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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  May 9, 2022 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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s somed vladimir putin
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would claim victory in his war but he used the occasion to blame the west. 60 officials were killed over the weekend when russians bombed a school being used as a shelter in eastern ukraine. jill biden is now home, following a four days trip to eastern you're folt a mother's day visit to ukraine. charlie d'agata will start us off from eastern ukraine. good evening charlie. >> reporter: good evening nora. having less to do with what he said than what he didn't say and that has come as a relief, at least for now. the annual victory day parade
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marking the dephoto of nazi germany had all the pomp but none of the punch. instead the russian president went on the defensive accusing the u.s. k nato and kyiv are starting the fight. and rallying fights to defeat the mother land. so that no one forgets the lessons of world war ii he said, so there is no place in the world for executioners, punishers and nazis. victory day was commemorated in ukraine too. and in his own speech, ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy accused putin of repeating the horrible crimes of hitler today. very soon someone will be left with none. we won then. we will win now. yet his soldiers and citizens are facing an increasingly
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brutal russian assault in eatern ukraine. the latest atrocity, the russian air strike that lesmed a school in luhansk where around 60 people are believed to have died. everywhere along the tront line we have witnessed the widespread destruction of homes even whole apartment blocks. in the times we have been here we have seen russians expand their target rates, to include railway lines, education center in the middle of a residential neighborhood. 66-year-old luydmila krivonos, for 24 hours nonstop. i was thrown out by the shock waive she said. when she came to, her husband was lying in a pool of blood. both legs and an arm shattered. and while the last civilians
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have been evacuated from this steel plant in mariupol, more than 2,000 ukrainian fighters say they will fight the russians to the end. there is little wonder putin couldn't cn ukraine. even in mariupol there is no victory to celebrate. here in chri krinator rvetionk, .
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>>o'donnell: thank you, scott mcfarrland. processes are taking place in cities all across the country including in front of the homes of the some of the conservative justices. more now from nikole killian. >> reporter: to a protest in new jersey to a walk out in virginia. protests across the country. as the senate prepares to vote this week to codify abortion protections into federal law. >> the vote will sign light on every single one of us. a cbs news poll shows almost two-thirds of us want roe to be kept as is. protection for the unborn. sparked heatprotests over the
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weekend, over supreme court justices john roberts and brett kavanaugh. the white house also condemned an attack on an antiabortion, which is being investigated as an arson and cbs news has are learned law enforcement officials are monitoring threats from activists on both sides of the debate. >> trying to scare fertile judges into ruling a certain way is far outside the bound of first amendment speech. >> reporter: minority leader mitch mcconnell said, a national abortion ban is possible if roe ask overturned and kristen gillibrand. >> do you take him ah at his word? >> he does the terrible things and he really has had no holds barred on this attack on women and attack on their autonomy
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their freedom to make these really important decisions. >> reporter: drablghts still don't have the 60 votes needed to protect abortion rights. if this vote fails, they say it will be on the ballot in november. protests are expected tonight in front of justice alito's home who leaked that judgment. nora. embattled president who made reelection his top priority. esper said he was so concerned how the president would misuse the military that he used a meeting with pentagon leadership to put the commander of the national guard on alert just days before the election. >> i had this very private meeting with general milley and general hokanson.
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people watched my calendar so at the end of the meeting i said to general hokanson who is the head of the national guard and i have to say to him dan, if in the next few days, on the day following election, if you get a call from the white house, where you're asked to deploy the guard or whatever, immediately phone me. i needed to have some type of warning mechanism in place. i needed a way to make sure i could intervene. >> you neated a circuit breaker? >> to go to the white house to go to the president to do whatever could if it was some misuse of the military or politicization of the military in this context. >> what is interesting to me in reading the book is how much time you were actually on the offensive. like you were anticipating and drawing out scenarios, and to avoid a worst case scenario. >> as i describe in the book
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once president trump beats impeachment in 2019, as we roll into 2020, there is this kind of new feeling of empowerment. and i could also look at the election and realize you know here is the president who had the -- a great economy but it's now weighed down by covid. the pandemic it's not playing well for him. he's trailing in the poles. and more than anything else he wants to be reelected. and that's what i had to be conscious of day in and day out. but again by the same token i couldn't do anything that would get me fired. because if i got fired then who e
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chooses to go. >> lilia luciano, brownsville, texas. >> we're following up with lilia's story with the person charged with stopping the flow of deadly narcotics ann millgram. if you are a parent you will want to hear what she has to. the national shortage of infant formula is, to keep formula on the shelves.
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filling up the gas tank. the national average is now $4.32 a gallon. oinlt one cent off the all time record. diesel is four.54 a gallon. carter evans. >> gas prices keep going up. 46% higher than the same time last year, forcing contractor richard govea to charge his customers more. there's no end in sight, and much more expensive for vehicles that take deeldz. jay forth ner said a fillup cost about $1600, now diesel is even if you don't fill up with diesel, you're paying for it, because almost everything we buy is run by truck.
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>> our country runs by diesel. >> about 10% is due to deems. including mark zandy. >> when you gro shopping at the grocery store the cost of getting that food on the store shelf goes back to the cost of deeltz, think about the ups or fedex or amazon. >> you heard the expression, it runs down hilt. that's how we work. >> the fix here is hopefully to get more oil supplies. we're not going to see more oils until the ends of the year probably not until this time next year. >> this truck stop outside l.a., a gallon of diesel $6.49. these trucks only get six and a half miles a gallon. they pay more orin serious condition. foul play is not expected. coming up next, america's big sisters, a nonprofit that's
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men torque the next generation of young women. >> if you can't watches the cbs evening news you can listen. subscribe wherever you get your pod casts, sponsored by ensure.
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>>o'donnell: millions of families celebrated mother's day this weekend but far too many young girls grow up without that maternal bond. cbs's janet shamlian has one mission to change that, in our series the modern mom. >> reporter: she's not much more than a kid herself but adrianna norfleet without her mom in the picture, has long been the head, including a sister with cerebral palsy. >> i always feel like i'm alone. that i have to tray care of them alone. >> reporter: thanks to a friend she chris as an older sister. tragil wade-johnson, who is the big sister of nba from star
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dwayne wade. whom she helped raise in the absence of her mox. >> it is a different type of loneliness. >> wade johnson wanted to help others feeling that. starting america's big sisters, and becoming just that to jaliyah henderson-elliot. >> it showed me even without my mother i can be successful. >> a connection that's important this time of year. >> mother's day is a big day for me because i did not have her. that wound is still there for her. every girl still wants their mom. >> now assuring others they are not alone. janet shamlian, cbs news, houston. >> we'll be right back.
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cases are rising very steeply. >> i don't want to give it to someone else. surging covid cases are forcing new mask rules. i have a pond in the backyard that needs water. my sprinkler system is off. a solano county city orders everyone to slash the water usage by 30%. we are getting our first look at the pilot of that small airplane that crashed in the
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marin headlands. a spokesperson taking over for a high profile san francisco supervisor. we are getting a live look at chase center with the warriors just tipped off game four with a fill in coach. steve kerr testing positive for covid. mike brown who was just named head coach of the sacramento kings will fill in. rising rates across coppola forney it. the bay area's largest city is taking a step back. masks are back for city workers in san jose. >> like it or not the masks must come back on in san jose city hall but only for city employees. >> the employee mask mandate was reinstated out of an abundance of caution.


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