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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  May 7, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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launched derby cars and more. >> looks like ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> diaz: tonight, war of attrition. ukraine pushes russian forces back from its second largest city while more civilians escape the ruins of mariupol. cbs news is on the ground with the latest. >> reporter: i'm debora patta with the latest. ahead of victory parade monday. >> diaz: first lady jill biden meets ukrainian refugees fleeing the horror of war. what 100 million new covid infections and a wave of deaths. >> we'll need leadership to get through this next phase of pandemic. >> diaz: plus abortion battle.
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justice thomas warns, the supreme court cannot be bullied. new cues in cuba about a deadly explosion at a five star hotel. new video tonight as the manhunt in alabama for the two fugitives intensifies. and later marking mother's day with a full house. this family looks forward. >> i guess what i'd want for mother's day is go to a hotel and sleep. >> this is the cbs weekend news. from chicago, with adriana diaz. >> diaz: good evening, tonight both ukraine and russia say all women children and the elderly who are seeking shelter at a steel plant in mariupol have been evacuated. it's been under siege for weeks. today in the west, the city of odessa came under fire hit by at least six missiles.
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its drones firing ton flagship of the black sea in april. the ship later sank. cbs' debora patta is in kyiv tracking all the developments. >> reporter: good evening, now and monday which is where russia celebrates its victory over nazi germany in 1945. officials have announced to heed air raid sirens. saying, this is like a red flag to a bull in russia. in the skies fighter jets rehearsed flying in a z formation touting victory in ukraine. but it is ridiculed. the battle of russian soldiers arranged in a mocking z. vladimir putin's war is not going to plan. in mariupol, astoundingly, the city's defenders are still barricaded in the steel mill,
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refusing to surrender. women children and the elderly have all been evacuated from the plant. not only does putin have little to show for more than two months of fighting, he stands accused of war crimes. to date: nearly 10,000. street by street, oleksi uses drones film homes, structural structural damage proof of russian troops targeting residential neighborhoods. and behind many of these broken walls, lived families. imagine children were playing here. and now look at it. just destroyed. "this was anew playground," he told us. "and with one explosion it's all gone." and then, there is this human toll-- allegations of rape, torture, and human executions.
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it's become a daily ritual in towns across the country, exhuming the bodies of those killed by russian forces. this man was buried in a rudimentary coffin by local residents who found his charred body in a burnt out car. today his widow natalia came to identify him. they called him vadim. one more name to add to an ever- growing list of atrocities. >> diaz: debora patta joins us now. what will happen to the soldiers left inside? >> reporter: that's the big question adriana. we don't know how many ukrainian soldiers hold up in that steel plant. some are injured. but now ukraine's volodymyrur zelenskyy says he is working on a diplomatic solution to get them out.
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but with victory day approaching, the russian military play push harder to secure a victory for their president, vladimir putin. >> diaz: debora, thank you. first lady jill biden is there this weekend, visiting u.s. citizens and ukrainian refugees. tonight in slovakia, bradislava. today in romania the first lady made a heartbreaking visit to a school in bucharest, earlier she also helped serve dinner to u.s. troops posted about 60 miles from the ukrainian border. now to the pandemic and a new warning from the biden administration. it's predicting a fall and winter wave with 100 million infections. cases nationwide are up 52% in the last two weeks. hospitalizations have risen 21%. we get more from cbs' lilia luciano in los angeles.
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>> reporter: hey, adriana, good evening. on their six wave of covid, after the summer will be another be another explosion of infection. the white house is sounding the alarm about a new covid wave this fall and winter driven by new omicron subvariants. it projects up to 30% of americans could be affected and urging to pass more in pandemic money now. cbs' david agus. >> we should be on top of it, no more deaths from this virus. >> reporter: 32% of americans are now living in high or substantial risk areas. new hospitalizations are increasing nationwide. what is the status of the pandemic at this point? >> there is a lot of immunity out there, over 90% is immune, and we have paxlovid. this is an era of living with rather than hiding from the
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virus. >> reporter: and only half have been boosted. what is the impact of not having everyone boosted? >> the more that get the virus and the higher the viral count, more chance of another variant coming. by the luck of the draw there could be a change that could make it more aggressive, or to evade the vaccines, and then we're in trouble. >> reporter: here in l.a. most infections are happening in offices and at schools. means we have to change our workplace culture. if you are symptomatic, don't be a hero, stay home. take those necessary sick dates. adriana. >> diaz: lilia luciano thank you. today americans for abortion rights rallied in several cities, including here in chicago. here, thousands gathered following this week's leak of a supreme court draft opinion revealing that roe v. wade could be overturned.
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christina ruffini is at the white house. >> reporter: possible end to federal abortion protections. from pro-choice rights in missouri. >> we're not going to lay down and let the supreme court take away our rights. >> reporter: to a day of prayer in mississippi. >> i think it's murder to kill a baby in the womb. >> americans are voicing strong and conflicting opinions about the court's potential overturn of roe v. wade. on friday, conservative justice clarence is thom told an audience, just the outcomes what you want. but what americans say they want on the issue of abortion is complicate. according to a recent pew survey a majority say abortion should be legal in all or most cases.
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but many are open to restrictions and many opponents of legal abortion say it should be legal in some circumstances. >> we are once again forced to defend fundamental principles we hoped were long settled. >> reporter: speaking at a graduation, vice president kamala harris say those include: >> the rights of women to make decisions about their own bodies. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: senate democrats are scrambling to try to get a reproductive builtassed but so far don't have the 60 votes they need. adriana. >> diaz: christina ruffini, thank you. the taliban afghan women to wear a burka in public. when the taliban was in power in the 1990s. they also banned girls from attending school after sixth grade. today the death toll from an
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explosion at one of havana's luxurious hotels due to a suspected gas leak. dozens were hurt. police in a suburb of suburb of washington, d.c. are searching for suspects following a brazen drive by shooting. it happened in district heights, maryland, and was captured on a surveillance camera. multiple drew weapons and opened fire. two boys were wounded. now to an urgent manhunt for a capital suspect and missing corrections official in alabama. cbs' michael george joins us with the latest details and new video. michael. >> reporter: adriana good evening. casey white and vicky white have eluded authorities for nine days and now authorities are revealing more information about what they call their jailhouse romance and their escape plan which seemingly has been in the works for months. capital murder suspect casey white and guard vicky white
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still on the run as officials conduct a multi-state manh had latest lead this ford edge, abandoned in an alabama neighborhood. inside, jail keys and handcuffs. released these videos of the two, who are not related, casey white's white supremacist tattoos and what vicky would look like if she darkened her hair. vicky white claimed she was taking casey white to the courthouse for a meant health evaluation but there was no evaluation. >> this was a very well thought out plan. >> reporter: before, officials thought vicky white withdrew 90,000 and filed for retirement. >> we're going to find you,
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hopefully we find you safe. >> reporter: and the two are considered armed and dangerous. there's a reward of $15,000 being offered for information leading to casey white's arrest and $10,000 for vicky white's arrest. adriana. >> diaz: michael george thank you. we learned today of country music legend mickey gilley. he was 86 years old. his music and hall served as a back drop for the 1980 movie urban cowboy. straight ahead, how russia's rhetoric is sparking cold war fears. and we're in nashville where the rising cost of living is affecting access to food. o food. causing inflammation that can lead to asthma attacks.
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sight: a military parade with troops marching and tanks rolling in red square. it's a dress rehearsal for victory day on monday, commemorating the soviet victory over germany in 1945. and russia is bringing concerns nuclear arsenal. cbs' ian lee reports. >> reporter: this is how russia rattles sabers. testing a missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon more than 10,000 miles, more than twice the distance from moscow to miami. russian foreign minister recently called the risk of nuclear war considerable, and russian tv even showing how one might create a nuclear tsunami to wipe out the u.k. u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin has tried to play down
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the threat. >> nobody wants to see a nuclear war, no one can win it. >> reporter: but as the war rages on in ukraine a mushroom cloud wouldn't just appear on the horizon. >> there would be warning these warheads were being deployed. >> reporter: retired commander andy corbett, captasined submarine, capable of delivering its try dent nuclear missile. how easy would it be for putin to launch a nuclear weapon? >> the authority to launch must come from putin. although the decision rests with the political leader, the ability to do that doesn't. >> reporter: the world witnessed the destructive power of american nuclear bombs nearly 80 years ago in japan. corbett believes the one going off in ukraine would be many times larger but doesn't see
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that happening. >> doesn't seem likely at all. the problem would come if some goes spectacularly wrong and somebody makes a bad misjudgment. >> reporter: if war is the realm of uncertainty then a misjudgment can't be resumed out. ian lee, cbs news, swindon, england. >> diaz: still ahead on the cbs weekend news, a critical service taken needy. a victim of real estate development in a hot market. ket.
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>> >> diaz: this week the federal reserve enacted its steepest interest rate since may 2000. the goal: to curb inflation. that includes home prices up near 40% since march 2019. that's partly because there are far fewer houses on the market, more than 50% less. in tonight's weekend journal, mark strassman reports that shortage is creating more trouble for people. >> reporter: this is the little pantry that could. for people living in the city's shadows. about 300 working poor and fixed income folks now discovering it's becoming the little pantry that can't, closing for good. what does this empty room say about the changing nashville? >> i mean, it says that nashville has failed its
5:52 pm
citizens. >> reporter: after 12 years founder stacy downey shuttered the pantry permanently. >> it's hard to live in this city. this was not a fix, but it made life easier for a lot of people. >> reporter: nashville real estate is booming. americans from all over keep choosing to move here. typical values jumped 30%, typical payments jumped 50%. downey's lease wasn't renewed, in an area where people keep snapping up properties. what does it feet like to have to close the doors for good? >> that's hard to say. i'm trying to be grateful for the last 12 years instead of being devastated right now. >> devastating is the word that comes to mind. >> if it were a bigger word i would use it. >> reporter: downy determined
5:53 pm
looked citywide for another spot. she found nothing affordable. jihan strange feels devastated, too. this pantry kept her afloat on a teacher's salary. >> i'm almost forced out of the economy as a teacher. >> we get rezoning notices in the mail nearly every day so the entire landscape of the city has changed dramatically. >> reporter: this is side that's harder to see. needy people losing out. mark strassman, cbs news, nashville. >> diaz: next on the cbs weekend news, a monday that struggled with a pandemic pregnancy has a special reason to celebrate this mother's day. s a special reason to celebrate this mother's day. meaty beggin'... tasty beggin'...
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>> diaz: tomorrow is mother's day, don't forget! so we end tonight by catching up with a mom we first met in the pandemic when her family was starting to grow. when mitchell and maksim were born, we first met the laubach family new mom jen went into labor early, sick with covid. father couldn't see her because he had covid too. >> reporter: they couldn't see
5:57 pm
the children in person for three weeks, relying on facetime, in beaumont, michigan. >> i'll never get that time back. that's hard for me as a mom, those first few weeks and days are so important. with your child. >> reporter: this is what two years looks like. the boys are thriving. and now... >> a baby! >> reporter: they have company. baby sister liv was just born, no covid, no complications! >> i'm bonded with her so much already. and i didn't get that with the boys. >> how are you? >> reporter: has this experience helped heal those wounds? >> yes, definitely, you know, andre was able to be there. i wasn't isolated or alone when she was born, they placed her on my chest. >> reporter: the laubachs are back together, three kids under
5:58 pm
three. do you have a little sister now? >> yeah. >> reporter: what is your sister's name? >> baby. >> the first was in the intensive care unit, this one, in a home full of laughter. >> i guess what i want for mother's day would be to like go to a hotel and sleep, maybe. ( laughter ) but being with my kids is next best thing! >> reporter: other people suffered really extreme loses through covid. despite how hard it was for us, we're healthy and we're strong now and we have a happy ending. >> diaz: that's the best kind of happy ending. that's the news for this saturday. later 48 hours, don't forget sunday morning with jane pauley. i'm adriana diaz in chicago. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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big crowds flocking to two big games with the cities with almost the highest covid-19 infection rate in california. i'm going to walk over and watch the warriors tonight. a new look at this scene and what we know about one of the victims killed. a chance of the rain in the forecast. a fight against turning back the clock. many taking to the streets to stand up for abortion rights.
6:00 pm
we begin with a busy night for sports fans in san francisco. giants fans packing the stands at the oracle. the warriors facing the grizzlies after a controversial game. >> i am feeling real good today. we were feeling down from that loss. we have to come back and hit it. >> i think we are going to take it. >> both games drawing big crowds. they are crawling around. if you are headed into the city it will take a while. covid-19 cases spike in san francisco. e


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