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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 12, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> irene and i have both sat here and cried more than once at the level of support we've seen. >> good evening. i'm allen martin. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. we start on the fire watch. here is a live look at the upscale coastal neighborhood of laguna niguel in orange county where a fast-moving fire destroyed at least 20 homes. this evening we're getting a closer look at the extent of the damage. chopper video shows just home after home damaged or destroyed by this blaze while some neighboring homes were spared. it all started as a small brushfire yesterday evening and erupted into an inferno within two hours. crews are still out there putting out hot spots. flames scorched about 200 acres and forced hundreds of families to evacuate. cbs reporter jeff nguyen caught up with some of those evacuees. >> my husband just brought me this photo. that was just so oh, my gosh, i'm just so touched. >> reporter: it's easy to understand why lynn morry
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gripped her wedding photos so tightly. >> i'm in shock right now, because you can see our house right there. we have total loss, damage. >> reporter: our camera was in front of morry's home wednesday night as wind fuelled the coastal fire in laguna niguel. the intense flames blew out the upstair windows. dian buckle's home was still standing after she came back from a trip, but her neighbors weren't so lucky. >> it's devastating. it looks like a war zone. i can't even believe it. i heard it was bad, but this is so devastating. >> reporter: at richard and sandy vogel's home, the birdhouse is all that's left. this is a photo of them enjoying their pool with their grandkids last week. their son matthew could hardly contain his emotions. >> just growing up here, having a good time. my parents always treated me well. this is -- this is hard-core. you know? straight up.
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>> reporter: keith morry was reunited with his personal computer and that photo of his wedding to lynn. >> we were married four years ago, but we've been together for 14 years. and it's a great picture. >> this is a silver lining, yes. >> reporter: even though lynn's wedding ring was lost in the fire and all they had were the clothes on their backs. >> well, that was jeff wooun nguyen reporting there. new at 6:00, authorities in contra costa county arrestedfouf mall ushfires in just a matter of hours. kpix 5's ryan yamamoto explains this comes as fire crews are certainly on high alert. ryan? >> allen, investigators say 33 small fires were started across 48 hours over last weekend. all were traced back to the four suspects. those fires stretch from concord to hillcrest park and antioch. this is video of one of those brushfires in antioch.
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crews say flames spread to about two acres before they were able to put it out. the fire also burned dangerously close to homes, and authorities were able to track down the suspect and take him into custody. >> i was working that day, but my neighbor, he's the one with his hose, he was spraying water because he saw the fire on saturday. i guess some guy, you know, lit the fire and then he got arrested on saturday. >> firefighters also say two separate spot fires were sparked in this location alone and another two fires in a different location hours earlier. they were quickly able to get those fires under control. >> it has bumped our fire season back sooner that we're experiencing now in may what we normally deal with in june and july. we're asking the community's support and that they do their effort in providing defensible space around their house along with making sure that they have cut back all that dead and dying vegetation around their property lines. >> the crews say they have stepped up patrols and are preparing for what's expecting
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to be a very, very busy fire season. allen, liz? >> ryan, thank you. well, one of the bay area's largest police departments doing some major damage control. >> yeah, kpix 5's kiet do on yet another allegation of misconduct against an officer. >> reporter: san jose police now in full damage control mode after a rough couple of weeks, being rocked by scandal after scandal. this latest one involves an officer who has now been arrested and charged with masturbating in front of two adult women while on duty in uniform. we have never seen this before. san jose police shooting their own video and providing it to the media, showing chief anthony motta escorting the officer out of the internal affairs office. they blurred his face. however, the d.a. released this mug shot and identified the officer as 32-year-old matthew dominguez, a 4-year veteran. he is charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure. the chief said last week when an officer violated the public's
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trust i would personally walk that officer out the door. today i did it. according to the criminal complaint, dominguez was at a home responding to a domestic disturbance, questioning a mother and her daughter when he allegedly began touching himself. the chief alluded to that case at a press conference last week, a press conference that was meant to talk about another officer misconduct involving drug use. >> i will not tolerate inappropriate behavior or criminal conduct. >> reporter: dominguez has been placed on standard paid administrative leave. the president of the san jose police officers association released a statement. "i am absolutely disgusted by this repugnant allegation that damages the reputation of our profession and department where 99% of san jose police officers serve honorably every single day. if this is true, the individual must be held accountable and he should never be allowed to be a police officer ever again." this is the fifth major scandal this year. in late april, a san jose police officer showed up to the kidnapping scene baby pparently
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alcohol level nearly twice the limit dejon packer died of a fentanyl overdose. an officer was arrested for dui and crashing into another car in hayward. and today we learned an sjpd officer is on leave over allegations of trading a meth pipe for information. >> obviously, this is just the latest in what has become a drumbeat of serious transgressions by young officers in the san jose police department. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo said they will begin negotiating with the union over increased drug and alcohol screening and the chief will announce changes in the coming day. >> these tend to be very young officers which tells me there may be something very seriously wrong with whatever we're doing around screening. and backgrounding, and we need to -- we need to figure that out. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. well, new developments in the kidnapping case involving a 3-month-old in san jose. more charges have been filed
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against the two suspects. here is why. prosecutors now say yesenia ramirez and jose portillo tried twice before to abduct the infant. once by pretending to be social service workers. the santa clara county d.a. has added three additional charges of attempted kidnapping. police say they did succeed on their third attempt. portillo allegedly grabbing the child while ramirez distracted the grandmother following a shopping trip. the two are being held without bail. san francisco police are investigating a shooting near city hall. it happened just after 2:00 this afternoon on polk and mcallister. police say when they arrived onscene, they found evidence of a shooting, including shattered windows, but no victim. witnesses say multiple rounds were fired. >> it was about pow, pow, pow, pow. in an almost evenly spaced pace. >> police are asking anyone with information to contact them. well, still ahead on kpix 5,
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c "cbs news bay area" -- >> i'm max darrow. a little known business known for its sweet treats has struggled to keep the lights on throughout the pandemic. but it's getting a big lift from communities near and far. plus, despite the dire warnings to conserve, water usage is up in the south bay, except for one city. we'll show you what residents are doing to save water. >> with us, we just had to cut down. just period, you know. it just was something that we needed to do. >> unfortunately, no significant rain chances in the extended forecast. that's not a surprise in the month of may. tomorrow we return to above eav this is going to last in the first alert forecast.
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california's drought getting worse by the week. take a look at this two-week comparison. on the left, the latest report showing 59% of the state in red for extreme drought. compare that to about 40% last week shown on the right. and despite urgent calls to conserve, many communities are still not getting the message, because water use is up. >> but not everywhere. kpix 5's lynnivlen ramirez show
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>> reporter: in the first three months of the year, the santa clara valley water district says water use is up 30% compared to 2019 levels that is except for here in the city of milpitas. if you're looking for a community that knows how to turn the water off, a good place to start is big ben drive in milpitas. here you'll find many of the homes have already ditched their front lawns for good. they've been replaced by hardscapes or drought tolerant landscaping that requires very little water. and those homeowners who still have lawns are letting them brown. kathy shaw says it's a way of life on this street. >> we just had to cut down, just period, you know. it just was something thate needed to do. >> reporter: the shaws replaced their lawn with drought tolerant landscaping during one of the last droughts about a decade ago. it's on a drip system, uses less water, and is very low maintenance. >> we're just doing our part. >> reporter: but it all adds up to big savings. the valley water district's latest drought report shows
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milpitas is using practically the same amount of water this year as it did in 2019 when other communities are using much more. san jose is up 31%. morgan hill 46%, and los altos hills is up 119%. >> obviously, that's something we can't sustain. our water supplies are dwindling, and we need people to conserve water. >> so how is milpitas doing it? councilmember anthony phan says the city added its own rebates for relandscaping, wash water reserving. >> milpitas is going above and beyond. we're partnering with the water district and doubling the amount of rebates that residents can earn. >> reporter: phan says homeowners can save up to $5,000 on a project. he also says the city passed its own water restriction ordinances that allow for watering only three days a week. violators get warnings and/or citations. >> this is something that i
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think is unique in the region. >> reporter: later this month, valley water will consider adding so-called water police that will do enforcement actions for water wasters region wide. in milpitas, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> well you got turn off the spigot, which is what mother nature does this time of year. she has turned it off. >> right around the middle of may. >> she turned it off for too long, though. >> way too early. >> never really open id it up full blast. >> geez. >> wish we had a little in april to help with the short-term fire danger. but we don't have any rain chances for the next several days, which in the month of may is far from a shock. but we don't close the door on an outside chance of a couple of rain showers making their way towards us until around memorial day weekend. we've got a couple of weeks to go for that. let's take a look at the big picture pattern. it's passing clouds. but no rain headed our way any time soon. the storm track being nudged to the north by the building area of high pressure in the upper-levels of the atmosphere. it's also going to spell warmer temperatures for us. the same parade of storm systems
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that we've seen for the past several weeks is still going to be occurring. it's just not going to be aimed towards us. it's all going to be aimed towards the pacific northwest. the next hint of maybe a shower sneaking down towards the bay area isn't going to be until a week from today, and it is a whopping 10 to 20% chance, far from a guarantee that we're going to be seeing a sprinkle. but at least there is a chance far down the line in the extended data. we'll keep an eye on that, but i would not count on any rain for the foreseeable future. which means any change in the pollen count has to be with a change in wind direction, a different air mass moving into the bay area. that's going to happen on sunday with the passing dry cold front. so we're going to go from the medium high category on the warmest days tomorrow and saturday back down to medium category for sunday and monday. but until a chance of rain heads our way, we're basically going to be waiting on the pollen season to gradually come to an end for the pollen count to drop any further. looking outside right now, blue skies as we look to the southeast from salesforce tower. temperatures on the cool side. still 57 degrees in san francisco. that temperature has been locked in place for about the last five
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or six hours. the warm spots from in the mid-60s. 62346 santa rosa. 65 in concord. we're not going to see much fog developing tonight. the fog futurecast shows a little hint of it developing offshore as we go into tomorrow morning. maybe some fog trying to develop in the santa clara valley. it's not going to be a big issue for the friday morning commute. but fog developing along the coast by noon tomorrow. that's going have a better chance to make its way inland as we head through tomorrow night into saturday morning. looking at temperatures throughout the day tomorrow, we're going to start off in the mid- to upper 40s in most locations. some of the warmer spots near 50 degrees. the warming trend is going to be more noticeable tomorrow for inland parts of the bay area. not a surprise there. the onshore breeze still with us. it's part of a mod upr 60s aund t y. san inhe city and uppern thest bay. arm-up continues, mix of 70s and low 80s for most inland spots. temperatures around the bay a
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couple of degrees above average. dog walking forecast, this is an adorable picture. moxie the doxie who is ready to soak up the sunshine tomorrow. temperatures in orinda making it up into the mid-70s during the late afternoon hours. temperatures elsewhere are going to warm up even more than that. and the warming trend continues saturday. that's the warmest day in the seven-day forecast. and then we back down to near normal temperatures monday, tuesday and wednesday. a bit more of a cooldown for everybody on thursday with more clouds, and that outside chance of a shower. the warmest spots on saturday inland in the east bay and the north bay reaching up into the mid- to upper 80s. a couple of the usual hot spots could even approach 90 degrees. but it's going to be a one-day thing. dropping down the other side of the temperature roller coaster by sunday and monday. >> one and done? >> that's it. >> okay. we can handle that. >> thanks, paul. we have the cbs evening news coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with the preview. >> good evening. the desperation tonight from parents as the baby formula shortage grows. the new action from the white
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house to get formula become on the shelves, and the important warning from doctors about what not to do when rationing your supply. that and all the day's headlines right here on the cbs evening news. straight ahead, the nfl season is out. they didn't go easy on the 49ers either. and the warriors, they've already done an about-face to last night. it's a focused friday for dub nation. and coming up on our streaming service, cbs news bay area, our state's primary election is just around the corner. we'll talk to kcbs political reporter about some of the key races to look out for.
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nba play-offs up top and the warriors up 3-2.
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they are very much looking to game six. the grizzlies? yeah, they can chant "grizz in 7." when you leady at one point last night, but it's another elimination game to overcome friday. as for the warriors, they have an idea of what to do with game five. >> how do you of grab the switc push it down and it goes whoosh right down the toilet. that's how we're going do this one. >> the day is just a loss, and you flush it from your mental. >> it's not like flushing, you see this team again in two months. you see this team again in two days. so you learn from it and then you flush it. baseball. save some from your uncle vern,
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young lady. this is in detroit. up 3-0. miguel cabrera in the sixth inning. a double to right and a run scored and tied this game. no problem. top 8, it was downtown seth brown with the go ahead two-run bolt. his first long ball since mid-april. gave the a's a 5-3 lead. bottom of the ninth with the bat in his hand. spencer turkelson popped up and another great grab in this series. and that ended the game too as oakland won it 5-3. they took four out of an unusual five in this series. they're back home tomorrow to host the angels. nfl. at long last, the nfl's 2022 season schedule is out. what does it mean for the 49ers? well, they open up at chicago september 11th, then a home opener against the seahawks. check new year's day. it's the first ever trip to
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vegas at the raiders. mark this one. week nine in carolina and week 16 against the washington commanders. can be seen right here on kpix 5. no triple crown win their year. why? because kentucky derby winner rich strike will not run in next week's preakness in baltimore. own's decision. made noise, won at churchill downs at the finish, an 80-1 shot, the second biggest upset in the race's history. and hold your calls, please. here is the san jose earthquakes' moment. earthquakes goalie matt brisano in a defeat of the sounders las pey kicks, and advance to the u.s. open cup round of 16. my question is my gosh, after that game, what do they want to do, eat? or just go to sleep.
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that's a long one. >> definitely both. >> yep. >> maybe eat in bed. that's the best of both worlds. >> that's right. gorge and boom, fall right asleep. >> chocolate milk shake to wash it down. >> as long as they save a little for uncle vern. >> always. all right. up next, it's been a spot for sweets and treats in san mateo county for decades, but this candy and ice
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a long-time candy and ice cream shop on the peninsula is struggling to stay afloat, but the community seems to be coming to the rescue. >> kpix 5's max darrow has that story from burlingame. >> preston's -- >> that's a chocolate buttercream. >> reporter: has been burlingame's spot for sweets and treats for 75 years. and for the past 24 years, irene preston -- >> i'm here seven days a week. >> reporter: has held the keys to the candy castle. >> yeah, it is, what a business. >> reporter: but business over the past two years hasn't been
6:26 pm
so sweet. >> the pandemic has really affected me quite drastically. >> reporter: she is behind on a lot of bills. >> i owe a lot of money. so it's been very difficult. >> reporter: a bitter pill to swallow, preston realized she couldn't generate enough revenue to keep the lights on if she couldn't come up with a new recipe for business. and then she met ben lambright. >> i came in here around the holidays to buy ice cream. and irene was talking with somebody else, and i heard her oversay she really needed some help. >> reporter: here he is five months later helping preston put together rescue boxes. it's their way to hopefully keep the candy shop afloat. >> i thought i'd be able to make irene $500 extra bucks maybe if we were lucky and put some cash in her bank account. >> well, the rescue boxes have lived up to their name and then some. >> irene and i have both sat here and cried more than once at the level of support we've seen. >> reporter: since they started on march 30th --
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>> packages have sold about 350, and that's not counting the 100 orders that i'm fulfilling right now. >> it's high. >> reporter: they're also doing online business for the first time ever, selling a monthly subscription box in the hopes of stabilizing income and inventory. >> i want to say thank you very much. >> reporter: the boxes alone won't save irene's business, but they're helping her plan for preston's to have a future. >> i'm ordering materials for halloween and christmas today. >> reporter: her favorite part about owning a neighborhood candy shop -- >> all the people. >> reporter: the reason why preston's can push forward. >> bye-bye! >> reporter: so far they have shipped rescue boxes to customers in at least 35 states. they're hoping to get to all 50 sooner than later. in burlingame, max darrow, kpix 5. >> what a wonderful thing to get in the mail. >> oh, my gosh. >> a box of candy? >> field trip. >> newscast from preston. every segment will be sweet. >> there you go.
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you're the man. >> i love it. >> father's day is coming up. mother's day just past. but you always need fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste.
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saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the nationwide baby formula shortage growing to a crisis level, as parents go to extremes to feed their children. with empty store shelves, the desperate parents rationing portions of baby formula, and driving hours for their babies. >> sometimes i do cry at night. >> o'donnell: the advice tonight from a pediatrician about what not to do to fill the void of formula. unprecedented subpoenas. the top republican in the house and four other lawmakers get called before the congressional committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. what information they're looking for. president biden marks one million deaths. flags ordered at half-staff, as the nation nears a tragic milestone. putin's war backfires. within


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