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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 26, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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salazar, age 10. >> now at 11:00, the bay area showing its support for the town of uvalde, texas, after the horrific school shooting.
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california lawmakers take action in hopes of preventing similar tragedies. student in alameda county is facing charges of gun violence, last two hours. fog rolled in, heat out. cooler temperatures in the first alert forecast. >> we're supposed to crawl like this? >> what does it take to battle california wildfires? we suited up to show you. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook, ryan is off tonight. town of uvalde, texas, is reeling in wake of yesterday's school shooting. these are some of the faces of the 21 people killed. victims include 19 innocent children between 8 and 10 years old and two teachers. 10-year-old lexi rubio was one of them killed. earned a good citizen award at her school, her family and others wondering why us.
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>> this is -- this is enough, no one else needs to go through this. we didn't need to go through this but we are. >> all over texas communities coming together to grieve. austin and san antonio among the cities holding memorial services. sara donchey shows us people gathered in the bay area to mourn the victims as lawmakers butted heads over how to prevent future tragedies. >> reporter: many people have expressed need to get out even if it didn't happen in their own neighborhood. foster city, no exception. >> lila salazar, age 10. >> reporter: the names and ages of the youngest victims of the shooting were read to a crowd. >> i have an 8-year-old niece
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and 6-year-old niece who live in texas. and it's just so hard, can't tell you how many times i cried this morning ♪ to live in peace and unafraid ♪ >> reporter: a vigil for victims of mass shootings across the u.s. news of which weighed heavy on people's minds and renewed debate how to tackle the problem. >> we have to control the controllables, things we have control of. >> reporter: governor newsom announced would speed up legislation, lawmakers said that hasn't worked. >> passed so many different gun laws in this state now and continue to have mass shootings. governor wants to fast track something, end the early release program. that's something he has total control over. >> reporter: as debate rages over stricter laws and universal background checks, pointed to what's happening in the meantime.
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>> why do we have a society where schools have to have barbed wire and razor wire around the fences, only one entrance and fully armed policeman and metal detector. why? because we have so many guns and people are willing to use them in schools for totally irrational, murderous purposes. >> reporter: kpix 5. chilling new details emerging about the gunman. police say he shot his grandmother before going to school and opening fire on fourth grade class. officials say he purchased two assault rifles for his birthday. governor of texas said only warning was private facebook messages shortly before the shooting. stay with us for the latest developments on the texas school shooting. we'll have coverage on air,
1:42 am a student in fremont is facing charges for threatening to shoot a school employee. police say they were informed that student was making threats on social media and allegedly threatened gun violence at unnamed school. officers say a search of his home linked him to the threats but no gun was found. turn to weather. another day of sweltering heat in the bay area. meteorologist paul heggen joins us, looks like a little bit of relief in nice fog coming in. >> marine layer, our best friend coming in. high temperatures and fog covering up most of the bay bridge and across the bay into oakland. that's going to continue, end to the heat wave. we're cooler. 77 in oakland, 68 in san francisco. but still 87 in fremont. 93 in san jose. 95 in santa rosa, and 102,
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record-setting degrees, in livermore this afternoon but heat wave is over. temperatures dropping back into the 60s and 70s. lot in the 50s already. and high temperatures tomorrow, lot of locations below average around the bay and concord even. still 80 in san jose but close to average this time of year, four degrees above normal. with cooler weather for inland parts of the bay area first couple days of the holiday weekend. complete forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks paul. evacuation warnings lifted in monterey county. battling vegetation fire near king city, it's 50% contained. fire departments across the bay area are busy preparing for what is rough season. kpix 5's andrea nakano got a look.
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>> this is fire ops training. to give community members, city councillor from santa rosa and me here, giving us a feel what it's like to do their jobs, wildland fires or respond to medical incident. >> supposed to crawl like this? >> reporter: first call, enter a burning building. got all suited up, went in with goal of knocking down the fire within the first five minutes. after that, risk of injury or even death increases by four times when a flashover occurs. it was hot and uncomfortable, as we were weighed down by all the protective gear and an oxygen tank. >> i never knew how heavy the gear was. i think that's the number one thing everybody says to us. >> reporter: i was on the team with city manager smith who came out of the building thinking one thing. >> end of the day, i just want
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them to get out, get home to their families. >> reporter: fire ops 101 is put together by professional firefighters of sonoma county. parti participants put through medical aid calls and use tools for a driver trapped in a car. most interesting to understand how technology is helping firefighters do their job. this table gathers data from several sources to predict the path of the wildfire, gives the departments information they need to send out resources have they're needed most. out of everything we learned. fire ops ops 101 gave us greate appreciation for what they do. >> mimicking a situation they have to deal with every day, makes you more aware of what they have to deal with. >> i would like everybody to
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know that firefighting is a tough job. our firefighters are on the front lines every day doing this. >> reporter: in santa rosa, kpix 5. live look at sfo and bay bridge, expect both to be busy tomorrow ahead of the holiday weekend. despite sky high gas prices, travel experts say air fares are even worse. >> family of 4, $93 ticket to $400, $1,600 for the family. that's tipping point. will be cramming everybody in the car, strap granny on the roof and go. carnival about to return to san francisco, artistic director explains how and why the popular event got a permanent home. >> i just get excited knowing that it's a dream come true. >> allegedary bay area swimming
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coach who once led the u.s. olympic team on leave tonight, accusations from her students. parents and community members plan to occupy a bay area elementary school. their message, straight ahead.
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carnival returns to san francisco's mission district this weekend. kpix 5 is a proud sponsor. all week long bringing you stories leading up to the two-day festival. our sharon chin tells us about the force behind carnival and its longtime artistic director who is finally bring the event to a permanent home. >> i get goosebumps and get excited. just knowing that it's dream come true. >> reporter: a dream nine years in the making for roberto hernandez, the new cultural arts healing center is more than a home for carnival, it brings back sweet memory. >> i remember watching my mom and dad dance the cha cha cha, and i would smile, not only on my face but inside. made me feel happy. >> reporter: the new center on florida street the latest
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project for the man known as mayor of the mission. a few blocks from where he lived as child when he cemented his lifelong calling. >> i can't sit back and watch somebody just deteriorate. >> reporter: 12 years old, roberto's father sent him to delano. >> i thought we were poor, realized we weren't. >> reporter: met union leader dloer doloresfeurta and saw firsthand how farm workers lived. >> no water, no bathrooms, living in sheds. i came back and hugged my parents and said thank you. >> reporter: as adult, began to fight for his community. fight evictions, gentrification and poverty. neighbors bring them their pain from losing jobs to losing loved ones to covid. >> it's hard. it's tough. you know. i pray every day.
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and i get up and i meditate, and i let go of that pain. and ask the creator to give me strength and hope and courage. >> reporter: and this building -- >> the future home of carnival san francisco. >> reporter: -- offers a new source of hope and courage. two years after breaking ground affordable housing set to open this fall followed by a cultural arts center in the new year. it's designed as a safe space, healing through dancing with the beat of the drum. >> and that beat connects to your heart and connects to your soul, your spirit, your mind and body. you get transformed. >> reporter: a recent cinco de mayo fundraiser gives a glimpse of that healing power. nearly 80% of the $3.6 million project is funded but the work is far from over. >> whatever amount of time i got left, i just want to give back.
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>> reporter: giving back to neighbors -- >> proud of him, from the mission. rsh. >> reporter: wrsh who are like family. family. 65-year-old man of the mission still very much a man on a mission. sharon chin, kpix 5. new at 11:00, legendary uc berkeley swimming coach terry mckeever on administrative leave tonight after more than 20 current or former athletes said she bullied them. according to california news group, says the accusations include cursing, other verbal abuse, pressuring swimmers to compete while injured, being dismissive of eating disorders, driving at least six swimmers to consider suicide. cal's athletic department cannot comment on specific accusations but alleged misconduct is under investigation and safety and well-being ofs ip >>artsre stag
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occupation at oakland elementary school in bid to save it from closing. parker elementary is one of several schools included in the campus consolidation plan. district says declining enrollment has led to funding shortfall but opponents argue it disproportionately affects black and w will not move. going to gather peacefully. they have the funding and resourcing to keep every last school open, but because they refuse, we refuse to leave and will keep the schools open one way or another. >> oakland unified says it understands the frustration but asks parents to choose a less disruptive means of protest,
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that vast majority have accepted placement at other schools. if you plan on a walk, beware of rattlesnakes. seeing increase of snakes slithering on to the trails to soak up sun. av alone, don't harm it, they're protected by the law and usually will give you a little bit of a warning. >> right. >> hopefully, don't come closer. >> that's the idea. >> but they camouflage so well into the dry, brown grarss, you can stumble on one. >> and cooler temperatures will be out there more to soak up the heat. watch where you and your dog step on the park trails. at least cool temperatures coming. >> no thank you, snakes. sliding off to the southeast. approach of the storm system
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will miss us with energy and moisture. close to prompt stronger onshore winds and helped the surge up the coast earlier today. fog in place. fog tracker, satellite allowing us the difference between the grayish white fog versus the other clouds in the atmosphere. made it's up to to the bay and east side, going to spread farther inland, reduced visibilities for everybody to start thursday. allow extra time for morning commute if you can. will back up towards the coast, late morning, noon at latest. but farther up in the atmosphere clouds will be streaming overhead. thicker for north bay and thinner south. will filter the sunshine if not mostly block it. onshore wind and fog helping slow down the warm-up, and cloud cover farther up in the atmosphere spells return to near average temperatures through the
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day. right now, fog closer to downtown oakland. livermore temperature disappeared but it was dropping into the 60s where san jose and concord are. low to mid-50s, santa rosa, should drop to upper 40s. mostly low to mid-50s, normal this time of year. high temperatures tomorrow closer to average, little bit below along the coast. low to mid-70s around the peninsula and south end of the day. santa clara valley hotter. onshore wind but the santa cruz mountains block wind from making way into the valley. farther inland over one more range of hills, temperatures will reach what is normally warm this time of year. low 60s in san francisco. mid to upper 60s for oakland and east bay. thicker clouds over the north bay, temperatures upper 60s and low 70s.
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mid-50s along the coast. temperatures wobble around a little bit into the holiday weekend but more cooldown for san jose, 80 tomorrow to 70 on sunday. cool middle day of the three-day weekend, then up the other side into the 80s tuesday and wednesday. similar for inland parts of the north bay and east bay. cooler saturday and sunday but not going to complain too much when it's still the 70s. we'll keep you updated. giants fans not complaining about past two days, could be good times ahead. i'll explain that. plus nfl team gave colin kaepernick a
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giants have bounced back winning two straight at right time. 28 of san francisco's next 31 games are against teams with a losing record. the time to go on a tear is right now. they tore the cover off the ball today. joc pederson took pointers from barry bonds last night, three homers, picked up where he left
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off. two-run shot to right, giants up 5-0. ten rbis last two games. bottom two, mike yastrzemski sends it on a ride into the beer guard in straightaway center, 12-game hitting streak. next up, evan longoria, just a merry-go-round on the base paths. if it's fair it's gone, it's gone. second homer of the game. giants win 9-3. will start a ten-game road trip friday in cincinnati. getaway day for the a's in t-mobile park. did you know paul blackburn has fifth lowest e.r.a. in baseball? 5 1/3 shutout. a's up 1-0, elvis andrus leaves the building. thank you, thank you. elvis' third home run of the season. a's beat the mariners 4-2.
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ten-game home stand beginning tomorrow night. warriors flew back from dallas today, another chance to close out mavericks at chase center. golden state yet to lose at home in the playoffs. jimmy buffett courtside for miami, boston, game five of the eastern conference finals. celtics, jaylen brown had success. former cal bear had 19 of his 25 after halftime. celtics defense holds the heat. 93-80 boston. raiders brought colin kaepernick in for workout today, hasn't taken nfl snap since 2015 with the 49ers. stay tuned there. former secretary of state
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condoleezza rice. rose zhang sinks the winning putt, the cardinal beat oregon to win second national title in program history. college baseball, brock jones hits the go ahead homer in the seventh, and the cardinal, ranked number three in the country, beat arizona state in opening round of the first ever pac-12 tournament. they won the regular season crown last weekend. number three in the country, sounds like stanford could be on the way to potential world series berth. softball team look good, too. >> everybody at stanford doing great. good to see. historic space mission comes to successfu
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