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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 13, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11:00, the warriors are moving on. we're going to take you to chase center. dubs had the house rocking tonight. a big warmup this weekend. we are track being the temperatures. and new evidence in the disappearance of a contra costa county woman. evidence they hope will crack the case. i had a mask pourfor some o and three days later i got covid. >> now at 11:00, streaming on "cbs news bay area." givi giving you a live look at chase center, where the warriors
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offense finally broke out late in game six. >> charlie walter is live at chase center with the warriors' huge night tonight. >> they needed this, charlie. >> reporter: yeah, it was embarrassing on wednesday, after that game in memphis. they sta stared into the iceyes of adversity and adversity blinked first. tonight, 70-44. they outrebound the grizzlies in thats toughness. let's go to the highlights and show you how this one went down. chase center was absolutely bananas. game six, klay, always bananas. he knocked down eight threes. memphis hung around and led with seven minutes to go, but from there, steph curry, steph and klay combine for 59 points to
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send the dubs back to the western conference finals. now all that's left is to wait for an opponent. suns and mavericks on sunday. >> we won't know the logistics of how hthis series will begin until we find a winner. then it's where are we going? who are we playing? until then, let's celebrate. >> i like that attitude. >> thanks, charlie. we continue our coverage from chase with reaction from dub nation, speaking of party. >> what a night at chase center tonight. fans got to see the biggest game in chase center history, and they are going home happy. >> hey, baby! let's go! >> yeah! >> wow! awesome game i've been to in my life. >> reporter: it was chaos as fans celebrated a warriors series win over the grizzlies.
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>> we're not at memphis. we're in the bay on friday night. we're going to win it for the city. it's a beautiful [ bleep ] feeling. back to the finals, baby! >> reporter: it was a close game until the very end with many nervous fans sitting on the edge of their seats, and others were cool and confident. were you ever in any doubt they were going to win? >> yes, but i'm so happy now! >> hello? do you think i would wear these glasses if i wasn't confident? and don't make me go in my pocket for my rings. >> reporter: fans rode a wave of emotions as they won another physical game against memphis. >> since memphis, try better next time. >> reporter: game six play wasn'tnloig inurhes with the rebounds. love looney! love all of them. let's go warriors!
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>> reporter: the fans have no doubt where this team is ultimately headed. >> these are championship rings from the warriors, and we're going to get another one this year. >> reporter: now the waiting game begins to see who they will play next. either the suns or mavericks. kpix 5. >> i think a lot of people are going to wake up with hoarse voices tomorrow. >> that's a good thing. we have a warmup on tap just in time for the weekend. >> paul hagen joins us with what we can expect. >> a brief warm spell. temperatures today did warm up, but we weren't that far above normal. just tells you how cool we were for most of the week that these barely-above-average temperatures felt pretty toasty, and tomorrow is going to be even warmer. it's a modest warmup around the bay. mid-70s for oakland, which puts us several degrees above normal before the onshore breeze
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connekicks back in. some spots on the doorstep of 90 degrees. if you're headed to the coliseum for the a's game against the angel, they will actually try to score some runs tomorrow. warm will warming up into the mid-70s. d d look cooler. wlookt thatece be. investigators found a key piece of evidence in the search for a missing oakley woman alexis gabe. she was last seen late january. her car was later found abandoned with the keys still inside. tonight police say they have recovered gabe's cell phone case in antioch. they believe it was discarded by this man caught on surveillance video, walking away from gabe's vehicle. yesterday, investigators were seen searching the antioch home
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of gabe's ex-boyfriend and carrying evidence bags out. police have not said who was home or what was seized. tonight the bay area quickly emerging as chalifornia's hot spot. health officials urging caution and masks. people are listening. >> reporter: life may look close to normal here along embarcadero here in san francisco, but the bay area seems to have taken a big step back in the pandemic. >> i have my mask with me that i'm going to put on if i go inside. >> reporter: it now has california's highest covid infection rate, and with mass gatherings like graduations, beta breakers and warriors championship games, health experts are warning people to be cautious. >> it's important to celebrate, but celebrate as safe as possible. >> reporter: covid was still on the minds of fans at friday's warriors game. >> i was here two and a half
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weeks ago. and i had a mask for some of it. and three days later i got covid. >> i'm traveling next week. so i just don't want to get it. >> reporter: 12 bay area health officers are issuing a warning but not a requirement. >> it's time to take action across the bay area. we think this is an important step to take. >> reporter: chief among their recommendations, don't put the masks away yet, especially if you're gathering indoors. >> i see them as part of my attire. i don't think when can i, you know, walk around without pants. >> reporter: and doctors are warning these are just the cases we know about. they briefelieve case are vastl underreported. and it isn't just masking, health officers say you should go as far as to limit indoor gatherings as much as possible while cases remain high. kpix 5. at the state capital, governor newsom is trying to
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sell lawmakers on his new budget proposal. it has a record-break $97.5 billion budget excess. it also has funding to combat the drought, and funding for women out of state to get abortions in california. >> rallies in support of abortion right also be held in the bay area and across the nation tomorrow. it's all in response to the leaked draft opinion from the supreme court. earlier, democrats gathered to show their support for abortion rights. a bill to codify the rights failed in the senate. >> everyone here shares the feelings of those across the country. we are angry, yes, that after 50 years of bodies,st con weio are now yet again fighting for
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our rights. >> rallies are planned for tomorrow in san jose, san francisco, mountain view and pl palo alto. a disturbing details. and thereenid admtrin d air shortage of baby formula. how bay area moms are jumping in to help. a aretat min b to reduce food waste by out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits.
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and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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live look at san jose where charges have been filed in the death of a 3-year-old girl in
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what's described as an exorcism at a local church. the child's grandfather charged. they briefed the little girl was possessed because she would sometimes wake up screaming. they're accused of taking her to church this september and forcing her to vomit to get the spirits out. >> she had pressure put on her body with so much force applied that she lost consciousness. >> the family wait ed an hour t call 911 after the girl stopped breathing. no comment from the defense attorneys today. the last class of graduates will cross the stage before the school merges in july. two students are claiming they were misled about the merger and ended up paying tuition for degrees they can no longer
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receive at northeastern. they are seeking class action status and monetary damages. they are working together to iron out any issues. the white house skconsideri invoking the defense protection act. one bay area mom is donating frozen breast milk to those in need. >> i did not expect the response that i got back. i think i could probably help out, probably about five to six moms. >> amazing. the shortage stems from a safety recall and supply disruptions. new at 11:00. you've heard of upcycling food and furniture, but would you eat upcycled food? >> people are lining up for it at a new restaurant in san francisco. >> reporter: it's a lean, green,
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sustainable machine. we're talking about shugy's trash pie and natural wine. it's a restaurant dedicated to fighting food waste and climate change. it's an eyengoppi monochromatic space turning heads and calling attention to a serious mission, saving our planet. think ugly or blemished produce. farm surplus and offcuts of meats. the stuff that would normally be thrown out. >> no, we're not dumpster diving. wilted greens that are sitting out at the farmers market all day. people are always going after the beautiful crispy stuff of the the things that look the best. >> reporter: this is food waste paradise. >> how do you make a salad cool? >> reporter: and here the pizza is upcycled. the dough contains with whey.
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>> we waste so much of the food cycle. like all the way down to the consumer level where we're taking too big of a portion on our plate. >> reporter: the co-owners, kayla abe are the owns of the ugly pickle company. they want customers to eat their way to a sustainable future and maybe even try something new. >> you wanteople to eat first. then they're going to start asking questions because they're like, man, what is this? it's so good. then they find out oh, that's chicken hearts. i never knew i liked chicken heart. >> reporter: the wines are also made from small-batch producers. diners have lined up daily, sometimes up to two hours to get
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a table. >> i like what they're doing there. >> it's very bright. i mean, that is what you remember, too is just the vividness of everything. stargazers will be seeing red this weekend. >> that's because on sunday the moon will pass directly between the earth and sun causing a total lunar eclipse. it rises at 8:06 sunday night. it will last for 845 minutes. that ends at 9:53 -- what? is that right? 84 minutes. >> oh! >> it's friday. it ends at 9:53 when the moon begins to climb out of the earth's shadow. >> 845 minutes. >> that would be a long eclipse. >> that would be a 14-hour eclipse. >> that would be the apocalypse.
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>> that would be biblical. >>. >> reporter: whe >> reporter: when we had that orange sky? >> about 14 hours or so? close. >> if you missed any of that, a recap. it begins just before 8:30. they call it a blood moon. past 9:00. you want to look to the southeastern horizon and find a spot where you can see the south southeastern horizon. where i live, we've got mt. diablo in the way. look across the bay and get a good view of the blood moon. the total eclipse comes to an end at 9:53. even the partial eclipse comes to an end at 10:55. if you miss it, november 8 later on this year. passing clouds for the eclipse. should be able to see it. high pressure building in the
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upper levels of the atmosphere. warmer temperatures as we head into the weekend. we're seeing a little bit of fog creeping in from the coast. temperatures are still in the mid to upper 50s. 64 in concord, warmer than we've been at 11 check :00 at night. it dissipated quickly. by 9:00, 10:00, the fog should be gone and temperatures will be off to the races for the rest of the day. temperatures tonight dropping to the mid to low 50s. a warmer start and higher jumping off point. and you go far inland, it's going to be hot. we have an adoptable dog in the dog walking forecast. boone, who is adoptable, look at that happy face. he can wait in the air conditioning, because they're going to get into the low 90s while he waits for his forever family. maybe that's you. around the bay, around 70 in san
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francisco. low 60's long the coast. we're not going to lose that onshore breeze entirely. beta breakers starts at 8:00 in the morning. typical may weather. cloud cover gradually breaking up. maybe a bit on the chilly side for those who insist on being less completely attired. slightly below average temperatures to finish up next week. and the slight chance of showers in the forecast on thursday is gone. just passing clouds. we got sports coming up next. this one was a tight one. heading into the international into minutes of the game with about six minutes left. it was and loaded. but after that, klay thompson and steph curry did their thing in crunch time.
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friends, and apparently, father time has not caught up with steph curry or klay thompson, who scored the final ten points for the warriors in tonight's game. a masterful fourth quarter to pull away. let's show you how this one went down and get to the highlights. acting head coach, mike brown, ral l rallying the troops. andrew wiggins comes up with the loose ball and slams it home. wiggins was clutch, ten fourth quarter point. next possession. draymond green leading the fast break to steph, got it! you think he's hyped? timeout memphis. shot doesn't drop for steph. but a huge rebound. kevon looney. looney, 22 s klay s. hest last ins the young
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grizzlies to sleep. night-night. final minute. siri, play whoop that trick. and this series is finito. and the old guard led the way. splash bros, curry and thompson. how about 59 combined points and they are once again heading to the western conference finals. >> you accept that challenge, and we're looking forward to it, but it feels good to be back after, you know, but it two years of type of basketball we was playing and you're not so certain that you're going to get back, you know, but to put it all together, it's really good to be back. >> everything we've been through the last few years, it's an incredible opportunity. we want to advance, obviously, but we're going to embrace the challenge, whoever comes out of the other side of the bracket,
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but it's something i will toast to at night back in the wcf. >> let's head to the midwest. a couple giants fans made the trip to st. louis, hoping to keep the win streak alive. third inning, mike yastrzemski hit it is to deep left center, goes down as a two-run double for yas. good to see evan longoria get on the scorecard. he rips a double to right field. sends in two more, giants winners, six straight if you're counting for san francisco. same two tomorrow. shohei ohtani and the angels at the coliseum. angels look good their year, and a's were looking to flex their muscle. andrew velasquez ate his wheaties today. a's shut out for the sixth time on the young season. they'll play a doubleheader tomorrow. boston celtics, jayson tatum
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and his team in a do-or-die game. six in milwaukee. good ball movement from boston. tatum silences the home crowd. career game for jayson. celtics win, 108-95. they force a game seven sunday in boston. as for how the crowd was tonight at chase center, this place was absolutely on fire. really good to see from start to finish. the warriors just gave them a great effort. rebounding is one thing you can control. hustle, and the warriors just wanted it more tonight. >> yeah, 22 boards from looney, though. >> i'm so jealous of the folks who got to be there in person. >> 70-44 in that department that golden state outrebounded them. beta
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live look at san francisco where the beta breakers will hit the streets this sunday after a two-year pause during the pandemic. one man will be taking the next step in an incredible journey. >> he's gone from running the prison yard to running free. markelle taylor took up running while serving a 18-year sentence at san quentin. >> he does it all between his job, part time coaching gig and support for former inmates. >> we doing our best to be good examples so they can one day share the same experience that we have today. >> and look for him to finish fast on sunday. taylor recently ran the boston marathon in just under three hours. that
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thank you for watching.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> congratulations. you made it to the weekend. see you. captioning sponsored by cbs >> elon musk offered to fully buy twitter. musk says the social media giants needs to go private, so it can better serve free speech. >> he says he wants to pay $54.20 a share. of course, $54.20-- that's 4-20. that's a code for marijuana. >> and he also is running spacex. >> at spacex, we're on a mission to send humankind to mars. many still feel reluctant about interplanetary travel, but our founder, elon musk, has an idea to change that: make earth really bad. you see, right now, earth is pretty good. there are dogs. pancakes. even a few trees left. it's certainly better than living in a joyless bubble, eating potatoes growin


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