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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 9, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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chain in the bay area. we are here to get a sense of how bad inflation has gotten for food and also to see them give a congressman and air fall . >> ortega has the numbers and it is as bad as you think. a gallon of milk has gone up 62% to well over five dollars a gallon. eggs are closing in on four dollars for one dozen. a can of hominy has shot up 226% going to nearly 5 dollars per can. >> there has to be some kind of control. >> reporter: she held a roundtable to hear more about the struggles of small businesses. ortega's co-owner took aim at vendors, wholesalers and shipping companies. >> are they using covid as an excuse to increase higher prices? can some of those costs the
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eliminated? >> the price gouging has been terrible. >> reporter: the government needs to act swiftly and should look into using antitrust laws to bring prices under control. >> that is something that the federal government can do in tackling the market concentration and looking at those appropriate antitrust stacks. >> he supports the federal government getting into the food business to put downward pressure. >> the federal government can purchase food locally and around the world at a low price and sell it at a low price. they have a lot of purchasing power. >> reporter: back in 2020, the city of newark joined other cities in passing along the delivery fees at 15% of the
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total bill. ortega said they charged more for certain stores or restaurants and oftentimes charge less for major chains. >> do you support a nationwide cap on delivery fees? >> i would. especially right now we should look at a nationwide cap on those kind of fees being charged. it should be fair. >> reporter: president biden is set to deliver remarks tomorrow . he will urge the president to take action. the average price of gasoline in san francisco is now more than $6.00 per gallon. before heading home, he has to fill up a 20 gallon tank on his toyota tacoma. with gas at an
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average price of $6.00 per gallon. >> the sticker shock has turned into lifestyle changes. >> i and eating a lot more chicken and rice and top ramen and a lot less steak dinners. >> reporter: this latest bike is due to impending eu sanctions on russia. sanctions over the russian war in ukraine have forced europe to look elsewhere for oriol. >> at the same time it interrupts the delicate balance between supply and demand. >> if you interrupts supply and demand whether it's a refinery going down or intense demand or chopping global supply off via sanctions, it doesn't end well. >> he says that the cost per gallon will get worse and stick
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around. >> it might be two to three years before we start to get back to more affordable gasoline prices. >> i'll have to go get a bicycle . i'm not kidding. >> he needs more clients to make up the difference. he wants to make the change to electric, but they are out of stock. >> there are no vans or trucks that are backordered for three to five years. what are we going to do? >> the power is completely out of our hands. i can't make the prices come down. gavin newsom can't make the prices come down. biden can't make the prices come down. >> reporter: it is not just the cost of regular. the cost of a gallon of diesel is now over $6.60 per gallon. in san
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francisco, kpix5 . struck a short time ago we learned the warriors head coaches been sidelined for tonight's playoff game. >> let's get over to vern glenn. say it's not so. >> reporter: this will be an interesting night. steve kerr has tested positive for covid-19 and will not coach game four tonight. mike brown will step over and he will coach the team tonight. steve kerr has worn a mask at his press conferences. he has had a very hoarse voice which is raise some concern. sometime this afternoon he got the word he tested positive for covid-19 and he is out for tonight.
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as for mike brown, the timing is interesting. he had just been hired as the new coach of the sacramento kings. he has agreed to stay with the teams to the end of the playoff round. the warriors will try to get a win at the expense of the memphis grizzlies. that is what we have from courtside here at chase center. >> once again, covid just does a wrench and stuff. we will check back in later . oakland police are trying to sort out a homicide case. they were called to grizzly peak boulevard near clermont avenue yesterday. there was a report of a man with an apparent gunshot wound. it is unclear what led up to the shooting and no word on suspects or a mode of. but and 20 people need a place to stay after a fire damaged a home in san jose. it was near highway 101 and blossom road. pg&e shut up power to hundreds
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of customers. those flames broke out on buena vista avenue. two victims did suffer life- threatening injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the city of phoenicia had declared a state of emergency after a water pipeline break. they must reduce water usage by 30%. the city sent out an email asking them to conserve water. >> i have a pond in the backyard that needs water but i'm not putting water in and my sprinkler system is off. hopefully it will last more than a couple of days. >> they are working to locate the break and repair it as soon as possible. they hope to have the pipe fixed within the next few days. people living in
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unincorporated el granda had to shelter in place. the shelter replace was listed just before 5:00. and in san rafael there was a water main break that happened at the intersection of north san pedro and merrydale. that intersection is now closed. the san francisco mayor has appointed matt dorsey to fill the seat vacated by matt heaney . he has been working as a communications director for the san francisco police department. he spent 14 years working for the city attorney's office. he was sworn in during a ceremony today during his remarks he shared he is a three- time graduate of a drug rehab program. tackling the drug problem in
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san francisco will be one of his top priorities. >> i won every san franciscan that struggles with alcoholism are addiction have the same medical care as i had. >> he previously endorses stoffer to take over his post. he tweeted, i guess we are not hanging up arc campaign sneakers just yet. the supervisor race will be on the november ballot. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area,, covid concerns and the south bay have at least one city putting mask rules back in place. a piece of history is headed to the smithsonian museum of american history. we are breaking down the wild weather. and in the sierra.
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take showers across the north late this afternoon a couple of which did produce some small- scale. we will track those as they get closer to the coast in our first alert forecast. fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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covid cases her spiking again in the bay area making california a covid hotspot. the bay area's largest city is taking steps to stop that spread . >> reporter: the city of san jose we instituted's mask mandate requiring all city workers to put on a mask. even police and fire stations. like it or not, the masks must come back on in san jose city hall but only for city employees. >> the employee mask mandate was reinstated out of an abundance of caution due to recent data showing an increase in positive covid-19 cases. >> reporter: the seven day average is 552, four times as high as the middle of march. >> cases are rising very steeply. we are not seeing a huge rise
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in hospitalizations. we are seeing a 15% uptake. the reopening of the economy, travel, relaxing mass gross and pandemic fatigue have led to more close contacts that allow the virus to spread. >> we see a lot of people moving around locally, nationally and globally. the risk in the bay area in san francisco isn't just a local risk but a risk of all of those people coming to visit as well. >> reporter: mask wearing on the street is largely a thing of the past. >> i keep my mask on. i don't want to get it and give it to someone else. >> reporter: san jose is a step backwards after it was lifted a month ago. >> a lot of employees continue to wear the mask. >> reporter: the city says employees that do not comply
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are subject to disciplinary action. in san jose, kpix5 . and anti-asian hate banner from the early days of the pandemic is making its way to the smithsonian. it was carried in a march to chinatown in february 2020. a chinese business group will donate the banner during a ceremony tomorrow. it will go to the smithsonian's national museum of american history. we had hail in the north they. this video was tweeted out. before the hail there was strong gusty winds throughout the city. the great highway in san francisco was closed in both directions do to san. public works tweeted sent on the roadway was creating a hazardous condition. change control in the sierra caused a slow down on i-
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80. some truck drivers decided to wait it out. prices to purchase change were high. >> i don't want to pay $130 for 15 miles. >> our chains are from china and it is hard getting them here . >> reporter: chain still required in some places along i- 80 and highway 50. >> that had to be so frustrating. you're making your way up and you put those away in the garage . >> $130 not to spin out? i would pay that. >> i don't know what she did. >> she probably waited it out. we will pick up another chance for additional shower activity. tomorrow, i'll one in
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three chance of anything measured. we have the potential for another 3-6 inches of snow. most of that will fall tonight and tomorrow with a few snowflakes on wednesday. the whole storm system is anchored off to our northwest. it will make its way on the coast and off to the north and northeast tomorrow. still a chance for some passing shower. right now, a bit of a break and not much out there on first alert doppler. offshore, we have a chance for the rest of the this evening and tonight. it will be sparse as we go through the overnight hours. a chance for a couple of showers for the morning commute. it will deliver into the north bay in a few showers could become actual thunderstorms.
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they will have a hard time making their way farther to the south. concord is a southern limit that could see measurable rain. after the sun goes down, that will be the last chance we are going to see for the rest of the week in into the weekend. tomorrow, call him and not to breezy. a brief window late tomorrow afternoon with 25 mile-per-hour wind gusts. not as strong as today or yesterday. where we haven't seen any showers, there has been plenty of sunshine with clouds. everyone is in the mid-to upper 50s. we will drop-down to the mid- 40s tomorrow morning. some spots, even mid-30s. remi and marin county might get some rain tomorrow afternoon. it is a 30% chance of a shower
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even for the north they. temperatures are only topping out in the upper 50s around fairfax. mid-50s along the coast. most and then temperatures in the low 60s with only the warmers spots getting into the mid-60s. temperatures are steadily going to increase. another jump in temperatures from thursday to friday. mid 80s for san jose. north bay, mid-to upper 80s with the warmth sticking around into early next week. >> so call today until hot this weekend. >> weather whiplash. vern is life the chase center. hey, vern. straight ahead in sports, the warriors, grizzlies, and a
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lot has happened in the last hour. you're going to want to stick around for the details behind that. details that could change the whole complexion of tonight's game. more than just a moment. coming up, getting ready for game four tonight. our full interview with bob fitzgerald is coming up. you can watch or stream wherever or whenever.
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stick courtside at chase center. we are getting ready for this one. warrior's game four with the
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grizzlies. they will have to get it done without their head coach, steve kerr. he has tested positive for covid-19 and he will miss at least tonight's game. this is video today. mike brown will fill in for steve kerr on the same day he was hired as the next head coach of the sacramento kings. he will remain throughout the playoffs. he has been in this position before when steve kerr had health issues. his record then was a perfect 11-0. as for memphis, first to get it done with that is best player. he has a knee injury. the grizzlies i 20 and 5 without him. books will be back in the lineup . we haven't seen him since he took out gary payton the
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second. in the rocky will get another start tonight. the 19-year-old scored and became the youngest player to ever start a playoff game. >> it means a lot. everybody else will remember. >> what did you do? did you call somebody quick >> i didn't call nobody. i didn't call nobody. i was just happy. >> his family crashed to present his dad with the coach of the year award. he won a franchise record 64 games this season and could be headed for a matchup with the warriors in the western conference finals. next-door the giants are going for a three wins in a row. the house in the colorado rockies. moving pictures on the late show. >> and now a shout out to
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stamford women's water polo. the top rank team beat usc and won. there eight national title since 2001. and the crew was waiting for tonight's game. my mom. all the way in virginia . she is all in for the warriors. dr. barbara glenn rocking the gold shirt she requested for mother's day. in fact, i'm looking at the design right now and we will have to upgrade that. she has a teacher from round one but this is round two. >> i feel like we are upside down. the warriors have been shooting at the visitors end and the visitors have been on the warriors bench. the visitors decided to dictate how everybody was going to be seated and how this game was going to go. they've still got to roll the ball out there and play the game . >> this is just a weird day.
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stick the tony nominations were announced today. it includes several shows that began their performances just before the pandemic including best musical nominees, go from the north country and six set to open march 12 of 2020, the day broadway shutdown >> one of the shows up for best musical was paradise square. the show has 10 nominations and you can watch the tony awards on sunday, june 12, right here on kpix5 and of course on paramount plus. >> music man with hugh jackson was also nominated.
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thank you for watching us. the news continues streaming on cbs bay area and you can find
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taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.


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