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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 16, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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number of black people who were shopping there. according to a diary entry posted online, he even talked with the store's security guard. obviously disturbing details there. cbs news michael george has more. >> reporter: sarah, tonight we are seeing so much grief in this buffalo community as people come together to remember the victims. but we're also seeing anger. a lot of people feel some red flags were missed with the accused shooter, and they also feel that the nation isn't doing nearly enough to address white supremacy and gun control. fbi agents are collecting and documenting evidence from this weekend's mass shooting at the tops supermarket in buffalo. officials say the suspected gunman had plans to continue his deadly rampage. >> and if not for the quick response of the buffalo police department, he certainly would have killed more people in this immediate area. >> reporter: investigators say the 18-year-old specifically targeted the store because he wanted to kill as many black people as possible. over the weekend, he pleaded not
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guilty to first-degree murder. ruth whitfield was one of the lives lost. she stopped at the store after visiting her husband of 68 years at a nursing home. family members were overcome by grief at a news conference. >> but we're not just hurting. we're angry. we're mad. this shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: attorney ben crump is representing the whitfield family and is demanding accountability beyond the suspect. >> the people who curate the hate, the people who inspire the hate on websites and internet services and cable news stations. >> reporter: new york state officials say the suspect, who lived hundreds of miles away, threatened a shooting at his high school last year. investigators say he plotted this attack over several months, and they're looking at a 180-page document he posted online, describing himself as a white supremacist and an anti-semmite. at the white house, president biden paid tribute to aaron
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salter, a retired police officer who worked as a store security guard. >> he actually was able to shoot the assailant twice, but he had on a bulletproof vest, and he lost his life in the process. >> reporter: let's talk more about that threat the suspect allegedly made last year. according to law enforcement, he was given a mental health evaluation, but he was never charged with a crime, and he was never barred from owning firearms. law enforcement officials say it appears he slipped through the cracks. in buffalo, new york, michael george, kpix 5. >> putting this tragedy in some context now, it fits a pattern of young white men with extreme views who have targeted minority communities over and over. in 2015, a 21-year-old white supremacist opened fire on a black church in charleston, south carolina. nine people were killed there. the shooter was driven by hate and specifically targeted the church. in charlottesville in 2017, a 20-year-old self-proclaimed white supremacist drove his car
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into a crowd of people pro protesting a unite the right rally. one person was killed there. in el paso in 2019, 23 people were killed in a shooting inside of a walmart. investigators say the 21-year-old shooter admitted he traveled to the store to target mexicans. >> sarah, here in california, police in orange county calling the church shooting that left one person dead, five others injured a hate crime. authorities say the gunman was a chinese immigrant motivated by hate for taiwanese people. the victims are all asian, ranging in age from 66 to 92. four of the survivors are critically injured. that shooting happened at the geneva presbyterian church in laguna woods. investigators now saying the gunman chained the door of the church before he started shooting. police say a parishioner charged the suspect and a pastor hit the gunman on the head with a chair and worshippers then tackled him. >> churchgoers detained him and hog-tied his legs with an extension cord and confiscated at least two weapons from him.
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that group of churchgoers displayed what we believe is exceptional heroism and bravery in intervening to stop the suspect. they undoubtedly prevented additional injuries and fatalities. >> sheriff's officials also say they found four molotov cocktail-like devices inside that church. there were 30 to 40 people there at the time of the shooting, and the person who was killed was dr. john chang. today the sheriff called him a hero who died saving members of his community. >> it is known that dr. chang charged the individual, the suspect, attempted to disarm him, which allowed other parishioners to then intercede, taking the suspect into custody. without the actions of dr. chang, it is no doubt that there would be numerous additional victims in this crime. >> dr. chang worked in sports medicine. he is survived by a wife and two children. he was an active member of the church. he was just 52 years old.
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our coverage continues at 5:30 when we will hear from a witness who was inside that church when that shooting happened. a wild scene at a sideshow in antioch this weekend. spectators actually turned on the police. now the mayor says those people should also pay the price for these sideshows. >> antioch neighbors telling our shawn chitnis it becomes dangerous just to step outside. >> reporter: neighbors who live a couple blocks away from one of the sideshows over the weekend say cars speed by their homes every day. they're worried for their family's safety, and they want to see tougher punishments for anyone involved. >> these people have no regard for safety. they don't have no self-respect at that. >> reporter: tony hagler says he saw people spinning donuts saturday night and attacking a police vehicle. >> that could have been my kid out there that got ran over. that could have been one of the neighborhood kids that got ran over. >> reporter: he moved to antioch about a year ago. he can't believe how reckless drivers are while passing his
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home. what's the speed you've seen even on this street right here? >> oh, man, about 90 miles an hour. >> reporter: he wants to see more police patrolling the neighborhood, especially because they're right next to a school. it happens often? >> every day. >> it's sad that you can't really enjoy your house no more because you can't hardly go outside. >> reporter: winnifred ruggs shares that frustration. he thought he escaped the z dangers of a big city when he came to antioch. >> there's nowhere else to go? >> i don't think so. >> don't come to antioch because we'll be waiting for you with the full force of the antioch police department. >> reporter: the mayor says vehicles involved in sideshows will get towed for 30 days. the owner will pay $3,000. we caught up with him again later in the day. he was angry to see drivers show no respect for others while on the street. >> they get these kids these cars, irresponsible and reckless. >> reporter: he wants the city council to let police arrest
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spectators so they face six months of jail and a $1,000 fine. >> so at some point people have to be responsible for their own children. i can't go around babysitting everybody. >> reporter: police did make two arrests over the weekend. multiple patrol cars were damaged in two separate sideshows. tony and his neighbors say change needs to happen fast before someone gets hurt. >> just think about what damage a car can do to a human body going 90 miles an hour. it's going to be fatal. >> reporter: shawn chitnis, kpix 5. >> this is really a problem all over the bay area, not just in antioch. there's some new video of a side sh shoe in san francisco this week and shows cars taking over the intersection of harrison and fremont in soma. another video shows spectators running away from the scene right before police get there. you can see the stalled traffic begins to move once police pull up. police did not make any arrests at that event. we first brought you the news conference on cbs news bay area. you can stream us 24/7 on
5:08 pm or the app. two homicides happening just hours apart. the most recent one on south tenth street near san jose state university early this morning. police say two people were shot. one of the victims died. the other is expected to be okay. right now there is no worden of a suspect or a motive. police say there is no threat to the public as they continue to investigate this evening. >> at this point in time, it's early june, and we've seen that we've had ten homicides so far. you can look back through our press releases to see what our numbers were last year. that's not to say that we're not taking this lightly. we're taking this very seriously. >> just hours before, a woman was stabbed to death on the other side of the city. this all happened on vera lane near monterey road. they say a suspect is at large, and police continue to investigate a motive. a judge has ruled a landmark state law requiring women on corporate boards is unconstitutional. kpix 5 anchor allen martin is
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here and he reports the first in the nation mandate came about in the me too era. >> reporter: the conservative group judicial watch challenged the law that would have required boards of directors have up to three female directors by this year. the group claimed that the law mandated a gender-based quota, and then using taxpayer money to enforce the law was illegal. the judge agreed, ruling that the law violated the right to equal treatment. the law was passed in 2018 and applied to publicly traded companies that are headquartered in california. it says those companies must have one woman on the board by the end of 2019. by january this year, boards with five directors, two women on the board. and those with six or more board members, three had to be women. the penalties for violating the law ranged from $100,000 to $300,000. last year, fewer than half of qualifying companied reported they had complied with the law. gwen young, coo of the women business collaborative,
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explained to me that the state's defense of the law stating that companies could add more seats to the board and thus add more women to the board isn't enough. >> if you expand the seats and you're filling those with men and you're expanding so you can put one more woman, you're still not increasing that percentage, that voice, that perspective and expertise is still not being represented and heard in the same way if it was 20%, 30%, or 50% of the board. >> reporter: a report co-written found that last year, 2021, was what it called a watershed year for women on corporate boards with the largest ever year-over-year increase for women on corporate boards. women held 27% of board seats last year, up from 24% in 2020. and african american board mul membership increased 32%. gwen young says there's more recent progress. >> even more important is women are comprising even in april, 40% of appointments to the
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boards of public companies. of those 40%, we're finding on average 30% of those self-identify as people of color. so what's important is these numbers are increasing in ways that were not happening in 2017, in 2018. >> reporter: gwen young tells me tech companies in silicon valley and the bay area in general do very well in appointing women to their boards. where they fall short, she says, is hiring women ceos. for those wondering, that judge is a woman. judge maureen duffy lewis. according to gwen young, there's always the possibility that the judge's ruling is going to be appealed. >> thanks, allen. still ahead on kpix 5, the new agreement that could mean relief for parents struggling with the baby formula shortage. steph curry started his weekend by advancing to the western conference finals, but how he finished his weekend might have been a bigger accomplishment. ♪ he's only inigh ham to let him play with them at a live
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new developments in the attempted murder case against former mma fighter cain velasquez. a judge has denied bail for a second time. devvelazquez is accused of shoog at a man accused of molesting his relative. investigators say velasquez fired a gun into the man's vehicle, hitting the man's stepfather, who was a passenger. the judge cited velasquez's reckless disregard for human life. he faces attempted murder and other gun-related charges and could face 20 or more years in prison if convicted. a pedestrian is recovering in the hospital after a traffic collision in east san jose. this happened in the parking lot of sun king plaza on south king road this afternoon. police have taped off the area,
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and the shopping center, and police say the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. san jose's regional medical center is honoring its first responders and medical staff. the hospital is celebrating its ten-year anniversary of its one team partnership. emts, firefighters, police, and frontline medical staff make up that program. it was founded to create a stronger partnership between emergency medical services. many first responders and medical workers talked with us about the importance of that program. >> it just brings everybody together from first responders to hospital staff to doctors to other providers inside the hospital. it just gives everyone a collaborative environment. we understand each other's roles. we train together. we have education together. >> we have a mission. we have a process that we're going through. we're building the relationship, continuing to renew it. that's crucial to get to quality. >> the celebration took place near the helicopter pad at san jose regional medical center. first responders were thanked for all of their hard work overthe years. cal fire, local police, and fire
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departments were there as well as medical staff. a key step toward easing the nationwide baby shortage. a manufacturing plant which has been closed for months now may soon be back up and running. >> reporter: abbott says it has reached a deal with the fda to reopen its baby formula manufacturing plant in michigan. >> the fda is working closely with abbott to bring the facility back online safely. that's the key here, safely. >> reporter: the abbott plant shut down in february for safety concerns. >> the agency had a 34-page whistle-blower report in hand, making pretty serious allegations that there was data falsification and information withheld from inspectors. >> reporter: abbott makes about 40% of all baby formula sold in the u.s. so the plant closure has led to severe shortages. the fda says those problems should be corrected quickly. >> we would expect this to gradually get better over the next several weeks, and within
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really several months to be completely up to normal. >> reporter: the white house says it is working with other formula makers to increase their supplies. >> made clear to all of them that federal resources, including transportation and logistics resources, are available and on call. >> reporter: the fda is also working to ease regulations that would increase supplies by importing formula from overseas. deborah alpha roan, cbs news, the white house. >> we talked to a stanford doctor about the formula shortage and what you should do and not do to get by. >> not to dilute formula and not to make your own formula at home. infants especially are very sensitive to shifts in electrolytes and we've seen kids unfortunately end up in the hospital from mixing that's gone wrong and have long-term nutrition consequences. so it's much safer to switch formulas in the same category, try out different brands. >> the doctor also talked about the importance of speaking to
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your doctor about switching brands in the same category of formula as a good first step to deal with the shortage. let's check in with chief meteorologist paul heggen. it was a windy one today. >> breezy, cool out there today. if you're ready for some warmer temperatures, just hang on till tomorrow with even warmer weather in store, even around the bay and along the coast. one thing that's not going to change, the dry weather today. we've been tracking that fog along the coast throughout the day. that's going to spread out by early tomorrow morning. the storm track is going to be staying to the north of the bay area for the next several days. we're going to be tracking a number of storm systems making their way towards the pacific northwest but all being pushed away from us by a building area of high pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere. as that gets closer to us, it presses on us. inland temperatures are going to be warming up and the drier weather is going to continue. this is far from surprising that we have a completely dry forecast through the weekend now that we're into the middle of may. we're not going to completely
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close the door on the possibility of a couple of stray showers sneaking down towards the bay area until we're around the corner from may into june. without any rain in the forecast and with warmer temperatures in the forecast, the pollen count is going to be climbing once again. one more day in the medium category tomorrow and then we're medium high for wednesday, thursday, and friday. it's still oak, mulberry, and grass pollen. the grass pollen as we head into summer certainly isn't going to go anywhere. looking outside, that fog surrounding sutro tower. temperature 57 degrees in san francisco. it's breezy out there. that onshore wind has pushed the cooler air into the inland valleys. 67 degrees in san jose. concord and santa rosa climbed up into the low to mid-70s. you're more likely to be that far into the 80s tomorrow. if you're heading out to the a's game for the first game in their series against the twins, temperature at game time is going to be 60 degrees. but it's going to be breezy and those temperatures will drop down to the mid-50s by the end of the game. make sure you layer up
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appropriately. we're tracking similar conditions tomorrow, even just a few degrees more. that onshore breeze is going to kick in again later on tomorrow. 24-mile-an-hour sustained winds at sfo. most of the sustained winds inland in the 15 to 20-mile-an-hour range. the winds won't be as strong initially tomorrow, which gives aus thetl leit onceor that bre kick in, we're going to be seeing our temperatures drop off by later in the afternoon. fog is going to spread into the inland valleys by early tomorrow morning, especially the tri-valley and santa clara valley. watch how quickly it dissipates. gone by 9:00 in the morning. we will see plenty of sunshine for the rest of the day, which is part of why our temperatures are going to warm up from a near normal start. a mix of mid-to-upper 40s and some low 50s on the map by early tuesday morning. temperatures around the bay should return to near average levels in the afternoon. three or four degrees above normal farther inland. low 80s in concord. mid-60s in san francisco. mid-50s along the coast where the onshore breeze again is going to be determining how much
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your temperatures don't warm up. into the upper 70s for the santa clara valley. 77 san jose. 80 degrees around morgan hill. upper 70s in the tri-valley. low 80s around concord with the warm spots east of mt. diablo reaching up into the mid to upper 80s already tomorrow. mid-60s in the city. low 70s in oakland, again, by early afternoon. once the onshore breeze strengthens, you're going to drop off pretty quickly during the late afternoon and evening hours. low to mid-80s for most of the north bay with temperatures farther north reaching up into the middle portion of the 80s. the warmest day of the seven-day forecast is going to be wednesday with highs reaching up to just above 70 in san francisco. mid-80s for san jose. similar territory by friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. ups and downs to the temperature trend. the warmest temperatures wednesday are going in the east bay and north bay. up while temperatures will be toasty through the weekend and into early next week, we're not
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talking about record setting temperatures. just pleasantly warm with plenty of sunshine as we head into the next weekend. >> we talk about records so much around here, we have to note when we aren't breaking them. >> it's going to be warm but maybe five to ten degrees above normal. we can handle that. >> thank you, paul. up next, how steph curry made his mom proud by doing something off the court. and smashed car windows a common sight in san francisco. the high-profile victim at this week's beta breakers. we ask a doctor from stanford health care about the rise in covid cases and why we're seeing so many variants of omicron. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever. find us on pluto tv, channel 1021 and on
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a live look at chase center where the warriors will get home court advantage as they face the mavericks in game one of the western conference finals.
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that happens on wednesday. dallas upset phoenix on sunday to advance to the west finals. >> charlie walter is here to tell us about the other big story from dub nation. >> this time of the year, steph curry always has a ring on his mind, it seems. it's a tale as old as time, no different this year. but he needed to collect something else on the side. his diploma. how about that? yesterday curry graduated from davidson college, 13 years after he left school following his junior year to enter the nba draft. curry did not attend the ceremony, but his cardboard cutout was actually there. he earned his degree in sociology and also kept his longtime promise to mom. >> just a sense of accomplishment, but a promise i made to my mom and coach when i left after my junior year. she made the joke, though, for the last ten years, she's got to brag that two of her three kids are college graduates, one from liberty -- i'm sorry -- one from elon, and one from duke. i finally got to join my
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siblings on that front. so i'm not the odd one out anymore. >> he was doing all right regardless, and his warriors open up their series with dallas on wednesday. that game tips off at 6:00 p.m. and once again, the nba championship runs through the bay. golden state is going to have home court advantage throughout the rest of the playoffs. how about that? >> thank you so much. he's definitely proud to join his siblings there. we want to see your warriors pride. send us your fan photos or videos using the #kpix and we could show them on the air. new at 5:30, an exclusive south bay private school branching out. the plans for a new urban campus and some historic san jose buildings. how it could benefit students and the neighborhood. and we hear from a church member who helped subdue the suspect during the shooting rampage in southern california. ♪ and the bay area teenager who got to hit the stage with pearl jam.
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how fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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>> announcer: you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, more local news at 5:30. a bay area teenager talks about the incredible moment he got to fill in on the drums for none other than pearl jam. and parishioners fight back. hear from a church member who helped take down the suspect in a southern california rampage.
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our top story at 5:30, an elite south bay private school is set to expand with a new urban campus in san jose. good evening. i'm sarah donchey. >> hill brook school in los gatos plans to open a new high school in downtown san jose. the campus would be at the location of two historic buildings, the san jose armory on north second street and the moore building on north first street. as kpix 5's len ramirez reports, the school hopes the change of environment will give students a more well-rounded experience. >> reporter: the hillbrook school is a private school. they've been in los gatos for the last 85 years, but they want to expand into a high school, and they looked all over the santa clara valley for suitable space. they eventually settled here in downtown san jose, in two separate but equally historic buildings that will be their high school campus of the future. >> to think about being in a space that has so much history. >> reporter: the ornate but well worn staircase in this former


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