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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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in the east bay. good evening, i am betty yu. >> and i am brian hackney. tonight we start with thousands taking to the streets across the pay area marching for abortion rights. >> in mountain view, palo alto, san francisco, and beyond. as kpi dp 5's john ramos explains, many felt it was pofrpt to show up in numbers so their voices could be heard loud and clear. >> reporter: it turned the abortion issue frommer to a high boil but the question is how much will public' furor even influence this court? there have been marches over abortion before, both pro and con. but today's was huge as thousands joined a nationwide protest. >> it is huge and we are thrilled and it's not just east coast. it's chicago. it's texas and it's in hlittle towns and big cities and san francisco had to be a part of
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this. there was no bay san francisco would not be a big part of this, and we are a big part of it. >> enough is enough! we have gotten comfortable. >> reporter: the organizer told the crowd they need to be realistic about the direction the court is heading. >> i think people need to start accepting the hard truth of realizing that this leak is the supreme court justices' decision. we can still fight. we can still act up. we can still make a ruckus in the streets but doing that with the realization that they have made their decision that this is where they stand will empower the people a lot more. >> with that, thousands marched out of civic center onto market street heading down to the waterfront. among them? janice campbell from oakland who said while the argument over abortion hasn't ended, she thought it had been decided as a matter of law. >> i was in law school when it was settled. and we all assumed it would just last forever. >> reporter: those old enough to remember when roe v. wade was established in 1973 understand how contentious the issue was,
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and has been ever since. >> i feel like we have been fighting for the past 50 years to keep it. it's -- it's -- i feel like it's been threatened for a long time. >> reporter: but youngerer women have grown ip with the idea of abortion as a constitutional right. and are facing the prospect that that may no longer be the case. >> i can't believe in 2022, that we're marching for abortion rights. like, as i grew up, it was something that was protected and something i knew i had access to. and to know it's now threatened for me and -- and our children and our granddaughters is horrifying. >> but by design, the supreme court is the one branch of government that is not supposed to be affected by public' opinion. so, how much influence can mass-protest marches have? angela a thinks it won't change any justices' opinion but she feels if people become more politically active, they can influence future court appointments even if the process seems agonizingly slow to some. >> they are getting their ways.
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republicans have been planning this for decades. they are winning right now but that doesn't mean it has to be forever. they can win this battle. eventually, we could go back to what it should be, and we can win the war. >> reporter: in san francisco. >> john ramos, kpi dp 5. >> some advocating for a federal law that would legalize abortion nationally. a recent cbs poll shows that 58% of americans favor that idea, while 42% oppose it. well, taking a live look now from our salesforce tower cameras. it is a beautiful, clear weekend out there. temperatures sbrn heating up, brian, how hot will it get? >> not very because it is actually going to cool down tomorrow but enjoy today while you can. golden gate bridge. little bit of marine haze there. sign of things to come. pretty good onshore push means that the temperatures will be cooling down, especially at the coast, where low clouds lingered. right now, concord 83. but in san francisco, it is only
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62 and as the week goes on, it will be more of the same but we do have a cooling trend that will begin to kick in tomorrow zwf all the details in a few minutes, betty. >> thanks, brian. covid cases are spiking and bay-area health officials are making a renewed plea for people to mask up again indoors. the bay area is the state's covid hot spot. san francisco's positivity rate is now above 10% -- more than double the state's overall rate of just over 4%. in the south bay, santa clara university is mandating covid testing for the next two weeks, however only recommending masking. yesterday, almost all bay area public-health officials put out a joint statement urging people to mask up. they are also recommending that we keep large gatherings outside. >> it's time to take action. um, and it is time to take action across the bay area and we think this is an important step for our communities to take. >> oakley police found a new piece of evidence in the search
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for alexis gabe. police say they did recover her phone case. her family said that it was a custom design. officers say that a man was caught on video walking away from her car on jarn january 26th and they he might be the one who threw away the case. it is now being analyzed at the crime lab. gabe buzz was last seen on january 26th when she told her family she was visiting an ex-boyfriend in antioch. on thursday, investigators were seen searching that man's home and carrying evidence bags out. there is a $10,000 reward for information on the case. betty? >> now to a scary situation for a palo alto resident. police say a man caught a woman trying to break his into the his home along alma street yesterday morning. a man was at home be with his family when he saw glass breaking. he saw someone's hand reaching through the front door trying to unlock the dead bolt. police found that suspect, a
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38-year-old woman, a short time later. she was arrested and booked into jail. well, california is rush with record amounts of your money. but the governor is busy figuring out ways to spend it. the budget surplus is almost $100 billion. that is because the state collected $55 billion more in tax revenue than is expected. the surplus, alone, is much bigger than nearly every other state's annual budget and the governor himself seemed impressed. >> simply, without precedent, no other state in american history's ever experienced a surplus as large as this. in fact, this is actually significantly larger than last year's operating surplus. >> the governor is busy beginning to plan on how to spend it. he would like to hand out $400 to car owners to offset california's highest gas taxes in the nation. also wants to spend money to combat the drought, hand out bonuses to health-care workers,
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and pay for women from out of state to get abortions in california. governor newsom's office says high inflation triggered an increase to the state's minimum wage. the increase will bring the minimum wage to $15.50 an hour. this is all due to a 2016 law saying minimum wage will go up, if inflation grew above 7%. the hike will go into effect next year. silicon valley residents could face fines now for wasting water. valley water district considering putting watser enforcers in neighborhoods this summer and repeat offenders could be slapped with fines up to $500. nothing stet in stone, though. the water company says if the drought continues into next year, santa clara county faces the possibility of wells going dry, and land sinking from empty an aquifers. new at 6:00. it is normal for homes to sell for more but one just sold for more than a million dollars over the asking price.
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kpi dp with a look at the home and bigger picture. >> another bay-area home sells for way over the asking price. this three bedroom, two bathroom, nearly 1,500 square foot mid-century house was listed at just under $1.3 million. well, after ten days on the market and 11 offers -- all of them over the asking price by at least $200,000 -- the home sold for $2.45 million, all cash. >> the mid-century modern has a following around the bay area. a lot of characteristics are just popular in our area. and the setting was kind of one of a kind. >> reporter: listing agent says the home sold for about $1.15 million over the asking price. >> just the uniqueness of the site and the house i think is what drove -- drove the price up. >> that is combined with strong buyer' demand, despite rising interest rates. >> even with the interest-rate hikes and so forth, the market seems -- just still seems to
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keep churning just because there is not the supply here right now. >> buyers certainly still willing to pay high prices regardless of what interest rates are. >> however, dave stark seeing a few signs that could be indicative of a cooldown. >> in terms of numbers of buyers in the market, we are starting to see what i would describe as buyer fatigue. the number of pending sales we are seeing that drop off a bit from march, compared with april. >> reporter: that said, a potential cooldown from his vantage point wouldn't mean a huge shift in market dynamics. >> i think a slowdown. homes may be on the market a little bit longer. we may see some price stability. that is the flavor of -- of market correction i see coming. >> reporter: but even with buyer' fatigue creeping in, it is tough on them right now and i think everybody is sympathetic to that. and fewer offers coming in. for now, the outcome hasn't really changed. >> desirability of the properties and the
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supply-and-demand skew is still very much working in the sellers' favor. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> more than 100 bay area restaurants are celebrating peninsula restaurant week and there is is simple way you can help out. 121 eateries are offering special menus between now and next saturday. by placing orders, you can support restaurants trying to bounce back from losses during the pandemic. but diners can also benefit and win up to $850 in gift cards just by posting photos of their meals on social media. still ahead at 6:00 and streaming on cbs news bay area, the bay area police department' warnings about bay area sightings this evening. >> so many other things besides my gender. >> and the iconic beta breakers race hours away returning with a key change. >> and later, a gunman opening fire at a new york supermarket.
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why authorities say t
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a bear could be on the move in fairfield. police say in the last 24 hours, they got a number of calls of bear sightings in the wood creek park area. police say the bear seems to be searching for food, and isn't setting up shop in just one place. bears are often found in the hills above fairfield. and residents warn to bring in trash cans, not to leave cat and dog food because bears love cat and dog food and keep pets inside. from crazy costumes to some wearing nothing at all, san francisco's beta breakers race returns tomorrow for the first time since 2019. thousands of runners will make their way across the city from embarcadero to ocean beach, a distance a of about 7 1/2 miles. for the first time, nonbinary
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runners can compete in their gender-identity category and win awards. kpix 5 caught up with one woman who helped make that change possible for this year's race. >> i am feeling so excited. i -- i am so excited. this is just a huge, huge deal. >> reporter: hours before the start of the event, cal feels encouraged about the chance to compete in his first beta breakers race as his true self. >> it makes a lot of sense, neither male, nor female, accurate hi describe me so being able to characterize chooz nonbinary was awesome. >> someone who started running in 5th afraid, he's competed in high school and college. now, he could win an award in this race with a category for nonbinary runners. >> bun of the reasons i love living here so much is we are at the forefront of so many social-justice movements. >> his partner ariel watched him prepare for the race. they first learned there would be no award force nonbinary
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runners in october. >> i am going to practice this hill and do this and that and working so, so hard. >> our campaign kept gaping support up until the weekend of the lace, when cal learned there would be awards for nonbinary runners. >> i felt very like how is this happening in san francisco in 2022? like, hello? what's going on. >> cal has spent some time here by the panhandle training for the race. part of the course will go along belt street, and other sections continue inside golden gate park. >> people look to us, they will see the way we are doing things. they can use that as model and that -- that opens up a larger national, and eventually international conversation about the fact that nonbinary and trans people do exist, they do run. >> organizers told sf gate themying awards' category was aen oversight on their part. >> if you look at me, i am a person, i am a runner, i am a teacher, i am a poet, i am so many other things besides my gender. >> kpix 5. lane closures start in the infect hour and lift anywhere
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between noon and 4:30 p.m. tomorrow. also, adding four extra trains in the morning and cal train adding two special northbound trains. you can head to kpix.dom for details on transit schedules. >> bell, betty, guess who is making a special appearance right now? >> i don't know about this. >> what? >> hey, brian. hey, betty. sorry i couldn't be there today but i am busy my ducklings, get it? in eugene, oregon. it is rain here so here are the temps now in the bay area. >> juliet, that is grcamera wor >> something tells me she is still going to have fun. >> theoretically, we are going to have temperatures appear over this shot but maybe not. ah! look at that. there is san francisco. there is oakland. there is concord. there is santa rosa. and there is san jose. boy, 83 degrees concord and reminder we are not getting rain
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they are getting there. juliet will be back tomorrow. and the numbers around the bay area as we showed you,tiyarn east bay. and san jose, 75 degrees. windy and cool even along the coast line. and you know things are going to be a little bit cooler for sunday. not dramatically inland but everybody is going to come down monday. winds going to pick up along the shoreline. in san francisco, 25 degree -- or 25 miles an hour. and that marine influence is sloo slowly making its way into the east bay, with 10, 13, 13-mile-an-hour winds. that is pretty good but will pick up more monday and that means the temperatures are going to come down, as bell. low pressure will deepen. sea breeze will pick up. and high pressure is going to be to the southwest. future cast shows a lot clouds. sunday. monday, more high clouds come in so variable sunshine now on monday for sure, cooler temperatures. in terms of rain chances as we look ahead, not much.
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just an isolated chance for tomorrow. could get a bit of drizzle along the shoreline but that is it. as we look at our next weekend, there is just -- there is nothing coming in. so, what we are expecting? coastal clouds overnight. lows will be in the 40s, so very mild night. cooler, especially at the coastline for tomorrow, with more clouds bay wide. and then a very summer-like pattern that will be for the rest of the week. the usual stratus quo. the coolest day will be monday and the warmest day will be toward next weekend but, again, nothing in the headlines. just back in the 80s inland over the week. 53 red wood city. fairfield 51 degrees. for tomorrow, numbers are warm but not quite as warm as they were today. 8 at santa rosa. 72 at vallejo. mountain view, 72 for high
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tomorrow. and 77 san jose. 76 at livermore. so it is not quite as warm as it was today. in the extended forecast, it will be windy in san francisco pretty much all week long, really. that's what that kind of whole thing means, it means windy. oakland 7 1. >> mid-70s by the end of the week. san jose warms to the 80s by the time we get to wednesday. next couple days fairly cool except in the east bay. it is monday. the east bay number really comes down. rest of the week, it levels out. very pleasant week ahead but little bit of a cooler change for the next couple days. that is weather. for sports, here is charlie. >> we are talking warriors. they have a ticket to the western conference finals in an unlikely hero stepped up and set the tone in that close-out game yesterday. how about looney? we have klay thompson's reaction to his play. plus, while on the topic of up likely heroes, that
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the oakland a's in the lead-off spot. heroics get you rewarded to the top of the show even when the giants are on a six-game win streak. heroics and then some at the coliseum today. you could not have scripted this one any better. a's in the first game double header against the angels out of anaheim. all eyes on shohei ohtani. paul blackburn in a jam. andrews runs, does not get in there in time. fielder's choice. run scores. quality start. top of the same inning, blackburn. 6 and two-thirds, just that one-earned run. 7th inning we go. runner at third and that will be no decision for blackburn. up the middle ties the ball game. the angels score two in the eighth. so this is it.
6:23 pm
two outs, two on. he never hit a major league home lun, and he does so today in walk-off fashion with two outs in the ninth inning, nonetheless. a's come from behind, they win 4-3. fall age designty is constantly tinkering to maximize their debt. the latest today, mauricio duban heading to house tp in exchange for a minor league catcher. jacob junis had been really good to begin this year. second inning, brendan donovan -- he will do some damage. rbi base hit. junis did pitch bell for the next four innings, following batter wicked slider getting him out of a jam. sit down, tommy edmond. and then, tommy edmond will get him right back. one strike away from getting through five. instead, cardinals go up four squo two-thirds. two runs for junis today.
6:24 pm
they had a chance here, bases loaded in the 7th. that is a 6-3 double play. erases the threat. later in the inning, giants down 3-nothing. line drive left field. darren ruff can't catch up to it. in to score, giants lose 4-nothing. they snap a six-game winning streak. >> jeremy had a big game to the d quaked today. they faced vancouver white caps. quakes on the move. scores his second goal of the game. can they hold on? we go to stoppage time. still up and it is eric gadoi scoring the goal. the game ended in a 3-3 draw. golden state warriors are heading to the conference finals. it will be time number six for steph, clay, and draymond.
6:25 pm
every time prior they advance to the nba finals but this one feels especially good, consecutive years missing playoffs no more. >> it feels to be good to be back after two years of the type of basketball we was playing and you not so certain that you are going to get back. >> they are back and so is game six clay. eight threes last night led the dubs to 30 points adding to his collection -- look at this -- of really good game-six performances. >> i just love the moments. i love the pressure. i love playing basketball at the highest level. our careers, you know, we are singers, we are not actors. we can't do this to our elder years so while we are doing it, you just got to appreciate every single night because it goes really fast. >> we expected nothing different from clay. we was all excited to see clay show up and he did it. >> pretty good, too. reverse that one. game six, fantastic.
6:26 pm
steph and draymond vouched for him to be back in the starting lineup and delivered a career-high 22 rebounds. 11 of them offensive. played 35 minutes. how about that? the most by a warrior in a playoff game since larry smith in 1987. even earned himself a new nickname. >> kavon should go by -- because he was really just a freak out there and guy has, like, elastic arms he can just stretch. >> i think what is more impressive than the 22 words is i think i ran him 17-straight minutes and i kept looking at him because after the first five, he looked like he was dying. then, the next two looked worse. i don't know if it could get any worse and every minute after that, i was just saying lord hold on, lord hold on, and he did. >> all right. that is sports. i will see you tonight at 11:00. >> thanks, charlie. coming up in the next half hour. a teenager alarraigned in a deay supermarket shooting being called racially motivated.
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 6:30. now, at 6:30, we are following breaking news. ten dead and three wounded after authorities say a teenaged gunman in tactical gear opened fire at a buffalo, new york, supermarket. welcome back, i am betty yu. >> and i am brian hackney.
6:30 pm
authorities say the shooting was an act of racially-motivated violent extremism with one witness describing a terrifying scene. >> when i first saw him shooting, he shot a woman, he shot a deacon, he shot another woman and then he went in the store and started shooting, again. so i don't know who he was shooting at because he shot at least -- at least eight people. >> here is what we know. ten people died. three were injured. police say the store security guard tried to shoot the suspect but hit his bulletproof vest instead. the security guard turned out to be one of the people killed in the attack. >> the suspect is an 18-year-old who has already been arraigned on murder charges. he is seen here in court wearing a hospital gown. he is currently being held without bail. new york governor kathy hochul visited buffalo. here is what she had to say about the attack. >> mark my words. we will be aggressive in our
6:31 pm
pursuit of anyone who subscribes to ideals professed by other white supremacists, and how there is a feeding frenzy on social-media platforms where hate festers more hate. that has to stop. >> in fact, the sheriff did call the shooting a hate crime and we keep an eye on the breaking story. betty? >> take a look at these huge flames sparked by a deadly small plane crash on a florida highway. one per one person was killed and five others injured, including two toddlers. investigators say the single-engine cessna striking a car. the plane departed ft. lauderdale international airport and headed to key west international. authorities say the person who died because 36-year-old. miami airport traffic controller. now, the faa and ntsb set to investigate what went wrong. we have got an update on
6:32 pm
story we brought you at 5:00. san mateo police launched a homicide investigation after a body was found at a bus stop. happened at el camino. the victim a 48-year-old male. police received the report this morning of a man dead on a bench. details still developing. also, in san mateo county, a major bust for a criminal organization. authorities arrested several people in connection to multiple felony crimes in the area. investigators seized more than 30 cars, motorcycles, and $40,000 worth of stolen property. the drought here in california is getting wore by the week. turns out, compared with about 40% last week. the conditions are taking a toll on california's rice crops but those rice crops do require about five feet of water a year
6:33 pm
in other our semi--desert state. experts say 80% will not be planted this year. that is hundreds of thousands of acres. farmers south of the delta say it is because they are not getting any water from lake shasta. >> they are not letlinging anybody use water. these small towns depend on the water and without alg culture, it is a deposit town. >> lake shasta is below 50% capacity, at a historic low. cbs reporter ben tracy shows us how two decades of of drought is now threatening a critical warren water supply. >> reporter: it is hard to believe a place this beautiful is also a shadow of its former self. lake powell has mostly been on a tee decline for the past two decades. >> he wants to restore the canyon flooded in the 1960s to create lake powell, the nation's second-largest reservoir.
6:34 pm
>> this area that we are in right now is 177 feet below full pool. >> and when was the last time itit was that high? >> full was in 1999. >> the top of that is where the batter used to be. satellite images show the dramatic impact of the 22-year-long mega drought. the lake now just 24% full. >> it looks like we can expect this to be a new normal. >> reporter: climate change is making the west hotter and drier, threatening the colorado river system. the manmade reservoirs of lake powell in utah and lake mead in nevada and provides water for 40 million people in seven states. >> you had 12 ramps and now this is all you got? >> this is all we got. >> they have been forced to sht down 11 boat ramps and critically-low lake levels could soon cause the glen canyon dam to stop producing hydropower for more than 5 million people. >> how unprecedented is what is going on her
6:35 pm
e? >> it is completely unprecedented. this hasn't been at this level since 1967. >> that is when glen canyon was drowned, erasing a landscape often compared to the grand canyon. >> very special place. >> now, as the water recedes, the canyon is being reborn. >> this is just stunning in here. >> he took us to what is called cathedral in the desert. parts of which have not been seen for 60 years, and he showed us this natural bridge that just emerged from the water. >> this bridge was covered by water, so what we are boating under, you used to be able to boat over. >> used to be able to boat over the top of this bridge. >> lake powell's remaining water should be sent down river to prop up lake mead and glen canyon turned into a national park. >> we can't go on with business as usual and hope more water fills this reservoir because it is probably not going to.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: if and so, a once-lost cap yon may be rediscovered. i am ben tracy in big water, utah. >> too many people living in the desert. in other new, we at kpix 5 received this some recognition as we celebrate -- i am going to hold it up to the other camera as we celebrate asian-american and pacific island heritage month. >> and today, we won this award from the state assembly, recognizing our fair and comprehensive coverage of asian-american' issues in our community, includes stories on anti-asian hate and violence. one of our top writers, irene honda, accepted this award on our behalf at an event today in san jose. and i will just add, it has been a privilege to tell these stories over the past year of the aapi community right here. >> good for us i guess. would you eat up-cycled food? >> people are lining up for it at a new restaurant in san
6:37 pm
francisco. trash pie and natural wine is the city's first restaurant dedicated to eliminating food waste, and fighting climate change. >> reporter: it is an eye-popping, funky, and monochromatic space in the mission district that is turning heads and calling attention to a serious mission -- saving our planet. think ugly or blemished produce. farms' surplus, off cuts of meats, the stuff that would normally thrown out. >> no, we are not dumpster diving. everything's really, really beautiful stuff. like, wilted -- wilted -- wilted greens that are sitting out at the farmers' market all day. what happens to those after? people always go after the beautiful crispy stuff. the things that look the best. >> reporter: this is food-waste paradise. >> it's like, hey, hey, how do you make a salad cool? >> and here, the pizza is up cycled. the dough contains wei, an out oat flower.
6:38 pm
>> we, in america, we waste up to 40% of our entire-food supply. whether that is at the farm level, things that are look order because of cosmetic irregularity, they don't have outlets for them or like all the way down to the consumer level, where we are, you know, taking too big a portion on our plate. >> reporter: the co-owners are also the founders of the ugly pickle company. to date, they say they have saved upwards of 40,000 pounds of produce through various projects. they want customers to eat their way to a sustainable future, and maybe try something new. >> you want people to eat first and then they are going to start asking questions and then like they find out oh man, this is chicken hearts. like oh! that is i never knew i liked chicken hearts. >> they are also made without additives. since opening, diners have lined up daily, sometimes for up two hours to get a table. >> betty, one thing i didn't see in that story -- >> what? >> did you try it? >> i -- i did not try the
6:39 pm
chicken heart. >> okay. but everything else? >> i tried the pizza. it was very good. it was very good. >> let me get this straight. this is food that would have been thrown away? >> yes, and whether that is by consumers, as they said, or farmers, various partners that often don't know actually what to do with that food, so they just toss it out. >> i am going to pass on chicken hearts, too still ahead at 6:00. back to back spacex on pace for a record-breaking year. ♪ dude, great ride! right? this silverado keeps me connected and in control. and this touchscreen is my command center. ♪ ♪ my command center...
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two, one, zero. ignition and liftoff. and away they go. new video of the latest spacex takeoff today from florida. the second round of starlink satellites being sent into orbit
6:42 pm
after a launch from vandenberg yesterday. company set to shatter u.s. launch records, yet again. if spacex keeps up its current pace, it could launch at least 50 rockets this year alone, far outpacing its record of 3 1 last year. put that into perspective, in 2001, there were 51 launches on the entire earth. now, to the red planet. mars. nasa engineers are wondering if their mars' helicopter has taken its final flight because winter is setting in on mars, and in winter, temperatures get to 100 below zero. the helicopter ingenuity flew a few weeks ago. this month, itself noft able to communicate with perseverance, the rover nearby. but in true jpo fashion, it has made discoveries for 13 months. >> we are learning apple is testing phones that ditch proprietary lightning ports, in favor of usb-c ports. that is according to a bloomberg report. it comes as the european union
6:43 pm
considers making usb-c ports mandatory on electronics. >> and nothing says apple like donkels. >> but don't get rid of your lightning cables just yet. analysts say the earliest time this change could happen? 2023. brian. >> that is next year. that is just seven months. >> depends how you look at time. >> looking at the san francisco bay where whales are are changing migration patterns. humpback whales are swimming closer to shore. they used to have to sail far offshore to see any whales but not anymore. reports say it is because because of a boost in whale' population in the area and ocean warming. coming up and streaming on cbs news bay area, a special look at the high-tech tools that could bring cal fire an edge this season. and we have no rain to offer relief.
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sorry about that. but we do have details, by the way, for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. shock and disbelief. the reaction tonight as residents return to neighborhoods devastated by the coastal fire in orange county. while some homes were untouched by flames, others weren't so lucky. >> certain houses. and you know, certain houses like wow, i mean, there's nothing there anymore. >> all the paper stuff's all
6:47 pm
burned up so there is really nothing salvageable. it's mostly exercise and futility. >> the fire destroyed at least 20 multimillion-dollar homes in the laguna niguel community. it could be a very busy fire season across the state but cal fire has some new high-tech tools. anchor ryan yamamoto spoke with the new cal fire director about his plan to change how we fight wildfires. >> reporter: some of the biggest and baddest weapons to fight wildfires in the state of california come from an area assault of fire retardant and water drops. and the new director of cal fire, chief joe tyler, is not shy about showing them off. >> the kid in you has to be really excited about these. >> when the aircraft go in service, they, too, will be a game-changer. >> reporter: a game-changer for a state that has seen catastrophic and record fire seasons, year after year. including, the largest two years when the august complex fire burned more than a million
6:48 pm
acres. and then, the deadliest, the campfire in 2018, essentially wiping out the town of paradise. destroying 18,000 buildings. 85 people lost their lives. >> and the magnitude of the fire environment and the damage that he is been done in these last few years is earth shattering, and it really deals a blow on your psyche. >> reporter: chief tyler joined cal fire 31 years ago as a seasonal firefighter. working his way up through the ranks, appoint as the department's director in march by governor gavin newsom. he is credited for updating an aging fleet from vietnam-era helicopters to 12 of these blackhawks he calls flyer hawks. they are cafaster and carry 1,0 gallons of water compared to 324 gallons and can fly missions at night. >> how important is it to eventually be able to fly 24/7?
6:49 pm
>> i look forward for the opportunity of flying 24 hours a day, seven days a week, uh, to be able to potentially suppress small, initial attack fires at night in an environment where temperatures are cooler. >> reporter: but the new pride of cal fire? seven of these c130 tankers. >> so where are we going right now? >> so, right now, we are going into the belly of the aircraft that will eventually be converted where the tank system will be placed. so right where we're standing, there will be a 4,000-gallon tank. >> those retardant tanks will be installed in georgia this year and the planes not set to fly until 2024. you hope to have at least one or two online next season? >> i certainly hope that we might be able to speed the timeline to see if we can get one or more of these aircraft in service sooner than 2024. >> reporter: the sooner, the better because it is a daunting task for the newest man in charge of keeping the state of
6:50 pm
california from burning to the ground, as climate change and drought conditions have only added to the danger. in the past four out of five years, more than a million acres have burned each season, including 4.3 million acres in 2020. last year, 2.5 million. do you think you can bin the battle? win the battle? >> are we ever going to change wildland fires in california? no. but how we prevent them and howby attempt to mitigate them is a tide that we can turn. >> at mcclellan park, ryan yamamoto, kpix 5. no rain on the way for the upcoming week. there is an eclipse on the way, though. we will talk about that. right now, beautiful over san francisco. visibility's pretty good. it will begin to suffer, though, as the marine haze takes over. we look toward the golden gate bridge and the numbers right now range from 83 in concord. it is a chilly 65 in oakland and 62 in san francisco. be windy and cool at the coastline, and that will cool
6:51 pm
everybody down eventually as low pressure begins to move in. the sea breeze kicks in and that eclipse is not tonight. it is tomorrow night. but just to get you ready, it will be a desperate sight with the moon turning a blood red just after sunset tomorrow night. and so, here is how to look for it -- i mean, says look at the southeast -- i mean, just look at the moon. total eclipse begins at 8:29 and the moon gets a bigger and bigger chunk taken out of it. it look you know like half moon, then crescent moon, and totality begins 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. hopefully, we get clear skies. maximum eclipse -- the darkest part of the eclipse at 9:11 tomorrow night. the total part of the eclipse aends at 9:53 p.m. and that is when the fun ends really. so aim for between 8:30 and about 10:00 tomorrow night. it is just great. it looks like this three-dimensional halloween globe up in the sky and it is not ultra rare but it is nice.
6:52 pm
next total eclipse, november 8th of this year. future cast shows not-great news in the cloud department. lot of low clouds along the shoreline and high clouds up top through monday. still be able to see the -- the eclipse but there is nothing like seeing it in a perfectly-clear sky. because that is when the real beauty shines through. i wish the weather were cooperating a little bit more along the coast. it doesn't look good. coastal clouds overnight tonight and tomorrow night. it will be windy near the coast. it will be cooler for everybody, including inland little bit tomorrow but more monday. summer-like pattern established itself. overnight lows tonight will be in the 50s. and daytime highs tomorrow, still be in the 80s in parts inland but not quite to the heights that we had today. but only 59 degrees in pacifica. and 65 in san francisco and san jose tomorrow, very nice 77 degrees. in the extended forecast, we are going to be looking at numbers mostly in the 60s near the coast. it will be windy. oakland cools. oakland, coolest day of the week
6:53 pm
going to be monday when numbers come down to 72 degrees inland. that is well off today's highs but then warm up the latter half the week so little bit of a cool change before we warm up in the latter half the week. now. >> here is betty. >> thanks, brian. up next, he was nicknamed the
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
♪ tomorrow's bay to breakers race will be the next chapter for a running we have been following several years now. >> he spent 18 years in san quentin for second-degree murder and while serving that sentence, he took up running. he repeatedly won the prison
6:56 pm
marathon, and became known as the gazelle of san quentin. he was released in 2019 and the running continues at a remarkable pace. he will be running from his first bay to breakers tomorrow. >> kpix 5's wilson walker caught up with him ahead of the next race. >> in prison or running marathons, in life, you don't give up until your body completely shuts down, and just keep on movg. taking one day ame. >> reporter: that is the philosophy marquel taylor adopted while running laps around the yard at san quentin. now, three years after his release and off parole, the running continues and the attention has followed, as well. his sub-three hour boston marathon covered by "the new york times." >> basically, just to see where my fitness level is at this time. >> reporter: the next race at about 7 1/2 miles will be a
6:57 pm
change of pace after boston. but bay to breakers will also be a homecoming. >> i used to be a kid in san francisco, looking out the window at all the people going by. but this will be actually my first time actually running it. >> reporter: after sunday, it is a handful of track races and still more events around the country. his running calendar is relentless and all of it done between his job, some part-time coaching between two different meetings and his support network for the formerly incarcerated. >> i was just checking in and seeing how each other is doing, feeling, family life, whatever it is. all those who are still incar incarcerated behind bars, we represent them, and we doing our best to be good examples so they can, one day, share the same experience that we are -- that we have today. >> reporter: marquel says the
6:58 pm
philosophy he found in san quentin has not changed. >> just life's challenges, in general, um, if you stay focused and never give up. >> reporter: and he has no plans of stopping. bay to breakers is just the next base on the way to the next challenge. >> it will be like coming home, though. coming home to san francisco. and i just have a mark to go after the next time i run it. >> in tiburon, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> you ever run the bay to breakers? >> no, i have seen it, though. >> well, you live in san francisco. you have seen it. >> of course. >> we all went up as a group on a bus and they dumped us out. i thought it was the first time i figured out, oh, san francisco is on the bay and it is also on the ocean. >> did you have a costume? duf a theme? >> they didn't do that back in the 1930s. anyway, that will do it for us now. we will see you back here at 11:00 tonight. >> until then, you can always
6:59 pm
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