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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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we can move forward now. -- captions by vitac -- live from the cbs bay area yoes, this is kpix news. >> people took to the streets draf opi that uld se wadpreme to for infor missing woman alexis gabe. >> and people in the south bay may face hundreds of dollars in fines for using too much water. thanks for joining us. i am brian hack think. >> several abortion rights marches happened right here in the bay area including mount upon view, palo alto, and san francisco. as kpix 5 shows us, thousands
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showed to make their voices heard. >> reporter: the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade has turned the abortion issue from a simmer to a high boil. but the question is how much will public fuehrer even influence this court? there have been marches before, both pro and con. but today's was huge as thousands of bay area abortion rights advocates joined a nationwide protest. >> it is huge, and we are thrilled and it's not just east coast. it's chicago. it's texas. and it's in little towns, and it is in big cities. and san francisco had to be a part of this. there is no way san francisco would not be a big part of this, and we are a big part of it. >> enough is enough! we have gotten comfortable. >> reporter: organizer heygood told the crowd they need to be realistic about the direction the court is heading. >> think people need to start accepting the hard truth that this leak is the supreme court justices' decision. we can still fight. we can still act up.
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we can still make a ruckus in the streets but doing that with the realization that they have made the decision that this is where they stand will empower the people a lot more. >> with that, thousands marched out of civic center onto market street, heading to the waterfront. among them, janice camp bell frm oakland, she thought it had been decided as a matter of law. >> i was in law school when it was settled and we all assumed it would just last forever. >> reporter: those old enough to remember when roe v. wade was established in 1973 understand how contentious the issue was, n s fighting for the past 50 years to keep it. it's -- it's -- i feel like it's been threatened for a long time. >> but younger women have grown up with the idea of abortion as a constitutional right, and are facing the prospect that that may that lno longer be the case >> i can't believe in 2022, we
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are marching for abortion rights. as i grew up, it was something that was protected and something i knew i had access to. and to know it is now threatened for me and our children ask granddaughters is horrifying. >> reporter: but by design, the supreme court is the one branch of government that is not supposed to be affected by public opinion. so, how much influence can mass protest marches have? angela a thinks it won't change any justices' opinion, but she feels if people become more politically active, they can influence future court aappointments even if the process seems agonizingly slow to some. >> republicans have been planning this for decades. they are winning right now but that doesn't mean it has to be forever. they can win this battle. eventually, we could go back to what it should be, and we can win the war. >> reporter: in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> some activists are advocating for a federal law that would legalize abortion nationally. a recent cbs poll shows that 58%
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of americans favored that idea, while 42% oppose it. in other news, oakley police say they found alexis gabe's cell phone case. picture of the case is shown here. alexis's family says it was a custom design, and police say a man who was caught on video walking away from alexis's car on january 26th, think he might be the one who threw the case away. gabe was last seen january 26th. when she told her family she was visiting an ex-boyfriend in antioch. there is a $10,000 reward for information on that case. >> san mateo authorities are investigating a suspicious death that happened at a bus stop. the body was found at el camino prompting road closures in the area. further details are still unknown. also in san mateo county, a major bust for a criminal organization. authorities have arrested seven people in connection to multiple
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felony crimes in the area. investigators seized more than 30 cars and motorcycles, firearms, drugs, and an additional $40,000' worth of stolen property. ten people were killed in a shooting police are calling racially motivated violent extremism. this happened in buffalo, new york. witnesses said the gunman was wearing military-style clothing, in addition to the body armor and helmet. suspect has been identified as peyton from a town about 200 miles away. he was taken into custody, and was being questioned by the fbi. officials say 11 of the victims were black, two are white. the shooting happened in a predominantly black neighborhood. >> the state is flush with cash and entering the next budgetary with a record-smashing surplus. it is just shy of $100 billion -- 97.5 billion, to be exact. a big reason is that the state collected 5 -- 55 billion, rather, more in tax revenue than expected. the surplus, alone, is much bigger than nearly every other
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state's annual budget. >> simply, without precedent, no other state in american history's ever experienced a surplus as large as this. in fact, this is actually significantly larger than last year's operating surplus. now, the govern ever is laying out how he wants to spend the state's $300 million budget. he is proposing $400 to car owners to offset gas taxes. he also wants funding to combat the drought, give bonuses to health-care workers, and to help more women from out of state get abortions in california. governor newsom's office says that high inflation has triggered an increase to the state minimum wage. that increase will bring the minimum wage to $15.50 an hour, that is for companies with more than 25 employees. all because of a 2016 law saying minimum wage would go up, if inflation grew above 7%. the hike will go into effect next year. same time, silicon valley
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residents could face fines for wasting water. valley water district is thinking of putting water enforcers in neighborhoods this summer, and repeat offenders could be slapped with fines up to $500 but nothing stet in stone. water company says if the drought does continue into next year, santa clara county faces the possibilities of wells going dry, and land sinking from empty aquifers. >> laguna anythniguel residents been given the all clear to return home only to find very little or nothing left. >> you know certain houses and you are like, wow, there is nothing there anymore. >> all the paper stuff all burned up. so there isological nothing salvageable. it is mostly exercise and futility. >> at least 20 homes were destroyed in coronado point's neighborhoods. right now, fire crews are putting out hot spots to make
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sure there are no flare-ups. there could be a very busy fire season across the state but now cal fire has new high-tech tools in its arsenal. ryan yamamoto spoke to the direct director about his plan to changing the course with wildfires. >> reporter: come from an aerial assault of fire retardant and water drops and the new director of cal fire, chief joe tyler, is not shy about showing them off. >> the kid in you has to be really excited about these. >> bht aircraft go in service, they too will be a game changer. >> a game changer for a state that's seen catastrophic fire seasons year after year, including two years ago when the august complex fire burned more than a million acres. and then, the deadliest. the campfire, in 2018, essen essentially wiping out the town of paradise, destroying 18,000
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buildings. 85 people lost their lives. >> and the magnitude of the fire environment and the damage that's been done in these last few years is earth-shattering. and it really deals a blow on your psyche. >> reporter: chief tyler joined cal fire 31 years ago as a seasonal firefighter. working his way up through the ranks, appointed as the department's director in march by governor gavin newsom. he is credited for updating an aging fleet from vietnam-era hewey helicopters to firehawks. they are faster and carry 1,000 gallons of water, compared to 324 gallons and the firehawks can also fly missions at night. >> how important is it to eventually be able to fly 24/7? >> i look forward for the opportunity of flying 24 hours a day, seven days a week. to be able to potentially suppress small, initial-attack
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fires at night in environment where temperatures are cooler. >> reporter: but the new pride of cal fire? seven of these c-130 tankers. >> so where are we going right now? >> so right now, we are going into -- uh -- the belly of the aircraft that will veeventuallye converted where the tank system will be placed. so right where we are standing, there will be a 4,000-gallon tank. >> reporter: those retardant ta tanks will be installed in georgia this year, and the planes not set to fly until 2024. do you hope to have at least one or two online next season? >> i certainly hope that we might be able to speed the timeline, to see if we can get one or more of these aircraft in service sooner than 2024. >> reporter: the sooner, the better because it is a daunting task for the newest man in charge of keeping the state of california from burning to the ground as climate change and drought conditions have only added to the danger. in the past four out of five years, more than a million acres
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have burned each season, including 4.3 million acres in 2020. last year, 2.5 million. do you think you can win the battle? are we ever going to change wildland fires in california? no. but how we prevent them, and how we he attempt to mitigate them is a tide we can turn. >> at mcclellan park, ryan yamamoto, kpix 5. >> coming up next, details on changes coming to the iconic data breakers race set to take place tomorrow. and you might be wondering what sort of weather you will be running in. well, there is a few changes for tomorrow and we will have the details, when we come back.
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♪ tomorrow, it is the return of the beta breakers race in san francisco. for the first time, nonbinary runners can compete in their gender identity category, and win awards. kpix 5 caught up with one winner who helped make that change possible for this year's race. >> i feel like so excited. i'm -- i'm so excited. this is just a huge, huge deal. >> reporter: hours before the start of the event, cal feels encouraged about the chance to compete in his first beta breakers race as his true self. >> it makes a lot of sense, neither male nor female accurately describe me, so being able to choose nonbinary was awesome. >> he's competed in high school
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and college. now, he could win an award in this race, with a category for nonbinary runners. >> i love being in the bay, and one of the reasons why i love living here so much is because we are at the forefront of so many social justice movements. >> his partner, ariel watched him prepare for the race. they first learned there would be no awards for nonbinary runners in october. >> the buildup for training every day. he is like practice this hill and this and that. >> a campaign kept gaining support up until the weekend of the race, when cal learned there would be awards for nonbinary runners. >> felt very like how is this happening in san francisco in 2022? like, hello? when's going on. >> cal has spent some time near the panhandle training for the race. other sections continue inside golden gate park. >> people look to us. they will see the way we are doing things. they can use that as a model and that -- that opens up a larger snagzle, and eventually international, conversation
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about the fact that nonbinary and trans people do exist, they do run. >> organizers told sf gate the missing awards' category was an oversight on their part. >> if you look at me, i am a person. i am a runner, i am a teacher. i am a poet. i am so many other things besides my gender. >> kpix 5. closures start in the next hour, and will lift anywhere between noon and 4:30 p.m. tomorrow. adding four extra trains in the morning and cal train is adding two many special trains. you can head to for more details. brian is here with the weather. >> look at this, betty. beautiful day along the waterfront. out of the water and fetch whatever that is he is fetching for. >> that is not your dog, is it! no, flossy and water to not mix. the problem is, anyway, still fairly warm around the bay area.
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san francisco, 64 degrees, concord. san jose has 80 degrees. you have got a little cleanup to do. as you look toward the golden gate and now toward sutro tower, windy and cool along the coastline for beta breakers tomorrow and that is going to set a trend. kind of easing a summertime pattern, and temperatures cooling down. right now, it is windy. we got 24-mile-an-hour gusts in san francisco. 16 miles an hour onshore. concord at 15 and livermore at 14 miles an hour. low pressure is deepening in the pacific northwest, and that sea breeze really is going to power in, as does that marine influence will slowly begin to spread inland but probably take until about monday. it will be cooler inland tomorrow. still be in the 80s, though. it is not figure to be until monday the numbers inland come into the lower 70s. in the meantime, future cast shows a lot of clouds around for tomorrow and heading straight
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into monday. so it is going to be a fairly cloudy regime at the shoreline, until things finally do clear up in the afternoon. how about any chances of rain? the answer is, no, not really, not the rest of the week. might be a little bit of drizzle with the sea breeze. so coastal clouds overnight. lows will be in the 40s. it will be windy, especially near the shoreline. and then, tomorrow, especially at the coast. actually, it's been cool at the coast already. more clouds will be around bay wide for the next couple days and then the rest of the week, as you know, means the usual status quo. the low clouds and sunshine in the afternoon and that is going to begin to set in monday but may gray is not unknown in san francisco. overnight tonight, going to be mild. temperatures in the 50s for the first time this season, everybody will be in the 50s for offernight low, except of course for concord amazingly down about 5 degree. wow, incredible.
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tomorrow, temperatures mostly 70s and 80s. 85 fairfield. 76. very pleasant day tomorrow but we do probably have some low overcast for bay it breakers early in the morning, and this will be clearing up by the time we get into the afternoon hours. so, a pleasant sunday on the way. just not quite as warm as it was today. and in the extended forecast for the city, san francisco will be windy pretty much every day this week. coast will be windy. temperatures do cool into seasonal averages. inland will be down to the low 70s by monday but tomorrow still in the low 80s and as we get into the latter half of the week, we will be back in the mid-80s again inland. so nice week ahead. no rain in sight. but i do see something that looks like charlie walter. >> brian. warriors. they have a ticket to the western conference finals and unlikely hero stepped up and set the tone. klay thompson's reaction to the big man's plays coming up. plus, while we are on the topic of unlikely euros, an unfamiliar face is leading off the show tonight. see what he did in oakland,
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coming up next.
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the oakland a's in the lead-off spot today. heroics get you rewarded to the top of the show even when the giants are on the six game win streak. you could not have vipted this one any better. facing off with the angels. that means all eyes on superstar shohei ohtani. instant trouble. runners at the corners and elvis on andrews did not beat the bag. so the run scores. blackburn found his stuff, though. delivered quality start top of the 6th inning. same score, blackburn. gets a can of corn to end his outing six and two-thirds. just that one earned run. 7th inning we go. jed laurie with a runner at third.
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that up the middle, rock shot, ties the game at one. angels would score two in the eighth. so this is it. two outs and two on. stop it. he would never hit a major league home lrun and he does so today with walk-off fashion with two outs and a's with a little stunner at home. 4-3, they take down the angels. anxiety is constantly tinkering. he's already made eight trades this season. in exchange for a minor league catcher. some depth at that position. jacob junas making his second start for the giants. he had been really good to start the year. second inning, brendan donovan does damage here. that is an rbi base hit. julius pitts well after that, threw out the next four innings. tommy edmond gets him out of a jam. again, mostly really good start
5:25 pm
for junas. and then, tommy edmond will get his revenge. literally, one strike away. instead, edmonds ends his outing. two runs. and the story for the giants was, you know, the offense being ice cold in this one. swing and miss. he is out. 7th inning. bases loaded for brandon belt. only one out in the inning. this was a chance to get some back and they get nothing and will not like it. double play ball. later in the inning, giants down 3-nothing. deep shot to left. darren can't get it off the wall. paul goldschmidt. >> the giants lose 4-nothing. they snap their six-game winning streak. the golden state warriors are head back to the western conference finals. it will be the sixth time steph, clay, ask draymond reached this point. every time prior, they advance to the nba finals and this one
5:26 pm
feels especially good consecutive years of missing the playoffs. >> it feels good to be back after, you go two years of the type of basketball we was playing and not so certain that you are going to get back. >> reporter: game six, clay was back last night. he made eight threes and led the dubs with 30 points adding to his collection of great game-six performances. >> i just love the moments. i love the pressure. i love playing basketball at the highest level. our careers, you know, we are not singers, we are not actors. we can't do this to our elder years so while we are doing it, just got to appreciate every single night because it goes really fast. >> we didn't expect nothing different from clay. he he did it. >> yeah. you did pretty well, too, looney. steph and draymond vouched for him to be back in the starting lineup. he delivered. a career high 22 rebounds, the most by a warrior in a playoff
5:27 pm
game since lair rrry smith in 1. aen earned himself a new nickname by clay. >> he was he was really just a freak out there, and kind of has elastic arms he can just stretch. >> i think what is more impressive than the 22 words is i think i ran him 17-straight minutes and i kept looking at him because after the efficient five, he looked like he was dying. then the next two, looked worse. and every minute after that, i was
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♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> luciano: tonight, breaking news in buffalo, new york, a gunman opens fire at a supermarket, multiple people dead. >> this should never happen to anyone in any community. it surely shouldn't happen on a beautiful saturday when people are just shopping and going through normal life. >> luciano: in milwaukee, gunfire sparks panic in the streets, 20 wounded. mobilizing for a fight, abortion rights protesters raleigh in washington, d.c., and across the country. >> reporter: i'm christina ruffini in washington, d.c., where thousands of people came to rally for reproductive rights ahead of a possible reversal of roe v wade. >> luciano: russia retreats from kharkiv, ran


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