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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 12, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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streaming on cbs news bay area, a fast-moving fire forcing evacuations in southern california. how the drought is making conditions even worse. plus the covid surge being felt in the bay area. the spike forcing one school to shut down. a blow to gun control advocates. the new ruling on the sale of semi-automatic weapons in california. one bay area firefighter just got back from ukraine. hear from him on his efforts to help other firefighters and help bring closure to families. >> looking forward to that story, jocelyn. it's thursday, may 12th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese. darren, a little warmer out there this morning. >> keeping the north bay valleys out of the 30s. it's like 40 degrees for our coldest spot. we have an hour or two to go where the temperatures can still drop. let's get you ready for what to expect before you step out the door. by the way, already seeing a
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little early morning light in the sky. santa rosa, you have now just as the hour has ticked over, dipped down into the upper 30s. it was mid 30s yesterday at this time which meant we were doing some low 30s in some of the colder pockets up in the north bey valleys yesterday. still cold up there, don't get me wrong. it is technically a few degrees warmer. mid 40s everywhere else. look at sfo hanging onto 50. daytime highs will go to 70 for inland valleys today. pretty much right where we were yesterday. it will be in the mid 60s along the bay shoreline. sunny skies throughout today. if we've got specific numbers to go around, fremont will hit 64, 63 in oakland, santa rosa to 70. for now let's get over to gianna and see if she's got issues on the road. >> one snag on 880. a crash there. the brake lights are starting to get bez si as you work your way towards the altamont and dublin
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interchange. we're starting to see things getting a little crowded as you approach the 680 interchange. heads up there, if you're headed east of there down about 14 miles per hour into the altamont. the backup in tracy isn't too bad. westbound 205 looking okay. 580 you'll start seeing trouble spots there. if you're taking 880, the nimitz freeway, this is northbound 880 right at davis. not a back u p just yet. it's quite early. 580 looks good in both directions if you want to use that instead. here is a live look near the coliseum. 880 looks good through here at least. a look at your overnight headlines at this hour, starting off in so cal, there's a fast-moving wildfire outside of l.a. it has caused more evacuations overnight as crews continue to battle it. it broke out in brush between the cities of laguna niguel and
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laguna beach. it's burned about 200 acres so far. we'll have a live report coming up in the next half hour. a new $10,000 reward is on the table for info leading to the arrest of a suspect in that mass shooting in sacramento last month. detectives are looking for a man named ma tula peyton. six people were killed, 12 others injured when gunshots rang out as bars closing downtown. north korea is at it again firing three short-range ballistic missiles. this is the late northwest a series of weapons demonstrations this year that came just hour after north korea confirmed its first case of the coronavirus since the pandemic began. that's a look at your overnight headlines. to marin county where health officials say covid cases have triple ld driven by the ba 1
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subvariant. schools were forced to close because of outbreaks, and some schools are requiring students to mask up indoors. widespread restrictions are unlikely as hospital cases remain low. >> there's a slight increase in hospitalizations in california, by maybe 15% compared to two weeks ago. but it's a drop in the bucket compared to where we were in january. >> in santa clara county covid infections have tripled. dr. sarah cody urges people to take their own precautions but held back from reinstating mandates. at kaiser in san jose these bells rang for 189 seconds yesterday, one for each life lost to covid-19 there. the hospital also unveiled a new memorial on its campus. it was the site of the bay area's first covid case in february of 2020. new this morning, moderna has taken another step towards
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protecting young children against covid-19. the company released new evidence its vaccine caused no serious adverse events and only mild side effects in children ages 6-11. earlier it announced it's seeking emergency use authorization of the vaccine for this age group. right now pfizer has the only coronavirus vaccine the fda has authorized for children. demolition work is under way at the vta light rail yard in san jose. crews used heavy equipment to tear down building b where several employees were killed in last year's shooting rampage. a disgruntled employee opened fire and killed nine co-workers before turning the gun on himself. the victims ranged in age from 29 to 63 years old. vta decided to demolish the building to help survivors and victims' families heal. a federal appeals court in san francisco overturned california's ban on selling semi-automatic weapons to adults
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under 21. the judges ruled 2-1 that the law violates the second amendment. the firearms policy coalition which brought the case says the decision makes them optimistic other age-based gun bans will be overturned. to ukraine now where residents in mariupol are literally trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered port city. prior to invasion it was home to 400,000 people. this morning the local steel plant is the only place in town russia does not control. the fighting has not led up in the south or the east where ukrainian soldiers are pushing russian troops away from kharkiv and back to the border. with neither side moving toward a decisive victory, it's looking like a stalemate that could last for months or longer. back in the bay area. a contra costa county firefighter recently returned from a trip to ukraine. >> he helped other first
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responders bring closures to families. jocelyn moran has more. >> his name is david. he was born in ukraine and came here when he was 2. he said he saw another social media post from another firefighter in the state saying they were going to ukraine. he reached out and when the opportunity came, he didn't hesitate. >> that's the worst part of it, being a firefighter, we all have the urge to help. >> reporter: he says he was prepared for the calls to come in for search and rescue. these images hit closer to home. >> seeing the damage and the devastation is something i've never seen before. a natural human eye shouldn't have to see. >> reporter: he was born in ukraine. he and his family came to the u.s. when he was 2. since the war started, he had been wanting to help. he documented it. he said he and crews would search apartment buildings, training proving to be critical.
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>> help bring closure to families, able to recover a lot of important paperwork, passports for families. >> reporter: at the same time they provided training to firefighters in ukraine. >> to be able to help and not just firefighting and rescuing people, but keeping them alive and getting them to hospitals. >> reporter: he said the brotherhood among firefighters extends beyond the bay area and the u.s. >> being there for them was important for them. cooking them a hot meal. >> reporter: david spent about three weeks in ukraine. >> these are patches from the soldiers that we dropped off sleeping bags and thermals for them. >> reporter: he says he comes back feeling more grateful. >> checking out these apartments looking for life. you see somebody's breakfast still on the table and it's been there for a few days and makes you think, you have to treasure your life. >> this was separate from the contra costa county fire department. he wanted to emphasize how grateful he was to the guys who covered his shifts. >> something he decided to do on
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his own. >> yeah, he did. he said obviously this hit closer to home. he has family in ukraine. he was born there. we asked him if he would do it again and he said yeah. >> i'm sure. it's incredible the amount of compassion that you see from these people that are making that trip, to leave the comfort of here to go into a place like that. so thank you for his service and everyone else doing that. >> thank you, jocelyn. it is now 5:09. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. teachers making their demand in fremont. why they're upset with the district. diesel prices sky high this morning. the impact it's already having on businesses right now. as we take a look at the roadways, we've got a hot spot along the
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>> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere...
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♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ a familiar scenario playing out with districts across the bay area as public school enrollment continues to decline. in the past five years, california public schools have seen major delines in enrollment. the problem is when the district has fewer students, it gets less funding. in free month's case, the district says it simply doesn't have the money.
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>> a first-year teacher cannot afford an apartment in fremont. >> the state is looking for ways to help fund schools seeing dips in enrollment. several bills are working through the legislature right now. take a look at this mountains of merchandise seized in an organized retail theft bus. in a pittsburg home they found $715,000 worth of items stolen from retailers across california. 45-year-old julio cuellar was arrested. some north bay wineries are on notice this morning, the water they are allowed to get from the russian river may soon dry up. nearly 2,000 residential and business customers face water curtailments that could happen as early as june 1st. the state water board is trying to protect drinking water and fish with lake mendocino and
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lake son nomo both under capacity. >> a check of weather and traffic right now. >> darren, let's start with you. >> i'll take it from there. the thing about the morning is it's subtly warmer. i don't know that you're going to notice a whole lot of difference. but for, let's say, those vineyards in the north bay, they'll notice this difference because we're several degrees above freezing this morning. we've gotten close to freezing in the north bay valleys. while it is cold, the temperature for the santa rosa sensor is down to 39. that's a good gauge for most of the north bay valleys, whether it's sonoma or napa. it's a little warmer than yesterday. you still want the jacket. same story on daytime highs. a few degrees warmer today in some of the inland spots perhaps and maybe a little cooler into the water. i doubt anyone notices much of a
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difference on daytime highs. we keep clouds around for the first half of today. by the time we get into the late afternoon, higher clouds clear out. you get bluer sky for the late afternoon going into the early evening today. high clouds around for the first part you can see the same thing happening today, y20 to 25 mile per hour on shore breeze. you will feel it in the coast and in the city, along the peninsula and bay shoreline. if you want to see how temperatures change tomorrow, here is a good snap. daytime highs today is a few degrees below average. there is not a whole lot of color shaded on here. watch tomorrow. we wish to show more of the oranges. looking at friday in the afternoon, deeper shades going through here showing significantly warmer in in land
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val valleys than here. >> daytime highs today for san jose, 68. tomorrow, 78. san francisco is going 61 to 68 tomorrow. you really see the micro climate as well. 81 today and 88 on saturday. saturday is the day it actually will be the warm estimate, it will cool down from there and much of next week. no more rain. >> gianna, how ises the drive looking. >> not >> brian kylee is checking 101 as he heads from 237 to mountain view. 880, headed along the nimitz freeway, this is a live look near the coliseum. this portion of the freeway looks good.
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no major delays or issues. not too far from there there's a trouble spot. we've had our eye on this, 880 northbound near davis street where one or two lanes are blocked for a crash. this is not too far from where the coliseum is. if you're headed in that direction, just a heads-up there. it's still quite early for the morning commute. not a lot of cars on the roadway. if you want to take 880, you might see slight delays. 580 is free flowing, no delays there. a live look at the dublin interchange. we're already starting to see the brake lights, lots of volume for commuters headed westbound towards 680. no crashes. you know what to expect if you're a super commuter. brake lights coming out of tracy, but not as far back as mountain house. things are looking okay through tracy. it gets busy once you approach the 580 connector. getting onto 580 is sluggish. brake lights at grant line not quite to north flynn. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are off. right now no delays as you head
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into the city. pretty easy ride. with a demand form flights driving ticket prices sky high, a j.d. power survey finds passenger satisfaction has taken a nosedive. >> the things that you probably need to work on are improving the comfort of the aircraft in all cabin classes and working on people skills to make people feel less like cattle and more like valued passengers. >> airfares rose more than 33% over the past year. that's the largest 12-month increase since 1980. tesla is recalling another 130,000 cars that may be too hot to handle. the latest bug infotainment systems might overheat. tesla can fix it remotely with a software update. it's the 13th recall between 2022 models 1 and y. the average cost for diesel in california is at $6.50 a
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gallon. that's up more than $2.00 from this time last year. kpix 5's kenny choi has more on the impact for businesses. >> reporter: businesses dependent on diesel trucks are taking the hit. in the end it's the consumer feeling the impact of this surge. >> stacks of ice cream, crates of ap ill juice and other food products quickly picked up, loaded onto dollies and carted into trucks. >> we go as far south as muir woods and as far south as ft. bragg. >> reporter: tom arthur's small business has been delivering locally made products to hundreds of small stores across the bay area for more than four decades. many tucked away in rural parts of the north bay. all those diesel trucks logging hundreds of miles on the road including the six in his feet. >> some hold between 75 and 100
5:20 am
gallons. it's hard to get things done these days. >> reporter: when the cost of diesel spikes, the cost gets passed on to customer in the form of a fuel surcharge. diesel and gasoline are refined from the same volatile crude oil supply impacted by the war in ukraine. an energy expert and professor at uc berkeley -- >> the demand for diesel and gasoline are sort of out of balance. the market is looking for a lot more diesel than gasoline. the business side of the economy has really picked up, and we're shipping a lot of goods and producing a lot of things that need diesel. >> reporter: tom arthur's business is seeing noticeable price changes in products he buys and districts weekly. those prices are stoking inflation. >> almost everything goes truckst retail prices. >> reporter: tom is now spending thousands of dollars more each month just for fuel compared to last year. >> i don't think that can go on
5:21 am
indef indefinitely. it's going to be a point where something has got to give. >> reporter: in the north bay, kenny choi, kpix 5. pandemic-era park lets and car-free streets will likely be permanent in palo alto, but maybe not as we know them now. >> the city council is taking up several new proposals this month, including adding a two-way bike lane along california avenue and requiring restaurants to shore up outdoor dining spaces with more permanent structures and protective barriers. >> we come in in the evening and it's full and light and very lively, just awesome. you're feeling like you're in europe. >> i have seen this place evolve, and i really like it the way it is now. >> the new rules will likely be tweaked a bit before a permanent ordinance is adopted in a few months. happening today, commencement ceremonies are returning to csu east bay. a special ceremony for the classes of 2020 and 2021. the class of 2022 graduates will
5:22 am
be added friday through sunday. glad the previous classes will get their moment. >> eve got to do the walk. >> you have to. >> congratulations to all of you graduating. 5:22. still ahead on kpix 5, klay thompson calling game five ang embarrassment. the long night for the dubs in
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just remember yesterday. today is almost identical. a couple of subtle differences. it might be one or two degrees cooler than yesterday. it will be a bit cloudy until we get towards the late afternoon and maybe breezy by the water. in general, you can count on temperatures climbing into the low to mid 60s. that's a quick pic stop at 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. much warm are tomorrow. i'll show you the change in the complete forecast. back to you. live to chase center, the dubs are heading home after a tough loss to the grizzlies in memphis. the teams will play game six tomorrow night. >> tonight wasbuer. >> we always stabilize, everybody come together, give them a chance to regroup. >> the whole purpose, they lost
5:26 am
there so they can win here. >> that's it obviously. fans left last night's thrive city watch party a bit stunned, but optimistic. we had some of our co-workers there that left a little disappointed. memphis facing elimination played like a desperate team. >> it seemed to work out in their favor t. grizzlies won by a whopping 39 points. they cut the series lead to 3-2. now all the pressure is on golden state to win game six tomorrow at home. some dubs players sounded off after the game. >> it was awful. it was embarrassing. we all had the mindset we were going to close it out tonight. sometimes basketball is an inexact science and we played like a shell of ourselves. >> we did everything wrong, turnovers, offensive rebounds, fouls. on the road when you give a team that's playing with desperation life like that, you can lose control of the game really quickly. >> tip-off for game six is at
5:27 am
7:00 tomorrow night right here in san francisco. coming up at 645 this morning, the return of our "it's game time" segment. mark willard will be joining us to break down what he expects from the dubs. time now is 5:27. in our next half hour on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area -- >> homes up in flames in southern california. the fast-moving fire forcing evacuations this morning. >> plus countering a potential overturn of roe v. wade. the new proposal from governor
5:28 am
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, high winds and dry terrain fueling a wildfire this morning. a live report from southern california as crews try to stop
5:30 am
its spread. why bystanders at a san mateo county beach are being called heroes. governor newsom preparing for the pending supreme court decision on roe v. wade. good morning to you. it is thursday, may 12th, i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese. first things first, a check of the forecast. darren, i see something pretty behind you. >> nothing against you, darren. >> it's not you. it's me. >> i'm just as proud of that camera as you guys are. it really does show what's going on over san jose right now i.'s not a foggy morning by any means. look at that little deck of clouds hanging out right over -- that's the camera that sits in the hills. technically up above mountain view and looking over the sbai. that would be like union city on
5:31 am
the east bay shoreline. mountain view over here. that's one little patch cloud that has filled in part of the south bay. this will be a beautiful sunrise from our camera above the south bay. we'll watch that together over the next hour. not seeing the same thing from the camera atop of salesforce over the bay bridge. this will be a clear view of sunrise coming up a little after 6:00 a.m. with clear skies like that in the north bay, too, it's kind of cold for santa rosa. it's 39. everybody else is pretty much mid to upper 40s. maybe a degree or two warmer than yesterday. daytime highs are almost identical. right near 70 for inland spots. mid 60s in the heart of the bay. you can pick out your part of the bay specifically. mountain view, 64, livermore 66, 70 in santa rosa. tomorrow is the day when it gets noticeably warmer. like a ten-degree jump tomorrow. we'll show you that coming up in
5:32 am
the complete forecast. let's check in on the drive. >> caltrans issuing a wind advisory for some alameda county ways. at the bay bridge, not bad. things moving nicely as you work your way over into the city. sheer a live look at 880. starting to see the extra volume northbound. right now now brake lights or issues. there was a crash near davis along 880. that has been cleared out of lanes. heads up, there's a ten-minute b.a.r.t. delay -- south hayward on the berryessa line in the richmond direction. muni, caltrans, a.c.e. all on time. no problems there. the san mateo bridge moving nicely both directions. 13 minutes between 880 and 101. right now mandatory evacuations are in effect for parts of orange county. the so-called coastal fire has burned about 200 acres and two dozen homes along the pacific
5:33 am
ocean. cbs reporter dina demetrius joining us right now. >> dina, you've been there all morning long. what is the containment looking like now? >> reporter: containment is still around zero percent. there are about 200 acres that have been burned. there are at least two dozen homes that have been destroyed. some are still smoldering. what firefighters are doing at this point and have been doing is going into homes that are still standing and investigating attics and other indoor areas, investigating for embers, looking for embers that may exist there that could turn into future flames in that home. >> multimillion dollar mansions and other homes went up in flames wednesday. high winds and dry terrain fueling a wildfire in southern california. fire crews on the ground went
5:34 am
house to house trying to contain the blaze. from the sky planes dropped retardant in hopes of stopping the spread. >> we have helitankers and ground crews and every fire engine available in the area to come and put this fire out. >> this resident couldn't get to her home to rescue her pets. >> i guess we'll wait here because i'm afraid to go further. >> reporter: firefighters came through delivering brianna's cat back to her. >> i know they have huge things to deal with right now. it was very thoughtful of them to save my animal. >> reporter: here you can see the complete destruction of homes right behind me and fires still blazing hours later. local officials here in orange county say the drought brought on by climate change is making conditions worse. >> the fuels, beds in this county throughout southern california and throughout the west are so dry that a fire like this is going to be more commonplace. >> reporter: orange county fire authority chief brian finnessey says five years ago this blaze
5:35 am
would have been more easily contained. >> the winds we experienced to day were not unusual. these are not santa ana winds. these are coastal winds we experience generally every day. >> officials haven't said how the fire began. now, property damage assessment teams expect to begin their work later on today. len and amanda. >> dina, peeking behind you, it seems busy this morning as well. can you tell us what's happening right now? >> i'm sorry. say that again? >> can you tell us right now what's happening out there on that scene? >> reporter: the fire crews have been out here, and they are continuing to be out . e e certainhat have fing l, e tho they're destroyed and others have embers that they found in the at that
5:36 am
time tick spaces underneath the tile roofs. they're going house to house now to check everything out, to make sure those that are standing will remain standing. at this point evacuations continue, both voluntary and mandatory. people will be staying away for the time being. >> all right. a lot happening over there. dina, thank you so much for your live report. i'm ann mack vek with a look at your overnight headlines. starting off in the north bay where a school was forced to close because of new covid outbreaks. saint rose school in santa rosa canceled classes after a surge of the ba.2 subvariant. other schools also requiring students to mask indoors again. both marin and santa clara countys have reported covid infections have tripled. so far no new restrictions there. the president released a statement that the u.s. hit a milestone with the pandemic.
5:37 am
1 million americans have died of covid. he said we must not grow numb to such sorrow. to heal, we must remember. the white house hosting a virtual covid-19 summit today. a live look at san francisco where a plan to expand homeless shelters is up for a vote. a bill called a place for all mandates more temporary beds, but some homeless advocates say it does so without any financial guarantees and at the expense of permanent housing solutions. we're going to have our eye on that meeting this morning. that is a look at your overnight headlines. bystanders at a san mateo beach are being called heroes after saving a surfer's life. this happened at surfer's beach over the weekend. crews say a surfer in his 50s go out of the water, walked up the stairs and collapsed right there on the sidewalk. people nearby immediately went over to help and began doing cpr. emergency crews were called and took over that rescue effort.
5:38 am
the patient regained consciousness and is okay. a tentative settlement has been reached in last year's surfside, florida, condo collapse. survivors and the families of those killed agreed on a tentative agreement of more than $997 million. part of the champlain towers building collapsed in the middle of the night last june beginning a weeks' long search, rescue and recovery effort. 98 people were killed in the disaster. within the next few weeks a judge will settlement breakdown. governor newsom is asking for $125 million to help pay for abortions and reproductive health care for women who can't afford them. advocates say clinics across the state will need the help to meet demand if the supreme court overturns roe v. wade this summer. the money would be divided between abortion services, clinic security and reproductive education. anti-abortion advocates say the money would be better spent on california's higher priority
5:39 am
problems. >> we're going to give out-of-state women at california taxpayers' expense basically an abortion vacation. >> this comes after the act failed to advance in congress. moderate democrat joe manchin joined senate republicans in blocking the attempt to turn abortion rights into federal law. developing, the house select committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol is finalizing what their hearings will look like. the first hearing is set for june 9th. it will be an overview of the panel's ten-month investigation. there's been talk about outlining what former president trump was doing as the riot started, how police responded and a review of how the uprising was organized. former trump aides to then vice president mike pence are also expected to answer questions under oath. 5:39 the time now. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. the big vote from workers at a pair of santa cruz starbucks
5:40 am
stores. meet captain mugshot. the newest member of truckee pd's command staff. keeping an eye on sunrise, watching from the camera in the south bay and on top of salesforce tower. sunrise happening today at 6:02. we're about to come into the prettiest part of the morning. we'll talk about the big warmup for tomorrow and saturday in the forecast coming up. you're a champion. you're not a quitter.
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workers at a pair of santa cruz starbucks stores have voted to unionize, a first for the coffee chain in california. a third location is gearing up for a vote. we'll know the result in early june. this morning a record setting rock, the largest ever white diamond just sold for $21.8 million at auction. >> you bought it for me? >> so while that was a hefty sum, christie's auction house expected the golf ball-sized jewel to break the $30 million mark. the 228 karat gem was mined in south africa over two decades ago. don't wear it out in public. >> golf ball size. what do you do with that? >> put it in lockdown. mega millions temporarily
5:44 am
suspending prize payments. >> it comes after a mega mistake during a drawing in new york. it happened tuesday when the host mistakenly called the wrong number. instead of calling out 9, the announcer john crow actually called out 6. even repeating the error and displaying it on screen. there were no grand prize winners with either 6 or 9. players are advised to hold on to their tickets until this issue is resolved. ouch. >> the question is will john crow have to go after that. it was a mistake, though. we're human, we make mistakes. that's a pricey one. darren, how is it looking out there? >> pretty spectacular as it always does from the top of sutro tower. often a great camera to use if we want to see what the fog is doing, if there is any. the bridge is fine. ref once in a while, watch the
5:45 am
marine layer and the stratus cloud. fog up here in front of the camera lens. fine down on the deck of the bridge. it's that way everywhere else. you can see the same mid-level cloud. here hanging out over the south bay. here over union city, you can see the lights of the east bay shoreline. from the top of the salesforce tower it's clear through the heart of the bay. sunrise coming up in a few minutes. let's talk about how it feels. to get you started this morning, kind of cold in the north bay valleys. not as cold as yesterday. temperature right now is 39 for santa rosa. that's a few degrees warmer than yesterday. concord at 47 and livermore at 47. that's also about 79 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time of day for those inland valleys. it feels a little better to start. the daytime highs will be almost identical. we'll be right around the upper 60s, maybe a few low 70s for daytime highs.
5:46 am
call it mid to low 60s the closer you are to the golden gate. bringing in higher clouds for the rest of today. by the time we get to the late afternoon, even those clear out. you'll see more blue sky second half of the day today than the first part. it will be breezy near the water. you can see how the onshore winds turn on right there for a 20 to 25-mile-an-hour wind, nothing out of the ordinary. that's what we do. the real story is tomorrow and saturday. those are the two days when this is going to change and you'll be about ten degrees warmer for daytime highs tomorrow than today. 68 today, 78 tomorrow. saturday is the top of the warmup. in the mid 80s for san jose then. upper 70s. microclimates, the inland valleys will be near 90 by saturday. a bit of a change starting tomorrow. let's get the up-front view of the morning commute. gianna, what are you seeing?
5:47 am
>> i got one courtesy of mobile 5. brian kiley is traveling along 101. if you're making the ride along the peninsula, this is what's in store. nice freeways, moving along with no delays or issues. traffic has been pretty quiet so far along northbound 101. southbound 101, crowded coming out of the city. overall, a pretty easy ride as you work your way through there. thank you for the great shot this morning, brian. jumping over to the bay bridge, things are quiet. not seeing major break lights or issue. at the toll plaza, crowded across the upper deck into san francisco. slowing down as you come off the exit near fremont street. overall a pretty quiet commute there as well. live look at 880, the nimitz freeway, wind advisory in effect for parts of the county. doesn't look like much of an issue. traffic moving nicely both directions. we had a trouble spot near davis. that has not been cleared out of lanes. if you're taking 880, you
5:48 am
shouldn't have any major issues. if you're taking b.a.r.t. this morning, there's a ten-minute delay at the south hayward station in the berryessa direction, on the richmond line as well. plan for that, cam tran, a.c.e., muni. san mateo bridge looking good this morning. 13 minutes between 880 and 101. so an easy ride here. in fact, most of our bay area bridges are pretty quiet this morning. live look at the golden gate. not seeing brake lights or issues across the span. the marin county commute off to a good start. officials have signaled their decision to turn a into a river walk. the effort to promote it to the public has hit all the right notes. >> reporter: the old train trestle has seen better days. some think it could give the city a brighter future.
5:49 am
in the early 1900s, petaluma was an important city because of the river. the train trestle was the main shipping point to export the county's agricultural products and import goods from san francisco. >> the fedex of 1930. overnight shipments could be delivered to san francisco and brought back the same day. >> reporter: christopher is leading the charge to save the trestle which has fallen into disrepair. it's now fenced off from the public. 20 years ago it was still used as a public gathering place for festivals on the river. >> this is the balcony to the river and the river is the heart of our town. >> reporter: a 2013 study shows the structure is still strong and putting a new surface on it could turn the trestle into a riverfront promenade to benefit local businesses. it would probably cost between $5 and $10 million and promoters are excited and they believe this is time for it to happen.
5:50 am
>> we believe it can be done and we'll work diligently to get it done. >> reporter: as luck would have it, they have a secret weapon. john maher is known around town as petaluma pete. a piano playing professional business promoter who visited the town 20 years ago and fell in love with it. >> i've been a promotion director all my life. it's time to bring on a cause and make something make a difference for this town and the trestle became my obsession. >> reporter: now he calls attention to the cause by playing free honky-tonk piano concerts at spots around town, delighting people and using the power of music to persuade. >> so it's making music as the tool so we can open the door and the ears and the minds of people to what we want to talk about. >> reporter: but with any big dream come naysayers. >> it's time to take a chainsaw to it, bring it down, not dwell
5:51 am
so much in the past forever. >> reporter: byron schneider says the money would be better spent fixing potholes on petaluma boulevard. >> all i can say to that guy is every town has got potholes, but this one has got a river. >> reporter: and a trestle that may one day serve as the city's link to its own history. in petaluma, john ramos, kpix 5. the city council seems to be behind the proposal. last week they named the trestle restoration as one of the city's top priorities for the next two fiscal years. commit a crime in truckee, prepare to answer to this guy, captain mugshot. the 8-month-old stray is the newest member of the command staff. he spent time jumping from shelter to shelter. captain mugshot will soon be assuming the role of community outreach canine. i believe he goes by mugs. >> captain mugs. don't play with the captain, but play with the captain because he
5:52 am
looks so can you tell. >> he is a cutie pa tootie. so intimidating. next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. the mashing pumpkins hitting the road. when you can expect to see billy core again in the bay area want more from your vitamin brand? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement... to the only 24-hour vitamin c to heart-healthy support every day. get more with nature's bounty.
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we're starting out a
5:55 am
gorgeous day over the south bay. that's the view from the camera. mountain view in the foreground. it's not as dramatic for most of the bay. relatively clear skies for most of us. it's a bit colder as a result of that. sunrise coming up about seven minutes from now. we'll watch it live together and talk about a noticeably warmer day tomorrow. i'll see you in just a few minutes. the smashing pumpkins are embarking on a 32-day coast to coast -- ♪ ♪ >> 1979, a very goodyear. the shows kick off october 2nd in dallas with special guest jane's addiction. the tour comes to chase center on november 15th. tickets go on sale tomorrow. you can catch the smashing pumpkins tonight on the late show with james core dan. she punched a boy in church.
5:56 am
>> and in tonight's episode of "young sheldon," missy stands up for george when the church congregation starts gossiping. catch it tonight on kpix 5 followed by the united states of al and two episodes of how rewe roll. >> the church gossip gets you every time. in our next half hour on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. a fast-moving fire destroying a line of upscale homes in southern california. we'll have the latest on the evacuations. last night in game five everything went wrong. an awful loss for dub nation. we go back to the upset coming up next. and a california groom shows up late to his own wedding and it had nothing to do with cold feet. wait until you hear what caused the dramatic delay. here is a live look outside before we had to break.
5:57 am
no delay here. look at that beautiful sunrise. we'll be right back.
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live from the cbs kbay area studios. this is kpix 5. >> right now, dozens displaced after an upscale southern california neighborhood goes up in flames. the latest this morning on that firefight. plus a covid surge shuts down a north bay school with cases climbing bay area wide. we're asking is the return of restrictions inevitable. bay area firefighter recently returned from ukraine. hear about his effort to help other firefighters and bring closure to families. a warriors game that was simply painful to watch. the series now bound for the bay area again after the grizzlies devour the dubs. hate to evenay


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