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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 19, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the economic boost it will bring to san francisco. >> the economic recovery of san francisco's in full force. >> i am for the first time feeling really optimistic about the future. >> good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. allen is off this evening. we start with a tragic shooting that killed a well-known restaurant owner. friends and family say he was a leader in the community. kpix 5's kenny choi went to the restaurant in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood and has for this belove fath oved ones are mourning the shocking death of a restaurant owner beloved by this community. they are heartbroken as his 11-year-old son saw his father shot multiple times in front of their family restaurant. holding back tear, jose ortiz is struggling to accept the harsh reality that one of his best friends he calls a son was brutally shot and left to die on a sidewalk. >> very hard. >> reporter: bullet holes in a nearby car a haunting reminder
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of a homicide epidemic and another shooting death on the streets of this fruitvale neighborhood. >> we need to put criminals back in jail. >> reporter: he collapsed to his knees at highland hospital early this morning as doctors told him the 39-year-old father of one did not make it. >> he heard thee run and hide in the garbage can. >> reporter: ortiz could only embrace the 11-year-old boy saying daddy is gone, but i'm here. >> he say but why my dad? he is a beautiful man. he don't hurt nobody. he is my best friend. he took my best friend and on that day break my heart. >> he is my life partner. he had a lot of plans together and he had a loft plans. >> reporter: his girlfriend shed tears in front of a growing memorial as friends and community leaders came to remember a person whoa organize niayzed fundraisers, donated filipino food and brought people
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together time after time in front of his restaurant lucky three seven. >> and i rushed here, and i seen him laying on the ground and i laid right by his side until the ambulance came. >> he was everything to us, yeah. he was our community guy. he was the kind of guy that could improve this he was doing that. >> reporter: close friends say there are multiple surveillance video from these cameras. oakland police have already obtained that show the shooting and at least one gunman. in east oakland, kenny choi, kpix 5. >> so incredibly heartbreaking. well, oakland police have not yet made any arrests or said whether the shooting was targeted. the restaurant is closed indefinitely and is asking anyone who knows anything to come forward. our other top story this evening, high fire danger in parts telephone bay area, and you can see why. here is a live look at martinez. the hillsides here are already dried out. add to that windy conditions,
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and you have a dangerous combination. we've already seen a few spot fires pop up here and there across the bay area. a small brushfire broke out in vallejo. this is in river park on wilson avenue across the street from the old coast guard building. and in san jose, crews there are busy putting three different spot fires that break out around the same time. one broke out at kelly park near the happy hollow zoo. they stop the flames from spreading towards a trail. another fire was burning near a park and school by mckee road. and this fire was by almaden lake drive. let's get right to first alert meteorologist paul heggen with more on this red flag warning in effect. paul, we're used to kind of the same drill. dry conditions, high fire danger. but then you remember it's may. >> right. >> it's the end of may. we shouldn't be talking about this now. >> a little bit early in the season. the one thing we have going for us in the bay area is that our fire fuels are pretty close to normal dryness levels. that is not the case for other parts of the state. this is what we're trying to avoid. this is a view from cummings
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mountain to the southeast of bakersfield. kern county. this fire is burning grown to the size where they have called in a half dozen tankers to try to get this contained before it can spread too much there soothe fire elsewhere in kern county that has reportedly burned a couple of structures. we've seen the spot fires around the bay area, but it is an elevated fire threat. the conditions are going to be at their worst through the central valley. red flag warning does include solano county until 8:00 friday evening. that's where the gustiest winds and the lowest humidity levels are going to be in the bay area, but the conditions are going to be even worse farther to the east and northeast. we also have a wind advisory for higher elevations of napa and sonoma and east of the oakland hills. 20 to 30 miles per hour sustained winds. some gusts up to 50 miles per hour above one thousand feet in elevation. it's going to be breezy. the humidity is going to go even lower. track all that coming up in the full forecast. >> all right, paul, thanks.
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the higher fire danger is a real concern for bay area firefighters. this year already, con fire says they've seen a 25% increase in vegetation fires they normally put out. crews are usually out there training right now. the red flag conditions and winds have forced the agency to pause their firebreak operations through the weekend. >> i want to make sure we kept our crews ready and in service. and it's so hot today that we've just felt it was in the best interests to call that training off, make sure they're prepared and ready to go if we get any type of vegetation fire today. >> and the red flag warning has prompted the city of fairfield to close some of its parks. they are rockville hills regional park, spyglass open space, and the surface ranch and rolling hills open space. the parks will be reopened on saturday. new at 6:00, a promising sign for san francisco's economic recovery. business travel is finally starting to make a comeback.
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kpix 5's max darrow is live in the newsroom with the impact this is having on san francisco. max? >> of all of the aspects of the greater san francisco tourism picture, business travel has been one of the slowest segments to rebound since the onset of the pandemic. but that's changing, and it's a big deal for big hotels and small local businesses. >> two, one! we're open! >> reporter: with a celebration, the pacrc 55 reopened. it's one of the largest hotels in the city with more than a thousand rooms. >> we're so happy. business is returning and we're grateful. >> it's also the last telephone city's major hotels to reopen, and it's doing so at an opportune moment. >> the economic recovery of san francisco is in full force. we're starting to see that return of business travel, and that's a really positive and encouraging sign for san francisco also. >> reporter: joe d;alessandro is the president and ceo of the san francisco business travel association. >> it's a really important
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sector. it generates about 20% of our travel and tourism to san francisco. so it's really important. >> reporter: at ck contemporary in union square -- >> these are some of my favorite works. >> reporter: owner lauren tells us all increases in foot traffic have been good for the gallery on its road to recovery. >> right across our windows we're starting to see full cable cars, starting to see people here for conventions, wearing tags and badges. i am for the first time feeling really optimistic about the future. >> reporter: at glazer on sutter and stockton, the management is hopeful more business travelers leads to more business for them. >> i hope that will bring in more regular customers, get our name out there more so that we can be a destination spot for san francisco travelers. >> it's really important for the overall economic recovery of san francisco. the numbers are starting to back up the enthusiasm. a united airlines spokesperson tells us business travel in and out of sfo in april was three times higher than it was in
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january. sfo travel ceo says in terms of travel, this quarter is the best san francisco has seen since the beginning of the pandemic. however, his forecast of when the city will likely see a full recovery likely not until 2024. live in the newsroom, max darrow, kpix 5. liz? >> it took a huge hit, but it's nice to see life back this the city. it is optimistic to see that. >> life and a light at the tunnel. >> finally. all right, max, thank you. let's take a live look at sfo, speaking of traveling. if you're planning to hit the road this summer, the cdc is now recommending people test for covid-19 before flying. this includes both international and domestic travel. the announcement comes amid a rise of infections here in the u.s. and the bay area. new details this evening on a shooting and crash at an east bay freeway. two people died when someone opened fire on 580 in oakland last night. chp officers arrived on scene and found a car flipped over and a crash near the seminary avenue
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offramp. four people were in the car. three of them were shot. all victims taken to the hospital, though. the shooting victim and a person injured in the crash did not survive. so far no arrests have been made, no word on a motive. charges have been filed against the leader of an anti-abortion rights group. he is accused of stalking and threatening a san francisco doctor who performs abortions. the district attorney says aaron jonathan hurley and a group of people allegedly snuck into san francisco general hospital and damaged a bronze statue with fake blood and stickers. the d.a. also says the group targeted the doctor's home and placed threatening flyers throughout the neighborhood. >> we will stand up against efforts to criminalize reproductive choices. we will stand up against efforts to extradite people to other jurisdictions that criminalize reproductive choices. and we will stand with medical providers who courageously provide services to people.
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often life-saving services to people who have every right to choose their own reproductive destiny. >> hurley is facing numerous charges including felony stalking. still ahead on cbs 5, the innovative technology being used to help california farmers. plus, how your hair can help fight oil spills. details on
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a group of valley fair mall workers is fighting back against a new parking fee. first introduced in february, all workers are expected to pay 40 bucks a month for a parking pass. and that works out to nearly 5 hundred dollars a year. but with most workers making at or around minimum wage, they say the move is not only unfair, but it's really unaffordable. >> what could you do with $500? >> i could do a lot. i can pay for a portion of my education at san jose state. the possibilities are endless what i can do with $500 a year. >> in response, valley fair management announced today that they support their employees' right to protest, but remains dug in on their parking plan. the city of san jose is breaking ground on a brand-new park. the park will be built along sixth street in san jose's japantown. city council voted to name the park in honor of john highland, a german immigrant who worked to
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open doors for san jose's emimmigran immigrant community. >> very, very hopeful and inspiring message for the present and the future. this is a historic moment a long time coming. >> san jose is home to one of just three remaining japantowns in the united states. new at 6:00, new technology is helping farmers remove weeds from their crops. san francisco company farmwise says it can help reduce the use of pesticides, and they're using the machines on the central coast. photojournalist christian belmont shows us how they work. >> reporter: really, this is the future of agriculture. truly agriculture and technology come together is very important for sustainability measures for the future of our lives essentially. these particular machines are called titans. we've been using the titans for
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2 1/2 years. this is our third season in ce salenas valley. >> our computers are picking up the data of the crop and relaying that to the blades to open and close. and you mix that with your traditional cultivating tools, the fixed knives that run on top of the bed. we wind up disturbing the soil where it needs to be all across the bed and cultivating. >> the machines are capable of identifying the weeds themselves. and when we run the machines in any particular crop, it knows what crop it's actually running in. so it knows if it's in cauliflower, it knows if it's in broccoli, celery. it already knows and understand what's the crop is that it needs to keep and understands what the lead is it needs to eliminate. >> full-scale adoption with farmers with new technology can sometimes be difficult. but we've been able to navigate the waters and we've built up a pretty good clientele base. they've entrusted us with their crops and schedules and we're picking an acreage for them to work on.
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>> we're deploying about 14 titans at any given day as well as the holslister area. >> we're to provide where there are labor shortages that are difficult for growers to maintain their weeding and cultivating practice. we're here to supplement and help where we can. >> couldn't it be nice if we had something like that for water? where it's really dry and we really need the rain. figure out a way to do that. >> just create in>> c treheate air around us a time. >> yeah. >> it's just incredibly expensive to draw that moisture out of the air. and actually, it's going to be in fairly short supply in the atmosphere over the next 24 hours or so. that's where we're concerned about with the elevated fire threat. i don't want the oversate it. we do have an elevated fire danger across the bay area tonight and tomorrow. we're not talking about critical fire conditions because the fire fuels aren't at their driest point. not even close to it yet. but still something we have to monitor for the rest of the night and into friday. red flag warning for solano county. a wind warning for napa, solano,
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contra costa counties as well as into the diablo range in the eastern santa clara county. we're going to be seeing the warmer weather stick around into most of next week. but it should diminish late in the day tomorrow. let's take a look at the current winds. we're wait ogg tonight offshore winds to develop. right now everything is still mostly onshore. seeing kind of along the coast path to those winds around santa rosa. 20 miles per hour sustained winds as well. 20 to 30-miles-per-hour gusts as you get closer to the coast, the winds are lighter inland. they're going to pivot to the north and it's going to drag that lower humidity air into the north bay and inland in the east bay as we head through the rest of tonight. in solano county, an hour now from already below 15%. usually at night we rely on the atmosphere to kind of recharge. we call it recover the humidity levels. as the temperature drops, the humidity goes up. even with the same amount of moisture in the air, that's just not going to be the case tonight because the northerly winds, the offshore winds are going to be reinforcing the dry air.
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so the humidity only bounces up to 25, 30%. that's not high enough for the grasses, especially to absorb any moisture out of the air and the air really gets dry tomorrow as temperatures warm up. humidity levels at or even below 10% on a widespread basis. sonoma county, napa, inland east bay locations. but it's over solano county where the lowest humidity and the gustiest winds are going to overlap for the bay area. the worst fire weather conditions are going to shape up in the central valley. that's where the red flag warning remains in effect through 8:00 tomorrow. right now blue skies overhead, waiting on the offshore winds to kick in. only in the mid 60s in san francisco. but made it into the upper 60s for a high. low 70s for san jose and oakland. upper 70s. all these temperatures are cooler than yesterday. tonight low to mid-50s which is close to average for the middle of may. another good dog walking day in fremont for snowy and jelly. who is going to say no to those faces?
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plenty of sunshine on the east side. warming up into the upper 70s. several degrees above average. farther inland, temperatures are going to be up into the 80s. an early morning walk, maybe wait until the cooler temperatures kick in during the evening just to make sure your pets don't overheat. temperatures are going to be warmer around the bay thanks to offshore wind trying to reduce the marine influence. temperatures along the coast top out around 60 degrees. but 70s around the bay. mostly 80s farther inland. our temperatures go up and down a little bit over the next few days. nothing dramatic through the weekend. but more of a warm-up, especially away from the water. by tuesday and wednesday, close to 90 degrees in san jose. into the low 90s inland in the east bay. and above 90 degrees one day, inland in the north bay on tuesday. mid 60s along the coast as we go into the middle of next week, and more of a cooldown by the end of next week before memorial day weekend. that's right around the corner. >> it's hard to complain about the temperatures. it's going to be nice. >> just do it without the gusty winds. >> yeah. that makes ate little scary.
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cbs evening news is coming up next. here is norah o'donnell with a preview. >> a special profiles in service. we introduce you to four west point cadets, all of them named rhodes scholars in an historic first for the u.s. military academy. what they say service means to them. that's all tonight right here on the cbs evening news. straight ahead in the sports, about last night at chase center for the dubs. and something about eldrick
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i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life."
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to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate. nba play-offs up top. the warriors, what an icebreaker for the western conference finals. led by 30. won by 25. andrew wiggins led the defensive offensive on luka doncic. two second half points.
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the warriors's steph curry blew up the mavs in game one. well, that made today's film session a little more relaxing, even steve kerr looked like he got some r&r. >> we have a meeting space on the other side of chase that we use. and so we take occasional breaks where we walk outside and get a little sunshine. >> we did not have our coach's meeting at pride city. >> okay, fine. eastern conference business. miami and boston, well, derek white is out tonight for the birth of his child. but not everyone in new england is sympathetic. here is nancy in new hampshire. >> have i two children. you know who i want in that room? i want a doctor and i want nurses. that baby's not even going to see who is around him or her. and daddy needs to play for the celtics because we got to win. . >> i love it, nancy. >> wow. we follow that up with golf's
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pga championship. the men's game second major. oklahoma. tiger woods started on the back nine. his approach shot at 10. check this out. stuck it. birdied two of his first five holes. uh-oh. but the wheels fell off. woods grimaced in pain after the tee shot here. closes his day with back-to-back bogeys. shot a 4 over 74. oh, my gosh. how did he feel after that round? >> loading hurts, and pressing off it hurts. and walking hurts. and twisting hurts. so it's just golf. i don't play, that i don't do that, then i'm all right. all right. will zalatoris put himself in contention, long birdie to end his round. zalatoris shot a 4 under 66, one off the lead. the lead belongs to rory mcilroy
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here. he played alongside tiger and jordan spieth. mcilroy shot a 5 under 65 and is going for his third pga career championship. >> rory, that's the quick start you've been looking for, yes or no. >> yes or no? no, no, i'd rather shoot 74 and try to make the cut tomorrow. to the anchor picks. paul, look at this. lizzie got the best of us. her man webb simpson the only one in the red numbers. 1 under 69. jon rahm three over. jordan spieth 3 over. scottie scheffler, the number one player in the world, one over. now is a good time to mention that liz was the kpix 5 ncaa tournament office pool champion for the third time. >> i wish i won at more important things. but for whatever reason. >> it's only round one. but liz, boy. liz gets the we're not worthy "wayne's world" salutation.
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people at home are going how does she do it? >> exactly, exactly. i literally -- i pick the same guy. he is going to win sometimes. so why not now? >> the law of averages. you're playing that game. >> that's true. >> okay, fine. >> the law of averages. every once in a while a blind squirrel gets a nut. thank you. up next, the out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really?
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the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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finally this evening, did you know your hair could help fight oil spills? >> even mine? >> even yours. a san francisco nonprofit called matter of trust makes special mats and booms out of human hair to clean up spills. a single mat can absorb up to 1.5 gallons. hair is ecofriendly versus other mats made of nonbiodegradable plastic, and hair can soak up around five times its weight in oil. the company is making mats with
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locally sourced hair in 17 countries around the world. so if you're interested in donating your hair, you can check them out online. >> liz, i don't have much left. i don't know. : to we begin
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with what could be a bad start to the summer as covid cases and hospitalizations are on the rise in at least 40 states. and the breaking news about covid boosters for kids. alarming news about children and the pandemic: cases skyrocket, as c.d.c. advisors are now recommending a third shot. long lines for formula as families grow desperate. the f.d.a. announces shuttered michigan plant at the center of the crisis could reopen next week. abortion ban, oklahoma passes the nation's strictest bill in the country, prohibiting nearly all abortions starting at fertility. the war in ukraine -- new video tonight from inside mariupol, as


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