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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 7, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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is. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, a warning about possible widespread jackouts as the weather heats up. why california leaders warn the supply of power can't keep up with the demand s. so put mop mehis pockets. a major vict spore a peninsula restaurant face ising a lawsuit from an alleged serial fire is spoiler and white house we can help others. >> they're throwing the students here now and faculty under the bus. i got tenured and pink starting lineuped in the same month. outrage over cuts made last smite. why they're blaming the administration's mismanagement. it's saturday, i'm devin fehely. >> locally dense fog, mist drzle. wether othe gold that where the
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chances will be. and the mix much is days, the best chance is sunday and gan on tuesday and have a chance to sneak all of the way down to the central base. san francisco and oakland. we're mot talking about heavy rain but in the month of may, we'll take what we can get. the first batch of rain on sunday. a lot of inland spots in the east bay and santa clara valley, i don't think we're going to pick up a race. a chance of apa hundreds of an inch of rain, including .1 of an inch in the highen of the mother bay. temperatures will end up below average. a mix of upper 60s and low 70s parter inland. movement we begin with an urgent warning from the
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operators of california's power grid. kpix 5s sarah explains why we could be facing frequent blackouts once the weather heats up. >> reporter: it's been woke years since californians were hit with rolling blockouts. in the pace of climate change and exroom hot events, we could member store more more. to into to is manage their load during those hot periods. >> reporter: the public urkilities commission, california's independent system operator and the california energy commission warned on friday is while plans are? place to avoid blackouts, extreme hot across the west can make it hot store tap into other power source miss an emergency, add in a severe drought that could knock hydroelectric offline and the vain on the system second be unprecedentd. >> if you overlayha with a potential risk of wires happening at the same time,
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happen you get into the more extraordinary exroam eventsha well is, receive you saying were o ur, pobe out. on have oredder. the on jected shorteddage could be up -- up on 1700 megawatts. >> can we expect blackout miss me, again, we don't know what on expect with climatchange has hitting us. we're being, you know, hocking at had from a very pragmatic position where we're that analyzing what the worse case could be and roying is to make sure we're doing everything we can is to be prepared for. that. >> reporter: experts predictha september could be the month where we see the highest demand and as it's hotter and hotter, it's more difficult to press secretary how many blackouts we could pace. we have mew detail his
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morning as investigators come through the wreckage of a small planeha crashed in the marine headlands, killing both on board. the paa said the plan crashed around woport i'm p.m. yesterday, most of the gold know bait bridge. the agency said that the airplane was a single vance rv- sen. the m, sb will be well. >> a san jose police arrested a man accused of killing a young woman. the officering a welfare check found the 24 year old victim dead inside of a bedroom in march. and investigators pound several itemsha lead him on believe her death was suspicious and later, shea arrested jordan lowe as a suspect met case. east bay congressman is asking the pine is to sustain in to help curb rampant retail crime. >> it's getting more and more have report.
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it has on stop and we're seeking to information police resources, purlly and locally on son well ports and a want on make suresha prosecutors have all of theols on brung him on justice. >> swallow said that the resources of the pebble beach could be helpful in stopping resale robberies before shea happen. and to a developing story now, a poshall is the is turning point for a slu disability compliance lawsuits starringelling small businesses. betty yu on a case is that the judge sosesed out. >> reporter: small business owners across the bay area have been sued for mot being compliant with the american with disabilities at or ada. the latest ruling from a federal government could be enmountual? hundreds of on essential in hundreds of cases. e outdoor dining tables were not accessible for people in who will error errorchars. the ada plaintiff who foiled
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more than 1,000 lawsuits in the bay are alleging their stores or restaurants are not accessible, said in may of last year, the tables here were to high. >> i see him as a chronic abuser of the ada. by that, i mean that his intension is not, i think, to -- he's just not well- intentioned. what his purpose has been is to put money in his pockets. >> reporter: retired superior court judge and kpix 5 legal expert said that the federal government found that whittaker who lives in l.a., had no intension of using the services offered by the alhambra irish house or returning to the establishment. >> i think the judge is sending a message to this man and others contemplating doing what he's doing that to notco it and my guess is that if this ruling holds up, other judges will start to do the same thing. >> reporter: this month, the
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san francisco d.a. announced his office is filing a civil lawsuit against potter handy, the law firm representing whittaker, claiming it foiled more than 250 allegedly fraudulent lawsuits against small businesses in san francisco alone. today, he met with the chinatown merchants to discuss ada lawsuits, which seek damages and cash settlements. he pledged to protect them. in san francisco, betty yu kpix 5. the law firm representing whittaker tells us they plan to, pole the decision. a live look at the state capitol where governor newsom is fighting with his own party about how to best provide relief. he wants to provide $400 to anyone with a registered vehicle but they're pushing for $400 rebate checks for everyone. the governor said that would take longer and his plan can quickly get money into the hands of the people that need it most.
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>> we're seeing new fault lines between the governor and the legislature, and we're seeing the governor whoeral wanted to get checks in the hands of households much faster, and the legislature saying basically not so fast. we're not sure if that is money won't to give away and we're not sure if won't to give it away this soon and in that way. >> reporter: this is a live rock at france where dozens of teachers are about to lose their jobs and students are about to lose access to hundreds of classes. as da lin reports, the board of trustees voted in favor of the cuts, despite protests by students and staff. >> reporter: teachers and students have camped out in front of the student services building the last three days in protest. after the board of trustees voted to make the cuts. they could pad up their bags and left in anger. [ inaudible ] >> yes. >> reporter: a disappointed crowd reacting to the yes
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votes. >> the motion carries with five ayes and one no. >> yes. >> reporter: the group watching the board of trustees on the city college campus friday evening. many realizing they will lose their jobs. >> i am a single parent. >> what does that layoff mean now? >> i have no idea. the hr folks have not told us when our health insurance is going to crash. >> reporter: she studied at city college in the '90s and returned and has been teaching in the theater department the last seven years. >> i got tenured and pink slipped in the same month. >> reporter: the board voted to cut roughly 300 classes, lay off 38 full-time teachers and stop the rehiring of 138 part- time teachers in the next academic year. >> i am personally devastated because i love working here. i love my students, but it's not about me. it's about the opportunities that are going to be lost. if you cut faculty, you have to
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cut classes. students won't have the opportunities they need. >> i wife the vote, dozens -- before the vote, dozens of students and teachers camped out to protest the cuts. on thursday, the police arrested about continue protestors for blocking a street. city college officials say they need to cut classes and teacher because they're facing a multimillion budget deficit. and they lost a lot of students. in 2012, city college served 73,000 students. today, that i have 25,000 students. a lot of people left after the college almost lost its accreditation 10 years ago. and the college said if they don't fix their budget, they may lose it and be forced to shut down. once they get more students and the budget improves in the future, they will rehire the full-time teachers who will soon lose their jobs. at city college of san francisco, i'm da lin. kpix 5. and happening now, the cdc
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is investigating more than 100 cases of a mysterious liver disease in children, including nine here in california. the agency said at least five children coed from the -- died from the condition initially detected in alabama last few. a common group of viruses called a dino virus has been detected in half of the cases. the cdc is asking doctors to be on the lookout for unusual cases of hepatitis. >> i think it's important for parents to be aware and that if their child has persistent symptoms or developed jaundice with yellow eyes and pal, stools to seek medical advice. >> reporter: more than 90% of children believed to have had the illness were hospitalized and 14% underwent a lifer transplant. last month, the board of
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supervisors approved legislation to keep a 1 1/2- mile stretch of jfk vehicle free. the signing ceremony is at 11:00 a.m. the time is 612. and still ahead on kpix 5, bay area restaurants are expecting big business this mother's day weekend. why some are hoping to make it through. plus. >> you can't take the gilroy garlic festival away from gilroy. >> a new twist in the garlic festival fight. the city that is not backing down as gilroy pushes back and this is a live look outside before we head to brack. we'll be right back. when you need help it's great to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need.
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. welcome back. the time now is 6:16. mother's day weekend is here and the napa valley is expecting big crowds. kpix 5sandery nacano -- andrea nakano has more. >> reporter: they're seeing signs of the staff shortage starting to level off. others are bracing themselves, hoping they can get through this big weekend. in downtown napa, it's booked up for this mother's day weekend. >> those weekends are everything for us. we have been waiting for this and what we make our bread and butter on. >> reporter: this family owned business has been able to provide competitive wages and benefits to keep a book of
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employees. again, they're battling covid. >> there are more covid cases coming about. people have allergies and we're seeing another bout of sickness coming around and that is harder than staff turnover. >> around the corner? >> those are more like vining type variety. >> reporter: they fully stocked up the shop for one of the busiest weekends of the year. >> mother's day is a huge event for us and we love getting plants for mother's day and gifts in general. they're the gifts that keep on growing. >> reporter: the owner could definitely use a few more employees. >> we're hiring now. if any plant lovers know, of anyone, we're hiring. >> reporter: according to the bureau of labor statistics, the rate of job openings doubled to 7% compared to last year. some courages said that they can see businesses are short staffed but try to exercise patient. >> and we notice yet. but i think, you know, we have
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to have a bigger heart in tees that are really hard. i think it's important to go out and support small businesses. make sure the people in our communities can spend enough time with family. >> reporter: one thing business owners are banking on is the younger workforce and they're getting a lot of applications from students who want to work over the summer months. andrea nakana, kpix 5. >> a florida pension fund is suing to try and block elon musk from buying twitter. it's filing a class action lawsuit. the plaintiffs argue that any purchase sooner than that would harm shareholders. so far, north twitter nor musk responded to the lawsuit. oakland students are getting a technology upgrade. the mayor and a group called oakland undivided announced a plan to make sure all 50,000 students in oakland public schools have access to a computer and internet at home. one principal said that this can make a huge difference for kids and their parent's ability
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to help them. >> also, have parents learn the software learning platforms to help kids grow and in reading and math making a tremendous growth in our data for students. we're proud to be partners with oakland and divided. >> that program costs $12 million and there is had know from private partners. the battle over the gilroy garlic festival rages on after recent plans were announced to cancel the event entirely. a central valley grower wants to revive the festival, but only on one condition. >> reporter: it's opening day for the san joaquin asparagus festival. >> this is good! >> reporter: the event is promoted by tony nosetti, the same promoter bringing the former gilroy garlic festival to the san joaquin county fairgrounds in stockton. >> it's important to keep it going for the farmers and community. >> reporter: many gilroy locals are asking which community? >> you can't take the gilroy
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garlic festival away from gilroy. it's irresponsible to use our legacy to promote themselves. >> i his grandfather is one of the founders and that moving the festival feels like a hostile takeover. >> they haven't reached out to anyone from the gilroy garlic festival association, the city, my family or company. >> reporter: he said, that he has. >> i have called everybody involved that i can find getting no response from the family. left a message there. been calling the office. nobody is answering there. >> reporter: in april, the garlic festival announced the event would be canceled for the foreseeable future. they're adamant they're not stealing anything but only saving a beloved tradition. >> they say, we're done. i don't know how you steal something that they say, is done. >> reporter: for the like, it's be held at the san joaquin county fairgrounds this year. it was too late to find another venue but he's not opposed to moving why you the closer to the original home. >> we have to go back and see what properties are available in that region. i am not saying it's going to
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be gilroy. i have to look at the whole thing overall. >> that was christy milton reporting. the nosette doesn't have a right to the brand, see they plan to call it the san joaquin garlic festival. breezy and cool conditions for the rest of today. the fog and mist and drusesel is going to back up towards the coast. the breezy conditions are going to be with us all day and stronger winds this afternoon. caused boy a parade of storm systems. and it's a complicated setup and you can see that. this is all one parent storm system and little ripples in the atmosphere and different areas of low pressure rotating around it. ever time it's close to us, it squeezes the atmosphere and give us a chance of a few showers. we'll see that in the forecast for tomorrow. the best is north of the goldin gate and winds are picking up already. 25 to 35 miles an hour gusts along the coach by lunchtime. into the afternoon, we'll so 25 to 30 miles an hour gusts inland with this the to 40
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miles per hour gusts along the coast. that is strong enough to move you around in the road. both hands on the wheel, especially if you drive a higher profile out and about this afternoon and into the evening. in terms of the rain chances, we're going to see dry weather today and high clouds overhead this afternoon and into the evening, filtering the sunshine, not blocking it entirely. the rain is approaching into early sunday morning and to the north as the sun coming up. a band of showers into the north bay and just after the sun comes up on sunday. you have the best chance of picking up close to a .1 of an inch. the rest of us, a few hundreds of an inch of rain and that band on the radar simulation falls apart and i don't you're going to see much inland and that is at lost a chance and we don't see that in the month of may. hit-or-miss activity. sunday is not a washout. be flexible with plans you may have for mother's day.
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today throughout the afternoon, the temperatures are going about two to five degrees below average for this time of the year. a bigger drop in temperatures for inland parts of the bay area tomorrow and temperatures reached the mid- to upper 50s along the coast. mid- to upper 60s in the peninsula and south end of the bay with upper 60s and near 70 degrees for the santa clara valley. upper 60s to 70 for the trivalley and concord, low 70s each of the range and mid-60s for oakland in the east bay and upper 60s to 70 degrees and the north bay as well and similar temperatures farther north and cooler around lake port. barely above 60 degrees. the temperatures will have a big drop from saturday to end is and cool weather making its way at home. shower chances tomorrow and on tuesday. farther upland, we're not looking at much of a rain chance at all. the north bay, continuing rain chances through thursday of next week. the temperatures clawing their way back to near average by friday. sports is coming up after the break. tough times right now for the
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as and giants. a big night from a big man. in fact, dare i say, tallest ever? a debut and a dandy one at that at oracle. the highlights and more are coming up next.
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. game three between the warriors go grizzlies is today. the giants really struggling right now. and they failed to score more than a run in three straight games entering yesterday and this is shawn jelly. all 6 photo11 of them. there is never a taller mlb player. the former second-round pick and there it is and what about you scoreless inning? a tie game. carlson. a tie game no more. loan drive single to left center. harrison and bader on the horse ahead of the throw. the cardinals take a 3-2 lead. giants were about late night
6:27 am
magic. they needed some instead, a double play ball. 4-6-3. yes, sir. giovanni gallegos gets gonzalez to ground in the play. the fifth straight loss for the giants. same two today. it's buster posey day. and it's officially t-shirt season in minnesota. the long brutal winter has been conquered. as were in town. jose miranda is going to leave town. upper deck job off of zach logu. shout to mueller high school. there are a few of us running around the bay. five innings, two runs and the first major league start. the bases loaded for oakland and the ninth bases loaded no more. chad pender, the sway and miss. 2-1, the twins win. look of pure joy after you saw the look of frustration from the as. the seventh straight loss for oakland. nba, game three today from chase center and it's the dubs and grizzlies in the break even
6:28 am
matchup. and steven adams is back from memphis. dillan brooks is not allowed to play, serving his suspension for the cheap shot on gary peyton 2. to nba from last night. the suns and mavericks. game three, chris powell, 37 years old yesterday and must have missed a candle when he made the wish. the suns were not good. the fourth quarter, mattes up 12. bronson finds reggie and nails it. not a great birthday at a great chris' big day. and him nor his twin brother cliff had a good one. the mavericks win 103-94. the suns hold a 2-1 series lead in game four on sunday. bead back in action last night after missing the first two games of the sixers series. he was in concussion protocols. with miami's lack of size, he is a game changer in the series. size had nothing to do with that. that is a tough, tough shot. all over him and didn't matter.
6:29 am
philly made easy work of the hot last night, 99-79. miami leads the series 2-1 and meet again in fully on sunday. wet conditions yesterday. the round two of the wells fargo championship. farmer cal bear max houma. had a day despite the weather. the eagle on the par 5, 10th hole. shot a 4-under 66, three shots back of the lead. there is your leader, jason day. the birdie. 10-under for the tournament and to as well. h this ght here on o it'ser posey day at the ballpark. dubs griz grizzliesgam three and going on. mission bay is going to be the place to be today, unless you're in a car. transit is going to be your friend. i'm charlie walter. that is sports. enjoy your day, everybody. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, bay area police are keeping a close eye for side shows after
6:30 am
complete chaos on cinco de mayo. the battle over abortion rights is putting california center stage. why one abortion rights advocate said this is a deeply personal fight. and here's a live look outside in san jose. we'll be back in a moment. de aln in orged. t took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating
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with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. ♪ girl you know it's been way too long ♪ ♪ i got to get to ke back in my zone ♪afe. ♪ ooh wee ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ hey ♪
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. welcome back. the time now is 6:32. thank you so much for joining us. i'm devin fehely. let's start the half hour with a quick check of the first alert meteorologist paul hagan. locally dense fog. mist and drizzle to start the saturday morning. in general, it's going to be a breezy, cool day. today is the better half of the weekend for outdoor activities, despite the breezy conditions. it's going to be hit-or-miss activity. the unsettled weather pattern is sticking around into much of next week, especially north of the golden gate. that is where the best rain chances overall are going to be. let's look the next seven days. the best chance is going to be sunday and gan on tuesday and thosian chances have a chance to sneak all of the way down to the central bay. san francisco and oakland. we're not talking about heavy yip. in the month of may, we'll take what we can get and a lot of inland spots in the east bay and i don't think you will pick up anything more than a trace if that and a chance picking up a few hundreds of rain being
6:34 am
close to a .1 of an ouch of rain on the high end of the north bay. we'll take it. the high temperatures will end up below average. the mid-50s long the coast. near 60 in the city with mid- 60s in oakland and the east bay. a mix of upper 60s and low 70s farther inland. movement police departments are on high alert for illegal side thoughs this weekend. a par of them shut down streets in oakland and downtown oakland in santa rosa where one person was shot. this was the scene in santa rosa's roseland neighborhood. the police say the side show attracted more than 200 cars and nearly 1,000 spectators by 9:00 p.m. thursday night. an hour later, the police got a call about a shooting during that side show. the 22-year-old victim was shot multiple times and is expected to survive. in downtown oakland, a car got dangerously close to a
6:35 am
crowd of spectators near the 19th street bar station. to a developing story. california lawmakers are making it clear even if roe vs. wade is overturned, they will protect reproductive rights in the state. max ddaro has that story. >> reporter: to this movado resident, the foot is -- novato resident, this is personal. >> my heart sank. i had this vivid memory of what i saw in 1968. and that was an illegal abortion. >> reporter: it was her friend five years before row versus wade would have given her a legal option. >> and she had to be in a hotel room where the assistant came in first, laid dune this plastic on the bed and blind folded her. >> reporter: three years after roe. >> i had a legal abortion in '76. no woman goes into an abortion with a sense of glow. >> reporter: believes if the supreme court does in fact overturn roe vs. wade and allows states to ban abortions, all it will do is
6:36 am
stop women from getting safe abortions. >> never stopped abortions through history. and now that you had 50 years of safe legal abortions, it's definitely not going to stop them. >> never before has this taken place in our country of right taken away. >> more than a dozen women in leadership roles, they urged the senate to pass the women's health protect act to codify row verses wade. they're to vote on it next week. >> reproductive choice is personal. it's private. and it's serious. we should trust women to make those decisions. >> reporter: as some of our local elected officials continue to push to codify roe vs. wade, other elected officials double down in their support of the leaked draft opinion that would overturn roe vs. wade. >> i think those decisions should be made by the elected representatives of the people back in the various states and
6:37 am
i think that is the correct answer. >> i wish, sit down with each one of them and talk about what i experienced in 1968 with an illegal abortion. >> reporter: to jordan, it comes down to personal freedom. >> no matter where you stand on that issue, you have to be able to allow people choice over their own bodies. that is where i really stand on this. you're against abortion? fine. never have one. but, it can't be against choice for other people and their lives. >> reporter: max darrow kpix 5. the california attorney weighed in on the potential reversal of roe vs. wade and he will use the full force of the law to defend reproductive rights in california and willto expand access to abortion. tesla said it will cover travel costs for any employee seeking an abortion out of state. the company moved the headquarters from palo alto to texas last year. texas banned abortions past six
6:38 am
weeks into the pregnancy. tesla said that travel and lodging would be covered for healthcare services that are not available in an employee's home state. we'll have continuing coverage on the fight over abortion rights on kpix and streaming on cbs news bay area. san francisco police have confirm to kpix that nearly 20 officers were fired for not getting vaccinated against the coronavirus. the department said the police commission fired 18 unvaccinated officers. 7 others could soon follow and are waiting on hearings with the police commission. last september, nearly 200 unvaccinated officers requested religious exemptions from the department's covid maxine mandate. san francisco investigators are trying to figure out -- covid mandate. the fire department shared the photos of a car perched on a sandy bluff. ld's enbefore 330, 3:00
6:39 am
a.m. on friday morning. there were four people inside at the time. all of them were rescued and two are in critical . the alleged getaway car and the alabama inmate escape turned up abandoned in tennessee. the corrects officer vicky white was allegedly driving it when she and the murder suspect casey white vanished a week ago. authorities are releasing new images of the distinctive tattoos and what vicky might look like if she changed her appearance. >> i think at this point, it's obviously a jailhouse romance or something. >> i will be concerned for her safety until we know she's safe. this guy, you know, is volatile. >> the state of alabama is offering a $10,000 reward on top of the $15,000 that the u.s. marshalls services is offering. many malls struggle across the country, one south bay mall is thriving. santa clara's valljust hit a historic milestone.
6:40 am
kpix 5s reporter kiet doe has more details on the big accomplishment. >> reporter: anyone who said that malls are dead likely has not been to valley fair in some time. sales are back to prepandemic levels. this is as the mall is shifting strategies to battle you know who. amazon, eat your heart out. >> i thought malls were dead? >> not this one. [ laughter ] >> reporter: over the past two years of the pandemic, valley is fair bucked the trend of stores closing everywhere and added retailer. at last count, more than 100 names large and small, clothing, restaurants, merchandise, you name it. at all price points from entry level to high-end. >> you like what you see? >> i like it. >> like it enough? >> i like it enough. >> it's expensive. but it's not like going to southland or oak ridge or something like that. stanford. >> yeah! >> i last year, the mall reopened after a billion dollar
6:41 am
renovation with the glooming, bryce and airy inside-out concept blending the two spaces together. they added an outdoor dining promenade. the movie theatre is one of the new ankara, tractions and valero, a new bowling concept will draw now fought traffic as well. major foot attractions will help bring culinary street cred and part of a strategy to make you feel you're not indoors and create experiences. the mall's general manager said that we thrilled to reach an important molestone that re- enforces that there is a strong demand for in-person shopping, despite challenges associated with the covid-19 pandemic. this is dearec de la cruz's first day at work at cornerstone gallery where they sell a range of merchandise from affordable knickknacks to the $3,000 two-pack collectible t-shirt. reflective to diversify store's selections and be everything to everyone. >> why not stay home and buy everything on amazon? >> you know, it's more special in a way. rather than buying online. >> that is a place to hang out
6:42 am
with other people, rather than buy something online and calling it a day. you can go -- a group of friends or family and spin the time with them. that is the place to go and this is the mall to go to. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. still ahead, how a bay area man who is helping military veterans create comfortable spaces to call ho
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
. contra costa county is hitting fire season hard with full response teams from contra costa fire on the scene for every vegetation fire. that means that every gas, wild land and advantageitation fire at minimum of five firefighting vehicles will respond along with an increased number of staff. now, since december, they had been sending a single truck out to low hear of threat levels during the winter months. >> we normally don't see the fire conditions until june, and we're clearly seeing them in early may. that is the reason for the decision. without additional racompound t we'll see later this fire season with a potential of significant devastating fires. >> the fire introduced zone haven, a digital evacuation
6:46 am
tool making it easier to escape during emergencies. breezy and cool conditions for the rest of today. the fog and most and drizzle is going to back up towards the coast. the breezy conditions are with us all day and stronger winds this afternoon. and caused by a parade of storm systems. the storm track is farther to the north. it's a complicated setup. and you can see that. this is one parent storm system. the little ripples in the atmosphere. different areas of low pressure rotating around it and every time it gets close to us, it squeezes the atmosphere and gives us a chance for a few showers. we'll see that in the forecast tomorrow and the best is north of the golden gate. talk about the winds first. they're picking up already. 25 to 35 miles per hour-gusts long the coast by lunchtime and as we head into the afternoon, we're going to see 25 to 30 miles per hour gusts inland with 30 to 40 miles an hour gusts along the coast. that is strong enough to move you around in the road. both hands on the wheel especially if you drive something higher profile as
6:47 am
you're out in about this afternoon and into this evening. it in terms of the rain weatr today and high clouds overhead into this evening, filtering the sunshine. not blocking it entirely. the rain is approaching into early sunday morning. and mostly to the north. the sun comes up on sunday. a band of showers moving into the north bay. just after the sun comes up on sunday of the you have a best chance of picking up close to a .1 of an inch of rainfall. the left of us, a few hundreds of an inch of rain if we see that. the ban of impressive rain kind of falls apart as it moves across the rest of the bay area. i don't you will see much inland in the east bayer santa clara valley. it's at least a chance and we don't often see that in the month of may. hit-or-miss activity in the afternoon. sunday is not a washout. be flexible. for today, with the onshore winds throughout the afternoon, temperatures are going to hit two to five degrees below average this time of the year and a bigger drop in temperatures for parts of the
6:48 am
bay area material. the temperatures in the upper 50s along the coast, mid- to upper 60s around the peninsula and south end of the bay, upper 60s and 70s for the santa clara valley. upper 60s to 70 for the trivalley. concord and low 70s each of the range and upper 50s in the city, mid-60s in the east bay and to 70 degrees for the north bay as well and temperatures are farther north and cooler around lakeport barely above 60 degrees. we'll have that big drop from saturday to sunday, inland parts of the bay area and the cooler weather at home. the shower chances make their way into san francisco and oakland tomorrow and tuesday. farther inland, we're not looking at much of a rain chance at all. the north bay, though, continuing rain chances through thursday of next week. the temperatures clawing their way back to near average by friday. he helped hundreds of formerly military veterans turn their parts or houses into comfortable homes. sharon chen interviews us to the san mateo man who is this
6:49 am
week's bay area jefferson award winner. >> good to see you, my brother. >> reporter: this vietnam vet lived in a tent for five years. >> he gave us the test. >> reporter: when he moved into his own apartment at mercy housing's veteran's building in coma, he gave him a tv, love seat and more. >> that was one of the nice things that ever happened to me in my entire life. >> reporter: in four years, john provided free gently used furniture. >> the white chairs -- >> for more than 500 military veterans who used to be homeless. john rents his own moving company and fills the warehouse with furniture people donated and works with veterans administration offices to reach clients in need. >> they gave their life for my country and they're living on the street? just doesn't sit right. >> reporter: john lives a life of service driven by his own
6:50 am
transformation. he started doing drugs at age 12. >> a lot of them were donated by my church. >> reporter: decades later, he found faith in recovery at central peninsula church in foster city. today, he's 12 years sober. >> my life changed. and now, you know, i serve god. he keeps me sober. >> reporter: he joined a church group serving veterans and grew his own ministry. >> would you like to put your had into my apartment? >> reporter: she was touched when john filled her new apartment with items >>ou are t >> reporter: the navy vet spent a decade living in her car in various shelters. >> it makes my heart feel real sweet inside knowing that john is still doing what he did three years, a problem three years ago for me. >> reporter: where's a man on a mission. >> i this va social worker helps house chronically injured veterans. he is so compassionate, he can only remember one time when he couldn't respond promptly. >> he called from his hospital
6:51 am
bed apologizing and staying i will -- saying i will get you furniture tomorrow for your veteran. >> reporter: he throws parties for them like one last christmas. in easter, he and volunteers gave dozens of donated candy bags and prayer cards to homeless in san francisco's tenderloin. soon, john is set to furnish 18 veteran apartments at a new affordable housing development in millbrae. >> i will finish helping others. it's been part of my life. >> reporter: for providing home furnishing and support for military veterans, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to john hi island. sharon chen, kpix 5. >> john all offers support to veterans in recovery. wants to expand but ure program needs more volunteers. if you would like to help, we have his website listed on our jefferson awards page. and that is where you can find the online form to nominate someone since i left for college,
6:52 am
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. moffett fields iconic hangar one began a monumental rebuild this week. it was built in 1932 to house a navy air ship. it's been mostly unused. google subsidiary planet air adventures is teaming up with nasa aims to reimagine the space as a innovation hub. >> there are many shared technologies and shared interests in autonomy and robotics, data mining, data sciences, in flight, drones for example, and autonomous aviation. those are all uses that could potentially take advantage of an incredible space like this hangar. >> the restoration is expected to be complete in 2025. taking a live look at alameda. today, a former aviator will promote two children's books
6:54 am
she has written. and the author was the navigator for air force during nearly a decade. today, she will be on board the uss hornet as part of aviation and aerospace. starts at 10:00 a.m. baseball players are used to throwing smock. a trio of usf dons found themselves unexpectedly fighting a fire and. they are teammates and roommates, coming home from the gym when they noticed the neighbor's house on mcallster street was on fire after calling 911. they gathered the fire extinguishers they could and went to work. >> just sprang into action and i got the business. >> any fear walking into this? >> no. >> and would you do it gap? >> heck yeah. >> reporter: once firefighters arrived to finish the job, they headed to maragga to the matchup with st. mary's. they beat the dons 3-2 and had a good day for those guys. and we're have an update on
6:55 am
rose, the rescued mountain lion cub recovers at the oakland zoo. she's growing and has new room that allows her to go outside. she's enjoyed basking in the sun. her keepers had to make sure show doesn't get sunburned, since she still has hair loss. the zoo said that rose is feisty and is eating
6:56 am
6:57 am
. locally dense fog. mist and drizzle to start the saturday morning. in general, it's going to be a breezy, cool day. today is the better half of the weekend for outdoor activities, despite the breezy conditions. we have some actual showers possible for mother's day. we'll take that, even though it's going to be hit-or-miss activity. the unsettled weather pattern is sticking around into much of next week, especially north of the golden gate. that is where the best rain chances overall are going to be. let's look at the rain chances the next seven days. the best chance is going to be sunday. then again on tuesday and those rain chances have a chance to sneak all of the way down towards the central bay. san francisco and oakland. we're not talking about heavy rain, but in the month of may, take what we can get. let's add up the first batch of rain on sunday. again, a lot of inland spots in the east bay and santa clara valley, i don't think you will pick up anything more than a trace if that. a chance of a few hundreds of an inch of rain, including a .1
6:58 am
of a inch of rain. again, we'll take it. the high temperatures today are going to end up a few degrees below average. mid-50s along the coast. near 60 in the city and mid-60s for oakland in the east bay and farther inland. coming up in the next hour, things are heating up in california. why state leaders say our power grid is not going to be age to keep up. and the push to provide californians with relief from high gas prices appears to have hit a roadblock. why lawmakers were at odds with the governor coming up in our next hour.
6:59 am
7:00 am
. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, warning this morning about potential widespread summer blackouts. california leaders are warning that our supply of power can't keep up with the demand. and what the purpose has been is to put money in his pockets. >> this morning, a major victory for a peninsula restaurant facing a disability lawsuit from an alleged serial filer. how it can help hundreds of other small businesses. >> they're throwing the students here now and the faculty under the bus. i got tenured and pink slipped in the same month. >> bay area students and professors outraged


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