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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 13, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> i don't want her life to be taken in vain. >> reporter: meet alicia benson. her daughter was shot and killed near the bay bridge toll plaza while heading to a job interview in november. benton is now raising her two grandsons, little boys who were this the car when their mom was shot. the news of cameras going up along bay area freeways is a prayer answered. >> i've cried since we've talked. it's like the best news. if they were to tell me who did it, that would be even bett. but to know that another mother doesn't have to sleep wondering what happened to their child is like -- it's the best news ever. >> reporter: seven people lost their lives in freeway shootings, including former cal basketball stargene ransom, and toddler jasper wu. their families join alicia in
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unfathomable grief. >> like right before her was that 18-month-old baby. and what did a baby do to deserve that? so i pray for all of the victims' families, because it's -- the not knowing is hard. >> reporter: alameda county sheriffs recruit david nguyen was shot and killed in nearly the same spot as amani in january. sheriff greg ahern lobbied the governor's office to fund a camera network. he says the loss of david, jasper, gene, and amani has taken a toll on his deputies. >> even under our meetings when we talk about the next steps and what we have to do and how we process these events, the room gets silent. the eyes get watery. the voices shake, as mine's shaking right now. it touches your heart. >> reporter: sheriff ahern says
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he hopes that simply knowing these cameras are up will be a deterrence to crime. he says once they are installed, they will provide instant information to officers on the ground and help provide closure to families like amani's. at the bay bridge toll plaza, andria borba, kpix 5. california heading into the next budget year with a record-setting surplus of nearly $100 billion. >> simply without precedent. no other state in american history has ever experienced a surplus as large as this. >> governor newsom laid out how he wants to spend the state's $300 billion budget, providing financial assistance for vehicle owners, bonuses for nurses and health care worker, more money toward drought prevention and preparation, and more access to health care, specifically reproductive health. a nationwide shortage of baby formula has a lot of bay area parents going to great lengths to feed their babies. 43% of baby formula is out of stock across the country right now.
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>> and it's gotten so bad, president biden now considering invoking the defense production act to increase supplies. congress is also looking into that issue. >> kpix 5's juliette goodrich on the desperate situation for some bay area parents and how some moms are trying to help. >> this is autumn. >> hi, autumn. >> autumn weighs 12 pounds now. feeding her enriched baby formula is critical, and yet the supply is dry. are you concerned that she may not get her supply? >> i'm very concerned, very concerned. i am so scared that she's not going to get her supply. i don't know how much longer she will need her special formula. >> parents are doing whatever they can to find formula, even turning to moms groups. >> you were driving around from store to store trying to find something. did you find anything? >> not her formula. there is formula, but not her type of formula.
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>> reporter: supplies are running out across the country because of recent concerns over tainted formula. and now demand is at an all-time high. here at a grocery store in pleasanton -- >> one can of enfamil, and the price $23.99, just for one can. and if you want the get the powder, check this out. it's under lock and key. so you have to have somebody open it up for you. and it's bare in there. >> it's like an example of what i have easy access to. >> reporter: savannah robinson peters is now donating her pumped breast milk. she has a freezer full. >> i have a lot more. this is what i have easy access to right now. >> reporter: you know that's liquid gold? >> yeah, it's literally -- i have some colostrum from when i first started. >> reporter: she says the response has been overwhelming. >> i did not expect the response i got back. i think i could probably help
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out probably about fiv to six moms. >> a little tiny, tiny smile. just a little one. >> reporter: eric quince says he and his fiancee bought baby formula in bulk when lucas was born, not realizing how sought after it would be now. >> so we probably have a month and a half, if not two months of formula. >> reporter: they are warriors in their own right, doing what they can the take care of their babies and help one another day by day. >> it's really hard. it breaks my heart for the new babies. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. authorities have served a new search warrant in the disappearance of alexis gabe. the 24-year-old oakley woman has been missing since january 26. there have been few leads since then, but investigators just searched the antioch home of gabe's ex-boyfriend. cameras caught them carrying out evidence bags from the home, and the front door appeared to be knocked off its hinges somehow. police say this home is where she was last seen, and they're checking to see if the location
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is linked to her disappearance. last month authorities said they think alexis' disappearance was no accident. they released surveillance video of a suspect walking in the area where her car was found. there is no word yet from police on who was home and what was seized during that search. dangerous morning after an apartment complex goes up in flames. you can see burning right there. this injured several people in san francisco's western addition neighborhood, this all happening near ellis street near laguna. earlier chopper 5 over the aftermath of that fire. you can see a section of the building is charred. lots of fire crews on the roof dealing with hot spots. seven people were hurt. some had to be taken to the hospital. 18 people now without a place to live. >> it was a very fast-moving fire. and it's rare for a fire during the day to get this much headway before we arrived. when we arrived on scene we had a large volume of fire they were present with. >> fire crews say six units were damaged. no word on what caused the fire, but crews believe it may have started in the ground floor and
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then made its way up the building. this story has a bit of a twist. neighbors helping neighbors. that fire was near rosa parks elementary school. sf unified tweeted out that two teachers ran into the burning building to help rescue op call heroes. by all accounts, it is going to be a rough summer for wildfires. that is what many experts were warning, so there was concern with smoke visible above parts of the bay area this afternoon, but this was a controlled burn. it was a training exercise for alameda firefighters. they were drilling and working on practices at camp parks near dublin. we are less than two hours away from tip-off. the warriors hoping to finish off the grizzlies after that blowout loss in memphis. >> the dubs one win away from the conference finals. charlie walter live at chase center with the lessons learned going into game six. hey, charlie. >> yeah you say game six, but i keep forgetting it really does feel like a game seven. because the last thing the dubs
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want to do right now is head back to memphis. no walking in memphis. put away the blue suede shoes because that is the last thing golden state wants. mike brown once again the acting head coach tonight. he said something has to change. obviously something has to change. they were down by as much as 50 in that last game. here he is on what needs to change in this upcoming game. >> you think going to watch this if i tell you all my adjustments? okay, then. taylor, we're going to -- no, that's for us. we went over it. >> all right. i got some obvious adjustments. start fast. warriors have trailed off the first quarter in every game this series. another, take care of the ball. 22 turnovers wednesday night. how about good control on the boards. the grizzlies won the rebounding for the first time. they outscored the dubs 24-5 in second chance points. and the absence of ja morant, look, this is a completely different team right now. whether they're better or worse,
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that's tough to say, but they're definitely a different team, and the warriors are searching for answers. >> you kind of have to rethink the whole game plan, because our game plan was built around ja morant. and it's not that anymore. and they're a totally different team. they're a totally different team without ja. by the way, this isn't like our coaches screwed us. no. we got punched. and it's on us the players, it's not on the coaches at all. >> well, when you get punched, you get back up. as bruce wayne said back of the day, why do we fall? so we can get back up. that's what the warriors have done most of this year. whenever they face adversity, the four-game streaks early on, we will see if we can do that tonight. game six. another report in about an hour. we will see you then. >> charlie, thank you so much. well, first alert weather now. significant warm-up today. it's going to get even warmer for weekend. let's check in with chief meteorologist paul heggen. i definitely felt the warmth
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this morning. >> temperatures returned to just near average today. slightly above average, but that tells how cool we were for the past several days. pretty close to normal. temperatures felt toasty, especially farther inland, where temperatures are mostly in the 70s, even a couple of spots above 80 degrees. most are talking about 60s around the bay with 5:00 at 50s gheoa. the temperatures are going to warm up even more tomorrow. no records in jeopardy. we're going to be 5 to 10 degrees above normal. temperatures well into the 80s. then we're going to go down the other side of the temperature roller coaster, beginning already on sunday. not a dramatic cooldown. we're not going to return to the temperatures that we had monday and tuesday. so don't worry about that. we'll take a look at all the ups and downs in the seven-day forecast, coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, a strong statement from bay area health officers. what they're recommending as covid cases surge. and a new twist in elon musk's bid to buy twitter. why his takeover is now on hold.
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and later, the tech billionaire taking on tesla's self-driving software. how he is banking a campaign for senate on one issue. >> this issue is the most important, keeping everybody safe is the most important issue, vote for me.
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"oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate. bay area health officers urging the public to mask up again. as covid cases rise, it is a recommendation, not a mandate. but covid cases in the bay area up 70% from a month ago. san francisco is reporting the biggest uptick. its covid positivity rate is now above 10%, more than double the state's overall rate of about 4%. and as cases surge, one bay area university is bringing back mandatory testing for students living on campus. shawn chitnis will have more at 5:00. twitter stock fell more than 9% after elon musk said he is putting his purchase of the
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company on hold. that came in the form of a tweet with musk saying he wants to pinpoint the number of spam and fake accounts on the platform. but he also said he is, quote, still committed to acquisition. but some business analysts are now questioning whether he is using the spam issue as a pretext to back out of the deal. wall street staged a big comeback today. the dow was up 466 points after a steep drop earlier in the week. the nasdaq was up 434, and the s&p gained 93. russia suffering heavy losses in parts of eastern ukraine. ukrainian officials say their forces stopped russian troops from crossing the river in the donbas region. they say this footage shows a damaged bridge and several destroyed russian military vehicles. >> they're putting up a very stiff resistance in the donbas and in the south. they have prevented the russians from achieving virtually any of their strategic objectives thus far in the war.
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>> u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin spoke with his russian counterpart today for the first time since the invasion, urging for an end to the conflict. and ukrainian authorities began the first war crimes trial. now accused of fatally shooting an unarmed civilian in the early days of the war. in the meantime, wnba star brittney griner's detention in russia has been extended by a month. the two-time olympic gold medalist was detained at the airport in february. an allegation she was carrying vape cartridges containing cannabis oil. those charges can carry up to ten years in prison. but the biden administration says griner was wrongfully detained. search is under way in texas for an escaped prisoner there. 46-year-old gonzalo lopez was on a bus with 14 other inmates thursday. they were headed to a medical appointment. that's when he managed to slip out of his shackles.
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then he got away. the bus driver is expected to survive. now to the fire watch. evacuation orders are lifted for most residents living near the coastal fire in orange county. crews are still putting out hot spots in a laguna niguel neighborhood. that wildfire torched nearly 20 homes on tuesday. two firefighters have been released from the hospital after they were hurt fighting this fire. some residents returned in homes of saving some of their belongings. >> and she wanted the baby books, but they were in a cabinet in the garage. all the paper stuff is all burned up. there is really nothing salvageable. it is mostly an exercise in futility. just here to satisfy curiosity, i guess. >> that's tough. firefighters say some areas in the neighborhood will take longer to clear out of debris and hazards. the fire has burned 200 acres and has been 25% contained. and the big problem there was that warm wind that came through, and fires can really explode when that happens. >> at the time when fires
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weren't ideal for something explosive like that. but you get the exact right combination of dry vegetation and the wind and the right direct, the fire crews still having to battle some decent westerly wind. it's an onshore wind, but the coastal fire still relatively low. 30% relative humidity levels. that will increase as we head through the rest of tonight. west winds at 10 miles per hour, gusting to 20 miles per hour, which is still a noticeable breeze. that's why they're still working on putting out the hot spots, so no embers get up into the breeze and spread the fire even further than the current 200 acres. let's return to our area. fog spilling into the inland valleys. once that dissipate, the warmest day in the seven-day forecast is saturday. our temperatures are going to back down on sunday and close to normal temperatures for most of next week, even a little below average for next thursday and friday. outside, blue skies as we look out from the mark hopkins hotel. temperatures a mix of 60s, 70s, and even 81 degrees right now in
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santa rosa. close to 80 in concord. low 70s in san jose. but you got close to 80 degrees earlier today. in the 60s for san francisco and oakland. temperature at the oakland column is close to 70 degrees. it's going to steadily drop off as gametime approaches. first pitch 6:40. temperature around 66 degrees. those temperatures will back down as we head through the evening and a noticeable wind until the sun goes down. that should become a little lighter as we get past sunset just after 8:00. the winds gusting over 20 miles per hour along the coast. inland 15 to 20-mile-per-hour range. those winds are going to die down by early tomorrow morning. and pretty calm winds for the first half of day tomorrow. and that's part of why we're going warm up. still an onshore breeze along the coast. it's more of a modest warm-up along the coast and in san francisco, but the lighter onshore breeze should allow temperatures to at least reach into the 60s there. farther inland temperatures are already close to 80 degrees by noon. and the onshore breeze kicks back in. not strong enough to push the cool air inland yet, but it is
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going to affect the temperature pattern right along the coast. and we're going to have that locally dense fog to begin the day tomorrow. slowing down the warm-up for the first couple hours of daylight on saturday, but visibility rapidly improving as we head towards mid- to late morning. temperatures start off in the low to mid-50s in mt spots. just the north bay valleys dipping below 50 degrees, into the upper 40s, and then we start warming up. temperatures in san francisco likely to reach the upper 60s. we see how fast the drops drop off from 4:00 to 6:00 one the onshore breeze really starts to accelerate and the cooler weather takes over that. will be the trend for the second half of the weekend. up into the mid-80s for high temperatures in santa rosa. well above average for this time of year, but not record setting. the temperatures would have to be way into the 90s to threaten record territory. close to 90 trees for concord's high temperature. not quite that warm for san jose, but above 80 degrees by early afternoon with high temperatures reaching up into the mid-80s by late afternoon. we'll fill in the rest of the
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map. the cool spots along the coast, only in the low 60s. the hot spots far inland, close to 90 degrees for antioch and brentwood. into the low 90s for fairfield. a 30-degree spread in temperatures across the bay area. looks like more of a june type of weather pattern. mostly upper 60s with mostly 80s farther inland. the hottest spots approaching 90 degrees. temperatures drop off by several degrees on sunday. sunday looks like a day much like today with more cloud cover overhead. the onshore wind is going to push temperatures to about normal for monday, tuesday and wednesday. minor ups and downs to the temperature pattern, but more of the kiddie coaster as opposed to the full-fledged roller coaster. passing clouds on thursday. but the meager 10 to 20% rain chance we were talking about yesterday for thursday is now pretty much zero percent. so it doesn't look like that storm system is going to have much of an effect other than to drop our temperatures a little bit. ecific numbers coming up at 5:30. >> all right. thanks, paul. well, still ahead, a total
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lunar eclipse this weekend will turn the moon blood red. what you need to know to catch the show. and days after missing the opening of parliament, the queen is all smiles at a surprise appearance. and coming up on our streaming service "cbs news bay area," the "equalizer" giving us a sneak peek. you can watch our stream on pluto tv, channel booking most cruises can be complicated. but this isn't most cruises. this is celebrity cruises. and we think cruising shouldn't be confusing. so, on our award winning vacations drinks, wi-fi and tips are always included.
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little gusty out there. britain's queen elizabeth venturing out in public for the very first time in more than a month. >> the 96-year-old's unexpected appearance comes just days after she missed the state opening of
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parlia queen's range rover rolled into the royal windsor horse show. the queen was walking with a cane at the event. the horse parade kicks off the official platinum jubilee celebration marking the queen's 70 years on the throne. another sweet surprise in britain. the announcement of the jubilee's winning dessert, or platinum pudding as brits call it. gemma melvin says her lemon and swiss roll is a tribute to the family and to the queen. >> my gran taught me to bake. she was trifle, and the queen had lemon posette at her wedding. so we put it all together. >> ryan gives it five stars. >> yes. you wouldn't eat that? >> i'm good with rice krispies. gemma beat out 5,000 other amateur bakers to celebrate the queen's reign. >> you can't get that in a vending machine. >> you can't. jen psaki gave her last
5:25 pm
briefing before stepping down today. she thanked the president, first lady, white house staff and journalists. >> i want to thank all of you in this room. you have challenged me, you have s acy in actioted that i it working, without accountability, without debate, government is not as strong. and you all play an incredibly pivotal role. >> psaki will beery rest place by karine jean-pierre. she is the first black woman to openly lgbtq person to take on the role as white house press secretary. coming up, new at 5:30, a billionaire pouring his cash into an unusual campaign for senate. >> perhaps you've seen these anti-tesla ads on the airwaves lately. well, the man behind them is running for u.s. senate, and he is getting a lot of attention by bashing elon musk. >> it is actually the worst piece of commercial software i've ever seen. and leaving the golden state
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you're watching kpix 5 at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5, streaming on "cbs news bay area," more local news at 5:30. he was nicknamed the gazelle of san quentin.
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we catch up with the former inmate about to run his first bay to breakers. and a rare show for stargaze theirs weekend. what you need to know to catch the total lunar eclipse. and it may be one of the most unusual campaigns in california this year. a tech mogul eyeing a senate seat to solve what he calls the biggest problem of our time. good evening. i'm ryan yamamoto. >> hello, i'm sara donchey. dan o'dowd made his fortune in software. now he is using it to fund a campaign driven by one issue. he told kpix 5's kiet do, his plan to save the world starts with taking on tesla. >> reporter: over the past month, there is a fairly good chance you have seen this video. >> from turning too tightly and hitting a pylon -- >> reporter: it is clip after clip, essentially bashing tesla's self-driving technology for a full minute. and it's on the airwaves all over california. it turns out it is a political ad. >> i'm dan o'dowd, and i approve this message. >> reporter: if you're confused, you're not alone so you're
5:30 pm
running for senate, but the message is tesla software is terrible. do i have that right? >> that's the beginning. the whole message is much bigger. >> reporter: here is the thing. o'dowd is not wrong when it comes to tesla's autopilot. if you've ever been in one, you know it can do some really weird stuff, make some unexpected maneuvers. but to base an entire u.s. senate campaign on this? o'dowd is running as a single issue candidate, essentially using tesla as a way totohe bro security. o'dowd says our power infrastructure, hospitals, and self-driving cars are all at risk of a attack. >> my slogan is making computers safe for humanity. we've got find those computers. we've got disconnect them or reprogram them so they can't be hacked and so they're not going to fail and leave us all defenseless. >> reporter: what about homelessness? what about the environment? what about the drought? >> when they bring down


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