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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 23, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, red flag warnings now in effect in parts of the bay area. i'm amanda starrantino. >> let's get to meteorologist, jessica burch, with more on this. >> let's start with current temperatures. we're above average this week. 82. 81 in concord. day time highs expected to get into the upper 80s, even 90s. the big weather story for us right now is the red flag warning. we dealt with this last week. this is a repeat of that. we're dealing with offshore winds. and that's very, very bad for a multitude of reasons actually. we're drying up a lot.
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relative humidity is dropping to around 5%. this afternoon, notice that we're around 15% near vacaville today but by tomorrow we drop to around 9% in the afternoon. we dry up significantly and we're dealing with winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour. back to you. >> thank you. chopper 5 over the aftermath of a 2 alarm fire at a condo complex in marin county. fire crews appeared to be assessing the damage there on the roof. this is on south drive along the creek. a fire chief tells the marin ij, as many as 15 people may have been displaced. the fire broke out around 10:00 in the morning and crews put out most of the flames by 11:00. damage was contained to two units. the quell fire is 90% contained. no evacuation orders are in place right now. it's burning in the same area as the 2020 lightning fires.
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neighbors tell kpix 5 this was started from a weed wacker. just one win. that's all golden state needs to get back to the finals. >> they are up 3 games to none on the dallas mavericks. after winning last night 109-100. the peak of that game, this dunk right there. boom. yep, andrew wiggins really was the dunk felt around the world. it almost didn't count. the refs first called a foul on wiggins before a successful challenge. the energy from the fans may be feeling the dubs while they're all the way in dallas. >> yet to go to a game where they have lost. i've always came to a game and they won. >> you're a lucky charm. >> yes. >> game four, tomorrow night at
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6:00. if golden state wins, they are on to the finals. ♪ this warriors megafan prayed for a game three win last night and thankfully got what he wanted. he says the team has gotten him through many hardships in life. kpix reporter da len made a visit to his famous blue and cold. >> there are a lot of warriors fans across the globe, but this may be the only fan who painted the town blue and golden yellow. it's a house that stands out along 35th street and west oakland. aside from the warriors team colors, a handful of flags drape the front of the house. even stephen curry appeared in the music video filmed in front of the house. curry even played a role in saving the house when the homeowner faced foreclosure two years ago.
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he is proud to show case his love for the wars. as the warriors prepared for game three, loi spent the morning at his church, rising star missionary church, to pray for a win. he says, don't underestimate the power of prayers. >> thank you, every day. more super powers. i got god in me. good people. give me super powers. >> reporter: he believes church and warriors basketball have helped him through many tragedies over the years. the loss of his teenage son to cancer, the deaths of his two brothers in 2016, and the passing of his mother in 2019. >> some stuff he was going through at the time, and sports is what he leans on. he watched the games to get away from the negative things. >> reporter: loi says watching the game gives him an escape from all the pain. >> you don't know what i've been through. you don't know what i prayed
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through. >> reporter: life is far from perfect, but the lessons from church have kept him stay grounded. >> stay focused. stay focused. stay humble. >> reporter: and that's also his message for the warriors. stay focused and play with toughness. >> we're going to win. i'm ready for the parade. >> reporter: in west oakland, i'm da len, kpix 5. and new at noon we're going to take a quick check at the big board. dow's up, in the green 650 points. south bay lawmaker is highlighting the costs of gun violence. santa clara county supervisor sidney chavez says gun related incidents are costing the county $72 million a year. she is basing that figure on an interim report on the public costs. this includes the response by police and paramedics, medical care, and criminal justice proceedings. and here is a live look at a news conference with supervisor chavez and an assistant d.a.
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chavez, who is running for mayor of san jose, backs a regulation of firearms. and in san francisco the d.a. is joining a lawsuit aimed at stopping the sell of ghost gun kits. kits designed for home assembly often do not meet safety standards. those guns also do not have serial numbers. a lawsuit filed on friday seeks a preliminary injunction against manufacturers and retailers. this man is a coplaintiff. now to the coronavirus, pfizer reports encouraging results from vaccinations of small children. the drug maker says three child-sized doses generated a strong immune response in kids between six months and five years old. the pfizer trial involved nearly 1,700 children who got a third dose during the omicron surge. the fda plans to meet next month about authorizing vaccines for young kids. students in berkeley public
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schools are masking up in class again. now on what that adjustment will be like. >> reporter: masking up in many places is no longer a requirement, but students and teachers will be whipping out those masks again in the berkeley school district. superintendent brent stevens told us this was a recommendation by the city's health officer because of the high levels of covid in the school community. covid cases got so bad recently the district has been able to only cover half of the teacher absences with substitute teachers. the district is also requiring masking at all indoor school events, even when they are off-campus. superintendent stevens asked district staff to move back to zoom meetings when possible and move scheduled indoor events outdoors. >> there are a set of mitigations that have been in place and continue to be in place during this surge. and that includes ample availability of testing. we're taking the extra step of sending home at-home test kits with all of our seniors and
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asking that they test prior to their participation in graduation activities. >> reporter: students will have to wear those masks indoors through the end of the school year. again, masks will be required even during graduation ceremonies. in the newsroom, justin andrews, kpix 5. the national shortage of baby formula could begin to ease this week. an air force cargo carried enough for half a million bottles. d distribution to hospitals and clinics is underway. a second flight is scheduled to leave germany soon. familiar sights and sounds are coming back to the mission for cairn carnival. >> a push to put teenage mental health front and center. how one grand mothe some questions about why
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the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
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♪ after a covid break, carnaval is taking to the streets again. dancers are practicing for their big moment in the mission. >> len ramirez shows us what it takes to put on the big show. >> reporter: on a cold and windy day in san francisco's presidio, it's the drum beats and the dance that brings on the heat. it's rehearsal day for a multigenerational brazilian dance and percussion company based in the mission. with 200 members, it will be one of carnaval's largest contingents when it makes a comeback to san francisco streets this year.
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and leading the way will be the group's senior members. josephine ortiz has danced in almost every carnaval since 1981. for her, it brings together the physical and spiritual world. >> -- are the connection to the ancestry of africa and the indigenous peoples. >> reporter: 2019 saw the last full carnaval parade. since then, it's been isolation and zoom rehearsals, which don't translate well to music and dance that's meant to be shared and felt in person. >> we have been in a pandemic for two years, and it has meant a lot of loss for performing artists. >> reporter: betsy is the codirector. >> we've learned new skills. we can't wait to get out there and do it. >> reporter: as you can see, this is a very large group, and the opportunity doesn't come around very often for them to rehearse or practice on a normal
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sized street. this became available on the presidio grounds, which is approximately the same mid as the mission streets they will be parading on. >> it's totally different because we are practicing in dance classes with mirrors in front and studios, and it's a whole different culture to bring it out to carnaval. so, it's really, again, another great blessing and opportunity that has opened up. and we've been welcomed here to come and really have a practice here. so, now we're going to be a little bit more prepared. >> reporter: that includes conditioning for the big event. this session was three hours long, non-stop music and dancing. and here, it's sometimes wisdom and experience over youth and energy. >> my mom also told me, like, you're a warrior. and that kind of gives you another type of mindset. >> reporter: this woman got her daughter interested in brazilian dance, and they will be dancing their first carnaval together. >> it was like pulling hair but
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now she hears the drum, oh, you get the energy. >> reporter: the drums and the energy, all part of the carnaval tradition coming back to the streets of san francisco. len ramirez, kpix 5. >> catch the coverage sunday at 10:00 a.m. let's get over to first alert meteorologist jessica burch. >> let's start off with current temperatures, len. it is a warm day for us, no matter where you live in the pay. 80s in concord, upper 60s in oakland. we talked about this, the red flag warning. fun fact, it just got extended. now this is going all throughout today, torrow, ending 11:00 on wednesday. this is for the sacramento valley primarily but also solano county. gusts anywhere up to 35 miles per hour. this is what we're expecting
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into the evening hours. the on shore flow still very consistent. if you live in the santa rosa area all the way down into san bruno, we are dealing with the on shore flow 20 to 30 miles per hour. i want you to pay attention in concord and fairfield. notice the winds are pushing offshores. that's the reason the national weather service issued this red flag warning. with relative humidity dropping below 10%, it's fire weather conditions in a nutshell. let's take a step back. tonight there's a mets versus giants game. first pitch is around 6:45. we're expecting mostly clear conditions, 62 degrees. and day time highs today, more 80s in sight for the santa clara valley, heading off into the trivalley, more upper 80s near walnut creek. heading into the bay, beautiful upper 60s near sacramento. we're about to jump ten degrees from today into tomorrow. let's take a quick look at that. it is going to be a very toasty next couple of days for us.
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we're still warming up just into tuesday and wednesday. as we take a look at the east inland bay as well as the north bay, we get close to the triple digits. by tuesday lots of sunshine for us. just to cool right back down for thursday and friday. if you have any outdoor activities for this weekend, at least it's going to be nice and moderate compared to yom t ywea >>ro at ouch. >> yeah. >> thank you. up next, a grand mother's mission to save lives. >> if one family -- just one -- doesn't have to go through the pain and anguish that my family has gone through. >> her efforts to fix a mental health crisis among teens now getting attention at the nation's capitol. and coming up on our streaming service, cbs news bay area, we have a live update of your local headlines. plus another look at your first alert weather forecast. you can watch our stream whenever wherever
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welcome back. new cdc data points to a growing problem in the country's high schools. >> more than 40% of high school students reported feeling constantly sad and helpless. the crisis is a focus on capitol hill. here is natalie brandt.
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>> reporter: darlene henderson, beloved granddaughter, angel, in the fall of 2020. >> i wish she would have been able to talk. >> reporter: the high school senior is one of 30 students within the clarke county school district who died by suicide since the pandemic began. >> the pandemic, the online schooling, you know, that isolation was probably a contributing factor. >> we want to do everything we can to prevent those deaths. >> reporter: senator jacky rosen of nevada and senator lisa murkowski of alaska had introduced a bipartisan bill to providfederal funding to substance abuse and mental health services administration to public schools k-12. currently that money is only available for colleges and universities. >> and a teacher could be a first line of defense.
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>> anybody that works in a school should be trained to recognize the signs of distress for the students that would be in their age group at that school. >> often times, it is just even knowing -- even knowing that there is an issue there. if a child doesn't -- doesn't feel comfortable sharing this with a parent or another adt -- really wasn't sure if anything was wrong. >> reporter: for years, alaska teen, clair, kept her pain hidden from her family. >> it was dark. it was really difficult. i kept doubting my experience. and at the time, i was self-harming. >> reporter: she's now 19, found healing at the anchorage based -- >> it's very therapeutic to talk about what you go through. >> reporter: raniere hopes the
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similar proposed bill would soon fund schools nationwide. >> if one family, just one, doesn't have to go through the pain and anguish that my family has gone through -- >> a grandmother's urgent plea for action to honor her granddaughter and help other young people. natalie brandt, cbs news, washington. >> senators rosen and murkowski say they hope votes can happen on their bills this year. lawmakers also are working on a different bill to get more mental health counselors in schools. stco,in of lunc what about pizza with a little something-something extra. >> careful what you wish for here. wait until you hear the mystery ingredient
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well, the nationwide shortage of baby formulas has scammers busy. coming up on the news at 3:00, the better business bureau joins us with what you need to look for. the national weather service is on top of it. this red flag warning, if you're just tuning in now, just got extended until wednesday, 11:00 a.m. on wednesday. we're still dealing with dry conditions, strong winds. on the bright side, once we head into thursday and friday, we cool off a lot. partly cloudy skies returning to the forecast. even though we're getting close to the triple digits tomorrow, we cool down a lot into the rest of the weekend.
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all right. when you get pizza a lot of the time, you'll wash it down with soda, but not like this. >> pepsi decided to launch a pepsi roni pizza. pepsi worked with the culinary institute of america to develop a pepperoni made with their soda. people who have had it say it adds a citrusy sweetness to the pizza. this actually sounds good. >> i'm not mad at it. poert night? >> yeah, tonight. door dash? >> let's do uber eats.
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♪♪ >> hope: so, you and steffy told kelly and hayes, i mean, how are they doing, are they okay? >> liam: thanks, um, yeah, they-- they're okay. it was, uh, yeah, it was tough. we had to tell them that, um, finn isn't-- he's not coming home, but he's always going to be with us. and honestly, i think that part was harder on steffy and me, than it was for the kids. but i co-- i could see kelly processing. >> hope: i'm sorry. that-- that must have been really tough. for all of you. >> liam: still can't believe any of this. ♪♪


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