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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 20, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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cup in qatar. le i'm matt p. >> reporter: eerks it's friday, may 20th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news". easing the shortage. hard-to-find baby formula is expected in the u.s. within days. how much the first shipments will bring. booster shot approved. millions of children can now get a third vaccine jab against covid as the number of pediatric cases goes up nationwide. census mistake. a survey finds errors in the 2020 population count in 14 states. the political fallout. well, good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with the nationwide baby formula shortage. some relief for millions of families is finally on the way via airplane. federal officials say a plane from switzerland will head to
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indiana. it will be carrying the equivalent of up to 1.58 million eight-ounce bottles of formula and is expected within days. part of president biden's order to ramp up supply of baby formula after the country's largest manufacturing plant closed due to safety concerns. the fda commissioner said the shuttered factory could reopen within two weeks. bradley blackburn is in new york with the latest on all of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the formula on that first flight will help infants with special medical needs, but it is just a drop in the bucket because almost all of the formula used in the u.s. is produced domestically. leaders in washington are trying to tackle this urgent problem from all sides. federal officials say relief is on the way for parents facing a growing shortage of baby formula. >> the last thing parents and even harder to feed their to be children. >> reporter: yesterday the senate passed a bill to give low-incomeie wir variety of fors.
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president biden is expected to sign the measure once it reaches his desk. the president has also authorized the first operation fly formula flights. cargo planes being sent to switzerland to pick up 246 pallets of nestle formula. the shipments will consist of products made for children with a cow's milk protein allergy. the white house is prioritizing hypoallergenic formula because it is in short supply. >> within days it will be better. but it will be a few weeks before we're back to normal. fda commissioner robert califf told lawmakers a shuttered plant in michigan could soon be up and running again. >> i think we are on track to get open within the next week to two weeks. >> reporter: the plant owned by abbott nutrition is one of the largest in the u.s. it was closed in february after inspectors noted possible food safety violations as they looked for the source of contaminated baby formula that's linked to two infants' deaths.
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abbott says once its factory reopens it could take two months until that formula hits store shelves. as you heard, the fda commissioner told lawmakers it will be a few weeks before formula supplies return to normal levels. anne-marie? >> thank you so much. president biden is on his first trip to asia since taking office. he left aboard air force one yesterday for a six-day tour -- rather, trip to south korea and japan. he's meeting with leaders of the two countries for discussions on trade, the global supply chain, and growing concerns about north korea's nuclear program. the white house says that there is a possibility that north korea will conduct another ballistic missile or nuclear test around the time of the president's visit. fully vaccinated children ages 5 to 11 could be getting their first booster shots this weekend. the decision was approved by the cdc last night. it comes at a time when covid cases among children are up nationwide. nikki battiste reports. >> reporter: covid concern
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skyrocketing. nationwide hospitalizations are on the rise in 40 states. cases are up in 41 states. >> the reality is much worse because we're undercounting covid cases. many people are testing at home using at-home rapid tests, and many people are not testing at all. >> reporter: there's also deepening concern among parents. the american academy of pediatrics reports that cases among kids have climbed 76% in the past two weeks. a cdc scientific panel voted to recommend a third dose of the pfizer vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. even though only 28% in that age group have gotten their first two doses. >> this current wave of infections among kids could land a lot of kids in the hospital. >> reporter: in connecticut, covid cases are up nearly 118% in the past month. that's where bridget tichar is raising two young immunocompromised kids.
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both 5-year-old teddy and 3-year-old liza have type-one diabetes. >> the vaccine is so important to us because it's basically another tool, another weapon in our arsenal to keep them safe. it's been wildly stressful the way that i think all parents are dealing with the unknown that is doubled or maybe even tripled for us. >> reporter: her son got his second dose last month just before his 5th birthday. do you feel like parents are only thinking about their own c> the vaccine really does save lives and protect lives. >> reporter: the cdc panel recommended kids ages 5 to 11 get their booster at least five months after their second dose. the fda has said a covid vaccine for children under 5 could receive emergency use authorization in june. nikki battiste, cbs news, greenwich, connecticut. what would be the nation's strictest abortion law is headed
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to the desk of oklahoma's governor. yesterday, state lawmakers approved a bill prohibiting all abortions except to save the life of a pregnant woman or in cases of rape or incest if they've been reported to law enforcement. oklahoma abortion providers say that they will stop doing the procedure as soon as it becomes law. the governor has said that he would sign that bill. the first funerals for the victims of saturday's mass shooting in buffalo at a supermarket there will take place today. 67-year-old church deacon hayward patterson will be laid to rest. last night a church service was held in buffalo to honor the ten people killed and the three others who were wounded. the 18-year-old suspected gunman appeared in court yesterday. he learned a grand jury indicted him on a first-degree murder charge. he's already pleaded not guilty. for the first time, he was in the same room as family members of the victims. >> they were stunned in silence and stillness. i mean, what do you do when the monster who has destroyed your family walks into a courtroom?
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>> since the shooting, the supermarket has been closed as a crime scene. the mayor of buffalo announced evidence collection at the store is over, and there's no word, though, on when the market will reopen. health officials in new york city are investigating a possible rare case of monkeypox. the patient is hospitalized in isolation and undergoing tests. this comes after massachusetts confirmed the first case of monkeypox in the u.s. this year. the man who recently traveled to canada is in a hospital in good condition. doctors say that they're not sure how he was infected. monkeypox, which originates in animals, is usually limited to africa, but there's been a small recent outbreak in europe. symptoms include fever, body aches, chills, and fatigue. people with severe cases can develop a rash and lesions on their face and body. coming up, history on the pitch. women referees will mark a first at the men's world cup tournament this year.
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ukraine will soon be getting another $40 billion in american aid to help in the war against russia. the senate overwhelmingly passed the emergency military economic and humanitarian aid package yesterday 86-11. the house gave the okay last week. president biden thanked congressional leaders for approving the bill quickly. that brings the total u.s. aid to ukraine since the russian invasion to about $54 billion. female referees will be making history at the world cup, and there's a new charge against the man accused of attacking dave chappelle. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the "los angeles times" reports that the man who attacked comedian dave chappelle on stage was charged in an unrelated
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attempted murder. 23-year-old isaiah lee is accused of stabbing his roommate following a fight at a los angeles transitional living facility in december. he pleaded not guilty. lee faces several misdemeanor charges after allegedly tackling chappelle earlier this month during a performance. chappelle was not hurt. the "miami herald" says boeing's starliner crew capsule launched from cape canaveral on an unpiloted test flight to the international space station. >> and liftoff. starliner is headed back to space on the shoulders of atlas powered by a work force dedicated to its success. >> the capsule blasted off yesterday on top of an atlas five rocket carrying a test dummy. this is boeing's third attempt to reach the orbiting lab. the capsule is supposed to reach the space station tonight. boeing and nasa hope to launch an astronaut crew to iss later on this year. and "the new york times" says that for the first time fifa selected female officials for the men's soccer world cup.
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six women were selected, three referees and three assistant referees. the referees are from france, rwanda, and japan. an american woman is an assistant. the world cup gets under way in november in qatar. still to come, a rainy day debate. why a pricey umbrella from designer brand gucci has social media buzzing. has social media buzzing. want more from your vitamin brand? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement... to the only 24-hour vitamin c to heart-healthy support every day. get more with nature's bounty. need long-lasting freshness? try febreze unstopables touch fabric spray. it doesn't just eliminate odors... simply shake and spray to unlock the breakthrough power of touch-activated scent technology. that lasts, even hours later! that's because febreze touch stores scent in your fabrics
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i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so... ...glad we did this. [kid plays drums] life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ mercedes-benz just sold the world's most expensive car, a rare 1955 mercedes-benz slr coupe was sold at auction for $142 million.
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it is one of only two that exist. no word on the identity of the buyer. mercedes said that the money raised from the auction will go toward a scholarship fund. more than a dozen states may have been miscounted in the 2020 census report, and would you spend big bucks on a non-waterproof umbrella? you heard me right. matt pieper has those stories and more in the cbs "money watch" report. >> reporter: the selloff keeps going on wall street as inflation concerns are giving way to fears of a recession. the dow thursday dropped 236. the nasdaq fell 29. the s&p 500 down 22. a census undercount. a review of the 2020 census shows an undercount of people in six states and over counted them in eight states. the census bureau says it comes from a survey when it returned to 161,000 households after the census was completed. in florida and texas, undercounts appear to have cost them congressional seats. the bureau director saying no
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census is perfect. have you tried to fill up recently? better saturate those gas cans before summer. an analyst with jpmorgan predicts the national average per gallon could reach $6.20 by august. those in california are already used to those prices. where gas is averaging $6.06 a gallon. that possible steep summer rise would represent a more than 30% increase from the current national average. and fashion fallout. this umbrella by gucci and adidas is about to start selling for nearly $1,700. people are complaining on social media that it doesn't even block rain. gucci's website does say that it is not waterproof and is meant for sun protection or, quote, decorative use. that's your cbs "money watch" report for this friday morning. i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new york. >> decorative use? all right. i'd like to hear from you on that. madame tussauds in london has joined the jubilee
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celebration to honor queen elizabeth's 70th year in the throne. the museum is now featuring 24 wax figures wearing replicas of some of the gowns elizabeth wore during her reign. among the items on display -- a copy of the dress the queen wore during her coronation ceremony in 1953. the museum says that queen elizabeth holds the title for the most wax figures they have made of a single person. up next, a celebration with special sauce. a man who loves mcdonald's big macs marks a special anniversary. big macs marks a special anniversary. ♪pour lower sugar for me♪
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here's a look at the here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ and the point kept in -- and goal. >> what a finish for the tampa
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bay lightning last night. ross colton scored with less than four seconds remaining giving the defending stanley cup champions a victory over the florida panthers. the lightning now lead the series 2-0. game three is sunday in tampa. the pressure is on tiger woods today if he wants to stay in the pga championship this weekend. the golf star shot four over 74 yesterday in the first round. only the top 70 make the cut, and he's tied in 99th place rate -- right now. wo who'slayed in his second tournament since a car crash last year, said that his right leg was in pain. >> i can't load it, and loading hurts, pressing off it hurts. and walking hurts, and twisting hurts. so it's just golf. >> woods won the pga championship back in 2007. a high school senior in kentucky is excited for his future after he signed a letter of intent for a full-time job after graduation. jacob bradley is not joining the
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nfl or the nba, he's going to be a plumber. he was offered the opportunity as part of a school program that highlights the need for more graduating students to become tradesmen. >> just more my style. i was never really one to be an accountant or sit down. i enjoy working with my hands a lot and just the environment of those type of people. >> the high school says that it hopes to continue this partnership to give more graduates a career path after they leave school. a man from wisconsin celebrated his 50th anniversary with his first love. it wasn't a wedding anniversary. this week, donald gorske marked 50 years of eating a mcdonald's big mac every single day. in august of 2021 he was recognized by the guinness book of world records for the most big macs eaten in a lifetime -- 32,340. he said when i like something, i stick with it all the time. and coming up on "cbs mornings," in our series "the dish," nate burleson visits an
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with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. our top stores this morning -- there's some relief in the nationwide shortage of baby formula. cargo planes from the u.s. are being sent to switzerland to bring back 1.5 million bottles of nestle formula. it comes as the head of the fda said a shuttered baby formula factory in michigan would reopen as early as next week. it closed in february due to safety concerns. and president biden is on the first trip to asia since taking office. the six-state trip will take him to south korea and japan. he'll meet with leaders of the two countries amid growing concerns about north korea's nuclear program. the white house says that there
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is a possibility that north korea will conduct another ballistic missile or nuclear test around the time of the president's visit. college graduations are taking place across the country, and some students are having no problem joining the work force. dina demetrius explains. >> reporter: these college grads have a good reason to smile. abigail edwards' degree already helped her land a teaching job. >> it's super high demand for teachers now. makes it easier to figure out a job which is nice. >> reporter: it's not just teachers. employers across the economic spectrum need workers. the latest data shows there were 11.5 million job openings in march, the highest number ever recorded. >> i feel great. i can't feel anything but great today. >> reporter: darnell neville actually lined up a position as his final year of school was starting. >> the job i'm at now i got back in september. >> the job market for the class of 2022 looks very promising. >> reporter: mary gatta is with the national association of colleges and employers.
4:27 am
the group's recent survey found employers plan to hire 31% more new college graduates this year than last year. what are you seeing in terms of salaries? >> so we continue to see salaries rising. >> reporter: the average starting salary for business is more than $60,000, up 3% from last year. engineering salaries have increased 4%, and computer sciences saw a 5.2% jump to nearly $76,000. >> there's a lot of demand right now. >> reporter: university of alabama graduate peyton dyer received a degree in finance and real estate. he says he feels confident about his prospects. >> with the market being like it is right now with real estate, i don't really think there's a lot to be concerned about job-wise. >> reporter: a perfect-picture job market helping students make the transition from college to a career. cbs news, los angeles. coming up on "cbs mornings," the debate over forgiving student loan debt.
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why the biden administration and some lawmakers are at odds over how to help millions of borrowers. plus, david begnaud has a preview of his "48 hours" report on a man released from prison after spending 44 years behind bars for a crime he says he did not commit. and in our series "the dish," nate burleson visits an acclaimed pizza restaurant in new york city and talks with the owner about his passion for pizza. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great weekend. ♪ .
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