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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 11, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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expected to sell for $30 million. for more news, download the app on y r cell it's wednesday, may 11th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." top priority. president biden says he's doing everything he can to fight inflation. after seven months of rising costs, has it finally peaked? breaking overnight, murder suspects arraigned. casey white is back in jail as authorities reveal new details about the inmate's capture. baby formula shortage. with empty shelves across the country, how some families are trying to make every drop count. well, good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with a key inflation report being released this morning, and it could show the rate is slowing down in the u.s. for the first time in seven months. president biden is supposed to
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talk about rising food prices today when he visits a farm in illinois. yesterday he called inflation his top domestic priority, and he cited continuing supply chain issues, as well as russia's invasion of ukraine. bradley blackburn with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the war in ukraine has dragged on for three months, and there's real concern it could drag down the global economy for years to come. that is the situation the president faces as washington prepares to send billions more in aid to ukraine. >> the bill is passed -- >> reporter: last night the house passed a nearly $40 billion aid package for ukraine. >> time is of the essence. time is life and death. >> reporter: if the senate passes the bill it will add to the $54 billion the u.s. has already given to ukraine. yesterday seven russian missiles pounded the port city of odesa, hitting a warehouse and shopping center and will killing
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at least one person. >> in the next month or two of fighting will be significant. >> reporter: they members of congress told congress they do not expect russian president vladimir putin to back down. >> putin most likely also judges that russia has a greater ability and willingness to endure challenges than his adversaries, and he is probably counting on u.s. and eu resolve to weaken as food shortages, inflation, energy prices get worse. >> reporter: that address the war's impact on those issues today president biden travels to a farm in illinois and is expected to lay out what the white house is doing to support farmers and lower food costs. >> i know you've got to be frustrated. >> reporter: yesterday mr. biden said he is doing all he can for consumers. >> i'm taking inflation very seriously, and it's my top domestic priority. >> reporter: one option the white house is considering -- ending tariffs on imported chinese goods put in place by the trump administration. and earlier this week, president biden acknowledged that right now vladimir putin doesn't have a way out to end the war.
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figuring out a solution to that problem is crucial, anne-marie. >> thank you so much. the senate is set to vote today on legislation that could codify abortion rights into federal law. it comes after a leaked majority draft opinion indicates the supreme court is ready to overturn roe v. wade which legalized abortion. the bill is expected to be blocked by a republican filibuster. senate majority leader chuck schumer says the vote will allow americans to see how every senator stands on the issue of abortion rights. breaking overnight -- the alabama murder suspect who escaped from jail with the alleged help of a corrections officer is now back in that same jail after he was captured nearly 300 miles away in indiana. casey white waived extradition and was sent back to alabama last night where he was arraigned. during the arraignment the judge added a charge of first-degree escape. indiana police dash cam video shows white being arrested
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monday moments after authorities rammed the car that he and corrections officer vicky white were in. they're not related. an indiana coroner said she died by suicide following a single self-inflicted gunshot wound. inside the car, police found four handguns, an ar-15 rival and about $29,000 in cash. >> the members of the u.s. task force basically rammed the vehicle and pushed it intoa ditch. we later found out had they not done that, the fugitive was going to engage in a shoot-out with law enforcement. >> casey and vicky white were the subjects of a manhunt for more than a week. investigators believe that she was the mastermind behind the escape. also breaking overnight, nba hall of famer bob lanier has died. he died after a brief illness. he played 14 seasons with the detroit pistons and milwaukee bucks in the 1970s and '80s.
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he was an eight-time all-star. he also worked for the nba as a global ambassador. bob lanier was 73 years old. celebrity chef mario batali has been found not guilty of indecent assault and battery. the 61-year-old had been accused of kissing and groping a woman at a boston bar in 2017. the former food network star faced up to 2.5 years in prison and would have had to register as a sex offender. the 32-year-old woman testified that she felt powerless to stop batali as he touched her without her consent while taking a selfie. the judge who handed down the verdict said that the woman had credibility issues. and across the nation, parents are scrambling to find baby formula because of supply disruptions in a massive safety recall. the fda may boost supply by importing formula. as janet shamlian reports, help can't come fast enough for some families. >> reporter: empty shelves across the country, and some
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retailers are limiting purchases to prevent hoarding. baby formula last november was 11% out of stock nationwide. then it got worse -- 31% by early april. and most recently, jumping to 40%. [ crying ] >> i know. >> reporter: taylor miller can't allow even a drop of formula to go to waste. rationing formula. >> rationing formula, yeah. never did i think i would ever be rationing formula. >> reporter: the katy, texas, mom feeds daughter manage-year-oldia two ounces every two hours instead of four ounces every four in hopes of avoiding leftovers she might have to throw out because it's spoiled. >> will waste a tank of gas in a day trying to find formula and maybe find one can. >> reporter: miller hasn't found even that for weeks and is down to a two-week supply. >> our biggest fear is that parents dilute the formula. this is a big no-no. diluted formula gives too little calories. >> reporter: a february recall by manufacturer abbott laboratories contributed to the
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shortage, but experts say supply chain issues and inflation we ln taylor and her sister who also has an infant are used to hearing that -- increasingly desperate they've asked others for help. >> there's family in louisiana, i had some friends in georgia and tennessee look. we have family in delaware. i mean, literally coast to coast, and nobody has found anything. >> reporter: taylor told us there's nothing more stressful a couple of cans and not knowing where the next one will come from. janet shamlian, cbs news, houston. the tsa is getting ready for a busy summer travel season. airlines are expecting the number of passengers to be similar to 2019. that's when more than 2.5 million people per day streamed through u.s. airport checkpoints. the tsa says nearly 1,000 employees are ready to be sent to other airports if screening lines get too long. it is also upgrading technology to get people through
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checkpoints faster. >> generally the bag search process is time consuming. so that new computer x-ray systems will remove some of the requirements to do bag searches, and then pat-downs tend to be time consuming. with the new upgrades we'll do fewer pat-downs. >> the tsa has screened on average more than two million travelers per day in april and may. coming up, lifting a twitter ban. why elon musk says that he wants to allow former president trump back on the social media platform. and counterprotest. "succession" actor james cromwell stages an unusual demonstration at a starbucks. this is the "cbs morning news." news." what keeps me vital? nowadays,the simple things are vital. movement rest friends and vital proteins. every moment is vital because you are vital.
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testify before a house subcommittee next week. it comes as congress seeks more information about government reports in sightings of mysterious unidentified aircraft. a twitter ban on donald trump may soon end, and some homes were lost to the ocean in north carolina. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the "associated press" reports two north carolina beach houses collapsed into the atlantic surf. video shows one of the two unoccupied homes collapsing into the ocean yesterday along the state's outer banks. the national parks service closed off the area around the houses. this is the third time a home has fallen into the surf this year. the low-lying outer banks barrier islands are vulnerable to storm surges. "reuters" reports elon musk says that he would reverse the ban on former president trump when he buys twitter. musk signed a deal to purchase the social media platform for $44 billion. he's expected to become the temporary ceo when the deal goes through.
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trump was banned from twitter following the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. >> i do think that it was not correct to ban donald trump. i think that was a mistake because it -- it alienated a large part of the country. >> trump has said that he would not return to twitter if allowed and instead focuses on his own platform called truth social. "usa today" says that actor james cromwell glued himself to a starbucks counter in new york city. the 82-year-old oscar nominee sat on the counter yesterday to protest the coffee chain's extra charge for plant-based milk. he was wearing a free the animals t-shirt during the demonstration which was organized by peta. cromwell later used a knife to scrape off the glue, and police said there were no arrests. starbucks said that it respects
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for more than $2 billion. carvana posted a $506 million loss in the first quarter. after 20 years, apple is pulling the plug on the ipod, and you can take home iconic movie props. matt pieper has more in the cbs "money watch" report. >> reporter: stocks were mixed tuesday. the dow lost 84 while the nasdaq gained 114. the s&p 500 was up, as well, taking in ten points. the senate confirmed the first black woman to serve on the federal reserve's board of governors. lisa cook has a doctorate in economics from the university of california berkeley and was on the white house council of economic advisers during the obama administration. vice president harris cast the tie-breaking vote after all 50 republicans voted against her arguing she does not have sufficient experience with interest rate policy. apple is discontinuing production of the ipod after 20 years. fans of the iconic music player can still buy an ipod touch while supplies last.
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when it debuted in october, 2021, apple's first mp3 player held 1,000 songs and had a ten-hour battery life. and movie fans had the chance to bid on some of hollywood's most iconic props this summer including wilson the beloved volleyball that kept tom hanks company on a deserted island in "castaway." the top item is an x-wing star fighter from the original "star wars" movie expected to go for up to $1 million. also available are thor's hammer and dan aykroyd's "ghostbusters" costume. that's your cbs "money watch" report for this wednesday morning. i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new york. ruth bader ginsburg's love of opera translated into some big bucks for the washington national opera. an online auction of some 150 possessions of the late supreme court justice raised more than $800,000 for the opera. ginsburg's tea set and coat were among the items up for bid, but the big-ticket item was this drawing which sold for $55,000.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country.
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ground ball, valazquez throws across. he did it! a no ritter! -- no hitter! >> los angeles angels rookie reid detmers tossed the second no hitter in the majors this season. the 22-year-old threw a career-high 108 pitches. the angels beat the tampa bay rays 12-0. now it wasn't a streaker but a tiny creature briefly stole the show during another baseball game that last night. >> oh, my goodness. you dirty rat. >> a rat scurried on the diamond in the sixth inning in a game between the new york mets and the washington nationals. perhaps it was a good sign for the mets who won on the road 4-2. this isn't the first time a rat appeared at a mets game, though. back in 2018 a rodent was found
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in the mets' dugout where the team tried to shoo it away. quarterback tom brady still isn't retiring. but he is apparently lining up a job when he finally does. the ceo of fox corporation said brady will eventually join fox sports as a football announcer. brady retired at the end of last season but then changed his mind about six weeks later saying that he would play at least one more season for the buccaneers. and veteran actor james hong made history on hollywood's walk of fame. yesterday he became the oldest person to receive a star at the age of 93. hong began acting in the 1950s. he's had movie roles in "chinatown" and "big trouble in little china," he also appeared on "seinfeld" and "friends." a campaign raised $55,000 needed for his star on the walk of fame. coming up on "cbs mornings," members of the rock band glass animals talk with anthony mason
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our top stories this morning -- the government is expected to report another jump in consumer prices today, but at what could be a lower rate for the first time in seven months. president biden is supposed to talk about rising food prices today when he visits a farm in illinois. yesterday he called inflation his top domestic priority. an alabama murder suspect who escaped from jail appeared in court overnight after his capture in indiana. casey white faces a new charge of first-degree escape. he was arrested monday after authorities rammed the car that he and corrections officer vicky white were in. they were on the run for 11 days. there's been a sharp spike in the number of gun deaths here in the u.s. a new cdc study finds the
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increase coincides with the pandemic. michael george has more. >> reporter: not a day goes by that susan williams doesn't mourn for his son ethan, lost to gun violence. >> got a front row seat to an amazing kid for 20 years. but the sorrow and the grief is so big because he's left such a void. >> reporter: the 20-year-old film student from indiana flew to brooklyn with friends in 2020 where he was shot and killed. police believe he was the mistaken target in a gang shooting. the killer was never caught. >> just too many guns, and they're too easy to access. >> reporter: a new cdc report shows gun violence is skyrocketing in america. homicides from guns rose 35% from 2019 to 2020. the largest increase in gun violence victims, young black men, low-income communities are impacted the most. >> the stressors of covid, both economic stressors and emotional stressors, certainly put a lot
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of additional stress on people's lives and have manifested in increases in particular on gun homicides. >> reporter: the new cdc study looked at firearm suicide rates and found they remained historically high in 2020 with increases in rural areas. the cdc is prescribe the outreach workers to identify and mediate community conflicts and to offer education about firearms storage. the agency also highlighted the need for housing assistance, childcare subsidies, tax credits, livable wages, and more green spaces. gun control advocates want to see stronger laws. >> a lot of the studies that we have done and that others have done have shown that gun safety laws work, and they reduce gun deaths. >> reporter: the cdc says it will continue to deliver data on what many see as a growing public health crisis. michael george, cbs news, new york. coming up only on "cbs mornings," the mother of former miss usa cheslie kryst, april
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sim simpkins, gives her first live interview since her daughter's death. plus, if you are planning a summer vacation, peter greenberg has tips on when to buy travel insurance and navigating covid rules. and members of the rock band glass animals talk with anthony mason about their number-one heat, "heat waves." that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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