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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 12, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new york. it's thursday, may 12th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." >> we have multiple resources, engines, trucks, personnel here in defense of these homes. >> breaking overnight, homes destroyed in southern california. a wind-driven brush fire tears through multimillion dollar property as firefighters race to control the flames from the ground and the sky. covid outbreak. north korea reports its first case of the pandemic. how the isolated country is responding this morning. sticker shock. consumer prices jump yet again as americans face record high prices. the new action announced to help fight inflation.
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well, good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with a fast-moving wildfire in southern california that destroyed at least 20 homes including some multimillion dollar mansions overlooking the pacific ocean. the so-called coastal fire broke out yesterday afternoon. strong winds quickly spread the fire which has burned about about 200 acres. there are mandatory evacuations in effect for parts of orange county, california. dina demetrius is at the scene of the fire in laguna niguel with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. yes, at least two dozen homes have been destroyed here, and we still see flames burning inside some of them. so now firefighters are going into homes that are still standing, investigating attics and checking interiors for any embers that may turn into flames hours later. multimillion dollar mansions and other homes went up in flames
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wednesday. high winds and dry terrain fueling a wildfire in southern california. fire crews on the ground went house to house trying to contain the blaze. from the sky, planes dropped retardant in hopes of stopping the spread. >> we have heli-tankers and ground crews, and we have every fire engine available in the area to put this fire out. >> reporter: laguna niguel residents brianna kivinski couldn't get to her home to rescue her pets. >> i guess we'll wait here. i'm afraid to go further. >> reporter: firefighters came through delivering brianna's cat back to her. >> i know they have huge things tol wi as thoughtful >> reporter: here you can see the complete destruction of homes right behind me and fires still blazing hours later. local officials here in orange county say the drought brought on by climate change is making conditions worse. >> the fuels, beds in this county throughout southern
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california, throughout the west are so dry that fire like this is going to be more commonplace. >> eporter: orange county fire chief brian fennessy said five years ago this blaze would have been more easily contained. >> the winds we experienced to -- today are not unusual. these are not santa ana winds. these are -- are coastal winds that we experience generally every day. >> reporter: officials haven't said how the fire began. property damage assessment teams will begin their work here today. anne-marie? >> dina demetrius in southern california, thank you very much. breaking overnight, north korea imposed a nationwide lockdown after announcing its first covid outbreak since the make began. state media said tests from an unspecified number of people with fevers in the capital city of pyongyang confirmed that they were infected with the omicron variant. north korea had claimed it did not have any cases of covid, but some international experts doubted that was true.
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all nine supreme court justices are scheduled to meet today for the first time since last week's leak of the draft opinion indicating that the court would overturn roe v. wade which e. coli -- which legalized abortion. nobody other than the justices will attend the scheduled meeting in their private conference room. it comes one day after senate democrats failed to pass a bill to protect abortion rights across the country. they fell short of the 60 votes needed to defeat a republican filibuster. all 50 republicans and one democrat, west virginia senator joe manchin, voted against moving the bill forward. >> we are going to continue to highlight this issue relentlessly and strongly between now and november. >> this bill today is ugly. winner-takes-all politics. it is full of aggressive, ab >> pro-abortion rights groups are planning more demonstrations this weekend in major cities including washington, d.c. for the first time since russia invaded ukraine, a
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captured russian soldier will go on trial for alleged war crimes. ukraine's top prosecutor says the 21-year-old sergeant was charged in the february killing of an unarmed 62-year-old civilian riding a bike in northeastern ukraine. the soldier is accused of firing through a car window. he faces up to 15 years in prison. there is no word on when the trial would start. and ukraine says negotiations are under way to swap russian prisoners of war in exchange for the safe evacuation of it's badly injured fighters trapped inside a steel plant in mariupol. from gas to groceries, american families are paying more. the latest inflation report shows another jump in consumer prices for last month. but there could be a small glimmer of hope. danya bacchus explains. >> reporter: gas is at a record high, forcing many americans to adjust their budget. >> i definitely am eating a lot ttg more expensive.ce, a lot
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a new report shows grocery store prices jumped almost 11%, the largest increase since 1980. are you more conscious about what you're spending? >> yeah. when it comes toward the brands, okay, maybe i have to choose a different brand to even out the balance. >> reporter: almost everything we buy costs more. though there may be a sign inflation is easing. overall, consumer prices in april jumped 8.3% over last year, slightly down from a 40-year high of 8.5% in march. >> in essence, going there an 8.5% annual rate to 8.3% annual rate is like telling someone who's sick your temperature has gone from 105 to 104.7. >> reporter: cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger says inflation fever has likely peaked and could cool more as the federal reserve raises interest rates further. at the same time, the war in ukraine continues to impact
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global prices for oil and food. president biden traveled to illinois and announced new action to help u.s. farmers ramp up production. >> we have to keep investing in our farmers to reduce the costs, to reduce prices to consumers. >> reporter: even with the current steps to ease inflationl continue to climb, just not as fast as they have been. danya bacchus, cbs news, los angeles. nearly $1 billion tentative settlement has been reached in a lawsuit filed by victims' families and survivors of last year's condominium collapse in surfside, florida. 98 people were killed when it partially collapsed in june. investigators and officials found the building to be structurally unsafe. the settlement involves developers of an adjacent building, insurance companies, and other defendants. and there are some sobering numbers about drug overdose deaths in the u.s. more than 107,000 americans died
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of drug overdoses last year -- the most ever. that translates to about one death every five minutes. alaska saw a 75% increase in 2021, the largest jump of any state. overdose deaths in hawaii, however, fell by 2%. coming up, caught on video -- high-speed crash. why the driver of a tesla slammed into a convention center doubng d s s hod casino surprises workers with a big bonus. this is the "cbs morning news." ning news." do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized we needed a way to supplement our income. our friend sold their policy to help pay their medical bills, and that got me thinking. maybe selling our policy could help with our retirement. i'm skeptical, so i did some
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with or without food. ingrezza 80 mg is proven to reduce td movements in 7 out of 10 people. people taking ingrezza can stay on their current dose of most mental health meds. don't take ingrezza if you're allergic to any of its ingredients. ingrezza may cause serious side effects, including sleepiness. don't drive, operate heavy machinery, or do other dangerous activities until you know how ingrezza affects you. other serious side effects include potential heart rhythm problems and abnormal movements. it's nice people focus more on me. ask your doctor about ingrezza, #1 prescribed for td. learn how you could pay as little as zero dollars at some dramatic video of a tesla crashing into a columbus, ohio, convention center. a crash report says that the driver ran a red light and hit the building going 70 miles per hour last week. police say the driver told them that he lost control of his brakes. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition and cited for failure to control.
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the crash caused up to $300,000 in damage. a las vegas hotel surprised workers with a big pay day, and why donald trump is being ordered to pay a fine. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the new york times" reports a new york state judge lifted a contempt order against former president trump in a civil investigation into the business practices of the trump organization. the same judge held trump in contempt last month after finding that he failed to comply with a subpoena to turn over documents. the judge lifted the order but set several conditions including that trump pay $110,000 in fines by may 20th for not providing the documents. and the "las vegas review journal" says the cosmopolitan hotel and casino is giving all its employees a $5,000 bonus. the ceo made the surprise announcement yesterday at an employee event. all 5,400 workers will receive
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the bonus which comes to $27 million. >> i can't even say -- i don't have words. it's just so much excitement and so much gratitude. >> if i could sum it up with one word -- wow. for once i'm speechless, and i feel so much just -- so much gratitude. i feel so, so lucky and blessed to be working here and part a part of this. >> the hotel's owner, financial conglomerate blackstone, says it was done to show appreciation for everyone's dedication and hard work during the pandemic. still to come, a furry mystery. a couple finds an unexpected guest cuddling in their bed during a thunderstorm. during a thunderstorm.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪
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well americans who receive social security could see bigger checks next year. the senior citizens league predicts an increase of $142 per month because of inflation. that would be the largest cost of living adjustment since 1981. the average check would come out to roughly $1,800 starting in early 2023. the push to go maskless at airports is growing around the world, and google unveils new augmented reality glasses. matt pieper has those stories and more in the "money watch" report. a not so great day on wall street wednesday as everything was down. the dow lost 326. the nasdaq was down 373, and the s&p 500 lost 65. oil giant saudi aramco is now the world's most valuable firm, overtaking apple on wednesday. aramco is valued at about $2.4 trillion, slightly more than the iphone maker. the switch comes as energy
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stocks have soared in recent weeks while tech stocks have led the selloff. airline passengers in europe may be allowed to ditch their face masks come monday. two european agencies are no longer recommending passengers mask up. individual airlines and countries can still choose to mandate face coverings. france announced monday it will lift its mask requirements for all public transportation. and google introduced a slew of new technology at its annual goers conference including the pixel 7 phone and android and a prototype of a new type of google glass, its failed eyeglasses. a video showed them translating conversations in realtime. this version looks more like normal glasses so as not to attract any unwanted attention. and that's your cbs "money watch" report for this thursday morning. i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new york. tennis star naomi osaka is flexing her business muscle by starting her own agency. osaka's agent confirmed the four-time grand slam champion is leaving img to launch evolve.
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it will operate as a small boutique and bespoke agency. initial clients will be only athletes. the 24-year-old said that it's the next step in her journey as both an athlete and a businesswoman. the largest white diamond to ever hit the auction block has been sold. the winning bid -- more than $21 million. it fell short of the $30 million that christie's auction house had hoped to fetch. the rock, as it's called, has more than 228 carats and the buyer was not identified. next, everyday heroes caught on video. good samaritans in florida jump into action after a driver suffers a medical emergency at a busy intersection. t a busy intersection. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit my asthma felt anything but normal.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! >> country star dierks bentley knows how to surprise his children. he recently brought only the actual stanley cup and posted video of their reaction on social media this week. his three kids agreed that they would definitely eat ice-cream out of the silver cup if they could. a young burn victim had a
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baseball dream come true. 6-year-old dominick krankall met with new york yankees players in the bronx yesterday. he played catch and then watched a game with his family from a stadium suite. the boy suffered severe burns last month after being hit with a flaming tennis ball allegedly thrown by a neighborhood bully. and police are attempting to track down and thank the good samaritans who sprang into action in boynton beach, florida. street camera footage shows a woman jumping out of her car and racing to the intersection where her co-worker was having a medical episode behind the wheel. she waved down other drivers, and together they manually stopped the moving car, then broke into the windows until at ambulance arrived. the driver is said to be doing fine. and a tennessee couple who routinely shares the bed with their pet dogs got quite a jolt the other day. during a thunderstorm, julie johnson says she looked over and
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couldn't quite believe what her husband was telling her. >> rolled over on my side of the bed and he goes, no, it's not our dog. one, how did the dog get in my house? two, we have jupiter, hollis, and zeppelin, and they bark at anything, a squirrel, a rabbit, a bird, they bark. >> yeah. whole random dog showed up. after realizing it popped in through the back door, the johnsons posted a picture of the mystery dog on social media, and a neighbor responded. turns out nala had slipped out of her collar and traveled about two miles before finding a nice place to rest in their bed. she was quickly reunited with her owner. so coming up on "cbs mornings," nate burleson takes us behind the scenes at the nfl headquarters to show us how the nfl's schedule is created. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news."
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our top storieses our top stories this morning -- firefighters in southern california are battling a fast-moving wildfire that destroyed at least two dozen homes. that includes some multimillion dollar mansions overlooking the pack ocean. the so-called coastal fire broke out yesterday afternoon in laguna niguel. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect. and for the first time since russia invaded ukraine, a captured russian soldier will go on trial for alleged war crimes. ukraine's top prosecutor the 21-year-old sergeant was charged in february for killing an unarmed 62-year-old civilian riding a bike in northeastern ukraine. the soldier is accused of firing through a car window. he faces up to 15 years in prison.
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the pandemic days of extra room and more attention on planes are over. flight demand is up, and a study finds that airline passengers' satisfaction is down. naomi ruchim reports. >> reporter: airports are crowded, plane seats are filled, and wallets are wheezing, all reasons some passengers aren't too thrilled to be flying. >> it is more difficult. there's more delays. it's harder to get seats. everything's more expensive. >> it's becoming very expensive for us to like travel. >> reporter: according to the bureau of labor statistics, air fares rose more than 33% over the last year, the largest 12-month increase since 1980. the latest study from jd power found airline passenger satisfaction took a nose-dive over the last year. >> airplanes are becoming full again, and that tends to make satisfaction go down. >> reporter: jetblue scored the top spot for first or business class and for premium economy, while southwest led customer satisfaction in the economy segment.
4:27 am
other airlines have room for improvement. >> the things they you probably need to work on are improving the comfort of the aircraft in all cabin classes and working on people skills to make people feel less like cattle and more valued passengers. >> reporter: the study comes as carriers and airports gear up for the busy summer travel season which is expected to see pre-pandemic passenger volume. >> we expect this to be a busy summer, and we are as ready as we can be. we're likely going to exceed in some airports by good measure the 2019 numbers. >> reporter: the transportation security administration says it is staffed up and also investing in new technology to help speed up the process for those summer vacations. naomi ruchim, cbs news, new york. coming up on "cbs mornings," as the u.s. marks one million covid deaths, david begnaud revisits some of the families who have lost loved ones to the virus and gets an update on how they're doing.
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plus, in our "earth 365" series, ben tracy takes us to lake powell where climate change is impacting water levels and revealing natural wonders for the very first time in decades. and nate burleson takes us behind the scenes at the nfl headquarters to show us how the nfl's schedule is created. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. i'm thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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