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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  May 12, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> o'donnell: tonight the nationwide baby formula shortage growing to a crisis level as parents go to extremes to feed their children. >> with em stee store shelves the desperate parents rationing portions of baby formula and driving hours for their babies. >> sometimes i do cry at night. >> the advice tonight from a pediatrician about whatnot to do to fill the void of formula. >> unprecedented subpoena, the top republican in the house and four other lawmakers get called before the congressional committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. what information they're looking for. president biden marks one million deaths. flags ordered at half-staff as the nation nears a tragic
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milestone. putin's war back fires. with fin land moving closer to joining nalto, could russia retaliate as the kremlin cuts off gas to europe. >> we're following a number of severe weather stories. dangerous storms in parts of the country. raging wildfires damage dozens of million dollar homes out west. and how a two decade drought is eroding one of america's most iconic reservoirs. >> news on the triple crown, the announcement from the underdog winner of the kentucky derby. and finally tonight, you have to see this video. the good sam tar-- samaritans who bring a woman suffering a medical emergency behind the wheel to safety. >> sth is the this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> o'donnell: good evening, and thank you so much for joining us on this thursday night. we want to begin with a crisis many say shouldn't be happening
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here in the united states of america. a struggle for parents to get baby formula. we learn today that the white house is now scramentabling to find a solution to the country's worsening shortage. president biden spoke earlier with retailers and manufacturers and is trying to import more supplies from other countries. nationwide parents are doing whatever it takes to feed their babies. message boards, social media and offering to swap form la we're hearing stories from moms like one in texas today who usually gets formula for free from social services. but she says they've been out of stock for two months. in eight states and here in d.c. more than 50% of all formula products were out of stock. and an additional 28 states have stocked shortages of more than 40 percent. doctors and health care workers are urging parents to contact 2350d banks or physicians offices and the big warning tonight, do not water down formula to stretch supplies. we have a lot of news to get to and cbs's adriana diaz will start us off. >> for 19 year old jaylene
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orellana getting baby formula required a three hour drive to austin. >> it is hard physically, mentally, financially. sometimes i do cry at night. >> orellana paided $120 for three cans for her six month old. she is among the 75 percent of american parents who rely on some formula for their baby. >> what is the hardest part. >> not knowing if she is going to have formula. >> the shortage intensified earlier this year when abbott nutrition recalled three of its top selling formulas after four abies became ill with bacterial infections. that prompted the shutdown of its largest plant in michigan. with empty shelves, parents are looking online. only to find eye-popping price gouging in some cases. this 27 ounce can of specialty formula usually costs around $40. it is now going for $129. the search is so widespread that social media groups have been created to connect people with
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extra formula with those in need. allie seckel runs the formt la exchange. >> they are having to drive several states over, ask friends and family, switch formulas all the time. and some babies are fine with that, others not so much. >> pediatricians like north western university's dr. joshua wechsler in chicago are warning parents not to water down formula or follow recipes to make homemade formulas which are dangerous. >> there might be a lot of issues there that could lead to problems for babies effecting their growth, affecting their ability to stay hydrated properly. so definitely not something we would encourage. >> that's why orellana bought extra formula that she plans to ship to other moms who asked for help online. >> why are you going that extra mile for other moms. >> i don't how it feels. if they can't find it, i mean if i find t obviously i will get it for them. >> and adriana joins us, my heartbreaks for some many of
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these family, for young children, what is abbott laboratories doing about this. >> norah, you are right t is heartbreaking, a botd based here in chicago says its plant could start back up in two weeks but it will take up to two months for that new product to land on store shelves. in the meantime the company is flying in extra formula from its fda registered planter in ireland to help with supply. >> o'donnell: that san agonizingly long wait, adriana diaz, thank you. well here in the nation's capitol an escalation from the congressional committee investigating with happened on january 6th. and all coming weeks before the first televised public hearing. after most republicans have refused to cooperate, the committee took the extraordinarily rare step of issuing subpoenas to some of their republican colleagues. here's cbs's nikole killion. >> tonight the top republican in the house, kevin mccarthy not backing down after being slapped with a subpoena, along with four gop lawmakers, to appear by the end of the month before the
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house select committee investigating the capitol attack. >> my view on the committee has not changed. they're not conducting a legitimate investigation. >> the rare move comes after mccarthy and the other members rejected the panel's request for voluntary system several months ago. chairman benny thompson said in a statement we're forced to take this step to help ensure the committee uncovers facts concerning january 6th. >> what makes you think they are goes to supply with the subpoena? >> we feel it's part of our investigative steps that we needed to take this. responsibility. we don't take any pride in doing this. >> the committee says it believes the lawmakers have relevant knowledge about the events leading up to the riots, iner mcc ent that day. >> ie idt. i ked them toal to thel to stp this >> citing alabama mo brooks speech on the ellipse. >> today is the day american patriots start taking down names and kicking [bleep]. >> and alleging congressman
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scott perry and andy bikes were involved in discussions related to efforts to overturn the 2020 election. >> in an attempt to go after political enemies instead of trying to get at the truth. >> this is proof pos fif this isn't about headlines. >> committee members say if they don't comply they may explore other options. >> this is not parchesi, this is not checkers. this is a serious investigation. >> also developing tonight "the new york times" reports federal investigators have launched a grand jury probe into whether former president trump may have mishandled documents that were found in his florida home. a speks person tells me that he handled all-- a spokesperson tells me he handled all documents noorns with the law. >> o'donnell: anyo nikole killion, thank you. we turn to the pandemic and once unthinkable tragedy of one million u.s. covid death, white house covid response coordinator barns the united states is still in a pandemic state with more than 80,000 infections and hundreds of deaths every day, ed
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o'keefe reports tonight from the white house. capitol, washington passed today to mark an american covid death follow fast approaching one million. >> there is still so much left to do. this pandemics isn't over. >> the milestone is bringing back memories for so many americans like alexa and blook lynn rivera, their mother and grandmother ana martinez died at the height of the pandemic. >> about an hour after the conversation with the doctor of our kidneys failing, she was gone. i remember balling in my room. i didn't cry so much, since i was a child. >> the president today acknowledged the loss. >> one million empty chairs around family dinner table. each irreplacable. irreplacable losses. >> but he reiterated the pandemic isn't over. >> we have to double down on our efforts to get shots in people's arms. country by country, community by
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community, and sure we have reliable and predictab suppli of vaccines, and beerses for everyone, everywhere. >> mr. biden's prerecoous ovid milestones came during a globale pandemic. the u.s. and other nations committed more than $3 billion more today with money for vaccines and testing. the u.s. which has invested $19 billion in the global fight announceed plans to share technologies developed to fight the pandemic with the world health organization. at least two million people have died across yeump, accords to the who. >> the president is also pushing congress to fund more pandemic preparedness. but that has stalled. the white house is producting lawmakers by once again warning today there could be up to 100 million covid infections across this country by there fall, unless there is more money soon to pay for vaccines and other treatments, norah. >> o'donnell: just stunning, ed o'keefe, thank you. let's turn now to the war in
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ukraine and a maidgesser development today. far from the battle fields, finland says it is applying to join nato and sweden is expected to quickly follow, possibly expanding the western military alliance to 32 nations. one of the reasons vladimir putin attacked ukraine was to block it from joining nato. and tonight russia is lashing out. we get more from charlie d'agata urnerey nlansto aims,ierce batta has pulled the trigger on another weapon in on its arsenal effectively cutting off gas supplies to europe a day after the ukrainian government halted gas transfers through its territories. >> you you cranian forces have launched a blistering counter attack outside kharkiv recapturing villages surrounding ukraine's second largest city. running gun battles, street fights, pushing soldiers back, ad cutting off critical supply
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lines to the donbas region. yes further south villages and towns have faced a relentless russian bombardment by land and air. >> this is the terrifying daily reality for those in the path of russia's war machine. never knowing when the next air strike or missile will come or where it will land. it's where we found days and angry residents on a dirt road in bakhmut asking why a massive explosion that left an enormous crater in this quiet lane on lit rated thrair home. >> we need help angry residents shouted into despair. everything is destroyed. brork en. fixing it will take more than a few men with shovels. the devastation is beyond simple repair. arch elderly woman salvages what she can from their wreckage,
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finding some value in a solitary strip of roofing before waving good-bye to the ruins. not knowing what other horrors tomorrow may bring. as we visited the front lines we have seen russian forces hit not only railway lines, industrial centers and military sites but also residential areas with no obvious target. the goal to destroy weapons and infrastructure and terrorize the public, norah? >> charlie d'agata, in ukraine, thank you. >> we want to turn now to that devastating wildfire that tore through a wealthy southern california neighborhood overlooking the pacific. at least 20 homes were torched and tonight about 900 remain under evacuation orders, here is tom wait of our cbs los angeles station cv-- kcbs. >> the fire racing through this neighborhood grew to ten times its original size in just over two hours. consuming multimillion dollar
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homes. >> kind of speechless. this might be the most devastating residential fire that i have covered in recent memory. > by dawn the full extent of the damage became clear. and began to sink in. >> it is devastating, it is like a war zone. >> that is ammo going off. >> yes, i know, i don't want to get hit. >> all got out and just in time. >> let's go. >> so much of what was left behind in ruin. what alarmed fire officials is how fast it spread on a cool day with an ocean breeze. not fire weather. >> the vegetation in our canyons, here is southern california, throughout the west, is so dry that fires are taking off and running on it. >> throughout the west this fire season is taking a staggering toll. nearly 1.3 million acres have been destroyed nationwide. the west's largest wildfire in new mexico, it has burned more than a month and is still threateddening several toins.
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back here in kl kal. >> i'm still in shock yet. >> lynn morey lost almost everything. >> my husband just walked up to me and said the captain salvaged our wedding photo. >> and this is what people are coming home to. utter devastation. as forp the cause of this fire, it is under investigation but investigators are looking at electrical activity at a nearby water treatment plant. meanwhile firefighters are still very much here tamping down hot spots making sure they don't erupt if high winds return, norah. >> o'donnell: tom wait, thank you. wildfire concerns are only growing ling too the summer after california started the year off with its dryest conditions dating back to 1895. and tonight's eye on americas cbs's ben tracey shows us how two decades of drought is threatening a critical western water supply. >> it's hard to believe a place this beautiful is also a shadow of its former self.
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lake powell has mostly been on a decline for the past two decades. >> eric balken runs the glen canyon institute which wants to restort canyon flooded in the 19 '60s to create lake powell, the nation's second largest reservoir. >> thisarea that we are in right now is 177 feet below full pool. >> and when was the last time it was that high? >> full was in 1999. >> the top of that white bathtub ring is where the water used to be. satellite images show the dramatic impact of the 22 year old long mega draught, the lake is now just 24 percent full. >> it looks like we can expect this to be a new normal. >> climated change isic maaing the west hotter and dryer, threatening the colorado river system. it includes the manmade reservoirs of lake powell, in utah and lake meat in-- lake mead in nevada and provides water for 47 million people in seven states. >> you had 12 ramps and this st all you have got. >> this is all we have got.
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>> the national park service has been forced to shut down 11 boat ramps at the lake powell recreation area and critically low lake levels do soon cause the glen canyon dam to stop producing hydro power for more than 5 million people. >> how unprecedented is what is going on here? >> it is completely unprecedented. this lake hasn't been at this level since 1-9d 57. >> at this moment lake powell was born. >> that's when glen canyon was drowned, erasing a landscape often compared to the grand canyon. >> it is a very special place. >> now as the water recedes, the canyon is being reborn. >> it is just stunning in here. >> balken took us to what is called cathedral in the desert, parts of which have not been seen for 60 years. and he showed us this natural bridge that just emerged from the water. >> this bridge was covered by water so what we're boating under, you used to be able to boat over. >> you used to be able to boat over the top of this bridge.
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>> balken thinks lake powell's remaining water should be sent down river to prop up whraik lake mead and glen canyon turned into a national park. >> we can't just go on with business as usual and hope that more water fill this reservoir because it is probably not going to. >> and if so, a once lost canyon may be rediscovered. >> for eye on america, i'm ben tracey, in big water utah. >> and still ahead on tonight's cbs evening news, where dangerous storms are heading with heavy rain, hail and possible tornadoes. >> and a big announcement from the owner of the horse that shocked the world at the kentucky derby. ♪♪ we all need a rock we can rely on. to be strong. to overcome anything. ♪♪
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preakness, fans won't have a triple crown winner for the fourth straight year. >> that was a fast horse. coming up next, how a group of heroes teamed up to save a woman having a medical emergency in a moving car.
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>> tonight a woman from west palm beach florida is thanking a group of heros who rushed to her rescue. >> lauri ray bore said she didn't remember her emergency, video shows her carrolling diagonally through an interserks and look at this, a woman first ran out to try and help her before a group of strangers scrambled to the car and used all their strength to stop it they then used a dumb bell, that say dumb bell to smash the window and get her to safety. she says she is grateful to those who helped. >> thank you so much. i, i don't know how to thank you. i wish i was a millionaire so i could buy you all a boat.
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>> she says a combination of blood pressure pills and fasting made her dizzee before she started to convulse. please police are planning a reunion with her rescuers. >> very lucky in indeed. we'll be right back. if you're washing with the bargain brand, even when your clothes look clean, there's extra dirt you can't see. watch this. that was in these clothes... ugh. but the clothes washed in tide- so much cleaner. if it's got to be clean it's got to be tide hygienic clean. my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do,
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our nation's capitol. good night. >> i heard a thud, a scream. i slammed on the brakes. >> announcer: did a careless driver doom their dog? >> judge judy: there was an accident, and mr. underwood's car hit the yorkie. this wouldn't have happened if you came to a complete stop at the stop sign. >> announcer: or was his brother a distracted walker? >> judge judy: there's some information in here that in addition to the three dogs, your brother was holding a cellphone. >> i looked over, and that's what i saw. >> judge judy: i'm telling you, blameless? not. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about the enter the courtroom you are about the enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution isaias and ashley sanchez are suing their neighbor, brad underwood, for the value of their yorkie. >> byrd: order! all rise! ♪♪ this is case number 505 on thealenda of the matter of sanchez vs. underwood. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge.
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parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. sir, have a seat, please. >> judge judy: mr. and mrs. sanchez, you were not at home at the time of this accident. is that correct? >> no, ma'am. >> judge judy: you were away, and it was whose brother? >> my brother. >> judge judy: your brother who was left in charge of your three dogs. >> yes. no, two dogs. i'm sorry. >> judge judy: what kind of dogs? >> the boxer and the yorkie. >> judge judy: stand up, sir. move close. thank you. your first name is...? >> geronimo. >> judge judy: and your last name is sanchez. >> yes. >> judge judy: mr. sanchez, you were walking the dogs, the boxer and the yorkie. >> yes, ma'am. >> judge judy: the boxer is a large dog and has a stable collar and leash. >> yes. >> judge judy: is that correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> judge judy: the yorkie, smaller dog, boy or a girl? >> girl. >> judge judy: she was on a retractable leash. >> yes, ma'am. >> judge judy: she was. you were walking both the dogs in december. what day in december, on the 21st? >> the 21st. i was walking three dogs. i also had my dog with me, my jack russell terrier. >> judge judy: okay, so that's where i got the three dogs from. i knew there were three dogs. what kind of dog did you have? >> jack russell terrier. >> judge judy: now, was your jack russell on a stable collar? >> he was also on a retractable leash. >> judge judy: that's kind of hard, two dogs on retractable leashes. so you had two dogs on retractable leashes


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