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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 21, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios. >> wild fire spag across the bay area this saturday, bringing with it smoke and air qualify advisories. >> we're going to take a look at the fire that sparked in solano county, and how the wind could impact it comings up. plus, are there signs the red hot real estate market is slowing down? we will talk to one realtor who says the open houses are not as busy. is it good news? we have news for you. we begin with developing nuggets. cal fire on the side of the
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quail fire. it already burned more than 100 acres. fires burning on pleasant valley road, 12 miles north of vacaville. we have a crew on the way and we will have the latest at 6:00,. and the owens fire that sparked yesterday afternoon and prompted evacuations in the area is 20% contained. that evacuation order has been lifted. crews say the fire is about 36 acres. there's been no damage reported so far. >> crews are also working on a fire at the chevron facility in richland. fire started at 2:30 this afternoon in a warehouse in the refinery. and we are tracking reports of one fire burning near san jose. stay tuned for this. >> hardly the way to start the weekend. but good see that darren is here
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to tell us where and well. >> the quail fire we started talking at first, the air rea w under the red flag warning yesterday, and here we are the next day, and you can see the smoke coming off it. take a look here, air yented on the map, you see the red zone. the fire is right over here on the edge of the foothills over there in solano county. just north of vacaville. that is a good look, over the last 15 minutes. know does how the smoke's going? almost straight vertically m that is really good. it's not whipped by strong winds in front of it. the latest readings have 29-mile-per-hour winds from a west-southwest. that is really good. that is not a strong off shore winds. that is a worst-case scenario.
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in general, the winds will be relatively manageable in the next 12 hours up there. that's just one. we outlined several already. we will watch closely, and guys, back over to you. >> all right, thank you. new signs of global warming. the national oceanic organization is forecasting heat, average rain and heat this summer. the conditions are going to worsen the drought in much of the west. the only chances that has above average precip ration, the golf coast region and florida. new at 5:00, environmental protest in the east bay marking the ninth annual anti-chevron day. drivers honking their horns t rt f proors rallying outside the chevron refinery, bringing attention to
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the harmful impact they have communities. >> we are standing with people that are affected by human rights. >> the bloebl protest is hold every year prior to chevron's annual shareholder meeting. >> the france san francisco arch bishop banned nancy pelosi from receiving communion. he had sent a letter warning it would happen. he spoke about it on the podcast called behind the story. >> more recently with her advocacy for codifying the row decision in federal law, it's more and more extreme, more aggressive and i have been trying to speak with her about it. >> spoker pelle lose say si has
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not responded but she addressed the fiction over the women's health protection act which would have protected abortion access. >> the arch bishop of the city in that area had a disagreement about who should decide this. i believe that god has given us free will to honor our responsibilities. >> the arch bishop of santa vees says he will honor the directive to all this. and we have posted a link to the full letter on >> san mateo county is seeing a spike in homeless. a 20% increase in homelessness since three years ago. 700 people have space in shelters or interim housing. the rest are in cars or streets. >> the buyers know that real estate market is hot. if you don't act quick, you
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could miss out. kpix's max darrow is more on the flattening market. >> reporter: it's certainly still a seller's market. no question about that. homes continue to sell for record prices across the bay area. but some real estate experts say they're beginning to notice signs that the market is starting to level off. >> three red rooms, two baths. >> reporter: at the saturday open house in east san jose, the first few hours. >> reporter: quiet. >> a huge change. six months ago, 100 people through here. >> reporter: there is no denying the bay area real estate market is hot. but it's not where it was a few months ago, or near where it was a year ago. >> i think it was unsustainable the way it was. >> reporter: according to the latest housing report, bay area home sales are actually done 17.2% over the last year. >> i think we're seeing a little leveling in the market right
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now. there's a little more inventory. there is some price adjustments we haven't seen before. >> reporter: in the california association of realtor's latest report, the highest interest rates and soaring home prices are starting to impact housing demand. >> the first time home buyers are going to be impacted and the first time home buyers feed up to the move up buyers. so if there's not someone to buy their house, the market kind of takes that little shift. >> reporter: but ye, also the president of remax's bay area, thinks it will be beneficial for buyers, many of whom have written offer after offer after offer after the years. >> i think the buyers will have a more opportunity than they had. inventory has gone up slightly. time on the mashrket now is 20,5
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days which is slightly longer than it was a year pay go. >> reporter: he says barring any unforeseen catastrophic world events -- >> i think it will be healthy, but not crazy. >> reporter: in san jose, max darrow, kpix 5. parents are hoping an international shipment of baby formula will assist in the shortage. over 70,000 pounds are loaded up in germany. next up tomorrow, a formula point in indianapolis. this is the first shipment to help the u.s. battle the formula shortage. >> right now, we're going on a c-17. we expect 6,000 pounds of baby formula per pallet. >> it comes of a close sure in february because of safety reasons. and with babies now hospitalized as a result, the shipments are getting here just in time. >> they come in dehydrated, you bif them iv fluids but that is
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not long term solution. >> i'm so thankful and other families are thankful as well. >> the same plant is expected tory open soon but it will take two months before it's ready to open again. >> reporter: one more desperate to feed her daughter has experienced the best and the worst of human nature and here is her warning to other parents. >> you are scammed trying to get formula to keep your daulghter alive, right? >> yes. >> reporter: when we first sbre deuced you to them, it was about a struggle to find baby formula to nourish natalia. formula is hard to find now and very expensive. >> it's one of the most stressful experiences i have been through. >> reporter: natalia's stomach
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doesn't have the ability to break down food so she shhas a tube inserted to night to feed her while she sleeps. >> this is a major threat to her. >> reporter: and look at this. here under lock and key. only five per customer allowed. al most like we are going through the toil let paper she again. and $23.99 just for one can. so when a seemingly generous donor sent keely a message online offering to give her formula at the fraction of the cost, she was grateful and relieved. >> i was like, okay, i am happy to pay if their formula. >> reporter: she sent $250 for cases of formula that would have cost her thousands of dollars at the current store price. >> i sent the money and the
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facebook page was gone. it was upsetting. th >> reporter: there are scammers out there, and they are preying on the opportunity. >> it's infuriating. it's upsetting. it's socking to me. i can't believe that people would prey on innocent children and people who are desperately trying to feed their children. >> reporter: so what now? fortunately, other generous viewers who saw the story, running out of her only food source, have helped out. >> it's wonder to have that. people love natalia and love us as a family, so i'm very thankful for the people who have come to us and are trying to help in any way they can. >> reporter: it's not to end the story on a positive note. but a warning to beware. juliet goodrich. and a trip back to the early 60s this weekend. we will take you to the "american
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the streets of downtown pedoloma was stilled with muscle cars as they celebrated the "american graffiti "film festival to celebrate the movie. and right now, they are continuing the tradition downtown. strong winds fueled brush fires in the bay area, and the sack moan toe area. here is more on the plames. >> reporter: a day of high winds
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leads to fires in sacramento. >> this is one of the driest i have seen. >> reporter: two fires back-to-back along village parkway threatening homes. >> two hours ago i saw a fire captain running down. could smell smoke. >> the wind wreaks havoc on it. >> reporter: and the winds forced the fire to pick up quickly. nearly crossing the ridge and in the condo complex. >> it started packing up our stuff. getting ready to evacuate. you always have to be ready to evacuate in california. >> unlikely heroes helped protect the complex. the goeats who had come back to eat the under brush near the homes. fire officials tell us it was a difference maker for coming in to the complex. but it's just the beginning.
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>> the way it's stacking up rye now, that will be a long tumer. >> the oakland fire department has used grazing goats to reduce the fire risks near lookouts. >> let's go to darren now, tracking a lot of fires. >> which is important. but it's nice to see you back. >> welcome back. get back to work. >> thank you. wonderful to be back here with you guys in so much we do have a fire burning right now in the foothills, 100 acres or so, but i want to rend context. where is the quail fire burning? this is the foothills on the far side of sacramento valley. 20 miles north of vacaville, if you know where the lake is, this is on the drive there. we can watch the last 15 minutes of it n a time lapse. using what has become an
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extremely valuable resource for anyone who lives in northern california, this is the wildfire network. it's a co-op of several agencies to make sure we have eyes everywhere in the state, and the camera shows you the orientation we are looking at. why it's helpful is to watch the smoke. indepen it was going almost straight vertical. but it can be confusing to hear. we had a red flag warning yesterday. it was allowed to expire, and today, the fire starts. which is actually, i think, a positive aspect of this. because if you look what the current winds are on the fire right now, 21 miles an hour, yesterday i looked at the weather station. they were gusting in the mid 30s. so it was windier yesterday. the humidity right now, 20%, was half that yesterday.
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it was 12%. and the wind direction was different. instead of nice on shore west. southwest winds, they were northeasterly winds. it would have been a different situation if the fire got started yesterday. it does mean that when they do get ar betest fard, more favora if you can get outside of the red flag window, which this one was. good news there. the faorecast now, the view ove the golden gate bridge. tomorrow morning, a little bit of the marine layer creeping under there. but it's not going to be too s widespread. we have clouds in the bay and then it's gone. the majority of the day like this. sunny, hazy vies, temperatures in the mid 80s. 81 in san jose, 81 in santa rosa. morning lows around 50 for most
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of us. highs in the hmid and upper 70s. it it will be mid 80ed midland. the winds will be well behaved and we start a warmup. the map shows you if you are above or below average. the deeper in orange, the higher above average you if. that is hughes, and we are going to be 15 degrees above. what is average going to be? around 79. today, it's going to be 96 for some of the warmer inland valleys tuesday. let's do a comparison. we're not all going to warm up that dramatically. let's look at oakland. average for oakland is 68. we wocould be well above that, t it's not going to be intense if you're near the bay shoreline. it will be inland, and thursday and friday, things will cool back down and you can see it play out as we head to
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>> i am dangerous. it's the famous quote from the maverick himself. right now, the mavericks with a blown 19-point lead. vern glenn in dallas has more. >> reporter: dallas, texas, means a lot of things to a lot of people. but it means everything for the fans of the mavericks who must win. the warriors try to flip the script, up 2-0 and a clangs to go 3-0, and they have help from all kinds of folks in the roster. how about the game two star, kevon loony? >> he has always been a guy we can trust in the playoffs. and to have him now, i don't know where we would be without
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him. >> looney was so good, the crowd broke out the mvp chant. >> i hadn't thrown a free throw, and i'm trying to focus on the free throw. it was cool. >> to be able to see the team, going in the fourth quarter. >> do you know when the last time you scored 20 points in a game was? >> probably college. >> january 8, 2015. looney dropped 28 points in a win in his stanford years versus ucla. and they grew up ten miles apart in milwaukee. >> the little kid in me is so excited. i grew up watching loon. i love playing with loon. i played against him when i was young. he 440. so i had would rather be on his team. >> looney played in all 82 regular season games to step in,
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to be a huge contributor like he was on friday. in dallas, vern glenn, kpix 5. >> all right, switching to golf and will zal tor ris, was all agone. and 9, tiger woods, bunker shot is plugged in the front lip. woods shot a 79. his first round even in the pga and he will withdraw too to leg pair. pereira. on 10, the par putt misses i inches. and belmont native will zalatoris. and on 13, sinks a birdie putt to tie for the lead. pereira, takes the lead back with birdies on 13, and 14, the
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27-foot birdie. matthew fitzpatrick, he's in the rice as well in the final round. all right, baseball, this is multitasking, smoking a heater and he heats up his arm. speaking of smoking, manny machado, no score, not anymore. solo shot. rodan, good start. the giants offense, missing for most of the game. held scoreless through seven innings and top eight we go, down 2-0. wilmer flores, see ya. could the giants pull off the comeback? they almost did last night, and again, almost today. ninth inning, gonzalez looks at it. a nice pitch there. giants lose, 2-1. that's a look at sports.
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over to you guys. >> thank you, charlie. >> this just in,
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for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked
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as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. all right, so we want to bring you breaking news right now. this just in, we learned minutes ago a fire burning in solano county outside of vacaville is prompbting evacuation orders. >> the evacuation order is north of vacaville for north of quail
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canyon road, to 128. we will have more on this at 6:00 tonight. cbs evening news is next. >> we will see you for a f captioning sponsored by cbs >> diaz: tonight, extreme weather. a snowstorm slams the west, traffic on colorado's i-70 ht rl as spring gets scorched. the wildfire threat in several states critical, this as the dath toll rises in michigan after a catastrophic tornado strike. >> i'm michael george with the extreme weather from coast to coast. >> diaz: also tonight, special delivery, the u.s. military is enlisted today flying the first pallettes of baby formula from germany to the u.s. president biden visits allies in asia, with china flexing and north korea lurking. i'm nancy cordes in south korea. ashi


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