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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 24, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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make it to the finals tonight. plus another round of hot weather brings more fire concerns across the bay area. the biggest worry from experts this morning. and the high temps and low conservation numbers are fueling new watt are restrictions. the plan up for a vote today that could affect hundreds of thousands of us. we hasser from a chp? er who helped save a man in a dramatic rescue in daly city. good morning. it's tuesday, may 24th. i'm ceamanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. we're on the fire watch. bay area fans had their hands full yesterday and it's only going to get hotter today. >> we're going to get a check on our weather and traffic, beginning with first alert meteorologist jessica burch and those temperatures could really play a factor today, especially going to the triple digits for some areas. >> exactly. low relative humidity getting down to around 8% just in solano county alone. add that to the fact there's hot temperatures out there. if there were to be a fire that breaks out people out there boots on the ground it's not
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favorable by any means. let's start off with that today as we take a quick live look over the city, the sun starting to rise. it's a beautiful morning ahead of a very hot day for us no, matter where you live in the bay. current temperatures in the 50s. let's start off with high temperatures. fairfield getting up to 101, concord 97. 89 over in vallejo. this is well above average. we are actually sitting 18 degrees above average in concord alone today, around 13 degrees above average in the san francisco area. it's a hot setup for us and with that in mind we are also dealing with red flag conditions still left over from yesterday in the solano county area as well as a heat advisory that will start today at noon. it's a hot setup for us today. on the bright side i have good news for us. we cool down into the weekend ahead of all the festivities. we'll talk more about that in the full forecast. for now, gianna, how are things looking out there? >> they're looking okay for the most part. we're tracking extra volume as
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the super commuters get on the roadways. brake lights building here connecting 680 headed to westbound 580. slow and go conditions out of tracy, getting on to 580 into the altamont, dipping down to 18 les hou aund mt. house so plan for that. bridges are fairly quiet this morning. bay bridge no troubles here, everything moving along headed into the city. if you're headed into san francisco via the golden gate no, traffic here in both directions. happening today dubs fans gearing up for the sweep as the warriors take on the mavs in dallas of game four of the western conference finals. >> jocelyn joins us live, a little bit different there right now this early. we expect it to be packed tonight. >> reporter: yes, it's not quite there yet right now but it usually does get packed during away games. we've been here, we've seen it and the energy felt here is pretty crazy. fans are hoping to see the
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warriors make it to the nba finals tonight but if it doesn't happen, they're pretty confident about the dubs. we spoke to a die-hard warriors fan. he says he's been a season ticket holder since 2007. >> i think we could compete with any team in the league, so i always feel good about those guys. >> reporter: that's jason ramalona. he's confident about the warriors. you usually find him behind one of the baskets cheering them own, known for having his foam fist. >> the energy in the arena is through the roof. playoffs is a different animal. >> reporter: the dub are no stranger to the playoffs but this season is different. fans appreciate it more, players overcoming injuries and thedemic kept fans away for a while. >> we've been waiting since chase opened. we thought first year chase would be great because it was a new arena and we had a great team going and after that 2019 season, things, ooh, big change,
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drastic change, so it's been a while. >> reporter: the warriors are up three games against the dallas mavericks and fans are confident they'll get the job done. >> like everyone else, i'm hoping for a sweep. i don't know if that will happen. if it doesn't, we'll bring the energy to game five. >> reporter: definitely hoping for the best. here at thrive city they open around 4:30, when they start letting people in. tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. but it's first come, first serve until they reach capacity. make sure you come prepared. at thrive city, i'm jocelyn moran. >> since you're there, reserve spots. >> i will down the blankets and get ready. >> reporter: bring the blankets and chairs. we'll be ready. >> thank you, see you soon. update on the fire watch, evacuation orders have been lifted around howell mountain in st. helena following a brush
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fire. cal fire has been mopping up any hot spots near poke street and silverado trail. flames broke out last night at 5:00 and scorched up to five acres. confire canceled all burn and fire fighting training exercises for the next few days as temperatures creep into the 90s. experts remind us these types of conditions will last well into winter. the biggest concern is that grass fires will turn into wildfires in areas with heavy brush. >> every single hot, dry, breezy day from now on will be nerve-racking from a fire weather point of view. >> the one piece of good news this morning is pg&e started its plan to bury power lines underground. cal fire getting its tankers in position for the fire season. it's moved some to redding and sonoma county, after fighting fires over the weekend. the agency tells us climate change has impacted how it prepares. >> as a department as a whole,
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with the current weather situation, we have upped our manning and started them earlier so we can be proficient, we can train a little bit more before the summer months truly hit. >> the labor shortage has also affected this profession. cal fire's goal was to get several departments fully staffed by june 13th. with the hot weather and red flag warnings this week, fire agencies across the bay area have been taking to social media. take a look at this, posts are warning folks to make sure they are prepared for fires and alerting the public about the blazes that just keep popping up. officials say the statewide drought is not helping this situation. the drought is worsening and if we don't cut back, there will be a water crackdown. >> justin andrews is here to explain all this. justin, the governor is sounding the alarm on all of this. >> yes, he's giving very detailed descriptions what we need to do to make sure we can solve this thing.
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the warning was sharp, the statewide water restrictions coulden on the way if people don't cut back now. governor newsom says the deep being drought is fueling fire danger. time and time again, we have heard, conserve water. state leaders are saying we are not doing that enough. newsom called on californians to cut on water use on their own by 15%. some local agencies are getting a head start on this crackdown. the santa clara valley water authority will vote today on its first ever program to find repeat offenders who violate outdoor water use restrictions. they call this a crisis. >> what we're asking is for everyone to do their best to help us achieve 50%. we're all in this together. we know some folks have done much more than others but we know some still have a ways that they can go. >> now leaders say enforcement is a key issue. some bay area water leaders calling on the governor for more funding to make this thing happen. newsom plans to meet with water agencies again in the next couple months. it isn't clear what restrictions
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will go in effect, amanda. friends and family are speaking out after the death of an elite san francisco cyclist. 25-year-old anna moriah wilson was in texas for her race when she was shot by a woman. investigators say she and the suspect had recently been in a relationship with the same man. kpix 5 sean chitness spoke to her friends and colleagues about how they hope she will be remembered. >> reporter: those that new moriah wilson say she truly enjoyed life and made the most living her time here in san francisco. as a competitive cyclist shoefs she was an insupraition to many and as the friend the positive spirit everybody could depend on. >> she was something. >> she was something a good friend. >> reporter: anna moriah wilson, known as mo to her friends was quickly becoming the best all-terrain cyclist in the country. >> i recognize seeing another
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strong woman out there, i'm like i want to ride with them and i very much was like i want to ride with her. >> reporter: libby caldwell became friend with her during the pandemic when cycling was one of the few activities people felt safe enjoying. her family issued a statement saying "we are absolutely neve stated by the loss of our beautiful daughter and sister, anna moriah wilson. there are no words that can express the pain and suffering we are experiencing due to this senseless, tragic loss." the family doesn't want to speculate about what happened but maintains she was not in a relationship with anyone at the time. colleagues who worked with her also hope the focus remains on her incredible talent and compassion. >> she loved the sport clearly and she put herself into it 100%. >> reporter: christopher kaiser admired her as a rider and had a chance to work with her as a photographer taking these photos of her. >> cycling is a selfish pursuit but she was definitely very giving. >> reporter: friends say losing her at just the age of 25 is
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especially upsetting, because the best was yet to come. >> it was inspiring, just like she stood there withs humbled. she would never stand above others. >> reporter: her family hopes to honor her legacy with the foundation in the future, saying in their statement, "moriah was a talented, kind and caring young woman. her life was taken from her before she had the opportunity to achieve everything she dreamed of. our family and all those who loved her will forever miss her." reporting in san francisco, sean chitnis, kpix 5. >> kaitlin armstrong is accused of shooting wilson. this morning we hear from a chp officer who helped rescue a man clinging to a cliff in daly stay. you can see an officer rappelling down. the victim was 500 feet above
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the ocean when rescuers arrived and hoisted him up. a fisherman reported the man stranded there on the cliff. >> one of the things we did run into, as i got into position right near him, he went ahead d on minsf a pretty i cou havught ye,igroun thattime, t leredown and got me into the right position and i had about a four-second window to execute the rescue and i got him into the harness and we went on our way. >> wow, just seconds. no word on the man's condition or how he got stranded up there in the first place. >> that's all i want to know, how did you end up there? >> lots of whys there for sure. it is 5:11. monkey pox is in the u.s. >> how health experts continue to stress there is no reason to panic right now.
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plus big news for vegans and vegetarians, what could be the next big source of vitamin d. >> looking at the roadways, it's early, off to a great start, just a little busy as you
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you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine.
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that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music] i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club. . this morning health officials confirmed cases of monkey pox in the u.s. but are stressing it is not time to panic. the cdc is monitoring five suspected cases in the eastern u.s. it produces flu-like symptoms along with a blistering rash.
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it requires close personal contact to spread and while anyone can get it, the cdc says many of the global cases have been among gay or bisexual men. health officials say contact tracing and surveillance should help contain the disease. during a 2003 outbreak in the u.s., 47 people became ill but no one died scientists believe the next big source of vitamin d could come from a lab. this could be big news for vegans and vegetarians giving them a plant-based source since the two best dietary sources for vitamin d are still dairy and fish. in a study published monday, researchers say they have edited tomato genes and think the fruit has the potential to produce vitamin d. the scientist used relatively new technology to edit their fruit's genes and found they contained a precursor to the important micronutrient. researchers say if farmers and
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producers adopt the process commercially, tomatoes could be used to help the 1 billion people around the globe that have a vitamin d deficiency. it's really interesting. >> it is. scientists busy at work, coming up awul new things. >> will you be eating more tomatoes, then? >> i would. >> all the tomatoes. >> you got to get that vitamin d in. i know we're talking about vegans and vegetarians as well but you know, this could benefit everybody. >> everybody. >> yes. all right, so we're talking about some temperatures this morning, jessica? >> hot one. >> and triple digits in some places. >> yep, yep, i hate saying it already. it is another heat wave that we are dealing with here, all throughout california actually, throughout the pacific northwest as high pressure pushes its way in from offshore. we are warming up. today is the hottest day of the week. let's start off with a more lighter note, a beautiful look at the sunrise over the bay bridge right now, current temperatures still sitting in the 50s, anywhere from san francisco all the way down south into san jose and up into santa rosa. it's a very warm start to our
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very warm day, where we are expecting to get well above that, we're expecting to get above average, upper 90s in the forecast for our inland areas. mid to upper 80s along the bay and even our coast, if you live near pacifica, 70 degrees. on average we should be closer to the 60s so we're going to feel it no matter where you live. here is the high pressure i was talking about, notice how it decides to ridge its way into the pacific northwest today. on the right side, backing it up is an area of low pressure, troughing its way in as we head into thursday. that's going to change the direction of our winds as well and actually going to cool us off and bring us more partly cloudy skies as we wrap up this week just in time for the weekend. we are under a heat advisory fo throughout the afternoon and expires tomorrow, to add to the fact we're already under a red flag warning for solano county until 11:00 a.m. on wednesday, due tohu, mixed with the fact we're dealing with pretty strong winds pushing offshore. here's relative humidity in a nutshell as we head into the
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afternoon hours. vacaville dropping to 9%, even 8% into the afternoon hours so it is a very hot setup for us. to add to that look at our daytime highs today, 90s in the forecast in the santa clara valley, into the tri-valley we go, more upper 90s with triple digits trickled in there, from brentwood north into fairfield, antioch close as well. mill valley a daytime high of 87. 91 in petaluma. let's get a quick look at what we can expect for the next seven days. like i mentioned, we cool off a lot as we extend into the weekend. 60s by thursday and friday for san francisco, partly cloudy skies sticking around, and that's also the case for us, as we see the inland east bay and north bay where today we're in the upper 90s and we cool back down into the 70s ahead of that three-day weekend. we'll keep you updated in the weather center. for now, how are the roads looking, gianna >> i'm distracted by 70 along the coast. >> i know. it's nice. >> it's going to be a beautiful beach day. taking a look at the roadways right now, we're doing all right on the roadways overall. no major issues to report on any
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of our bridges, although we are tracking brake lights for that altamont pass commute. if you are headed out of the livermore valley toward the dublin interchange early this morning, we have the extra volume westbound on 580 connecting onto 680 and you'll see most of the brake lights in the right lanes as folks connect on to 680 north or southbound. we have reports of a crash as well just east of there and this is in an area where we see busy conditions for that morning commute. if you're coming out of tracy early this morning headed into the altamont pass, you're going to see extra busy conditions. there is a crash near grant line, over to the shoulder, but that definitely is causing a bit of a distraction there. bridges look good, a live look at the bay bridge right now, no brake lights. it's quiet headed into san francisco and so far so good on your ride across the golden gate bridge. we haven't had any major issues to report. things are quiet there headed southbound 101 from san rafael down into the city, just about a 15-minute commute right now. if you're headed to the nimitz freeway early this morning,
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everything is pretty quiet also, things are moving at the limit in both directions with no delays northbound or southbound. you can see the live look here the coliseum south of here moving along nicely as you head toward the san mateo bridge and if you're taking the san mateo bridge, right now 12 minutes between 880 and 101. it is 5:20. still ahead a bay area wildlife group with a warning for homeowners. >> what you need to know after
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♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood,
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across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome.
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all right, let's talk to our lunch time forecast today. it's the warmest day of the week for us. we're dealing with 90s in our inland areas, getting into triple digits for our afternoon daytime high, 60s and 70s along the coast with upper sects in the forecast for our bay. this is just by around 10:00, model data showing getting up into the 90s just by noon, for fairfield, upper 80s in the concord area, 60s all along san francisco. we'll have more on this coming up. for now, back to you. it's that time of the morning for our "morning mix." >> gianna franco has everything creating some buzz online this morning. hey g. >> hey guys, good morning. i want to start something that's cool especially if you're a nature lover. starting this week, you'll be able to visit a secluded location in northern california
5:24 am
called the grove of titans. the thicket of redwood trees is located in the state park near the tip of northern california. for some time visitors disturbed the habitat, carving their own paths in the environment so a 1,300-foot-long boardwalk was just installed in the park so it weaves through the trees offering access to the sequoias, while protecting the natural habitat. isn't that beautiful? >> that is beautiful. >> i cannot wait to go visit. it's gorgeous. >> that's like a nature lover's paradise. >> it is. and just a cool perspective. we're known for the beautiful redwood trees and sequoia. it's stunning. >> i love that it preserves the area. a lot of times they cut off the trails so this is a way to have both. >> you can enjoy it while keeping it safe. this is really funny. next one newlywed couple didn't want are reschedule their already postponed schedule. the reception when the groom
5:25 am
tested positive for covid, happened three days before. the bride still attended the wedding but took this cardboard cutout of her groom instead. the couple says it was their way of making the best of a very disappointing situation after their nuptials had already been rescheduled several times throughout the course of the pandemic. the groom didn't completely miss out on all the fun and festivities. he did show up on screen in the ballroom as a surprise to his bride and the groom says he's happy his wife had fun with their family and friends and that at least they have the rest of their lives to celebrate together. i mean, what do you do? you rescheduled your wedding multiple times. >> he's so diplomatic with his message bye "glad she had fun with her family and friends while i sat on the tv screen." >> i totally disagree. deposits on receptions, caterers, all of these things. >> she's living her best life.
5:26 am
he's on a tv screen. >> my girlfriend had her wedding postponed, and he tested positive and now they're completely in isolation until the wedding. she's like i'm not holding this off anymore. we got the email fortunate bridesmaids do not get covid. they do not want to wait any longer. she should have waited. just going to put it out there. >> i'm in my island, i thought it was okay. >> you want to be dancing with a cardboard cutout? >> no. >> i'm sure you'd love that. >> did she bring him a take-home plate? >> i hope so. >> she probably did. >> we're a team divided. one more, this morning a bay area wildlife group has this warning for homeowners, before you block critters from getting
5:27 am
in the attic, make sure you don't block off those that are in. workers widened hole for the raccoon to drop in to get her kids. how to get the family to move on without trapping them in. >> poor little mama raccoon. >> she's a determined mama. i got to get to my babies. >> she did thankfully but now they have to relocate them. raccoon condo anywhere up for rent? >> people aren't fans of raccoons because they do bad things but they're cute. >> they're so vicious but adorable. >> you got to get to the surfers to find out they're not so cute. >> i'll let you take that one by yourself. [ laughter ] >> i'll be on the island by myself with this one i guess. thank you, g. >> it is 5:27. coming up, opting out of pride, why san francisco's mayor
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says she won't march in this year's parade. a strong message from san jose's mayor after two cases
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now at 5:30, the san jose mayor's call for changes this morning after two cases of
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sexual misconduct among city employees. plus opting out of the pride parade. why san francisco's mayor is just the latest not participating this year. and president biden wraps up his trip to asia by trying to clarify remarks about defending taiwan. what the commander in chief is now saying and how the chinese are responding. and addressing the diesel shortage, the move being considered by the white house this morning. good morning to you. it is tuesday, may 24th. i'm len kiese. >> and i'm amanda starrantino. let's get a check on our weather and traffic, beginning with meteorologist jessica burch. we have our eyes on the forecast with these really high temperatures and we're just seeing brush fires all over the place right now. >> i know and it really doesn't help the fact that we're also dealing with low relative humidity today. the offshore flow kicking. if there was to be a small spark it could be catastrophic due to how dry it is. we're not seeing a good
5:32 am
overnight recovery progress with relative humidity. that's why the national weather service puts out the advisories. we're headed into fire season. current temperatures today only getting up into the upper 90s and triple digits and in our inland east areas, the heat advisory has been issued for solano county. we'll highlight that in a bit. current temperatures sitting in the 50s and let's talk about our weather headlines. we dealt with patchy fog this morning, starting to bleed off along the coast. high fire weather today and this is one of the hottest days of the week if not the year. here is our high temperatures this afternoon, upper 90s in the concord/pleasanton area. upper 70s in the forecast, we're well above average no matter where you put your finger on the map. as we extend into the afternoon hours and into tomorrow we'll see a shift and we'll highlight that coming up in the full forecast in a little bit. for now, let's head over to gianna for a look at how things are going. looks calm right now. >> it is calm, not baded at al.
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hopefully you have extra time before you head out the door. at the bay bridge we're not seeing a lot of brake lights or delays, no metering lights but that will likely change in the next 15 to 20 minutes as we see that extra volume. you can see that better from this live shot, a caltrans camera, right at the fremont street exit from the upper deck of the bay bridge. most of our bay area bridges are fairly quiet. where we see traffic stacking up the ride for super commuters as you head toward the tub lin interchange. altamont crash westbound 580 at grant line. this morning, san jose mayor sam liccardo is calling for a new investigation in the two cases of sexual misconduct among city employees.criticms h poure the pair stayed on the job, once
5:34 am
case involves sex extortion and the other an officer exposing himself in front of a mother and daughter while responding to a disturbance call. >> it's clear that something failed with regard to each of these two cases, and that we must do better. >> the mayor now wants the city manager to investigate and make recommendations about how to handle these cases in the future so employees wouldn't be allowed to stay on the job until the investigation is over. san francisco mayor london breed says she will not be participating in this year's pride parade after event organizers banned law enforcement from marching in uniform. the mayor will be joining the police department, the sheriff's office and fire department. kpix 5's kenny choi explains the uniform ban is especially tough for lgbtq officers. >> reporter: city leaders are calling out pride organizers saying this is sending out the wrong message that it is ex-clurgsary when the pride parade is supposed to be all about being inclusive. san francisco's mayor also today
5:35 am
saying she will sit out unless a decision is reversed. >> i'm disappointed. >> reporter: for years, catherine winters walked the castro beat as a san francisco police officer, connecting with vulnerable members of her community where she group. >> a number of homeless trans women in the neighborhood and they'd see the uniform first and i could tell they were a little uncomfortable when they saw the uniform. >> reporter: but wearing blue is an essential part of who she is as a second generation cop. >> when i'm in civilian clothes, people don't necessarily recognize that i'm a police officer, even if they met me as a police officer. but if i'm in that uniform, they always recognize me. >> reporter: in 2019, a clash ensued between officers and protesters disrupting the pride parade but for winters, that didn't overshadow her first time walking as an out trans gender woman, an officer with her family. >> the thunderous applause came around market street, myself, my being, my whole entire self as a
5:36 am
trans woman, a mother, a lesbian, a police officer was welcomed, accepted and embraced here in san francisco. >> reporter: it's a moment she'll never forget, but that experience of marching as a uniformed officer and representing the lgbtq+ community is being ripped away. pride owe fishes insist first responders aren't being excluded but being asked to wear something else like a t-shirt with department logos. >> we're trying to find a way to include them, in a difficult time n a difficult period in our country and we're not the only pride. new york city pride, seattle pride, portland pride, san diego pride, no police are marching in their parades. >> reporter: pride organizers say they're trying to be more sensitive to people traumatized by their encounters with police and being more radically inclusive. >> we just ask them to show up a little differently, which would have been a message to members of our community that they heard us. >> reporter: pride says its decision was unanimous. san francisco police won't be marching this year and neither
5:37 am
will firefighters or sheriff's deputies in solidarity with their uniform brothers and sisters. the list is growing. >> it goes all back to really the fundamental like values that the lgbtq community aspires to, of including all parts of our community and not excluding any parts of our community. >> reporter: i also spoke to other officers within the san francisco police department who say that they're disappointed and that the decision wreaks of hypocrisy. in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix 5. president biden says nothing about the u.s. position on taiwan has changed despite his comments yesterday saying he would be willing to use force if china decided to invade. the president left japan for washington a few hours ago and says the policy of strategic ambiguity toward supporting taiwan remains but on monday a reporter asked him about a
5:38 am
hypothetical invasion by china. >> reporter: are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> no one can imagine a scenario where china attacks taiwan unprovoked and the u.s. stands aside and does not intervene. >> the chinese spokesman urged the u.s. to "refrain from sending the wrong signals to taiwan's independent separatist forces." the administration is considering an emergency declaration to help ease the diesel shortage in the u.s., the move would allow president biden to release fuel fray stockpile rarely used. diesel has been pulled once more in the aftermath of superstorm sandy in 2012. some analysts say the impact of the release would be minimal and only help for a short period of time. it is now 5:38. mark zuckerberg being taken to court. >> why a new lawsuit is accusing
5:39 am
the facebook pound founder of misleading the public. and how organizers created a program helping families. a lot of us under the east bay are under a red flag warning and heat advisory. a live look from the salesforce tower cam starting off calm but it will be a hot one for us today.
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facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg is facing awe new lawsuit. the attorney general of washington, d.c., accuses zuckerberg of misleading the public how facebook handles personal data, it is linked to the cambridge analytica data leak, a previous attempt to hold zuckerberg responsible was jected by a judge but the a.g. in d.c. says more evidence emerged says stuckerberg "provided direct input on facebook's policies related to data sharing on the platform. we're looking at jeremy lin's visit to san francisco's chinatown for a conversation how he's advocating for the aapi community and to promote his new documentary that touches on the current climate of anti-asian hate.
5:43 am
kpix 5's own betty yu was a moderator of the event. this is reflecting on lin on being an asian american. the documentary debuts next month. tonight the dubs only need one more win to make the series a four-game sweep so in the spirit of friendly competition, we made a bet with our friends at ktvt, our sister station in dallas. >> the loser has to send their hometown food over to the winner, so the not if but when the dubs win we'll get some texas barbecue. here's how our friends at ktvt are reacting to the current state of the series. >> keith? >> huh? >> you look upset by that game. >> i'm puzzled. i'm bewildered. i'm flabbergasted. >> how do you feel about the mavs game? >> [ laughs ] there's hope and there's prayer, right? go mavs! go mavs! >> i don't believe i believe you. >> let's go.
5:44 am
>> how are you feeling after that mavs game? >> i'm feeling very sad, very sad. >> me, too. >> i think we'll come back. i think we'll pull out the next four victory, mavs in seven. >> but at this point, it looks like it could potentially be a done deal, unfortunately. hopefully they can at least pull out one and have some kind of a moral victory. >> how are you feeling after that mavs game? >> i'm tired and sad but they can do it. i did a mavericks here on earlier. i did change. i do supportmas, you can do it. >> we're hopeful for tomorrow night but in case the worst happens, would you send the wine anyway, please! >> that video they handled that so well. >> good sports. >> props to our team in dallas. i feel a little nasty now for our video we sent to them. it was a good one, though. >> she doesn't really though.
5:45 am
>> i just feel bad now. >> i love the filter they used, too, the crying face. >> oh my gosh. >> appropriate. >> very good sports as well. >> definitely. >> get ready for some barbecue. >> i'm looking forward to that. we'll want to send some sympathy wine. >> sympathy wine. dollar tree wine, not the good wine. [ laughter ] >> we're good like that. >> yes, just kidding. we'll send you good wine. >> these two. we're going to knock on wood and keep positive spirits for our team at home. >> yes, from them all out there. >> i have our game day forecast ready to go, too. let's start off way live look, it is a beautiful sunrise for us this morning, temperatures in the 50s. yes, we are warming up a lot today. official sunrise at 5:53 so in a couple of minutes actually as we look at our daytime highs, it's a toasty day for us no matter where you live in the bay and where you live in the hills either, into the upper 90s on average in our inland areas, 70s
5:46 am
along our coast, it's another windy day for us. one thing i want to highlight is the dry day, too. relative humidity drops down to 8% for us up near vacaville as we head into this afternoon, one of the driest days of the week this week. however as we take a quick look at relative humidity as well as the winds, it's a huge reason why the national weather service extended that red flag warning until tomorrow. this goes until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and to add to that, they also issued a red flag -- excuse me, a heat advisory for solano county until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow also. let's take it a step back though. here is our watch party forecast, if you are heading out to the chase center, it is going to be a pretty mild night for us, no complaints here, 65 this evening, just as the game starts. another thing to mention also, high temperatures today getting up into the 90s, anywhere from extend ont 'r seein more pl90s, too. heed into it's arus, if you lywe
5:47 am
an francisco northstinson beachh 70s but we get right back up into the 90s near novato, petaluma and also the case as we head more north. let's look at our next seven days, it's a warm setup for the next couple of days. on the bright side we cool off a lot headed into the weekend. 60s around the corner for us for san francisco. we're also expecting 60s even in the san jose area, oakland area, excuse me, 80s in the san jose area, just by thursday. headed into the weekend we're cooling back counsel to the 60s for the coast. partly cloudy skies sticking around as they we had into the three-day setup. gianna, how are things going out there? >> not bad at all. we're seeing more volume on the roadways but overall, it's a pretty light commute. look at this, it's 5:47, we're not seeing that backup just yet at the bay bridge, traffic moving nicely as you head out of emeryville, into san francisco right now. not a lot of brake lights to deal with. the metering lights were turned on a couple of minutes ago so we'll likely start seeing brake
5:48 am
lights building for the morning rush, well into the 6:00 hour as more cars get on the roadway. so far moving along okay there. a little crowded on the upper deck but here is a live look at one of our caltrans cameras near one of the towers and seems to be moving slightly clower but at an okay pace, headed westbound into san francisco. we are tracking brake lights for the ride into the dublin interchange area headed westbound 580. those brake lights mostly start building in the right lanes well before 680 as folks start connecting over onto the freeway through the dublin interchange. north or south 680 traffic is moving at the limit but it will be slow trying to get on to the 680 connector. east of there we have a crash westbound 580 at grant line road, out of lanes, it's over on the right-hand side of the roadway. this is an area that's busy anyway, so we've got the brake lights out of tracy, mt. house to north flynn on 580 itself and for super commuters coming out of the south bay, gilroy ride
5:49 am
into martin, it is starting to warm up. looking at my chp cam, information, no major accidents minus the one near grant line, that's a minor fender bender. a live look at the golden gate bridge looking really good here and traffic pretty quiet. let's cross our fingers it stays that way. back to you guys. >> yes, crossing them. >> it is 5:49. carnevale san francisco returns this weekend. >> the comeback after a pandemic pause and how organizers took on a new mission. coming up on the "the drew barrymore show," the cass of "never been kissed" stops by to chat. >> josey grossy. >> a blast from the past there. >> right after our show as well. stick arounds for "cbs mornings." gayle king, tony dokoupil and
5:50 am
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let's get another check of our daytime highs today. it's one of the warmest days this year alone. we're getting into the triple digits in our east innland hills, mid to upper 70s near san francisco, 90s already just popping up in santa rosa as well as napa. let's look at the quick reason why that's happening. high pressure is building in from the south, so all that warm air from the equator pushing in until around tomorrow. the bridge starts to break apart as a trough builds behind it with low pressure pushing in from the gulf of alaska, that will cool us off a little bit as
5:53 am
we head into the weekend. we're well above average with a red flag warning in effect until tomorrow. we'll keep you updated on the weather is icenter. for now, back to you. ♪ i love all the music. carnevale san francisco returns this weekend and kpix is a proud sponsor of the parade and festival, that was canceled during the pandemic. organizers shifted gears and took on a new migs mission. >> kpix 5 sharon chin shows us how they have a program still operating today. >> reporter: alberto perez. >> apples. >> reporter: -- recalls unloading huge boxes and bags of food for needy families at the star of the pandemic. >> when the pandemic first started it was scary. our community was impacted by it. >> reporter: thousands of people lined up for free groceries at the mission food hub every week. >> bags of bean, rice.
5:54 am
>> reporter: alberto wasn't just a volunteer. >> we'd throw in a box. >> reporter: his family was hurting, too. >> my mom lost her job at the pandemic. it was very hard for my family to provide. >> reporter: in fact, five adults in his household of seven lost their jobs. so after his volunteer shift, the 19-year-old would take home fresh fruit and vegetables to feed them and their neighbors. >> coming to the food hub was like medicine, where a community can come together and help each other out. >> reporter: miss his mentor, roberto hernandez, started food hub after getting numerous calls from families suddenly laid off and desperate to feed their families. >> food to me is sacred and i know the value of food, having, i've gone hungry sometimes, you know, and so i know that it gives you hope and that's what we've done is given people hope
5:55 am
that we're going to get through this pandemic. >> reporter: roberto who leads carnevale got sponsors to shift their funds to the mission food hub when the annual festival was canceled in 2020. and he partnered with the latino task force to provide rental assistance, covid vaccines and testing for low-income families in the mission district. alberto says the food and rental assistance saved his family from becoming homeless. >> you can either lose your home or you won't have the resources you need to provide for your family, so the mission food hub really helped me and a lot of families not just on our mental health but also keeping us nourished as well. >> reporter: and that focus on eating healthy inspired alberto. he started his own small business last year, organic frisco drip. he makes nutritious cold-pressed juices using fresh produce purchased from local farmers. >> roberto has really sparked a
5:56 am
light in me. >> he's making fresh juices and to see him at an event selling his juices was like man, it lit me. like oh my god. >> reporter: thanks to the support of roberto and the mission food hub, alberto is feeding the community in a fresh, new way. in san francisco, sharon chin, kpix 5. >> mission food hub continues to feed about 9,000 families a week. >> it accepts donations toward groceries and pet food. catch our live coverage of the carnevale parade sunday at 10:00 omicron on "cbs news bay area." it is 5:56, next hour of kpix 5 and streaming for you on "cbs news bay area." >> three words this morning, one more win. we're live with the excitement building for dub nation ahead of game four. a creepy crawler invading napa county. you heard about a sn"sharknado, how about a sharkano.
5:57 am
>> go, go, go. his walk up to home plate is going viral this morning. you can see why. we'll have more o i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on "cbs news bay area," bay area crews have their hands full and it's only going to get hotter. we break down the heat wave bringing on the fire danger. hot weather and disappointing conservation numbers could prompt new water restrictions. we're live with what's at stake. it's a beautiful day in the bay. want to know why? cause it's game day. fans are looking and hoping to see the warriors beat the dallas mavs and make it to the nba finals. we're live from thrive city. >> all right, jocelyn, looks good on a tuesday morning. >> throwing it. >> tuesday, may 24th. i'm len kiese. >> and i'm amanda starrantino. keep cool where you


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