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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 22, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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two people are dead, two hospitalized after a taxi swerves into a sidewalk in san francisco. in just 12 hours from now, the next red flag warning goes into effect in solano county, and it includes an area where we've already seen a firebreak out over the weekend. the forecast on that and our warm-up coming up. game three of the western conference finals with the warriors. so did they or didn't they? ♪ and carnival back in san francisco. we'll take you behind the scenes of a local dance troop as they get ready to perform. good evening. i'm julianne goodrich. >> san francisco police are investigating a deadly collision between a taxi cab and
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pedestrians. it happened on mission and third near the yerba buena center for the arts. police say the taxi crashed into another car, and that caused the cab to hit some people on the sidewalk. two women were killed. two worst injured, and cops say it was a freak accident. >> we rarely see any incidents like this in the downtown area, especially at this time of the day. we will be working with the municipal transportation agency to see if traffic and engineering could be a factor. >> police say drugs and alcohol don't appear to be involved. there is no word if there was a passenger inside the taxi. the theater section has been closed down as police continue to investigate. time to lighten the mood a tad. a big night for the warriors as the team is now one win away from the nba finals after beating the mavericks in game three. >> kpix 5's vern glenn with more on the victory tonight.
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hey, vern. >> all right there, brian. we're inside american airlines center where you thought that there was a basketball game in here. if you look behind me, the floor is gone, everything is gone, the cleanup crew is here. they're getting ready for a new kids on the block concert tomorrow night. but it was certainly a show earlier today. you got the warriors battle tested. free future hall of famers on the team. they were tested by the mavericks. but the scoring punch of one man for the maverick, not enough. take a look at how charles barkley, the analyst, showed up to the game today. riding a horse, pregame. let's go to the final minute of the third -- wow. curry, a deep three made it 78-64. steph led golden state. fourth quarter, andrew wiggins, that's just nasty. posterize luka doncic with a jam that folks will be talking about for quite some time.
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27 points for wiggins. warriors win it 109-100 to take a 3-0 series lead as they are one win away from getting back to the nba finals. >> steph, when you take a look at that box score, what stibs out to you? >> 109-100. >> i love the position we're in. i love the fact that our team came in and got the win tonight. this was the one we felt like we had to get. >> it's just a feel that you have in these series coming off a win like we had last game. you know if you can come in and play good basketball and you can essentially put a team away tonight. now this team isn't going quit. >> all right. game four is tuesday night back here at 6:00 pacific time. it takes 16 wins to get an nba title. the warriors so far in the
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play-offs, they've got 11. so they are climbing. they're gaining. they're getting closer. but they got to keep on doing what they did tonight. we'll have more coming up on game day, and that is going to be a show to watch. >> absolutely. >> back to you in san francisco. >> okay, thanks. >> vern, thank you. even though the warriors are on the road, back here in the bay, thrive city was still electric. >> kpix 5's betty yu has that story. >> erupted with cheers tonight as the warriors dominated the mavs. and immediately following the game, the party is still going on. i've already heard some rumb rumblings of a sweep. >> warriors in four! >> after tonight's win, these fans are confident the dubs can finish the western conference finals in four. >> i have yet to go to a game where they have lost. i've always been to a game and they won. >> you're a lucky charm. >> yes. my streak is still good. >> reporter: the fans just couldn't contain their
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excitement over tonight's win. and the team's 3-0 lead over the mavs. >> i've been a warriors fan for over 35 years or more. i grew up right across the street from the coliseum. >> reporter: ramon watkins was cheering on the warriors when they didn't have multiple championships to their name. >> real fan is somebody that is a die-hard warrior fan that is with us since giving ow tickets for free at the coliseum. i've been a fan ever since then. >> ready, go! >> reporter: warriors hype man says tonight's crowd might be the biggest yet. >> 20 years that i've been here as a hype man for the golden state warriors, i feel like every game, every round, every watch party is on another level. the decibels are higher. people are flooding in from all over the bay area. >> reporter: warriors dj dee
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sharp got fans dancing throughout the evening. they had activities including the hair braiding and face painting stations. even i got in on the 360 fan cam. at thrive city, bettypix 5.>> well, nobody does it like betty. turning to our fire coverage, the national weather service has issued a red flag warning starting tomorrow for part of the bay area. this as the quail fire continues to burn in solano county. >> darren peck has our first alert weather and wind and red flag warning. >> it's going to be winding tomorrow, but it's really tuesday morning when the winds pick up. let's spotlight where the issue is. first of all, read the fine print there greatest threat west side of the sacramento valley, which also happens to be where the quail fire. solano county included in this as is the rest of the sacramento valley. that's where the quail fire started yesterday.
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and just to come in for closer look at how things are going the play out there, the wind's going to pick up in two waves on this. the first one is tomorrow morning. you see the screen light up. those are northerly winds. that's like a 20 to 25-miles-per-hour gust. there is the quail fire. that's tomorrow morning. but tuesdorni scree dierent.look a lot see a lot purple and mh bigger . that's real strong surge of offshore winds which will not only fan the flames out there that are still out there on that quail fire. they've done a good job of getting a handle on it. there are still ember there's. this will not help. but it's also going to be a kearney where else along the west side of the sacramento county and solano county. the other headline in tonight's first forecast, what might be the main headline for the majority of us, the big warm-up coming our way on tuesday. we'll see that in few minutes, guys. back over to you. ♪ after a brief break, carnivale is taking to the streets again.
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now dancers are practicing for their big dance in the mission. >> what it takes to put on a big show. >> reporter: on a cold and windy day in san francisco's presidio, it's the drumbeats and the dance that brings on the heat. ♪ it's rehearsal day for a multigenerational dance and percussion company based in the mission. with 200 member, it will be one of carnival's largest contingents when it makes a comeback to san francisco streets this year. and leading the way will be the group senior members known as the bionas. josephine ortiz has danced in almost every ball since 1981. for her it brings together the physical and spirit world. >> the connection to the ancestry of africa and the indigenous peoples.
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>> 2019 saw the last full carnival parade. since then, it's been isolation and zoom rehearsals, which don't translate well to music and dance that's meant to be share and felt in person. >> we have been in a pandemic for two years, and it has meant a lot of loss for performing artists. >> the group's co-director -- >> we have learned other new skills, but we just can't wait to get out there and do it. >> reporter: as you see, this is a very large group, and the opportunity doesn't come around very often for them to rehearse or practice on a normal-sized street. fortunately, this street became available on the presidio grounds, which is the approximate width of the same mission streets they will be parading on. >> it's totally different because we are practicing in dance classes with mirrors in front and studios. and it's a whole different culture to bring it out to carnival. it's another great blessing and
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opportunity that has opened up. and we've been welcomed here by the studio trust to really come and have a practice here. so now we're going to be a little more prepared. >> that includes conditioning for the big event. this session was three hours long, nonstop music and dancing. and here it's sometimes wisdom and experience over youth and energy. >> my mom also told me you have to like you're a amazonian warrior. >> myra got her daughter fatima interested in brazilian dance, and they will be dancing their first carnival together. >> i was pulling her. now when she hear the drums, you know, like ah, you get the energy. >> the drums and the energy, all part of the carnival tradition coming back to the streets of san francisco. len ramirez, kpix 5. >> and you can catch our live coverage of the carnival parade next sunday on cbs news bay area starting at 10:00 a.m.
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and still ahead here on kpix 5 at 11:00, a san francisco cyclist killed in texas. now u.s. marshals are trying to track down her killer. plus some scary moments when a bull goes rogue and actually jumps into the crowd at the redding rodeo th
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new at 11:00, u.s. marshals say a san francisco woman has been found dead in austin, texas. as page hubbard reports, now marshals are searching for the woman they say shot and killed her. >> i think it's a bad tragedy. >> reporter: michael harris lives just across the street from where anna moriah wilson lost her life. those who knew her best called her mo. wilson was staying with a friend while preparing for a bicycling racement she was last seen alive on surveillance video being dropped off at the home by a local professional psych cyclist, collin strickland who never went inside. >> it's quiet over here. >> reporter: during the investigation, surveillance video showed a black jeep cherokee drove past the house just one minute after wilson went inside. investigators later saw the same vehicle in the driveway. it reveals the suspect kalen armstrong who he was in a relationship with. >> looking into kalen, she
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doesn't have any criminal history. she has a little light involvement in the state of california. and came here to texas and is residing here with her boyfriend. >> reporter: deputy u.s. marshall brandon fila says on may 12, he was brought in for questioning but apd wasn't able to get probable cause until may 18th. when she spoke with the detective, she couldn't explain why her suv was the area. >> if she thought or knew she was going to be wanted for this, she probably had a five-day head start. >> reporter: strickland tells police she made statements expressing a desire to kill wilson. investigators say armstrong was the only person with access to the gun used in the crime, which was bought by strickland. law officials are now asking for the public's help to find her. >> kalen is driving a black jeep grand cherokee with the texas license plate lbz 5608. that vehicle is registered to kaitlan armstrong, and that
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vehicle is still outstanding. it has not been located. and we strongly believe that kaitlan is still using the jeep for her primary transportation. well, you haven't seen anything like this before. fairly incredible video out of redding, where a bucking bronco took the show into the stands. this happened during the end of e running event at the redding rodeo on friday night. take a look at that. the bull bucks the rider off, but then continues to freely buck around, and then the bull jumps into the stands, into the crowds. six people were struck, and one person was sent to the hospital. spectator that took the video said he never expected a show like that one. >> that old adage this ain't your first rodeo. this was my first rodeo. they explained it over the loudspeakers as a couple of scrapes and bruises. which i think is what you say in the rodeo. you never acknowledge there was any catastrophe. all part of the plan. >> the bull, fit to be tied, finally was, almost half a mile
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away from the grounds. the people who were injured are expected to be okay. oh my goodness. i guess you're just supposed to say that, just a couple of scrapes. got to get back on that horse. >> just one person went to the hospital. everybody at least was okay. it does whora s >> it ain't my first rodeo. >> thoughts to those people who it was their first time at the rodeo. >> exactly. we talk about the red flag warning. let's talk about the other issue. it's going to get hot. noticeably hot by tuesday. that's the focus of tonight's first alert forecast. that's what we don't want you get too caught offguard by. we're near records on tuesday afternoon. it's going to be noticeably hotter than it was today. the current numbers now, mid- to upper 50s. although santa rosa is a warm 67. but if we talk about being warmer than average, there is a unique way to visualize that if you look at the weekend, the map sheer shows shades of yellow and orange where you are a little warmer than average.
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it's much colder than average where they're talking about snow in colorado. watch how things change going into tuesday for us. now it looks like a big sore thumb. the deeper the shade of orange shows where temperatures get as much as 20 degrees above average. so a little perspective. what's average any way? inland valleys. 79 would be an average high for this time of year. look what we're going to do. 97 degrees by the time we get to tuesday. a couple of things about that. this will likely be the hottest so far of the year. not above terribly where we've been with a few other heat spikes. we're going to be near records when we do that, and it's going to come on fast. and it's not going to be felt equally bay area wide. instead of looking at inland valleys, let's come back in to the bay shoreline. oakland, we'll use you as an example. 68 would be the average for oakland the next few days. we're going to be way above average, in the low 80s. it's not going to be as opp
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oppressively hot. you're going to notice 82 in oakland, don't get me wrong. but not like 96 in concord. daytime highs tomorrow are already a little warmer than today. so we're already notching things up a bit. monday is kind of like the slow work up to tuesday. and to go along with that red flag warning, by the way, the winds are going to pick up in the mountains bay area wide. but this is one of the scenarios where it gets real windy in the mountains, and we virtually don't notice a thing at the lower elevations where we all live. there are our 30-miles-an-hour gusts on tuesday when we hit the peak time of concern on the west side of the valley, solano county that's for you. in fact, right over the quail fire. but look at what the humidity is doing at that time. this is why we've got the red flag warning. winds and we're down to single digits that is very dry air. thankfully, it doesn't last long. and you'll see in the seven-day forecast, even that warm-up san jose. you have to go to the low 90s for a couple of days.
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it doesn't last long. you'll come back down into the low 70s by the time we get to the next weekend. just in time for next weekend. same for our microclimate. going to be hot for the inland valleys. like three degrees shy of 100 hot on tuesday. but we cool down in time for next weekend. but saturday and sunday leading into monday, three-day weekend. memorial day coming up. and the weather is going to be a lot nicer by the time we get there. all right, guys. >> coming up next, how a san francisco pop-up is working to fight food waste. straight ahead on game day, the western conference finals is happening in baseball, it's happened in hockey, but never has a team come from 3-0 down to win a series. that is the state that the warriors control. one win away from the nba finals. we're going talk about it and break it all down after the newscast.
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
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well, an online grocery is on a mission to eliminate food waste. >> imperfect foods hosted its first ever food waste week in san francisco. >> yes.
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imperfect foods hosted its first ever food waste week. did you just say that? the pop-up was it. spark social in the mission. >> always nice to hear it again. >> yes. the event educates consumers on food waste and also teaches them how to reduce food waste at home. organizers tell us one food waste tip you can do at home is right here. >> don't just use the tops of the broccoli. use the stems. use your potato peels and sharing they can have an impact with those small steps. >> pop-up trucks had their own wasteless menu using imperfect food and ingredients. coming up on kpix 5 and screaming on cbs news bay area, uc berkeley is ready for its close-up. dolts on what movie is being filmed on campus.
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sore's supreme keep its crown for the third week in a row? >> brian, i do not know. but we have the weekend box office countdown. >> the psychological horror film "men" debuted in fifth place with $3.3 million. $3.9 million gave sonic the hedgehog 2 fourth place in a domestic total of $181 million. the bad guys a third place finish. >> apparently they're making the wrong sort of film. >> downtown on the abbey. three in a row for dr. strange and the multiverse of madness, a hualalai of $31.6 million giving it a domestic total of $342 million. uc berkeley's campus is being used for a set for an up and coming christopher nolan
11:29 pm
movie. here is a look at the set on campus from friday. some vintage cars parked along campanile way. the film is called oppenheimer, and it is based on the life of physicist oppenheimer. he taught at berkeley from 1929 to 1943 and later helped develop the atomic bomb as part of the manhattan project. >> and we'll be right back.
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a mountain lion cub rescued in san mateo county continuing her recovery tonight. vets at the oakland zoo they rose is doing well and is becoming more comfortable with human interaction. she is also gaining weight in a steady healthy way. >> and is apparently in total love. >> i think she is in love with the keeper. >> she was or and if, rescued by hikers actually in san mateo county last month and taken to the oakland zoo so she can get help and love. >> and fall in love. rose and the keeper. >> she is plotting her escape. >> no. >> they found the one picture of
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the mountain lion where it looked doting. >> true. thank you so much for watching.
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this is "game day" on kpix 5. >> it is "game day" coming to you from downtown dallas.
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american airlines center where the warriors tonight put on yet another show. somehow they outplayed, outrebounded, and just got it done. we're going to have full highlights, breakdown analysis, i got my man charlie walter in san francisco to help us lead it off. >> let's start things off, get right to the highlights. why waste any time? the mavericks were saddled up and ready to go. there's charles barclay riding in. first quarter. steph curry. the double comes. skip pass over to draymond. skip to my little andrew wiggins. sends it home with a kiss off the glass. ws the 7-point lead. final seconds of the first. doncic, he's dangerous at the buzzer. luka got it. ws led 25-22 after one. luka had 40. mavs continued the run in the second. dorian finney-smith, give him all three. dallas had the lead


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