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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 8, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. details on how chinatown community is working r culture. >> an investigation continues into a plane crash in marin headlands and we have the latest developments. we will show you how one restaurant honored mothers on this mother's day. we start this evening at a mother's day brunch in san francisco. we are reporting from a nobhill restaurant whose teamed up with nonprofit organizations to provide a meal for unhoused families on this special day. >> it was lovely and beautiful
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and just to have her come around and be as a family again. >> reporter: she celebrated mother's day with her mom and son this year and just one of the many families hosted by this restaurant in san francisco. her mother said it was a wonderful feeling to be together after a long time. >> we can together. took it is organized and working with the non-profit transitional housing program and its temporary shelter. >> every parent wakes up and you want to do well by your children. >> reporter: it provides a meal and a chance for kids to make cards for their mother's. >> we know you are trying the best with your child. >> we see both sides of it. >> reporter: the staffer said they have a unique perspective on what is happening here because they're located between the tenderloin and nobhill neighborhoods. >> we give somebody a few hours of love and understanding,
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appreciation. and even that little bit, that small thing, will make a world of difference. >> reporter: it is the third time the restaurant and nonprofit have hosted a lunch and the first gathering since the pandemic. >> this is the first time and it is great and where we came from to where we are now. >> reporter: they don't want to shy away from their past but show gratitude for the progress they are making and the bright future they see for their families. >> happy mother's day to all the single moms out there and all the mom struggling. first lady jill biden spent mother's day making a surprise trip to ukraine visiting a school in the western region of the country meeting with ukrainian first lady. here is why. >> i thought it was important to share with ukrainian people that this war has to stop and this war has been brutal and
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that the people of the united states stand with the people of ukraine. >> the school, which is where the meeting took place, is now temporary housing for people displaced by the war and the first lady has spent the past few days touring nearby romania and slovakia. students leading a lighthouse for ukraine event around the world in cities tonight including london, paris, and berlin and on stanford's campus today they future musical performances and ukrainian food, art, and culture, and this is the goal. >> we want to strengthen that ukrainian community to show their a lot of us here who support that. >> all the gatherings worldwide were streamed online raising money for humanitarian efforts. a popular mural in chinatown is being replaced
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after being targeted by a graffiti artist and that was commonly known as the tiger dragon painted over this weekend. we have that story. >> reporter: it is murals like this that made san francisco's chinatown famous and it is a riot of color in the canvas for artists looking to celebrate chinese culture, which makes the loss of this mural a bummer. >> there was a bunch of different black and gold spray paint like your mama jokes but profane language. >> reporter: this was targeted by taggers and it could not be salvaged so the decision was made to paint it over and start over. >> we have a lot of families here so not appropriate so kids will see it all the time so we wanted to do something. >> reporter: what that next something is will take weeks and possibly months to decide
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and it is ultimately a collaboration between the storeowner and the artist. this tremendous pressure to get it right because, make no mistake have beneath the thin coat of primer, there is a dragon watching. >> my goal is focused on donating a mural that reflects their views of what they want to see in their storefront that is relative to chinese culture and heritage. a deputies in the hospital after a suspected drunk driver crashed into a patrol car. here is the aftermath of the collision, which happened on 16th avenue in oakland early this morning. the sheriff said the driver was driving at a high speed when his car ran a red light and hit the patrol car. the deputy was taken to the hospital with injuries and expected to be okay. the driver of the other car was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. the drunk driver in the east bay crashed into a police motorcycle in richmond and police say the driver had a felony dui warned and was on probation for dui in the drivers breathalyzer test was more than three times the legal
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limit. the latest on that deadly plane crash in the marin headlands. today they remove the wreckage of a small plane and the aircraft was carrying two people when it went down and heavy fog killing both on board friday afternoon. golden gate park service said the road was closed for safety reasons as they removed the plane and here is a look at the removal and a helicopter helped lifted up before putting it on a flatbed and it has been reopened again to visitors and cyclists and authorities say the impact killed both the pilot and passenger and family members identified the passengers jennifer fox, a life coach and beauty expert who owned a skin care business and the pilot's family has not released his name yet. police arrested a man after an armed standoff at a hotel early this morning happening at sonesta hotel and police say a man is accused of threatening several guests and employees
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with a modified shotgun in the department sent in a drone to locate the suspect inside and they found him sleeping on a couch in the lobby. officers went in and detain the suspect. a fire in oakland damaged apartments and businesses near interstate 580 yesterday afternoon. you can see the aftermath and the debris from the fire happening outside of the business and on the first floor the building. there is no word on how many residents were displaced. in san jose, plans are in the works to demolish an historic church to make way for a housing development. >> we report that some in the congregation are pushing for it to be cleared a city landmark. >> reporter: grace baptist church played an important role in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and they would like to carry that mission of social justice into the future. the question is do they need the building to do that. the church was built in the late 1940s and was at one time
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ministered by reverend shorty collins and the basement was used as an organizing location for the early united farmworkers and cesar chavez was known to speak your. doctor hogan has been a member here since 1961 when she was a student at san jose state. >> we had students from our group here at the church help register voters and this church represents a conscience and always has. >> reporter: while the passion for social justice lives on, the building won't and plans are in the works to demolish the huge lock long church property to create a new midrise housing and commercial use development here and pastor oliver explains why. >> at the beginning of this year, our treasury was somewhere dipping below $60,000 total for the year. and we were in dire straits.
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>> reporter: they say the church can exist with that financial situation and the only way to continue its ministry is to give up the 80- year-old building. >> what we did is use the resources that god gave us almost a century ago. and this is the best use of it now. >> reporter: he said the new development includes a 10,000 square-foot space for the church with ceilings high enough to accommodate the churches huge silent film era theater pipe organ. but longtime church member said all of the outreach programs operate from the building, and she opposes the plan to demolish it. >> this one did make the most money and this particular development made the most money. and when you have a pastor who is only been here a year, he doesn't care about the history of the building or the building. he cares more about the money and what he can do with it. >> reporter: the pastor said the plan was approved by two thirds of the congregation and
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in an agreement with the developer, it has already been signed. with some oppose having the church recognized as a historical landmark and the city is considering the idea and last week it deferred the decision pending more investigation. in the meantime, the pastor said they are moving ahead with the plan that he said would sacrifice a building to save the church. >> preservation would mean financial devastation for this church and that is the short answer. >> it is still very relevant and a vehicle of service to the least of these. >> the pastor estimates it could take a few years to get city approval for the project and another three to complete construction. it was a snowy mother's day in the sierra and we will check in on chain patrols and road conditions. >> we have our own weather forecast coming up when we come back.
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welcome back. people in one alaskan town are stranded because of the landslide blocking the primary road that links their community to the outside world. >> my goodness. my gosh. >> that is rare to catch on camera. a few hundred people live here which is a few miles outside the town of seward and nobody was hurt in the landslide. it was caught on camera as he
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saw by a tourist and the community still has access to power and other utilities, but if they need to get out of town they have to use water taxis in that area is unstable and the state has dispatched geologists to take a look. look at this. a bridge collapsed in pakistan happening after what officials call a glacial lake outburst and they say a heat wave caused large amounts of water to flood the stream melting glaciers have created 3000 glacial lakes in the areas of the country. chains are not required for highway 80 and 50 headed to tahoe and here is a look at some cameras near trekkie. the patrol is warning drivers to expect delays and if you missed the snow this weekend don't worry because a number of resorts have extended their ski season until the end of may. good news for young bear cubs and this is a red box and this is where you can get your
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movies for dollar. >> i thought you are talking about a type of club called a red box. >> they were found on friday and refused to come out of that box. so they helped the police capture the bears and in a story fit for mother's day weekend the cubs were reunited with their mom. i do love that one. >> you can hit those notes. we will look outside live and take it away. >> i will bet you didn't get any rain. >> no. i was talking to my friend michelle in the north bay and she said it was raining there. >> there you go. hardly a drop elsewhere but that could change overnight into tomorrow, but in the meantime such as we got what's not much and as we look for the city of san francisco santa rosa has been pounded by 407
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inch and here san francisco and oakland neri a drop. but at the higher elevations, hamilton down the south bay, it did get some rain with 707 inch and saratoga had won hundreds and it was not supposed to be much but it wasn't. the numbers are 10 degrees cooler or more than it was yesterday at this time and the 24-hour temperature change shows that we have fairfield with 12 degrees cooler than yesterday and hear about where it was but santa rosa is cooler and that trend will continue through tuesday and it will be unsettled and cool the next few days because of the low pressure over northern california which will sink south and possible we do get a rogue shower or so from that. it will be clearing and warmer midweek and in fact we will be in the 80s by friday. and here we have a few pop-up showers in santa rosa. monday we have variable clouds and this is tomorrow afternoon here. there is some sunshine and
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clouds and a few showers in the higher elevations, so the feeling will be mostly sunny, but it would not be a surprise if you got a little bit of rain. here is tuesday. again, even on tuesday afternoon, higher elevations, a few showers and still clouds, but that will change we get to wednesday with a high pressure reasserting itself and before then we do have a pretty good wind along the shoreline and tomorrow it will be direct ensure 20 miles an hour so somewhat windy tonight. this stays with us tomorrow night. not as strong as today, but they will be around. the rain chances monday during the day not much and tuesday during the day, not much. but the rest of the week, it is pretty much gone after tuesday in terms of a chance of rain. how much more could we get? not much more. between now and tuesday morning it is hardly anything and a
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little bit in the rain bucket and it would be. so when the overnight in a few sprinkles possible with lows in the 40s and tomorrow variable clouds and showers and it will be cool and sunny by midweek, and we will be into the 80s by friday. overnight tonight 40s in the daytime highs tomorrow will be in the upper 50s and low 60s. it will be a cool day again tomorrow. 64 here in fairfield and 62 in san jose. and that is what the extended forecast looks like. it is mostly sunshine and still cool through tuesday and wednesday still windy, but we turn the corner on the temperatures and get into the 80s for friday and saturday and by the time we get to next weekend, we will be in the 90s. there is a warming trend coming, we have to get past midweek to get that. but in the meantime you can expect a little bit of rain and we could also expect sports proudly anchoring the home. the warriors lose a member
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and the latest on game 4 for monday and the giants got wet. that is a good thing. an update and more than a mother could love.
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the giants said, we all want to make mama happy, right?
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but why not go out and win a ball game? mother's day at the giants and pink all around and a final game with the cardinals at 3rd and king street and here they went in and ferreted out the umpire so they could play in the game started three minutes late, but that is okay and in the top second he was ready and he drove one to center and carried out and a two run homer in the first career home run in the bottom of the second, lamont was back from the injured list and produced a two run blast. and so we go to the top of the 6 in the future hall of famer and tipped the cap to the crowd and likely his final appearance at oracle park and he went zero minus one and at the bottom of the 6 tied at 3 and mikey stransky got all of it and in fact it got wet and a splash hit and the giants get it 4-3 and they split the series and the rockies are in tomorrow.
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>> ramon was back patrolling the outfield back from a ped suspension and at the twins again top 1, look here. found a hole with baserunners and at two out rbi with open scoring in the top 3rd tied it at 1 until seth brown untied it and found the right field corner and a two run score and a three minus one game in the bottom of the inning the twins threaten, but josc past kevin smith and it is a lead and the next batter hit a blooper good enough to score two twins and minnesota took a 4-3 lead and the same score in the 9th inning and if he got through they could at least tie it but he gloved it to end the game. so the twins got it 4-3 and slept the series and oakland
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has lost 9 in a row and they are at detroit on monday with a record of 10 and 18 and the nba playoffs had a worriers day off and how about that 142 point last night and we are on the eve of a possible lead in the series with visiting memphis but the news today is that the grizzlies star likely out of monday's game and the face of pain as he reinjured his right knee on display in the 4th quarter of saturday's game, a scramble for the ball and he was not happy with jordan who appeared to grab the knee and felt that he crossed the line. >> you know the code. we talk about the code all series at this point. >> it wasn't a joking matter and it was total bs in terms of the conversation. >> i don't think there's anything to talk about. of what he did was going for
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the ball. >> now we will see him go for tat and have a basketball game to win monday. >> the warriors mike brown is going to be the next head coach of the sacramento kings and reportedly agreeing to a four- year deal and he has been steve kerr's top assistant since 2016 and the former lakers and cleveland cavaliers coach is expected to remain on golden state staff through the end of the postseason. >> trouble in the west. they found out early in the fourth quarter against the dallas mavericks and they were up 9 and dorian smith knocked down one of 8 three-pointers and they got 20 in the game with 90 seconds left up 12 and luca done such said why not and he scooped way in and dallas got it 111-101 and type the series at two games apiece and game 5 is tuesday. and golf, a mother's day themed sleeve and here in the nation's capital a big week here and a
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birdie putt to drop and he shot 70 to finish 9th and his best finish this year and another pair here with the sink and at 15 and opened up a three shot lead. and he claimed his fourth career win and pocketed a $1.6 million check and a shout out to all moms out there. you have taken care of all of us and it is a selfless job and we do appreciate you and you deserve it more than one day. what say you? >> a shout out to my mom and i know she is watching. >> happy mother's day to all and to all we will be right back.
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santa barbara rescue crews reunited a duckling with its mom and the rest of the family and this little guy got stuck in a storm drain. how cute. firefighters were able to free the duckling and they swam off into history. >> we know you like those cute stories. how sweet is that. >> we will leave you with a live look outside and we will
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be back here at 6:00 for an hour of news. thank captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight...solidarity. >> i wanted to come on mother's day. >> the first lady jill biden visits ukraine, and so does canada's prime minister justin trudeau. and the g-7 leaderss meet virtually to push back against russia's aggression. this as the attacks intensify. today dozens feared dead following an airstrike on this pool. >> i'm charlie d'agata in eastern ukraine, where russia has stepped up its bombardment of civilian areas. russia h [yelling] >> duncan: also tonight's, new protests. abortion rights activists take their fights to the streets and outside of the homes of at least two supreme court adjustments. >> elise preston in new yorkwh


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