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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  May 20, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. live from the cbs bay area
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studios this is kpix 5 news. >> right now and streaming on cbs news bay area, taking a live look at the chase center this friday morning where we are going to see game two of the western conference finals. it's going to be very exciting. >> we're going to see a win tonight into knock on wood. >> looking ahead. >> may 20th. i'm anne makovec, filling in for len today. >> i'm amanda starrantino. anne, nice to have you with us. ladies morning into. >> welcome. >> beautiful and calm. that's how we're starting off this crazy, hectic morning. we're already dealing with windy conditions so i'm going to talk about that in just a second. let's start off with a live look over the city line. it is clear for us this morning. maybe thanks to shows strong winds. we extend it to the afternoon, daytime highs are still a little bit above average, but nothing like we were dealing with yesterday or even wednesday for that matters. sunset tonight around 8:17. let's dive straight into the
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winds. where i want to highlight this right now is up in the east hills, east bay areas are dealing with gustier conditions near travis air force base where solano county is under a red flag warning throughout today. that ends at 8:00 p.m. as we also extend into the afternoon hours, we are under a wind advisory until around 2:00. we'll talk a little bit more about that. the weather story is how strong that offshore flow is. on top of that we are dealing with breezy conditions along our bay and coast too. we're going to talk about that in a bit. i'm going to send it over to you. >> talking about the windy conditions. there are advisories that are in effect issued by caltrans overnight along 80 where jessica was just talking about. fairfield, vacaville, dixon, headed into sacramento, that area very gusty on the roadways. plan for that. wind advisory in effect for the drive into the altamont pass where we have a few brake lights, slightly building just as you hit north flynn.
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other than that it is moving along nicely along our bay area bridges. our travel times looking good. no major delays on our freeways. >> developing news after an officer-involved shooting in san francisco last night, a second person has now died. the shooting happened at mariposa between owens and indiana around 9:00 about a block west of ucsf benioff children's hospital. police say they responded to an assault call before 8:00 and confronted two men at the scene. opened fire and one man died. the second taken to the hospital where he decided. it's unclear if the men were hit by gunfire or their injuries might have come from the assault. more details as we get them. to the fire watch, bay area crews dealt with brush fiers last night this one between concord and pleasant hill, stopped b.a.r.t service just after 6:00 p.m. thankfully the flames did not spread far. and in san jose, crews put out three different spot fires that broke out around the same
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time near the happy hollow zoo. a park along mckee road. >> a live look at the state capitol, legislation that would have put speed cameras on bay area streets hit a roadblock. the billed killed in the assembly would have allowed pilot speed camera programs in six california cities, including san francisco, oakland and san jose. this is the third time san francisco assemblyman phil ting has tried to get this passed. >> if we can get cars to drive slower, cognizant of pedestrians, we know fatalities will go down. it's kind of common sense. we know what the solutions are. it's frustrating when those can't be implemented. >> just this week the governor's highway safety association estimated u.s. pedestrian deaths have hit a 40-year high, spiking by 12% between 2020 and 2021. u.s. covid infections are rising again, more than two years after the pandemic began. the cdc reports they have surged
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by 168% in the past month to nearly 100,000 new cases per day. this morning u.s. health advisors are urging a third pfizer dose for kids 5 to 11. sara donchey spoke with one of the first families in line for a booster at a clinic in east palo alto. >> reporter: for some parents, especially those of healthy children, booster shot shots may not seem like that big a deal but doctors say that's the wrong way to think about it, given their efforts to create this wall of protection against covid by vaccinating as many people completely to develop strong immunity throughout communities. >> it was scary, but the nurses helped me. >> reporter: ania rolled up her sleeve and put on a brave face, she got her booster at a clinic in palo alto thursday. rising covid cases across the bay area was enough to convince her mom. >> because the mandate has dropped for masks and more people are getting a little bit more liberal without their mask
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on. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics says cases have skyrocketed 76% two weeks in the u.s. and vaccine approval has been slow to come for some parents. >> once they started getting down to her age level, then i was 100% ready to do it. >> reporter: doctors say boosters are not something to skip out on. >> the dose in kids 5 to 11 is already lower than the adult dose, so 30 micrograms compared to 10. one would say that if anybody needs a booster, the kids really need it for that reason. >> reporter: getting children vaccinated at all has proven to be difficult, even here in the bay area. clinics like this one in east palo alto are hoping to draw more in. >> the vaccine rate in east palo alto is under 40% for the 5 to 11-year-olds and we're hoping bringing it closer to them to a place they trust and a place that's convenient that they can swing by. >> that was sara donchey reporting. for parents of eligible kids or adultsnterested in getting a
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covid shot, there will be another free clinic at bellhaven elementary in menlo park from 3:15 to 6:15. not just new parents scrambling to find baby formula this morning. kpix's andrea nakano spoke with a mother who said the shortage is threatening the life of her 11-year-old daughter. >> reporter: for 11 years keeley has fought day and night to keep her daughter alive. of all the battles they have endured, running out of her only food source is one they never expected. >> there's so much more going on with her than just this formula recall. however, this is a major, major life threatening issue for her. >> reporter: keeley aguilar welcomed her daughter natalia into this world 11 years ago. she knew from the moment she was born something was wrong. it took eight years for doctors to figure out what it was. >> natalia is 11 years old, and she has a very, very rare disease called bane bridge rober syndrome. >> reporter: natalia is only one
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of 200 people in the world diagnosed with the disease and she has one of the worst cases. >> her respiratory system, her g.i. system, developmental delays, she's unable to walk, she doesn't speak, so it pretty much affects every one of her symptoms. >> reporter: her stomach doesn't have the ability to break down food so she has a tube inserted into her intestines that's how she eats every night as she gets a steady stream of formula while she sleeps. >> despite the scary, horrible things she lives with and endures as a human being and then to know that i can't get her formula, a very basic, basic thing that we should be able to get. >> reporter: ella care formula she relies on for her nutrition made by abbott, the company that shut down one of its main production facilities due to the possibility of a bacteria contamination. >> it has been probably one of the most stressful experiences i've ever gone through and we have -- we've been through it
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together since she was born. >> reporter: like many 11-year-olds, natalia loves her brother, her dog, and, of course, justin timberlake, but it's her mother's love that keeps her going every day. >> she's worth every bit of it, right. she is amazing and wonderful and so strong. like the things that she's been through, no child should ever have to endure or live through and she's very special. >> reporter: keeley aguilar is looking for anyone with the special formula leftover that they no longer need. if you can help her, you can reach her through her instagram page. andrea nakano, kpix 5. a growing memorial in oakland for a well-known restaurant owner shot and killed in front of his 11-year-old son. it happened wednesday in front of 39-year-old jun anabo's lucky three seven restaurant in the fruitvale neighborhood. one of his friends says he was with his son at the hospital. >> he's a beautiful man.
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he don't hurt nobody. he my best friend. you took my best friend and that break my heart. >> the restaurant is now closed until further notice. no arrests and no word on a motive for that shooting. this morning, cal osha is proposing $1.75 million in fines against valero and three contractors for, quote, willful safety violations that led to a worker's death last year. 35-year-old luis gutierrez suffocated and died due to a leak inside the well where he was working. valero which earned $114 billion last year, was cited for failing to follow confined space and entry guidelines. and this morning, ucsf got the green light from regents to revamp its oldest hospital campus. the new $4.3 billion campus is slated to open in 2030 and increase er ealr iat capacity
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by 65%. the university estimates it will also create up to 2600 jobs from construction to hospital staffing. ucsf experts expects to break ground next year. coming up, with inflation forcing some families to make impossible choices, east bay residents turn out to help their neighbors in need. >> new allegations emerging against a san francisco police officer already accused of exposing himself to a family while responding to a call.
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struggling with inflation. katie nelson shows us people drove in to drive down hunger. >> roads, where we're going we
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don't need roads. >> reporter: "back to the future 2" for the food bank of contra costa and solano, with so many people living with food insecurity wis t in time, when e grocery store wasn't so expensive. >> the most vulnerable in our communities are impacted even more. most of us don't have to choose, you know, whether to put food on the table or buy gasoline. >> reporter: in april the price of food at home went up more than 10% from a year ago. with bacon up almost 18% and eggs 22%. it means paychecks don't go as far as they used to. >> before the pandemic one in nine residents relied on us for supplemental food. numbers is now one in six. that is an increase in need. >> reporter: the food banks themselves are also getting squeezed, seeing increased gas and energy prices at the same time need has basically doubled. >> those are huge costs for us. it's really impacted our food bank's ability to drive as much
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food as we have been. >> reporter: for some here it's personal. >> my family, my siblings and i were on like the school food assistance programs, and there were definitely times that if we weren't, we wouldn't have eaten. >> i see evidence of the food insecurity all around me. food is just one of those basics. a live look at san jose where another sexual misconduct allegation has emerged against a police officer accused of exposing himself to a mother and daughter, then masturbating in front of them during a disturbance investigation. 32-year-old officer matt new domingas was placed on pay paid leave. according to the bay area group, he was accused of drunkenly groping a woman during a party at the home of another officer last may. the woman filed a complaint with sjpd who forwarded the case to campbell police.
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she reportedly told detectives she wanted to press charges, but the santa clara county d.a.'s office declined. nearly a year later, san jose police say the internal affairs investigation into the groping allegation is still ongoing. to your money watch report, the sell-off continues on wall street as inflation concerns are giving way to fears of a recession. plus the number of people receiving jobless benefits reached a 52-year low in early may. matt piper with more of today's business news. >> a new survey from the census bureau finds the agency under counted people in six states and over counted them in eight states. the population count that comes once a decade is used for congressional redistricting and also for allocating $1.5 trillion in yearly federal funding. the bureau was blaming political interference, the "kron 4
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morning news" pande-- the corons pandemic. the number of people receiving benefits is at its lowest level. the department of labor said 1.3 mil million jobs claims were paid. the fewest since december 1969. boeing's starliner space taxi is en route to the international space station after a successful launch from cape canaveral. the unmanned flight is a key step towards boeing's goal of competing with spacex for missions bringing astronauts to and from the iss. can't soul due to dock at the station some time this evening. that is your cbs money watch report. head to cbs money at the broadcast center, i'm matt piper. >> it is 13 minutes before 5:00. time to get a check on our weather and traffic. start with first alert jch j meteorologist jessica burch and what the forecast is looking like. >> i wish i had better news to
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start off this weekend forecast, however, let's dive straight into it. we are still dealing with fire weather conditions as we start off this morning due to very strong winds pushing in from the north. take a quick look at our current wind speeds, especially in the fairfield area. we're dealing with winds around 29 miles per hour. that's at the surface level. sustained winds. we could see gusts 35 to 40 miles per hour at times. why is this happening? take a look at our big picture. this is our model right behind me. watch how big this ridge continues to develop as we head into the next couple hours. on the bright side heading into the weekend, it starts to weaken and then once we extend all the way into next week we're still dealing with above average temperatures but nothing too extreme. taking it a step back, relative humidity is very dry as we head into the evening hours, this is around 4:30 getting down to around 9% in solano county, 9 to 10%, and on the bright side the strong winds as well as the low relative humidity don't necessarily overlap. so that's one good setup with this forecast, but once we head
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into saturday notice how we get back to around 40% for fairfield, which is great news when we see that overnight recovery process. as we take a look at wind gusts now, we are starting off with winds pushing offshore up in solano county. they will start to die down as we head into the late evening hours. take a look around 5:00, we get down to 18 and then by midnight all the way into saturday's forecast, the winds start shifting pushing from the south. so we are still under a wind advisory until around 2:00 this afternoon. to add to that the national weather service did issue a red flag warning for solano county due to that low relative humidity and windy conditions too. that will last until 8:00 p.m. tonight. let's take it a step back e those who don't live in solano county, we are expecting 70s in the forecast for us today. a lot cooler than two days ago, right. we were dealing with well above-average temperatures pretty much all week long and we still are, but it's mild out as we extend into the weekend. we're dealing with more 60s near sausalito into san francisco
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where upper 70s are expected. as we head up north, well, it warms up just a smidgen more, nothing too extreme. we have a lot of sunshine in store for us. no rain in the forecast just yet. as we extend into next week how temperatures start dipping down around wednesday and thursday, a 10 degree jump. fingers crossed hoping that will stay strong, but nonetheless lots shoichb as we head into our weekend forecast. for now, gianna, how are the roads looking? >> looking pretty good as far as delays and accidents go. a couple hot spots out there so far. jessica was talking about the windy conditions this morning and you're really going to feel that when you're traveling in the altamont pass and parts of 80. the altamont right now, busy coming away from traci on to 580, but once you're past just a pinch of slowing there. everything looks good the rest of the way towards the dublin interchange. speeds along 80 traveling through fairfield, vacaville,
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dickson, it is gusty through there. a wind advisory along there. a head's up taking that ride. things are quiet. no crashes. there is a trouble spot. they just issued a traffic advisory south 880 around heatherton and francisco boulevard in the north bay. two lanes are blocked for a crash and traffic is starting to back up just a bit into san rafael. we will keep an eye on that. definitely getting a little bit slow so keep that in mind if you are getting ready to take the freeways this morning. the rest of the way towards the golden gate bridge looking good with no major crashes or incidents, at least on the span here. you have that trouble spot just north of there where we are seeing a backup. bay bridge, metering lights are off, an easy ride too san francisco. no delays, 880 both directions free flowing like we like to see it on a friday morning. vern with sports. >> good morning. straight ahead in sports, who is the leader of the first round of the pga championship? i have that answer. i'll even show you. and hey, it worked a couple nights ago.
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let's warmup for tonight's western conference finals, game
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good morning. nba playoff up top and warriors business. they're going to entertain an angry bunch. the name is the dallas mavericks. three wins away from the nba finals. shout out, klay thompson scored all 15 of his points in the second half of game one. he does not hold on to it long, does he? he put up 30 in the game six clincher against the grizzlies last friday. his teammate draymond green has had it with so-called experts saying thompson is not the same player he was before the injuries. >> it further shows me how people don't know basketball because i've been seeing these things, klay is playing bad and i believe in the game, like he's playing really good basketball. i think it's pretty funny the narrative around, and i hope he don't believe that narrative, and it kind of sounds like it does to say i'm still working to get back. no the hell he not. he back. >> jimmy butler in the eastern
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conference miami heat up 1-0 in the series, hosting boston last night, and boy, the celtics weren't fooling around. jaylen brown with long range. celtics had nine opening quarter threes. third quarter, up 24, watch this. marcus smart, what? look at this again. over the backboard, and it goes. smart, who missed game one, represented last night. scored 24 and the celtics rolled 1247-102. the series tied at 1-1. game three saturday in boston. golf, why not, it's another major championship. the pga championship. we have the opening round outside of tulsa. tiger woods playing through the pain in his right leg. woods, who birdied two of his first five holes, had some problems. he could not get it out of the rough here on his final hole. 4 over 74. tied for 99th. he was playing with the tournament lead errorry mcillroy. his story, fairways and greens. he leads two players including
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will will zalatoris. as for tiger and the leg pain. >> loading hurts, pressing off hurts, walking hurts, twisting hurts, so such is golf. if i don't do that, then i'm all right. >> thanks so much. >> you got it. >> have a great afternoon. >> hockey, watch this. tampa's cory perry hit himself in the face on a warmup shot. the tough guy still played in the game against florida sunshine playoff state hockey. ross colton, right place, right time. good no look centering pass. the lightning won it 2-1 and have a 2-0 series lead. let's get back down to what lead story is all day. warriors and the dallas mavericks game two, from chase center. they roll the ball out there and jump it up at 6:00 p.m. we'll see you later. >> we will see you later. it is 4:567.
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a promising sign for san francisco's economic recovery. >> how business travel is starting to make a comeback in the city after two long years. plus a late night shooting in san francisco. why police say officers were forced to open fire.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now at 5:00, we are learning more about an officer-involved shooting in san francisco. why police say they were forced to open fire. plus, a beloved father, restaurant owner and leader in his community shot dead. >> i'm not believing it. >> hear the sheer disbelief and grief as loved ones cope with this unimaginable loss. encouraging news for the travel industry. the resurgence for hotels in san
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francisco after two long years. and the warriors looking to take a commanding lead in the west tonight. a preview of game two against the mavs. good morning, it is friday, finally friday, may 20th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm anne makovec in for len. jessica, red flag warning everyone should be aware of. >> if you live in the solano county area until 8:00 p.m. today, we're dealing with a wind advisory until around 2:00. we'll start off talking about the winds. it is not looking good out there for folks in the east bay, but a live look just from the mark hopkins hotel cam. mcke mostly clear skies and as we extend into the weekend forecast, it's predictable actually. mostly sunny conditions for us today. daytime highs in the mid to upper 80s for our inland areas. we're cooling off more than what we were dealing with yesterday or the day before for that matter. wednesday was the warmest day for us this week. we're starting to cool down as we head into the weend


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