missed but not widespread rain, sunrise coming up it 6:08. look at the local view already. that is the scene from the top of the hills e we clar under that and right now is 57 in san jose which is pretty warm. looking within the clouds you see the dots of green showing
5:48 am
up across the coast. light stuff, stays cloudy through the day. maybe a chance of electrical on the coast and that is about it. by the time we get to the afternoon low clouds have melted away. we still have a partly cloudy day just like yesterday. will go to the low 70s inland, mid-60s for the bay. today is a carbon copy of yesterday. things get more interesting going into the weekend. first thing we will notice is saturday evening will start to get breezy. in the advance of that, that is a possibility for light rain. watch the trailing line of showers pulled through the bay. this is one forecast model, they all disagree. the possibility is therefore at least to have us get some rain out of this going into sunday and monday. it will not be a lot of rain, there could be some isolated thunderstorms mixed in, in which case you would then get a lot. very few and far between. i think it is the fact we will
5:49 am
get to her and then it will be breezy, that is what you will notice more than anything else going into the weekend. rainfall totals on it, a couple hundred seven inch of rain. that is not going to be all that impactful. certainly noticeably cooler, breezy, unsettled. like there's maybe a weather system moving through for mother's day. and monday, both days, have to but a chance of rain on them. but will not be too impressive in terms of totals. will stay cool and early next week before clearing it out perhaps by the middle next week. very spring-like pattern. let's get to gianna and see how the drive looks. >> a live look at that drive from mobile five, photojournalist brian on the upper deck of the western span of the bay bridge in san francisco and you see the city right behind the bridge, beautiful love san francisco this morning, no brake lights or issues. moving at a nice pace and and brake lights pop up a little
5:50 am
bit as you get closer to the skyway exit. looking at roadways elsewhere this is the bay bridge near the toll plaza, and the metering lights and traffic moving at the limit. it is friday light, we will let you know when they turn on those metering lights it but the weather is playing a part in the drive this morning, look at the golden gate, a little foggy this morning. fog advisory was issued at around 3:00 by caltrans, limited visibility along 101 near the waldo grade and if you're headed to the golden gate bridge out of marin county foggy spots, plan for that this morning, a little light mist so the roads may be slick this morning. the san mateo bridge you see on the live shot with her camera we have that light mist on the camera. if you're headed to the interchange it is busy with extra volume westbound towards 680. most of the brake lights are for the super commuters out of tracy getting into the altamont pass. no crashes but a crash was reported moments ago on westbound 580 in the castro valley area. if you're going to sfo early
5:51 am
this morning to get away from we can early flight to catch, 101 moving nicely in both directions. spirit next, the mac northern california neighbors are back on their watch this morning. >> on the drew barrymore show, neil patrick harris stops by to chat. >> and right after our show stick around for cbs morning, gayle king and nate burlison bring the biggest headlines of the day. cbs morning starts at 7:00. but before we go to break, i mother's day message. >> i want to wish my mom, irma, happy mother's day. thank you mom for always being there for us, taking care of us, not just me but your grandkids as well. you are the best mom ever. ever. i love you mom. happy mother's day. >> very sweet. now, vendors at
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waking up this morning very much like we did yesterday. the low clouds filled in the bay, it is pretty, but there is fog on some of the bridges, notably the golden gate. clouds of been pushed down lower and you encounter this
5:55 am
near the coast as well. golden gate bridge is a great place to check in, if you're near the coast or in the hills plan on your drive looking like that. for the rest of us it is the cloud deck above us. that is san jose, you're not battling any fog in the south bay but you're waking up to a cloudy day. warm because of that. upper 50s. you will notice that it feels noticeably warmer, and light rain off the coast. and light mist, not necessarily rain. there is a chance of rain on sunday and monday, small, but we will look at it. i'll have that coming up in the complete forecast guys. vacaville neighborhoods are back on their watch this morning after two new sidings in the city. >> fish and wildlife officials say they're not sure it is the same bear that was hang on the northridge neighborhood early this week because bears can travel up to 20 miles a day. there is a bear habitat in the hills surrounding norther
5:56 am
solano county but they say if you see the animal do not panic. >> if someone ascertains there is a dangerous situation called law enforcement immediately. of course that is what you should do. recognize that just because there is a bear siding in a somewhat rural area, and a bears natural habitat doesn't necessarily mean there is an emergency. >> the department has assigned a biologist to monitor the area in case the bear pops up again. over the next half hour on kpix five instrument cbs news bay area. >> a growing concern over a new wave of covid, i look at where things stand and where do we go from here. >> small business week comes to a close and we will ask a local expert about so many struggles small businesses are facing, and the best way for them to get help. >> a daring stunt on the side of a bay area motel, why the niners mascot and other thrill seekers are taking the plunge. >> and this is a live look
5:57 am
outside before we go to break from our mark perkins
5:58 am
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right now on kpix 5 instrument cbs news bay area , the message from health experts, we are not out of the woods yet. the concerns this morning over a new wave of covid. the first of its kind in the bay area. the one-stop covid shop just opening up on the peninsula. >> sounds like this is even more convenience i would imagine people would show up. and cal fire out with a eerie prediction. good morning it is friday may 6, i am len kiese . >> and i am len kiese we have gianna and


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