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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 7, 2022 2:06am-2:31am PDT

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... now at 11:00. a warning about possible widespread blackouts as the weather heats up. why california leaders say the power supply can not keep up with demand. what his purpose has been is to put money in his pockets. tonight, a major victory peninsula lawsuit from a serial filer. how it can help hundreds of other small businesses. at the state capitol, the push to help californians with high gas prices hit a roadblock. they are throwing all of the students here now and the faculty on to
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the bus. i got tenure and a pink slip all in the same stphaopbt bay area students and professors up in arms over cuts made official in the last few hours, why they say they are being blamed for the administration's mismanagement. good evening. now at 11:00. streaming on cbs news bay area. urgent warning from the operators of california's power grid. why we could see blackouts once the weather heats up. >> reporter: it has been two years since californians were hit will rolling blackouts, we could be in store for more. state officials are getting ready and you should be ready to conserve, too. >> if we get into an extreme event, we will see where, we are worried and humbled by what might happen. we may have to call on californians to take steps to just manage their load during those hot periods. >> reporter: the public utility's commission, california independent system
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operator and the california energy commission warned on friday while plans are in place to avoid blackouts it could make it tougher to tap into other sources. add in a drought that could knock some off line and the strain could be unprecedented. >> if you overlay it with also potential risk of fires happening at the same time, then you get into these more extraordinary extreme events that there is, if all of those things were to occur, there is real potential for potential outages and we have to be prepared for that. >> reporter: the projected shortage could be up to 1700 megawatts. equal to a major power plant. leaders say to prepare they have more energy, increasing battery storage and installing generators. >> can we expect blackouts? now, but we don't know what to expect with climate change hitting us. we are looking at it from a very pragmatic position where we are really
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analyzing what the worst case could be and trying to make sure that we are doing everything we can to predict for it. >> september could be the month with the highest demand. >> reporter: as it gets hotter and hotter it gets more difficult to predict how many blackouts we could face. kpix5. tonight, investigators are combing through the wreckage of a small plane that crashed in the headlands, killing both people on board. we now learned the aircraft went down around noon. it took another two hours for search teams to find the wreckage because of the thick fog. investigators believe that fog also played a role in the crash. no one on the ground was hurt. the names of the victims have not been released. >> reporter: a potential turning point tonight for a slew of disability compliant lawsuits targeting bay area businesses. betty yu on the case that a judge just tossed out. >> small business owners across the bay area have been sued for not
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being compliant with the american with disabilities act or ada. this latest ruling from a federal judge could be important in hundreds of cases brought by the same person. the irish house in redwood city was sued because the outdoor dining tables were not acceptable for people in wheelchairs, he filed more than 1,000 lawsuits in the bay area alleging that their stores or restaurants are not accessible said in may of last year that the tables here were too high. >> i see him as a chronic abuser of the ada. by that i mean that his intention is not, i think, to, he is just not well intentioned. what his purpose has been is to put money in his pockets. >> reporter: retired supreme court judge and kpix5 legal expert said that the federal judge found that he had no intention of
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actually using the services offered by the irish house or returning to the establishment. >> i think the judge is now sending a message to this man and others contemplating what he is doing to not do it. my guess is that if this ruling holds up, other judges will start to do the same thing. >> reporter: this month san francisco da announced that his office is filing a civil lawsuit against potter handy, the law firm representing wtittiker filing lawsuits against 2,000 businesses in san francisco alone. today, he met with chinatown merchants at a town hall to discus ada lawsuits that seek damages and cash settlements. he pledged to protect them. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. tonight, the law firm representing him tells us they plan to appeal. live look at the state
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capitol now where governor newsom is at odds with his own party how to drive home relief. the governor wants to send $400 to anyone with a registered vehicle and the others want rebate checks that will take longer and his plan can rush relief for those that need it the most. and the legislature and wanting to get checks in the hands of households much faster and the legislature is saying, basically, not so fast, we are not sure if that is money we want to give away. we are not sure if we want to give it away this soon and in that way. >> giving you a live look at san francisco where dozens of teachers at city college are about to lose their jobs and students are about to lose access to hundreds of classes. despite loud protests of students and
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staff the board of trustees approved the cuts in the last few hours. >> teachers and students camped out in front of the student services building for the last three days in protest. after the board of trustees voted to make the cuts, they packed up their bags and left in anger. >> reporter: a disappointed crowd reacting to the yes votes. >> the motion carries. 5-1. >> reporter: the group watching the board of trustees meeting on city college on friday evening and many realizing they will lose their jobs. >> i am a single parent. >> what does it mean now? >> it means i have no idea. the hr folks have not told us when me and my daughter's health insurance is going to crash. >> reporter: she studied at city college in the '90s. returned and now teaching in the theater department for the last seven years. >> i got tenured and pink slipped in the
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same month. >> reporter: the board voted to cut 300 classes, lay off 38 full time teachers and stop the rehiring of 138 part time teachers in the next academic year. >> i am personally devastated because i love working here. i love my students. but, it is not about me. it is about the opportunities that are going to be lost if you cut faculty you will cut classes and students will not have the opportunities. >> reporter: before the vote, dozens of teachers and students camped out to protest the cuts. on thursday, the police arrested 10 protesters for blocking the street. city college officials say they need to cut classes and teachers pause they are facing a multimillion budget deficit. in 2012 they served 73,000 students today, they have about 25,000 students. a lot of people left after the
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college almost lost its accredidation10 years ago. >> city college says once they get more students and budget improved they will rehire the full time teachers that will soon lose their jobs. at city college in san francisco, back to you. tonight, california's attorney general is vowing to protect women seeking abortions as some states attempt to criminalize crossing state lines for the procedure. >> hell no to reversing 50 years of settled law. hell no to stripping women of their right to reproductive freedom. >> here in the pay area some say the fight is personal. meg jordan says she witnessed a friend have an illegal abortion five years before roe v. wade would have given her a legal option. >> she had to be at a hotel room in which the assistant came in first,
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laid down this plastic on the bed and blindfolded her. >> reporter: jordan says if the supreme court does overturn roe v. wade it will only prevent women from getting safe abortions. meanwhile louisiana is among the states advancing new legislation citing the draft opinion on roe v. wade. criminalize abortion the moment of fertilization. doctors performing abortions in women could be charged with homicide. tonight, the cdc is investigating more than 100 cases of a mysterious liver disease in children including nine here in california. today they said at least five children have died from the condition. initially detected in alabama last fall. the cause remains unclear but a common group of viruses has been detected in half of the cases. the cdc is asking doctors to watch for
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unusual cases of hepatitis. restaurants are expecting big business for mother's day weekend. hoping to make it through. bay area police will keep a side out for sideshows after chaos on cinco de mayo. >> we will hear from the bay area college baseball players who jumped into action when
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weekend. >> downtown napa is booked up for this mother's day weekend. these weekends are everything for us. there is what we are waiting for and make our bread and butter on. >> they can provide competitive wages. once again, they are battling covid-19. >> more covid-19 cases, people have allergies, we are seeing more another bout of sickness coming around. that is harder than staff turnover. just around the corner. >> these are more like vining type variety. >> reporter: fully stocked up their shop for one ever the busiest weekends of the year this is a huge event for us. we love getting plants for mother's day and gifts in general because it is the gift that keeps on growing. >> the owner could definitely use a few more employees. >> we are currently hiring right now. plant lovers and plant passionate people know of anyone we are hiring. >> reporter: according to
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the bureau of labor statistics the rate of job openings opened up to 7% compared to the sam time last year. some can see businesses are short staffed but try to exercise patience. >> we do notice it. i think, you know, we have to have a bigger heart in times that are really hard. >> i think it is really important to just go out and support small businesses and just make sure that the people in our community that they can spend that time with their family. >> reporter: one thing business owners are banking on is the younger workforce. they are getting a lot of application from student who's want to work over the summer months. in napa. kpix5. bay area police departments are on high alert for illegal sideshows this weekend. >> yes, a pair of them shutdown streets in downtown oakland and in santa rosa where a person was shot and wounded. and this was the scene in santa
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rosa's neighborhood. by 9:00 p.m. the sideshow attracted more than 200 vehicles and 750 spectators to west avenue. an hour later the police got a call about a shooting during that sideshow. the 22-year-old victim was hit multiple times but is expected to survive. in downtown oakland last night, a car got dangerously close to a crowd of spectators. this happening near the 19th street oakland b.a.r.t station. hanger 1 began a rebuild. it was built in 1932 to house a navy air ship, but, the hangar has sat unused. now, google subsidiary is teaming up with nasa aims to reimagine the space at an invasion hub. >> there are many shared
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technologies and interest in autonomy, robotics data scientists, in flight, drones for example, so these are all uses that could take advantage of an incredible space like this hangar. it is expected to be complete in 2025. let's check in with paul with a check on the forecast. cooler outside. >> it is cool and it has been a little damp throughout the evening. the fog not becoming full- fledged rain but also it has not been entirely dry, either. dry, breezy conditions tomorrow. cool weather sticking around for saturday. parade of storm systems to the north is going to continue. it is a complicated set up. this is one storm system but all of these l's are different areas of low pressure. atmosphere rotating around the storm system, every time one of them swings through, it squeezes the atmosphere, produces the gusty winds tomorrow and also, helps to squeeze out another round of showers. that is in the forecast for the second half of the weekend on mother's day. let's take a look at future
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cast. tonight, no shower activity. just the fog, occasionally thick enough to accumulate for mist, drizzle. backing up with the coast. plenty of sunshine. the gray you are seeing on future cast tomorrow afternoon, cloud cover, high in the atmosphere. not going to block the sun but filter it out. the next round of rain, approaching the north bay by the time it comes up on sunday. the best chance of any slightly leafier rain is going to be heavier rain is going to be on the northside. it has more progress on the bay area but no guarantee. hit or misactivity and we hit or miss activity. i would not cancel anything but there is a possibility of a few hit-or- miss showers, they will be light, future cast adding up nothing for san jose or livermore no odds of seeing measurable rainfall. high end, close to 1/10th of an inch of rain for parts of the north
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bay. it is the month of may. we will take what we can get. breezy tomorrow before the rain chance arrives on sunday. the wind gusts noticeable this evening. not going to die down heading through tonight, going to pick up heading through the day on saturday. 25-35-mile-per-hour gusts along the coast by noon, 25-35-mile-per-hour gusts along the coast. trying to move you around on the road a little bit. there is drizzle accumulating on the camera lens. almost everyone's temperatures in the 50s. still 60 in concord and 62 degrees in san jose. ending up around 50 by early tomorrow morning, normal. the off shore breeze will keep us cool, middle 50s, warm spots reaching only the lower 70s, far inland. upper 60s and 70s for the inland parts of the bay area and cooler parts for sunday. noticeable drop, not around the bay, farther inland. saturday, sunday, once the cooler air arrives it will make itself right at home. another batch of showers
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williaming our way on tuesday. the best chance of showers will be coming on tuesday. the best chance of showers after thursday, things will dry out and warm up for next weekend. from weather to sports, tough times right now for the a's and the giants but a big night in san francisco for a tall man. in fact, dare i say tallest ever? a debut, highlights coming up next. here are tonight's guests on the late show
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91 years young today, those giants are struggling right now. failed to score a run in three
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straight games today. one, one, one, shawn, 6'11, never a taller mlb player. how about a scoreless inning in his first big league appearance. very proud. ninth inning, carlson, got to break the tie with the line drive, single to left field. coming around on his horse and scores ahead of the throw. cardinals take the 3-2 lead. they were all about the late night magic last season. needed some in the 9th. runner on. 4, 6, 3. giovani, grounding into the twin killing, cardinals win it, 3-2. 5th straight loss for the giants, same two tomorrow. it is officially t-shirt season in minnesota, the long brutal winter has been concurred. a's in town.
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upper deck job on zach. five innings, two runs in his first major league start. bases loaded for oakland in the 9th. chad, and swing and a miss. 2-1, twins win. that is a look of raw frustration, seven straight loss for oakland. there is pure joy. nba game three from chase center. the break even game, steven adams is back while the second leading score, brooks, will not be allowed to play. he is serving his suspension for that cheap shot. chris paul turned 37 today. must have missed a candle when he made the wish, his suns were not good at all. mav's up 12. finding it, give me the triple. not a great birthday at all. those fans, they were having a great time on his birthday. chris nor his brother, cliff, did not have
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a good night. 100-93 winners. game four is on sunday. joel embiid back in action after missing the first two games of the sixers/heat series. he was in construction protocols. he was a game changer. here, size had nothing to do with it. a tough shot. bust the foul. philly made it look easy. 99-79 winners. they meet again in philly on suspend. wet conditions today at tpc for round two of the wells fargo championship. those conditions did not stop former cal bear from having a day. there he is sinking the eagle on the par5, 10th hole, shot a four under 66. four shots, three shots back in the lead. the leaders will be jason day. sank the birdie. 10 under the tournament. you can watch this weekend's actions right here on kpix starting at noon on side and sunday.
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buster posey day and the grizzlies game three, simultaneously going on at the same time. mission bay is the place to be tomorrow unless you are in a car, i would say transit is your friend tomorrow. there it is right there. the traffic report, too, we have done sports and traffic, back to you. >> thank you, charlie. up next, bay area college baseball players


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