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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 20, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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like this one, including recent shootings and robberies. some residents are now accusing city leaders of not doing enough to help. executive's da lin is at lake merritt with more on the bad behavior that some say is getting way out of hand. >> reporter: it's nice and peaceful at the lake this afternoon. but neighbors say on some weekends, large gatherings get out of control and lead to a lot of noise and even shootings. this is probably what neighbors are complaining about. cars blocking lakeshore avenue, atvs doing donuts on the grass, and dirt bikes driving in the wrong direction. this happened on sunday. and as the weather gets warmer, neighbors worry they'll see more wild parties in front of their homes. >> i've thought about moving, but, you know, i'm not in an economic position right now to do that. >> reporter: leanne alameda is not alone. many lakeshore avenue neighbors have already moved out in recent
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months. >> the last three years were extremely hard. it impacted my health. i was depressed. i was stressed. >> reporter: leanne has lived near the lake for 24 years and says things have never been this bad. just in the last seven months, five murders around the lake. that's on top of other shootings and robberies in the neighborhood. and last year, a shooting during a juneteenth celebration killed one man and injured multiple people. >> i am so fed up. i'm so fed up by the politics of the city and the lack of accountability. >> reporter: she and many neighbors recently wrote to the mayor and their councilwoman, pleading for a comprehensive plan to enforce and stop this kind of bad behavior. >> i have received no response. >> this is our crown jewel. but now it is literally the backdrop to levels of crime that we have not seen before. >> reporter: and neighbors say when they complain, people call them racist. >> it is not racist to be able to want to live in your
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neighborhood safely. >> i can't do it anymore. i want to age in place here. it does not feel healthy. it does not feel safe. >> reporter: leanne says they feel helpless. and until the city does something, they don't feel safe leaving the house. >> with the situation in the environment that is happening now at the lake, we can't. we can't use it. >> reporter: not a whole lot from the city toot. councilwoman did respond back saying the city needs a lot more resources to address the root causes of gun violence. and a couple of weeks ago, the city said they would suspend overnight parking in one part of the lake and add brighter lighting to deter crime. at lake merritt, i'm da lin, kpix 5. on the fire watch, windy weather helped drive this brushfire in concord. chopper 5 over those flames off willow pass road and highway 4. this broke out after noon. it grew to about 20 acres. kind of a close call for these businesses too. you see how close the fire got to those buildings. thank goodness for that road.
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we spotted workers taking matters into his own hands. he grabbed a hose to fight the flames. firefighters managed to keep the flames from spreading. as you can imagine, look at the time laps. a lot of smoke in the air. crews are out there monitoring any hot spots. on the first alert weather now. brian hackney is in for paul this evening. brian, parts of the bay area still under a red flag warning? >> that's way up in the north and the east parts of the bay area, there are red flag warnings. the wind watches have expired because the winds are easing up. that's good news. temperatures came down today. so that's good news. but it is going to continue warm into the weekend ahead, as you'll see in a minute. but first, the wind gusts are a problem with mount saint helena. in the past 24 hours, it's windy atop mount diablo. to interest rest of the bay area, winds are easing up. we're only in the 15 to 30-miles per hour. windier along the shoreline. but in the futurecast, this is tomorrow morning, you see in some places we're into the single digits. and it's a sea breeze. so that's a nice moist
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direction, really. so for the weekend, must remain ever vigilant. but nevertheless, things are looking good in terms of temperatures. they're coming down. humidities are slightly going up. but that's going change, and the winds are easing up as well. we'll have more in the forecast in a few minutes. first, let's get back to liz. >> thank you. new at 6:00, one mom desperate to feed her daughter amid a nationwide formula shortage has experienced the best and the worst of human nature. kpix 5's julia goodrich on her warning to other parents. >> you were scammed trying to get formula to keep your daughter alive, right? >> yes. >> reporter: when we first introduce you'd to keely aguilar and her 11-year-old daughter natalia, born with a very rare disease, it was about the struggle to find baby formula to nourish natalia. formula that's in high demand, hard to find now and very expensive. >> it has been probably one of the most stressful experiences i've ever gone through.
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>> reporter: natalia's stomach doesn't have the ability to break down food. so she has a tube inserted at night to give a steady stream of formula while she sleeps. >> this is a major, major life-threatening issue for her. >> reporter: and here is where the scammer comes in. they know they're at a new parents' mercy, and parents like keely. look at this. here under lock and key, only five per customer allowed. it's almost like we're going through the whole toilet paper issue all over again. and look at this. $23.99, just for one can. so when a seemingly generous donor sent keely a message online offering to give her formula at a fraction of the cost, she was grateful and relieved. >> i thought okay, that sounds great. i am happy to pay this reduced amount for this formula and the shipping is what we had agreed to. >> so she sent $250 for cases of formula that would have cost her thousands of dollars at the current store price. >> so i sent the money, and then
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their facebook page was gone. so it was pretty upsetting. >> reporter: there are scammers out there. and they are preying on this type of opportunity. >> it's infuriating. it's upsetting. it's shocking to me because i can't believe that people would prey on innocent children and people who are desperately trying to feed their children. >> reporter: so what now? fortunately, other generous viewers who saw our story, running out of her only food source -- >> have helped out. it's wonderful to have that. people love natalia and people love us as a family. so i'm very thankful for all of the people who have come to us and are trying to help in any way they can. >> reporter: so it's nice to end this story on a positive note. but also, with a warning to be aware. julia goodrich, kpix 5. antioch mayor lamar thorpe will face charges following his
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arrest for driving under the influence last month. contra costa d.a.'s charged mayor thorpe with two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence. the day after his arrest, mayor thorpe took to twitter to acknowledge the incident, saying today he is apologizing. in a statement, the mayor says, quote, i am deeply sorry for this lapse in judgment, and i hope that the residents of antioch can forgive me. being your mayor is one of the greatest honors of my life, and i am sorry if i have embarrass you'd in any way. still ahead on kpix 5, cbs news bay area, why a bay area high school is scrambling to find drivers and buses to go to prom. their desperate call to save tomorrow's big dance. plus, how the community is honoring an 89-year-old woman who died after a brutal attack at a bay area park. and you may have seen this work in san francisco. this evening we'll meet the artist behind these public displays in chinatown.
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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well, public schools in berkeley are bringing back the mask rules. the city's health officer says berkeley unified is seeing a significant increase in cases among students and staff. so beginning monday, everyone at
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school are going to be required to wear a mask indoors. this includes classes as well as the graduation ceremonies. the mandate will continue for the remainder of the academic year. >> this seems to be a trend a bit different than previous surges in that we're seeing five, six cases in classrooms throughout our school district right now. and this is in combination with just a generally increased transmission rate in our community. >> meanwhile, california's test positivity rate jumped again. the seven-day rate is now 6%, up nearly 2% from last week. and officials say the bay area remains the state's covid hot spot. novato high school is on an urgent search for bus drivers to take students to prom. the school found out today one day before the big event their bus company bailed on them. students are now scrambling to find a last-minute solution. >> we definitely discussed on trying to see if we could do
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public transportation. i just don't see how that would work out, personally. >> we're trying to inform families, hey, let us keep working on it. but also have some contingency plans for some of the students who might not be able to ride on the bus. >> the school has managed to find two of the seven drivers needed. we're being told the bus company did not have enough drivers certified to driver minors. in san francisco a park will be renamed to honor a local community advocate. in 2019, yi coy hong was brutally attacked while doing her daily exercises. this was at visitacion valley playground. the 89-year-old died a year later from her injuries. hong, known to many locals as grandma hong, served as rather ambassador for the visitacion valley friendship club, which offers senior services to the chinese immigrant community. last night san francisco's rec and park commission voted to change the name of visitacion
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valley playground to peace and friendship park. >> as we celebrate asian american month. >> kpix 5 introduces us to the face behind the brush. a chinatown community leader who shared his talent for decades. >> reporter: from his workshop in san francisco's chinatown, terry lu creates beautiful brush and ink calligraphy. community leaders say he is the go-to artist for public displays. >> would like to write a good choreography and make people happy that like his writing. >> reporter: he has written the chinese characters that grace the new chinatown rose pak subway station. for the last 30 years, he has given away samples of his calligraphy for free at several event each year, like the moon
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festival and chinese festival each year. >> people like his work. so he enjoying, you know. so it's helping other people. he like to help other people. >> reporter: luk developed a passion for traditional chinese calligraphy at age 6. he took lessons in guangzhou, china. he came to the u.s. in 1974 as a young man and took over his father's chinatown business, the pacific printing company. and he's been teaching calligraphy to young people for free, american-born students say the lessons have connected her to her heritage. >> even though try to immerse myself in the chinese culture, i don't know a lot of things. so i feel like calligraphy is one way for me to kind of immerse myself in the chinese culture. >> reporter: here luk is writing about the year of the tiger. but most of his works were called chinese poems or savings to live by. a few simple characters carry deep meaning. this scroll advices people not
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to waste time, but to think carefully and plan ahead. he has presented his calligraphy to house speaker nancy pelosi when she visited his print shop before the pandemic. luk's message to her, unite together to conquer difficulties for a brighter future. his favorite writings, though, motive students. >> young people, study your heart to try their best in life and don't give up. >> reporter: and with each graceful brush stroke, he keeps alive an ancient chinese art form with words that inspire the next generation. in san francisco, sharon chin, kpix 5. >> it really is breath taking. and he makes it look so effortless. i don't think he ever makes a mistake. >> well, his work is certainly beautiful. but that gesture of giving it away for free, that's beautiful too. good stuff. >> no question. well, we are lucky to live here in the bay area in that we do have nice weather.
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but it's getting better, but we could do without the winds. >> what you like improved, liz? >> well, if you ask me, as a matter of fact. i like that. i wish we had a little bit more rain in the coffers. >> well, if we're not going to get it, might as well enjoy it. and we're not going to get it. so enjoy it. which is our advice to you as well. this weekend is going to be a nice one. temperatures are going to warm up little bit. and then the winds are going to come down. not bad. one thing that will not come down, however, is rain. as we head outside and have a look at sutro tower. operating since about 1974. and a reminder. you can always hang a coat hanger on the back of your tv and get this for free. don't forget we come over the air. as we look towards the bay bridge and clear skies around the bay area, as we look from treasure island towards the city, still a little windy, burnell the winds will abate overnight. the mid-60s at the coast to 81 at concord. the temperatures have come down in most locations. 24 hours ago, they were 3 degrees warmer at fairfield.
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nothing dramatic. and we will warm it up. it will be a windy, dry and warm weekend as the numbers begin to recover. winds speeds do abate right now. they're mostly in the 10 to 20 miles an hour range for much of the bay area. windier at the coast. it's a pretty good sea breeze, and that will cool things down inland. here is what is happening. high pressure that was offshore was fairly close to this low pressure that is now being booted to the east. and as that happens, the gradient between the high and the low relax, and the winds will come down. still have them tomorrow afternoon, but tonight not so bad. the weekend looks pretty good. high will build in. get closer to the shoreline. so that by monday at 6:00, we'll warm it up. in fact, we'll warm it up 3 to 5 degrees a day for the inland areas until we're in the 90 degree range by monday in some place. but for much of the rest of the inland bay area and the north bay we'll be in the 90s by tuesday and wednesday of next week. so those will be the warmest two days of next week. in terms of sky conditions, they look pretty good. there is just a few puffs of low cloudiness over the santa cruz
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mountains. san francisco is clear. east bay is clear. and on and on. there are red flag warnings that are still posted for parts of solano county up top. but those warnings are going to expire at 8:00 tonight. we're looking at clear skies and the humidities coming up a little bit. winds will ease overnight. just patchy clouds. the rest of the weekend looks pretty good. sunny and warmer for the weekend. going to be a beautiful weekend in the bay area. and warms through tuesday when inland reaches 90 degrees. overnight tonight, we'll find lows in the 50s. and daytime highs tomorrow. a little bit warmer than they were today. we'll get up to 87 in fairfield and concord. livermore is at 84 after 80 degrees today. san francisco 69. and up in santa rosa, be warm in santa rosa, 87 tomorrow. 78 at mount view. coastline remains cool. so temperatures, something for everybody. 60s along the coast near san francisco to the low 80s and san jose tomorrow, warmest day in the next seven are going to be on tuesday and wednesday in the
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upcoming weekend inland. but in general, it will be a nice week. it will be a warm week. and liz, ble a dry week. >> at least right be lovely. we've got the cbs evening news coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. >> good evening, liz and allen. coming up after kpix 5 at 6:00, secret service scandal. why two officers were sent home right after president biden landed in south korea. that and more headlines tonight on the cbs evening news. the sportscast live from location at chase center. game two going on just feet away from me. but when we return, let's talk some pga championship. a little golf didn't hurt anyone on this day. it's next. and coming up on our streaming service, which is cbs news bay area, we will hear from uc berkeley school of business about the recent roller coaster on wall street, as well as the cryptocurrency crash.
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you can watch our stream whenever and wherever. you can find us on pluto 1021 and any platform using the free cbs news app.
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the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. live from the chase center, it's game two between the dallas mavericks and the golden state warriors, going on just a few feet to my left. that's where the mavericks lead things early 23-10 over the warriors. but there was some golf today in a pretty big tourism, i'd say. the pga championship, where tiger woods is looking to make the cut, and will zalatoris is atop the leaderboard. let's head to the highlights, show you how it all went down,
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tulsa, oklahoma where the wind was whipping early in the second round. tiger woods started the day at the projected cut line of 4 over. his approach shot ends up a few feet from the pin. his first birdie of the day. 3 under. will zalatoris, tee shot on 11, sets him up for the easy birdie putt to take the lead. how about zalatoris, 5 under 65. leads by one going into the weekend. back to tiger. crowds had their phones out on 13, and they captured a birdie putt to move woods back to 4 over. he'd shoot a 1 under 69. he makes the cut by one shot. >> i had to grind and go to work, and i did. and made it. and hopefully this weekend i can get a hot weekend with some tough conditions. and you never know. there is a mission. the mission is to go ahead and win this thing somehow. and i know sometimes it doesn't exactly feel well. but hey, that's just the way it is. that's life. that's sports. >> and after the golf wraps up,
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we will have the par 5 post round show after cbs' coverage on saturday and sunday with myself, kpix golf analyst and vern glenn on the road with the warriors in dallas. to baseball. the giants will be playing the padres just down the street at oracle in less than an hour. and they'll be without lamont jr. placed on the injured list with knee inflammation. wade also missed the first 25 games of the year with a knee injury. this off-season, it was a recruiting battle with nil between alabama and texas a&m. the aggies have the number-one ranked recruiting class in the country, which nick saban says wasn't fair. >> we were second in recruiting last year. a&m was first. a&m bought every player on their team. we didn't buy one player. >> aggies head coach jimbo fisher did not take kindly to those comments at all.
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he fired back at saban. >> it's despicable that a r reputable head coach would say this when things don't go his way. the narcissist in his doesn't allow those things to happen. and it's ridiculous. we build him up to be the czar of football. go dig into his past for anybody who has ever coached with him. find out whatever you want to find out, what he does and how he does it. and it's despicable. the nil has turned college sports into the wild, wild west. i don't know how long this is going to last and what changes need to be made. before they had a plan, they hopped into this nil thing. and now we're seeing the negative effects from nil. >> yeah. those two schools, they're going to meet each other. they're going to play, right? >> yeah. they will play this year. so we'll see. >> hopefully they'll shake hands on the field. >> oh, i don't know. >> we'll see. let's hope for that. >> all right, charlie, thanks.
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up next, a sweet makeover for a bay area tourist
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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san francisco's ghirardelli chocolate store is back open after a makeover. >> a big ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the occasion. renovated store, 5900-square-foot lot comes with an in-house chocolate maker station. >> oh, yeah. and on hand toe help celebrate was mayor london breed. >> we're bringing out the delights of ghirardelli. you'll be able to taste our hand-made hot fudge which we make daily in store. it's the only place now in ghirardelli where you can get a fresh chocolate bar made now in store. >> what, fudge? and the company celebrating that 170 years. the first 170 guests, free sundaes. >> those are so good. have you ever had their brownie sundae? >> oh, yeah. my son loves that. >> it is so good.
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>> hmm, i don't know. >> the brownies, it's a little raw and gooey. oh, it's fantastic. getting so hungry ♪ ♪ ♪
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, just as the summer travel season is about to start, the new pain at the pump, with the record prices and the shocking prediction about how much a gallon of gas could cost you come this august. the skyrocketing price as gas hits $4.59 a gallon. tonight, the strain on your wallet. and, the wild ride on wall street, as the fears of a recession grow. scorching heat hits the east coast. new york city, philadelphia, boston-- we'll tell you where the hot temperatures are expected to break records. plus, a tornado tears through a michigan town. baby formula hospitalizations. the news tonight about children going to the hospital because they can't get the formula they need.


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