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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  May 18, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news, bay area looking live from our rooftop camera this morning, you see the transamerica pyramid and a beautiful moment in the early morning sky. good morning to you. it's wednesday, may 18th. i'm len kiese >> and i'm amanda starrantino. the moon was very bright this morning. it was nice to have while driving into work. we'll get a check on weather and traffic. >> roads aren't bad. >> warmup wednesday, right? >> that's it. >> exactly, we're waking up with some patchy fog over the city line tonight -- this morning, excuse me. mostly clear conditions over the water. look at our weather headlines for this afternoon. we're warming up a lot today. 90s in the forecast. as we extend into this week we're dealing with elevated fire danger, due to a potential red flag warning.
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it's still a fire weather watch issued by the national weather service for solano county. we'll highlight that in the full forecast in a bit. take it a step back. daytime highs 90s, throughout the higher elevations especially in the hills and from the bay off to the coast, 60s and low 70s, with some high clouds pushing through at times. windy conditions as we head into the afternoon. we'll talk more about that, too. for now, toss it over to you, gianna? >> we're not dealing with any major accidents or issues on any of our bay area bridges. if you're up early like us you should be good to go. a live look at the been about be so far, quiet headed into san francisco. if you are headed toward the golden gate bridge, southbound 101 no delays at all. could you see on the northbound side they've got the cones set up, this is a daily thing so the lane changes happen just before 5:00 typically as they add more lanes for southbound commuters. headed toward 880, a live look at that in a bit. san mateo bridge looking good so the ride along the nimitz toward the san mateo bridge no delays
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there, and right now, across the span of 92, just about a 12-minute commute between 880 and 101. this morning police think the same person may be responsible for a series of burglaries at a peninsula mosque, as one temple leader showed kpix 5's sara donchey the suspect seemed to know his way around. ♪ >> reporter: the daly city islamic center is supposed to be a place of peaceful worship. after morning prayers tuesday a thief wreaked havoc. it isn't the first time. >> he break into the office, the whole building and today also was shocked because he's coming back again. >> reporter: the burglary was caught on camera again. he says this man broke into the mosque from a win toe around 8:40 a.m. and appears to be the same man caught on camera breaking in last week. >> we have some pictures for him up there. >> reporter: touring tuesday's burglary the suspect stopped to look at a picture of himself
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pasted up on the building warning worshippers to look out. leaders suspect he could be familiar with the local islamic community. >> he knows the building and knows there is the camcameras. his head is down, wearing a hat and a mask and covering himself really good so he knows what's going on. >> reporter: the man rifled through donation boxes, stealing money the mosque needs for rent. >> he was coming straight ahead to the boxes, breaking into it, and took whatever was inside. >> reporter: daly city police told us they're still investigating but the suspect could be the same man who recently burglarized other mosques in the area. the fiji mosque in south san francisco had its donations stolen earlier this month. >> we didn't know next morning when the brothers came into the mosque, noticed some of the money was on the floor. >> reporter: leaders at both mosques say they wish the man asked for help. >> you know, i wish for the people in charge they can get this person and see what's going
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on, before somebody gets hurt. >> reporter: sara donchey, kpix 5. this morning the president of taiwan is among those offering condolences and praise for the hero who halted a deadly hate-motivated shooting on a southern california taiwanese church. dr. john chang sacrificed himself by lunging at the shooter sunday, giving others a chance to subdue him. investigators say the suspect had used nails and chains to lock the church doors so no one could escape and in the end, dr. chang was the sole fatality. he was 52 years old. >> he really was just a true, compassionate, caring man who took care of everybody else before himself. >> he saved my life more than once. he honestly treated me for anxiety and depression, even when nobody else really knew about it, he was there for me. >> five elderly church members were hurt in the shooting. the 68-year-old suspect is facing ten criminal counts this morning including capital murder. president biden is calling
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on the nation to reject extremism this morning after the mass shooting that left ten people dead, in a predominantly black neighborhood in buffalo, new york. >> white supremacy is a poison. what happened here is simple and straightforward, terrorism. >> the president and first lady visited the scene of t attack yesterday and met privately with victim's families. those who knew the victims are still trying to make sense of this tragedy. >> a lot of lives were lost, a lot of good people's lives were lost. this is a senseless act of hatred. i should be able to respect your opinion and you mine's without killing each other over it. >> police and fbi agents continue to gather evidence at the shooting scene. the 18-year-old suspect remains in custody after pleading not guilty to first-degree murder charges. police in east palo alto are
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looking for suspects and witnesses after four people were shot at a park. this video is from jack farrell park where police are collecting evidence. officers responded to a shot spotter alert just after 6:00 last night. one man was dead and two others were at a fire department and taken to the hospital. a fourth refused treatment. no word on a motive. police do not believe it was a random act. oakland declared itself a sar sanctuary city for abortion rights, the supreme court decision could overturn roe v. wade. investigators solved a decades old cold case in sacramento county. a 79-year-old was found dead in her home in 1988, she was strangled, stabbed and sexually assaulted. 34 years later a dna match from
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her fingernail scrapings i.d.'d her killer, this man, terry leroy bramble. he was a homeless sex offender who died of natural causes in 2011. investigators say bramble's dna was on file from a sex assault case in san joaquin county. a vocal protest, katie nielsen on the pushback against a plan to thin the local flock of canadian geese. >> don't kill the geese. >> let the geese live! >> reporter: dozens of protesters gathered in front of foster's city city hall to urge the city council to reconsider a plan to euthanize a portion of the more than 300 geese that now permanently live around the city's waterways. >> i know this is a difficult decision for the city to make, but we think there's got to be some alternative beside actually killing them. >> reporter: the city has been dealing with an overpopulation of geese over the years and
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tried various ways to control the numbers, including birth control, dog hazing, strobe lights and fencing. despite the efforts, the goose population has basically doubled in the past two years. >> i think they leave a big mess. >> reporter: residents say because of them, there's plenty of this, and enough of it that it's basically impossible to enjoy the parks. >> when i walk, i always have to dodge the geese droppings and it's pretty messy and unpleasant. >> reporter: the city says that's one of the biggest concerns, the amount of waste they create, which pollutes waterways and sullys the city parks, a problem for some. >> i am a big fan of the geese. what i don't like is their geese poop. >> reporter: but not for others. >> there's always conversations about the dog poop out there and people don't pick that up. what's the difference? >> reporter: the city council did not take up the issue but organizers hope to stop any plans to euthanize the geese before it becomes an action item in the future. in foster city, katie nielsen,
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kpix 5. coming up later on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, covid boosters could soon be available for kids between 5 and 11, but it may not have the impact health experts hope. and a mom gets a fast food
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with covid cases on the upswing again some welcome news for many parents this morning. >> the fda signed off on boosters for 5 to 11-year-olds after pfizer reported a 36-fold increase in omicron fighting antibodies after a third shot. >> kpix reports the move may not have the impact health officials are hoping for. >> reporter: for the most part covid has been less severe among children than adults but with omicron more kids are getting sick, being hospitalized and experiencing long covid. many doctors say the booster is
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coming just in time. >> it's time for kids to be considered for boosters, because we know immunity starts to wane at around four to five months. >> reporter: vaccines for the 5 to 11 age group was rolled out last november. the effectiveness of two doses has fallen from 68% to 12% during this omicron surge. parents like carolina flaxman plan on getting the booster for their child. >> i think will be good to make sure she has a strong immune system especially right now. it's being very high still. >> reporter: but according to dr. evan maldonado, a stanford health disease specialist, the number of kids in this age group that received the first two shots is extremely low. >> only 8 of 28 million kids in this age group received vaccines so they need to get their first vaccinations as well. >> reporter: covid cases dropped to its lowest point in early april but since then has jumped
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up 260%. a cdc advisory committee will now meet on thursday to look at the data and decide whether or not to give final approval. >> some of the data that is available right now certainly suggests that this extra immunization for kids 5 through age 11 is going to be crucial. >> reporter: andrea in a cano, kpix 5. we're getting an idea of the pandemic's profound impact on america's children. it's estimated more than 214,000 children in the u.s. have lost a parent or primary caregiver to covid-19. >> i never expected to lose them. they were my best friends. i was like this with my parents. so obviously that's the hardest part. i never thought i'd have to live without them, so that was my low, realizing that they're gone. >> as soon as i heard my mom died, i just instantly broke my
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heart in a million pieces. >> experts say the loss of a parent can be linked to increased risk of substance abuse, dropping out of school, depression and suicide. this morning, many bay area restaurants say they are experiencing staffing shortages again due to the covid spike, some forced to temporarily close their doors. >> we don't have a chef and a sous chef and a cook. you can't make that meal or if you don't have anybody to serve the customers. we're not out of this yet. >> the golden gate restaurant association is hoping congress will provide more money for restaurant relief. this morning on your money watch report the massive sell-off on wall street took a pause yesterday as all three major indexes saw big gains, plus the new payment system that requires you to smile at checkout points. matt piper has more on the day's business headlines. >> the federal reserve plans to continue raising interest rates,
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despite the recent volatility on wall street. speaking at a "wall street journal" event, fed chairman jerome powell said short- term interest rates will continue to climb until there's evidence that inflation is coming down in a clear and convincing way. raising rates helps curb inflation by slowing consumer spending. pollution caused about 9 million people to die prematurely in 2019. according to a new study from "the lancet" that's one in six deaths worldwide. in recent years, fewer people died from poverty-related issues such as household air pollution, offset by an increase in air pollution and toxic chemicals. it may be tough to smile when buying groceries these days but mastercard has a new payment system that could require it. the companies do biometric checkout program allows consumers to pay for goods using the same facial recognition technology that unlocks smartphones. a pilot program launches in brazil with the pay face app. that's your cbs money watch
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report. for more, head to at the cbs broadcast center, i'm matt piper. 4:47, let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> let's start with meteorologist jessica burch. >> it's a beautiful day for us already. we're waking up with patchy fog through all the bay, we're seeing it a little bit in the inland areas as well. as we extend into the afternoon, it's going to clear up a lot. one thing i want to mention is how warm we expect it to get today and we'll highlight that in a second. 53 in oakland. 52 san francisco. as we take a quick look at what we can expect for daytime highs today once again 90s in our inland areas, 70s in the bay, 60s along the coast with some high clouds pushing through at times. here is the big reason why we're warming up so much at least today alone. high pressure is officially built its way pushing its way into the pacific northwest and as we head into the next couple days, elevated fire weather concerns actually becomes a very important thing to mention, due to the winds pushing in from the north, staying very strong even
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as we head into thursday and friday setup. that's the big reason why the national weather center of has put out a fire weather watch which could potentially upgrade to a red flag warning for thursday and friday, this starts at 11:00 a.m. on thursday, for solano county. we're dealing with low relative humidity. another thing to mention, we're dealing with dry, really strong winds, too. so we're keeping a close eye on the weather center but let's take it a step back. today is one of the warmest days of the week, expecting 80s in the santa clara valley. on the bright side we're not seeing 90s near san francisco, however, we're still seeing some 80s from mill valley north into santa rosa and as we extend up for our friends into ukiah area, upper 80s as well. let's take a quick look at our next seven days, breezy conditions as we head into thursday, clearing up as we head into the weekend. wk skies return for your sunday forecast near san francisco and as we look at the seven ch-day
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forecast, lots of sunshine, 90s for today and gradual cooling trend for thursday. we'll talk more about that in the weather center. gianna, how are things going out there? >> not too bad. we have one hot spotty got word from chp from overnight. if you plan on commuting in and out of half moon bay, 92 at highway 1 completely shut down because of a downed power pole in lanes. use an alternate, 208 will likely work instead. 92 eastbound at highway 1 remains closed due to that downed utility pole. all routes in and out of this area better to use an alternate. you've got the option 280 might work better. not seeing a lot of brake lights or delays. it's quite early for the morning commute so lovelily they'll clear that out of lanes before things get busy. the ride into the altamont pass, already super commuters heads up, it's breezy, there is a wind advisory issued by caltrans
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overnight. south bay commuters good morning to anyone from san jose getting ready to take 101 you're good to go. no delays. 280 is clear as well as 87. checking our bay area bridges a great start, no delays on the bay bridge and easy ride as you head into san francisco. no wind advisories for the bay bridge but there is a wind advisory for the benicia bridge, so keep that in mind. they still have that cone pattern set up at the golden gate bridge, you can see that in our live shot on the northbound lanes. southbound lanes is the commute direction, so far traffic is moving kniesly into the city and the san mateo bridge so far, so good. no delays, both directions, everything quiet between 880 and 101. back to you guys. >> thank you, g. a texas mom got an unexpected notification saying her doordash order was going to take longer due to the size. >> the problem she did not recall ordering anything. her youngest son did after getting a hold of her unlocked phone. the driver arrived with 31
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mcdonald's cheeseburgers. >> so i didn't know what to do with them. he only ate half of one. i posted it on a community page in kingsville and asked if anybody wanted some. one girl came by and picked up six. >> we were wondering how much 31 mcdonald's cheeseburgers cost, came to just over $90, after fees and a healthy tip for the driver. good morning, everybody. straight ahead in sports, the eastern and western conference finals are here. we go west later on with mavericks and the warriors at chase center. celtics and miami heat, they couldn't wait, they went last night. that and baseball, the giants used the rockies stadium last night as a launching pad,
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good morning everybody. this one is for the city aaa champ washington eagles baseball team. good job over lowell yesterday at oracle park. the occupants of oracle, the giants. they were on the road and they are back to their winning ways.
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all-you-can-eat offense at the rockies. hello, young man, one of my favorite young things. tommy lastella crushed it, a 464-foot solo blast opened the scoring 1-0 joints. lastella 3 for 5 in the game. pran done crawford shot one down the right field line. crawford was at third for a triple and the ball was thrown in the dugout, and crawford found himself home plate. watch him grab some oxygen. 6-1 in the fourth. he finds the gap off the wall bringing home two runs, mike yastrzemski slid just ahead of the tag. giantspe, t rockies. twins and thet, can pacheou cell phoneht ttht
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a big by kevin smith, 0 for 18 before the two-run big fly. the twins reaction price else. 3-2 oakland in the seventh. sean murphy found a hole, he snapped an 0 for 21 hitless streak, this scored two more runs, the a's win 5-2 and stopped a three-game losing streak. nba playoffs and the warriors will see you from chase center later on, western conference finals opens for business, dallas mavericks and the dubs run a 6:00 p.m. start. remember the 2007 we believe year? the opponent was dallas. they have not met in the post season since. warriors knocked off the then top seed mavs. it was one of dub nation's finest moments. >> such a great moment in warriors history and a devastating one obviously in mavs history. >> when i first got out here at oracle, i used to interview the season ticket holders during the game, the season ticket holders of the night and what's your
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favorite warrior moment and that was always the one. venus williams last night in miami, heat and the boston celtics eastern conference finals game one. first half it looked like boston would run away with it. tatum scored 21 the first half but miami picked the celtics clean in the second, the butler did it, jimmy butler 41 points in 41 minutes, miami won game one, final of 118-107. but the big story today western conference finals game one, we'll see ya with gold-blooded attitude courtside before game one, again a 6:00 start. we'll see you later. >> see you then. it is 4:56. coming up, how a southern california community is coming together to remember the victims -- victim of sunday's deadly church shooting. and the east bay city hoping to become an abortion sanctuary. here's a live look outside
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from our exclusive mark hopkins camera, looking out at san francisco and the bay. we'll be
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, ts . >> right now at 5:00, the bay area coming together to honor the lives lost in buffalo, new york, after a hate-filled shooting. plus, studies show more and more nurses suffer with mental health issues, especially since the pandemic. this morning, a uc davis nurse is sharing her emotional toll. and the push to save a beloved san francisco hospital, what the mayor is promising this morning. good morning to you. it is wednesday, may 18th. i'm len kiese. >> and i'm amanda starrantino. gianna franco and jessica burch
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are also here with us this morning, to give us a look at what it's looking like outside the studio. >> it's a warm day for us. we'll see it across the board, whether you live in the inland areas or in the bay, it is a toasty day across the board. a live look over market street. all the city pretty much clear. we're seeing a little bit of patchy fog as we extend off into the east. look at this, i want to start off with our weather headlines for today. despite the fact we start off with patchy fog this morning, it is a toasty day for us. warm conditions across the board, 90s, yes, i am saying 90s already in the forecast for us and another thing i want to highlight, the fact that we have elevated fire danger starting tomorrow and we'll highlight more of that in the full forecast in a little bit. the big reason, low relative humidity in solano county as well as strong winds pushing offshore. so that's besides the fact. we'll talk more about it coming up. 90s are in the forecast for us today in the inland areas, winds pushing from the west-northwest around 15 to 20 miles per hour this afternoon so it will kick up in the evening hours.


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