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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 7, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

5:00 pm] woman: ♪ made in georgia ♪ >> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> new at the victims in a plane crash have been identified as federal investigators arrived on and hundreds rallied today in san francisco protesting the drafted supreme court decision to overturn roe v wade. professional bay area teams in action today, a review of the warriors playoff matchup. thanks so much for joining us. new video at 5:00 on where it looks at the scene of a
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deadly plane crash, and we have learned the name of one of the victims, jennifer fox. jennifer fox is the mother of a sophomore at the nearby high school and people say the plane took off from sacramento but have not said where it was heading. investigators did say what they will look at. >> we will look to the pilot and we will look to his certificates and ratings held as well as flight training history and recency of experience. we will examine the airframe, the engine, and any other systems necessary. >> the second victim's name has not been released. the patriarchy has got to go. >> days after a draft of a potential supreme court decision to overturn roe v wade was leaked, people continue to call for protecting a women's right to have an abortion and kpix 5 reports at a rally in san francisco where organizers were critical of both major
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political parties. >> reporter: hundreds gathered in support of abortion rights and marched along market street here for the cause. their anger is focused not only on the supreme court and those against abortion but also democrats and the president. activists are frustrated that the people in power allowed the fight to end legal abortion to get this far spoke on saturday. speakers were not only upset by the power the supreme court has on this issue -- >> a group of lawyers that were not democratically elected have been taken away. >> reporter: they also called out the party that has advocated for abortion rights. the event brought together members of different political groups in the bay area, including socialist organizations in the green party. >> we must expand and demand our rights because if you come
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for one, you come for all. >> reporter: among those participating, young college students worried that a right that has been available for their whole lives will be taken away. >> we should not take steps backwards. >> reporter: rallies around the bay area have primarily supported abortion rights but the debate continues across the country where others are hopeful that the supreme court will overturn roe v wade. >> life begins at conception and i think it is murder to kill a baby in the womb. >> reporter: passionate arguments on both sides which will only get louder in the weeks ahead. >> it is scary because having a child is such a big thing. >> reporter: reporting in san francisco, kpix 5. >> the california attorney general is vowing to protect women seeking abortions while others are criminalizing crossing state lines for the procedure. >> reversing 50 years of settled law, and a hell note to
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stripping women of their reproductive rights. >> a local woman meg jordan says that she witnessed a woman having an illegal abortion five years before roe v wade was legalized. >> the assistant came in first and laid this sheet down on the bed and blindfolded her. >> jordan said that if the court overturns roe v wade, it will only prevent women from getting safe abortions. louisiana is one of the states citing the new draft on the new laws, and doctors performing the procedure could be charged with homicide. the disappearance of a master key of a student complex has put hundreds in danger and late-night students at the university village got the news. this is a complex with more than 900 apartments and cal says that they will process the
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locks. they also said that it would beef up police presence and cover the costs of --. a shooting at taco bell left a man with gunshot wounds wednesday night in downtown santa rosa and the suspected shooter, brad james adams, is now under arrest and being charged with attempted murder. police say he was in front of the victim at the drive through, and got out of the car and started an argument before the shooting. the victim suffered serious injuries. baseball players are used to throwing smoke but a group unexpectedly found themselves fighting a fire. they were coming home from the gym yesterday when they notice to the neighbors house on mcallister street was on fire. after calling 911, they gathered fire extinguishers and went to work. >> we just kind of sprung into
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action, went down the fire escape and got into business. >> reporter: any fear getting into this? would you do it again? >> yes, of course i would. >> once firefighters arrived, the trio headed for a matchup of st. mary's where the gaels beat the dons 3-2. a pretty good day for those guys. temperatures came down today and will go down more tomorrow, cool for the next few days as low pressure drops out of the pacific northwest and in addition to that, everyone is worried about mother's day. the answer is, well, if you are affected by showers and cooler temperatures, it will affect you because in the north bay, there is a chance for some brief showers but not going to be a picture-perfect sunday. we will have the complete forecast in a few minutes, but first, here is jewels. the war in ukraine, all women, children and older adults have been back rated
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from the besieged steel mill in mariupol and russian troops have so far been unable to secure any major ukrainian city after some 10 weeks of constant bombardments. today, at least six russian cruise missiles hit the southern port of odessa. >> over 2 1/2 months, the russian army has committed numerous crimes against humanity by attacking civilians. >> president biden is pledging another 150 million u.s. dollars in assistance to ukraine and is planning to talk to volodymyr zelenskyy on the meeting of g7 leaders. >> the president continues to offer help and here in the bay area, the activists say that the best way to stop the invasion is to not give ukrainians the help they are asking for. sean ramose has the story. >> reporter: ever since the invasion began, ukraine has been asking for materials to defend itself and across the
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bay area, antiwar activist appealed for peace in a way far different than ukraine has in mind. this morning, the antiwar group code pink joined the democratic socialists of america for a joint rally outside of the grand lake theater in oakland to call for an end to the war in ukraine. >> there is more and more of a danger of this were escalating even to the point of nuclear war, so this is something that we need to take seriously and this could be the beginning of how the world and. >> reporter: of the protesters are not appealing to the u.s. to help ukraine, in fact, the opposite. they believe not giving the ukrainians the arms they are asking for will actually end the war. >> if that money flow stops, the war will come to an end because both sides will sit down and negotiate. >> reporter: why would the russians negotiate if the ukrainians stop defending themselves? >> i do not think the russians are that interested in war either. >> reporter: the protesters say
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that sending weapons adds fuel to the fire but it is as much an assault on reality as it is in the country. despite all the pictures of destruction and loss of civilian lives, there are those who do not want to believe what they are seeing. after by steve schuster says that a lot of it is made up. >> i am not saying that the russians have never done anything bad, they probably have done a lot of things there. >> reporter: probably have? but you are not sure that they have done things wrong? >> okay. i know they have done bad things. i know they have bombed people, but whether they targeted civilians or not, i think that is also part of a propaganda war. >> reporter: even among protesters, there was a difference in opinion. natalie joined the demonstration wearing ukrainian colors on earrings she had specially made.
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>> i get excited when i see volodymyr zelenskyy and i start crying, it is really hard. >> reporter: but she is also touring because she wants the bloodshed to end but things that the ukrainians have the right to defend their country from invasion and needs the world's help. she does not have faith that vladimir putin is interested in negotiating. >> we cannot let him run over these people and take their land. it is a genocidal war right now. >> reporter: so you do not have enough of faith and diplomacy at this moment? >> not at this moment. it is like having diplomacy with hitler. today was considered a global day of action with peace rallies held all over the country. nikki gillies has died today but family alongside him, the legendary artist, passed earlier today in branson, missouri, the same city where he helped run the nikki gillies
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grand shanghai cedar and was known for his influence on the iconic movie urban cowboy. as an artist, he charted 17 number one country records and was 86 years old. coming up, see how a group of twitter shareholders are trying to stop elon musk's takeover of the company. plus it is almost time for tipoffs for the warriors and we will check in with fans
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warrior fans in san francisco are decked out in blue and gold. >> we are less than a half hour from tipoffs and kpix 5 is therefore all of the excitement. >> reporter: tonight is the first home game of the playoffs and already, you see the city outside of chase center is just bursting with excitement. there is live music and the fans are really just taking it all in before the game out here. now the theme for this postseason is cold-blooded, and of course, we are seeing fans decked out in their finest blue and gold, chanting, warriors. now game three is going to have a sellout crowd from the bay area and beyond. >> i think it will be close and all the games are going to be pretty tight. it is the young and hungry team, the grizzlies, but we have got the veterans, the experience. i think we are going to take it and five. >> let's go, let's go. >> i am feeling real good today.
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we are definitely feeling down from the lost game two, so we have got to hit hard. >> reporter: warriors fans are confident that the team will get the win tonight. outside of chase center, kpix 5. a florida pension fund looks to block masks twitter purchase which is saying that it wants to keep elon musk from buying the giant before 2025. the plaintiffs argue that the merger cannot me made that quickly and twitter and elon musk have not responded to the lawsuit. turning now to the weather, let's take a look at the golden gate bridge and brian has our forecast. >> i do indeed, ms. goodrich. it was a little bit chilly, not as warm as yesterday, and in
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fact, going to cool down tomorrow and monday, and tomorrow some showers, especially around santa rosa as a week cold front comes from the south. but as we look at mount diablo, that is a nice shot, a little hazy out there but not too bad. as we look at san francisco, a little windy out there, 69 degrees, and oakland at 64 and in san francisco, 60. san jose, nice and mild, some clouds and 66. it will be unsettled and cool for the next three or four days and warming up next week but between now and then, there will be a few showers without low pressure over the pacific northwest so that the unusually cool weather continues. then that low moves over san francisco and by tuesday evening at 6:00, the potential for showers and thundershowers. when does this happen? we endeavor to answer that as we look toward the future cast. tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., you see
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a band of showers moving almost toward santa rosa and along the shoreline, so it is .3 station that you could get a few showers tomorrow morning in time for mother's day. the day starts sunny and much of the rest of the bay area, but as the day goes on, you see that by noon, it passes over. by 12:15 they have moved south, so maybe san jose will get a few drops but it will not amount to a lot. a few hundred seven and says all it is going to be, but it might have been nicer to get none at all. we do get a shower from time to time. just when you think the sun is coming out, a few more showers by sunday evening at 5:30 p.m. in the north base. what happens on monday? this is monday afternoon, getting toward 2:00 in the afternoon on monday and still some buildups over the diablo range. in terms of chances, not
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a big rainmaker but we will get a chance on sunday and another on tuesday when that low heads for us. the rest of the week, no chance at all. in terms of the mountains, santa rosa has a few hundredths of an inch, but half moon bay and then loman, maybe half an inch, but not much. but by tomorrow night, enough to talk about. windy overnight and lows in the 40s. then a mix of sun, clouds, wind and a few showers. you can't miss with a forecast like that, has everything except for snow. thundershowers by thursday may be. tonight we will see lows in the 40s. daytimes high tomorrow 10 points higher but livermore managing only 59 degrees for mother's day, 62 in san jose. a chance tomorrow, tuesday, windy on dny.esweda
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then next week, we are windy again in san jose and bay wide as well. so we expect to get a tiny bit what by the time that we get to mother's day but it will not be a big deal, and it will be over just like charlie walters is sportscaster. here is charlie. a perfect day in mission bay and two-party outside. we had buster posey day at the oracle and it was rocking outside but now the party is ready to go inside. memphis, game three, we have the preview coming up next.
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welcome into the city with game day just minutes away from tipping off. we will see who starts to take the upper hand in the series, the grizzlies or the golden state warriors. all steve kerr cares about is winning this game and the game
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is obviously the plot but there is a subplot that the fans can get involved with and this is that newfound rivalry between the grizzlies and the warriors. they said before the series, it is not a rivalry, but coaches do not dictate that, the fans do, so we asked them. >> there is a rivalry there, some dirty players. there is some history with how they play in the regular season. >> we all remember their game last year, against memphis where they beat us. that left a bad taste in my mouth and i want to see memphis out of here. >> the warriors are coming in with a seven point favorite. >> they beat us in the regular season and we had no one going. steph missed a game, dream aunt didn't play very many of them. i think we are at a sloppy start in today, we take care of business and that is why i love
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us and vegas loves us too. >> according to oracle park, we are welcoming back buster posey, the first time that we have seen him since the press conference last fall. posey came along with his wife children. a number of his former teammates were also in attendance and benji asked for a big hug. i would say that posey is excited for the mark that he left honesty mates in the game. >> it is exciting for me to think about a kid right now who is watching the 2010, 2012 or 2014 world series and have been inspired by our teams just the way that i was a 1995. i am forever grateful that i got to where the giants uniform my entire career and never wanted to wear another one. >> reporter: mark johnson says that he is looking to snap a seven-game winning streak. the former athletic of minnesota struck out second in
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scoreless innings. james was one stitch away from seven innings himself before polanco springs it up into foul territory just out of his reach, and there is a reason that we show that. that will continue, four pitches later and polanco is coming up to the plate after he does not catch it. and there is the bob, a 450 foot blast and that was the game's only run. they paddle off eight in a row. all right, let's head from san francisco over to, do we want to call it the midwest? whatever louisville, kentucky is, there was the run of the roses, horseracing biggest skeptical. let's take you to the track where bob bedford was not in attendance but the hats were. the infield was a great time, the only time of year that you take those hats out of the closet.
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down the strike they come, and buddy makes his move and wins the sprint to the finish line. how about rich strike? went off 80-1, wasn't even in the field until yesterday and pulls off one of the biggest upsets in derby history. to the nba, things starting to get chippy between the milwaukee bucks and the celtics. boston forced the turnover and tatum was on the break with the honest coming after him but tatum will throw it down and the celtics star, the final minute that we go. giannis gets to the rim and scores, finishing with 42 points and 12 rebounds. one more chance for the celtics, smart was bowed on purpose, missed the free throw, gets his own rebound and baltic gets a crack at it but cannot hit the puck back. the milwaukee bucks and up winning and take a 2-1 series lead. that doesn't from sport at
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drive city, and everybody here
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the boy scouts scout-a-rama event is back after recent years of being hit by the pandemic. >> it looked like it's old self today.
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boys of all ages raced rockets, launched derby cars and more. >> looks like ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> diaz: tonight, war of attrition. ukraine pushes russian forces back from its second largest city while more civilians escape the ruins of mariupol. cbs news is on the ground with the latest. >> reporter: i'm debora patta with the latest. ahead of victory parade monday. >> diaz: first lady jill biden meets ukrainian refugees fleeing the horror of war. what 100 million new covid infections and a wave of deaths. >> we'll need leadership to get through this next phase of pandemic. >> diaz:s


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