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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 17, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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daily average 5%. the latest surge a major blow for bay area restaurants with workers testing positive for covid, some businesses having to scramble to stay open. as kpix 5's andria borba reports, this is leaving many restaurant owners on edge. >> reporter: getting a seat or anywhere else may be difficult this weekend. restaurants are getting hit with a one-two punch of low staffing and now covid-19 outbreaks. inside the kitchen on guerrero in the mission, executive chef jeffrey lee is trying to channel his nervous energy for the official grand opening. he hopes it will be tomorrow. but that all depends on the results of some pcr tests as the restaurant and many others have been hit hard by the wave of covid-19 sweeping the city. >> it makes my head spin. because i'm so anxious to get everything started. >> reporter: the restaurant had to close its soft opening over
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the weekend ahe ed the p storm o staff sick with covid-19. >> we are not 100% fully staffed. we're still hiring. if anybody is looking for work, come see us, especially sushi chefs. but it has been a challenge. we're not fully staffed. that's why we've had to close down this past weekend. we don't have the staff to fill in the gaps for us. >> reporter: seats at hemp rail project are open now, but chefs are closing doors temporarily. >> if you don't have a chef and a cook, you can't make that meal. or if you don't have anybody to serve the customers. so we're not out of this yet. >> reporter: for trong and lee, opening isn't their only project. >> we actually have had to shut down this week because have some
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sick staff member there's. and that's a small operation as well. >> reporter: in the meantime, they're crossing their fingers and hoping for negative results on rapid and pcr tests to actually open tomorrow. >> right when we're at the finish line, people get sick. so we have to kind of postpone a little bit and hopefully everybody is ready and strong for tomorrow. >> reporter: the golden gate restaurant association is hoping that congress will push through a restaurant relief bill to help give some extra funding to restaurants. in the meantime, restaurants ask that you please bring your patience with the staff because they're likely working double shifts and overtime to cover for those workers who are out sick. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. >> the rise in cases is prompting the contra costa college district to keep its indoor mask requirement in place through at least the summer semester. officials say they'll later determine whether to lift the rules for the fall. the district also requiring students and employees to have
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completed their initial vaccine series. let's take a live look at the white house. officials announcing people can request another round of free covid at-home test kits through the government's website. the eight free tests will be shipped through the u.s. postal service. and new at 6:00, the job market for new college graduates is red hot, according to career counselors. the national association of colleges and employers says companies plan to hire about 31% more college grads this year. kpix 5's len ramirez says salaries and opportunities are up as companies compete for those top students. >> reporter: with this class we're talking about a group of students who have really been through it all, the academics, the pandemic, the shutdown, online learning, and now as they're finally about to graduate, there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. >> you know, send in your resume. we want to look at you. we think this is a good fit. >> reporter: bernice webber will soon graduate from san jose state with a degree in
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biomedical engineering. she doesn't have a diploma yet, but she has a job if she wants one. >> it's a good feeling. >> reporter: she is part of a graduating class that will have some of the best prospects in years. >> the job market is red hot for new college graduates. >> reporter: >> this year we saw over 56,000 opportunities posted. so that's a 50% increase. >> reporter: and she says the companies are right there at the top of many students' wish lists. >> cisco, apple, amazon, google, kaiser permanente, and the city of san jose. >> reporter: and take a look at the salaries, averaging almost 76,000 for computer science may job, 74,000 for engineering students. over 60,000 for business. communication and humanities majors are in the low 50s. >> this summer i'm going to be having an internship. >> reporter: software engineer
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alec tang graduates next summer and already has companies interested. >> they know there are a lot of great products that come from san jose state. >> reporter: and you're wound of them? >> i guess so. >> reporter: students from other majors might not have the lucrative offers just jet. >> i'm applying and applying. >> reporter: lysette hopes to work for pixar as a sound editor and jessica's dream job would be with disney as an event planner. >> there is more opportunities and more people are starting to hire up again rather than letting employees go. >> the opportunities are out there. >> reporter: bernice is not taking the job offers yet. she'll go for a ph.d and wants to get into cancer research. len ramirez. a scary collision involving a police motorcycle officer. we do want to give you a heads-up. the crash hard to watch. we have security camera video from a redwood city gas station. motorcycle officer comes in from the right side. in the middle of the intersection, that horrific
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collision. the driver of the blue car slams into the officer who is thrown from the motorcycle. now that officer was rushed to the hospital. we are still waiting for word on her condition. we're told she's with the south san francisco police department and was part of a joint effort workin ining on traffic safety enforcement. vallejo police arrested a man, booked him for arson after a downtown market went up in flames early this morning. police say 32-year-old xavier williams is the man seen in the william. it shows a man hunched over starting a fire on the front doorstep of the market called anchor pantry. the shop quickly went up in flames. owner jessica brooks tells kpix 5 she got a notification on her phone from one of the business's surveillance cameras, and then she saw the suspected arsonist at work with what appeared to be gasoline and a blanket. >> just sadness and i was just stunned and couldn't believe that it was happening. my dream won't die that easily. i'll definitely come back and build it better than it was before.
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>> the vallejo community rallying behind the store owner started a fundraiser. also a vallejo fire department has responded to 27 fire others the last 48 hours including vegetation, vehicles, structure fires. a spokesperson says that number is unusually high for this time of year. a firefighter was hurt battling an apartment fire in san jose this morning. this broke out in that two-story building just before 10:00. it was on fitchville avenue north of the willow glen neighborhood. it may have started in a unit under construction. taking a live look at oakland, some city leaders pushing to make the city an abortion sanctuary. they're set to vote on a resolution that declares oakland as a right to choose city. >> this is the reason why we need access to health care, and access to health care is access to abortion. statistics have shown and history has shown that abortions, if illegal, that
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would mean that more women will die. >> city council resolution calls on more funding for abortion and reproductive health care. still ahead on kpix 5, cbs news bay area, pain at the pump. got a lot worse. a new record high for california. plus, using the power of technology to make a big change. how this woman is helping preserve a disappearing language. >> when i created my app, i really wanted to just use it as kind of like a study guide and a special gift to myself to prove that yeah, i exist. i'm out there. >> and later in sports, the warriors nice and loose heading into game one of the western conference finals. temperatures were warmer across the bay area today. the big warm-up happens tomorrow. temperatures are going to be several, even dozens of degrees above average. not quite record setting, though, and still cool alon
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if you want to try to save an entire culture, well, yes, tere is an app for that. odan code with hope of helping a younger generation learn and retain their language. >> old photos. >> i was born in a refugee camp in thailand. it was me, my sister and parents in 1979. >> reporter: how an entire culture found themselves fleeing vietnam after the fall of
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saigon. >> so i'm a first generation hmong american. >> reporter: the hmong are described as people without a nation or state. considered an ethnic group, but not a nationality. >> we can't say we're from a certain country because hmong people didn't have a country. we just occupied southeast asia. >> reporter: after fighting alongside the americans during the vietnam war, the hmong came to the u.s., where an estimated 330,000 live in the country, 96,000 in the state of california. and today annie vang worries her identity, heritage and language is slowly disappearing. when did you start to get into the idea that i need to basically save my language? >> when i created my app, i wanted to use it as a study guide and a special gift to myself to prove that, yeah, i exist. i'm out there. >> reporter: that's why she created the app hmong phrases. it translates to hmong dialects from english and leapts the
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users hear what the language sounds like. [ speaking foreign language ] >> a lot of hmong words are very simple. they're based on consonants and vowels. >> reporter: annie created the app by teaching herself to code in 2009. >> i bought myself an iphone and went to the community college and took an advanced setter at the in objective c. >> reporter: where she caught the eye of apple who invited her to their entrepreneur camp for female founders. >> i think the most valuable thing i got from it was the one-on-one time with apple engineers. >> reporter: today she is ceo, developer and marketing. >> today i'm a one-woman show. >> reporter: if the voice sounds familiar. >> you can play sounds. >> reporter: so that's your voice on the app? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: so you're like the s siri hmong? >> yeah, that's me. >> reporter: that's her in those old photos where every picture is worth a thousand words.
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imagine the potential value of a simple app. >> i would love to see hmong be more in the mainstream so that, you know, that shared responsibility of sharing the language isn't all on me. >> reporter: and the best part of her app, it has slowly grown from just hmong people using that to people from other cultures. her goals see hmong and sites like google translate and even babble or duo lingo. >> what she said they don't have a country. so what they do have even more important they need to hold on. >> they have to hold on to their culture because they didn't have a written language or a written history. so everything was told through stories. so without that language, they can't tell those stories. >> generation the generation. ryan, thanks. well, you got some memorial day travel plans? it's going to mean shelling out more cash to get there. gas prices in california just hit a new record high. the average price of gas in the state now $6 a gallon.
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compare that to last year. drivers were paying about $4 a gallon. and of course bay area drivers, we are getting hit the hardest. the average price for regular gas in napa and san francisco, about $6.20 per gallon. oakland, san jose $6.12 a gallon. activists protesting against foster city's plans to kill hundreds of geese. city leaders say droppings left by canada geese are contaminating the town. the droppings so bad that it's caused unsafe levels of bacteria in the water. the city plans to euthanize those birds. >> well, i'm pretty neutral about it. i mean, i like the nature and the wildlife. the poop is a little bit of a problem, but i can live with it. >> i mean, really, with all the problems in the world, this is what we're concerned about? >> been a long-time resident here in foster city, a and the geese have always been a problem, and they've gotten to be a much bigger problem. >> activists will be protesting outside foster city hall while the council is having their
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meetings. we just said poop problem on the 6:00 news, pauly. don't step in it. what's happened weather-wise and try to make sure it goes up from here. temperatures are going to be to be going up. temperatures building in the upper levels of the atmosphere. it's not right on top but close enough to press down, compress the air on top. that warms the air at ground level and it also compresses the marine layer. we're going see a very shallow layer along the coast. it's not going the make its way inland far at all. lots of sunshine otherwise. temperatures still all over the place. anywhere from 59 degrees in san francisco to 79 degrees in santa rosa and concord. upper 60s right now in san jose. these numbers are going even the out as we head through the rest of tonight. the winds are still noticeable right now. those are going to die down as we head through this evening. once the sun goes down, the winds will become much calmer, and will be calm for the first half of the day tomorrow, which
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is why temperatures are going to warm up more even along the coast and san francisco. the onshore influence is still going to be with us. temperatures along the coast are going to be confined to the low 60s for highs. but the onshore wind light enough that san francisco should climb up to around 70 degrees by early afternoon, until the onshore breeze gets stronger. it's not going to be strong enough to push a significant amount of marine area into the inland valleys. their temperatures are going to reach the 80s and even the 90s. we'll start off close to normal temperatures. upper 40s and low 50s. it's how much we take off from there that is going to determine where you end up in your neighborhood. let's take a look at the dog walking forecast for tomorrow. we have mai lai and the doingles there. abundant sunshine throughout the day. nice dog walking weather. take it easy on your pups in the heat of the day farther inland where temperatures are going to be significantly warmer. we're going see 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. low 60s along the coast.
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upper 70s to around 80 degrees for oakland and the east bay. down the peninsula near 80 degrees. into the mid-80s for san jose in the santa clara valley. mid- to upper 80s in the tri-valley. low 90s from concord east or even mid-90s around fairfield and mid- to upper 80s to around 90 degrees for the north bay as well. the numbers aren't record setting, but they are substantially above normal. whenever temperatures warm up, when it's been several weeks since we had a measurable rainfall, there is a fire weather watch in effect for solano county from 11:00 thursday morning through 8:00 friday evening. the greatest threat, the worst combination of gusty offshore winds and low relative humidity levels is going to be in the central valley. but some of the areas in solano county in the higher elevations could have the elevated fire threat becoming an issue thursday into friday. something we'll keep an eye on for the entire bay area in case the conditions make their way closer to us. temperatures are going to remain above normal, hoffering in the upper 60s to around 70s.
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low to mid-80s in san jose. minor ups and downs day to day. but in general, a continuation of the above average temperatures which puts inland parts of the east bay in the mid- to upper 90s to around 90 degrees. similar temperatures in the inland north bay. and along the coast temperatures should reach up to above 60 degrees, at least briefly every day through the weekend into early next week. >> all right, paul, thanks. we've got the cbs evening news coming up. here is norah o'donnell with the preview. >> we've got a packed broadcast. president biden condemns the evil of white supremacy. and the new information tonight about the alleged shooter's plan to attack an elementary school. we've got that and all the other day's headlines here on the cbs evening news. straight ahead in sports you might lean forward to the local angle to. this western conference final, and it's not player. not even a warriors coach. it's the mavericks coach that has many of us feeling nostalgic. coming up on our streaming
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service, which is cbs news bay area, a doctor from stanford health care talks about a rare outbreak of hepatitis among children. plus tips for parents struggling to get their hands on b baby formula.
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nba play-offs up top, and the warriors, who jumping up and run with the dallas mavericks to open the western conference finals. 6:00 p.m. tomorrow at chase center. today a gyrating juan toscano-anderson, feeling great. otto will play wednesday. and mavericks star luka don
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ch doncic was working on his game. oakland to alameda and cal to an nba hall of fame career. steve kerr is glad their matchup son the sidelines and not on the court. >> i didn't guard him. thankfully. >> yeah, i was never faced with steve. he had michael jordan. steve always made the big shots. steve was a great competitor, great player. >> jason is really unique because he is one of the few superstar hall of famers who has really gone on to become a great coach. > magic head coach a happy man after orlando won the nba draft lottery. they'll have the number one pick for the fourth time in franchise history. golf and another major championship is upon us. the pga championship, which begins thursday at southern hills country club in tulsa, oklahoma. how is this for a featured group? tiger woods, rory mcilroy, and
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jordan spieth. they'll play together for the first two rounds. phil mickelson hoisted the wanamaker trophy last year, he hasn't played since february and remains at odds over the new saudi funded super league. >> i think he should be here this week celebrating the monumental achievement he achieved last year. it's unfortunate. it's sad. >> i don't know what he is going through. but i know the comments he made about the tour. i just have a very different opinion on that. and so no, i have not reached out to him. high school. baseball at oracle park. the san francisco city championship back after a three-year absence. the eagles erupted for six runs in the 50, beat lowell 6-1. and get this, snapped a 16-game losing streak against the cardinals as they win their first city title since 2012. on to the big leaguers, a's
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and twins at the coliseum in about 15 minutes. giants and denver. moving pictures on "the late show" san anselmo's. the archie williams high school alum caught this foul pop-up in sunday's game against cleveland. when he gloved it earned him $500. why? when a pitcher catches a foul ball, the other pitchers have to pony up the money. that's a pretty nice ongoing bet. now back here, it only works in a two anchor system. but my thought is whichever anchor said the last word on the goodbye, the other anchor has to do the 5 bucks in a jar. and when it fills, we all go to lunch. >> i'm with you. can we all agree? paul, give me a head nod. we won't tell liz when she comes back tomorrow. >> the joke will be on her. >> and hopefully lunch. okay, thanks. up next, a look inside google's new silicon valley campus.
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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well, feast your googly eyes on this. it's google's new silicon campus right near nasa ames research center moffett field. that campus more than a million square feet. 20 acres of open space. they have an event center and short-term employee housing too. >> what do googlers need to do their best work? and our three big goals with it were to help googlers be productive, connected with high levels of well-being. so that's really what drove the interior design. >> google ads team has already started moving in, and those ads will be popping up on an internet search on your computer pretty soon i suppose. looks nice. a lot of perks.
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have you been to our cafeteria lately? >> where, maybe? i've been here 18 years. i haven't found it yet. i'll keep looking. some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me?
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight: president biden gets emotional while visiting buffalo, as we learn new details about the shooter's plan to attack a predominantly black elementary school. and the call on americans to reject the lie of the rhetoric. >> we cannot remain silent. >> o'donnell: plus, the very latest in the investigation, and the other targets the suspected gunman considered, including hasidic jewish communities in new jersey. election day in america. the biggest primary night so far. and all eyes are on the trump factor. does the former president still control the republican party? baby formula crisis: two


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