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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 11, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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others. you are looking live at the warriors watch party at shay's center. minutes away from trying to clinch the series in memphis. good evening i am allen martin. >> and i am elizabeth cook. it looks like everyone is paying more for everything these days. bay area drivers paying the highest price for gas in the nation. but we have not talked much about the skyrocketing price for diesel. after hitting a record high yesterday the average cost for diesel here in california is $6.50 a gallon of more than $2 from this time last year. new at 6:00, kenny choi and the impact it's having on businesses that have to get their goods to market. kenny expect businesses dependent on diesel trucks are taking the hit but in the end it's the consumer feeling the impact of this diesel search. >> reporter: stacks of ice cream, apple juice and products
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quickly picked up, loaded onto dollies and parted into trucks ready to hit the road. >> we go as far north as fort bragg. >> reporter: tom arthur has been delivering locally made products to hundreds of small stores across the bay area for more than four decades. many tucked away in rural parts of the northbay. diesel trucks talking hundreds of miles and hours. >> between 75 and 100 gallons. >> it means fueling up often and for a lot more. >> it's hard to get things done. >> the difference gets tacked onto customers with the fuel surcharge which rises without much pause. diesel and gasoline in the same volatile crude supply impacted by the war in ukraine.
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an energy expert and professor at uc berkeley. >> the demand for diesel and gasoline are sort of out of balance. the market is looking for a lot more diesel than gasoline. the business side of the economy is really picked up and we are shipping a lot of goods and we are producing a lot of things that need diesel. >> tom arthur's business is a noticeable price changes on products he buys and distributes weekly. the higher prices stoking inflation expect everything goes by trucks that use diesel and it ends up showing up in our retail prices. >> reporter: tom spends thousands of dollars more each month just for fuel. >> cannot go on indefinitely. there will be a point where something has to give. >> reporter: the northbay. kenny choi. kpix five. breaking news. orange county, specifically. crews battling a wildfire in orange county. the city of laguna niguel. specifically, the coronado pointe subdivision. you can see flames quickly
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spread. they went through at least 10 homes in the past hour. we have seen planes consuming the high price homes and evacuation orders in place for not only this neighborhood but the nearby neighborhoods flames closing in on homes there. huge clouds of smoke covering the neighborhood. fire crews have been dropping fire retardant and trying to stop the flames from spreading to other homes. the winds gusting 20 to 25 miles an hour and they have been too much to expect the spread from one home to the next. you see the way the flames are flowing to the east. the other major problem is now you have these embers going directly into other neighborhoods. we will widen out and show you the wider fire on the hillside is out. it is basically out. now it's just these homes at the very top that is burning and is overwhelming
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firefighters. >> the flames came right up the canyon and these are live pictures once again. orange county fire crews estimating 183 acres have burned. they are calling it the coastal fire. in orange county and we keep an eye on it. demolition underway at the deadly vta best shooting. kpix five ryan yamamoto is here. ryan? six employees were killed in a shooting rampage last may. >> reporter: three other workers killed at the different building at a facility where the vta has control center for bus and rail operations. the transit agency uses the yard for vehicle storage and maintenance. building b is where 57-year-old samuel james cassidy began his
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killing spree. he killed nine coworkers before turning the gun on himself. it happened as sheriff deputies and police closed in on him. the ages from 29 to 63 years old. the vta demolished the building because it stood as a tragic reminder for those who involve the shooting. one employee who witnessed it committed suicide last august. new at 6:00. kaiser san jose honoring the life lost to coronavirus with an on-campus memorial. >> talking with staff members with how they have coped over the past two years. including one nurse who lost five family members to the virus. >> reporter: the pandemic began here at kaiser, san jose, february 28, 2020. the first patient under
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investigation for covid-19 became the first case in santa clara county. today the hospital remember those lives lost and honored the healthcare workers who worked to save lives, with the unveiling of a new memorial. >> reporter: how do you honor 1 million american lives lost to covid-19? at kaiser san jose, bells rang for 189 seconds straight. one second for every life lost at the hospital to covid-19. for hospital staff nurse, elsa garcia, the losses were not just patients but family. she lost five family members to the coronavirus while she was working to save the lives of other people's loved ones. also said her colleagues lifted her up all dealing with their own grief and fear. >> despite our sadness and the loss, we are such a tight family. he was there when i most needed someone to hug me and say it will be okay. >> reporter: how do you feel the healers?
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>> we heard the cries of family members sitting in their parked cars alone not knowing when and if they could see their loved ones if they should pass on we provided comfort and solace even when there was not much to had. >> reporter: sharon powell was named as the manager and said the everyday acts of humanity and heroism took her breath away. >> that nurse was holding the patient's hand and talking to him. this patient was intubated she did not know if the patient could hear her or not. >> reporter: print the worst is behind them. the staff took a moment to honor those lives lost, as well as themselves. the essential workers who fought to keep the community alive. >> i am so proud of all of you respect and san jose, andria borba, kpix five. two people survived after helicopter crash at a pg&e
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facility in livermore. you can see the front end of the helicopter completely mangled. this is what it looked like from the ground and this happened on the parking lot from national drive. two people injured and one of them the pilot of the chopper taken to the hospital. the other person injured was outside the helicopter and that person taken in for evaluation. >> the helicopter was intact but it did sustained severe damage. again, there was no fire but we did have to extricate the pilot using tools to get the doors open. >> we are told the ntsb is in the skin of the crash. still ahead on kpix five cbs news bay area. the surfers life saved. the heroic rescue in san mateo county. temperatures today were mark the monday and tuesday. still several degrees below average. temperatures will warm up in time for the weekend and traveling that we look at your forecast.
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ready to see the warriors win tonight. a preview of game five against the grizzlies.
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. in santa clara county authorities busted in the lyrical marijuana grow operation east of morgan hill. the deputies seized 2000 marijuana plants and 9 pounds of processed pot from the property. authorities say the street value is $1500 per pound. deputies recovered 33 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition. so far no arrests have been made. in oakland authorities found 15 pounds of fat now and over 2 pounds of heroin inside a car parked at mcclymonds high school. alameda county sheriff's deputy day they found $139,000 in cash. four people taken into custody extract by standards are being called heroes after saving a
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surfers life. it happened at surfers beach in el dorado. a surfer got out of the water and walked up the stairs and collapsed. people nearby went over to help and began doing cpr. emergency crews were called and took over the rescue effort. the patient regained consciousness and was okay. we continue to keep an eye on the breaking news out of southern california. this is in orange county the laguna niguel neighborhood. the fire started around 2:30 and it swept up the canyons of laguna niguel, halfway between laguna beach and it is inland as the crow five by about a mile and a half. winds gusting around 20 to 25. the fire got into this role of homes on the block. at first it was eight homes and townhomes. it could be more than that by now. you can still see the black smoke. >> specifically, this is the coronado subdivision.
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the homes were built there to overlook the gorgeous canyon and see the ocean you would think the winds of the ocean would help in terms of moisture in the air, it has been so dry in this area as paul will tell us that it spreads very, very quickly and in this area every few years you hear about the fire spreading like this and every year much like northern california respect that is the news chopper covering it for us. we are grateful for the coverage. it is giving us a birds eye view on how people are holding up and the wind is coming up. >> hopefully not giving us a view of what is in store for us. certainly it's within the midst of a prolonged drought. >> we will go to weather first and hear from the chopper later. >> the fire will be knocked down. it's about 200 acres, officially 0% containment and the winds are making things
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difficult. even with an onshore wind. we rely on that. the onshore wind provides humidity. once it starts it feeds on the dry vegetation. conditions around the fire. humidity levels find 50%, far from the red flag criteria. the winds out of the west and northwest 10 miles an hour sustained gusting to the 20-25- mile an hour range moving near the vicinity of laguna niguel. as we head through tonight mostly clear skies. patchy dense fog dissipates quickly. up and atmospheric no rain and temperatures on the cool side. a bigger warming trend will kick in beginning on friday. we check on futurecast's passing clouds for the bay area. northern california, oregon, washington pickup much needed
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rain fall at those locations will miss us with a few more locations of rain. we are content with a few passing clouds. not seeing any cloud cover now from the mark hopkins hotel. only 57 downtown. warm sod 70 degrees in santa rosa and your high temperature for today. most of the temperatures upper 60s to around 70 and is back down to 62 in san jose and 61 livermore a noticeable wind still with us now. that will diminish as we head through the rest of tonight. the wind stirs around and it won't be all that strong until we get into the afternoon and it will be the onshore breeze pushing the cooler marine air into the inland valley. another day with high temperatures well below normal for the middle of may upper 30s in the north dave valle. most inland spots mid to upper
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40s. another unseasonably cool day for dog walking whether. passing clouds overhead but natural shade no precipitation in the forecast for the entire 7-day forecast. high temperature santa rosa reaching up into the upper 60s. that is par for the course for all inland parts of the area. around or above 70. upper 50s and low to mid 60s around the bag with mid-50s around the coast and you have to wait until friday for temperatures to jump up more significantly. well above average on saturday. near 70s oakland. low 80s san jose. temperatures dropped for the second half of the weekend and next week we hover around normal. high temperatures across the entire area mid 80s. we are not talking record high temperatures but pleasantly warm for much of the region. >> still pretty warm compared to what we had.
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>> a big turnaround. >> cbs evening news coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. after kpix five news at 6:00 red-hot inflation hits americans hard with consumers paying record high cost were rent, grocery bills and airline tickets. that and all the days headlines right here on the cbs evening news. straight ahead in sports. game time, bottom of the hour. look what the giants did today.
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about 10 minutes until they tip off. >> the warriors one win away from advancing to the western conference finals. vern glenn is with us with more. >> mike brown chose not to reveal his starting five. the game is at 6:30. that was on steve kerr's orders. >> steve told me, under no circumstances do you give these guys. he is one but no way. >> the warriors one when away from moving off the western conference finals. draymond green gave mike a little help with the pregame pep talk. >> amount addressed the team. he said, it's no different for us against denver. the closeout game was tough. he made sure the guys heard that same thing again today. he said bring your hardhats.
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it doesn't matter. you have to find a way to win. >> give it to a baseball. the a's in detroit. the giants, what a role today. welcome back evan longoria back from the injured list season debut with the game with the rockies. giants up 1-0. a comebacker. this court tyler estrada. first front driving and this month. sam hilliard a pop up. we show you this from luis gonzalez, sliding catch from left field. alex cobb approved of that one. gonzales liked the catch. how about a two run homer into the arcade. his third homer of the year. take the giants a 5-0 lead and sometimes luck is on your side. the ball never roll foul. can you believe that? look at that.
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that ended at 0-22 students for peterson. giants swept the rockies 7 to 1 with the five-game street onto st. louis. angels third baseman anthony randon. all right-handed hits until last night he hit left-hander because the race than outfielder pitching and look what happened. boom. a two run homer. he hit that like he hahad a goo night sleep. in the meantime it's official. denver nuggets big man n nikola jokic c ououtside a seserbian b acceptpted his sesecond straiai nba a mvp award.d. the joker wins it in back-to- back years he had better numbers this year than last. phillies joel emiid finished second. shot out san jose state women's golf. top five team went to michigan.
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. was go back to breaking news out of southern california. crews have been battling the fire that started in laguna niguel in orange county. spreading into the neighborhood of coronado point. there are luxury high-rise homes. >> claims have spread to 10 homes. evacuation orders in place for nearby neighborhoods. parts of laguna beach next door
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are evacuated. fire crews say 183 acres have burned and another check of the wildfire coming up on the kpix five news at 7:00 extract capex news opening. >> the guardians of the city museum. our photo journalist gives us a look around. >> reporter: just think about how difficult this job must've been when we didn't have the equipment we have today. when i look at our vintage ford, we haven't always had the conveniences of modern technology and modern equipment. i asked that when you go to this museum, it is dedicated to commemorate public service. keep in mind that the people make this happen. >> the people who respond to emergencies in the city, they have to be on the job. they have to show up. there is no other option and we
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appreciate your service. >> did you look at our case? everything has changed from the simple. we have a lot of history in our sheriff's office we don't know about. it would be great to share with everyone. >> we have a proven history of taking on disasters and growing resiliency. in this first responder museum can help to preserve that history and carry those lessons forward. >> you pull that box you will get help. we still use fire alarms in san francisco. the reason that we get into our business is to help people that has not changed. and that is what makes a great to be able to look at all of this history. >> it is special expect we preserve it. >> on those hot days though they still want to wear that protective gear. >> you have to be in such good shape.
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>> the news continues streaming on cbs news bay area and find it on the kpix five news app strike the cbs evening news coming up next. more local news and an update to the breaking news and the big fire urning in orange
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news as we come on the air. a nearly $1 billion settlement for the survivors and families of victims who died in florida's surfside building collapse. we have all the new details. nearly a year after an apartment building was reduced to rubble in the middle of the night, killing 98 people, tonight, the surprising settlement. red-hot inflation. the new numbers tonight. what president biden said to farmers in illinois. and could it lower food prices? abortion rights bill blocked. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> o'donnell: tonight: the key vote as democrats try to make access to abortion the law of the land. the new 911 calls: the six-foot-nine murder suspect


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