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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 16, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> right now at 5:00, shots fired at a southern california church, why some people inside are being called heros this morning. tragedy at a new york grocery store over the weekend. what we're learn being the alleged shooter. >> targeting bay area mosques, the donations stolen inside houses of worship. and if you're gone to the grocery store you probably notice some items are costing more. coming up, how it's hitting bay area residents. good morning. it is monday, may 16th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. come on into the room. we want to introduce to you somebody this morning, this is meteorologist jessica burch. it's your first day. >> welcome to the team. >> all the jitters still. everything's fine. >> everything's good. we're going to talk more soon but first you have to get some work done. what is the forecast today? >> just dive straight into it. a live look with the martha hopkins hotel cam. a beautiful day.
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partly cloudy skies, come wake up this morning and breezy, too. h daytime highs still in the low 60s along the coast, mid-60s in the bay area and our inland forecast, well, we're seeing some low 80s. partly cloudy skies, the winds are sticking around as we head into the afternoon, like i said, started off very bees reezy and letting off any time soon. daytime high upper 40s. san jose around 56 degrees. partly cloudy skies right now and as we look at the winds, well, they are going to kick up as we head into the afternoon. it's a pretty bland forecast across the board though as we extend into this week. we're going to talk more about what's to come. we have a gradual warming trend which we'll talk about in the full forecast. for now, i'll toss it over to gianna. >> good morning. let's look at the roadways right now and speaking of breezy, it's a little breezy at the san mateo bridge, where a wind advisory is in effect. that was a shoot overnight from cal trans, different from the weather center but definitely be
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careful as you work your way across the span. no brake lights or issue. off to a good spot on bay area bridges. bay bridge so far so good as you head into san francisco. another perspective here, this is a cal transcamera coming off the skyway as you head into the city at the fremont street exit. no major issues there. look at that, check that out, seeing brake lights building into the altamont, busy ride as you work your way towards the dublin interchange. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk with a look at your headline. a double shooting in san jose was reported on south tenth street, one man has life-threatening injuries and a woman injured, expected to survive at this point. no suspect information, but we are going to keep you posted on that. meantime, continuing to follow the shooting in buffalo, new york. we're learning more about the teenager charged with killing ten people there at the supermarket. investigators say it specifically targeted that store because he wanted to kill as many black people as possible
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and that he live streamed the attack. he pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges and apparently last year police questioned him after he reportedly made threats at his high school. 13 people were wounded in this shooting. two survived, and 11 of those targeted were black. at least one person is dead, five injured including four who are in critical condition after a shooting yesterday at a church in laguna woods down in southern california. the shooting happened at i presbyterian church during a lunch reception to honor a former pastor of a taiwanese congregation that uses the church for its worship services. police have a suspect in custody. in the south bay a court hearing for cain velasquez, the former mma fighter charged with attempted murder after shooting a man accused of molesting his relative. he's charged with attempted murder and several other crimes. supporter also likely be gathered outside of the santa clara county courthouse today. that is a look at your headlines
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at 5:00 p.m. an len and amanda? >> thanks for that. we're getting new video into the newsroom of side show activity in downtown san francisco. a video from citizen app shows cars taking over harrison and fremont. it shows spectators running away from the scene before police areef. the stalled traffic starts to move once police drive up to the area. thieves have been targeting multiple mosques and stealing money from their donation boxes. surveillance video those somebody reaching into the toe nation box in south san francisco earlier this month. it happened twice and they believe it's the same person. other mosques experienced the same thing. community leaders are coordinating together to prevent more thefts from happening. >> we want to make sure all the mosques are talking to each other and communicating and want to have a game plan to capture the suspect or at least help the suspect out. >> south san francisco police believe the burglary could be connected to another one in a different city. at least four mosques across the
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bay area have also reported similar crimes. several wildfires broke out across the bay area over the weekend, in livermore, a fire shut down the altamont pass, it burned more than 100 acres. highway 580 reopened before 5:00. no word on a cause there. in vallejo crews knocked down a three-alarm wildfire around 2:00 near six flags discovery kingdom. it left hazy smoke across parts of east vallejo, also a fire behind food max in vallejo last night. near fairfield and sassoon city a fire burned near travis air force base. the fire burned 20 acres. cal fire's helicopter was called in to help. cal fire officials say they have already responded to more than 1,700 fires this year, just another sign fire season is now year-round. >> there is no fire season. that is one of the things we've been trying to get across to the public for a couple years now.
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we're getting away from using the terminology. the implication being that if we're in fire season there's a time of year we're not in fire season and that simply is not the case. >> firefighters are dealing with extreme fire danger, not just in california, but a fire in new mexico has burned about 290,000 acres. health officials in all nine bay area counties are urging people to mask up again indoors, or at large event but many people are making their own decisions this time around. lots of people were out at the niles spring fever car show near fremont yesterday. alameda county is recommending people mask up at large outdoor gatherings. the bay area has a 10% positivity rate, making it about double the statewide average as rules are relaxing and a lot of the fear is gone, some are still choosing to mask up. >> i mean it's just a part of life now pretty much for us. that work in the health care field, i mean, we feel naked without it. >> i don't think we're in danger now. if the government wants to come out and say wear a mask, we'll
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wear a mask, but right now, it seems to be we're on our own. >> alameda county health officers say they are not considering another mask mandate since hospital cases are down even with a surge in positivity rate. >> taking a live look at san francisco now where health care workers and allies will come together to protest at chinese hospital. workers at the facility accuse the administration of understaffing and cutting benefits. they say this directly endangers patients by pushing away experienced staff. that protest starts around 2:30 this afternoon. the increase in prices for food items making many people think about their day-to-day expenses right now. >> jocelyn moran is here. you spoke with people outside a grocery store. we're all feeling it. it's not easy. >> reporter: these were increases we notice day-to-day when we go to the grocery store. we talked with two residents, dolores and ralph, they feel it every time they're buying things like milk, eggs and butter,
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things we rely on daily. what are you noticing as far as grocery food items? >> ridiculous. >> reporter: dolores and ralph talked with us for a few minutes, all it took to understand the trips to the grocery store are adding. >> we're on limited income, retired of course, we're old, so we don't have that kind of money so we have to watch. >> reporter: food prices rose nearly 9.5% last month compared to april of 2021. according to the bureau of labor statistics, that's the biggest annual hike in 41 years. breakfast items seeing some of the largest increases. >> milk is high. eggs are high, meat is sky-rocketing, even though we don't eat a lot of it but everything, veg, everything. >> reporter: on top of rising costs like gas and rent. >> the typical american household is spending $450 more now than a year ago to buy the same goods and services and that's because of the higher inflation so this is incredibly painful. >> reporter: from the number on the screen at the gas pump to the price tags at the grocery
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store, it's all striking hard. >> you have to watch your pennies, yes. so we watch for sales items and there aren't any more. once in a great while we'll stock up on those if they are. >> some experts do say they think inflation is peaking and we could see it lower by the end of this year and certainly by this time next year, but for now, we're dealing with the high prices. >> that's a long time from now, even the end of this year. that's a long time for many of us. >> yes, and like you mentioned and we've been talking about it's the rent, it's the gas, it's on top of a lot of things, so especially for people their day-to-day things and it's hitting people hard. >> and pay is not increasing. >> right. >> just what we're paying for. >> that's a problem. >> so we'll have to keep an eye on all of this. >> jocelyn, thank you, we appreciate that. 5:09 a spectacular show dazzling the night skies.
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a total lunar eclipse. and not everyone is happy with the plans to add new bike lanes in berkeley.
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♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome. ♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street,
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or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome. welcome back. it's 5:12 an a total lunar eclipse was in view across the globe. time lapse from 8:00 our time to just before 11:00 last night. thousands of lined streets from
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santa rosa to san jose and out to livermore. some saw a beautiful full moon, some didn't see much at all. >> our night side crew decided to see who had the best view. here 's juliette goodrich and brian hackney. >> reporter: okay, you guys, what are we looking at? can you see it? here at kpix from our studio rooftop in san francisco, it was a bit foggy but we tried. brian, we saw it. thumbs up for brian hackney. woo hoo! and over in the east bay in pleasanton a viewer sent us this photo with a clearer view, moving north to sausalito and brian's view. >> not a lot of luck in sausalito. there's a band of high clouds out there, as forecast, but i did get a glimpse, this is what the glimpse looked like and better than nothing. >> reporter: but the real observers gathered at chabot space and science center in
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oakland. >> we'll be watching with on of our telescopes. we also have some monitors set up here, we have people in other observatories around the country also live streaming it. >> reporter: now to the south bay, in sunnyvale, a viewer sending us this photo, where clearly he had the best view of all. it is 5:14. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> gianna franco is checking on the commute. how is it looking? >> good morning, guys. looking a little bit busy already, so welcome to monday, if you're getting up early and ready to head out the door, a few brake lights building, a live look from mobile 5, brian kiley doing okay through here. connecting to 680 from 580, headed to the dublin interchange, that's where things get busy in the right lanes. another perspective here one of our live shots is getting crowded westbound headed towards 680. plan for that this morning. eastbound commuters doing pretty good, a lot of brake lights coming out of the altamont as you head from tracy, getting
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onto 580 itself, it is slow and go through there. so sluggish there, no brake lights on the san mateo bridge but a little breezy this morning, cal trans issued a wind advisory here overnight for the san mateo bridge, so as you're crossing the span there, might feel a little gusty there, traveling in a larger, more high-profile vehicle so just be extra careful. right now travel time just about 13 minutes between 880 and 101 and speaking of 880, if you're taking the nimitz early not a bad ride. traffic is moving along nicely. we're seeing a nice ride 880. it will get busier as it gets closer to the 7:00 hour, especially northbound headed toward the maze. right now enjoy the nice traffic conditions while you can. southbound into hayward no brake lights or issues so things looking pretty good there, looking good at the bay bridge, no metering lights just yet and an easy ride from the east bay over into san francisco. all right, that's a look at your morning commute. let's look at the forecast and it felt a little breezy today, jessica.
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>> i know, we woke up with breezy conditions, pushing in from offshore and not going to change as we head into the afternoon. it will continue to stay consistent as we extend into this evening, and just get used to it throughout the week as well. we'll take a live look at the mark hopkins hotel kcam. the onshore flow bringing in the marine layer. current temperatures as we take a live look just over the salesforce live cam, look at the partly cloudy conditions, it's still pushing its way in, you might see the bridge pop through at times but nonetheless, daytime highs today will warm up, current temperatures still in the upper 40s and 50s trickled in from concord down into the san francisco area and here's our weather headlines as we extend into this afternoon patchy fog pushing in. today is one of the cooler days for us this week. high pressure will push in from the south, warming us up as we wrap up the work week. midweek warmup for us and let's look at the big picture, this is our euro model behind me. notice how this ridge starts building just as we head into wednesday, even thursday for that matter, it will continue to push in, bringing our
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temperatures anywhere into the upper 80s. we might see 90s as we head into late portions of this week. on top much that, dealing with windy conditions pushing in from onshore, that stays consistent into the afternoon hours, even into late evening hours tonight. look at your local area it's still pushing in san bruno still around 35 m-mile-per-hour winds tonight. santa clara valley today ranging from the upper 60s to the lower 70s as we extend into the east bay, we're not seeing too much of a change either over here. upper 60s/low 70s, even 80s trickled into the forecast. upper 50s sausalito and the case as we head more north. the next seven days we are warming up significantly. sunshine peeping through into tuesday. what can we expect for the weekend warming up also. 70s across the board, some upper 80s as early as friday and saturday for the east inland bay area so we are going to keep you updated in the weather center
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regarding that warmup but for now i'll toss it back over to you guys. >> the 90s creeping back again. >> they're coming. >> you're here now? >> welcome. >> you can see here at the top of the show, this is jessica's first day with us on the morning show. welcome to you. >> thank you so much >> this is cool, an impressive side gate, too. >> i do. i'm also in the national guard, the army national guard in california. i've been a pilot here for the past, geez, i commissioned in 2019, and if you could see some pictures that we have currently popped up, that's me and my friend in our cockpit, same photo, just a different setup. i've been flying for the past couple years. i fly blackhawks and i also fly on the side, too, just for fun, general aviation, but i absolutely love it and i really, gosh, it's so early right now in the morning. >> you were flying all weekend. >> i was. >> you were pretty busy. >> i'm still getting used to the seven-day work week. >> that's a lot. tell us what your unit does. >> we're a medevac unit.
5:19 am
we do a lot of search and rescue missions in the north state. we do cal fire missions, we help out with bucket training and helping out with the fires in northern california. we have a unit down south, so l.a. area, but yeah, it's a huge state mission. we also deploy every once in a while and it's great. i love it. >> when do you sleep? >> that's a good question. >> i didn't check that this morning, did you? >> i did, somehow, some way. thank you so much. >> tell us quick, how does the flying and the weather all kind of combine? >> they go hand in hand in every way, shape and form. i've been flying since i was 15 years old so you have to know the forecast before you head up there and i think that's the big reason why i have such a big passion for weather as well because i rely on it so much for safety. >> you flew before you had your driver's license? >> yes. >> whoa. >> that's crazy! >> we're hearing it out loud but
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yes. >> so impressive. >> thank you. >> it's all good, we're glad to have you with us. >> awesome, yes, i'm grateful to be here. >> we'll catch up more with jessica in a little bit. back to news now, the city of berkeley is moving forward with a plan to add bike lanes to a busy street but not everyone is happy about it. the new lanes will extend for about a mile on hopkins street. the city will remove all street parking from monterey avenue to gilman street. critics say these changes will hurt seniors and others who rely on cars to get around. >> i can't ride a bicycle and i'm 92 now. i won't be able to come here. >> i have nightmares, honestly, about losing business, people going somewhere else, finding other places to shop. >> i want kids to be able to bike here and for parents to feel safe with their kids biking. >> biking advocates say the protected lanes add more safety and encourage people to shop
5:21 am
more around the strip around monterey market. bay to breakers made its return over the weekend. >> how i experienced san francisco's ♪ ♪ what do you think healthier looks like? ♪ ♪ with a little help from cvs... can support your nutrition, sleep, immune system, energy...even skin. and before you know it,
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healthier can look a lot ♪ ♪ cvs. healthier happens together. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions to provide flexible pay options and greater workforce visibility today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. sothis dad and daughterccess were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's greh:. thsafe wsafe. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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all righty, the time getting close to 5:30 but i'm already think being luncing about lunch.
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highs in the 60s in our inland areas. it's a breezy day for us, not the best hair day and into the afternoon hours around 10:00, notice how we're dealing with upper 50s/low 60s but it warms up significantly as we head into the afternoon hours, and noon to the 2:00 hour we're seeing upper 70s in our 60s in the bay alone. we're warming up hour as we head into this week and we'll talk with b it more in the full forecast. bay to breakers returned to san francisco for the first time in two years. >> i took b.a.r.t. on the streets to the city after the race was put on hold due to the pandemic. we're about to get going. we'll see how this goes. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: we hope so. >> here we go, come on! >> reporter: spicy. are you guys actually running? >> no! >> reporter: cheering? >> cheering. ♪
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>> reporter: i'll take one. >> woo! >> reporter: tell me how you met here in '82. >> through mutual friends, we had a group, we gathered and somebody brought her, somebody brought me, the rest is history. >> reporter: oh, man. ♪ >> woo! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: move over. all right. bend the legs up. >> bay to breakers! [ cheers ] ♪
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>> looks like a fun day. >> it was a fun day. it was hard to find video without naked people. everyone prepared me for it but i wasn't fully. there was a lot of don't turn around. it was so much fun. my goodness. >> you had some friends out there. >> i had friends out there, a squad. lots of fun people, great to see so many people come out for i think 15,000, probably more that showed up. a great time and i'm fully part of san francisco now. >> that was your official induction? >> i feel like it, but i was told the next thing i have to do now is an alcatraz swim. i feel that might be pushing the limits. >> if anybody can do it, you can, though. i think that of you. >> it's cold. it's cold. southern california the waters. lots of fun, great time out there and got to see it, experience it firsthand.
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time is 5:26. the country is moving closer to joining nato with russia keeping a close eye on the new developments. >> and buffalo this morning after a mass shooting, what
5:28 am
5:29 am
live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now at 5:30, tragedy strikes buffalo. a live report from upstate new york as we learn more about an alleged mass shooter. plus the strong message from the anti-defamation league after that mass shooting. and why two countries are about to ditch decades of neutrality and face russia's anger. >> later, a return of live music in the bay area after years without concerts. >> that is so good to see. good morning to you. it's monday, may 16th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. good morning to you as well. hope you had a wonderful weekend. let's get to traffic and your
5:30 am
forecast first. start things with you, jessica. a beautiful weekend. we hope the trends continue into the weekend. >> i'm already thinking about the next weekend, too. seriously, let's talk about it. we're taking a live look right now just over oh my gosh, look at the salesforce tower right now, that marine layer really starting to push its way in, also the case just off over closer to the bay area. you could see that bay bridge just with all those clouds over it, daytime highs ranging mid to upper 60s from the coast to the bay, 80s in the forecast for our inland areas. partly cloudy skies will stick around but to be honest, the big weather story for us today and all this week for that matter is how strong that onshore flow is. we'll talk more about that coming up in the full forecast but as we look at daytime highs from concord north in the napa area, even santa rosa we're dealing with upper 70s and low 80s in the forecast, 60s just near san francisco, sausalito area and as we extend into this week we're warming up a lot. we're going to talk more about that coming up in a bit.
5:31 am
for now, i'll toss it over to you, gianna. >> good morning. it's looking breezy. look at my camera shaking around a little bit. >> breezy out there. >> it is. so be careful if you're traveling to the altamont pass, if you're in a larger vehicle, a wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge. a heads up there. you can see that camera shaking around a little bit this morning. just be extra careful on the roadways. westbound if you are working your way out of tracy getting on to 580 itself, it's monday. a lot of people doing the same thing so it is a busy ride already. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights yet. that's the good news. starting to get crowded across the upper deck as you head into the city. a live look at the san mateo bridge, the sign is illuminated reminding folks it's breezy across the span so be careful. no delays on the nimitz. we don't have a ton of accidents slowing down. at least that's the the good news. 880 is looking good in both directions. in a developing story we're learning more about the 18-year-old man who killed ten people at a supermarket in
5:32 am
buffalo, new york. authorities believe the deadly attack was a hate crime. >> cbs reporter bradley blackburn joins us live with the latest on this. what happened? >> reporter: amanda, len, authorities are continuing their investigation here at the top supermarket in buffalo. they are processing the scene behind us. we just saw a team from the fbi go in. they are learning as much as they can about this shooterut y the are convinced that he came here on a mission to kill that was fueled by hatred and racism. the city of buffalo, new york, is in mourning after a mass shooting left ten dead at a supermarket. >> this is not open season on african americans! >> reporter: investigators say suspect payton gendron specifically targeted the store because he wanted to kill as many black people as possible. the 18-year-old pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges. >> the evidence that we have uncovered so far makes no mistake that this is an absolute racist, hate crime. >> reporter: last year, police
5:33 am
questioned gendron after he reportedly made threats at his high school in conklin, new york. >> they interviewed the subject and felt it was appropriate to have that individual brought in for mental health evaluation. state police did their job to the fullest that they could at that time. >> reporter: buffalo residents said they were astonished by the allegations. >> it boggles my mind this young man traveled 200 miles, four hours to target our community, just boggles the mind. >> reporter: on sunday, president biden condemned the attack. the white house says the president and first lady will come here to buffalo tomorrow to join the city in mourning. police say gendron livestreamed the attack and though a spokesperson for the site twitch insists it was pulled down within two minutes, it does raise questions about what more social media companies could or should be doing to prevent publicizing violence. and if the suspect is convicted on murder charges, the 18-year-old could face life in prison without parole, but the
5:34 am
focus here today is really on the victims, too. overnight police released the names of all ten people who lost their lives in this grocery store. we know they ranged in age from 32 years old all the way to 86, and they came here on saturday going about their lives here to buy a birthday cake or get ingredients for dinner this night and len, amanda, they never imagined they would come face-to-face with hate. >> bradley, heartbreaking to hear the details and quite frankly infuriating as well. what is the feeling there this morning? how are people responding? >> reporter: you know, this community is mourning certainly but trying to find ways to support this neighborhood. we know that the shooter or authorities believe that the shooter picked this particular grocery store because it's in the middle of an african american neighborhood. one thing lost in this, this grocery store has been an anchor for this community, the only grocery store within walking distance for many residents here who don't have a car. so one example of the community
5:35 am
spirit here is they've announced they're going to operate a shuttle from this location to other grocery stores in buffalo, so residents here still have options. it's one of the ways, guys, that buffalo is determined this shooter won't take more from this community. >> bradley, the fact that we're almost at 200 mass shootings this year is just heartbreaking as well. so many issues involved in this. thank you so much for your report. and the anti-defamation league is also speaking out after that shooting. investigators say the gunman posted a racist and anti-semitic manifesto before the shooting. >> we can look at the ways in which technology is being weaponized, and in particular, the ways in which social media platforms are being exploited, as a way to reach and recruit and radicalize people who are susceptible to the kinds of lies and conspeary theorys that apparently the alleged shooter bought into. >> california legislators are
5:36 am
considering a social media transparency bill which would hold the companies accountable for hate being spread. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk with a look at your news headlines at the this hour, starting off with breaking news in san jose, a double shooting near san jose state university this morning, it happened at around 3:00, south tenth street on the eastern corner of the campus. one man is very badly injured, his life in jeopardy, according to police and a woman was also shot but is expected to survive. at this point, no information on a suspect nor a motive. at least one person is dead, five injured after a shooting yesterday after a church in laguna woods down in southern california, it happened at a presbyterian church during a lunch reception to honor the former pastor of a taiwanese congregation. police do have a suspect in custody. a court hearing for cain velasquez, the former mma fighter charged with attempted
5:37 am
murder after shooting a man accused of molesting his relative. judging from his past court appearances, supporter also likely be gathered outside of the santa clara county courthouse today. that is a look at your overnight headlines. len and amanda? >> anne, thank you much. to the latest on the war in ukraine. finland and sweden are taking steps to join nato alliance. their membership would be an affront to russia, president vladimir putin cited nato's expansion in eastern europe as being among the reasons for his invasion of ukraine, which is not a nato member. ukrainian soldiers have apparently advanced to the russian border in the northeast. video from the ministry of defense shows men in military uniforms gathered near a blue and yellow boundary marker with one saying they have reached the border. this follows recent reports that ukraine has succeeded in pushing russian forces out of kharkiv, ukraine's second largest city. north korean leader kim jong-un is trying to stabilize
5:38 am
the supply of medicine during an apparent covid outbreak. kim visiting local pharmacies, the health crisis left more than 1 million people ill with a fever and at least 50 dead in a matter of days. in addition, more than 560,000 are now in quarantine. it is not clear how many of the illnesses are due to covid-19, since north korea likely does not have enough testing kits. time n5:. coming up, little art galleries are popping up across the east bay in their neighborhoods, but how the small boxes are starting to leave a very big impact. and we're waking up this morning over mt. diablo, a live cam over walnut creek, that marine layer starting to flow its way inland. we'll talk about that and our gradual warming trend this week coming up in your full forecast.
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5:41 am
welcome back. it's a little movement with a big message in the east bay. little, free art galleries are popping up in some oakland and berkeley neighborhoods. >> a woman in seattle started the movement for her neighbors to enjoy and it's grown across the country. justin andrews found one in oakland and there when a well-known east bay artist was contributing his own work. this is so cool.
5:42 am
>> it is. inside the tiny, wooden boxes you'll find small artwork, pint-sized paintings making a big impact. fernando santos is founder of beast oakland, a brand that shows pride, positivity and unity. a strong parallel behind the art gallonries. in front of one of the homes you'll find this little, black wooden box. and fernando santos dropping off some of his work to put inside it. >> i heard about the little free art gallery on social media and then i looked it up and it was close to my shop. >> reporter: tucked inside a masterpiece, small or many pieces of art, the concept is simple. take a piece with you and leave a piece for the next art lover. santos is an artist, teacher and business owner of beast oakland. art is life for him. >> it's just fun, and it's
5:43 am
something that it's maybe different than just going to a museum or something, and it's maybe easily accessible to people, kids that live close by. >> reporter: the idea is like little, free libraries, ally st. amand thought of the idea to have one, one of many popping up across oakland and berkeley. >> i wanted a happy exchange. >> reporter: she moved to the new area in the neighborhood and thought this would help meet people. community building, she says. >> contributions, and just response to it has been way more than i ever expected. people have come from all over the bay area, and it's been such a nice way to meet people, meet other artists, meet neighbors. >> reporter: that's also what santos likes about being an artist, his shop is less than five minutes away from the little, free art gallery. while he's known for graffiti art, designing t-shirts and other things, small artwork is his thing. >> i'm into miniature.
5:44 am
let me participate, let me contribute to this. >> reporter: hopefully so many other people will, too. >> so there is word more of these little boxes are popping up across the bay area, such a neat idea especially in the neighborhoods where kids are not easily able to get to some of those museums and art galleries across the bay so really cool, neat idea. >> that access is awesome. reminds me of the free library that's popped up all over the country, too, so giving people that access to the stories, the types of art, culture. >> in a positive thing, i love that we're highlighting what's happening in oakland. >> they're fun to look at. >> they are. >> really creative. >> thanks for that story. >> appreciate that. it's 5:44, let's get a check of traffic beginning with gianna franco. >> let' look at the roadways. we have brian kiley our photojournalist in mobile 5 cruising along highway 4 right at 24 it and it's getting crowded but moving at an okay pace this morning.
5:45 am
we are starting to see the brake lights on highway 4 building around pittsburg into bay point. just plan for that this morning as you head out the door, great perspective of what we can expect when you hit the roadways this morning. we are getting word of a couple of busy spots this morning if we jump over to our maps and see our camera shaking around a little bit, a little breezy this morning and there is a trouble spot just as you pass the dublin interchange on 680 itself. already crowded here, westbound 580, the qgetting to 680. there is a lane blocked connecting on to 680 itself. already see that backup building in that area. expect a slower than usual commute as you head toward the dublin interchange. we have busy conditions out of tracy into the altamont. waiting for them to officially turn the metering lights on at the bay bridge. it hasn't happened yet but it is getting crowded across the upper deck as you head into san francisco, about 15 minutes the ride from the maze to the city. san mateo bridge no brake lights, extra volume westbound for commuters headed to 101.
5:46 am
i will say this, there is a wind advisory issues by caltrans, chp overnight. it's breezy as you head across the span. be extra careful in those larger vehicles. if you are taking public transit, right now muni and ace rail are on time but just a heads up, b.a.r.t. is recovering from an earlier problem about a ten-minute delay on the berryessa line in the berryessa, richmond and daly city direction, due to an obstruction on the track. check that schedule before you head out the door and cal train with schedule changes extends until the 20th of this month. let's check that forecast and jessica, my camera is shaking around a little bit this morning. >> it's a breezy day out there, waking up with breezy conditions and not going to let up any time soon. as we head into the afternoon as we take a live look right now just with the mt. diablo cam over concord, still seeing the marine layer flow its way in. another look in the bay area alone, it's a pretty cloudy day for us, windy conditions but you know what? nonetheless it's beautiful.
5:47 am
current temperatures, still ranging in the 50s, even some low 50s near the travis air force base, throughout the bay area, mid to upper 50s in the forecast and daytime highs today really not warming up too much. that will change as we head into mid portions of this week. we have a strong onshore flow pushing in today, and as we take a quick look at the big picture, this is our euro model behind me, great for depicting what's coming as we head into this work week. notice the huge ridge that builds as we head into the mid portions of the week, into the weekend where high pressure will settle its way in, it's going to warm us up and dry us up as we head into the rest of the week. take it a step back, wind gusts breezy, i mentioned it earlier, dealing with onshore flow into the afternoon hours and doesn't let up as we head into the evening either. with that in mind taking it a step back, daytime highs one of the cooler days for us this week. the coolest day we have as we head into mid portions, daytime highs into the upper 80s. for now low 80s off into the east. as we head off to the north
5:48 am
we're really dealing with the low 70s. let's look at our sunrise this morning, just around 5:55 a.m., 58, excuse me, as we head into the sex heaven days, a ten-degree jump from monday into wednesday and thursday for san francisco area, inland east bay getting into the upper 80s, closer to 90s by the weekend, so if you have any outdoor plans it's a great opportunity to take advantage of that this weekend. lots of sunshine, winds hopefully will start weakening up but nonetheless we'll keep you updated in the weather center. >> we want to take this time wheto introduce a new face on the kpix 5 morning news. >> how are you adjusting to it? >> i'm getting used to it, waking up -- on time. >> it's a good thing. >> i'm loving it. i love hanging out with you guys in the morning waking up doing weather. feels good. >> you keep yourself busy outside of work. tell us about that. >> i do, this week and lone i was dealing with drill. i'm a member of the kalei
5:49 am
california national army grard. i fly blackhawks, i've been a blackhawk pilot the last couple years. i have a six-year commitment, might extend it. i love it. i've been flying since i was 15 years old and love being up in the sky and kind of crucial if you take a look at that photo or video right there, that's me flying out of half moon bay the other week, love it. absolutely love it. one of my biggest passions and great when it comes to aviation and weather hand in hand. >> yes. >> it's a big part of my life. >> i love how chill you are about the whole thing. i ride blackhawks, just flying the other day out of half moon bay. >> i kind of have to. the big reason they paid for my college. i did rotc, i'm an officer in california, but i'm really grateful for that opportunity because they gave me free college, free flight training and i can still live a normal life and work this job. >> we're glad that you are here doing this job and welcome to the team. >> thank you so much. feels great to be here. >> we'll talk more soon throughout the morning.
5:50 am
>> for sure. >> of course you have to do some work, too, and get a look at the forecast coming up. thank you, jessica. it is now 5:50. live music makes its return to the bay area, the exciting time for fans at levi's. >> coming up on "the drew barrymore show" she chats with are y ru pull and billy eilish. and the biggest stressed out? time to refresh your rhythm with trident. ♪ ♪ trident gum. the fresh chew to refresh your rhythm.
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we're taking another live look with the mark hopkins live cam. the marine layer pushing its way in this morning. it's a breezy morning for us today. not letting up any time soon either. with that in mind, daytime highs for the afternoon. it's going to be a warm day for us, we're warming up more into the rest of the week. more coming up. for now i'll toss it over to you, len. >> thank you, jessica. entertainment headlines this morning, the "young and the restless" favorites ryan and tessa are getting married. it marks the first same-sex ceremony. >> two very successful, powerful, independent women and i think they will be cool to explore for mariah and tessa. >> i'm excited to see the challenges they face with this new bond and commitment to each other. >> the couple has been together since 2017, their wedding will
5:54 am
be featured on the show today and tomorrow. levi's stadium was rock last night for the first time in get this, 1,001 days. it's been a minute. >> long time. coldplay had the honor of bringing music back to the stadium since the pandemic began. kpix 5's betty yu tells us the band had an eco-friendly message for its fans. >> reporter: coldplay's lead singer chris martin rocked the house and fans went wild at levi stadium's first concert in nearly three years. ♪ the band delighted the sellout crowd of 50,000 people with confetti, a light show and colorful performances. >> we actually came here in 2017 to see coldplay a while ago, and we loved it, but we haven't been to a concert since. >> reporter: a lot's happened since. >> a lot has happened since, and we're so excited to be here around people.
5:55 am
>> reporter: coldplay's music of the spheres world tour is pledging to be a sustainable and low-carbon as possible. for example, the l.e.d. wristbands are compostable and will be collected and recharged after every show. pyrotechnics are sustainable made of new formulas that greatly reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals and the stage production is almost entired powered with renewable, super low emission energy. before the show, fans were invited to jump on the kinetic dance floors. the energy is stored in these batteries. the charge is enough to be carried on to their next destination in chicago. fans also got the chance to workout and jump on one of these kinetic bikes to help generate energy to power the show. >> love it.
5:56 am
i think coldplay is one group that could do this, and they did it. why not, right? it's amazing. i feel like we're literally -- >> we're powering something working off our cocktails, all in good fun. >> and helping to save the planet. >> and helping to save the planet, yes. >> that's part of the whole show. ♪ >> reporter: coldplay is committed to mostly flying commercial throughout their tour, and will pay a surcharge to users to supply sustainable aviation fuel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. at levi's stadium, betty yu, kpix 5. >> what a neat concept of everything that they're doing to help the environment, plus people get to enjoy it, too. running off our cocktails, great. >> a little combination going on. 5:56. paying more at the grocery store. >> the frustration for people in the bay area as inflation causes food places to sky rocket. plus the part of the bay area with the highest covid positivity rate in the state. the message from health officials this morning and how people are making their own
5:57 am
decisions this time around. >> let's look outside from our mark hopkins camera this morning in san francisco.
5:58 am
♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today. >> announcer: live from the cbs bay inju bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. tragedy at a new york grocery store, over the weekend, what we are learnin about the alleged shooter. and what we can expect in court today for cain velasquez's court hearing. and if you've gone to the grocery store you probably noticed some items are costing more. coming up how it's hitting bay area residents. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. glad to have you with us. hope you had a wonderful weekend. let's get to your forecast with jessica burch. how is it looking for us this


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