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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  May 11, 2022 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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genesys, we're behind every customer smile. if you are feeling frustrated at the pump we are live with why prices remaining high and why we may not see a gas rebate. it's time to break out your mask and break out your tests. >> santa clara county seeing a spike in covid cases but will a mandate be required for everybody? and an international car barry ring busted. the clues that led to a boba tea shop. and a goal for alameda. the plan to fight the housing
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crisis. it's wednesday. thank you for joining us this morning. we start with darren and a bit of a warm up today. it's starting chilly. >> it'll be cold. inland it's low 40s. today will be so different. things are started quieting down. that's a real pretty view. that's from the camera pretty much under it on treasure island. before i get into how today is different i just have to give you the quick review on what it looked like yesterday. this was about 4:00 in the afternoon yesterday. that is a baseball field covered, not in snow but hail. we will show you more in my next visit.
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mid-30ss. low to mid-40s for just about evare doing okay and for daytime highs we are still below average. near 70 for some of the warm spots. other thbay area economy prices at the pump soared to fresh record highs. the average price per gallon for regular is $6.05. san jose is at $5.94 and oakland is at $5.92. we are live at a marin county gas station. scared to ask you, what are you seeing out thg?>> itl feels pa we continue to save for several months here. $6.09 for a gallon of gas. in many places you will find that to cost more. people feel frustrated you can understand why this is
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affecting their day to day bills and decision making as well. to add to the frustration that gas rebate may not come until selfmonths. >> insane. >> you have heard that a lot when talking about gas prices. its been months keiting for th come down and we have seen them just be around the same price for quite a while. >> prices are hitting new records in the country and in california they are rising. experts say a squeeze on oil refineries which turned oil into gas is behind the latest price hike. its keeping some people home. >> i work part time on social security. it is killing me. i was going to go to yontville and that won't happen. >> the governor had proposed a gas rebate in march but there's been debate over how to give relief. according to a report by the bay area news group the governor warns a check could still be nearly five months away.
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>> it's ridiculous. i mean at that point gas prices will most likely come down. i had heard it would be june or july and now it's october? no, i think that's completely wrong. >> yeah those reactions aren't surprising. we spoke to a professor of politics who said that people are feeling robbed at the pump and he thinks democrats should have kept quiet until they had a roll out plan ready to go. >> $4,000 would be worth looking forward to in october. $400? we are going to spend that in the next three weeks. to give -- to promise me that in five months from now is almost like teasing me. >> why the back and forth? he said that democrats are trying to figure out the best way to bring to people and what factors to consider while doing so. it's frustrating. we are all feeling it.
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we have a look at the best deals here in the bay area. >> let's try to save you guys some money. if you are out and about and you want to maybe hit gas stations that are seeing lower prices. i did a quick search on gas buddy. in mill valley we are seeing slightly lower prices here at $5.45 a gallon. on shoreline if you are headed through san bruno, $6.64. if you want to cross the bay, oakland, $5.27, and at the cosco in heyward $5.31. in the south bay not bad. most in san jose $5.21 for regular this relocated on mckie. at $5.29 and they are on first street. hopefully that saves you money this morning. the live news desk with a
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look at some of the headlines we are following this wednesday. starting off with a live look at capitol hill because there is a big vote today in the senate on a bill that could preserve the right to abortion. this is expected to fail because most republicans are against it. this comes in response to the news that's supreme court may be poised to overturn roe v. wade as soon as next month. starbucks workers in santa cruz could make history as the first to form a union in california. employees at two locations have been voting for a couple of weeks. the votes will be counted and announced just before noon. the two shops employ about 60 people. starbucks is against the idea. and the latest inflation report came out about a half hour ago showing we may have already hit the peak of high prices. costing were up .3% in april. a slower rate than march but prices are still up more than 8% over april 2021 and stock
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futures have been down on the news because these numbers were a little higher than many had predicted. we will see where it stands when the opening bell rings. this morning santa clara county's top health officer is urging people to put their marks back on. >> it is time to break out your mask and break out your tests and just be a bit more careful. > despite the alarming rise in the number of new cases, she is not imposing new restrictions. she said that the responsibility is now on individuals to protect themselves. this comes as california's positive rate has risen back above 4%. that is a full point higher than last week. today kaiser will be holding a memorial meant to express thanks to doctors, nurses and staff who worked through the pandemic.
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kaiser will dedicate a memorandum memorial fountain. two seniors have now died from their injuries. the 85-year-old man and 80-year- old woman were rescued from that home monday morning. a third victim has been treated and released. flames broke out just after three. fire crews knocked down the fire in just about 20 minutes. to san francisco where a small boba tea shop was hiding a big secret. the da's office said that it found an international pipeline of stolen electronics. investigators say that a year's long sting known aspirationtted traced the stolen items using gps. >> texas, vietnam, and hong kong. >> the goal of this operation
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was to map out the flow of stolen goods in san francisco and beyond. >> the da said that they will be building a website for people who have had items stolen to match them up to their items. the california drought appears to be getting worse. how counties are cracking down on water use.. and as we look at the roadways look at this. traffic already stacking up at the bay bridge. we will look
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have you noticed more construction in the east bay lately? if you have driven through alameda you certainly have. >> it's hard to miss it. justin andrews didn't miss it either and decided to look more into it. what did you find out that is going on? >> first i noticed when i was leaving a target there was a
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lot of construction that i noticed. i didn't think much of it at first until it seem like it wouldn't go away. i saw homes and housing complexes being built. then i started looking into it and found this out. >> for almost 30 years this has been angie's community. >> long time here. the good schools, neighborhood, the people. she calls it my alameda. >> i think everybody who lives here knows it's a special place. when you see the homes being built what do you this i? >> i'm excited. i'm happy. we need housing. we need it everywhere. >> it's not great to notice a lot of construction. that's because over the next eight years the state wants alameda to build 5300 homes fig across the state. >> you are right. there is a lot going on right
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now. on the residential side and on the commercial side. >> andrew thomas is e the city working on how it'll zone land by the end of the year to accommodate the state's requirements and to make it possible for private groups to build housing. it's needed. >> we have kids going to school in the alameda school district that are living in cars with their families. the family is living in a car. >> and for this to be in her alameda that's not okay. >> this is america. this should not -- it shouldn't happen. especially not here. i don't want to see that happen. that needs to stop. >> alameda is indeed an island. as a way for the city to combat part that have growing problem there are people that are concerned that the housing will add more people in that small
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area meaning over crowded schools and that could cause more problems on the roads. >> all right. thank you. the california drought now. ne s showcalifornmathan any month since dirict is now considering water waste investigators. they will be able to write citations and levee fine. last june valley water asked for a voluntary 15% water use reduction but new numbers showed customers used 30% more this march. east bay mud is also cracking down this morning. it's tacking on an 8% drought sur charge starting in july.
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>> we are showing those pictures this morning. if you were in the north bay you lived it. if you weren't in the north bay are you like it looked like snow on entire football fields at times in the north bay? i'm glad we were able to share it. it's a totally different story today. temperatures down in to the low to mid-30ss because with the clear skies we have the temperatures have really been able to plummet.
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a lot like yesterday. sunrise happening this morning at 6:03. get earlier earlier. you can see where the cold spots are. mid-30ss north bay and for daytime highs, we do start a warm up today. we are going to struggle to get up in to the upper 60s. weekd. a slbound, ybst gettinp to average for daytime highs and that's pretty much it. we will see the on shore winds turn on this afternoon. if you are near the water, city, peninsula, bayshore line, it gets breezy this afternoon. classic this time of year. on shore breeze in the afternoon into the evening and it'll be that way for the next several months. as far as the seven day
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forecast, the story really shows up friday and saturday. look at san jose. 67 today. 83 saturday. 77 sunday. we have a beautiful weekend. sunny, warm, and we are done with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. it was fun while we had it. you know everybody is kind of behaving on the roads today. that's good news if you are up early. we are not seeing any major issues as far as crashes go. brian kiley with a look on the richmond, san rafael bridge. you normally see a few brake lights. you may run into that. not bad once you get on the bridge. again may be a little slow near the toll plaza. let head to the bay bridge this is busy but that is the usual stuff if you make that trek over into san francisco. morning you know what to
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expect. the metering lights turned on just before 6:00. already busy there. it's backed up almost to the foot of the maze. now we are starting to see a few brake lights on some of the approaches including westbound 80, 580 and 880 though that's normally the best way to get to the bridge because it's not as slow as the other approaches in the maze. here is a look at a map in the south bay. south of there. that drive into morgan hill. for folks out of gilroy you will tap the brake lights. only slow as you work near that 280, 680 connector on 101. we do have the brake lights for tracy, 205 getting onto 580. live look here. headlights heading westbound. the commute direction. if you are in the right lanes you will see a few slow and go spots. that's a look at traffic.
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lunchtime. you can plan for that. it'll be quieter for the north valleys. there was some excitement with the isolated thunderstorms. today those are completely gone and we get back to a quieter pattern. we tá will be breezy on the water and in the upper 50s and relatively comfortable temperature wise. i will see what the warm up for the weekend in a bit. back to you. thank you. soaring fuel prices have a lot of people looking to go electric and a small business owner is happy to convert your
6:24 am
car. >> his real passion is passing on his knowledge to future generations. >> you could say peter oliver's love bstar first small scale car in kindergarten. >> usually they start with a nice car, sentimental value. they have to invest almost as much as it would cost to buy 00 to $100,000. >> we are going to run out of oil. >> while converting just one aspect of his business his passion lies in these electric vehicles. >> we provide everything, everything that they need. it's all done. >> at first he started by
6:25 am
selling three electric car kits a year. now he ships out at least five a month. >> is this like an ikea for electric cars? >> yeah but the instructions are readable. >> each electric car kit comes with a class that is taught all over the country. most of the kits go go to schools where students spend a semester building a car. the end product is this car that can cruise down freeways. oliver started his company after he retired from his original career in technology. he quickly realized that he could convert cars into electric but the lasting impact would be to teach what he knows tnext generatioote from roosev who said we may not be able to prepare the future for our children but we need to prepare our children for the future. so that is kind of what our
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goal is here. > >> kpix5. still to come, hundreds of san francisco teachers spared. why the school board changed its mind to pass out pink slips. and why the next big thing in the bay area housing market may be really small. and a new high tech tool to fight fires. why the state-of-the-art plane is
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rosy: it's the parent-teacher partnership that really makes a difference. ingrid: they know that their children
6:28 am
are coming to a safe place. they're coming to a place where they'll be loved. kiyoko: we have a strong community of people that all look out for each other. we're all kind of taking care of the children. rosy: janitors, the teachers, the office staff. kiyoko: the cafeteria worker, the crossing guard, the bus driver. carol: because our future is in those schools. that's where the heart of our community belongs. ingrid: because teachers like me know... carol: quality public schools... kiyoko: make a better california... man: for all of us.
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here are your morning headlines. the latest inflation report came out an hour ago showing we may have already hit the peak of high prices, costs were up .3% in april. a slower rate than march but still up more than 8% over april, 2021. starbucks employees in santa cruz could be the first to form a union. votes will be tally from workers in two stores. workers at 35 starbucks stores have successfully voted to form a union. supervisors just voted to cover health care costs for people who are undocumented and without insurance. the plan will cover 12,000
6:30 am
county residents. good morning. it's wednesday, may 11th. >> good morning to you. we start with darren and the wednesday forecast. >> we will use the window on the bay to start out in the south bay. this is the camera on the westside of the valley. notice how sunny this is. different day. that turns off. it was pretty exciting in the north bay. we will show you pictures of the hail that came down there in just a bit. to start our wednesday, mountain view down here. we are looking across toward union city and beautiful day. sun up for about 15 minutes. let's get a couple of other views. that's the scene over concord. same story and sunrise. verified. san jose 5. we are doing okay
6:31 am
on the fog. i have been watching that north bay, santa rosa we happen to see some fog develop. we get a little bit of a warm up under blue sky today. we will be in the midand upperdk >> we will see a pretty live shot but not the case after all the beautiful pictures in the weather center. we have the bay bridge for you. there's not a lot of traffic in to san francisco right now. you know it's the usual stuff. no crashes. that's the good news. at least you kind of know what to expect if you make that commute out of the east bay into san francisco. here is a pull shot. this is looking really -- that mar in commute. looking in to san francisco. we haven't had any major
6:32 am
issues. a living from greenway. prices soaring to fresh record highs. a gallon of regular cost an average of $2.97. as of yesterday that price has $1.40 higher. economists predict it'll climb even more in summer. people are already paying more than $5 a gallon. republicans blame the white house for high costs. >> took the economy that was adsorned it around and drove it into the ground. >> the biden administration blames russia's war in ukraine ; the pandemic and supply chain problems. >> gas prices set by global markets. >> the white house said that the president will talk about strategies to curb inflation
6:33 am
during his visit to illinois today. a live look from capitol hill this morning. the house passes a nearly $40 billion aid package for ukraine. if the senate passes the bill later this week it'll add to the 54 billion already committed. missiles hit a warehouse yesterday and shopping center and killing at least one person. the war is at a stalemate. they dot exe ruian presen back down. >> putin also -- and willingness to endure challenges and he is counting on united states and eu resolves to weaken. >> the director of national intelligence also addd that putin's ambitions may not match his army's abilities. taking a live look back here in the bay area at san
6:34 am
francisco where members of the city's school board met to decide the fate of more than 300 teacher's jobs. after hours of discussion san francisco unified has resc ind ed its decision to layoff 357 teachers and reduce that number to just 5 with 15 administrators. the district said that staff attrition allowed them to cut the pink slips that went out back in march. this morning california has a new high tech tool in its fight against wildfires. this plane is equipped with hg and cameras and sensors. officials say the system can be sent anywhere in the state and is able to send remeimages onthou. eycallit a gechanger. >> they rapid identity fire spread, to protect lives and
6:35 am
property and deploy resources. >> the $30 million early detection system is the first of it's kind in the country. the next big thing in affordable housing could be really small. these living pods now house a total of 14 people under a single roof in palo alto. the creator said the inspiration came from sleeping in a bunk bed in a small house with 20 people. >> i was determined to make something better that can accommodate people who are willing to give up space but in a way they can preserve dignity and comfort and privacy. >> each pod has a fan, lighting, usb ports, a clothing rack and a small desk. there is also a large ed kitchen, dining area and tv room. the cost per pod is $800 a month. a exhibit where high fashion meets fine art is drawing big crowds in san francisco.
6:36 am
>> and it's incredible. it features dozens of works by a famed chinese designer. >> the ledion of honor here just revealed her largest exhibit of her art in the united states. the designs are opulant and larger than life. it's taken her from the runways to san francisco. >> what we are showing here are these fantasy pieces that she creates for the runway and she presents them like theater. >> the exhibit showcases more than 80 pieces from over the last two decades of her career. she is perhaps best known in the united states for this moment in
6:37 am
2015. she was born during china's cultural revolution in 1967 at the time her grandmother was forced to destroy her treasured clothes, jewelry and sss. >>cl or brown or olive green. there was no embellishment. she was so inspired by the stories her own grandmother would tell her about the -- of the last dynasty. the end >> her work represents a rebirth of china. it preserves chinese techniques and weaves in western influences. this piece took more than 50,000 hours and over two years to complete. >> of course we were also really excited about celebrating an asian designer a chinese designer as we were on the pacific rim and we have a large asian american population
6:38 am
w. >> in san francisco. kpix5. >> it's already drawing prepandemic sized crowds. time for a look at what is coming up later. nate is here now from new york. good morning to you. >> good morning. i hope lloncbs morning, a must see story about a nationwide storage of baby formula. hear from a family struggling to feed their family and a doctor who is warning about the dangers of trying to make formula yourself. and covid rules constantly changing and that may complicate summer travel plans. we will talk about the best way to protect your vacation. and glass animals number one hit heat wave has been streamed more than 3 billion
6:39 am
times. >> the song a favorite here. we will you at seven. i think i'm a million of these streams. >> still to come for the first time since 2020 a major ride share is bringing back carpooling but there is a limit. we will explain. and the stage is set in san francisco for one of the country's biggest asian american film festivals. and the market just opened about ten minutes ago. a quick check on the big board. dow is
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in after the latest inflation report showing prices may be leveling off. they are still more than 8%
6:43 am
higher than a year ago. a live look at capitol hill where the senate has confirmed the first black woman to seven on the federal reserve's board of governors. she is from the bay area. lisa cook has a degree in economics from berkeley. she was on the council of economic advisers during the obama administration. all 50 republicans voted against her.
6:44 am
its part of a slow expansion that started on the east coast. pooled rides will be limited to two passengers. and you may want to take a carpool share to chase center. looking live there. fans will gather at 5:00. tonight marks game 5 of the western conference semi-finals against memphis. a win for them tonight would advance the team in to the western conference finals. warriors head coach remains in covid protocols and won't coach tonight's game. mike brown will fill in for a second straight game. and john seen here limping after monday night's loss. 6:44. time for a check of weather and rrenwith a look at the forecast and we have had so
6:45 am
much going on but it's cooling down. >> and i wato take a moment to review all that so much. if you were not in the north bay yesterday you may be surprised to see pictures that look like this. this is the hail that was coming down yesterdhele na. that is their grassy lawn which is completely covered in what looks like snow. also this way in vacaville. you can see what -- and hear what ke coming down. this and even some thunder there. this was in north bay. solano, napa. scenes like up and down napa valley yesterday. that system is gone. let's switch now to live and you will see the pattern that kind of weak little weather system overhead that dropped the hail is out of northern california. it'll be nothing but blue sky. we will leave that excitement behind. if you were no not in the north bay. even if you didn't get hail you
6:46 am
noticed the sky looked dramatic yesterday. nothing but blue now. 35 in santa rosa. low and mid-40s. under clear blue sky today. we will start a slow warm up. only going up in the midand upper 60s. that's still below average. there's a significant warming trend into the weekend. i will show you that in the seven day. the other thing is classic on shore breeze turns back on in the afternoon. anywhere near the water, city, peninsula, late afternoon, early evening it gets breezy. that classic situation. we will do that for the next several months. terms of that warm up. generally below average today but watch the shade ay now temperch as to degrees above average. we will be around 70 it's. look at friday, saturday, an erates back into the
6:47 am
midand upper 80s and the seven day forecast. 67 from san jose today to 83 on saturday. those top two lanes, inland valleys, midtownshipper 80s. it's starting to get busy. we are seeing more volume. we are well in to the 6:00 hour. we have mobile5 up early giving us a great perspective of the roadways. he is traveling westbound 80, through the berkeley area near ashby. we have seen stop and go conditions as you get closer to the bay bridge and the maze. you know overall its been a pretty quiet commute. i would say average. once you get to the bay bridge you will tapping the brake lights. live look at the golden gate
6:48 am
this is a beautiful shot. no delays. traffic moving nicely in both directions.. san mateo bridge. travel times inching closer to 16 minutes as 880 northbound through oakland. this tends to get busker when you get closer to 8:00. canne festival is a platform for asian americans to tell their story. >> we sat down with the new
6:49 am
director to talk about the films she helped curate as they prepare for opening night tomorrow. >> we are back. >> the stage now set for one of the country's most influential asian film festivals. >> i'm so excited. nobody more excited than the new festival director for the center for asian american media. helping curate this year's festival, celebrating 40 years of highlighting the asian american experience. >> there is just so much talent with in our community that we don't talk about that people don't know. >> that includes the opening night film at the castro theater. a documentary that looks back at a local gang murder investigation in 1973 that happened in san francisco's china town. >> about a really important case in the bay area but a largely forgotten case. when you break down that case the reason that he was wrongfully convicted was they were looking for a chinese
6:50 am
pe toblame and he is korean. >> other films cover topics reflecting today's time from surviving the pandemic to a country deeply divided. the festival center piece documentary bad ts follows a cambodian family trying to save their business. >> everything we were afraid of is happening. >> and you see them face white supremacists targeting their restaurant. that's another moving documentary. >> the festival will feature a variety of genres from mud water based in oakland that features dance crews or a film from vietnam where an 8-year- old become friends with an a lien girl. >> that's what i'm looking for is this range. we see thleedinthis year's festival. >> mo
6:51 am
toat the audience will see themselves and hear their voice in the films they watch. >> we have a lot to say. asian americans have a lot to say but we don't always have the space or platform to say it write is why it's so important for a space like this. >> and that was ryan reporting. the film festival opens thursday and runs until may 22nd. still to come, $6 a gallon popping newspaper parts of the bay area. we are live with the prices soaring to new record highs. and here is one pair of shoes you definitely won't need to break-in. the destroyed designer sneakers raising some eyebrows this morning. and join us after this newscast. we are live at 7:00 a.m. with
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eye local your morning headlines. the accept ate will headlines it is expected to fail. this in response to the news that the united states supreme court may be poised to overturn roe v. wade as soon as next month. starbucks workers in santa cruz could make history as the first to form a union. employees at two locations have been voting. the two shops employ about 60 people. starbucks is against the idea. and the latest up inflation report showing the peak of high prices. costs were up .3% in april.
6:56 am
a much slower rate than march but prices still up way more than 8% over april 2021 and gas prices up much more than that. that is something that we are watching this morning. we are talking gas prices. here is the the chef on its getting busy here this morning. how much are drivers paying? $6.09. we have seen the gas prices high. killing me. artim >> >> the gas rebate may not come until october. this as democrats go back and
6:57 am
forth on how to bring relief. what other factors to consider. of course we will have to see what happens. in the north bay. kpix5. let look at the roadways. if you are getting ready to hop on the bay bridges, westbound traffic building for that ride over to the marin side. good news for those out of marin. that ride between 880. south 880 starting to load up through heyward and fremont. on the bridge itself if you are getting onto the bridge its starting to back up toward 101 into foster city.
6:58 am
a calm, serene lake. we will be back in to the on shore breeze. afternoon and evening. 20 to 30-mile an hour gusts. enjoy that calmness. we will be calmer the sky today. the thunderstorms that were with us yesterday, done, out of here. no more of that. it's blue sky today. we start a slow warm up today and tomorrow but that warm up starts friday and saturday. new this morning a ragged looking pair of sneakers appear to be the talk of twitter right now. >> and they seem beat up and used but apparently it's all in the name of fashion. check it out. these are designed. paris high top sneaker fully destroyed.
6:59 am
no, no, no. social immediate why saying no as well. this twitter user is genius. another said the ancient egyptians were onto something and lastly could be our favorite. someone said this picture of a damaged plane. >> it's too expensive. they are out of the shoe budget. >> giving oscar the grouch. >> anyone that could put the shoes off is darren. >> don't forget the news continues all day. >> cbs this morning coming up
7:00 am
next. ♪ we to "cbs mornings." hello to our viewers on the west coast on this hump day. let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. ♪ new inflation numbers out today, president biden says it's his top domestic priority. >> i know you got to be frustrated. i know. i can taste it. senators vote today in a


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