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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 11, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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well as vehicle storage and maintenance yard. kpix five len ramirez is more how to cope with this tragedy. 11. >> reporter: this is such a quiet corner. it's hard to imagine the death and the carnage taking place steps from where i am right now. a year ago is where it happened and it's about to be wiped clean. building b is going down under the force of wrecking crews. demolition began this afternoon on the building were 57-year- old samuel james cassidy began his murder spree on the morning of may 26, 2021. cassidy shot and killed nine of his coworkers before turning the gun on himself sheriff's
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deputies and police closed in on him but the victims who range in age from 29 to 63 years old were all vta employees great basin cassidy picked and chose his victims letting some walk free and shooting down others six of them died inside the building b and three others killed in building better a, which is still operational. it came after months of anguish for the shooting survivors. one man committed suicide after returning to work at the railyard last august. >> one, you were one of the early reporters. i can only imagine it's a bit surreal today. >> reporter: yes. it is a bit surreal. it's very sad. i have to admit. i got a little emotional coming back here. i have not spent time here since this happened. you think about the nine victims that came to work that day and were just gunned down ruthlessly and you think about
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the sheriff's deputies. one of them just walked by us as he was going into work because the department is right across the street and they heard about the shooting and came running over here. they formed a with san jose police and others to go in the building or the active shooter was ongoing. they did not have a shootout because the sugar took his own life in there. you think about the courage and the sadness and the victims. despite the fact that this building will be wiped away and think a lot of people who will remember this will always think of those victims might have been here almost 1 year ago. >> a sad and tragic day. len ramirez reporting live. a band has been overturned to selling automatic weapons. a 19-year-old houston semi automatic to kill a woman at a
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synagogue in san diego county. three others were also wounded. the band violates the constitutional right to bear arms for self-defense. the previous state law allowed people ages 18 through 22 purchase weapons with a hunting license. a brush fire in laguna, mekelle look at the massive plumes of smoke. it looks like a home is on fire. hiking trails. voluntary evacuation orders in place. keep an eye out on this breaking news. and two people in the hospital after helicopter crash at a pg&e training site in livermore it happened on international drive near south pasco road and it happened this morning. kpix five allen martin is here with more. >> they quickly responded to
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the parking lot near the training site. the helicopter came down and landed on its side, rotor blades partially on the ground. the crash happened feet away from the facilities training poles. this is where pg&e shows maintenance crews how to do prepare work. the pilot was taken to a local hospital. another person on the ground taken to the hospital for evaluation. both expected to survive expected challenges within the aircraft are, first off, the number of people involved. and, secondary, do we have a fuel leak that could impact the safety to the people respect there was a fuel leak and crews work able to contain it quickly. no word on what caused the accident. livermore police department and the ntsb will be investigating that. there may be a glimmer of hope in the latest economic
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data work overall consumer prices jumped 8.3% over last year, slightly down from a 40- year high of 8.5% in march. >> going from 8.7 annual rate to 8.3 telling someone who is sick your temperature has gone from 105-2104. >> jill schlesinger said recession has peaked and could continue. the war in ukraine continues to impact food. the president went to illinois. >> we have to keep investing in our farmers to reduce the gust and reduce prices to consumers. >> even with the current steps to ease inflation economists believe prices will continue to rise, just not as fast as they
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have been. more red on the start. the dow fell 327 points. the nasdaq lost 373 and the s&p dropped 65. workers at a couple of starbucks stores in santa cruz devoted to form a union. a first for the coffee chain in california. the union needed 51% to vote in favor of organizing they want up with only a couple of workers voting no. a third location voting in early tran. live look at the capital or senate republicans blocked a bill that would have written abortion access into federal law. cbs news reporter natalie brand has more on the next steps in the battle. natalie? >> reporter: both california senators were cosponsors of the women's self protection act, which was the subject of this debate. consider padilla ahead of the
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votes of the right to an abortion is a fundamental right. senator feinstein said in her statement said, in part, restricting a woman's legal access will not stop women from seeking out that care. republicans called the democratic bill extreme and rollback existing state laws. the day unfolded as everyone is expecting the decision in the coming weeks. the motion is not agreed to. joel feick resident, kamala harris, failed over the vote. >> the senate failed in a woman's right to defend her own body. >> reporter: joe manchin opposes the bill. instead, he signaled support for a more narrow measure from gop moderate, susan collins and
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lisa murkowski. >> reporter: democratic leaders forced i had to get all 100 senators both on the record. >> we will going to continue to highlight this issue relentlessly and strongly between now and november. >> this bill today is ugly. winner takes all politics. it's full of aggressive pouring abortion decisions to extract the push has intensified since political published the bombshell draft opinion from february which signaled the majority court could overturn the landmark decision. >> reporter: new polling shows the fate of roe v. wade has yet to motivate most voters heading into this year's midterm elections. >> we are a party that defends life. >> today is the start of the governance nation of all women in this country.
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>> reporter: the debate has sparked demonstrations latest and leading up to demonstrations this saturday. >> natalie, where do the senators see this going max? >> reporter: senate democrats vowed to keep ringing up this issue again and again between now and november, signaling this will be a key issue for them when it comes to the midterms and their messaging around that. as for that more narrow proposal, the alternative bill to codify roe proposed by senator collins and mark haske. senator collins put out a statement today saying, she will continue to work with colleagues on legislation to maintain, not expand or restrict the legal framework for abortion rights. it is unclear if that bill would be brought to the floor in the current senate. democrats say, it's too narrow expect this will be an ongoing
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battle. natalie, thank you. the other big story this evening is four years past all. a lot of gold out there. >> that is commitment. >> the first fans showing up and having a good time. the big crowd is expected to watch the warriors and grizzlies in 90 minutes in memphis. big night for the warriors as a team. just one when away from the conference finals. >> we have more on the push to close out the warriors surveyed tonight, vern glenn? elimination game night. acting head coach mike brown is usually the one overseeing the warriors defense. what has he done the last couple of days. he is under the hood tinkering with the offense. >> i feel like i'm back in the
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university of san diego given the trails a shout out and cramming for an exam. >> we will see if brown and the warriors can ace it tonight. steve kerr battling covid, did not make the trip to memphis. the way brown described it, he might as well be on facetime from the bench. >> state makes every single call. he is the head coach. and we have 23 assistants and video guys. at the end of the day all 23 of our votes do not outweigh steve's 1. >> 15 years ago tonight this. darren davis. while. that was the 2007 we believe playoff year. one of the most iconic dunks. yes, i feel you. one of the most iconic dunks and nba history.
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certainly, one of the most allowed is victories i've seen and heard. they are on the road now. they rollout the ball at 6:30 and see what happens. a area surgeon who gathered up a stockpile of medical supplies, found a way to get them into the hands of ukraine 6000 miles away. >> coming out of the ashes of covid and seeing the way the silicon valley came together, i see a lot of hope for human nature. paris hilton shares her personal story of school abuse. how she is urging congress to put a stop to it. there. gaining steam to bring new life to an old dilapidated train trestle as it turns 100 years old. temperatures today at least a couple degrees warmer across the bay area. closer to 10 degrees warmer for the northbay given the roulac of rain and hail. average temperatures tomor
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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. ukrainian officials say it's troops are not backing down. it is there pushing russian forces back. here is footage of a russian tank in destroyed in ukraine's second largest city of kharkiv. russian forces facing setbacks in some regions but gaining ground in others. meanwhile the house is passed an additional $40 billion aid package for ukraine and goes to the senate next for president biden can sign the bill. with peace agreements continuously failing the focus remains on civilian evacuations. on thursday, the human rights council will hold its first special session which will address the human rights crisis in ukraine. >> a area dr. and nurse helped victims in new ukraine. >> they knew people would need
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military supplies. they did not know how to get it there. how they are shipping thousands of dollars in supplies. kid? >> we are at the office of aesthetics. >> reporter: doctors that specialize in the aesthetics and dermatology. it doesn't matter where you are or who you are located you can help. sasha was looking for ways to ease the suffering in ukraine. she asked her boss to buy professional medical supplies and pay for it herself with one month of her salary. >> to me it seems crazy. you know. >> reporter: just a month's pay. >> i knew we could do more. >> reporter: it turns out during the early days, dr. zeigler amassed a storage unit full of surgical supplies. >> stockpiled a few times over.
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>> syringes,. >> reporter: cleaning wipes and disinfectant. october $20,000 worth. >> we have come through our local needs getting through covid. there is another place that can be put to good use. >> reporter: it was packed to the truck and piled onto six pallets with a total weight of more than 3000 pounds. the challenge now, how to get it to the front lines of war- torn ukraine. >> do you have experience shipping things? >> absolutely not. >> we do now. >> we learned, yes. this is our, what you call it, back storage. >> reporter: leanne cogan is part of volunteers who have cracked the cold to get supplies into the country. they partnered with the ukrainian consulate to get a monthly list of most urgent items. >> when someone is requesting it we are trying to fulfill it and deliver it to them. >> reporter: over the past
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several months they built relationships with trucking companies and airlines. they developed a network to make deliveries while dodging pounds and missiles. >> i have to give it to the volunteers in ukraine risking their life. >> reporter: they get the pitchers once delivered. they get confirmation sometime monday. >> it makes a huge difference. >> reporter: every little bit. >> every little bit helps. >> coming out of the ashes of covid and seeing the way the valley comes together, i have hope for new human nature. >> reporter: kiet do. >> find more information on our story on first switching gears. paul heggen is here, first
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alert meteorologist. >> the normal pattern. no showers or thunderstorms or hail. >> was wild. >> we will settle into this more tranquil pattern which includes dry weather taking hold and likely into next week during chances have ended for now with the storm system that brought us the shower, storm and hail moving to the east. the next storm system is a parade from north to east. this is sending more rain to the pacific northwest. the closest rain it gets to us is northern california. let's look at the wide scale view here. is he passing clouds overhead but no moisture being squeezed out of the cloud. friday brings more showers toward northern california of oregon and washington. a lot of sunshine for the end of the work week and in store for the first half of the work week before passing clouds will beckon on sunday. that's all we see in terms of
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changes with weather happening overhead. the moisture is gone for a while. as we get further into may looks like we are staying in this dry weather pattern for the next several weeks. we see temperatures warming up. 57 for downtown sacramento. another day stuck in the 50s. inland temperatures not a whole lot warmer. 68 degrees for the warm spots as santa rosa and concord. similar temperatures tomorrow. the warmer weather takes hold friday and saturday. a noticeable dirt to freeze so layer up for outdoor activities. the wind will die down once the sun goes down. the wind will play a role in tomorrow's weather. starting off it won't be strong but it will pick up. air conditioning kicks in around 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. not strong enough for a wind
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advisory, but noticeable and having an impact on our temperatures. tonight homer wins and clear skies overhead upper 30s with temperatures most spots inland low to mid 40s and upper 40s around a. below normal but not as many 30s to start the day. san francisco upper 50s by 2:00 in the afternoon. then just hovering as the north shore wind keeps them hovering in place. better chance for sum the in santa rosa. upper 60s for a high temperatures there with the passing coverage. plenty of sunshine by this time thursday or topping out at 68 degrees. not a whole lot different for san jose. once the onshore breeze makes its way into the san jose valley. down to 63 degrees by the evening. not too many 70s out there.
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only 70 in antioch and 70 fairfield. other inland spots upper 60s. upper 50s san francisco and mid- 50s along the coast. friday slightly above average temperatures. more of a warm up as we head into the first half of the weekend. saturday the warmest day. mid-70s for oakland. low 80s for san jose. then our temperatures drop back to normal monday, tuesday and wednesday. inland is a mid 80s and then back down to 70s early next week which is normal for made. we will look at tomorrow's highs coming up at 7:30. >> saturday will feel hot. >> of course, we need the rain. it is a nice forecast. >> it is. i like to be the bearer of good news. >> we will take it as good news.
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said as a students to maddy bourque protection and support following the recent abuse scandal. last year, scott shaw, was charged with sexually assaulting 23 students. at a campus protest today students demanded changes including the hiring of more title ix staff and more transparency and accountability. >> our 36,000 students the service staff to be on campus and be receptive to students know who they are being reported to and they know how to report and they trust title ix will be responsive and
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report of of them. >> san jose state responded to the students complete saying we have increased staffing in the title ix and gender equity office while acknowledging that additional hiring is necessary to provide an opportunity for students, faculty and staff. paris hilton joining the fight against child abuse and pushing for federal legislation to combat what advocates call, institutional child abuse. she was abused when she was younger she was joined by other survivors of congregate care facilities as that call for federal action expect this abuse has led to years of trauma induced insomnia, complex ptsd and constant other survivors struggle with today. >> i can still hear the screams of the other girls in solitary swimming you are hurting me. you are hurting me extract
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there are 120 to 200,000 minors in congregate care. advocates calling for federal oversight to protect children. coming up at 5:30. plus than one month after the tran seventh primary there are changes for some bay area counties. how making casting your ballot more easy and flexible. a lesson on pride. the video getting pushback from i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk."
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. you are watching kpi tax five news at 5:30. of wildfire burning in southern california claiming at least three homes. these are live pictures from orange county and the city of laguna niguel. this is video showing the flames ripping through the first house and nearby homes go up and playing. the chopper pilot from her sister station in l.a. shows us what happened to extract this would be the fourth home and it looks like there could have been some numbers under the eaves. you look under the bottom of the roof there and you can see a little bit of that active claim that has penetrated this home we will have to see how far


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