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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  May 9, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, several people injured and firefighters mopping up after an east bay home erupts in flames overnight. what we are learning. afraid for their safety, the security breech at a university housing complex impacting hundreds of students. may is mental health awareness month, a topic many don't like to talk about and it's harder for us black men. we are diving into the why.
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later, the surprise performance at a subway station in ukraine. you probably recognize that face and that voice. good morning. i'm len kiese. >> we are going to begin with ann makovec with the headlines. breaking news, in the east bay, let's go there live, three people badly injured in a house fire in alameda this morning. one of them was severely burned. this is on boyne vista, a one story home that fire breaking out around 3:30 a.m. no word on the cause. an investigation into the cause of this fire at a hotel. the rose hotel in san francisco on 6th street. no word on how much dam was done there. new video from russia's victory day celebrationing president putin reiterating his accusation that the west left him no choice but to invade
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ukraine, he stopped short of signaling a wider mobilization but vowed donbas re taking a ok weher and traffic t with gianna franco and darren. this weekend we saw changing i live in the east bay and it was so windy yesterday. >> the nice thing is the wind won't be as big of an issue. the pattern that made it windy is sticking and. it's going to feel unusually cool for highs and this is a chap of rain, like this frustrating like rare isolated scattered shower scenario most of us won't get it. i think most of us also know somebody who said i got rained on yesterday. we had knot bay yesterday. gianna franco got rain in pacifica yesterday morning. you look at the live picture, it's clear sky than anything else. that's what the ma j of the next two days going to look like.
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one review of first alert doppler shows you way that's not the forecast in the whole story you can see scattered showers here right now. few and far between. mother of us don't get anything. if you happen to get one of them you get a good little showing maybe a brief downpour with them. sunrise coming up. it's cold out there, santa rosa 35. daytime highs, in the low 60s. we will do the same number in generalling it is low 60s today. i will be back with the rest of the forecast in just a bit. let's get to gianna franco. over to the bay bridge metering lights are on. broken down vehicle on the upper deck near treasure island. all the brake lights. back to almost the 880 overpass. give yourself a couple of minutes there. windy as well this morning. a wind advisory for the bay
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bridge and the benicia bridge, san mateo bridge. san mateo bridge, busy westbound towards 101. for the second time in two years, the master keys to a uc berkeley housing complex have been stolen. the university made the announcement friday and said the box that holds the key to 974 units was taken. they are scrambling to change everybody's locks and has residents on edge. >> i cannot really tell what they are doing at night. >> mistakes happen. that's understandable. the same mistake twice after complete assurances, tells me that was empty, they don't have a plan in place. >> the university is giving free door changes to residents. police officers are stepping up patrols in the village. there are no reports of any home burglaries connected to that key theft.
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a popular mural in san francisco's china town replaced after targeted by vandals. the mural known as the tiger dragon was spray painted by taggers. the decision was made to paint over it and start over. now the store owner and artist are collaborating on a new design reflecting the culture and heritage. may is mental health awareness month and many of us face the reality of living with a mental illness is no different than a simple cold. >> the stigma is stronger for black men. justin andrews joins us. >> this is something we first happen have to unpack the why we understand that we live in a world that doesn't always want us, mental health doctors say the existence of black man creates trauma, like getting profiled. encounters with police and sometimes not getting hired as
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easily as counter parts, you will get to know a guy that started therapy two years ago and it changed his life. in a small pocket of san francisco's union square, robert paul is posted on the building outside. if you never search inside, you will never find. >> a men's firstal stylist, a visual manager in luxury retail. >> when they look good, they feel good and present themselves differently in the world. >> reporter: a brother knows his style. >> it has been life changing. >> reporter: la quan has been changing the image of men helping them search for the perfect look. it was march 2020, covid hit, la quan realized he had to look past the close, the inside. >> something has got to give. i reached out to my current
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therapist. >> reporter: he and his therapist have been styling his mental health, making sure it's buttoned up. >> there is trauma from childhood i haven't addressed in my adult life. >> reporter: licensed psychologist is helping clients do that, too. >> primarily, i see people who are people of color, primarily black people, primarily black men at this point. >> reporter: a stigma around black men and mental health, he says less emphasis should be placed on whether they resist therapy and focus on the why. >> reporter: there are a lot of messages that say that black men are lacking in some way, that can get caught up in the way we talk about mental health as if black men are doing something wrong. >> reporter: blacks have been mentally and physically abused by society and gets
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internallized. it's not surprising that black men harbor feelings of mistrust. >> we get caught up in the concept of boot strapping, we are supposed to pick ourselves up. >> reporter: even with his clients, he has no problem unbuttoning his story. >> knowing who la quan is. that's something i didn't know before. >> reporter: undressing the importance of mental health in his life, because no matter how good he makes his clients look on the outside. >> i feel like 1 million bucks. >> reporter: the real image is making sure minds are mended. >> slow down and take care of my mental health. >> reporter: that's his peace of minds. unpacking something like this is not easy but it's necessary. mental illness is real and affects all of us, whether owe choose to talk about it, dr. palmer said the more we keep this conversation going, we
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shatter that stigma. we are talking about it. >> i feel like the stigma is shifting. looking at facebook, i see more of my friends i went to therapy today and it's benefiting me and encouraging others to do the same. >> when covid hit, he noticed more and more people were coming and just admitting we need help when it comes to our mind. that's true. we are seeing that more often, people are saying i need help and nothing wrong with that. >> the access is there, too. you can zoom and find someone that way, too. nothing wrong. we get everything else checked out with our bodies but forget to get our minds checked out. >> an important story as well. thank you so much. up next, a city ready to bring on a bounce back in tourism. shop owners are desperate for a boom in business. this meant everything. >> keeping their mother's legacy alive, how the bay area
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daughters are making their moms dream come true. as we take a look at the roadways, toll plaza stacking
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this mothers day was bittersweet for the daughters who run the famed restaurant, everett and jones barbecue. >> the dining room was full of families celebrating mothers day. for daughters, now co-owners, there is a void in their hearts, reminders of their mother's passion and legacy around the restaurant, it was opened in 99 but it was started by her mother in 1973. >> to my mom she meant everything, she loved the live music and loved to have the space where people could gather
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and get together and do her political things. she was the homeless advocate. >> the sisters are purchasing the building that houses the restaurant. san francisco is bracing for a bounce back in tourism. how is how it looked yesterday. leisurely travel should meet or exceed pre-pandemic levels this year. businesses depend on the dollars to survive. >> reporter: the rhythmic sound of crash claws cracking and seafood steam lure customers longing for fresh crash at fisherman's wharf. not like it used to. >> we are only t only ones open and i have empty tables inside. not a lot of people here. >> reporter: vendors say a third of crash stands are open for business on taylor street,
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don is waiting for a tourism boost that hasn't materialized to keep them open late into the night. >> most of the people where local people. it's not people from other places. i saw a couple of people from germany and canada this week. up until then, no. >> reporter: credit card data shows one quarter are international. >> we have been running in the single-digits, low teens at most, last summer. day-to-day. we didn't see much foreign visitation at all. that's a significant change. that bodes well for the summer. >> reporter: the pier is running at 90% occupancying but the wharf, one-third remain empty. they spent mothers day together and to support one of their favorite eateries. >> we come here on weekdays. you see crowds on weekdays but you don't see that anymore.
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>> reporter: running a staff that's one-third of what he wants employed and isn't close to opening early in the morning when demand was once there. >> are you going to be able to survive? >> there is no quitting this family. we don't quit. >> reporter: at fisherman's wharf, kenny choi, kpix 5. slammed with late season snow, slushy conditions caused slick roads and wind blown snow reduced visibility. travelers looking for a get away were caught off guard. >> assumed to bring the shorts and flip-flops, last night she said, it's supposed to snow two inches tomorrow. i'm like, sure it is. >> there it is. tahoe closed the lifts due to the stormy conditions. 6:16, the time now. darren, you have been tracking the snow. >> starting off this forecast
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for that guy. shorts and t-shirts in the sierra. there is more snow coming. watch the next two days in the sierra. today, through tomorrow, another foot of snow perhaps on the high side of this. the drive in the mountains will be difficult and all kidding aside, a lot more people like that guy, who don't expect this in early may and don't believe it if their wife looks at the weather app on their phone, hopefully now you got more insight on that. this is part of the same much larger weather pattern trying to bring scattered showers here. if we watch the view, see how everything is spinning, today through tomorrow. a classic spring system, just right over us, snow in the sierra, spring could mean isolated thunderstorms across the rest of the state including
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at home. the majority of the day is looking like that. more blue sky than anything else. a closer inspection will show us where the scattered showers are. sunrise at 6:05. a gorgeous view. first alert doppler, scattered showers and a better way is to put it in the future cast and watch the next two days, where the showers will stay persistent. i want you to see how that plays out over the remainder of today and the best take away is to watch the green leblips, the at 1:00 today. notice most places looking at clear skies. in the afternoon, one area. most of us don't get rained on today. if you happen to be the location that gets an isolated shower, and it could happen anywhere, it's quite a she. a brief downpour and for the next two days, today and tomorrow, a possibility, current temperatures right now
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are cold in the north bay. bundle up before you step outside. in the mid 40s. daytime highs in a pattern like this, we don't warm up a lot. to the low 60s everywhere. that's the next two days. by wednesday, the system is gone. we start warming up. by the time we get to the next coming weekend, we are back into the mid-80s again for san jose and low 90s for some of the warmer inland valleys. wednesday, the turn around. by next weekend, it's like sunny and warm again. let's see how the drive looks. >> spots are getting crowded this morning. well into the 6:00 hour, we got more cars on southbound 680, headed into walnut creek towards highway 24, not running into brake lights but traffic is moving at a little bit of a slower pace on the southbound side on to 24. a heads up, give yourself extra
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minutes. closer to 630, we see more cars on the roadway. to another look at one of the freeways, the bay bridge, a look at the bay bridge, traffic backing up here, bumper to bumper. slow ride into san francisco, we had reports of a broken down vehicle around treasure island in the clearing stages. anything that happens on the bridge slows things down quickly and early if there is an accident or a trouble spot. backed up beyond the overpass, windy as well, there are wind advisories issued on the bridges overnight. bay bridge including and the san mateo bridge, those warning signs, is urlfextra me. there is a crash a upthis morning on highway 12 through the napa highway area.
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slow because of this, motorcycle involved. no reports of any major injuries but there is activity on scene in one lane and on the right hand side of the roadway. commuting through napa, give yourself a few extra minutes. still to come, the warriors ready to take the win in game four against the grizzlys, they may not be spurring off
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noon to 2:00 today to make sure you know what is coming for lunch. we have an interesting weather pattern. yesterday it was cool. maybe got a scattered shower. same thing today. temperatures barely making it into the low 60s by the time you do lunch. most of the day will be blue
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sky. one look at first alert doppler shows a possibility for a scattered shower today. we got them now and could see them this afternoon. more on that coming up in the complete forecast. back to you. darren, thanks. chase center, the warriors are getting ready for game four tonight of the western conference semi finals. grizzly's star is likely out tonight. >> he reinjured his right knee during a play in the fourth quarter of the loss to the warriors. memphis was not happeney with jordan pool who grabbed his knee and felt he crossed the line. >> you know the code. talk about the code all series. >> it's not a joking matter but all the rest of it is total bs in terms of the conversation. >> i don't think there is anything to talk about. i don't think at jordan po diwainr the >> not going to go
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-for-tat. we got a basketball game monday. >> tips off at 7:00. next half hour and streaming on cbs news bay area, battle over abortion rights, what it need to pass and why lawmakers say it is unlikely it will. musical treats, the impromptu concert by u2. plans in the works to demolish as a south bay church, some
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good morning. here are your morning headlines, three people badly injured in an overnight house fire in alameda. one severely burned just east of constitution. no word on the cause. . a opinion was pulled from the bay near the ferry building overnight. rescuers got the call around 11:00 and reached that person around midnight, pulled them out and began emergency medical procedures. an investigation into the cause of this fire at a hotel
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overnight. this is video of firefighters in san francisco's selma neighborhood, the rose hotel on 6th street. no word on how much damage was done. good morning. it's monday, may 9th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese. we begin with meteorologist darren peck. interesting spring weather going on. >> a taste of it over the weekend. noticeably cool highs struggling to get into the low 60s and isolated showers or thunderstorms. if you didn't get one yesterday, maybe you heard stories from a friend or family members who said i was in pacific or the north bay. not to be overlooked. that's a spectacular sunrise. the sky looks clear in that view. that's the theme for the rest of today. today and tomorrow, are more blue sky than anything else. there is this added possibility which you can see on first alert doppler, scattered showers out there. there is none falling anywhere over the bay, watch over the course of today, one of those
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gets pulled on shore and we get isolated shower. it could happen anywhere. if you are the location, it's a little show with a brief downpour and small hail that might be likely. there is nothing happening now. for the most part clear skies. 35 in santa rosa. it is kind of cold for the inland valleys, low to mid 40s everywhere else. everybody goes to the same place, low 60s. bay area wide except for the beaches. how the drive is looking. over to gianna franco for that. a little bit busy. monday morning rush is on, if you are headed toward the bay bridge, brake lights here, back to the foot of the maze. give extra time there. busy at the san mateo bridge, westbound, towards 101. no crashes. there are wind advisories, one for the bay bridge and benicia and san mateo bridge. you might feel the windy gusty
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feeling across the span in the larger higher profile vehicles. dublin interchange, busy, westbound, the bulk of the brake lights out of the altamonte towards 680. speeds down 11 miles per hour. making the connector out of tracy. the battle over abortion rights appears to be heading to the senate floor. chuck schumer announced he will be putting a bill to codify roe v. wade up for a vote. it's called the women's health protection act bill. he plans to file a motion for a procedural vote today which could see a full senate vote on the controversial issue by wednesday. yesterday, dozens of protests took place in support of roe v. wade. >> once they take away abortion, they will take away birth control, who knows what comes next. it's a slippery slope. >> the women's health protection act would need 10 republican votes to overcome a
6:33 am
filibuster, hitting that threshold is unlikely. russia is observing the 1945 defeat of nazi germany. vladimir putin attended a military parade in the red square. putin described the invasion of ukraine as an effort to denazify it in a speech putin tried to justify the invasion. >> there were a lot of hopes that putin and the people in the kremlin could proclaim a victory and deescalate. now, we know that the 9th of may is not going to be the date. >> in a surprise visit, jill biden met with ukraine's first lady. a mother's day show of solidarity.
6:34 am
in a kyiv subway station that acted a as shelter, ut's bono and alongside the band mate, the edge, performed standby me. back here in the bay area, san francisco is gearing up for a benefit concert. proceeds will go towards ukrainian relief efforts. a historic church is under threat in san jose, plans in the works to demolish grace church for a housing development. >> john ramos reports. some are pushing for it to be declared a city landmark. >> reporter: the church played an important real if the civil rights movement of the 1960s and they would like to carry that mission of social justice into the future. do they need the building to do that? the church was built in the late 1940s and ministered by
6:35 am
famous anti war crusader, reverend collins. the basement was used as an organizing location for the farm workers and chavez was known to speak here. dr. penny has been a member since 1961, she was a student at san jose state. >> we had students from our group here at the church go to the mississippi, this represents a conscience. >> reporter: while the passion for social justice mayly on, the building probably won't. plans are if the works to demolish the belong long church property to create a new mid rise housing and commercial use development here. pastor george oliver explains why. >> at the beginning of this year, our treasury was somewhere dipping below $60,000 total for the year. we were in a dire strait. >> reporter: reverend oliver says the church cannot exist
6:36 am
with that financial situation and says the only way to continue its ministerry is to give up the 80-year-old building. >> we used the resources god had given us almost a century ago. >> reporter: enclouding a 0000 square foot space for the church, with ceilings high enough to accommodate the silent film area theater pipe organ. church member, gene, says the church's outreach programs operate from the building and she opposes the plan to demolish it. >> it was hurried. this made the most money. this particular development made the most money. when off pastor here one year, he doesn't care about the history of the building or the building, he cares about the money. >> reporter: the pastor says the plan was approved by two third of the congregation and an agreement with the developer is signed. some who oppose it file to have
6:37 am
the church recognized as a land mark for the history and architecture. they deferred a decision pending more investigation. the pastor says they are moving ahead with the plan that woulding is sacrifice a building to save a church. >> preservation means financial devastation for the church. that's the short answer. >> it's very relevant and a vehicle of service to the least of these. >> reporter: john ramos, kpix 5. pastor believes it could take two years to get city approval for the project and another three years to complete construction. pink slips going to city colleges san francisco faculty members after the school's trustees voted to move forward with layoffs to close a budget shortfall. in all 38 jobs will be cut according to college records, english and counseling departments are expected to see
6:38 am
the largest cuts with nine full time employees. the union representing the teachers say the cuts will prevent the college from serving the real needs of san franciscoans. coming up later on cbs morning, nate burleson joins us from new york. long time no see. good morning to you. >> reporter: long time no see. i hope all is well. ahead on cbs mornings, vladimir putin defend the invasion of ukraine, in his victory day speech in red square. the latest from the front lines where the fighting continues. also, investigators in the bahamas searching for answers after three american tourists were found dead in their hotel rooms at a popular resort. what happened the nite before their mysterious deaths. steve heartman gives a lesson in self improvement. you are never too old to start
6:39 am
something new. that and more, see you at 7:00. thank you. see you coming up at 7:00. . still to come, meta making history, find the first physical store in the bay in>>e milestone,ow contrio a by area aids quilt display. the market opened 10 minutes ago. a check on the big board, dow is down 365 points. we'll be right back. when you need help it's great to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears.
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genesys, we're behind every customer smile. under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job.
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there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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the aids memorial quilt will mark the 35th anniversary with an event in the bay area. >> massive quilt display will be the largest ever in san francisco history. the biggest in the u.s. in a
6:43 am
decade. juliette goodrich explains, you can play a role in its history. >> reporter: in the southeast corner of golden gate park sits a beautiful open space known as robin williams meadow. soon the grassy field will be completely covered with a tapestry of names, handmade panels stitched together out of love. sorrow and anger. on each one the story of a person who died from aids. >> the reason is because we were mad at the government and mad our friends were dead. >> tragic, we were losing them and being forgoaten. i did not want them to be forgotten. >> reporter: they are cofounders of the quilt. he got the idea during a candlelight march to commemorate the assassinations of then supervisor harvey milk and the mayor. >> that night, i asked people to write the names of their neighbors and friends and loved
6:44 am
ones killed by aids. we put these on placards and marched to the federal building. we covered it with the patch work of names. i looked at that and said it looks like a strange quilt. i thought of my grandmother and great grandmother. >> reporter: the quilt grown from a few hundred panels to 50,000 and weighs 54 tons. they will host the largest display in a decade. 3000 panels will cover the meadow, the weekend event is free of charge. >> all are invited. a happy, joyous moment, we are coming back out of hibernation. >> reporter: the organizers are putting out the word that anyone with k create a new panel for the event. quilt work shops held in the
6:45 am
castro from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. on hand, volunteer, michael. >> it struck me this is the thing i can do, i wasn't a politician. i wasn't a activist where i could throw things at the fda, i wasn't a medical person. i could teach people how to make things. >> i'm proud of the fact that i was able to do it. >> reporter: roddie made his first quilt in honor of his best friend andrew and work on a second panel to honor musicians that died from the disease. >> because of my love for music as well as my partner in crime, i'm doing a panel, with the word music on it. it's going to be surrounded with a whole genre of music. sylvesters to tom fogarty and
6:46 am
freddie mercury and sharon red. >> reporter: a permanent part of the historic quilt. legacy involves the terrible mistakes made during the aids crisis. it's also about the threads that connect us all. >> there is a deeper legacy, the power of community and the power of memory and the fact that people do love each other and do care for each other very much. at a time of enormous suffering and pain, people responded with love and beauty. that's a marvelous thing. >> reporter: that was juliette goodrich reporting. the aids memorial oversees the quilt, for information on the event, the workshops and requirements for any new panel, go to happening today, meta is opening the first store at the burlingame campus, customers can shop and get hands on with all meta products, there are interactive demos that show how
6:47 am
to make video calls to retail workers and shopper can explore the world of virtual reality. it opens at 11 this morning. marriott is aiming to compete with -- signed up 60,000 properties, the idea is to offer homes and villas for rent. the short-term rentals will carry the same guarantees. the rentals are eligible for marriott's loyalty rewards program. a landslide caught on camera left an alaskan town cut off. >> oh my goodness. oh, my gosh. >> incredible video. they declared an emergency after this landslide blocked access out of town, south of anchorage. no one was hurt. they have water and power but
6:48 am
people needing to get to town are using water taxis. no one was hurt. >> you heard the expletives. here at home, a bit of everything going on. >> a spring smorgasbord. >> gianna franco had a beautiful day yesterday. i was saying it was a hot mess. >> you got rain in pacifica. >> in the morning it looked like it was going to be a gloomy day. >> friend in the north bay, simon got poured on for a brief moment in petatuma. if you looked at the live view towards the east, you would think what a peaceful looking day. in truth, the majority of today and tomorrow are going to look like that, more blue sky. one look at first alert doppler shows you we are not done with
6:49 am
this. aly showing up, isolated showers, few and far between, how today is going to go, most of today blue sky. the details on thering little green blip across the bay. impossible to say where or when in a scenario like this. forecast models will do their best, this is the kind where you can't say i see it. 3:aftern one off paca it going we keep tuesday. one way look at this is what will the rainfall totals be, they are light but that doesn't tell the story. if you get one of the cells you get a downpour and much better than just a couple of hundreds of an inch of rain. sierra, lot easier to forecast this it will snow, another foot of new snow. a travel headache for people. they are not expecting this. it's early may and people are thinking we are done and the
6:50 am
snow level low. next two days, not money to travel in the sierra but it's going to look pretty. see what going on. a counterclockwise spin, centered over us, this is spring, it's like a light winter system. it gives us spring-like weather. isolated showers and pop up thunderstorm. that's the story for the next two days. low 60s today for everybody. no microclimate temperature spread in a pattern like this. we go to 61 degrees for the high. by wednesday, that area of low pressure leaves and we warm up and by saturday and sunday, back into the mid-80s for san jose and seeing some of the warmer inland spots make it up to 90 for the weekend. let's get to gianna franco to see how the drive is looking. look at this back up, westbound 580 towards the bay bridge. traffic backing up, trying to
6:51 am
connect over on 280. it is a slow ride this morning. this is one of our slowest approaches, a few brake lights westbound 80 into the maze. 880, the best approach, commuting to the bay bridge. back to pier westbound from highway 24, on to 580 and towards the bay bridge. a look at the bay bridge, one of our cameras, bumper to bumper traffic, stays sluggish across the upper deck heading into san francisco. little bit busy into the city. plan for that this morning. more around 20 minutes from the maze into the city. san mateo bridge, breezy this morning, breezy on the bay bridge, cal tran, wind advisories issued. you will feel it, traveling in a high profile vehicle. crowded towards 101. no wind advisory for the golden gate bridge. that commute is looking good. no brake lights, into the city.
6:52 am
we see that about in the next 20 minutes or so, improving towards the interchange. breezy as well. we have a wind advisory for the altamonte and for the benicia bridge as well. plan for that as you hit the roadways. a very adorable update out of san francisco. this baby fox was rescued over the weekend and going to be just fine. >> firefighters teamed one animal control to rescue the animal on friday night. you can see its head is stuck in a steel pipe. construction workers on a job site made the call for help and the young fox was saved. it will be receiving care until it is healthy enough to be released into the wild. it is 6:52, next, streaming on cbs news bay area, east bay home goes up in flames, now three people are hurt.
6:53 am
what we are learning about the investigation. he is about to graduate college and doing research in physics and just 13 years old, meet this whiz kid whose list of achievements does not end there. join us on our streaming service, live at 7:00 a.m. with the
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you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music]
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6:56. i'm ann makovec. breaking news in the east bay, three people badly injured in a house fire in alameda. one was severely burned. this is a one-story home. still no word on the cause.
6:57 am
we got the names of the people who died in a plane crash near the golden gate bridge on friday. pilot michael beara, and 52 year old jennifer fox, both from sacramento. the plane appeared to nose dive into a hillside after making a few loops above the san francisco bay. investigation underway into the cause of this fire, at a hotel overnight. video from citizen app outside of the rose hotel in san francisco. no word on how much damage was done. the roadways now, a couple of things brewing, getting ready to take the bay bridge. approaches like 580, 880, busy from oakland into the city. there is a trouble spot south 880, colosseum, causing a back up there. the view from the top of
6:58 am
the sales force tower, shows us how gorgeous the start of the day is. isolated showers are possible. first alert doppler, more of them just kind of on again, off again throughout the day. not a lot of rain but if you happen to get one, you will notice a shower today and tomorrow and stays cool, low 60s, that's all we are doing today and tomorrow. warming up, by the middle of the week and the weekend, low 90s for some of our warmer inland spots by saturday. class of 2022 is celebrating. commencements are back. >> young whiz kid is among the new grads, elliot tanner, graduating from the university of minnesota, this comes thursday. he is getting his bachelors degree in physics, also doing under graduate research. >> i feel like i would love to be able to spread some of this joy for physics. >> he won't be going far, he
6:59 am
will be returning for a phd. ready for his age? he is 13 years old. 13. if his story sound like it's made for tvs it already is. >> i think the awesome thing is he is very, very part. possibly smarter than sheldon. comparing ot don.heldon they are friends in real life. >> what are the chances of that? >> he is going to get his phd soon. thanks for making us all look good. >> congratulations. that's amazing. >> the news continues all day on cbs news bay area. cbs mornings is coming up next. have a great monday.
7:00 am
♪ welcome, welcome, to "cbs mornings" on this mond, may 9th and i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> and i'm jericka duncan. >> gayle king is off. by here it today's you're world in 90 seconds. president putin watched a military parade in red square after they bomb school in ukraine. we're on the front lines. >> the force of the blast was so powerful it tore through this entire residential neighborhood. >> a new cbs news poll shows nearly two-thirds of america


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