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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 6, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the nvidia bay area studios. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area . leaders weighing in on abortion rights. how some are taking action to protect them in our stake. good afternoon. >> you know kpix 5 is at the live news desk with that major moves here in california as the supreme court may be poised to overturn roe v wade. we just heard more about these moves within the past two hours. california leaders making it clear that they won't our state
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to be a safe haven for reproductive rights. let's take a live look at sacramento right now at the state capitol. the governor and state lawmakers are lining up to make the stance note on the potential repeal of roe v wade. >> people will get hurt. health will be harmed. people will die. we are raising our voices to fight and we are raising our voices to say, helmet you. >> california lawmakers have been preparing for the possibility for months. in march, the governor signed a new law to reduce deductibles and co-pays on abortions. meat people who help with or get an abortion and another to help pay for health care for women coming in from out of state. in november, voters will likely see a measure on the ballot to add abortion protections. to the state constitution. >> reproductive choice is personal. it is private. it is serious. we should trust women to make those decisions. >> that was south bay congresswoman, one of many democrats on capitol hill hoping to codify abortion rights into federal law.
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on capitol hill, lawmakers on both sides are also gearing up for the abortion-rights fight. natalie brand continues our team coverage. >> reporter: senators are heading home for the weekend to hear from constituents ahead of the planned vote next week making abortion-rights legal nationwide.>> in a pregnancy, i don't believe it is the state that should intervene with its heavy hand. and make the decision. >> reporter: if roe v wade is struck down by the supreme court, abortion-rights will be decided by individual states. >> i think the decision should be made by the representatives of the people back to the various states. and i think that is the correct answer. >> reporter: republicans remain opposed to the bill and that includes moderate senator susan collins of maine, who said she will vote against it. >> senator collins and lisa
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murkowski have proposed a more narrow bill to codify roe v wade that keeps protections for help providers who oppose abortion on religious grounds. >> we are not looking to compromise something as vital as this peer >> reporter: states and legal experts are already anticipating what could be the next wave of legal battles. >> i think it brings up a lot of new questions. there are states that are trying to say, not only can we ban abortions within our state that we are going to try to ban our residents from traveling into another state. >> reporter: signing supreme court justice draft opinion on roe v wade, republican state lawmakers in louisiana advanced appeal to the house committee to criminalize abortion. classifying it as a homicide.natalie brand, cbs news. stay with us for developments on the abortion- rights front. we have recovered on-air and online at and streaming lo outside on this
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friday. a mix of sun and clouds but changes could be on the way for this mother's day weekend. darren peck is here with a look ahead. it will the sum be coming out for s? >> we will get breaks her scent but there is an issue and if this is a recent development an update in the forecast for sunday. we've taken the future cast and gone ahead. this is sunday morning at 3:00 a.m. and you probably have already seen it. watch that will organize line. try to hold together as it comes down to the bay area. what happens with this is it likely falls apart on the way. but we are going to get something out of this. we can progress that forward into the morning and watch the liner showers get to the north bay. it is far less impressive when it does. nonetheless, there is a chance for rain from ms. it would not be a washout. the bigger impact from the system on sunday besides the rain is going to be feeling
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much cooler and breezy appear as you or outdoors today and you are enjoying a wonderful low 70s and sunny blue sky friday afternoon, your outdoor plans for mother's day on sunday are going to be different. it will be cool and breezy. we will look at all of that in more detail coming up in the complete first alert forecast. we will see you then. it the dow is down close to 300 points. this after a more than 1000 point drop yesterday. with investors reacting to the rising interest rates. meanwhile the job market remains strong. bradley back bert blackburn reports there is uncertainty over how what much longer that will last. format businesses continue to hire at a rapid rate. the leisure and hospitality industry welcomed 78,000 jobs last month and manufacturing brought on 55,000 workers. overall, the economy added 428,000 jobs in april. that is the 12th straight month
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of at least 400,000. the unemployment rate stayed at 3.6% and plenty of positions are available. the latest data shows 11.5 million job openings in the u.s.. from court reporters in vermont. >> there is a lot of of people reaching retirement age and not so many entering the field. >> reporter: to horses in wisconsin. >> every healthcare organization right now is experiencing a tight labor market. >> reporter: there are questions about how long the strong labor market will last as employers continue to contend with inflation. federal reserve is trying to slow rising prices by increasing interest rates. >> that has a have been quite some time. >> reporter: cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger says that makes wall street nervous about the health of the economy. >> reporter:, is there right now? >> there is huge uncertainly. that is raising interest rates. we know there is a real supply chain issue and as it shuffles out, there is a real fear that we could head into a recession. >> reporter: schlessinger expects the right of job hiring to slow down in the coming
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months. that was so many factors at play, it is not clear how much. bradley blackburn, cbs news, new york. a bay area congressman is asking the fbi to provide more help in fighting organized retail crime. representative eric small will smoke in san francisco after meeting with fbi agents. >> i believe they are going to want to do some of the fbi's, they apply themselves on the local partnerships and this is just a matter of finding ways through their resources to make sure that we don't see more more retail centers overrun by crime. format he said he is worried that organized thefts can drag down business activity beyond retail. he said, a perception of safety problems can discourage investments in residential and commercial real estate especially in mixed-use developments. san francisco developers investigators are trying to figure out what the car went
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over a cliff. the fire department shared these photos showing a car perched at a sharp angle on it sandy blood. details are sketchy right now but we know the car plunged between 30 and 40 feet at lands in. sometime before three a.m. there were four people inside and all of them were rescued but two are now in critical condition. a san mateo county neighborhood is on mountain lion watch. it was a siding on la mesa drive in unincorporated ladera around 10:30 last night. residents security camera copycat an action. the san mateo sheriff's office is on the lookout. for the past decade, oakland's first fridays have become a staple event in the community. the vendors and food and live music. >> reporter: organizer say is now in jeopardy. jocelyn moran talk to vendors about one of the major costs going up here >> it feels like home. it feels like we have the same spot every friday. >> reporter: a sense of home. that is how oakland native mohammed describes every first
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friday of the month on telegraph avenue. you will find vendors, food, music and people from different parts of the bay. >> you have to see it to believe it. you have to come out. you walk up this block wants and you will be in love. >> reporter: he is one of the vendors that sets up the first fridays. he and his wife business is called melon and gang. brand to inspire and celebrate african-americans. >> melon and gang. game kind of turns people off but we flip that into something positive. he is also another word the people are not for me with but it is the pigmentation of our skin. format the logo is inspired by the kids. they have t-shirts and abc bits with affirmations. >> all the kids in the book look like me. you, my son, my daughter, your daughter.exposure and opportunity to interact with others. it as a dent the same for justin ford and his business.
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highlighting oakland. >> without it, i'm not sure how many oak lenders would know we are here and about. we are covering to consider. >> reporter: this is an event they don't want to lose. the account manager for oakland first fridays site that pay police fees and the cost of the event has risen. >> faster than we can adjust with that. and we are just trying to figure out how we can actively come up with sponsors or grants. >> reporter: vendor say losing first fridays would hurt them financially. it is not just that. >> you talk about community and neighborhood. we have people that we see monthly. that we consider our brothers and colleagues that have similar business is. >> reporter: businesses they rely on for day-to-day things. >> i can't even explain how much this means to us. it is like, without this, to be quite honest, we won't be able to pay our rent. we won't be able to have gas money or buying diapers. >> reporter: is helping provide
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by their diapers and their business is away that are showing others to be proud of who you are. >> don't run away from it. don't question it. don't second-guess it. don't feel you need to straighten your head or where your dreadlocks. where your hair nappy. you can take that out. where your how i you want to wear your hair. you know what i'm saying? really be who you are at the end of the day. coming up next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, a car dealership. we will show you the bay area's newest cart vending machine. two more days before mother's day. week catch up with eight area flower se
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news at noon, if you are in the market for a car, you can now experience the new way to buy. i have been to one of these in the midwest. this week karl bohnak open into a story tall car vending machine in daly city. that means you can skip the hassle of dealing with a salesperson. the fun part is picking up the carpet you get to drop a john cornyn the machine and watch a vehicle to send the structure. is open monday through saturday saturday. a live look at that local part where that giants take on the cardinals. san francisco is hoping to bounce back from a 7-1 loss. the giants are celebrating today. it is willie mays 91st birthday. last year he arrived in style
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to celebrate his 90th birthday at oracle park. he took a lap around the field and joint barry bonds for some cake. he is the oldest living hall of famer. the low warriors will take on the memphis lift grizzlies in game three tomorrow night. >> mother's day weekend is right here. you cannot celebrate mother's day without flowers. if you are still looking for some, you are in luck. we sent our photographer to the sf flower more and it was a pretty beady place. despite supply chain issues busy business business is booming for the small businesses. let's get caught up on the change in the weather coming our way. i will jump right into this. first think we will look at is live first alert doppler. to drive home the point, there is an active storm track trying to get in in northern california for the last few days. morning. ing now but eawed wiy it will look very similar. not a whole lot has changed.
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but this is different because the line of rain is going to be getting driven in by an area of low pressure and it will be pushing much further south and we start to get in on the act. that moves through as we go through sunday and maybe even into monday. if you take a look back here, it gets us to monday morning at 4:30. there are follow-up showers that will try to come in on monday. the reason why we are not stopping this to watch the little band of rain in detail in time at l is because it is too early to do that on a system like this. this is a recent development in the forecast models that this one will even hold together and get here in the most likely way this goes is scattered showers at most. for sunday. and into monday. sunday and monday. the best way to come away with an idea on this is to look at the aftermath. how much rank my we get that you could measure from sunday through monday and now you see a better picture. couple hundreds of inch of rain and it is an equal opportunity.
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the only caveat is the line of rain comes in and there could potentially be some isolated thunderstorms mixed in. few and far between. most of us don't see that but if you happen to see one and it could happen anywhere, then you get quite a show and rainfall totals will be bigger than that. the that is the excitement of spring weather and we are still very much in that pattern. the first thing we notice before sundays chance of rain, wind picks up saturday night. watch the screen light up right there. that is a strong onshore breeze and in advance of the system saturday night, but, what that does is it stays around through sunday. regardless of the rain, i think the bigger impact in the most noticeable aspect to the change for sunday and monday is that it will feel cooler and breezy. specifically on mother's day. going into sunday look at the difference. 76 for today for the daytime high. sunday is easily 10 to 12 degrees cooler and breezy and you might get rain. it is a different factor plan
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for your plans for mom on sunday. if you plan on being outside, take that into consideration now and this is a fast turn in the forecast models. 48 hours from the snout which is still a good lead but it might show up in the high resolution models. a little bit sooner than this but nonetheless to see it is still there and we will keep an eye on it. >> we will have do we or maybe a cardigan on sunday for mother's day. people still wear cardigans, right? >> we were just talking about it. >> cardigans are a thing. >> coming up next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, challenges at home , to work and back in the classroom.
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ame i. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do,
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you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. all students inspire us with that resiliency and courage. >> as elizabeth cook shows us this week's student takes both to a whole new level. >> >> reporter: angie knows
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downtime is precious. and empowering. >> i think about myself and he is in these moments the reflection on my family and my experiences where i feel more empowered. >> reporter: the 30-year-old cal berkeley graduate students classes. >> you been asked the client classify this as security. >> going into my first corporate job i had a ton of imposter syndrome and not knowing who to talk to. not being able to ask my mom like how do you fill out these forms or how do you negotiate the salary and things like that. >> reporter: questions and she doesn't want to burden her mom with. and his brother brian experiences debilitating seizures and her mom is his main caregiver. the family stress can be overwhelming. >> it is like this constant dilemma of light, how do i balance what is going on at
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home and also still not cause more issues for my mom or for the household. how to not be a burden? >> reporter: far from a burden, angie is a blessing to all who have the pleasure of knowing her. she graduated high school with honors. while working multiple jobs and playing in the school band. she earned a bachelors degree from cal while studying for exams and the families carpet watching over brian as her mom made weekly trips to see angie's father. then hospitalized in santa cruz for ongoing mental health care. when her father was dying, angie's mom cared for him at home too. >> it was tough because it was a really small apartment. my dad's bed, his hospital bed pretty much was in the kitchen. and then you have my brother who is disabled in the living room. his bed is all downstairs. format there would row, angie
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thrived. after college she moved into her own home. worked in marketing and then taught math at her old junior high school. >> now she is back in the classroom as a business graduate student. with big plans for the future and product marketing and company leadership. >> who are we hiring? what is our culture like. >> reporter: a culture she will welcome others into by sharing her story. as she keeps her family close to her heart. >> who i am and what matters to me is when people really see me for who i am. that is who people want
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remember ms. pac-man? is now in the world videogame hall of fame. it joins dance revolution, legend of zelda and civilization as this year's inductees. winners are recognized for their influence over time. >> it's kind of like out , courtney didn't get into the hall of fame like the 90s.
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♪♪ >>steffy: do not take another step, sheila. not one more. if you think you're walking out of here, think again. ♪♪ >>zende: why are you joking around? if you don't wanna tell me who this other guy is, you don't have to, but i would hope, by now you'd be comfortable enough with me to-- >>paris: zende. it's not a joke. >>zende: what? y-- you're serious? you have feelings for carter? >>carter: look, quinn, i don't know why i got caught up with paris. >>quinn: well, it's not too hard to figure out. i mean, she's... cute.


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