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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 24, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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. is he looking to the future, it's difficult to find good news. >> now at 11:00, temperatures rising and so is the fire danger, experts tell us what to expect heading into the hottest
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months. >> tomorrow we can expect temperatures over 100 degrees in the east part of the state. >> conservation numbers could prompt new water restriction. >> this is an absolute crisis and need to act like it. >> the plan up for vote tomorrow that could impact hundreds of thousand of bay residents. >> san josé residents, employees could lose their job we investigate how it happened. >> streaming on the news bay area, we're on the fire watch. bay area crews have their hands full today and it's only going to get hotter tomorrow. >> joining us now, a look at warm temperatures could approach triple digits. >> yeah, in various parts of the east bay and almost in the north bay, so it's fairly widespread, even that may not hit record levels, but we don't have to hit record levels, it's going to be
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plenty hot. let me show you exactly where it could happen, tomorrow, for instance in the east bay, fair field and pittsburgh and the numbers will be at or near 100 degrees. brentwood, 102, santa rosa almost triple digits. elsewhere in the east bay plenty warm as well, with numbers in the mid 90s on average, in the east bay on tuesday and wednesday, but then the numbers really do begin to come down and that is the other headline. if you're looking for things to cool off, that will happen bay-wide on thursday. state will have the latest on the red flag warnings and heat advisories as we cover the forecast, first, back to liz. >> faive acre fire that affecte wine country around howl mountain, one of several fires that popped up across the bay area today and fire scientists tell kpix 5, get used to it. >> telling me, firefighting
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training exercises for the next few days as we're expecting temperatures well into the 90s. experts say these type of conditions are going to last into the winter. >> just about 91 acres burned in the remote area, a full response was sent to this fire with lots of help from above. the director of the wildfire research center at san josé research center said you can expect many more wildfires in the next month. >> right now, the amount of water content in the plants is 20% below normal. >> the biggest concern is as these grass fires turn into wildfires and areas with heavy brush, professor allison bridger with san josé state says the bay area will be in some state of fire danger at least until the first winter storm. >> every single hot, dry, breezy day from now on is going to be a little nerve-racking from a fire
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weather point of view. >> the bay area luckily has the marine influence to provide some relief, but the overall outlook does not look good at all. >> if you look into the future, it's difficult to find good news as far as the warming and the drying and the wildfire activity is concerned. >> the one piece of good news may be that pgne started a plans to bury power lines under ground, director craig clemens said it's critical to take away sources of ignition. >> burial of power lines is going to make a big impact on the risk, or the fire risk in regions where they're susceptible to strong winds. >> in concord. >> the state's deepening drought fueling that fire danger, as kpix 5 reports, if californiians don't cut back a lot and soon,
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they won't like what comes next. >> we don't do the dishwasher anymore than we have to -- >> in the midst of unrelenting drought, california could be on the brink of a water crack down. >> it's an absolute crisis and we need to act like it and alter a little more. >> state-wide water restrictions could be on the way if residents don't cut back and some local agencies are getting a head start. >> what we're asking is for everyone to do their best for us to achieve 50%. we're all in this together, we know some folks have been much more than others but we know some still have a ways they can go. >> santa clara valley water authority will vote tuesday on its first ever program to find repeat offenders who violate outdoor water use restrictions, say the drought caused compounding issues locally. >> when the water becomes more scarce and we're trying to buy emergency water on the open market, seeing prices going up and up and up in order to purchase water. with anderson reservoir totally down and totally empty its
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absolutely to purchase emergency water on open market. >> but enforcement is a key issue. valley water already called on the governor for more funding to make it happen. >> it's going to take a lot of effort from the water agency side and also from the state to make sure that it is possible to enforce it on a state-wide level. >> it isn't exactly clear when these restrictions could go into effect. but, governor newsom plans to meet with water agencies again in the next couple of months. in san francisco, i'm sarah donchi, kpix 5. >> tonight, investigators say jealousy may have motivated the murder of an elite san francisco ps cyclist, 25-year-old anna mariah wilson, shot and killed this month. experts say she and the female suspect were recently in a relationship with the same man. her family maintains she wasn't seeing anyone at the time. tonight, her friends are stunned. >> she loved the sport, clearly,
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and put herself into it 100%. cycling is a selfish pursuit but she is very giving. >> she was there with confidence but also very humble, would never stand above other. >> nation-wide man hunt now under way for caitlin armstrong, her car seen on surveillance video driving past the murder scene. >> live look at san josé where mayor is publicly policing the police department, explains after a pair of city employees were accused of misconduct but somehow stayed on the job. >> san josé police department faced a number of scandals in the past weeks and controversy now focuses on one of those officers as well as another city employee. >> it's clear that something failed with regard to each of these two cases and we must do better. >> another week, another press
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conference with san josé mayor ricardo and the police department. >> we want them too feel comfortable and safe and got to respond immediately. >> two city employees left on the job after being accused of sexual misconduct. former inspector was accused of using his position to request bribes from the massage parlor, first received complaints from behavior in 2018 but stayed on the job until november, 2020, when he was arrested. last week gary was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison. other incident involved san joée police officer matthew mendez accused of sexual assault at a party in campbell and accused of exposing himself to mother and daughter when responding to a call in april. >> we had information about the seriousness of conduct and individuals continued to serve
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in public facing roles. >> mayor wanted wacity manager investigate and how to deal with these cases in the future so those accused with such acts would not be allowed to work with the public until the investigation is over. something the city manager and police chief say they welcome. >> we're going to look at our processes, how we can improve that, to avoid these type of situations in the future. >> the city manager says she wants the city council to vote on and proposals to make sure the process is transparent and also inclusive. in san josé, katie nielsen, kpix 5. >> within the last half hour, mayor announced he did test positive for covid earlier tonight, mayor's office says he's vaccinated, not experiencing severe symptoms as of right now. still ahead tonight, unusual health warning, why the cdc is concerned about the possible spread of monkey pox, tied to pride celebration.
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and a return this week, how organizers used a pandemic pause to create a program that's still helping bay area families. and the warriors can leave dallas tomorrow as western conference champions. getting ready for the golden state sweep.
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♪♪ [children playing outside] reynolds wrap makes it easy to cook and clean up meals in no time. ♪♪ [food sizzle] so i don't miss all the fun stuff. [whoosh] [splash] easy prep, cook and clean. with reynolds wrap. tonight, health officials sounding the alarm about monkey
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pox heading into next month's pride festivities, cdc monitoring five confirmed or suspected cases in the eastern u.s. the disease produces flu-like symptoms along with a blistering rash. it usually requires, quote, personal contact to spread and while anyone can contract it, the cdc says many of the global cases so far have been among guy or bisexual men. while they are stressing awareness, health experts say there is no reason to panic during a 2003 outbreak of monkey pox here in the u.s. 47 people became ill, nobody died. tonight, much needed relief among a nation-wide baby formula short indianapolis, 45 tons of prescription formula arrived from formula, specialized batch goes to infants who cannot drink cows milk, another 114 pallets said to arrive wednesday, experts say finding formula on store shelves will remain a challenge in the weeks ahead.
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♪ san francisco returns this weekend and kpix is a proud sponsor, parade and festival were canceled during the pandemic but organizers quickly shifted gears and took on a new mission. >> kpix 5 shows us a program that is still launching today. >> alberto perez recalled unloading huge boxes of food for needy families at the start of the pandemic. >> when the pandemic first started, it was very scary. our community was very impacted by it. >> thousands of people lined up for free groceries, but the mission food hub, every week. >> rice, masa -- >> alberto wasn't just a
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volunteer, his family was hurting too. >> mom lost her job, it was very hard for my family to provide. >> in fact, five adults in his household of seven lost their job so after his volunteer shift, the 19-year-old would take home fresh fruit and vegetables to feed them and their neighbors. >> coming here to the food hub was like medicine, coming here where community can come together and help each other out. >> started the mission food hub after getting numerous calls from the family who were laid off and desperate to feed their families. >> food to me is sacred and i know the value of food, having -- you know, and so, i know that it gives you hope. and that's what we know done is giving people hope that we're going to get through this pandemic. >> roberto, sponsors shift their
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funds to the mission food hub when the annual festival was canceled in 2020 and he partnered with the latino cap force to provide rental assistance, vaccines and testic f for low income families in the district. he said the system prevented his family from becoming homeless. >> you either lose your home or don't have the resources to provide for your family, so the mission hub helped me and families not just with mental health but keeping nourished as well. >> and that focus on eating healthy inspired roberto, he started his own small business last year -- organic fresco drip, makes organic cold pressed juices using fresh produce from local farmers. >> really sparked the light in me in making fresh juices and just to see him at an event, selling his juices was like man,
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like, oh my god. >> thank to see the supportive roberto and the mission food help, alberto is now feeding the community in a fresh new way, in san francisco, sharon, kpix 5. >> mission food hub continues to feed about 9,000 families a week. >> amazing organization, and accepts donations towards groceries and pet food. catch live coverage of the parade sunday at 10:00 a.m. on cbs news bay area. bryan hackney, getting ready for that big heat-up. >> oh, you've heard? >> oh -- >> i don't know what it was, we just got this inkling. >> i have succeeded. yes it's going to be hot tomorrow and pretty much hot on wednesday too, changes ahead but in the mean time, things to worry about, that is the headline, heat inland. tomorrow, it's just really going to get warm quickly. starts 65 a degrees at 7:00 a.m., by noon, already up to 88 and 3:00 p.m., temperature
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spikes to 99. so it will be fast-rising temperatures tomorrow. red flag warnings posted as a result. and there's also heat advisories in the identifiable area which is mostly the grape valley up in s sacramento, a lot of counties but worrying elsewhere of course with warming temperatures like that, warm at least inland by the beach and around the bay margin, not soim phows what's happening with this, that high pressure just parked in the eastern pacific and not moving. and so it will dominate the weather e next then we got some changes coming in, relative humidity, could be worse, not single digits as we get into wednesday, remains in double digits. the winds are on shore now but all the question of the winds when they shift to the north whether or not they're going to work their way down to the surface, that would warm things up significantly toward the
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coastline too. shouldn't happen, but if it does, things could get warm in san francisco as well. temperatures short of 100 degrees inland tomorrow, more warm weather wednesday, highs inland, beaches will be in the 60s. thursday, turn around though cooler right through the weekend, dramatically cooler by the time we get to thursday and friday. low temperatures tonight, will be mild, good for star gazers, pretty good visibility. temperatures bottom out in the 50s, top out in the south bay at 94 degrees at morgan hill, up to 101 san josé and over sky line boulevard and half moon bay on 92 it will be 65 and in the east bay, it will be hot. 100 degrees in fair field, 100 in pittsburgh, 100 in anioch, closer to the 80s, and create locations around tri valley in the mid 90s. north bay, won't get away with it it, santa rosa 99 degrees.
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roman park, 97, senoma 94, and 90s for cloverdale. forecast, mild at the beach, at least a place we can go to for relief, oakland, 80, san josé 81, but notice the trend after a couple days, tuesday, wednesday the warmest then take it down into the weekend when inland numbers will only be mid 70s so there's relief ahead, just have to wait a couple days for it. that's weather for sports, here is charlie walter. >> playoffs blowout traded in the eastern conference finals but we have our eyes on the west where the magic number is down to just one for the golden state warriors. a close-out game in dallas, tomorrow, with a chance for the dust to come back home, bound fo
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welcome into sports. no nba team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit in the playoffs so either this dallas mavericks team is historic or they are done, tomorrow. golden state goes for the clean sweep, for more on that, here's vern glen from dallas. >> good evening, everybody, from dallas. where the warriors, tuesday night, could be headed to their six th nba finals in the last
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eight years. the golden state has struggled in this fight during these playoffs. they're 0-2 in potential close-out games on the road this post season, including a 39 point beat-down by the grizzlies last round. >> i think our guys have improved and learned a lot during these playoffs. and i would expect that we've learned from those two games that we lost and that we'll have a more focused effort tomorrow. >> close-out games are always the toughest so we got to come out to win the game, they're not going to give it us. we're expectling them to come ot with their best food forward, we put our best foot forward, we give our self a chance to win the game. being one win away from the finals means absolutely nothing. >> one quick injury note, aboro jr. listed at doubtful tomorrow as an aggravated foot injury on
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sunday. that's a goodnight from dallas. charlie, take it away in san francisco. >> all right, who will they be playing? over in the east, gucci mane in the house for celtics game four, this game was never close. miamis turns it offering, boston on the run, serving it up and dinner is served, jason tatum. jumped out to 18-1 lead, jason scored 31, the series dived into a peak. cappler and the giants host the met looking to end four games losing streak. giants up two nothing and a third, frisco down the line, roth chasing in, one way to get a front row seat. two runs coming, score ties the game, very next pitch, alonzo -- three run shot off alex cobb and just like that, 5-2 new york. all those runs with two outs in the ining. mets cruise from there, 13-3 the
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final, giants lost five straight. it's not paris, france. it's the thai france band club in seattle, chad pender, launched that thing, oakland would tie the game later in the ining, bottom four, rawley, two run shot into the left field corner. seattle would take the lead and mariners go on to win 7-6, won 13 straight over those as. and the scottsdale for ncaa women's golf championships, a 4.0 student and pretty good with the pitching wedge i'd say, an ace on the par three, 12. her teammate, freshman rosane, won the individual title, cardinal, and san josé state one of eight schools remaining. good times down in palo alto i'd
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say, baseball team won the regular season pac 12, not bad kwh whatsoever and i just found out i'll be attending games three and four of nba finals, who should i be rooting for, boston or miami? i'm thinking boston, they got -- >> which is more fun? yeah. miami beach is pretty fun. >> thanks, charlie. >> a bizarre scene on the roof of a bay area home. how
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well thank you for watching, the late show with steven colbert i (inspiring music) - [narrator] the bay area is a golden destination for people who love delicious food, outdoor fun, and healthy living, but are you missing out on life's simple joys, hindered by chronic dental issues?


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