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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 21, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
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>> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news, firefighters have their hands full. we have an update on several brush fires. curry's three, rise and fire. >> the warriors go down big early but roar back. we have highlights and reaction from fans. with a nationwide shortage of formula, a bay area mother has a warning about formula fraud. good morning. saturday, may 21st. thank you for joining us. i'm devin fehely. let's get to our meteorologist. >> i missed the second half of the warriors game. apparently something happened. we'll hear good news in a bit. sunrise just happened about 3 minutes before 6:00. this is that time of day where we start getting a real pretty view. couple headlines on this. much less wind. we've had major issues the last 36 hours with wind in the mountains and fire weather
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concerns, as ofnd as of this morning, it's behind us. we're looking to a warmup. inland locations with ten degrees warmer right now than you were yesterday. by that, i mean inland, like so solano county, fairfield. mid 80s today, sunny, calm. this is going to be a fantastic weekend. it gets warmer from here into the week. i'll show you that in a bit. for now, devin, back to you. this is a live look at chase center this morning. last night, there was a moment when it felt like the game was slipping away from the warriors. but they showed why they're three-time champs and why you're just white-knuckling it on the couch at home. we knew the mavs would have a sense of urgency, and they did. luka dropped 42. the mavs led by 19 in the first half. but the warriors slowly chipped away at the lead. looney, solid and dependable, was a star last night, dropping 21. curry had 32.
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golden state won 126-117 for a two-game series lead. >> reporter: tonight's victory for the warriors was not an easy one, and that's why the fans went absolutely wild in the fourth quarter when the team took the first lead in the game. chase center was thunderous tonight, celebrating a comeback win after a huge deficit. describe your mood right now. >> what's the mood? >> elation. elated. that was a great comeback win. >> huge! i mean, the warriors heart right there. down 20 and they come back? unbelievable. >> reporter: makes the victory that much sweeter, right? >> i mean, sweeter. it felt like 2017. >> let's go! >> reporter: there was a first tonight. the official deejay for the warriors, d sharp, was the halftime performer. he's been spinning for the team for nearly a decade and turned the arena into a giant dance
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party. you also know because you have been doing it a long time, that the energy in this house really matters. >> it does. >> reporter: it can boost the team. >> it does. the energy matters. dub nation matters. we go and got to get the ws every single time. you know what? there's always this talk about oracle verse chase. chase is here. like, you know, i mean, we love oracle. oracle has a special place in my heart, but this is lit, too. >> reporter: the warriors lit up in the second half when the game did a complete 180. singer adele took in the dramatic action courtside. >> when the going gets tough, they come out on top. >> all about the adjustments. it was a hard time, but they figured it out and got it done in the end. that's what bmatters. >> reporter: the fans celebrated inside chase center all the way outside. dub nation danced their hearts out and savored the victory in
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thrive city. betty yu, kpix 5. >> warriors will be in dallas tomorrow, tip-off at 6:00 p.m. a tragic accident where a car struck and killed a 7-year-old child on a bicycle. happened 3:45 on friday afternoon in mount grove avenue. the child later died at the hospital. the driver did stay at the scene cooperating with investigators. neighbors left flowers and a candle near the crash site to remember the young victim. investigators remained on the scene overnight as officers diverted traffic just east of fremont boulevard. turning to the fire watch. crews jose are keeping an eye out for flare-ups. the flames were spotted a little after 6:00 last night. one point, three separate fires were burning, but crews managed to get things under control. the cause is still unclear. another brush fire prompted evacuations near highway 1 in
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mendocino county. the owens fire started at 5:00 p.m. some of the smoke drifted down towards the north bay. that evacuation order has since been lifted. windy weather helped drive this brush fire. chopper 5 was over the flames in highway 4. it broke out after noon on friday and grew to 20 acres. it was a close call for the businesses. you can see how close the fire got to the buildings. we actually saw one worker taking matters into his own hands and grabbing a hose. firefighters managed to keep the flames from spreading. there was a lot of smoke in the area. the fire is now contained. crews will be out there today to mon monitor any hot spots. first military flights of baby formula from europe to help with the shortage in the u.s. are expected to arrive this weekend. meanwhile, the nation's second largest formula maker is ramping up production by 35%. reddick says it is offering its
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manufacturing employees unlimited overtime. now, one mom desperate to feed her daughter amid a nationwide formula shortage experienced the best and worst of human nature. ju juliette goodrich reports on the warning for other parents. >> reporter: you were scammed trying to get formula to keep your daughter alive, right? >> yes. >> reporter: when we first introduced you to keely aguilar and her 11-year-old daughter, natalia, born with a rare disease, it was about the struggle to find baby formula to nourish natalia. formula that is in high demand, hard to find now, and very expensive. >> it has been probably one of the most stressful experiences i've ever gone through. >> reporter: natalia's stomach doesn't have the ability to break down food, so she has a tube inserted at night to give a steady stream of formula while she sleeps. >> this is a life-threatening issue for her. >> reporter: here's where the scammer comes in.
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they know they're at a new parent's mercy and parents like k k keely. only five per customer allowed. it is like the toilet paper issue all over again. $23.99 just for one can. so when a seemingly generous donor sent keely a message online offering to give her formula at a fraction of the cost, she was grateful and relieved. >> i thought, okay, that sounds great. i'm happy to pay this reduced amount for the formula. the shipping is what we'd agreed to. >> reporter: she sent $250 for cases of formula that would have cost her thousands of dollars at the current score price. >> so i sent the money, and then their facebook page was gone. so it was pretty upsetting. >> reporter: there are scammers out there, and they are preying on this type of opportunity. >> they are. yeah, it is infuriating.
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it is upsetting. it's shocking to me because i can't believe that people would prey on innocent children and people who are desperately trying to feed their children. >> reporter: so what now? rtth gs ers who w our story -- >> running out of her only food source. >> reporter: -- helpednatalia. people love us as a family. i'm thankful for all the people who have come to us and are trying to help in any way they can. >> reporter: it is nice to end this story on a positive note, but also with a warning, to beware. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. moving to the coronavirus. students at berkeley public schools will have to mask up indoors again. the city's officer says berkeley unified is seeing a significant increase in the cases among students and staff. starting on monday, everyone at school is required to wear a mask indoors. this includes classes and graduation ceremonies.
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the mandate will continue for the rest of the academic year. >> yeah, we do know from advice we're getting from public health that covid is prevalent in our community. we're assuming the transmission is taking place across our community, and that's likely true in our schools, as well. >> the bay area remains the state's covid hot spot and the state's test positivity rate jumped again. seven-day rate is at 6%, up nearly two percentage points from last week. > sancisco's ar fr receiving in churches at the diocese because of her support of abortion rights. the director was issued in an open letter on friday. he also tweeted after numerous attempts to speak with speaker pelosi to help her understand the grave evil that she is perpetrating, the scandal she is causing, and the danger to her own soul she is risking, i have determined that she is not to be admitted to holy communion.
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the archbishop previously sent a letter to pelosi warning her this could happen. he spoke about it on a podcast called "behind the story." >> more recently, with her advocacy for codifying the roe decision and federal law, it's becoming more and more extreme, more and more aggressive. i've been trying to speak with her about this. >> speaker pelosi has not responded publicly, but last september, she addressed the friction between the two the women's health protection act, which would have protected abortion access. >> the archbishop of the city of that area ofranc aho .eve tha godad u to honor our responsibilities. >> the director also covers morin and san mateo counties. the archbishop of santa rosa
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will mhonor it, as well. we posted the letter at still ahead and streaming on cbs news bay area, the solution that just took effect to help one south bay neighborhood sleep easier. harley-davidson gets an all electric makeover, as the familiar brand tries to appeal to a new market. our reporter takes us for a heart-pounding ride. a live look outside before we head to break. we'll be right back.
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♪ welcome back. time is 6:15. hopefully people living in north san jose and downtown will be able to sleep more restfully. the city has established a partial quiet zone along the train tracks. [ train whistle ] yeah, you're not going to hear that. gone are the loud train horn blasts in the overnight hours as trains pass through 14 intersections. they could be heard at between deerdon station and north san jose, including japajapan town. friday, the city celebrated the quiet zone, banning from 10:00 at night to 7:00 in the morning. >> every time the train comes, that has been a lot nicer. we definitely get better sleep.
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>> i think it is particularly important as we see a lot more housing coming into this area, right? >> yeah, those horns can be deafening. the horn blasts at crossings are required under federal safety guidelines. the city was able to establish the quiet zones through changes approved by congress and local leaders. let's turn to bay area weather with first alert meteor meteorologist. >> we are going to be officially in cruise control for the weekend. that's the headline in the first alert forecast for saturday and sunday. it is different next week. there is a warmup coming, and we have to go back up into the low to mid 90s again for some of our warmest inland spots. even at that, the warmup coming our way for next week is not going to impact us equally across the bay area. there will be big differences. since that's next week, and we have the weekend in front of us first, let's start there. that's the view from the top of salesforce tower. sunrise came up at 5:57 this morning. you can tell that's the vantage
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from the salesforce tower top. this is from the top of mount a diablo, looking over the strait. we're looking into the north bay there, where we are noticeably warmer. look at the temperatures for the inland valleys, particularly up through vilsla solano. napa, noticeably cooler right now, with temperatures that have dipped down about nine degrees or so from where they were yesterday. we turn the wind off. we brought in some cooler air. now to start the morning, look at the coast for half-moon base, 11 degrees warmer. majority of us, there's not a lot of change in terms of how it feels from yesterday to tomorrow. if you're an early morning riser on friday about this same time, it is going to feel almost identical to the way it did when you stepped outside. for daytime highs today, we climb into the mid 80s. if you are inland valleys, mid 70s, through the heart of the east bay shoreline, and we've turned the wind off. that was really the focus of the forecast over the last few days.
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thankfully, we're putting that behind us. we're not looking at any of the red flag warnings or the wind advisories in the mountains. that's all been allowed to expire. now, we turn our attention to other things, like the marine layer. we'll probably see that build in tomorrow morning, but shouldn't be too widespread. here comes the warmup. if we take a look at today, saturday afternoon, the colors on the map show where temperatures are above or below average. i'll let that play ahead to tuesday. as we go past tuesday and into wednesday, you saw the screen light up in orange and deep red for us, showing us quite the warmup. what would average be anyway? 79. if we look at the inland valleys, already in the mid 80s today, the numbers are going to climb to 94 by the time we get to tuesday. but if we do the comparison, and instead of looking at the inland valleys, let's come back over the hills and use the bay sh shor shoreline. oakland. watch the average lie drop. oakland, daytime high, 60s for this time of year anyway. while we warm up on tuesday,
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instead of mid 90s, it is low 80s. that's a good example of how we're all going to experience this differently. let's see how it plays out in the seven-day forecast. san jose, you'll be 90 by tuesday. you're staying low 80s and sunny for the rest of this weekend. if we look at the microclimates, we see the number jump. mid 90s by tuesday. inland east bay and north bay valleys, mid 90s. about ten degrees warmer by the time we get to tuesday than we will be today. in other words, going to be a nice weekend. then a bit warmer for much of next week, devin. >> whenever i see a 90 in the forecast, i kind of cringe. it's a little too hot for me. i kind of like, you know, upper 70s. >> yes. >> low 80s. >> i know you're a south bay guy, too. when san jose does it, i could understand. i could understand the cringe on that one. won't last long, but tuesday you'll be there, unfortunately. >> sweating it out. >> yeah. all right. my favorite story of the
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morning, a lot of drivers are going electric. it is good for the environment and, frankly, cheaper than gas at the moment. harley-davidson is jumping into the electric market but with a change to the iconic engine rumble. kpix took a test ride on one of the new electric bikes in sacramento. >> oh, my god, this is happening. >> reporter: when is the last time you did something for the first time? >> i have been waiting almost a decade for this moment. >> reporter: it took a while, but harley-davidson finally brought their electric motorcycles to market, called live wire. >> wow. >> reporter: even in the slowest beginner mode, the bike can make your heart pound. >> oh wow. >> reporter: 100 horsepower, 84-foot pounds of torque, 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds. >> see what this baby has got. here we go.
6:21 am
wow. oh yeah. >> reporter: top speed is capped at 110 miles per hour. there is no reason to doubt that. harley-davidson has been developing live wire for the better part of a decade. in 2014, we tested a prototype that actually had the sound of a jet engine added to the motorcycle. for harley-davidson, sound is a part of the brand and culture. so this bike doesn't have the artificial sound added. one of the main criticisms of electric bikes is that they feel dead. this one has what they call a pulse, haptic feedback. it has a slight vibration and makes it feel alive. responsiveness of an electric vehicle is just intoxicating. >> i am so excited you had an opportunity to get in one of the vehicles. >> reporter: professor billy riggs at the university of san francisco is an expert on smart transportation. says harley-davidson's entry
6:22 am
into the electric motorcycle market will have a ripple effect. >> i think it means, you know, electric motorcycles are here to stay, like evs are here to stay. personal electric vehicle can be astronomical. it means we'll see more of these products coming to market. >> reporter: live wire retails for $23,000. range is 140 miles. quiet, smooth, blazingly fast, and not cheap. this is not your dad's chopper. >> particularly young segment that may not be interested in the noise and kind of the m tradition that harley has gone after. there is a huge market opportunity. no shame in enjoying what you drive. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. good morning from the j center floor. here's what's ahead in sports. bay area baseball teams in action last night.
6:23 am
tiger woods looking to make the cut in the pga championships. the entree is all about the golden state warriors. they found themselves down early, but that's why you play two halves. highlights are next.
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good morning to you all from the chase center floor in san francisco. the golden state warriors, they take the first two games of this series in the bay area, and they are heading to dallas looking pretty good where things stand right now. show you the highlights from last night, how this one went down. a good game if you are a fan of the warriors. two of the games best right there, luka doncic, stephen curry. warriors down 16, under a minute left in the second. curry just so tough to guard off the screen. they build some momentum before the half. a minute later, momentum gone. shot clock winding down, doncic says, settle down, warriors fans. dallas led, 72-58 at the break.
6:26 am
the warriors held the mavs to 13 third quarter points, got back in it. fourth parter, otto porter from the corner, yes! gives the dubs their first lead of the game, and chase center was rocking. next possession, jordan pool. sees the mismatch. takes it right to the rack. lets davis know about it. golden state got 46 off the bench. warriors up seven. klay thompson, he had a couple dunks in this one. that's when you know things are going well. looney, career high 21. things going great. final minute, curry. start your buses. start 'em, dallas. it's bedtime. warriors, 126-117, winners. curry had 32 points, and golden state heading backo lon ar staith2- series lead. >> do you think they heard you when you said night-night on the last three. >> i was looking at the ball, at
6:27 am
the rim, so i was talking to myself. i don't know who heard it, but it's a good way to finish the game. we got to take that to game three. >> dallas came out and just punched us, you know. you kind of know it's coming. we needed to get poised and get the game under control. we felt confident that if we did that, they wouldn't make 15 threes in the second half. >> half mile away at oracle, giants went to extras against the padres. here's how it happened. two outs, bottom of the ninth. wi will -- wilmer flores. manny machado at the plate. rips a double into left field. that sent in the first of two runs in the extras for the padres. the giants, they could not counter. san diego wins, 8-7. giants, 22-16 on the season. over to anaheim, where the
6:28 am
a's were in town and the cow bells were out. it is cow bell night. oakland down, 2-1, in the fifth. seth brown says, see ya. two-run shot. they add another and beat the angels, 4-2. round two of the pga championship. fans looking for a shot of tiger woods. they got it. started the day in danger of missing the cut, then tiger woods birdies 13 en route to shooting a 1 under 69. tiger will play the weekend. so will belmont native will zalatoris. tee shot on 11 settings him up for the easy birdie putt to take the lead. zalatoris shot a 5 under 65, and he leads by one stroke heading into the weekend. that does it for sports from the chase center floor. i'm charlie walter. have yourself a great day. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, president biden is in south korea right now.
6:29 am
we have the latest on his first trip to asia since taking office. gas prices set yet another record. experts explain what we can expect in the coming weeks and months. here's a live look outside at san jose. we'll be back in a moment. ♪ ♪ what do you think healthier looks like? ♪ ♪ with a little help from cvs... can support your nutrition, sleep, immune system, energy...even skin. and before you know it, healthier can look a lot ♪ ♪ cvs. healthier happens together.
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time now is 6:301. thank you for joinings you. i'm devin fehfehely. let's get the weather from our meteorologist. >> there is wind in the mountains and fire weather concerns, and happy to say that's over. as we get to the weekend, winds calm down in the mountains. at home, down at the lower elevations where we all live, it is going to be sunny and, like, five to six degrees warmer than average. that's a pretty view from the start of the salesforce tower. it's been hazy, but that's typical. it is a little of the marine layer showing up, though we're not seeing the low clouds develop. santa rosa is 44. we warm up to the mid 80s for just about all the inland valleys, north bay or east bay. i'll show everybody's numbers in a second. mid 70s as we get to the bay, on average. you can see 65, oakland. 82 in san jose today. see the complete forecast in a few minutes. devin, back to you. president biden is making
6:33 am
his first presidential trip to asia this weekend, meeting with south korea's president. the two agreed that it is time to strengthen their alliance. they held a bilateral meeting in seoul earlier. they announced they're considering expanded joint military exercises. the goal is to deter the north korean nuclear threat. it comes 11 days after the south korean president's inauguration. it signals a shift from president trump, who expressed affection for the north korean leader kim jong-un. >> our alliances and our countries share a joint commitment to freedom of the republic of korea, and peace has flourished with decades of cooperation. today, we take the cooperation between our two countries to new heights. >> before today's meeting,
6:34 am
president biden traveled to the seoul national cemetery to lay a wreath in honor of fallen korean service members. the crown jewel of oakland, but a rash of shootings is leaving neighbors feeling helpless and endangered. city leaders just aren't doing enough to keep them safe. >> this is partly what neighbors are complaining about, cars blocking lake shore avenue. atvs doing donuts on the grass. dirt bikes driving in the wrong direction. is neighb wor they'll seeore e thoht about moving, but, you know, i'm not in an economic position right now to do that. >> reporter: leanne alameda is not alone. many lake shore avenue neighbors already moved out in recent
6:35 am
months. >> the last three years were extremely hard. it impacted my health. i was depressed. i was stressed. >> reporter: leanne has lived near the lake for 24 years and says things have never been this bad. just in the last seven months, five murdered around the lake. that's on top of other shootings and robberies in the neighborhood. last year, a shooting during a juneteenth celebration killed one man and injured multiple people. >> i am so fed up. i'm so fed up by the politics of the city and the lack of accountability. >> reporter: she and many neighbors recently wrote to the may bor and their councilwoman, pleading for a comprehensive plan to enforce and stop this bad behavior. >> i have received no response. >> this is our crown jewel, but now it is literally the backdrop to levels of crime that we have not seen before. >> reporter: neighbors say when they complain, people call them racist. >> it is not racist to want to be able to live in your neighborhood safely. >> i can't do it anymore.
6:36 am
i want to age in place here. it does not feel healthy. it does not feel safe. >> reporter: leanne says they feel helpless. until the city does something, they don't feel safe leaving the house. >> with the situation and the environment that's happening now at the lake, we can't. we can't use it. >> reporter: councilwoman did respond back, saying the city needs a lot more resources to address the root causes of gun violence. a couple weeks ago, the city said they would suspend overnight parking in one part of the lake and add brighter lighting to deter crime. da lin, kpix 5. california continues to lead the nation's economic recovery. our state's unemployment rate dipped slightly from 4.6% in april, down from 4.8% in march. job openings are also up in more than 41,000 people went back to work last month.
6:37 am
>> numbers that came out on wednesday showed over 1.27 million job openings in california. that's slightly below february but near an all-time high. so it's really across sectors, across industries, across occupations. >> former edd director says now is the best time to job hunt, especially if you're a teenager liking to make some money this summer. south bay officials want to get the word out about a gun buyback program this weekend. a santa clara county supervisor is teaming up with the dea and police department. on sunday, people can turn in a gun for cash with no questions asked. this includes $100 for a handgun or a shotgun and $200 for an assault weapon. >> by anonymously bringing in your unwanted guns for cash in return, you will literally save lives. that is why i'm excited to announce that we're taking
6:38 am
action to decrease gun violence in our county by buying back up to $50,000 worth of unwanted guns. >> the buyback runs from 9:00 to 1:00 on sunday at the milpitas community center. once again, gas prices hit another record high, $4.59 a gallon on average. drivers in all 50 states are paying at least $4. >> the best guess is we're going to see a gradual drift down of gasoline prices. not to where they were before the pandemic, and certainly not to where they were during the pandemic when we saw record low prices. but much lower than they are right now. >> gallon of gas in san francisco is $6.30. oakland and san jose aren't far behind. san mateo is seeing a spike
6:39 am
in the number of people without a permanent roof over their head. this year's point in time survey revealed a 20% increase in homelessness since the last count three years ago. about 700 of those people have space and shelters or interim housing. the rest are living in cars or outside. antioch mayor thorpe is facing misdemeanors. the d.a.'s office is charging the mayor with driving under the influence of alcohol and driving at a 0.08 blood alcohol content. the county is expected to issue a notice to appear in court. mayor thorpe issued this response to kpix. i'm deeply sorry for this lapse in judgment, and i hope the residents of antioch can forgive me. being your mayor is one of the greatest honors of my life, and i am sorry if i have embarrassed you in any way. southern california school bus driver is accused of supplying fentanyl to at least a dozen students at a special needs school. police were called to bright
6:40 am
futures academy in riverside after staff raised concerns. officers say that they found more than 150 suspected fentanyl pills along with guns and ammunition in the campus cottage. melissa garrison shares it with her husband. court documents allege garrison also used three children to pedal fentanyl. >> this is the type to have school where -- that serves vulnerable kids, and so she was taking advantage of that. >> garrison and her husband are now facing multiple drugs and weapon charges. coming up, a big disappointment for bay area students getting ready for tonight's prom. how they suddenly found themselves without a way to get there. and we'll meet this week's jefferson award winner. how he's helping children thrive in the classroom while also pursuing his life's goals.
6:41 am
you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to.
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champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music]
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♪ novato high school is on an urgent search for bus drivers to take students to prom. one day before the event, the bus company just bailed on them. students are scrambling to find a last-minute solution. >> we definitely discussed
6:44 am
trying to see if we could do public transportation. i just don't see how that would work out personally. >> we're trying to inform families, hey, let us keep working on it, but also have some contingency plans for some of the students who might not be able to ride on the bus. >> the school has managed to find two of the seven drivers they need. we are being told the bus company did not have enough drivers certified to drive minors. in san francisco, a park is being renamed to honor a local student advocate. in 2019, ohung was brutally attacked while doing exercises at visitation valley playground. the 89-year-old died a year later for her injuries. she's known to locals as grandma , and she served as ambassador to the friendship club, offering services to the chinese immigrant community. this week, the rec and park commission voted to change the name of visitation valley
6:45 am
playground to the peace and friendshiprk >> let's turn to meteorologist darren peck. >> it'll be four, five degrees above average, little wind. not a lot to think about in the first alert forecast for the weekend. by the early and middle part of this week, it is going to get warm. show you temperatures that are going to spike ten degrees or more above average. from the camera atop of mark hopkins hotel, looking to the golden gate bridge, the front row view of one of the prettiest scenes right now going on in the bay. but there are others. that's the scene over the south bay. you can actually see downtown san jose in this camera, through the haze, right over there. there's mt. hamilton up on top there. we can actually sometimes see the lick observatory when the lighting is right. from the stop of the sals fesfo tower, you can see the haze.
6:46 am
look how pretty it is above it this morning. classic on the inversion layer. it is pretty above it. there are some differences in the temperatures this morning, in terms of the inland valleys being colder. manchester most of us, upper to low to mid 40s. seven degrees colder in oakland now than yesterday. most locations are right on the mark. we turned the wind off. those were offshore winds last night. that's why the temperatures have really dropped for some of the inland valleys, because yesterday at this time, the wind was helping to keep things relatively warm. you got some downsloping that was happening. oakland, you were getting it off the east bay hills. napa, you were getting it. without that, temperatures have cooled back down. it is not like you're particularly colder than anyone else, you're just colder than yesterday. all right. day time highs today going to the mid 80s for most of the inland valleys. mid to upper 70s along the bay today.
6:47 am
numbers for daytime highs are going to repeat for saturday and sunday. although, sunday might start out different. look at the marine layer. fills in a little more of the bay tomorrow. that won't last long. both days will be beautifully sunshine. let's see how things change after the weekend. if we visualize the temperatures and shade us yellow, orange, or red for temperatures that are above average, much of the central valley is above average. the important reason to watch this is to see the change from today to tuesday. now, temperatures by tuesday have climbed well above average. what would average be this time of year? for the inland valleys in the east bay, nearing 80 as the average day time high anyway. 79 would be the average. we're above that today by five or six degrees. the arcing orange line shows where we will be by tuesday. mid 90s. inland valleys, 79 is average this time of year. mid 90s by tuesday, hot. doesn't do the same if we come back to the bay. oakland, watch the line for average come all the way down.
6:48 am
oakland, the average now is 79. you have to go to 81. that's a good example of how we expeerpsrience that in the bay opposed to the inland valleys, technically outside of the bay proper. there is the seven-day forecast. san jose has to go to 90 by tuesday. then you cool all the way back down into the mid 70s by the end of the week. by the way, the end of this week starts approaching what will be a three-day weekend next weekend. that one is looking very much like this one, pretty typical on temperatures. i mean, the real story, deavin, comes through the early to middle part of the work week when we warm up. that's the headline and the whole first alert forecast. >> we talk about how i am an aggressive intermediate beginning snowboarder. >> yeah. >> a week ago this time, i went for one last run. there's still a little snow. >> nice. >> i mentioned that because as this really heats up, that's
6:49 am
almost done. we're done. moving into summer. >> yes. >> put the snowboarding equipment away. next season. it is summer. that's what the thermometer is telling us. >> it's been a hallmark of the last decade, how fast the snow pack disappears in these last several weeks officially of spring. much faster than it used to. glad you were able to get up there. >> thank you so much. students in some of the countries worst stchools are making the grade, and that's thanks to this year's jefferson bay area award winner. dr. derek mitchell and his life mission. ♪ >> reporter: finley teaches eighth graders at the process of solving the math problem could be more important than getting the right answer. >> kids have been more willing to try. and make mistakes. and know it is okay. >> reporter: it is one lesson she's learned in her school's work with partners in school
6:50 am
innovation. >> every success story is actually a support story. >> reporter: the educational non-profit dr. derek mitchell has led since 2009. >> partners transforms teaching and learning in some of the most challenged schools, so students thrive. >> reporter: he was about the same age as the math students when he was inspired to make a difference. the precocious 13-year-old from chicago's south side competed at a science fair on the other side of town and saw that not everyone gets an equal education. >> the school had libraries full of books. our school didn't. i had the sense in my gut that something was wrong. i asked my mom, "mom, why do white kids get all this stuff and we don't?" she goes, "i don't know. that's not what we're here for." >> reporter: when he shared his honorable mention award with his principal, he cried, and so did she. >> i'm feeling bad. she said, derek, i don't know why things are this way, but maybe you'll be the one to fix it. >> reporter: that's what he is doing. not just in the math department
6:51 am
at caroline davis intermediate in san jose. hundreds of districts and schools from the bay area and seven states hired dr. hitmitch and his team to coach the teachers and leaders. >> it's made a difference for us. >> reporter: this principal says the honor roll swelled 8% at caroline davis. >> 60% of our students, actually over half the students, got a 3.0 or higher. >> reporter: the program teaches to collaborate with other educators on best teaching methods, build empathy for students, understand how they learn, and give them freedom to make mistakes. >> students are more confident about themselves and their learning, especially in math. >> kids really needed that type of support and leadership. >> reporter: superintendent kimberly carter of battle creek schools in michigan credits dr. mitchell at the top. >> he helps me realize that you can create change for every kid. >> it's about helping all of us recognize that every single kid
6:52 am
has powerful futures. >> don't be late. let's go. >> reporter: for partnering with some of the country's most underperforming schools to help low-income students of color thrive, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to dr. derek mitchell. kpix 5. some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
6:53 am
6:54 am
♪ today is kids to parks day. it is what it sounds like. it is a national day dedicated to getting kids outdoors to play. now, the national park trust organizes it each year on the third saturday of may. doctors say in addition to just the fun of being outside, it is also good for your health. more activity, less obesity. better motor development and more. >> there's a whole lot less myopia for kids who play outside. that's the near-sightedness, than kids who play inside or look at screens a lot. there's all these mental and emotional health things, less anger and aggression. better learning outcomes for kids who are playing outside more. >> the american academy of pediatrics reminds families that they don't need to travel far. you can enjoy nature in the backyard or at the playground. six flags hurricane harbor
6:55 am
in concord reopens for the season today. it's perfect time, as the temperatures begin to rise. claiming to be the first northern california water park to open since the pandemic, hurricane harbor was forced to close back in 2019. it reopened last year with capacity limits most of the season. now, they're gearing up for a big return. all the while, keeping guests safe. six flags staff spoke to us about their covid protocols. >> we're offering masks, in case guests want to wear a mask. we'll be offering it to them. we do have sections where they can pick up their own lounge chair, if they can seclude themselves from other areas of the park. >> it can be tough to wear a mask at a water park. now, the wark park will be open starting weekends today and seven days a week starting june 11th. we'll be right back.
6:56 am
6:57 am
this weekend is smooth sailing. no significant changes until tuesday. tuesday is really the focus of the change in the first alert forecast. noticeable warmup by the time we get there. if we take a look out at the live view above san jose and the santa clara valley, you see the haze. temperatures for san francisco, oakland, and san jose first.
6:58 am
mid 80s for the inland areas. inland valleys, then it's mid 90s. so we'll talk more about that coming up in the complete forecast. we'll do this for another half hour. devin, back to you. in the next half hour, several brush fires break out in the bay area and beyond, as the fire danger remains high across much of northern california. and a tragic accident in alameda county leaves a 7-year-old dead. investigators have been on the scene overnight.
6:59 am
♪ girl you know it's been way too long ♪ ♪ i got to get back in my zone ♪ ♪ ooh wee ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ alright ♪ ♪ come on ♪ ♪ come on ♪ ♪ 3... 2... 1... ♪ ♪ you know i'm feeling too good to be cooped up ♪ [ music stops ] ♪ hey ladies, don't we look good? ♪
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♪ we came to have a good time baby ♪ ♪ said i'm feeling too good to be cooped up ♪ ♪ me and all of my girls gonna tear it up ♪ live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, firefighters with their hands full. we have an update on several brush fires. curry's three, rise and fire. >> the warriors go down big early but come roaring back. we have highlights and reaction from fans. with a nationwide shortage of formula, a bay area mother has a warning about formula fraud. good morning. saturday, may 21st. thank you for joining us. i'm devin fehely. let's get a quick check of the weather with first alert meteorologist darrpe


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