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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  May 11, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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. you are watching kpi tax five news at 5:30. of wildfire burning in southern california claiming at least three homes. these are live pictures from orange county and the city of laguna niguel. this is video showing the flames ripping through the first house and nearby homes go up and playing. the chopper pilot from her sister station in l.a. shows us what happened to extract this would be the fourth home and it looks like there could have been some numbers under the eaves. you look under the bottom of the roof there and you can see a little bit of that active claim that has penetrated this home we will have to see how far it goes.
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>> reporter: if it burns down the entire home or what respect once again this is a live look at the scene this is another home going up in flames. liz, these are some massive homes down here. >> they are beautiful and to give you some perspective laguna niguel is nestled between the ocean and this really beautiful rustic hillside area and a lot of very large homes but also a beach community. and it is small enough though that the homes are close together and as you can see there's not a lot of space in between them. the face is up next to the hillside and the dry brushes protected as national parkland and it gets extremely dry in the summer like temperatures in the summer like months. they have not gotten the rain they need. maybe a beach community but they are as dry as we are. it's surprising. you are thinking it's so early
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fire seasons are all year round. i am not sure what started these fires you know they are struggling with dry conditions. frankly, not a lot of moisture in the air. something sparks it can spread quickly. >> as they wipe out the picture you can see maybe 10 homes on fire. the winds are starting to pick up. you can see the flames flapping in the wind and the plume goes up. it's a pretty dangerous situation happening right now. >> there's a lot of steep canyons and part of it is you want to be up on the hill to have a beautiful view of the ocean but the dry brittle brush can sometimes spread so quickly. it looks to be these homes are nestled on top of the canyon there and it's hard to tell because the thick black smoke. you can see a wall of flames
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along the neighborhood. >> wildfire season is here in the month of a. a dangerous situation happening now in orange county. we will follow this story at several homes on fire happening in orange county. new at 5:30. a glendale teacher faces backlash after a lesson on pride. >> we have more on the battle on what lessons are good for kids. >> reporter: one of four videos to mean temperature to her third grade class as part of the learning for justice program, which includes lesson on pride. >> it is not clear which videos were shown, they showed two of them during pride month. now it's causing controversy after jordan henry, a city
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council candidate received e- mails regarding the lessons which he recovered under public record laws. one is from tibor who wrote to an advisor after a parent expressed concern. >> the e-mail i wrote seeking advice on content utilized for the program was shared on social media on april 5th. since then my life has turned upside down. >> and marc brown should these kids be discussed to children expect we don't want those lessons being taught to children who are eight years old. are we doing bible study? why is this certain agenda being pushed into the classroom expect this witchhunt started by jordan henry and other individuals have led to me being harassed and bullied and threatened. >> reporter: tibor was supporting students in their
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home study program expect i am heartbroken i couldn't say goodbye to my students. >> reporter: federal and state law protect lgbtq students and family and in include a harassment free environment and we expect everyone to support missy tiber and any other teachers who provide age- appropriate instruction including lgbtq. >> reporter: jordan henry said he did not post the e-mail to glen dale unified school this to excess they are intentional in selecting age-appropriate curriculum, and working to determine which videos are shown in class. one of them was recommended not to be shown by district leadership. reporting and glen dale, rachel
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kim. here in the bay area, contra costa county will expand health care for undocumented immigrants the board of supervisors approved more than $5 million in federal korbin dennis relief and doubles the budget at contra costa cares program which connects uninsured and undocumented residents to healthcare services covering 12,000 residents compared to 2000 it previously covered. in the meantime carter county sheriff's office getting its devin guice. they hired more deputies to patrol unincorporated communities extract pensions running high at the medical school as nurses call out. nurses with the facility held a rally to share their concerns of the abrupt closure of two units at the hospital and alleged patient safety issues. nurses say it's the latest in mismanagement at that hospital. >> the nurses here want to provide the best level of care to our patient population.
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we can't do this under the current staffing conditions respect the two units will undergo seismic retrofitting the nurses association is concerned about patient's quality of care in the meantime. in a response, the hospital says in part, due to the nature of the behavioral health unit, and the complex requirements, they didn't is left no choice but to close its behavioral health unit temporarily for 120 days, until the seismic retrofit is completed. an economist with ties to the bay area is the first black woman to serve on the federal reserve of board of governors. she is a doctor of economics that you see very and was a fellow and the counselor for the obama administration. v.p., here is cast the tie- breaking vote after all 50
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republicans voted against her and said she has no experience with interest rate policy. at tesla goes airborne in the moment it crashes into a tesla. a woman wakes up to the stranger's dog in her bed. extract the price of diesel is an impacted high. the impact on the local trucking business.
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take a look at this. a tesla crashes into a convention center. this happened in columbus ohio.
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the car hit the curb and goes airborne through the centers glass doors leaving a trail of dirt and scattered class. the driver lost control. he was driving 70 miles an hour as he exited he ran a red light and crashed into the building. the driver is expected to be okay. live pictures from sfo right now. the demand for air travel is up passenger satisfaction down the passengers say aircraft are crowded and the cost to cry is sky high. the bureau of labor and statistics say airfares rose more than 33% over the last year and the largest 12 month increase since 1980 experts say airlines have room to make some improvements. >> there are a few things to work on. improving the comfort of the aircraft and all having classes and working on people skills to
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make people feel less like cattle and more like valued passengers. >> the study comes as carriers and airports gear up for a summer travel season which is expected to prepare sam beck passenger volume a couple in tennessee woke up in the middle of the night and discovered an uninvited houseguest in their bed expect they thought it was one of their many dogs that the mystery visitor is another person's dog. the couple woke up during our time thunderstorm and found their bed more crowded than usual. cuddled next to them is a dog did not know. the couple could not figure out how that dog got back in the house by their own dogs. >> we have jupiter, hollis and zeppelin and they bark at anything. squirrel, rabbit or bird, they bark. >> maybe they were like hey, come in. >> i like how he gets under the covers too.
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>> the couple posted there friend. the dog was reunited with his owner. >> it looks very happy. >> another look at the breaking story
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lifting voices and
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uplifting lives. what one man is bringing through the power of music. >> today's bay area jefferson award winner. >> you can see and hear their joy. >> reporter: students present their first concert. high school sophomore zeke has been singing for seven years and music has been a gift in life's changes and challenges. >> it makes me happy and relaxed. and i feel safe. >> reporter: evan moore alice is the man behind the piano and the performance. founder and artistic director of the campari music program. >> hey, nice. >> reporter: david first started in 1987 as an adult corral. >> is in a way to help discover who you are, to find your voice
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which is a musical thing. it's all connected. it's a psychological thing to find out you have value. >> reporter: tuition for adult programs help play for youth offerings that david started 23 years ago when music budgets got slashed in local schools. dontari works with the oakland unified school district to provide free choirs. they take part from kindergarten to high school. students build confidence and parents build community. >> we are providing an arena for that. >> the retired professor has pride in his award-winning advance snow but youth choir and learns a voice is a powerful instrument. >> you could be sad, happy and mad.
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anything. you could feel any emotion and express it musically through your voice. >> participants get mentors and field trips to tour colleges nearly all of them go on to college or vocational school. >> you see the kids eyes open up to a different world than they saw before. that means different dreams and different possibilities and different possibilities. >> forgiven children the joy of music for the last 35 years, the award this year go to david moala's. >> we heard of david because someone nominated him for a jefferson award. fill out our online form at breaking news in orange county. wildfire burning through a neighborhood at this hour. >> as many as 10 homes are burning now in the laguna niguel community. nestled next to the ocean.
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it goes in length and up into the hillside some of the homes are overlooking a canyon. they want those billion-dollar views of the ocean and they run into trouble with conditions like these. it is very dry. they have not had rain like we have rain the hillsides can ignite and cause a real problem. they are making air drops to combat the flames. paul, you look at this, what we have experienced in the bay area, and it looks like they are battling winds also. it's hard to tell if it's from the fire or if it's windy. >> the wind is the major factor drying this. i have a fire whether tractor here. this is the coastal fire with 0% containment as you can see from the helicopter images there. laguna niguel at the bottom of
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your screen. no reported fires in the vicinity. further to the north santa clarita and some spots in red flag conditions. low humidity and gusty winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. laguna niguel is down here. it means the humidity is not that low but southern california is seeing such a lack of rainfall for the last several months. hardly any rainfall for the duration. the vegetation is crispy dry the strong winds, even with the lack of strong humidity levels, help the fire expand. but returned to what's happening in our weather. we will dry out. the warning track goes north. the high-pressure damages it into that direction. as the high-pressure builds in overhead we get nicer weather
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into the weekend. the warmest day saturday. track active. it is going to be misplaced from our neck of the woods to the pacific northwest we will see locally dense fog to start the day and spilling into the inland valleys. some passing clouds up in the atmosphere. those will not squeeze out any precipitation. our rain chances? what rain chances. we head through the weekend into the first half of next week. the rain season is at an end. you can't rule out the possibility that it will give us some rain toward the end of may. we are in the medium category tomorrow. medium-high category four the warmest days, friday and again on saturday. looking outside at san jose, temperatures one.270 concord as well.
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most temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the warmest place you can find it is 70 degrees in fairfield. this temperature map is reminiscent of late march is supposed to be made. sustained winds in both locations around 25 miles an hour. temperatures dropping down mostly to the 40s. the chilliest spots dropping down into the upper 30s and it's another cool day tomorrow for the temperature trump happens. mid-50s along the coast. upper 60s in the santa clara valley. mid to upper 60s for most inland spots and former on the east side of the diablo range or low 70s there. upper 50 san francisco an upper degrees cooler for today. the two upper 60s for most of the northbay. several degrees below normal for one more day. pictures warm up friday. they continue to warm up for saturday. the warmest day in the forecast.
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monday, tuesday, and wednesday, almost normal weather. low 60s for san francisco. upper 60s oakland. upper 50s along the coast. along the coast one day along the coast both saturdays so make the most of it. coming up at 6:00. a new memorial. bay area nurse who fought to save lives but lost five family members to the virus. plus. diesel prices spiking faster than gasoline and we will show you why businesses dependent on diesel trucks are managing the surge. after two years of being shut down the first responder museum finally reopens and we will take you inside. the news at 6:00 coming up in about five minutes. a century-old northbay you're a champion. you're not a quitter.
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. kpix five talks about the trestle project. >> reporter: the old trestle
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has seen better days but something saving this relic could give the city a brighter future. >> in the early 1900s, petaluma was an important city because of the river. the train trestle was the main shipping point to export shipping products and import goods from san francisco. >> the fedex of 1930. overnight shipments could be delivered to san francisco and brought back the same day. >> christopher salud is leading the charge. >> reporter: it is now fenced off from the public. 20 years ago it was being used as a public gathering place for festivals on the river. >> this is the balcony to the river and the river is the heart of our town. >> reporter: it shows the structure is physically strong and putting a new surface on that could turn the trestle into a river from promenade that could benefit local businesses. it would cost between $5,000,000.10 million. promoters are excited that it may be the time for it to actually happen.
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>> we believe it can be done and we will work diligently to get it done. >> reporter: as luck would have it they have a secret weapon. john maher is known as petaluma not pete. a piano playing professional business owner who visited the town 15 years ago and fell in love with it. >> i been a promotion director all my life. it's prime to bring on a cause and make a difference for this town and the trestle became my obsession. >> reporter: he calls attention by playing free honky-tonk piano concerts dividing people and using the power of music to persuade. >> it's making music as the tool so we can open the door and the ears in the minds of people that we want to talk about. >> with any big dream come naysayers. >> it's time to take a chainsaw to it and bring it down. not just dwell so much in the
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past forever respect byron schneider said it would be better spent on fixing potholes on petaluma boulevard. >> every town has potholes but this one has a river. >> and the trestle that may one day serve as the city is linked to its own history. john ramose, kpix five in petaluma. right now on kpix five streaming cbs news bay area. bay area truckers hit hard by the rising costs of diesel and the ripple effect is having on the consumer. >> it's hard to get things done these days. >> a new memorial for those who lost their battle from covid. we hear from a area nurse who lost five family members while working to save the lives of others. you are looking live at the warriors watch party at shay's
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