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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  May 9, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
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now on kpix 5, streaming on cbs news, bay area looking live at pier 39 from our exclusive mark hopkins camera. good morning. >> yesterday in the east bay it felt really cold. >> same way today. it's like this winter system so coming through, it's going to make it feel colder and a chance for scattered showers today. if you didn't get any yesterday, you got a chance. first alert doppler, there is a little bit of rain, see the showers coming in from the coast, about to skirt the sanoma coast into perhaps marin. these are few and far between. i can put it in the future cast. you are going to get blue sky today than anything else. the possibility is there for the isolated shower every once
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in a while. tomorrow, because this is going to stay this way through tomorrow. next two days keep the system around. other than that we shouldn't get a lot of rain. it's going to stay cool. it's low 40s santa rosa. 46 livermore. concord 47. inland valleys, temperatures dipped into the mid 40s and warming up into the low 60s today. this is where you feel in the most, cooler daytime high s a bit of a breeze. you can see the rest of the bay on here and everybody's high in the same place today. going to the low 60s. let's see how the drive is looking. as car as cars go it looks pretty good. a little windy, wind advisories on the bay area bridges. be careful working across the span. the golden gate is quiet.
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no delays into san francisco. bay bridge toll plaza, windy but no issues into the city and san mateo bridge. things are moving at the limit, a 12 minute ride between 80 and 101, if your day starts towards the nimitz freeway, things are moving at the limit with no delays or crashing to report. a good start to your monday morning commute. san francisco firefighters are mopping up the scene at the rose hotel. it is on 6th street. avoid the area. it is unclear what might have started the fire. the south bay, a house fire caused hundreds to lose power, this was burning in a neighborhood near the blossom hill exit off of highway 101, witnesses could see smoke. officials shut off the power to
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200 customers just after 7:00. no word on the cause of this fire. three daughters in oakland are working eer motheregacy e owners about the bittersweet holiday. >> reporter: the barbecue at evyet and jones is sizzling and the dining room is full of families celebrating mother's day. for these daughters, now co- owners, there is a void in their hearts. >> i woke up this morning and it was so hard not to go give her, her actual flowers but to give it to her grave site. >> with the texts and emails, don'ts have my mom, it's been hard today. >> reporter: if you look around the space, there are reminders of dorothy's passion and legacy, she passed away in
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march of last year due to breast cancer. the restaurant opened in 1999 but the brand was started by king's mother in 1973. >> this meant everything. she loved the live music. she loved to have the space where people could gather and get together and do her political things. she was the homeless advocate. >> she was our everything, very powerful, very strong, a community leader. >> reporter: king met with powerful leaders including president barack obama in oakland and basketball stars stephon curry and kevin durant. >> she was caring not just for us but the community. we feed the homeless every night. we have been doing it. it was passed down from our grandmother. >> the torch has been lit and
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it's passed on to us. it's just our goal is just to in honor of our mom to keep it going. >> reporter: king's daughters helped navigate the challenges of the pandemic as well. the they are in the process of trying to purchase the building which was their mother's dream. bettt yu, kpix 5. here in san francisco, this mother's day homeless mothers and families had a special treat. >> this is beautiful to have her come around. >> mariana celebrated mother's day with her mom and her son this year, one of the many families hosted by lecolonial restaurant. it was a wonderful feeling to be together after a long time. >> proud enough of ourselves. >> reporter: the event is organized by compass family services, the families are
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working with the nonprofits transitional housing program and temporary shelter. the lunch provides a meal for families to share and a chance for children to make cards for their mothers. >> we know you are trying your best with your child. >> staff at the restaurant tell us they have a unique perspective on what is happening because they are located in between the tenderloin and hill restaurants. it's the third time the restaurant and the nonprofit hosted the lunch and the first gathering since the pandemic. >> it was great. the first time we took the picture in 20 years ago. where we came from to where we are now. >> reporter: the mothers don't want to shy away from their past but show gratitude and the
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bright futures for their families. >> happy mother's day to all the single moms. leisurely travel will meet or exceed pre-pandemic levels. what is it looking like for san francisco businesses that depend on those dollars to survive. >> reporter: the sound of crash claws cracking and aroma of steam lure customers long for fresh crash at fishermen's wharf but not like it used to. >> not a lot of people here. it's mothers day. >> reporter: vendors say a third of cab stands are open for business on taylor street. don is waiting for a tourism boost that hasn't materialized to keep them open late into the night like it had been doing for decades. >> all of the people are local
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people. >> i saw a couple of people from germany and canada. >> reporter: officials sacred it card data shows one quarter of tourists are international. it's a vast improvement but not at the level it once was. >> we have been running in the single digits day-to-day. we didn't sevition at all. that's a significant change. >> reporter: the pier is running at 90% occupancy but at the warch, one-third of the store fronts stay empty. >> we come here on weekdays. you see crowds on weekdays but you don't see that anymore. >> reporter: running a staff that's one-third of what he wants employed and isn't close to opening early in the morning
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when demand was once there. >> there is no quitting in this family. we don't quit. we will survive. >> reporter: at fishermen's wharf, kenny choi, kpix 5. after a pipeline break, the city is requiring home and businesses to step up water conservation. the break happened sunday at the water treatment plant, the water is still safe to drink but while crews work to fix it, residents and businesses are asked to n by 30%. the city says it may last for several days. police are asking for the public's a woman until a bystander intervened. police are urging anyone with information to contact them. a popular mural in san francisco's china town has been replaced after targeted by
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vandals. the mule known as the tiger dragon was spray painted using profane language. the decision was made to paint over it and start over. the store owner and the artist are collaborating on a new design that reflects the culture and heritage. coming up, streaming on cbs news, spring tourists caught off guard by a late snowstorm in the sierra. what is called the largest white diamond ever is up for sale. look at the price tag this morning.
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gearing up for the 5th season and a special honor for actor forest whittaker.. >> reporter: forest whittaker
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will receive an honorary, the canned filmed festival, recognizing for his artistic journey. the french festival changed his life and allowed him to find connectivity in humanity through film. the 60 year old won best actor in 1988 for the film bird. netflix announced premier date for the 5th season of cobra chi, a look at popular karate kid series. the season picks up with john in jail frame for assault while terry silver expands karate. season 5 streams on netflix september 9th. augmented through planeteth, an exhibit with installations centered around climate change and
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sustainability. spanning 15 rooms and three stories are cadeia earth features eco systems like forests and oceans. visitors wear head sets to immerse in different environments and see how small changes can impact the future of our planet. >> it's to inspire people to come and leverage game and immersive beauty to deliver a message. >> reporter: seen in new york and las vegas. that's your eye on entertainment, michelle madina, cbs news, los angeles. money watch report, why it's a rough couple of days for the crypto market plus the mega diamond up for bids. lisa chan >> reporter: eventful weekend
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on a down note. dow fell 98 points. nasdaq dropped 173. s&p off 23. crypto currency market, followed by a worse weekend. on sunday bitcoin's price dipped below $34,000, half of what it sold for less than six months ago, a theory amid other crypto currencies experienced similar declines. a mega diamond known as the rock will be up for bids this week, the 228 gem is the size of a golf ball, believed to be the largest white diamond ever to hit the auction block. the rock had previously been worn as the center piece of a necklace. christies expects it to sell for up the wards of $30 million. bidding starts wednesday. that's your money watch report. head to
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sierra got slammed with snow over the weekend. lanes on i-80 at the state line re-opened last night after a crash. slushy conditions caused slick roads. wind blowing snow reduced visibility for drivers, travelers looking for a mother's day get away were caught off guard. >> i assumed to bring the shorts and flip-flops, she said it's supposed to snow two inches. i'm like sure it is. >> tahoe closed all of the lifts due to the stormy conditions. darren, you are tracking the snow totals this morning. more coming. that was like the preview. look at what happens in the sierra over the next two days. a chance for scattered showers for two days here at home in the bay. while that is happening, it's more serious in the sierra. watch the snow accumulate between now and tomorrow.
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it's early may and about the put down another foot of snow, dawner pass and cold enough that the snow level with this gets down to 4000 feet. we were talking about people at dawner pass and eco summit, it will be a different story because with snow down to 4000 feet, you are going to be encountering snow for more of the drive. interesting story in the sierra, more people like that guy at the gas station not believing the mess they are finding themselves in. live first alert doppler, this is the same system responsible. there are scattered showers, the future cast shows a chance throughout the rest of this morning, the rest of this afternoon, all day tomorrow, for isolated shower, maybe occasional thunderstorm mixed in at any point in the bay area. most of us don't get anything. if you get one shower and it's one of those, you get quite the show. that's the story for the next
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two days. the best way to look at it for context on the take away is to say how much rain are we going to go get. a couple of hundreds of inches. if you get that thunderstorm, you could get half an inch or more. those will be few and far between. the live look outside with the current numbers. it's chilly in the north bay, santa rosa 41. daytime highs, we are warming up to the same place, a chilly low 60s. if you thought it felt cool over the weekend, it's going feel cool today and tomorrow. the pattern is not changing. we will do the same numbers. it changes wednesday. we go into overdrive with a nice warm up into the mid-80s by the time we get to next weekend, once we get to thursday, we are out of this pattern. to the end of this week and next weekend, we started quite
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the warm up. how is the drive looking? okay. if you are getting ready to head out the door, no brake lights or issues, the only area that's slowing down is the drive for super commuters, westbound 580, loaded up, westbound 205 loaded up. tracys on to 580 into the altamonte and breezy this morning. be careful if you are traveling in the larger vehicles. the dublin interchange, that crowding happening and busy westbound heading forwards 680. travel times 30 minutes. barable from 205 to 680. no delays, everything looking good. no metering lights. quiet heading into san francisco, out of oakland and emeryville. there is a wind advisory for the bay bridge, that was issued by cal tran overnight. wind advisory for the san mateo
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bridge, the benicia bridge. no wind advisory for the golden gate. 880, traffic is moving great with no delays. quiet on the nimitz southbound. from oakland where the live shot, hayward, no delays south into freemont and northbound towards the bay bridge. you should be good to go. the golden gate, no fog this morning. you can see that's good news. southbound 101, 37 down into the city, 20 minutes, so far easy ride on 101 and the golden gate. the time is still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news, game day for the warriors and wins for the giants. vern has
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good morning everybody. good morning. did everyone survive mothers day weekend. i barely got through it. today is a new day. it is game day for the warriors. also, giants, home cooking in mind.
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speaking of the giants, they got two straight wins, back to back form. last let's look at what happened sunday to get it going. final game of four, with the cardinals. gabe went to ferret out the umpires so they could play. cardinals rookie was ready. drove one to center and the win carried it on out. a two-run homer. first career home run. lamont, welcome back lamont wade from the injured list. a two-run blast. top of the 6th, let's look at future hall of famer albert pujos. tipped the hat to the crowd. final appearance at oracle park. 0 for 1, if you have a score book. bottom of the 6th, mike, got all of it. it got wet. a splash hit. hitting 375 since returning
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from covid. top of the 9th. tying run at second. struck him out to end the game. giants won 4-3 to split the serious. back from a ped suspension, at the twins, top one, found a hole with base runners, two out rbi single opened the scoring. seth brown did something about it. found the right field corner. two runs scored. now 3-1a's. bottom of the inning, twins threatened and jose, ripped one past the diving kevin smith and a run scored, a one run lead. next batter, jorge, twins and minnesota took a 4-3 lead.
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christian, if he gets through, the a's can tie the game. he gloved it to end it. the twins win 4 '3 and swept the series. oakland lost 9 not a row. a record of 10 and 18. nba playoffs, my mom is back in virginia, you know what she wanted for mothers day, a dub's black gold blooded t-shirt. she will be wearing it for game four with the grizzlies. john likely out for the game. the look of pain as he reinjured his right knee on this play, in saturday's game. appearedto knee anthat he sethe >> you know the code. talk about the code all series at this point. >> the man got to have a code. >> it's not a joking matter. all the rest of it is total bs.
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we are not out there trying to hurt people or club people in the back of the head on a fast break. we play the game the right way and i'm going to have his back. he is not -- no. >> not going to go -for-tat. >> the warriors look to go up 3- 1 with the grizzlies. some of you, i might see at chase center, i will be reporting from the floor at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news. >> abortion right supporters spoke loudly, how the battle is heating up on capitol hill. a bittersweet mothers day for three daught
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. streaming on cbs news bay area, abortion rights battle heating up. the protest over the weekend. how lawmakers are fighting back. the house fire in the south bay leaving hundreds in the dark. >> may is mental health awareness month, a topic many don't like to talk about and harder for us black men. diving into the why. later ancisco businesses bouncing back but how tourism is still lagging this morning. good morning, it's monday may 9th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese. let's get a check on our top stories with ann makovec. >> starting off with a house fire burning in the east bay, let's go there live. this is in me


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