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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  May 16, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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elite south bay private school is set to expand with a new urban campus in san jose. good evening. i'm sarah donchey. >> hill brook school in los gatos plans to open a new high school in downtown san jose. the campus would be at the location of two historic buildings, the san jose armory on north second street and the moore building on north first street. as kpix 5's len ramirez reports, the school hopes the change of environment will give students a more well-rounded experience. >> reporter: the hillbrook school is a private school. they've been in los gatos for the last 85 years, but they want to expand into a high school, and they looked all over the santa clara valley for suitable space. they eventually settled here in downtown san jose, in two separate but equally historic buildings that will be their high school campus of the future. >> to think about being in a space that has so much history. >> reporter: the ornate but well worn staircase in this former
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hotel building in downtown san jose, mark silver and chuck hammers can also see the faces of future students who will soon go to high school here. >> one of the attractions of this building is the amount of transit around here. we've got light rail right in front of the building, and then you've got b.a.r.t. coming in. >> reporter: the hillbrook school is taking over the 1894 moyier building on north first street and the 1933 san jose armory. both have been vacant for years. they will be transformed into hillbrook's new high school campus starting in 2023. known as an exclusive private school in los gatos, hillbrook says it wants the city to be part of the classroom. >> we are really excited to be able to be in an urban environment, which is truly diverse, and i think brings together the type of academic environment that we want our students to have. >> downtown has an amazing a of things that it can offer a high school student, from starting an internship at the new zoom or google that's going to come downtown or many of our students
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are going to want to do volunteer work and work with the nonprofits. >> reporter: the campus will be just on the edge of st. james park, which has long been a place for the unhoused to gather, and it's in the middle of a redevelopment area that includess blighted buildings an newer homes. >> i wish it were a public school, but private school is okay too, get some things here in these vacant buildings. >> reporter: tuition is unspecified but will likely be in the $50,000 range. about a third of the students will be getting financial aid. the school plans to start with a freshman class in the fall of 2023. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. san francisco's latest homeless census found that even though the number of unhoused people has gone down, thousands of people are still experiencing homel homelessness. here's a look at the numbers. according to the count in february, 7,754 people are homeless in the city. that is a 3.5% drop from the last count, which was back in
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2019. the city reports the majority of people in tents and encampments are in the tenderloin. london breed declared a state of emergency for the tenderloin. the goal was to help people access services and cut down on illegal drug sales. that state of emergency expired in march but a linkage center will stay open through june. san francisco was the only bay area county to report a decrease in their unhoused population. contra costa saw the steepest increase with 35%. the city of oakland saw an increase of 24%. u.s. senate candidate mark mosier had his car broken into while he was in san francisco for the bay to breakers. it happened in front of a restaurant in north beach last night. his rental car had its rear window smashed, thousands of dollars worth of property stolen. thieves snatched three backpacks, two computers, and some clothes. mosier, a republican, released a statement saying, quote, while i'm upset, i'm not surprised as this is just another example of
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a lawlessness that san francisco and so many other cities across california have been seeing for far too long. san francisco public schools are reporting the highest number of covid cases since the winter omicron surge. there were 320 cases last week. that's a 15% jump from the previous week. the city now has one of the highest case rates in the country. nationwide, children's covid cases are skyrocketing amid the surge of the ba.2 variant. children represent more than 18% of u.s. cases. but there is good news on the vaccine front. the fda is expected to clear the pfizer booster for 5 to 11-year-olds as early as tomorrow. the company has cited data saying a third dose increased protection against both the original covid variant and omicron among kids in that age group. and you can now order more free at-home covid tests from the post office. the tests are available on this time orders include eight rapid antigen tests, which is double the amount from previous
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rounds. they will ship in two separate packages. a live look at capitol hill where the senate is gearing up to vote on a nearly $40 billion aid package for ukraine. the senate is expected to take a procedural vote today. a final vote on that aid package could come wednesday. the house passed the measure overwhelmingly last week, but kentucky gop senator rand paul blocked the senate's attempt to follow suit, calling for more oversight. >> his obstruction will not, will not prevent ukraine aid from ultimately passing the senate. one way or another, we're going to get this done and send a clear message to ukraine and the world that america stands on the side of democracy. >> meantime, another diplomatic setback for russia. sweden joining finland in deciding to seek nato membership. he a he. u.s. defense officials confirmed ukrainian forces have
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successfully repelled russian forces in kharkiv, but the air strikes continue, blasting the port city of odesa injured a child and two adults. mcdonald's is selling its business in russia after making its debut three decades ago. the chain will cut all ties and sell to a local buyer. now to that deadly church shooting in southern california. police say handwritten notes reveal the hate the suspect had against the people of taiwan. orange county officials say the suspect is david chiu from las vegas. the district attorney says chu's family was removed from china to taiwan in 1948. investigators say he traveled from las vegas to laguna woods to target this community. a doctor who charged the shooter was killed. five others were hurt. that shooting happened during a lunch following the morning church service. >> our reporter spoke with a
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church member who helped subdue that suspect. >> reporter: 74-year-old michael chai says parishioners had just finished lunch when he noticed the suspect locking the door. >> i tried to find the exit from the other door. then he start shooting. i heard the noise, bang, bang. >> reporter: the mass shooting happened inside the social hall of geneva presbyterian church, which shares the campus with the irvine taiwanese presbyterian church. >> i hide behind the column. >> reporter: mr. chai says the suspect wasn't a member of the church. this was the first lunch members had together in about two years. the guest of honor was a former pastor who had moved to taiwan and came back for a visit with
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his wife. >> as soon as shooting stopped, i saw pastor chin coming from that side, so i just run up to put him down together. >> what did you use to tie him up, and how did you tie him up? >> the other member tie him up with a belt, and then mrs. chen bring the cable. >> mrs. chen as in the pastor's wife? >> yes. >> reporter: four people held the suspect down. chai had both his hands on the man's head while the former pastor locked up both of the suspect's arms. >> after we put him down, he said -- [ speaking foreign language ] in chinese. so i just released a little bit. >> what does that mean in english? >> i cannot breathe. >> their quick actions really brought to resolution and conclusion this incident that could have been much, much worse. i want to really emphasize that the majority of the people in attendance were elderly.
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>> who grabbed the gun? >> we took the gun away and somebody just take it. the other gun is after i move a little bit, i saw on the floor. so i take, put it away. >> reporter: the suspect has been booked on one count of murder. five counts of attempted murder. he's being held on $1 million bail. still ahead, short-staffed ahead of what could be a very difficult fire season. the mental toll on firefighters and how the state could step in. >> announcer: coming up all new at 6:00, the first of its kind tool that can tell your home's wildfire threat level. the bay area communities that are most at risk. plus. >> -- a 30-year-old law banning cruising in the city of san jose is on the path to getting repealed. >> so the law itself, i believe, when implemented and as it exists today, is discriminatory in nature. >> announcer: k
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cal fire is facing a major staffing shortage just ahead of fire season. and one lawmaker says that adds to firefighters' stress and reduces fire safety. cbs reporter adrian moore on plans to address the staffing challenge. >> reporter: year-round fire seasons. 30 and 60-day deployments. it is the new wildfire reality, and some say it's taking a toll. >> it's impacting the mental health of cal fire firefighters. >> reporter: senator mike maguire is one of four co-authors of the fixing the firefighter shortage act. the bill calls for $220 million to beef up staff and reduce extended overtime. the bill cites 54,000 calls to mental health hotlines in the past four years from firefighters. >> firefighters are a proud bunch. they never want to talk about their mental health. but i got to tell you this. we are in dire straits.
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more firefighters died of suicide across america last year than on the job deaths. >> reporter: if passed, the bill would fund more than 1,100 additional firefighters, 18 more engine crews, and a year-long study to figure out staffing needs in the future. >> the women and men of cal fire, they're tired. they're stressed. they're anxious. we have to fix this shortage. and shame on us if we ignore it for yet another year. >> that was adrienne moore reporting. the goal is to pass the bill and hire those extra firefighters in 60 days. a live look now at the state capitol where a nonpartisan agency is sounding a warning about the governor's proposed budget. the legislative analyst's office says we could be heading toward a fiscal cliff, and that is despite a record budget surplus that you've heard the governor talking about recently. the people who crunch the numbers here say governor newsom's budget is $25 billion over constitutional spending
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limits. they also warn lawmakers to set aside more money in reserves in case the economy slips in a recession. wall street investors watching the bidding war for spirit airlines, jetblue says it will launch a hostile takeover bid for spirit. that move comes after the discount carrier declined its rival's previous offer. spirit shareholders were already set to vote on a merger deal with frontier airlines. coming up, a taste of art without the museum admission. the concept behind these out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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it is a little movement with a big message in the east bay. little free art galleries are popping up in some oakland and berkeley neighborhoods. >> a woman in seattle started that movement, and it's grown all across the country. kpix 5's justin andrews found one in oakland and was there when a well-known east bay artist was contributing his own work. >> reporter: in a neighborhood on the east side of oakland in front of one of the homes, you'll find this little black wooden box. and fernando santos dropping off some of his work to put inside it. >> i heard about the little free art gallery on social media, and then i looked it up, and it was really close to my shop. >> reporter: tucked inside, you'll find a masterpiece. small or many pieces of art. the concept is simple. take a piece with you and leave a piece for the next art lover. santos is an artist, teacher, and business owner of beast
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oakland. art is life for him. >> it's just fun, and it's something that it may be different than just going to a museum or something, and it's maybe easily accessible to people, kids that live close by. >> reporter: the idea is like little free libraries. aly saint amaund thought of the idea to have one. >> i really just want it to be a happy exchange. it kind of started as a creative outlet. >> reporter: she recently moved to this new area in the neighborhood and thought this would help meet people. community-building, she says. >> contributions and just response to it has been way more than i ever expected. people have come from all over the bay area, and it's been such a nice way to meet people, meet other ar tufts, meet neighbors. >> reporter: that's also what santos likes about being an artist. his shop is less than five minutes away from the little free art gallery. while he's known for graffiti art, designing t-shirts and
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other things, small artwork is his thing. >> i'm into miniatures, so i was like, let me participate. let me contribute to this. >> reporter: and hopefully so many other people will too. justin andrews, kpix 5. so it was one of those days, especially in the city. the wind was just so intense. >> bad hair day. bad hair day. >> he always looks at me when he says that. this is like the second time. >> i have short hair so -- >> you're digging yourself a deeper hope. >> for some of us, every hair is a bad hair day. let's take a look at what we expect. things are going to change. the wind is still going to be noticeable the next couple days. just not quite as strong as it was today. the warming sttrend starts to kk in tomorrow. high pressure is going to edge closer to us so it's going to be significantly warmer by wednesday. it looks like the weekend is going to bring us temperatures well above average as well. futurecast and a little bit of gray showing up in the inland valleys. some patchy fog out there to
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start the day tuesday. that's going to dissipate quickly. plenty of sunshine. blue skies throughout the day. i don't think even the coast is going to be fogged in tomorrow. again, on wednesday, additional sunshine allows us to warm up. passing clouds on thursday. temperatures will back off by a couple of degrees, but we're still going to be above normal even on the cooler days in the seven-day forecast. looking outside towards downtown san francisco, temperatures today, about a 20-degree spread from the cool location, half moon bay, to concord and santa rosa in the mid-70s. tomorrow, the coast will have similar temperatures to those inland locations that are going to be farther into the 80s. temperatures will take another jump for wednesday. right now, we're mostly in the 60s and 70s. it's only 59 in hayward, and 55 degrees at half moon bay. 57 downtown. 60 at sfo. temperature stands at 67 in san jose. still holding on to 75 degrees in fairfield. 74 degrees in santa rosa. inland spots are at least mild, but it is breezy out there. the winds are going to die down
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once the sun goes down this evening. they're going to remain pretty calm as we head through the first half of the day. no significant wind gusts on futurecast as we head towards noon except bodega bay. that little bit of a lag time before the onshore breeze kicks in is going to allow temperatures to warm up to a greater extent. even in san francisco. but for inland spots, that onshore breeze isn't going to kick in in time to push any significant cool air farther into the inland valleys. that's why you're going to be into the 80s. temperatures in san francisco, not quite that warm. temperatures tonight drop down into the mid to upper 40s and low 50s. let's take a look at those hour by hour temperatures. san francisco reaches up into the mid-60s by early afternoon. the onshore breeze gets stronger and by this time tomorrow, we'll be back down into the upper 50s. 64 is the normal high temperature for may 17th, so no complaints there. santa rosa warming all the way up into the mid-80s by late afternoon. that onshore breeze not kicking in fast enough to really push any significant amount of that
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cool marine air into the inland valleys. concord, low 80s. san jose, a couple degrees above normal. t reaching up to a high temperature of 77 degrees, a few degrees above average. only mid-50s along the coast. the onshore breeze doesn't have to be very strong to keep you cool. mid-60s in the city. around 70 for oakland and the east bay with a mix of upper 70s and low to mid-80s for most inland spots. fairfield getting up to 87 degrees. temperatures will warm up more wednesday. upper 70s for oakland and mid-80s in san jose. a few degrees cooler thursday. then we bounce right back up to those similar temperatures friday, saturday, sunday and monday, which means it's going to be a bit toasty but not flat-out hot. every day the onshore breeze should be weak enough. after tomorrow, the temperatures
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should manage to top 60 degrees, which is bonus territory in late may. i'm allen martin, coming up all new at 6:00, a bay area city may ease off the brakes on car cruising. the big push to lift a ban that some argue discriminates against the latino low rider community. plus the new online tool that lets you look up every home's wildfire threat score and why some are skeptical about the new feature. ♪ and we will introduce you to a local mother and daughter whose music has become a huge hit in cambodia. how they're giving voice to an industry that has been silenced for years. the news at 6:00 coming up in about five minutes. sarah, ryan. still ahead here at 5:00 -- ♪ a b area teen drummer took a chance, and it paid off big-time. >> how h for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu.
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yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. u is you. waste.e... yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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meet three moms who each like to bank their own way. luckily they've all got chase. smart bankers.
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convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. a bay area teenage soaking it all in after being invited to play with the legendary band pearl jam at a concert in oakland over the weekend. >> kenny choi introduces us to the talent who is now the talk of the town. ♪ >> reporter: when kai neukermans start playing the rhythm and strikes the cymbal, snare, tom, and base drums enter the zone. >> i get to let all of my stress out on the drums, hit as hard as
5:57 pm
i want. ♪ >> reporter: there's a fiery flow as his hair flies in all directions. >> one of the greatest feelings in the world for me is playing drums. it makes me happy. ♪ >> reporter: countless hours of practice paid off friday night when pearl jam needed someone to fill in for its drummer, matt cameron, who tested positive for covid. >> my heart started racing when everyone started screaming. ♪ and my heart skipped a beat. >> reporter: that electric moment playing "mind your manners" in front of 20,000 screaming fans at oakland coliseum arena happened because of a decade of dedication to drums. ♪ he got a chance to meet eddie vedder and at his daughter at a music festival years ago. flash forward to thursday, 24 hours before the concert. kai texted vedder's daughter, asking for a chance to fill in,
5:58 pm
then scrambling to record a demo, paving the path for the band's blessing to rock on in a one of a kind magical moment. >> i tried to stay as focused as possible. i just watched the other band members. i tried to not look at the crowd as much because it was kind of freaking me out. ♪ . >> i play in my room on my electronic kit so it doesn't bother the neighbors as much because i've had many complaints. >> reporter: a plastic toy drum set his parents gave him as a child inspired this now teenage talent to dedicate his energy, enthusiasm, and everything to produce a captivating sound and beat. his classmates in mill valley are just discovering him. >> everyone in the class was looking at me as i walked in. then they're like, no way!
5:59 pm
♪ >> reporter: so is the music world. >> i'm just going to keep working on the music, see how far it can go. hopefully i can have it as my job one day. >> reporter: in mill valley, the beat goes on. ♪ kenny choi, kpix 5. >> enjoy the ride, young man. right now on kpix 5 streaming on cbs news bay area, knowing the fire threat where you live. the new tool that claims to zero in on any address and tell you the wildfire risk. why some say the data may not tell the whole story. cruising making a comeback in one bay area city. the push to lift a decades-old ban some say discriminates against the latino low rider community. and why cops are pushing back. >> we want to be able to showcase our hard work without being harassed, without being
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profiled. ♪ and continuing with our musical theme, later it's a duo like no other. the bay area mother and daughter who are reviving the music industry in cambodia. >> we had this incredible run where it just blew up, and people called me later and were like, hey, can you come to cambodia and do music? >> i'm allen martin. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. new at 6:00, it looks like the end of the road for a decades-old ban on cruising in san jose. low riders have been banned from driving slowly around city streets for 30 years. why the tide is now changing. >> reporter: the repeal of the cruising ban has cleared a major hurdle, passing the rules committee unanimously. it will now go before the full council. all it needs is six votes to pass. do you think you've got the votes to pass this through? >> i do, 100%. >> reporter: for raul, who grew up cruising and once


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