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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 20, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and the warriors looking to take a commanding lead in the west tonight. a preview of game two against the mavs. good morning, it is friday, finally friday, may 20th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm anne makovec in for len. jessica, red flag warning everyone should be aware of. >> if you live in the solano county area until 8:00 p.m. today, we're dealing with a wind advisory until around 2:00. we'll start off talking about the winds. it is not looking good out there for folks in the east bay, but a live look just from the mark hopkins hotel cam. mcke mostly clear skies and as we extend into the weekend forecast, it's predictable actually. mostly sunny conditions for us today. daytime highs in the mid to upper 80s for our inland areas. we're cooling off more than what we were dealing with yesterday or the day before for that matter. wednesday was the warmest day for us this week. we're starting to cool down as we head into the weekend for our
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bay folks as well as our coast, we're still dealing with mid to upper 60s and 70s near the bay. winds still pushing in from the north around 5 to 10 miles per hour for most of us. however, look at this, as we head up closer to solano county the winds are staying consistent, pushing in around 20 miles per hour which means we could see gusts up to 30, 40 miles per hour. that will change as we head into the afternoon hours and on top of that dealing with low relative humidity which will highlight on in just a little bit. for now, how are the roads looking out there. >> i'm going to start off in the same area right through that 80 area, that causeway, headed into sacramento, it is very gusty through there. jessica was talking about the windy conditions. wind advisories by chp and caltrans. fairfield, vacaville. be extra careful, definitely cautious as you travel through there. we have a crash we're keeping aon eye along 101 out of san rafael, southbound 101 around
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francisco boulevard. two lanes blocked until further notice. a fire that sparked overnight at a former commercial building in oakland is now contained. this happened around 2:00 this morning on edge water drive and pendleton way. fire officials say the space was being inhabited by squatters. one person who was inside wasthf smoke caused that fire. new details this morning after an officer-involved shooting in san francisco last night. a second person has now died. that shooting happened at mariposa between owens and indiana around 9:00, about a block west of ucsf benioff children's hospital. police say they responded to an assault call before 8:00 and confronted two men at the scene. officers opened fire. one man died at the scene. the second taken to the hospital where he died. >> all officers were equipped with body cameras. if anyone does have a
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surveillance camera that captured the incident we ask they contact the police department. >> police haven't said if the men were hit by gunfire or their injuries came from the prior assault. we'll bring you more details as we get them. to san jose where another sexual misconduct allegation has emerged against a police officer. he is already accused of exposing himself to a mother and daughter and masturbating in front of them during a disturbance investigation. officer matthew domingas accord news group he was previously accused of drunkenly groping a woman during a party at the home of another officer last may. the woman filed a complaint with sjpd who forwarded the case to campbell police. she reportedly told detectives she wanted to press charges, but the santa clara d.a.'s office declined. nearly a year later, san jose police say the internal affairs investigation into the groping allegation is still ongoing. a family and a community left reeling this morning after
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a beloved restaurant owner was shot and killed outside of his own business. >> jun anabo was the co-owner of lucky three seven, a filipino restaurant known across the bay and police say he was shot wednesday night just hours after the popular restaurant closed. >> justin andrews was there talking to family and friends and, justin, unimaginable heartbreak. >> reporter: this guy was the pillar of his community and the backbone of his community. there are absolutely no words to describe the pain i saw in the eyes of family members and friends. the details they shared with me left me heartbroken. s they say he was leaving going to his car when someone started shooting. what's more painful this morning, his 11-year-old son was right there and watched life leave his father's body. >> i had to hug his son kaia. i hug him and tell him everything is going to be okay, but you don't have no father no more.
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>> reporter: these bullet holes are raw reminders. >> he was a community member. everything that he did was for the community with a lot of love, and people love him and people will be missing him. >> reporter: now there's a hole in jose artis' heart. a close friend to jun anabo, a co-owner of lucky three seven on the east side of oakland. family members say he was killed in cold blood. >> it's just not fair. you know, they take a really, really good person away from a lot of people. >> reporter: melinda bunn is his girlfriend. he helped her become a better person. >> he made sure everyone was good, even if he wasn't. >> reporter: we saw the proof as the community brought balloons, teddy bears and flowers where he took his last breath. a small way of showing his big influence, a major loss for this person like a sister to him. >> i'm so sad i have to stand here where he laid and took his
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last breath while he tells his son to run. i'm a mother myself. that's heartbreaking. >> reporter: as they try to wrap their minds around this, jose artis' heart is shatter and now this neighbor's is too. >> he gave everything to this community. >> he said he meant everything to that community. his birthday was just eight days away. and he had everything ready and set up for a community block party, even on a day to celebrate his birth, he wanted to birth positivity in his community. amanda? >> justin, just heartbreaking. people all over the bay area are paying their respects to jun. here's a look at just a few of those posts about the father, friend and restaurant owner we've seen on social media honoring and remembering him this morning. happening on the fire watch today, cal oes is positioning what it calls critical fire fighting resources to protect
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threatened communities ahead of extreme fire weather today. resources are stationed in lake and calusa counties as a red flag alert is in effect from the national weather service through much of the day today. yesterday, bay area crews dealt with several brush fires. this one between concord and pleasant hill stopped b.a.r.t service just after 6:00 last night. the flames did not spread far. in san jose, crews put out three different spot fires that broke out around the same time near the happy hollow zoo. a park along mckee road and alma din lake drive. to the coronavirus, u.s. covid infections rising again more than two years after the pandemic began. the cdc reporting they have surged by 168% in the past month to nearly 100,000 new cases per day and u.s. health advisors are urging people to get a third pfizer dose for their kids 5 to 11. for some parents, especially those of healthy children,
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booster shot may not slij a big deal but doctors say that's the wrong way to think about it >> because the mandate has dropped for masks and more people are getting a little bit more liberal with going outside without their mask on. >> for parents of eligible kids or adults interested in getting everything from their first shot to their booster, there's a free clinic at bellhaven elementary in menlo park at 3:00 this afternoon. the travel industry is finally making a resurgence after a horrendous past two years due to covid. according to sf travel april was the most successful month for san francisco hotels as they recorded a 67% hotel occupancy rate. the highest it's been since the prepandemic era. yesterday the renowned park 55 reopened their doors for the first time in two years. a sign of good things to come for business owners. >> we're so happy. business is returning and we're grateful. >> business travel is a really important sector for san francisco. it generates about 30% of all of
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our travel and tourism to san francisco. >> i hope that will bring in more regular customers, get our name out there more, so that we can be a destination spot for san francisco travelers. >> hotel demand was up 118% in the first quarter of 2022 in comparison to last year. live to chase center where golden state fans will be flocking tonight for game two of the western conference final. the mavericks are expected to come out strong after losing to the warriors in game one by more than 20 points. >> the ws are going to be ready. the warriors put on a vintage defense performance in game one holding the mavericks to 87 points on 36% shooting. as the crowds grow bigger star defender draymond green relishes the fact that everybody is watching. >> you see all the tweets during the game from players, like i know -- i was [ bleep ] i was doing it the last two years, so i know you see it.
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players tweeting and like everybody is locked if and watching the game. like there's no better feeling than that. like as a player, you know everybody watching you, you got to embrace that. >> all right. tip-off is at 6:00 tonight at chase center. it's going to be exciting. >> go warriors. ten minutes after 5:00 and helping neighbors in need, the unique fundraiser in the east bay to help families struggling with inflation. plus, the formula shortage causing concerns for parents.
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parents scrambling to find baby formula. >> andrea nakano spoke with a mom who says the shortage is threatening the life of her 11-year-old daughter. >> reporter: for 11 years keeley has fought day and night to keep her daughter alive. of all the battles they have endured, running out of her only food source is one they never expected. >> there's so much more going on with her than just this formula recall. however, this is a major, major life threatening issue for her. >> reporter: keeley aguilar welcomed her daughter natalia into this world 11 years ago. she knew from the moment she was born something was wrong. it took eight years for doctors to figure out what it was. >> natalia is 11 years old, and she has a very, very rare disease called bane bridge rober syndrome. >> reporter: natalia is only one of 200 people in the world diagnosed with the disease and she has one of the worst cases.
5:14 am
>> her respiratory system, her g.i. system, developmental delays, she's unable to walk, she doesn't speak, so it pretty much affects every one of her symptoms. >> reporter: her stomach doesn't have the ability to break down food so she has a tube inserted into her intestines that's how she eats every night as she gets a steady stream of formula while she sleeps. >> despite the scary, horrible things she lives with and endures as a human being and then to know that i can't get her formula, a very basic, basic thing that we should be able to get. >> reporter: ele care formula she relies on for her nutrition made by abbott, the company that shut down one of its main production facilities due to the possibility of a bacteria contamination. >> it has been probably one of the most stressful experiences i've ever gone through and we have -- we've been through it together since she was born. >> reporter: like many 11-year-olds, natalia loves her
5:15 am
brother, her dog, and, of course, justin timberlake, but it's her mother's love that keeps her going every day. >> she's worth every bit of it, right. she is amazing and wonderful and so strong. like the things that she's been through, no child should ever have to endure or live through and she's very special. >> reporter: keeley aguilar is spic forla leftover ith the they no longer need. if you h reachethh hestagram ge it is a quarter after 5:00. to the east bay now where the food bank of contra costa and solano counties held their annual fundraiser last night. leaders say that they are still seeing unprecedented need. this was the scene at the west wind solano drive-in movie theater in concord. the food bank says before covid, one in every nine people in contra costa and solano counties got some kind of supplemental food but now that number is one in six and inflation is to
5:16 am
blame. in april, prices of food at home were up more than 10% over the past year with bacon up almost 18% and eggs 22%. >> the most vulnerable in our communities are impacted even more. most of us don't have to choose, you know, whether to put food on the table or to buy gasoline. >> the food bank's goal was to raise enough money to provide 250,000 meals, one for each person they serve every month. time now to get another check on our weather and traffic at 5:16. >> we're going to start with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. i love we're getting the sunrises so early because it's a whole morning thing. i love it. >> it's about time we're seeing these beautiful shots. let's start off right now, this is just from the mark hopkins hotel cam. high clouds pushing through for us this morning, very weak setup cloud wise. we're dealing with gusty conditions out there. another live look just over a little bit of solano county from
5:17 am
the mt. diablo cam, it is gusty out there. we checked conditions near mt. diablo, 40 mile per hour wind gusts that area alone. let's take a look at the rest of the current wind speeds, just closer to travis air force base, fairfield, sustained winds at the surface level 23 miles per hour. we could see gusts 30 to 35 miles per hour at times. if you're curious why we're dealing with such strong winds, take a look at how strong this ridge is. it's a defined system with a trough backing it up actually, so that's the reason we're seeing the winds push in from the north. notice how it weakens as we head into the weekend. this is what we're expecting as we head into saturday. those winds will start lighting up today. we're under a wind advisory until around 2:00. take a look at this winds staying strong into the noon setup, near fairfield and concord around 25 miles per hour at the surface level, gusting up to 30 or 40 miles per hour at times. it starts dying down into the evening hours and once we wake up tomorrow morning we're left
5:18 am
with more calm conditions with winds shifting pushing from the south. so like i mentioned a wind advisory until around 2:00 this afternoon for all the highlighted areas and zones on this map. a red flag warning still in effect until 8:00 p.m. tonight for solano county in particular, due to dry relatively humidity staying around 5 to 15%. daytime highs in the santa clara area, mid to upper 70s. this is a lot cooler than what we were dealing with two days ago. wednesday was the warmest day this week. as we head into the east just in the tri-valley area, dealing with upper 70s, low 80s. as we extend into the bay area from sausalito north we're mostly seeing upper 60s, low 70s. for the weekend, things are looking beautiful. if you have any outdoor plans it is the time to extend into this weekend with all of those great opportunities. we're dealing with weak winds, sunny conditions, daytime highs above average, but beautiful nonetheless. that's also the case for us as we head north and even off into
5:19 am
our east bay. we will keep you updated in the weather center regarding our weekend setup. how are things looking out there. >> all right. friday light for the most part. happy the weekend is finally here. if you are going to work this day and you're getting out early, right now things are looking pretty good on the freeways. live look from mobile 5, brian kiley, moving along fine with no troubles along highway 4 through concord heading towards that 242 connecter. if you've got to get up early it's a good time to be on the roadways, not dealing with brake lights or issues. as far as accidents go, it is a little gusty out there. jessica is talking about the windy conditions, so let's show you a map right now. kind of just showing you conditions along 80 out of dixon, vacaville, fairfield, where we have wind advisories in effect this morning. just plan for that especially if you're traveling in a larger, more high-profile vehicle. also wind advisory issued by caltrans for the altamont pass and traffic is getting slow out of traci on to 580. friday light the rest of the way
5:20 am
towards the dublin interchange. a traffic alert a few minutes ago a crash, south 101 in san rafael. that's been completely cleared out of lanes. that ride now out of marin county is looking good. southbound 101 at the golden gate bridge, no troubles. everything is clear out of the north bay into the city. bay bridge starting to get a little bit more volume now, but overall, it's still moving at the limit under 10 minutes for your ride into san francisco. no metering lights yet. at the san mateo bridge, no major issues. taillightses into foster city. your travel time is about 12 minutes. a nice ride between 880 and 101. it is 5:20. the east bay shelter dog coming up on a big milestone. >> why staffers say it's not a cause for celebration. we're going to introduce you to mel, coming up next.
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. welcome back. happy friday. let's take a quick look at our lunch time forecast today. lots of sunshine in store for us as we head into the afternoon hours. 60s across the board from the coast into the bay. 70s in our inland areas. those winds are still staying strong for us, at least as we head into the afternoon hours. this is just by noon, and once we extend all the way into 2:00, we do warm up still a little bit above average, upper 70s off in the east inland bays. 80s near napa, 70s near san francisco. more on that coming up in your
5:24 am
full forecast. in the east bay shelter dog is coming up on a major milestone her care takers hope she does not reach. >> kpix 5 has more from tony la russa animal rescue foundation, known as arf in the east bay, where the countdown is on. >> reporter: this is mel, she's 7 years old and she is loved here at arf, but they don't want to celebrate her birthday. they're calling it the anti-birthday. june 11th will mark one year at the shelter. >> as great as arf is, no dog should be in a shelter for a year. >> reporter: and that's been the case for mel. >> she's special. she's a love bug. >> she is a staff and volunteer favorite. >> reporter: mel has captured the hearts of shelter workers at arf. >> laying on my lap every day. someone that loves a dog that will lean into you, that's what she wants to do. >> she kutsds les at night and plays with her stuffies. >> reporter: it's animal adoption day at arf, close to 365 days, mel has been passed
5:25 am
over. while volunteers have grown attached to her, their one wish is she finds a forever home. what makes her so special and you don't want to celebrate her birthday? >> well, she's just -- i've never met another dog like her. she's sweet and her eyes pull you? >> she is energetic and loves to play with her toys and wants to go out and walk. we're working on her social skills and expanding her network of dogs to dogs. she needs to go to a dog savvy family that will invest with her to ensure her success. >> reporter: so how much is that doggy in the window? well, her adoption fee is already been paid for by an anonymous donor. and arf will pay for all of mel's nonemergency medical expenses, which in itself adds up, for the rest of mel's doggy life. >> mel does need some meds, but we want to make sure she goes out with heart guard and flea and tick medicine and we have committed for the rest of her
5:26 am
life for nonurgent medical care here. >> reporter: her records are up to date, she's spayed my crow chipped and ready for a birthday celebration. just not here. >> we don't want to get to the june mark and have her still here. >> i'm going to miss her, but she definitely deserves an awesome home here at arf we take care of all the animals as if they were our own. >> it's matter of time that that one person is going to come, snuggle with her and she's going to steal their heart. >> reporter: in walnut creek, kpix 5. >> it is just a matter of time. off pitbull. >> my heart. oh, my goodness. >> likely part of the reason it's harder to adopt some of these breeds they call the bully breeds. >> don't bully my breed. >> totally with you. >> so sweet. i hope the man isn't watching at home because i might pick up mel on my way home. please adopt her. dogs shouldn't be in the shelter that long. i will say, from experience, stella just showed up my pitbull showed up at our house, we took
5:27 am
her in and she is such a good girl and so, you know, just because they're a pitbull doesn't mean they're dangerous. >> give them a chance. mel looks like she's going to be a great family member for some family. >> some lucky family. it is 5:27. coming up, a group of valley fair mall workers is fighting back. the new parking fee they are calling up fair and unaffordable. plus, why the plan to put speed cameras in bay area streets is
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cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now at 5:30, more help is on the way to caltrain. the aid package passed in the senate as yrussia attacks bear down in the east. a plan to add speed cameras has hit another roadblock. >> a parking fee fight. the group of mall workers standing up against paying more. >> we're going to introduce you to the new professional sports them into oakland helping to inspire the community. >> i'm alamenne makovec in for >> i'm amanda starrantino. you're beautiful, but that sunrise is so beautiful. >> i know. >> i give it full credit. this is probably my favorite part about the morning show.
5:31 am
i will say that until my last day ever. a live look at this, mark hawkins hotel camera, from the salesforce tower cam. a beautiful morning. we're waking up with a red flag warning in solano county. sorry to break that news to you. we are dealing with windy conditions. if you live in that area you're well aware, we're dealing with daytime highs still a little bit above average, but current conditions, mostly clear skies, upper 40s near santa rosa, low 50s near livermore and san francisco. as we extend into the afternoon we're dealing with a plethora of sunshine from the coast to the bay. in our inland areas, dealing with mid-80s in the forecast, the winds are on at least up in our east inland hills. next to fairfield we're dealing with sustained winds around 20 miles per hour, pushing off shore. that's dangerous for a multitude of reasons. we're dealing with dry, relative humidity. as we head into the afternoon it dries up more. we'll highlight that coming up in a little bit. for now, i want to take it over to you with how -- it doesn't look that bad.
5:32 am
fridays aren't that bad here, right. >> it is friday light. that's the good news. i'm going to pick up where you're leaving off talking about the winds, it is affecting the freeways along 880. wind advisories in effect on 80. traveling this morning, say through dixon, vacaville, fairfield, a little gusty there as jessica mentioned. be careful as you hit the roadways your might feel it if you're traveling in a large truck or vehicle. definitely feeling gusty in some spots through the altamont pass as well. these are different than what is issued by the weather center. this is actually from caltrans. feeling those gusty conditions there as well. 31 minutes, though, for the travel time. tracy over to 680. golden gate bridge looking beautiful this morning. definitely friday light here no delays and the bay bridge not a bad ride. still under ten minutes from the east east bay to the city. live look at capitol hill where lawmakers have approved a plan to provide another $40 billion worth of assistance
5:33 am
cal ukraine. bipartisan support on the issue. the package includes military, economic and food aid. at the white house president biden welcomed leaders from finland and s■weden,which are applying to join nato to stand against russian aggression. >> having two new nato members in the high north, will enhance the security of our alliance and deepen our security cooperation across the board. >> and the battle rages on in eastern ukraine. three buildings destroyed by russian shelling. russian state tv shows ukrainian troops who surrendered receiving medical care, but russian authorities are threatening to investigate others for war crimes. within the past few hours, president biden touched down in south korea and then visited a samsung facility near seoul. mr. biden wants to use his asia trip to strengthen alliances,
5:34 am
launch a trade framework and improve the availability of computer chips. a semiconductor has led to a shortage of cars, appliances and other goods in the u.s. emotions running high in court as the suspect accused of killing 10 people in a supermarket in buffalo, new york, faced a judge. a spectator -- >> you're a coward. >> you can hear them shouting at the suspect as he briefly appeared in handcuffs in that orange jumpsuit for a preliminary hearing. this was a felony hearing. he's already pleaded not guilty to a murder charge for saturday's attack. the fbi looking into possible hate crime and terrorism charges. they believe the 18-year-old kept a personal diary of his plan on the social media platform discord and kept those posts private until 30 minutes before the attack. live look at the state capitol where a bill that would have put speed cameras on bay area streets has hit another roadblock.
5:35 am
the bill killed in the assembly would have allowed pilot speed camera programs in six california cities, including san francisco, oakland, and san jose. this is the third time san francisco assemblyman phil ting has tried to get it passed. >> if we can get cars to drive slower and be cognizant of pedestrians we know fatalities will go down. it's common sense. we know what solutions are. it's frustrating when those can't be implemented. >> just this week, the governor's highway safety association estimated that u.s. pedestrian deaths have just hit a 40-year high. spiking by 20%. a group of workers at valley fair mall fighting back against a new parking fee. it was first introduced in february. all workers are expected to pay $40 a month for a parking pass and that works out to $500 a year.
5:36 am
with most workers making at or around minimum wage they say it's unaffordble. >> what could you do with $500? >> i can do a lot. i can pay for a portion of my education at san jose state. >> in response valley fair management announce they support their employees' right to protest but remain dug in on their parking plan and may see themselves losing good employees over that with inflation. >> that's a whole mess. it makes it tough. it is 36 minutes after 5:00. coming up, growing diversity in children's programming. >> the new series earning praise from many filipino american families this morning. and coming up, we'll take a look at a sport you may not often think about. how they're l
5:37 am
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wow! no braces... everything's hands-free. i wasn't so lucky... invis is not your parents' braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign couple sport teams that have left oakland. >> one that might. >> what about the teams coming to oakland? this morning, jocelyn is talking about a sport that not a lot of us might think about. >> we're talking ultimate frisbee and talking also about the open spiders. they're a professional team in the american ultimate disk league. this is their first season as the oakland spiders. they got goals. they want to win. they're also hoping to inspire
5:40 am
the oakland community. >> reporter: that's jackson stearnsing, he's a player and general manager for the oakland spieders. >> i would say it's a hybrid of predominantly soccer and american football. it's played 7 on 7 on an american football field. the goal of the game is to score more points than the other team by catching the disk in an end zone. >> reporter: you maybe haven't heard of them yet, but they're the new team in town. they were founded as the san jose spiders in 2014, but after no longer having a venue, jackson says the city of oakland welcomed them. >> just kind of made sense to relocate permanently to oakland as the oakland spiders, and bring ultimate disk to oakland permanently hopefully. >> reporter: it's a sport that requires a high level of athleticism. there's running, sprints, the jumps and throws. >> you're doing a track out on monday night, practice on a wednesday night, in the gym tuesday, thursday, more practices saturday, sunday. >> reporter: jackson says they play against teams throughout the west coast. the players are dedicated. the sport was how accessible
5:41 am
it was. like other sports you don't need much equipment, and he hopes kids will go to a game and be a drawn to the sport too. >> as more and more universities start to recognize it as a serious sport they will start to award some scholarships. >> that's the ultimate hope here. their season just started. their their second game is sunday at oakland tech. if you want to go support, you can. jackson says they hope that kids will come and realize this is something they may want to try again, not a lot of resources, you need the disk, not a lot of equipment like other sports and it is harder than it looks. >> i wouldn't be able to -- >> it looks hard. i have a hard time throwing it for my dog. >> yeah. it's all in the wrist and the jumping. >> a lot of jumping. i wonder if it's a lot of looked like maybe football players could try it out, soccer players. a mix of a bunch of different athleticism there. >> yeah. >> not for me. >> yeah.
5:42 am
>> i am in -- >> it looks neat. >> my dog would do great. >> right. >> sandy can join the team. 5:41. let's get a check on our weather. here's meteorologist jessica burch. do you think you would be able to play? >> say that again. >> for ultimate frisbee, think you could do it? >> i don't know. i don't think so. i think i'm going to stick to this. a live look from the mark hopkins hotel cam. a beautiful morning. we are close to the weekend. a couple more hours until a lot of us get to enjoy it. sunrise at 5:a 55 this morning. another live look from the mt. diablo cam it is shaking a little bit. it's a gusty day for us in solano county where we are still under a red flag warning until 8:00 p.m. tonight and to add to that a wind advisory which we'll talk about in a second. sustained winds at the surface level around 23 miles per hour around fairfield and extend into the afternoon hours those winds will stay strong and even into the evening we're dealing with
5:43 am
really, really dry relative humidity. here's the big reason why. this huge, huge ridge is continuing to develop for the next couple hours. winds pushing in from the north as that trough backs it up. once we head into the weekend, it starts to really die down thanks to that trough beginning to weaken. so as we take a look at wind gusts extending into the afternoon hours, let's start off at 8:30 a.m. this morning, strong offshore winds near fairfield and concord, around 25 miles per hour at 1:00. as we extend into the evening and late overnight hours it does start dying down. this is a quick windstorm we're dealing with today alone. that's the reason why that wind advisory expires actually at 2:00 p.m. so this is impacting the north bay mountains, solano county and the santa clara hills. we're seeing gusts up to 50 miles per hour at times and to add to that, of course, the national weather service has issued a red flag warning for solano county, also due to how low relative humidity is getting. daytime highs we're still dealing with upper 70s in the
5:44 am
forecast for santa clara vallejo valley. nothing too extreme and nothing like we dealt with on wednesday. we're seeing mid-80s near pittsburg as well as fairfield. as we head into the heart of the bay, beautiful conditions for us today. 80s in the forecast just near kentfield as well as novato and even upper 70s just in the san francisco area. low 70s actually. upper 70s near lake port. what we can expect for the next seven days. sunny setup as we extend into this weekend. we are still dealing with partly cloudy skies next week. no rain in sight. as we extend into the north bay, 80s across the board, getting close to the 90s as early as next tuesday. it's a beautiful weekend. how are things looking throughout? >> the weekend has arrived. happy friday. taking a look at the roadways right now, not a bad ride at all. you would be hard pressed to find brake lights or delays. mobile 5 is out and about, good morning to our photo journalist brian who is giving us a look at the roadways this morning.
5:45 am
242 at the 680 connecter in concord. so far so good. in fact, we saw him drive down highway 4, no major issues or delays. we've got that extra volume as tha that morning commute gets busier. great news there. also pretty good news if you're making your way to our bay area bridges. things are pretty quiet. what you need to look out for and jessica was talking about that this morning from the weather center is those windy conditions and there are wind advisories issued for parts of 80, dixon, vacaville, fairfield. be careful as you travel through there. wind advisory in effect for the altamont pass as well. you might feel the gusty conditions as you work in that area. this is an area where we see more volume as commuters make the ride out of tracy towards the dublin interchange. the south bay if you are planning on taking 101 at blossom hill road, reports of a trouble spot with the left lane blocked. not seeing a big backup behind it. i will keep an eye on that in case that changes. that commute out of san jose,
5:46 am
not a bad one at all. you will see some brake lights at the 280/680 connecter. those tend to build like clockwork. nothing unusual here. it will dissipate as the morning progresses. live look at the beautiful golden gate bridge looking good this morning with no delays headinto san francisco. asians represent 7% of america's population, but only 1% of characters in children's tv shows according to common sense media. it is changing. >> the new faces that we are seeing on kids' shows and the new series getting a thumb's up from filipino american families. >> this is me. >> oh. >> this is nadia. >> oh. >> reporter: when they read together, eileen ryan often chooses books that celebrate her two daughters' filipino or latino heritage. >> i think it's so important because i want them to see that they are represented. >> reporter: now 3-year-old natalie and 5-year-old nadia can see kids who look like them in a
5:47 am
new children's program. >> yes. >> reporter: jelly ben and pogo debuted on pbs kids. the animated series features a filipino american family, jelly, her brother ben and a sea monster pogo. >> it started in october. >> reporter: created the series. >> cbs kids was specifically asking for diversity. >> i told a new teacher my name is bun instead of ben. >> reporter: jahisa voices the character of ben. >> ben is like my little brother and i was like jelly. dad character is like a spitting image of my father. >> sorry. >> reporter: some of the stories draw from her own childhood and include filipino food, culture and living in an intergenerational household with a grandmother. >> i hope that filipino american kids will feel seen and not only feel like who they are and their heritage is normal but can be
5:48 am
excited about it and share it. >> reporter: online filipino americans are sharing their excitement in being portrayed in other recent productions. box office hit "spiderman," lola speaks. and in the cartoon network "craig of the creek" lola speaks a dialect less commonly heard in the media. >> all of our content is educational. >> reporter: it's part of a growing trend towards greater diversity overall. mia is supervising producer of a new pbs animated series about a puerto rican girl and her family in the bronx. >> only now i think is the animation field understanding that this sort of representation is absolutely crucial and essential for children to see. >> reporter: alma's way created by sesame street actress sonia, is not a show about culture but kids get exposed to culture as it teaches all children to think and solve problems.
5:49 am
>> alma just by virtue of being who she is, is a role nomodel t all children. >> me. >> i love that. >> reporter: and that means eileen's daughters may gain what she did not, the validation, pride, and self-confidence that can come with viewing a more authentic representation of real life people on screen. sharon chin, kpix 5. new exhibit now open in san francisco. >> how you can dive into the work of an iconic artist in a new and unique way. >> and coming up on the drew barrymore show, seth meyers
5:50 am
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look from the salesforce tower cam. it is a beautiful morning for us as we head into the weekend. daytime highs are still a little bit above average, but a lot cooler than what we were dealing with yesterday or even wednesday for that matter actually. as we take a live look at current temperatures from concord into oakland we're in the mid-50s right now. daytime highs expected to get into the 70s, even 80s in certain areas. as take a look at our weather headlines as we extend into the afternoon dealing with fire weather conditions up in solano county and even in our inland east bay areas due to strong winds as well as warm temperatures. that's the case as we head into
5:53 am
the weekend and we'll have more on that coming up. i'm going to send it back to you guys. >> if you need something to do this weekend, how about this. >> happening now in san francisco, you can experience the work of artist frito in a new and unique way. gianna franco has more details on this. you were able to get up close and personal with this display and the family of frieda herself. >> i know. it was a very cool experience. you may have heard of immersive van gogh, now you get to immerse yourself in the life and love of frieda through her art. >> reporter: checking out art these days is more than just seeing a picture hanging on a wall in a museum or gallery. it's a 360-degree experience. the latest in san francisco featuring artist frieda callo allowing us to -- >> we immerse ourselves in her world in a completely different way, one that's larger than life. ♪
5:54 am
>> this particular exhibit about frieda is different from anything else that you're going to see because it's not just based on her artwork, but it's really taking us on a journey to see the world through frieda's eyes. >> reporter: and through the eyes of her family who were a big part of this project. >> we are trying to protect her name, her image, everything she did, and we want to have this kind of project. >> just walking in was breathtaking. i can't imagine being a relative or -- >> yeah. >> having that personal story and attachment what that would have felt like. i have goose bumps thinking of you. >> thank you very much. >> and you know, frieda was very connected to san francisco, and she married here in 1940 for the second time. she loves san francisco. >> how fortunate we are to be
5:55 am
able to connect with the family and get their feedback, get their ideas about what we understand correctly and give us advice. >> what is it like to kind of see it's so big and grand? >> i think that this is a new way to see art. >> she is an absolute inspiration of the phenomenal woman's spirit, unbreakable spirit. >> i think that seeing frieda so big, it's a feeling that i think everybody had it. of course we are her family, but we tried to make you feelike you have your own frieda.
5:56 am
everybody has her own frieda. >> i love that. everybody has their own frieda. the exhibit ends may 30th. for more information and tickets head to what an experience to see that come to life like that and to speak with her family which is very unique. >> oh, yeah. that was an amazing opportunity. i have a total girl crush on frieda. i watched the movie about her that they made. she's just amazing. >> she is amazing. if you don't know a lot about her it's a great way to start getting into it and learning. >> all right. >> very cool. thank you for that story. coming up in our next half hour, an alameda county building catches fire overnight. one person is in the hospital. what fire crews are telling us from the scene. >> they're active, aggressive, and they clone themselves. where these jumping worms have been spotted in the bay area next in our "morning mix." >> yikes. >> yeah. >> from movies to wine, to food, no shortage of things to do in the bay area this weekend. we're breaking it all down in
5:57 am
l liam's list.
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unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, a late night police shooting in san francisco ends with two people dead. the new details just coming in this morning. a beloved father, restaurant owner and leader in his community shot dead. >> i don't know right now. still in shock. i'm not believing it right now. >> this morning, the sheer disbelief and grief as loved ones cope with this unimaginable loss. all eyes on court tonight. will the warriors shut out the mavs. what one star player says brings the team motivation. friday, may 20th. i'm anne makovec in


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