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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  May 14, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> luciano: tonight, breaking news in buffalo, new york, a gunman opens fire at a supermarket, multiple people dead. >> this should never happen to anyone in any community. it surely shouldn't happen on a beautiful saturday when people are just shopping and going through normal life. >> luciano: in milwaukee, gunfire sparks panic in the streets, 20 wounded. mobilizing for a fight, abortion rights protesters raleigh in washington, d.c., and across the country. >> reporter: i'm christina ruffini in washington, d.c., where thousands of people came to rally for reproductive rights ahead of a possible reversal of roe v wade. >> luciano: russia retreats from kharkiv, russian troops are
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pulling back after more than two months of fierce fighting. desperate search, the latest on the baby formula shortage. >> reporter: i'm todd wade in los angeles where stores are facing customer backlash. >> luciano: and later: strike, ford energies with an electric ford f-150. >> this truck will change everything. >> this is the cbs weekend news >> luciano: good evening. i'm lillia luciano. this breaking news in buffalo, york, cbs news confirmed last ten people killed in a mass shooting at a supermarket in buffalo, it happened at the tops friendly market details coming in but the suspected gunman was taken into custody and tonight was reigned. michael george joins us with the
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latest. michael, good evening. >> reporter:. authorities called this pure evil, a racially motivated hate crime, the accused shoot is in custody tonight face add judge. the 18-year-old accused of shooting more than a dozen people identified as payton gendrin was reigned on charges of first-degree murder, authorities say he drove hundreds of miles to the tops friendly market, three miles north of downtown buffalo, heavily armed in body armor, shot four people in the parking lot and went inside and continued shooting. >> when i first saw him shooting, he shot a woman, he shot a deacon. he shot another woman and went in the store. and started shooting again. >> investigators say a security guard who's a retired police officer shot the suspect multiple times. but his body armor protected hi. the suspect shot and killed the security guard and surrendered to police >> this was pure evil. straight-up racially motivated
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hate crime from somebody outside of our community >> police say the gunman was live streaming the incident. and was yelling racial slurs. the neighborhood he targeted is prominently black. >> this is the worst nightmare that any community can face. and we are hurting and we are seething right now as a community. >> the fbi and atv are part of the investigation, tops mark released statement saying, we are shocked and deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence. lilia. >> horrific, michael george, thank you for your reporting. . a curfew michael george, thank you for your reporting. tonight, a curfew is in effect in milwaukee after a night of gun violence, people ran for cover after hearing gunshots near the arena at the end of the celtics-bucks game. three people were wounded. a second shooting just blocks away from left 17 people injured. and in philadelphia, police are offering a $20,000 reward in the search for pair of gunmen in a
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deadly gas station ambush. one was armed with an ak 47 styled gun, the other fired from a handgun with an apparent extended magazine clip. and today, protesters gathered across the country to rally for abortion rights. tensions around the issue ratcheted up since a bombshell leak from the supreme court and a wave of abortion bans and restrictions taking hold in several states. cbs christina ruffini is in washington, d.c., site of one of the largest protests. christina. >> reporter: good evening. these are the biggest demonstrations we've seen in dc since the leaked supreme court draft opinion, no matter what decided demonstrators told us they're not backing down. >> from a national mall to the steps of the supreme court, women, men and children stepped out in support of reproductive rights. o in cities across the country, abortion rights supporters voiced opposition to a leaked
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draft majority opinion that could overturn roe v wade. some speakers emphasize the lack of support for women, especially poor and minority women who do decide to have children. >> it doesn't seem like they're pro life one once the baby is born, so i think it's hypocritical. she marched with her daughter. >> it's human rights, civil rights and a justice issue. >> reporter: and for congressional democrats, abortion rights are a key reelection issue. >> if you make abortion illegal, if you take away our rights to make our personal decisions about our bodies, we will see you at the ballot box in november. >> my body, my choice! >> with chants echoing off the hallowed marble columns, conservative justice clarence thomas said friday the leak undermines trust in the supreme court. >> you lose that trust, especially in the institution that i'm in, it changes the institution fundamentally. you begin to look over your
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shoulder. it's like kind of an infidelity >> reporter: many on the street today said for them, that trust is already broken. >> i feel like so many work sod hard to get where we are and now, generations of work are -- it's going to be destroyed. >> reporter: one of the organizers called today, day one of a summer of rage, and if you look behind me, that nonscaleable fence staying up. we're expecting a decision some time in june. >> luciano: thank you. and today senate republican leader mitch mcconnell and a delegation of republican senators became the latest american lawmakers to travel to ukraine. the trip to kiev was unannounced and became public when president zelenskyy shared images of it on social media. also today, ukraine's military is marking success on the battlefield as russia's invasion grinds on. cbs' deborah patta is in kharkiv for us tonight. >> reporter: kharkiv, the second
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largest city in ukraine, came under attack on day one of the war. it's 25 miles from the russian border, and most people in fact, speak russian, but the resistance has been fierce here and it's paid off. ( explosion ) it's been a brutal battle. ukrainian forces finally gained the upper hand, pushing russian troops back towards the border. but the scars are everywhere. on the outskirts of the city, you can see the wreckage of burnt out russian tanks, which were used to fire directly into homes. and this was the worst hit neighborhood, with near constant shelling for weeks on end. the russian forces may have pulled back but the military here said it's too early for people to come home yet, as there's still a risk of shelling. just yesterday, to the north of the city, russian artillery killed two civilians, and destroyed this cultural center
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used as a distribution point for humanitarian aid. he was preparing breakfast when his cousin's house was hit. "i saw fire and smoke," he said. "when i ran there, he was lying on the ground, and both his legs were torn off." in the east, there are no major breakthroughs, just a bloody stalemate, russia has made little progress but inflicted maximum damage and suffered heavy losses. ukraine destroyed a pontoon bridge they were using to cross a river in the east, destroying hundreds of russian military vehicles. but this war is far from over. ukraine is constantly training up its forces in how to use the weapons donated by its allies. "this one is powerful and mighty," the soldier said. "we can burn men r enemy."
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but their enemy shows no sign of lifting up as russian continues to unleash its artillery indiscriminately disregarding of civilians caught in the line of fire. ( screaming and crying ) >> luciano: and deborah joins us, you arrived in kharkiv earlier, what's the situation like on the ground. >> reporter: the city center is eerie, it's like a ghost town here, we didn't really have to drive for long to see the devastating damage caused to homes and buildings, some places look completely untouched, others are obliterated. it will take a long time to put this city back together. >> luciano: deborah patta in our cbs news crew in kharkiv thank you, please stay safe. now to the shortage of baby formula that has parents scrambling. it's now 43% out of stock nationwide, up from 31% last month. cbs tom wade joins us in los angeles with more on the shortage.
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tom? >> reporter: good evening, lillia. it is a formula frenzy here at this baby boutique, there's limited supply, and that is turning customer anxiety into anger. >> give them a little tiny smile. >> reporter: fear and frustration as millions of families struggle to feed their hungry babies, and scramble for solutions.d sc >> it's like a scavenger hunt. >> reporter: parents turned out for a free formula drive, and social media are also helping connect supply with demand. some people are even crossing boards to stock up. this woman of detroit nearly went to canada where there in a shortage. >> we're striking out everywhere else, we will go to canada. right now, i have people shopping for it in california and florida and boston. >> reporter: the biden administration says it's rushing to help and congress is demanding answers. the recall at the nation's leading supplier of baby formula, abbott, sparks the
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should have the fall, supply chain and panic buying made it worst. >> everyone is asking for help. >> reporter: at earth baby boutique, owner is limiting customers to two can each but facing backlash every day. >> i understand the frustration but it's been a lot of very scarred sad people. >> reporter: getting products back on shelf could take weeks, it's an agonizing waiting game. >> get yourands on whatever formula you can get. >> reporter: health experts are warning parents not to use cow's milk, not water down formula or use juice, because babies are not developmentally ready. >> luciano: that could be dangerous. tom wade thank you. today, a small plane crashed into a bridge in miami. police say the plane then struck an s.u.v. and burst into flames. it happened on the holiver inlet bridge, at least six were hurt. tonight, new indication that covid is far from beaten in the
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u.s. infections are up nearly every state, especially in the northeast and midwest. nationwide cases have jumped 56% over the last two weeks. hospitalizations up 21%. and this week north korea announced the first covid outbreak. cbs elizabeth palmer reports the consequences could be devastating for the secretive state. >> reporter: in a sign that things are serious, north korea's leader kim jong-un wore a mask for the first time in public as he visited what state media called his epidemic prevention headquarters in pyongyang. despite including a special unit of workers in hazmat suits and last fall's military parade, north korea claimed it had not seen one case of covid until this week. now, as kim declares country- wide lockdowns, the official line is one person died of the
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virus, and 187,000 are being isolated with what's being called a fever. at the start of the pandemic, north korea sealed its borders apparently hoping to keep the virus out. then, while the rest of the world mounted vast vaccine campaigns, north korea refused to accept a single dose, even though the vaccines were being offered by the united nations covax program. the result: no north korean had a covid shot. great irony say analysts is that the no holds barred patriotic parade april 25 may have been north korea's super spreader event. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, japan. >> luciano: a summit success for an all black climbing team in nepal. seven members concurred mount everest writ this week, made history as the first all black
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team to reach the highest peak. still to come on the cbs weekend news, ford leads the charge with the newest pick up, a father raises the bar on backyard adventures. on back yards adventures. ♪. ♪. do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company. nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. try nervivenerve relief. ♪♪ we all need a rock we can rely on. to be strong. to overcome anything. ♪♪ to be...unstoppable. that's why millions rely on the strength and financial guidance of prudential to achieve their dreams. who's your rock? ♪♪
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that is one foul ball. let's do this! ♪♪ cross the stream! get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. directv stream. now save $30 over 2 months. american politics over the past half century, and the divide is deepening. abortion is also deeply personal. in tonight's weekend journal, katie raddatz of cbs station wcco shares one woman's story. >> reporter: emily richter and her husband, brice, couldn't wait to see their baby during her anatomy scan. >> we were excited first time parents, excited to find out that she was a girl, and i had this feeling that she was a girl. >> reporter: and she was a girl, but during that routine appointment on march 13 of 2020, their lives changed forever.
5:48 pm
>> you can see the tech, she was she was quiet. she was suddenly quiet and her affect had changed, and then they got to her head and she turned the whole machine off and she said, "i need to go get your o.b." >> reporter: richter's daughter was diagnosed with a serious birth defect called anencephaly, which cause as baby oh grow without parts of brain and skull, babies with the condition are stillborn or die shortly after birth, he 1 in 4,600 babies born in the u.s. according to the c.d.c. there was also a hole in the baby's heart. richter was 19 weeks pregnant. >> it was the worst news we could have gotten, still the worst we've received in our lives >> reporter: doctors said richter's life was also at risk. >> because of the severity of our case, my amniotic fluid was on the verge of sepsis. >> reporter: richter made the decision to terminate the pregnancy. she had so badly wanted. >> she was still my baby, and i carried her for almost 20 weeks
5:49 pm
by the time my procedure could be scheduled >> reporter: richter went on to get pregnant again and the couple now has a one-year-old boy. she shares her story with the hope others understand the different reasons someone may have an abortion. >> removing access to this type of care is devastating for a lot of women. for any birthing body, honestly this could be anyone. >> reporter: katie raddatz, cbs news, minneapolis. >> luciano: stories can be illuminating, still ahead on the cbs weekend news, shifting gears, ford rolls out a new pickup truck and it's selling lightening fast. ruck and it's selling lightening fast. ♪. ♪.
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>> luciano: today, gas prices hit a new record high, averaging $4.45 a gallon nationwide. and that's fueling interest in ford's new f-150. it's already the country's best selling vehicle for 45 years-- and now it's gas-free. here's cbs kris van cleave. >> reporter: at 580 horsepower, 0-60 in a little over four seconds, up to 320 miles a single charge and starting at 40 grand, ford hopes this is what lightening striking looks like. the all electric f-150 lightening. >> i think it brings electric vehicles to the masses. >> reporter: jase craft is among the roughly 200,000 to reserve one. >> the performance aspect is so quick.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: the electric f-150 is in fact, a rolling generator designed to power a job site, a tailgate party, even an entire home for three days in the event of a power failure. >> it's the best selling vehicle in the u.s. and has been for decades now, so ford cannot mess this up >> reporter: as gas prices climb this year online searches for e.v.s surged up 60% year-to- date. 55% of gas powered car owners say they're considering going electric. and nearly 160,000 did in the first quarter of 2022. e.v.s account for about 4.6% of all registered vehicles nationwide. the f-series truck has been the first selling in the u.s. since 1977, and through the years has embodied americans' love of big gas guzzling trucks. taking the f 150 electric was meant to send a message. >> i think driving this vehicle really makes believers. it changes hearts and minds in terms of what this product can do, and it's just as tough as
5:54 pm
all of our f-series. >> reporter: what's not the same, the lightening comes with a fronk or front trunk that can hold up to 400 pounds, has enough outlets to charge tools or host an all electric front gate party. kris van cleave, cbs news, san antonio. >> luciano: more space and it's electric. what's not to love? next on the cbs weekend news, when it comes to backyard projects, the sky is the limit for this father and son and duo. for this father and son and duo. ♪. ♪. when hurting feet make you want to stop, it's dr. scholl's time. our custom fit orthotics use foot mapping technology to give you personalized support, for all-day pain relief. find your relief in store or online. did you know there are surfaces in your home that look clean
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>> luciano: we end in colorado, where a long-time pilot is proving he's creative on the ground while setting parenting expectations sky high conor mccue shows us how. >> reporter: no matter how many twists and turns, three-year-old west can't get enough. his dad scott has his limits. >> we basically go until i get tired. and because he never gets tired of it. >> reporter: at nine and a half feet high and 200 feet long, it was a true father/son project from the start >> when they're three years old, they don't help that much, but they will help paint or hand you screws or tools and it's a neat way to bond. >> reporter: it's also a labor of love he's done before, building the first coaster five years ago for his other son, wyatt. >> my dad would put it on. >> reporter: while wyatt had a
5:58 pm
propeller plane, west chose something more familiar, tricolor stripes and southwest heart in ode to the plane his dad flies every day. >> this is a planter, a smaller one and engines are made out high tech pepsi cans. >> reporter: west can't get enough. taking to the skies even more than his dad. >> when they like it and the light bulb goes on for them, they have this in their yard, it is a really rewarding feeling. my motto is if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing, no regret >> connor, mccue, cbs news, west brighton, colorado >> luciano: that's it for this saturday. first thing in the morning, "sunday morning with jane paulley," followed by "face the nation" with margaret brennan. i'm lilia luciano in new york. good night to you all. captioning sponsored by cbs lia captioned by media access group at wgb captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
5:59 pm police uncover a new prees of evidence in the search for a missing east bay woman. >> coming up. a home here, just sold for more than a million dollars over the asking price. we will give you a look, plus, a
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big-picture look at real estate in the east bay. good evening, i am betty yu. >> and i am brian hackney. tonight we start with thousands taking to the streets across the pay area marching for abortion rights. >> in mountain view, palo alto, san francisco, and beyond. as kpi dp 5's john ramos explains, many felt it was pofrpt to show up in numbers so their voices could be heard loud and clear. >> reporter: it turned the abortion issue frommer to a high boil but the question is how much will public' furor even influence this court? there have been marches over abortion before, both pro and con. but today's was huge as thousands joined a nationwide protest. >> it is huge and we are thrilled and it's not just east coast. it's chicago. it's texas and it's in hlittle towns and big cities and san
6:01 pm
francisco had to be a part of


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