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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  May 20, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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right now at 7:00 -- >> a new brush fire sending up smoke over the san jose skyline. a red flag warning and what we learned minutes ago. three things, windy, dry, and warm. but there's good news. and we got it in the forecast, which is just ahead. it's known as the crown jewel of oakland, but wild stunts and violence leaving neighbors feeling fed up and helpless. >> it is the back drop to shootings and people driving so incredibly irresponsibly. >> it does not feel safe. [ horn blaring ] the multimillion-dollar solution to help one south bay
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neighborhood sleep a little easier. later, who a i a prominent bay area religious leader is barring house speaker nancy pelosi from receiving communion. >> we are following developing news. a wind-driven brush fire is sending up smoke over the san jose skyline right now near commodore park in the bear essa area. we heard firefighters were called in additional resources because the flames may have spread to a creek bed. we continue to kpooingt for you. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. hot, dry conditions made it a busy day for firefighters across the bay area. chopper 5 was overhead when a 30-acre grass fire came close to an office park near highway 4 in oh we willow pass in concord. it's now fully contained. in danville chopper 5 caught crews mopping up a fire that came close to homes on stenson
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drive. as we take a live look from our salesforce tower cam. >> here's the first alert forecast. good news on the way. >> there is good news. winds are a problem and fires, of course, the brush fire in san jose, the smoke was going that way. which means there's pretty good winds there. temperatures will come down and the red flags are being lifted at 8:00 tonight. so all of that is generally good news. the numbers now have fallen just in the past hour by about five to ten degrees. so things are cooling down. the winds will abate. temperatures show today was cooler. winds are still up a bit. in san jose the winds are 10 miles per hour. warming up into the weekend but the widens winds dying down. we'll have it ahead in the forecast. first, back to the news. [ engine revving ]
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lake merritt is called the crown jewel of oakland, but a rash of side shows and shootings are leaving some neighbors feeling helpless and in danger. >> city leaders aren't doing enough to keep them safe. >> this is when neighbors are complaining, cars blocking lakeshore avenue, atvs doing doughnuts on the grass, and dirt bikes driving in the wrong direction. this happened on sunday. and as the weather gets warmer, neighbors worry they'll see more wild parties in front of their homes. >> i've thought about moving, but, you know, i'm not in an economic position right now to do that. >> reporter: leanne alameda is not alone. many lakeshore avenue neighbors have already moved out in recent months. >> the last three years were extremely hard. it impacted my health. i was depressed. i was stressed. >> reporter: leanne has lived near the lake for 24 years and says things have never been this bad.
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just in the last seven months, five murders around the lake. that's on top of other shootings and robberies in the neighborhood. and last year, a shooting during a juneteenth celebration killed one man and injured multiple people. >> i am so fed up. i'm so fed up by the politics of the city and the lack of accountability. >> reporter: she and many neighbors recently wrote to the mayor and their councilwoman, pleading for a comprehensive plan to enforce and stop this kind of bad behavior. >> i have received no response. >> this is our crown jewel. but now it is literally the backdrop to levels of crime that we have not seen before. >> reporter: and neighbors say when they complain, people call them racist. >> it is not racist to be able to want to live in your neighborhood safely. >> i can't do it anymore. i want to age in place here. it does not feel healthy. it does not feel safe. >> reporter: leanne says they feel helpless. and until the city does something, they don't feel safe
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leaving the house. >> with the situation in the environment that is happening now at the lake, we can't. we can't use it. >> reporter: not a whole lot from the city today. councilwoman did respond back saying the city needs a lot more resources to address the root causes of gun violence. and a couple of weeks ago, the city said they would suspend overnight parking in one part of the lake and add brighter lighting to deter crime. at lake merritt, i'm da lin, kpix 5. now to the coronavirus. students at berkeley public schools will soon have to mask up indoors. the city's health officer says berkeley unified is seeing a significant increase in cases among students and staff. so starting on monday, everyone at school is required to wear a mask indoors. this includes classes and graduation ceremonies. the mandate will continue for the remainder of the academic year. >> yeah, we do know from advice we're getting from public health that covid is prevalent in our
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communitity. we're assuming the transmission is taking place across our community and that's likely true in our schools as well. >> the bay area remains the state's covid hot spot while the state's test positivity rate jumps again. the seven-day rate is now at 6%, up 2% from last week. [ horn player ] loud train horn blasts at a north san jose neighborhood during the wee hours are now a thing of the past. today city leaders celebrated its new partial quiet zones that ban train horns from blaring between 10:00 at night and 7:00 in the morning along the the union pacific railroad crossings in the warm springs corridor that runs through san jose's japantown along 7th, taylor, jackson, and heading streets. the quiet zone project cost more than $12 million, but residents say it's totally worth it because after three long years, they can finally get a good night's sleep.
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>> we definitely get better sleep. >> it gets particularly important as we see a lot more housing coming into this area, right? >> horn blasts at crossings are required under federal safety guidelines but the city went through changes approved by congress and local leaders. antioch mayor thorp is facing two misdemeanor charges with driving under the influence. the county is expected to issue a notice to appear in court. mayor thorp issued this response to kpix 5. quote, i'm deeply sorry for this lapse in judgment and i hope that the residents of antioch can forgive me. being your mayor is one of the greatest honors of my life and i am sorry if i have embarrassed you in any way. meantime, the pain at the
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pump is getting worse. the cost of gas broke another record today in california. according to aaa a but often regular gas costs $6.06 on average. statewide. it's worse in the bay area. in san francisco averaging $6.29. the average across the as you say a lot lerks sitting at $4.59. one san francisco park being renamed to honor a local community advocate. in 2019, he was brutally attacked while doing her daily exercises at a playground. the 89-year-old died a year later from her injuries. more than 17 years unknown to many locals as grandma wong served as an ambassador for the visitation valley. friendship club, which offers senior services to the chinese immigrant community. last night san francisco's rec and park commission voted to change the name of the visitation valley playground to yek oi hang peace and friendship
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park. streaming on cbs news bay area. >> house speaker nancy pelosi shut out. can what she's no longer allowed to do in san francisco. a warning tonight from a bay area woman scammed in the middle of a baby formula shortage. and this moment was long overdue. how the oakland zoo pulled of a snow day for some very happy bears. later, proud new parents high above the richmond waterfront. the
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and d in virgininia, arizon, and other r states, fafanduel and d draftkings use e loopholes s to pay fr lessss than was s promised. sosound famililiar? it should.d. it's a another badad scheheme for calalifornia. tonight san francisco's warp archbishop is barring nancy pelosi from receiving communion because of her stance on abortion rights. he tweeted after numerous attempts to speak with speaker pelosi to help her understand the great evil she's perpetuating, the scandal she is causing and the danger to her own soul she is risking, i have determined that she is not to be
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admitted to holy communion. the archbishop previously sent a letter to pelosi warning her this could happen. he spoke about it on a podcast called "behind the story." >> but more recently with her advocacy for codifying the roe decision in federal law, it's becoming more and more extreme, more and more aggressive. i've been trying to speak with her about this. >> no response from the speaker, but last september she addressed the friction between the two over the women's health protection act, which would have protected abortion access. >> the archbishop of the city, that area of san francisco, and i have a disagreement about who should decide this. i believe that god has given us free will to honor our responsibilities. >> that directive also covers
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marin. we posted the full letter on now at 7:00, one mom desperate to feed her daughter amid a nationwide formula shortage is warning other parents to be ware of online scammers. her daughter, natalia, was born with a rare disease that requires her to have a specific type of baby formula. but they've been met with empty shelves and grocery stores throughout the area, forcing her to resort to online purchases. unfortunately, she's now out $250 and still without the formula she needs to nourish her daughter. >> i thought, that sounds great, i'm happy to pay this amount for this formula and the shipping is what we had agreed to. i sent the money and then their facebook page was gone. so it was pretty upsetting. >> there are scammers out there, and they are preying on this type of opportunity. >> she was also reminded,
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though, there are good-hearted people out there too. she says plenty of local moms and families have reached out to help during her time of need. novato high school is on an urgent search for bus drivers to take students to prom. the school found out today one day before the event their bus company bailed on them. students are now scrambling to find a last-minute solution. >> there are some students who, like, don't have rides and they fully depend on this. so by us not getting those buses, it will impact them greatly. >> we're trying to inform families, let us keep working on it, but also have some contingency plans. >> the school managed to find two of the seven drivers needed. we're told the bus company didn't have enough drivers certified to drive minors. new signs california's recovering from thousands of jobs lost since the start of the pandemic. the latest jobs report shows our state's unemployment rate fell
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slightly to 4.6% in april. and the number of available jobs is up. more than 41,000 people went back to work last month. >> the numbers that came out on wednesday showed over 1.27 million job openings in california. that's slightly below february, but near an all-time high. and it's really across sectors, across industries, across occupations. new at 7:00, it's a snow day at the oakland zoo, and no, it's not falling from the sky, obviously. the zoo has four grizzly bear brothers that were rescued from alaska. they haven't experienced snow since they were cubs, until now . >> today the zoo trucked in 15 tons of snow for them to play in and they were thrilled. couldn't contain their excitement and there was even snow left over for the wolves and bison to enjoy during the fun. one of the bears even destroyed a snowman.
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>> they remind me of my two boys when they were wrestling. yep, i know what two brothers look like, and that's about accurate. >> some snow angels for some bears, i love it. >> yeah. although the weather kind of was a little funny. it was warm and then you have snow out there. >> i can't imagine how long that snow lasted out there with the warm weather we've had and the winds. and there's going to be some changes in both of those departments. first, let's look at some of the numbers in san jose today. we got up to 79 degrees, well off the record that was set back in 1988. and then livermore also got up to 80 degrees today. warmer than that into the weekend. the wind was the story this weekend. wind advisories that were lifted today, but mount st. helens in the meantime, had a 73-mile-an-hour wind gust. down below where we live, biggest gusts were at half moon bay on the coast, no surprise, 36-mile-an-hour gusts. the temperatures cool down, of course, as we get into the overnight hours, but tomorrow
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they are going to warm again to readings a little bit higher than they were today. at the moment it's still 78 in santa rosa and 77 at concord. current wind speeds have finally eased as we get numbers in the 10 to 20-mile-an-hour range and they will be less than that as we head toward midnight tonight. weekend looks sunny. low pressure and the confluence of the low and high were close enough to get that we got the strong northerly winds. in the east they will get a break. in the west we'll go the option direction. through tuesday that will brings us to the mid-ninety range. future cast shows not much in the way of clouds moving in over the bay area. a few low clouds sticking to the santa cruz mountains and along the peninsula, but aside from that most of us will have a perfectly sunny weekend. the winds overnight ease up, patchy clouds near shore line. sunny and warmer weekend.
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temperatures climbing three to five degrees per day, and then it warms through tuesday when we get the 90 in a few spots on monday. more widespread 90s by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday. overnight lows tonight in the 50s. it'll be a mild and clear night. daytime highs tomorrow up to 81 degrees in fremont. east bay, the numbers will be in the mid-80s. 77 in benicia. 77 in vallejo. livermore, 84. if you get up to santa rosa, 87 degrees by the shore line. the numbers will be in the 60s. in san francisco, 79. oakland, 76. ukiah, numbers in the mid-80s. forecast looking pretty good. numbers will be mild along the shoreline, but the warmest day in the next seven will be tuesday and wednesday when we will be in the mid- 90s. so it's going to be a beautiful weekend in the bay area. great weekend to go out and do something. i wonder if liz has anything.
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>> well, if anybody likes babysitting, they can come to my house. i'll sit outside and enjoy the weather. how about that? thanks, brian. here's a good place to beat the heat speaking of this weekend. chopper 5 over six flags hurricane harbor in concord ahead of its big reopening tomorrow. it will be open weekends only at first and daily starting june 11th. up next, it goes from 0 to 60 in under three seconds.
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
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now at 7:00, motorcycle riders can now go electronic to save money on surging gas prices. >> harley-davidson finally brought electric bikes to market called live wire. the motorcycles are loud like the classic bike engines, but these have lots of horse power. they can go from 0 to 60 in three seconds. and our kiet do had a little bit too much fun on this assignment. >> oh, he's been waiting years to do this story. he looked like he was having a ball. i could see him zipping down there, absolutely. one of san francisco's most famous homes is on the market again. the owner of the pink painted
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looking live at a crane high above the richmond water front whwhere a osprey couple i is wewelcoming hatchlings. >> rosary and richmond have been caring for their chicks after they started hatching a few days ago. a closer look. oh, look at those. >> so fuzzy. >> one egg looks like it hasn't quite hatched, is that right? >> yeah. there's two of them. >> oh my goodness, there's nothing cuter. look at mom. these two chicks will spend at least 50 days in the nest
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75 feet atop a decommissioned crane. >> that's like a 1 million-dollar view. people will have a chance to vote on their names online. congratulations once again to rosy and richmond. see you tonight. out-of-statate corporarations wrote an online e sports betting plplan theyey call "sololutions for the hohomeless". realally? the e corporatioions take 90 percecent of the e profit. and using g loopholess they w wrote, theyey'd takeke even morer. the e corporatioions' ownwn promototional coststs, like f free bets,, taken frfrom the hohomeless fununds. and ththey'd get a a refund on theirir $100 milillion licenense fee, taken n from homeless f funds, too.o. these e guys didn'n't write a plan foror the homeleless. they wrorote it fofor themselvlves.
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