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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  May 24, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5
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news. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on "cbs news bay area," we're giving you a live look at chase center from the salesforce tower. good morning. it's tuesday, may 24th. i'm len kiese. >> and i'm amanda starrantino. we'll get a check of our weather and traffic this morning. gianna franco is standing by with a look at our roads for us and how is the weather looking, jessica? >> it's calm but today is one of the hottest days we've had in a lot of different areas. we start off with triple digits. >> whoa. >> we'll highlight that in a second. mostly 90s inland bay. live look from the mark hopkins hotel cam, patchy fog closer to half moon bay, patchy coastal fog will stick around until the sun rises and starts bleeding off. to add to that, we're dealing with high fire danger. a red flag warning got extended yesterday for solano county. that will last until tomorrow
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around 11:00 a.m. for all of solano county due to relative humidity sticking really low and to add to that, that offshore wind. to add to that we're dealing with hot temperatures and it's warm around the bay no matter where you live. let's look at what we can expect today for daytime highs. upper 90s inland areas, 80s in the bay along, 70s along the coast if you live near pacifica, it is a complete different setup than what we were dealing with yesterday. we're warming up a lot today. don't worry. we have a gradual cooldown and talk more about that in your full forecast in a bit. gianna, how are things going? >> not a bad ride at all. we start off with the bay bridge, traffic is moving at the limit with no delays. if you're up early, it's tough but nice to enjoy the easy conditions on the freeways. 580, 680 getting crowded for super commuters westbound, if you're headed toward the dublin interchange we're seeing extra volume. there's no break lights or
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issues as you connect on to 680. stop and go conditions out of tracy into the altamont, livermore looks good. lane changes northbound on the golden gate. southbound traffic is moving easily into the city. bay area fire crews expect to be pretty busy this morning, a five-acre fire that erupted in wine country briefly forced mntnt. helena, onef fir that popped up theayes a f tel a cano, get used to it. >> reporter: they canceled all fire fighting exercises in the next few days as we expect temperatures well into the 90s. experts say these type of conditions are going to last into the winter. just about 91 acres burned in the remote area of contra costa county, a full response was sent to this fire with lots of help
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from above. the director from the wildfire research center at san jose state university says you can expect many more grass fires into next month. >> right now our fuel moisture, the amount of water content in the plants is 20% below normal. the biggest concern is as these grass fires turn into wildfires, and areas with heavy brush. professor alison bridger with san jose state says the bay area will be in some state of fire danger at least until the first winter storm. >> every single hot, dry, breezy day from now on is going to be a little nerve-racking from a fire weather point of view. >> reporter: the bay area luckily has the marine influence to provide some relief, but the overall outlook does not look good at all. >> as you look into the future, it's difficult to find good news, as far as the warming and the drying and the wildfire activity is concerned.
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>> reporter: the one piece of good news may be that pg&e has started its plan to bury power lines underground, director craig clemens says it's critical to take away sources of ignition. >> burial of power lines will make a big impact on the risk or the fire risk in regions where they're susceptible to strong winds. >> reporter: in concard, andrea nakano, kpix 5. sara donchey reports if californians don't cut back on water a lot and soon, they really won't like what's next. >> we run full loads of laundry, don't do the dishwasher any more than we have to. >> reporter: californians could be on the brink of a water crack down. >> this is an absolute crisis and we need to act like it and do a little bit more. >> reporter: dwmpb newsom with a sharp warning monday that statewide water restrictions could be under way if residents don't cut back and some local
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agencies are getting a head start. >> we're asking for everyone to do their best to achieve 50%. we're all in this together. some folks have done much more than others but we know some still have a ways to go. >> reporter: the santa clara valley water authority will vote tuesday on its first program to fine repeat water offenders. the drought has caused compounding issues locally. >> water becomes more scarce and we're trying to buy water on the open market, prices are going up and up and up in order to purchase water, with anderson reservoir being totally empty, it is critical we have to purchase emergency water on the open market. >> reporter: but enforcement is a key issue. valley water has already called on the governor for more funding to make it happen. >> it's going to take a lot of effort from the water agency site and also from the state to make sure that it is possible to enforce it on a statewide level. >> reporter: it isn't exactly clear when these restrictions
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could go into effect but governor newsom plans to meet with water agencies again in the next couple of months. in san francisco, i'm sara donchey, kpix 5. this morning, investigators say jealousy may have motivated the murder of an elite san francisco cyclist. 25-year-old anna moriah wilson was in austin, texas, for a race when she was shot and killed earlier this month. investigators say she and the female suspect had recently been in the same relationship with the same man. her family maintains she wasn't seeing anyone at the time. >> she loved the sport clearly and she put herself into it 100%. cycling is a self-ish pursuit but she was very giving. >> she stood there with confidence but humbled, never stand above others. >> a nationwide hanhunt is under way for kaitlin armstrong, seen on surveillance video driving past the murder scene. a live look in san jose for the second time in as many weeks mayor sam liccardo is publicly policing the police department.
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katie nielsen explains it comes after a pair of city employees were accused of misconduct but somehow stayed on the job. >> reporter: the san jose police department has faced a number of scandals in the past few weeks and the controversy centers on one of those officers as well as another city employee. >> it's clear that something failed with regard to each of these two cases, and that we must do better. >> reporter: another week, another press conference, with san jose mayor sam liccardo addressing ways to increase public trust in the city's police department. >> we need them to feel comfortable, we need them to feel safe and we've got to respond immediately. >> reporter: the criticism comes after two city employees were left on the job after being accused of sexual misconduct. former code inspector william jerry was accused of using his position to extort sex and bribes from massage parlor owners in san jose. the major says the city first
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received complaints about the behavior in 2018 but he stayed on the job until november 2020 when he was arrested. last week he was convicted and sentenced to 35 years in prison. the other involving san jose police officer matthew dominguez accused of may of 2021 of sexual assault at a party and two weeks ago arrested after being accused of exposing himself to a mother and daughter while responding to a disturbance call at the end of april. >> we have the information about the service of misconduct and individuals continued to serve in public-facing roles. >> reporter: the mayor wants the city's manager and independent police auditor to investigate and make recommendations how to investigate the cases in the future so employees accused of such acts would not be allowed to work with the public until the investigation is over, something the city manager and police chief say they welcome. >> we'll look the ayou are oprocesses, how can he with improve that to avoid these type of situations in the future. >> reporter: the city manager says she wants the city council
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to vote on any proposals to make sure the process is transparent and also inclusive. in san jose, katie nielsen, kpix 5. health officials are sounding the alarm about monkey pox headed into next month's pride festivities. the cdc is monitoring five suspected cases in the eastern u.s. it produces flu-like symptoms along with a blistering rash. it requires close personal contact to spread and while anyone can get it, the cdc says many of the global cases have been among gay or bisexual men. health experts say there is no reason to panic. during a 2003 outbreak in the u.s., 47 people became ill but no one died >> it is 4:40, coming up, the latest company to pull its business from russia due to the ongoing war in ukraine. and carnevale makes its return this weekend. how organizers used the pandemic pause to create a
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welcome back. it is 4:43. to your "money watch" report, stocks got a much-needed jump monday after nearly falling into a bear market and plus why the wizard of oz may have a block at an auction. >> starbucks is the latest company to pull its business out of russia due to the war in ukraine. the seattle-based coffee giant has about 130 stores and 2,000 employees in russia. those workers will be paid for six months and starbucks says it will help them find new jobs. a judge has blocked the auction of judy garland's dress she wore as dorothy in the wizard of oz. the catholic university of america wants to put the dress up for bid to fund a new acting program, it was expected to fetch up to $1 million but it was claimed it belongs to the
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estate of her late uncle. the judge delayed the auction until the issue is resolved. arby's best known for its roast beef will sell a burger for the first time, it will be available until july 31st for about six bucks. arby's says it's 50% larger than a mcdonald's quarter pounder. that's your "cbs money watch report." for more head to at the broadcast center, i'm matt piper. ♪ carnevale san francisco returns this weekend and kpix is a proud sponsor. the parade and festival were canceled during the pandemic, but organizers quickly shifted gears and took on a new mission. >> kpix 5's sharon chin shows us they launched a program that is still helping families today. >> butter, milk. >> reporter: alberto perez.
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>> apples. >> reporter: recalls unloading huge boxes and bags of food for needy families at the star of the pandemic. >> when the pandemic first started it was scary. our community was impacted by it. >> reporter: thousands of people lined up for free xwgroceries a the mission food hub every week. >> bags of bean, rice. >> reporter: alberto wasn't just a volunteer. >> we'd throw in a box. >> reporter: his family was hurting, too. >> my mom lost her job at the pandemic. it was very hard for my family to provide. >> reporter: in fact, five adults in his household of seven lost their jobs. so after his volunteer shift, the 19-year-old would take home fresh food and vegetables to feed them and their neighbors. >> coming to the food hub was like medicine, where a community can come together and help each other out. >> reporter: his hennor started food hub after getting numerous calls from families suddenly laid off and desperate to feed
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their families. >> food to me is sacred and i know the value of food, having, i've gone hungry sometimes, you know, and so i know that it gives you hope and that's what we've done is given people hope that we're going to get through this pandemic. >> reporter: roberto who leads carnevale got sponsors to shift their funds to the mission food hub when the annual festival was canceled in 2020. and he partnered with the latino task force to provide rental assistance, covid vaccines and testing for low-income families in the mission district. alberto says the food and rental assistance saved his family from becoming homeless. >> you can either lose your home or you won't have the resources you need to provide for your family, so the mission food hub really helped me and a lot of families not just on our mental health but also keeping us nourished as well.
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>> reporter: and that focus on eating healthy inspired alberto. he started his own small business last year, organic frisco drip. he makes nutritious cold-pressed juices using fresh produce purchased from local farmers. >> he's making fresh juices and to see him at an event selling his juices was like man, it lit me. like oh my god. >> reporter: thanks to the support of roberto and the mission food hub, alberto is feeding the community in a fresh, new way. in san francisco, sharon chin, kpix 5. >> those look tasty, too. catch our live coverage of the carnevale parade sunday at 10:00 a.m. on "cbs news bay area." we'll need refreshing drinks today for sure with the temperatures creeping up, jessica. >> yes t is, it is a hot day fo. i'm from the desert and even when i see triple digits i still
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cringe. we're expecting triple digit forecast in the east hills. as we take a live look over the bay bridge current temperatures sitting in the 50s near oakland. upper 50s in the san jose area, throughout the santa clara valley. 60s near concord. let's dive straight into it. high temperatures 18 degrees above average in concord, about 13 degrees above average off in san francisco, so a very warm setup for us today, due to high pressure ridging its way into the pacific northwest. that's all of that orange, it will continue to push through as we head into today but luckily behind that is a trough of low pressure backing it up, cooling us off just in time for the weekend. so carnevale great opportunity to head outdoors. it will be a lot cooler, a lot more mild no matter where you live in the bay. we're dealing with so much heat the national weather service issued a heat advisory. is that a shocker, no. solano county is dealing with a red flag warning today. this expires tomorrow, it got
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extended until wednesday at 11:00 a.m. due to low relative humidity, with that in mind let's highlight that, we're expecting relative humidity this morning and into the afternoon to drop to around 9% actually on average, vacaville down to 18%, vallejo 14% so a very dry afternoon setup for us. on the bright side we have a decent recovery process in the overnight hours. so with that in mind, a quick look at daytime highs, santa clara valley getting up into the 90s. we're seeing triple digits as we head off into the east from fairfield into brentwood, upper 90s in the walnut creek area. if you want to take the dogs out, wait until the late evening hours or do it this morning. it will be a hot afternoon. mill valley up to 87 degrees, another warm day up north, close to st. helena, let's take a quick look as we head into the weekend. memorial day is around the corner. we expect 60s into the weekend for san francisco so nothing like what we're dealing with today. partly cloudy skies returning into the forecast, also for the
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north bay, so we are going to keep you updated in the weather center. for now, gianna, the roads are looking plenty decent right now. >> they are looking very good, hopefully later they'll be just the same and it might be cranking that ac kind of morning, too, in the cars with the warm temperatures. right now, things look good if you're headed toward the bay bridge, a live look, and no brake lights or delays. things are moving nicely into san francisco. we haven't had any major trouble spots this morning. i was tracking a few brake lights along 101 coming out of san francisco, but doesn't look like that turned out to be anything likely due to late-running roadwork. a live look at the dublin interchange, everything moving along fine. extra volume westbound as commuters coming out of tracy start building more volume on the roadway. no brake lights just yesterday. things are okay there. headed into the altamont pass, traffic is quiet working towards that livermore valley, headed toward 680, things are not bad in that area. super commuters you're good to
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go. golden gate bridge looking good, southbound 101 nice ride, very quiet conditions here, in fact, no roadwork to slow you down, if you're headed into san francisco, traffic is moving along nicely. 880 both directions through oakland looking good here as llin on the mitz freeway ting. in fact just like 101 everything is moving along nicely. not a lot to report from the traffic center which is good news. that changes as the morning commute starts to heat up closer to the 6:00 hour. we'll keep you covered. right now charlie's got you covered with sports. >> we have sports coming up this morning, blowouts being traded in the eastern conference finals, but all our eyes are on the west, the magic number is down to one for the golden state warriors, and a closeout game in dallas today with a chance for the dubs to come back home bound for the nba finals.
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good morning and welcome into sports. i'm charlie walter. no nba team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit in the playoffs, so either this dallas mavericks team is historic or they are done! today, golden state goes for the
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clean sweep and for more on that, here's vern glenn from dallas. >> -- from dallas with the warriors tuesday night, could be headed to their sixth nba finals in the last eight years. golden state has struggled in this spot during playoffs. they're 0-2 in potential closeout games on the road this season including a 39-point beatdown by the grizzlies last round. >> i think our guys have improved and learned a lot during these playoffs and i would expect that we've learned from those two games that we lost, and that we'll have a more focused effort tomorrow. >> closeout games are always tough, so we got to come out and win the became. er game. they're not going to give it to us. we don't expect them to quit. they'll come out and put our best foot forward. we put our best foot forward and give ourselves a chance to win the game. being one game away from the
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finals means absolutely nothing. >> reporter: one quick injury note, otto porter, jr., is listed as doubtful as he aggravated a foot injury in dallas. charlie, take it away in san francisco. celtics/heat, dinner is served. alley-oop jam by jayson tatum. boston jumped out to an 18-1 lead. tatum scored 31, celtics roll 102-82, tie the series at two games apiece. gabe kapler and the giants up 2-0 in the third and the mets rallied with two outs. ruff can't get to it, and goes humpty dumpty into the seats, one way to get front row. very next pitch, pete alonso,
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three-run shot off alex cobb and just like that, five runs with two outs and the mets were up three. new york cruised from there, 13-3 the final. giants have lost five straight. it's not paris, france, it's the ty france fan club in seattle. a's trailing the marooners 3-0 in the fourth. chad pinder's solo shot ties the game. bottom four, cal raleigh, two-run homer into the left field corner, that gave seattle the lead and the mariners w win -6, they won 13 straight over the a's. to scottsdale for the ncaa women's golf championships. stanford's brook sei a 4.0 student and pretty good with the pitching wedge, how about this, sinks it, an ace on the par 3 12th. there's her teammate freshman
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rosette. good times in palo alto, softball team is also in the super regionals, the baseball team won the regular season pac-12. that's sports this morning. have a great day! it is 4:57. coming up, californians could be on the brink of some big water restrictions. >> the votes happening today in the midst of an unrelenting drought across our state. plus the state's deepening drought is of course
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> it's another beautiful morning in the bay. it's game day, coming up here from a die-hard warriors fan who
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is hoping to see the warriors make it to the finals tonight. plus another round of hot weather brings more fire concerns across the bay area. the biggest worry from experts this morning. and the high temps and low conservation numbers are fueling new watt are restrictions. the plan up for a vote today that could affect hundreds of thousands of us. we hasser from a chp? er who helped save a man in a dramatic rescue in daly city. good morning. it's tuesday, may 24th. i'm ceamanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. we're on the fire watch. bay area fans had their hands full yesterday and it's only going to get hotter today. >> we're going to get a check on our weather and traffic, beginning with first alert meteorologist jessica burch and those temperatures could really play a factor today, especially going to the triple digits for some areas. >> exactly. low relative humidity getting down to around 8% just in solano county alone. add that to the fact there's hot temperatures out there. if there were to be a fire that


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