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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  May 8, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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be back here at 6:00 for an hour of news. thank captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight...solidarity. >> i wanted to come on mother's day. >> the first lady jill biden visits ukraine, and so does canada's prime minister justin trudeau. and the g-7 leaderss meet virtually to push back against russia's aggression. this as the attacks intensify. today dozens feared dead following an airstrike on this pool. >> i'm charlie d'agata in eastern ukraine, where russia has stepped up its bombardment of civilian areas. russia h [yelling] >> duncan: also tonight's, new protests. abortion rights activists take their fights to the streets and outside of the homes of at least two supreme court adjustments. >> elise preston in new york, where barricades are in place outside of
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churches in light of constant protests. >> tourist deaths, the latest on the investigation after three americans are found dead at a bahamas resort. [yelling] >> fantastic finish at the kentucky derby. an 80-1 longshot pays off. >> and later this mother's day, they're strong, single, and going it alone. [laughter] >> even when she is like this, i'm grateful that, like, she made me a mother. ♪♪ >>nnou: is the cbs weekend news from new york, with jericka duncan. >> duncan: good evening. jericka duncan is off. i'm jamie yuccas. jill biden marked mother's day with a rare visit to an active war zone. she crossed from slowly slovakia into ukraine, becoming the latest high-profile american to enter the
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country. dr. biden met with olena zelenska, that country's first lady, as it pushes ahead with the 20-week-old invasion. >> this waw war has been brutal, and that the people of the united states stand with the people of ukraine. >> at the white house, president biden met virtually with president zelenskyy and other g-7 leaders. they announced a new round in oil sanctions. gets set to celebrate russia's annual victory day. these troops and tanks seen at a red square rehearsal this weekend. it follows new russian attacks on civilians in eastern ukraine. cbs's charlie d'agata is there and has the latest. >> reporter: good evening, jamie. everywherem here in eastern ukraine, we have witnessed the wholesale destruction of civilian areas, and cram kramatorsk is no exception
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and luhansk, which is a major atrocity in this war. the direct hit leveled the building to burning and smouldering ruins, burying those who sought shelter in a desperate belief that hunkering down in the basement of a school would provide some sort of sanctuary from the relentless bomb. the governor said 90 were inside, and in his words all 60 who remained under the rubble are now dead. with ukraine's troops resisting the ground offensive, the russian military has gone to the air with long-range artillery and airstrikes with devastating effects. like the russian rocket attacks on holmes here in kramatorsk, scattered among the debris, a women's shoe, children's toys, a leather jacket hanging from a tree. heartbreaking evidence of lives blown apart at the moment of impact. look at the size of the
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crater left behind. the force of the blast was so powerful, it tore through this entire residential neighborhood.[speakn language] >> reporter: i felt the wave of shelling, andrej smirnov told us. it threw me from my bed. my tv fell down. no windows or doors are left in my apartment, nothing. attacks have intensified ahead of tomorrow's victory day in russia. the first lady surprised mother's day visit to olena zelenska, a show of support, adding to a growing list of western visitors to ukraine. including prime minister justin trudeau, reopening the canadian embassy in kyiv. even a surprise acoustic gig by u-2's bono at a subway shelter bomb shelter. substituting "stand by me" with "stand by ukraine" alongside a ukrainian pop
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star turned soldier, standing united in song. >> charlie joins us from eastern ukraine. charlie, what is the move like there on the eve of victory day tomorrow? >> reporter: nervous, jamie. soldiers tell us they're edge because of the uncertainty of what president putin has to say in his speech, whether he will declare a victory or launch an all-out war, an attack on this region. it may prove to be a pivotal day for both country. jamie? >> we'll be watching charlie d'agata and the cbs news crew. thank you so much for your hard work. in a tweet, the president declared the iron-clad support for ukraine and pledged more pain for putin. christina ruffini is at the white house with more. >> reporter: good evening, jamie. president biden and the president spoke for an hour, calling russia's military action unprovoked, unjustifiable, and illegal. and they also announced new sanctions, that
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includes sanctions of 2600 members of the russian and belarusian military. >> christo cristina, is the embassy reopening? >> she did, and, no, this is not. this is the first time a top diplomat at that mission has been allowed back into the country since the war started, and they're looking at -- the u.s. is looking at this as a countermessaging moderna for whatever it is the russians and president putin are planning on monday. >> interesting. thank you for that. today abortion rights activists used mother's day to launch what they called a national women's strike. elise preston joins us in new york for more. elyse? >> reporter: jamie, here in new york, barricades are in place outside st. patrick's cathedral as police try to stay prepared for ongoing demonstrations. abortion rights supporters nationwide are vowing to
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keep up the fight. from oklahoma to ohio, and outside the supreme court today. outrage over a leaked draft majority opinion indicating the supreme court may be poised to overturn roe vs. wade, which would end the constitutional right to abortion. >> i will be damned if i don't fight. and if we don't fight, because we cannot go backwards. >> reporter: in wisconsin today, firefighters confirmed the headquarters of an anti-abortion rights group was a target of arson. demonstrators on saturday took their battle directly to the homes of supreme court justices john roberts and brett kavanaugh. >> you don't get to take away my bodily autonomy and enjoy your saturday night at home. >> reporter: the justices' home addresses were leaked online. on friday, clarence thomas told a judicial conference the court cannot be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want.
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a cbs news poll out today shows 64% of americans believe the superior court should keep roe vs. wade in place. the poll also shows those who want to make abortion illegal in their state say abortion is not a right, that abortions are too easy to obtain, or that abortion is against their religious beliefs. >> if you believe as i believe, that is an unborn child in that mother's womb. that is -- what we're trying to do is stanup up for the those unborn ldre at oter: democrat tohi is not over. >> and here we are on mother's day, a week where the court has slapped women in the face in terms of disrespect for their judgment about the size and timing of their families. >> reporter: today in new york, senate minority leader chuck schumerout lined a vote planned in congress this week aimed at protecting abortion rights. it is not expected to pass, but schumer says he
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wants americans to know where lawmakers stand ahead of the mid-term elections. jamie? >> elise preston in new york, thank you. today the state department said it is, quote, "closely watching an investigation in the bahamas" following the mysterious death of three american tourists at a resort. cbs's l lilia luciano repter: for now what killed those tourists is still a mystery. investigators in the bahamas are searching for clues to explain the sudden deaths of three american tourists on friday at this sandals resort. while they don't expect foul play, the grim discovery is making anxious. >> i'm going to be a little more aware and on edge. >> reporter: in one villa, authorities found a man dead and a woman who was airlifted to a hospital. in other, the police discovered other couple,
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the man slumped against the bathroom wall and the woman on the bed. both sick. >> we like to know what happened and why it happened so we can be cautious. >> reporter: authorities do not believe any hotel guests are in danger. >> our investigations were up to late last night, and we feel that what we are seeing is an isolated case. >> reporter: i reacreachedout to the commissiof the police in the bahamas and he told me the dentdepartmenttities of the tourists will be released tomorrow. >> to the southwest where fire conditions are reported to be extreme. that's where the nation's biggest wildfire is raging. the hermit's peak fire has already burned an area twice as large as the city of philadelphia. and in florida, three fires in the everglades have burned more than 20,000 acres. heavy smoke and ash has spread to miami, and north all the way to palm springs. now to what may be one of the most fantastic
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finishes and biggest upsets in sport. >> announcer: he is coming up on the inside. oh, my goodness! the longest shot has won the kentucky derby. >> i love the excitement in his voice. rick strike struck lit lightening and made history as in 80, 8-0 to one long shot. the unlikely champion was a late entry, running down the favorites. kkentuckian air reed is the trainer. >> i passed out and i don't know what happened. [laughter] >> now their sights are on next race, the preakness, in two weeks. straight ahead on "cbs evening news", two republican lawmakers face off over one house seat. and meet the whiz kid graduating college this weekend. and this week, we
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>> this is tuesday is primary day in west virginia >> this tuesday is primary day in west virginia, and the results could provide a preview of this year's congressional contest. but as cbs news scott mcfarlane reports, one reason to reveal how voters really feel about the importance of bringing home the bacon. >> in a congressional district that hugs the monongahela river in morgan town, west virginia, congressman david mcdavid mckin swimming upstream. he is using an old playbook with an endorsement from the popular governor and a list of hometown infrastructure projects he voted to secure in a state that needs them. >> we have between 30% and 40% of people in west virginia get their water from wells. we don't have a distribution system. >> reporter: he is one of about a dozen
5:46 pm
republicans to vote in favor of congress' trillion dollar structure bill. >> to line the street with bridges and broad bans. >> reporter: he opponent is alexis mooney. mooney voted against the infrastructure deal, saying it costs too much money and squandered money on things up popular in west virginia, including electric cars, he says. >> at some point republicans have to start saying no to more debt in america. even if it is something, a bill that has things we support. >> reporter: mooney has an endorsement from former president trump who vocally opposed the infrastructure deal. >> this is state where donald trump won twice. trump remains very, very popular. >> reporter: it is not just infrastructure, but political traditions that are troubling here. the mountain state has thousands of miles of highway and hundreds of bridges in need of repair, and hundreds of thousands of people without reliable broadband. and it has a history of rewarding politicians for
5:47 pm
delivering dollars. >> there are a great many things that can be done. >> reporter: john f. kennedy won a pivotal presidential primere in 1960. but another former president looms larger in the the primary here on tuesday. >> i've got a better voting record than donald trump. >> reporter: the infrastructure bill provided this state with billions of dollars for upgrades, but the question is on tuesday: will a voteill cs the stat longest-serving member of the u.s. house his job? scott mcfarlane, cbs news, morgan town, west virginia. >> that is the question. a race to watch for sure. still ahead, it is commencement season, and meet the college graduate who is barely a teenager. teenager.
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by caroline cummings of wcco. >> reporter: elliot tanner is just like any other 13-year-old. >> i like to play dungeon and dragons with friends. >> reporter: except for the fact he can solve this? >> i have an incredible passion for physics. it has been one of my favorite things to do. >> reporter: he is pursuing that passion at the university of minnesota, where he is studying for a bachelor's degree. keeping a 3.78 g.p.a. and doing undergraduate research. >> a neutrino is a fast-moving particle that will go through about a light year and hardly interact with it. >> reporter: wow! >> what we're trying to do is we're trying to detect those. >> reporter: when elliot graduates this week, he won't be going far. he will be back on campus in the fall for a ph.d. >> if elliot tanner's
5:52 pm
story sounds like it is made for tv, in some ways it is. >> he is very, very smart, possibly smarter than sheldon. >> reporter: iain armitage plays sheldon cooper. but when the cameras aren't rolling, he calls elliot, a regenius, his friend, a bond formed when >> came to visit the set and stayed strong since. >> ian is a great friend. >> the thing i love about the young sheldon is it really makes being a nerd cool. >> reporter: when elliot is done studying at the "u," he dreams of once again returning, again as a professor to share his passion with others. >> i feel like i would love to be able spread some of this joy for physics and enthusiasm around. >> reporter: c caroline cummings, cbs news. >> being a nerd is definitely cool. way to go, elliot. elliot next on
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girls on the run? >> never give up. >> beyond this gate is actually the border with ukraine. >> you see people not just opening their hearts to ukraine refugees, but their homes. where will you go? >> i'm here for you. >> finally tonight on this mother's day, first comes love, then comes marriage, well not for moms who make the choice to go it alone. our jericka duncan shows us why more women are making the decision to become a parent on their own terms. >> i had an aching to be a mother, a longing to be a mother. >> reporter: at 40 years old, cbs news producer wendy mcneal gave birth to her daughter, harlow.e. a lifelong dwreem so imp a life-long dream so important to her, she chose to have the baby on her own. >> i said to myself in 15 to 20 years, would i be more upset that i didn't have a kid or more upset that i didn't fall in love and get married.
5:57 pm
for me, if i didn't have a kid, i feel like my life wouldn't be as fulfilled. >> reporter: she picked a donor and wept through three rounds of fertility treatments. holding harlow is a reminder she made the right choice. >> even when she is like this and gets a little fussy -- >> reporter: 40 years when jane mattes became pregnant, fewer people were purposely having children on their own. >> i was 36 and all of my friends were actually having fertility problems, and it occurred to me i might not have this opportunity again. >> reporter: so she decided to have the baby, knowing his father would not be in the picture. to get the support she needed, she created her own village and started "single mothers by choice." >> you really can't raise a child alone, but you can make sure that as a single parent you have a lot of people in the child's life who love that child. >> reporter: over the
5:58 pm
years, that network has connected 30,000 women. mattes attributes the growth to better fertility treatments, more inclusive medical insurance, a change in societal attitudes, and higher incomes for women. for baby harlow, she can decide if she wants to know who her donor is when he turns 18. >> i'm always going to be open and honest and transparent. she doesn't have a dad. she has a donor. >> reporter: she never closed the door on finding love; just opened the one that led her to baby harlow first. so now you can still do that, but you have fulfilled the dream, the want, the desire to be a mom? >> yeah. and i can do it on my own terms. >> reporter: jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. >> to all the many kinds of moms out there, happy mother's day, including my own. karen, love you. that is the cbs weekend news. tonight on "60 minutes," norah o'donnell speaks with mark escondido. esp
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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . students fearing for their safety, a rush to change the locks and install security cameras, and some are sleeping with pepper spray. the major security breach impacting thousands of residents. for somebody to steal the master keys, you can only anticipate they plan on using them. >> everybody is so scared. >> a patrol car that left a deputy hospitalize in a suspect in handcuffs. and new details on a plane crash and the investigation.
6:00 pm
>> even a small thing will make a world of difference for mother's day. >> an upscale restaurant helping unhoused mothers feel special this mother's day. >> i am at the famous grace baptist church and is it better served to preserve this building or tear it down? >> snowfall blanketing the sierra and more on the way and what you need to know if you are headed to the hills. good evening. this evening, a security breaches putting hundreds of uc berkeley housing units at risk. >> this it somebody stole the master keys with access to 1000 units happening in the apartments up a large university village complex located in albany and as da lin reports, this comes as the students are getting ready for their finals. >> reporter: it is not the first but second time here in two years that somebody stole a box containing master keys to the entire village and 3500 residents, a lot of people to have their safety and homes but


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