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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 9, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. streaming on cbs news bay area, abortion rights battle heating up. the protest over the weekend. how lawmakers are fighting back. the house fire in the south bay leaving hundreds in the dark. >> may is mental health awareness month, a topic many don't like to talk about and harder for us black men. diving into the why. later ancisco businesses bouncing back but how tourism is still lagging this morning. good morning, it's monday may 9th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese. let's get a check on our top stories with ann makovec. >> starting off with a house fire burning in the east bay, let's go there live. this is in almeda, it's east of
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constitution. see the fire trucks there, firefighters have been on the scene for over the past hour, no word on the cause of this house fire, nor how many people, maybe looking for a new place to stay. a person pulled from the bay near the ferry building in san francisco, rescuers getting the call around 11:00, they reached the person around midnight, pulled them out and began emergency medical procedures. we are waiting for an update on that person's condition. investigation is underway into the cause of this fire at a hotel, video from citizen app, of firefighters in san francisco, it's the rose hotel on 6th street. no word on how much damage was done. that's a look at your overnight headlines. a check on our weather and traffic now, this weekend we saw a lot of changes happening from where we were getting with the heat. >> there is an interesting weather pattern right now. isolated showers and thunderstorms happening in the
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north bay over the weekend. that is going to be a threat over the next two days. that sound more dramatic than what the reality is going to be for the majority of us. for most of us, you are going to be looking at clear skies. having said that, look at first alert doppler, if you have a second. showers on it now. working along the coast of the north bay. if we put this into the future cast, those remain a possibility, at any point throughout today and tomorrow, here is a good example, the afternoon today. here comes one, across the bay area. notice how few and far between they are. it's going to be impossible to say where any one of those develops at any one time. that's the take away. possibility for scattered showers stays with us. that's part of the bigger weather pattern that's unique. an area of low pressure over us. in addition to the chance for isolated showers, staying cool, temperatures are 37 in santa
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rosa. we only warm up into the low 60s for daytime highs. that's as warm as we are getting. it's a cold 37 now. most places are mid 40s to low 50s. it's the coolness of the afternoon that stands out. low 60s, 10 to 12 degrees below average. let's see how the drive is looking. it's not terribly busy, only slow spot is in the altamonte pass. getting up early and ready to head out the door, a few brake lights out of tracy on to 580. speeds down 17 miles per hour. extends to just about north flin on top of that it's windy through the altamonte this morning. if you are traveling in a larger more high profile vehicle, be careful there. the dublin interchange, traffic is moving slow connecting on to 680. going beyond this point to castro valley, no delays connecting to 880, you should
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be good to go. live to capitol hill, the battle over abortion rights appears to be heading to the senate floor. chuck schumer will be putting a bill to put roe v. wade up for a vote. it's the woman's health protection act. schumer plans to file a motion which could see a vote on the issue by wednesday. yesterday dozens of protests took place in support of roe v. wade. >> once they take away abortion, they will take away birth control, who knows what comes next. >> the woman's health protection act would need to at toovercome a gop filibuster hitting the threshold is unlikely. to a developing story out of the south bay, a house fire caused hundreds to lose power. the house was burning near the
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blossom hill exit off of highway 101. they could see smoke from the highway. pg&e shut off the power after 7:00. no word on the cause of that fire. to oakland, one year after their mom's death, three daughters are working to keep her legacy arrive and make her dream come true. bettt yu spoke with the owners of everett and jones barbecue. >> reporter: it's sizzling and the dining room is full of families celebrating mothers day. for daughters now co-owners, there is a void in their hearts. >> i woke up this morning and it was so hard not to go give her, her actual flowers but to give it to her grave site . >> i don't have my mom, it's been pretty hard today.
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>> reporter: if you look around, there are reminders of dorothy king's passion and legacy, she passed away in march of last year due to breast cancer. the restaurant opened in 1999, but the brand was started by king's mother in 1973. >> to my mom, this meant everything, she loved the live music, she loved to have this space where people could gather and get together and do her political things. she was the homeless advocate. >> she was our everything. very powerful, very strong, a community leader. >> reporter: king met with powerful leaders including president barack obama in oakland and basketball stars stephan curry and kevin durant. >> she was caring to not just us but for the community, she loved to feed the homeless. we feed the homeless every night. it was passed down from her grandmother and we continue to
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do it. she is our hero. >> reporter: the torch has been lit and now it's passed on to us. it's just our goal is just to in honor of our mom, to keep it going. >> reporter: king's daughters helped navigate the challenges of the pandemic as well. they are in the process of trying to purchase the building which was their mother's dream. in oakland, bettt yu, kpix 5. may is mental health awareness month, we face the a result of living with a mental illness, no different than a simple cold but when our minds are sick, there is shame at >> the stigma is stronger for black men. unpacking the reasons some black men resist that therapy. >> we have to understand the why. we live in a world that doesn't always want us, mental health doctors say the existence
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creates trauma, like profiled, encounters with police and not even getting hired as easily as our counter parks. you will get to know a guy that started therapy and changed his life, that's what he told me. what he may not realize is this is his decision to get help is changing the mental image for others. >> in a small pocket of san francisco's union square, robert paul is posted on the building's outside. >> it's about the little details. >> reporter: if you never search inside, you will never find, a men's personal stylist,. >> there is something about somebody when they look good, they feel good and present themselves differently. >> reporter: a brother knows his style. >> it's been life changing. >> reporter: he has been changing the image of men helping them search for the
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perfect look. it was march 2020, covid hit, he realized he had to look past the clothes. the inside. >> something has got to give. that's when i reached out to my current therapist. >> reporter: he and his therapist have been styling his mental health, making sure it's buttoned up. >> there is trauma from childhood that i haven't addressed in my adult life. >> reporter: dr. bedford palmer is helping clients do that, too. >> i see people who are people of color, primarily black people, primarily black men at this point. >> reporter: a stigma around black men, he says less emphasis placed on whether black men resist therapy and focus on the why. >> there are a lot of messages that say that black men are
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looking in some way. >> reporter: for decades blacks have been mentally and physically abused by society, it gets internalized. it's not surprising to him that black men harbor feelings of mistrust. >> we get caught up in the concept of boot strapping. >> reporter: even with his clients, he has no problem unbuttoning his story. >> knowing who la quan is. that's something i didn't know before. >> reporter: undressing the importance of mental health in his life, because no matter how good he makes his clients look on the outside. >> i feel like 1 million bucks. >> reporter: the real image is making sure minds are mended. >> slow down and really take care of my mental health. >> reporter: that's his peace of mind. >> i wants to thank la quan for
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sharing with us. unpacking something is not always easy but it's necessary. mental health is real and effects all of us whether or not we choose to talk about it or not. dr. palmer said the more we talk about this, the more we begin to shatter the stigma. we are talking about it. justin andrews, kpix 5. important story. it is 5:11 still ahead, streaming on cbs news bay area better days ahead for businesses struggling through the pandemic. the prediction from tourism officials. plus the special mother's day treat for homeless mothers and families in san francisco. as we get a look at the roadways, taking 580, getting
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travel should meet or exceed pre-pandemic levels. what is it looking like for san francisco businesses that depend on the dollars to survive. kenny choi spent the day in san francisco to find out. >> reporter: the rhythmic sound of crash claws cracking and seafood steam lure customers longing for fresh crash at fisherman's wharf. not like it used to. >> we are the only ones open and i have empty tables inside. it's mother's day. >> reporter: vendors say a third of crash stands are open for business on taylor street. don is still waiting for a tourism boost that hasn't materialized to keep them open late into the night. >> most of these people are local people. >> you are not seeing the international tourists? >> i saw a couple of people from germany and canada this week.
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>> reporter: one quarter of tourists are international. it's a vast improvement but not at the level it once was. >> we have been running in the single-digits, low teens last summer, day-to-days we didn't see much. that's a significant change. that bodes well for the summer. >> reporter: the pier is running at 90% occupancy. at the wharf, one-third remain empty. >> we love this place. >> reporter: the family spent mother's day together and to support one of their favorite eateries. >> we come here on weekdays. you see crowds on weekdays. >> reporter: a staff that's one- third of what he wants employed and isn't close to opening early in the morning when demand was once there. >> are you going to be able to survive? >> there is no quitting in this family. we don't quit. we will survive.
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>> reporter: kenny choi, kpix 5. time is 5:16. a check on our weather and traffic on this monday morning. >> starting things off with darren. >> interesting. we got an interesting weather pattern. isolated showers possible today and tomorrow, maybe coming in the form of an isolated thunderstorm. the best example of how the majority of the next two days are going to go, can be seen here, mostly clear skies and it's not raining. that's the majority. watch what happens when he switch from looking at at the view to changing perspective and checking in on first alert doppler. scattered showers, coming together along the coast, not a lot of them. enough that we have to talk about the possibility of a scattered shower through the next few days. we will put it into play, you see the same pattern continues all the way through today. 1:00, there is one, we will let it go through the afternoon.
5:18 am
nothing is happening, scattered showers, isolated. as we get into tuesday, same story, loitering out there, most of us don't get anything. anyone of those isolated showers, could develop anywhere, it's going to be random in that way. if you happen to be the place that gets it, there could be a brief downpour that comes with it. north bay would be the more likely place. anybody could see it. as far as temperatures go, yesterday felt cool, so to the next two days, low 60s for the next two days. if we look at the current numbers, there are cool spots on here, look at petatuma 34. it's noticeably warmer in the inlands valleys of the east bay, 10 degrees warmer. it's not like everybody is waking up cold. daytime hiup to the low 60s and another aspect, everybody is in the same place. we do low 60s today. the seven day forecast, the
5:19 am
next two days, monday and tuesday, just like this. by wednesday, we start the warm up. watch the temperatures increase. by the weekend in the mid-80s in san jose. san francisco, in the mid-70s. as we look across the microclimates, low 90s by the time we get to the weekend. two days of excitement in terms of a shower. keeping you busy, darren. >> it's not too bad on the roadways. mobile 5 is up early and out and about, already this morning, a live look at conditions along highway 4. it's moving along nicely, westbound through antioch, no major delays or issues. traffic is moving good on the freeways this morning, we haven't had trouble with the exception of that ride into the altamonte pass. let's jump over and look at conditions where we are seeing the brake lights, tracy, westbound 205 super commuters, the morning rush is on for this monday. down 12 miles per hour, as you connect to 580, this is a wind
5:20 am
advisory that was issued by cal tran, for the pass, a little gusty this morning, just be careful as you head through there. seeing things getting crowded toward the dublin interchange. westbound 580 connecting to 680. bay bridge, so far so good. no delays or issues, cars as well, no metering lights yet, likely won't see those for 20 to 25 minutes. up early, getting ready to make the ride in, snow a good time to be on the freeways. wind advisory for the bay bridge and san mateo bridge. be careful as well especially in the larger vehicles. tail lights towards foster city. more volume westbound towards 101. a live look at the nimitz, no delays. a homeless mother and families had a special treat
5:21 am
for mothers day. >> reporter: mariana, celebrated mothers day with her mom and her son this year. one of the many families hosted by la colonial restaurant in san francisco. it was a wonderful feeling to be together after a long time. >> we were proud enough of ourselves. >> reporter: the event organized by compass family services, working with the nonprofits transitional housing program and temporary shelter. >> every parent wakes up wanting to do right by their children. >> reporter: a meal for families to share and a chance for children to make hearts for their mothers. >> we know you are doing your best. >> staff tell us they have a unique perspective on what is
5:22 am
happening in the city. >> give somebody a couple of hours of love and understanding and appreciation, that little bit, the small thing, is going to make a world of difference for their mother's day. >> reporter: the third time the restaurant and the nonprofit have hosted the lunch and the first gathering since the pandemic. >> it was great. the first time we took a picture in 20 years ago. >> where we came from. >> reporter: the mothers don't want to shy away from their past but show gratitude for the progress they are making and the bright future they see for their families. >> happy mother's day to the single moms. all the moms. still ahead, streaming on cbs news, bay area, the warriors looking to take a commanding lead noon their series with the grizzlies, the
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let's get you ready for lunch. noon to 2:00, we want to make sure you are ready for that all important part of the day and don't get caught off guard. they are identical. it's cool in the afternoons, not getting out of the low 60s. that's the biggest impact. the other thing to point out is, there are isolated showers out there.
5:26 am
we can see some now on first alert doppler and probably see as many of these by lunch. keep your outdoor plans. there is a chance, a small chance. more on that coming up in the complete forecast. back to you. live look at chase center, the warriors are getting ready for game four tonight at the western conference semi finals. the doves lead two to one. mo ran is likely out tonight. >> memphis was not happy with jordan pool who grabbed his knee and felt he crossed the line. >> you know the code. >> there is not a joking matter. all of rest of it is bs this terms of the conversation. >> i don't think what he did, he was going for the ball. >> i'm not going to go for at
5:27 am
the. we got a basketball game to try to win. >> tonight's game tips off at 7:00. now 5:27. next half hour and streaming on cbs news bay area, a historic church under threat in san jose. what some are pushing for this morning. the layoffs finalized at city want more from your vitamin brand? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement... to the only 24-hour vitamin c to heart-healthy support every day. get more with nature's bounty.
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panera chefs have crafted a masterpiece... succulent, seared chicken... a secret aioli... clean ingredients... in a buttery brioche roll. made fresh, to leave you... speechless. panera's new chef's chicken sandwiches. $1 delivery fee on our app. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. on kpix 5, streaming on cbs news bay area, russian president vladimir putin's new defense of his country's invasion of ukraine. the staff laid off at city college of san francisco despite outcry from students and faculty. a historic church is under
5:30 am
threat in the south bay. later the aids memorial quote will mark the 35th anniversary. good morning it's mondaying may 9th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese. let's get a check with the traffic with ann makovec. >> let's go live, three people badly injured this a house fire this morning this alameda. one of them was severely burned. this is east of constitution, it was a one-story home. no word on the cause. investigation underway into the cause of the fire at a hoteling this is video from citizen app, the rose hotel on 6th street. no word on how much damage was done there. a live look at san francisco city hall. voting for the june primaries, register to vote or drop off
5:31 am
the ballot this morning, races for everything from the governor's office and local offices to congressional representation. that's a look at your headlines. let's get a check on our weather and traffic. >> there is a unique weather pattern, yesterday, it was cool, inland, low 60s. the next two days, you could see isolated thunderstorm not going to get out of the low 60s in the afternoons. it's like a direct hit from a weak area of low pressure parked over us. having said that, most of today is going to look like this, clear skies, more blue than anything else. you can see them on here. they are spotty. most of us don't get one. physical you happen to get one, it could happen anywhere, randomly, over the next few days, a downpour at times.
5:32 am
that stays with us today and tomorrow. in the meantime there is the gorgeous view. it is cold in the north bay valleys. 37 santa rosa. 47 concord. it's 10 degrees warmer for the inland east bay valleys than north bay valleys. for the daytime highs, everybody goes to the same place, low 60s. just like yesterday, just like tomorrow will be, it will be relatively cool and with the chance of rain. more on how things change coming up in the complete forecast in a few minutes. it's so far so good for a monday morning. the usual stuff on the roadways making the trek into the altamonte, no crashes. busy towards the dublin interchange. not seeing brake lights, those in the livermore area, you will see that in the altamonte pass. wind advisory for the bay area
5:33 am
bridges. might be gusty out there if you are traveling the bay bridge, be careful. no metering lights, traffic moving nicely into san francisco. good on the san mateo bridge, a little bit windy in both directions. russia is observing the 1945 defeat of nazi germany in world war ii. it's being scrutinized for the plans in ukraine. vladimir putin attended a parade in moscow's red square. putin described the invasion of ukraine as an effort to denazify it he tried to justify the invasion saying it was preemptive to fight off western aggression. >> there were a lot of hopes that putin and the people in the kremlin could proclaim a victory and somehow deescalate. now we know that the 9th of may is not going to be the date. >> jr. jill biden met with
5:34 am
ukraine's first lady in the western part of the country. a mother's day show of solidarity. in a kyiv subway station that acted as shelter, u2's bono performed the song, standby me. >> i think it's one man's war, really. i trust in the younger people in russia to throw this man out his office that was so high and is so low right now. san francisco is gearing fun ar benefit concert to help ukraine. proceeds will go towards relief efforts. the concert starts at 7:30. the white house, a warning from the biden administration as they are predicting a fall and winter covid wave with 100 million new infections as cases are up 50% in the last two
5:35 am
weeks. hospital cases are up by 21%. here 3.9%, that is up from 2- point 8% a week ago. president biden will be giving a speech on inflation to address increasing criticism of his economic policies, the federal reserve raised rates bay half point to address the worst inflation america has seen in 40 years. the president says a top priority will be getting prices under control and lower costs for working families. pink slips going to faculty members after the trustees voted to move forward with layoffs to close a budget shortfall. 38 jobs will be cut. the english and counseling departments are expected to see the largest cuts with nine full time employees receiving pink slips or retiring. the union representing the teachers said the cuts will
5:36 am
prevent the college from serving the real needs of san franciscoans. a historic church is under threat in san jose. there are plans in the works to demolish grace church for a housing development. >> some in the congregation are pushing for it to be declared a city landmark. >> reporter: grace baptist champ played an important role in the civil rights movement of the 1960s and they would like to carry that mission into the future. the question is do they need the building to do that. the church was built in the late 1940s and ministered by famous anti war crusader. the basement was used as an organizing location for the early united farm workers and caesar chavez was known to speak her. dr. penny has been a member here since 1961, when she was a student at san jose state. >> we had groups go to the
5:37 am
summer mississippi, and help register voters and this church represents a conscience. >> reporter: the passion for social justice may live on, the building probably won't. plans in the works to demolish the huge block long church property to create a new mid rise housing and commercial use development here. pastor george oliver explains why. >> at the beginning of this year, our treasury was dipping below $60,000 total for the year. we were in a dire strait. >> reporter: reverend oliver says the church cannot exist with that financial situation and the only way to continue is give up the 80 year old building. >> we used the resources that god had given us a century ago. >> reporter: he says the new development will include a 10,000 square foot space for the church, with ceilings high enough to accommodate the huge
5:38 am
silent film era theater pipe organ, long time church member says all of the church's outreach programs operate from the building and opposes the plan to demolish it. >> this one made the most money. this particular development made the most money. when you have a pastor that's only been here one year, he doesn't care about the history of the building or the building, he cares about the money and what he can do with it. >> reporter: the plan was approved by two third of the congregation and an agreement with the develop ser assigned. some filed to have it recognized as a landmark for history and architecture and considering the idea. last week deferred a decision. the pastor says they are moving ahead with the plan that he says would sacrifice a building to save a church. >> preservation would mean financial devastation for this
5:39 am
church. that's the short answer. >> it's very relevant and a vehicle of service to the least of these. >> reporter: in san jose, john ramos, kpix 5. it could take two years to get approval for the project and three years to complete construction. coming up on kpix 5, streaming on cbs news bay area, a new milestone for meta, the first physical store opening up. learning about twitter takeover plans by elon musk, plans to boost the company's revenue. first alert doppler is on your screen right now. there is light rain on it. scattered showers, this is the story for the next two days. we will talk about how cool it's going to feel for the next two days coming up.
5:40 am
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welcome back. confidence from elon musk, he envisions a way to boost the avenue revenue by billions of dollars. the entrepreneur closed on the deal to buy twitter last month, for $44 billion. he says he wants to increase
5:43 am
revenue to more than 26 billion by 2028, up from $5 billion last year. musk tells investors they would come from premium subscriptions and paid advertising. meta is opening the first physical store at the burlingame campus, customers can shop and gets hands on with the meta products. interactive demos that show to how video calls and retail workers with meta portal and explore virtual reality. marriott aiming to compete by getting into the home rental business. the company says it signed up 60,000 properties for the purpose. the idea is to offer homes in villas for rent. marriott says the short-term rentals will carry the same guarantees as regular hotel rooms. the rentals are eligible for
5:44 am
marriott's loyalty rewards program. it is 5:43, let's get a check on our weather and traffic. >> starting off with darren and a beautiful shot. >> it could be perhaps a little deceiving because the whole theme of today's forecast is there is a chance for an isolated shower today and tomorrow. if you look at the live view, it would look like any other morning and the way the majority of today, today and tomorrow will look for your part of the bay. more clear skies than anything else. one look at first alert doppler will show you there are scattered showers. first, since we got the pretty view towards the east, sunrise is coming up in a little bit. official sunrise time at 8:07. as we look at first alert doppler, not a lot. there is just enough that we have to keep the chance in the forecast today and tomorrow for an isolated shower, maybe
5:45 am
occasional thunderstorm mixed in. through the day, 1:00, most of us are looking at blue sky. right there, you see the example, one scattered shower across the bay and several opportunities for that throughout the day today. most of us don't get any rain in a scenario like this. if you happen to be the place that gets one of the showers and it could happen anywhere, randomly, you get a show, maybe a brief downpour, we saw that happen over the weekend. we saw it more likely in the north bay. it could happen anywhere because of the nature of the way the system is going to be centered over us for the next two days. live picture, looking like that for today and it is going to feel cool, the main impact beyond whether you do or don't get the rain, temperatures are going to feel cool. 30s north bay. we don't get out of the low 60s. bay area wide for daytime highs.
5:46 am
everyone is doing the same thing. low 60s today. tomorrow is similar. by wednesday, the system leaves and we warm up. by the time we get to the end of the weekend into the weekend, it's 85 degrees for the daytime high and low 90s for some of our warmer inland locations. how is the drive looking today? looks good. everyone is behaving, no majorrish sures as far as crashes. a live look at mobile 5, working their way down southbound 242, he came off of highway 4. westbound highway 4, he is headed southbound 242ing over to 680, so far smooth sailing for the morning, we don't have any major issues. good news on the freeways, if you are up early, you shouldn't have issues especially through this area, you will see brake lights heading into the altamonte but that's typical this time of the morning and we are dealing with wind advisories this morning, one of them is for the bay bridge, be
5:47 am
careful if you are making the ride across the span into san francisco, traveling in a larger more high profile vehicle. no metering lights yet and extra volume westbound into the city. golden gate bridge is a beautiful ride this morning. no delays heading into san francisco. wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. keep that in mind if you are traveling across the span. westbound, our commute direction, seeing the extra volume. seeing pretty good pace if you are headed towards 101, away from 880. the ride looks great. live look at the nimitz, near the colosseum, south of here, traffic is moving nicely in hayward, south into freemont. no brake lights or issues. our slow spot is the ride into the altamonte pass. the a's quilt will mark the 35th anniversary with an event
5:48 am
next month, here the the bay area. >> the largest ever in san francisco history. the biggest in the united states in a decade. juliette goodrich reports, you can play a role in its history. >> reporter: in the southeast corner of golden gate park sits a beautiful open space known as robin williams meadow, soon the grassy field will be completely covered with a tapestry of names, handmade panels, stitched together out of love, sorrow and anger. on each one the story of a person who died from aids. >> the reason was because we are mad at the government. >> tragic that we were losing them and being forgotten. i did not want th to be ot repr: 85 t id candlelight march to commemorate the assassinations of supervisor harvey milk and
5:49 am
mayor. >> as we marched, i asked people to write the names of neighbors killed by aids. we put these on placards and marched to the federal building and covered the gray stone facade of the building with this patch work of names and i looked at that and i said it looks like some kind of strange quilt. i thought of my grandma and great grandma in indiana and the quilt they had sewn. >> reporter: grown from a few hundred panels to more than 50,000 . it weighs 54tons they will host the largest display in a decade. 3000 panels will cover the meadow on june 11th and 12th, the weekend event is free of charge. >> all are invited, a happy joyous moment, we are coming back out of hibernation. >> reporter: the organizers are put ought the word that anyone
5:50 am
can create a new panel for the event. quilt workshops will be held each wednesday in the castro from 3:00 until 6:00 p.m. on hand quilt volunteer, michael. >> it struck me this is the thing i can do. i wasn't a politician. i wasn't a activist where i could throw things at the fda. i wasn't a medical person. i could teach people how to make things. >> i'm proud of the fact that i was able to do it. >> reporter: roddie made his first quilt in honor of his best friend, and working on a second panel to honor musicians that died from the disease. >> my love for music and my partner in crime. i'm doing a panel, with the word music on it, it's going to be surrounded with a whole
5:51 am
genre of music. sylvesters, to tom fogarty, to freddie mercury and sharon red. >> reporter: the panels will play a role on the closing ceremony and become a permanent part of the historic quilt. it's legacy involves the terrible mistakes made during the aids crisis but also about the threats that connect us all. >> i think there is a deeper legacy which is the power of community and the power of memory and the fact that people do love each other and care for each other very much. at a time of enormous suffering and great pain, people responded with love and beauty. i think that's a marvelous thing. >> the national aids memorial oversees the quilt. for information on the event, the requirements for panels, go to it is 5:51, next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, the special honor for
5:52 am
actor forest whittaker at the canned film festival next week. coming up today on the drew berrymore show, today at
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we are waking up to a beautiful morning. more clear blue sky than anything else. if we take one peek at first alert doppler, the story becomes interesting, there are
5:55 am
scattered showers on it. like yesterday, if you didn't get one, maybe somebody you know, i got rained on yesterday. the pattern will stay that way for the next two days. lot a lot, few and far between, just enough that the general forecast is chance of a shower today. most of today is going to look like that. keeping it blue sky than anything else. it will feel cool, though. it is 37 santa rosa. mid to upper 40s for most other locations. daytime highs don't get out of the low 60s. 15 degrees below average. more on the forecast coming up in a bit. it's different by that next coming weekend. time for a look at the entertainment headlines, forest whittaker will receive a honor next week. recognizing him for his artistic journey and humanitarian work. the french festival changed his life and allowed him to find
5:56 am
connectivity and humanity through film. he won best actor in 1988 for the film bird. netflix announced the date for the 55th season, along with a look at the popular karate kid series. picks one john in jail framed for assault, terry silver expands the karate. season 5 streams netflix september 9th. a popular mural targeted by vandals gets a new makeover. how a store owner and artist are working together to give it a deeper meaning. mental health awareness month. a topic many don't like to talk about. the stigma appears to be stronger for black men. about the graduate college and doing research in physics
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and 13 years old. meet the whiz kid whose list of achievements does not end there. a live look outside before we head to breaking see the n coming
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