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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  May 26, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, a live look at the buteautiful y bridge. good morning. i'm len kiese. >> i'm amanda starrantino. we'll begin with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. we'll see some of the changes you've been telling us about. >> as early as right now. today we're below average. it's kield. yesterday we were over ten degrees above average, and now a flip of the switch. we're starting off the morning a lot cooler than we should be. low patchy fog still sticking around for us right now. let's take a look at our weather headlines. it will bleed off. region-wide cooling is going to stick around. high clouds pushing in today. below average temperatures all through out this week and even as we extend into this beautiful weekend. a lot of events going on this weekend. we have carnival to add to that.
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it's memorday. a lot of us have a three-day weekend set up. low 60s in livermore, low 50s in santa rosa where we're also dealing with patchy conditions. we'll talk more about what you can expect in the full forecast. for now, gianna, how are things going this morning? >> you mentioned the fog rolling in. that's exactly the case. a live look at the golden gate bridge. just a heads-up if you're commuting out of marin county, you might have issues with visibility, looking a little foggy this morning. if you're headed towards the climate change, you can see the camera very clearly, but you can see the extra volume westbound, headlights heading towards 680. we're tracking the brake lights as you head out of tracy to the altamont pass. there is a crash north 87 right around almaden expressway at the entry ramp onto the freeway. it might slow you down as you
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work your way through there. today marks one year since a gunman opened fire at the vta rail yard and killed nine co-workers. >> there will be a private ceremony to pay tribute to those who lost their lives. the city promised to take action. san jose city leaders passed a number of gun control measures after the incident. one requires gun shops to record video and audio to discourage straw sales. they're required to get liability insurance and pay an annual fee. the city is cracking down on selling, owning or manufacturing ghost guns. many believe we still remain vulnerable. >> we do not need to live this way. do not need to die this way. we should all be angry inside but we cannot give up because we are making progress. this is not going to be fixed overnight, and we have to show up -- >> city leaders are set to
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attend the memorial this morning to mourn those lost last year. stay with us. our jocelyn moran will bring us the ceremony when it begans. when he shot, it was loud and it hurt my ear. when i heard the shooting through the door, i told my friend to hide under something so he won't find us. >> this morning for the first time we're hearing from a 9-year-old who survived the mass shooting in texas. this student says his class was watching a movie when they heard a loud bang. they were inches away fro of the 21 people killed.ose li the victims include 19 innocent children between 8 and 10 years old along with two of their teachers. >> 10-year-old maxie rib yoan
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was one of the children killed. her family and so many others are left wondering why us. >> this is enough. this is enough. no one else needs to go through this. we never needed to go through this but we are. >> in uvalde and all over texas communities are coming together to grieve. austin and san antonio were among the cities holding memorial services last night. >> kpix 5's saryer sara conchey >> lila salazar, age 10. mack kenna elrod, age 10. >> reporter: as the sun began to set in foster city, the names and ages of some of the youngest victims in the uvalde shooting were read to the crowd. >> i have an 8-year-old niece and 6-year-old niece who live in
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texas. it's so hard. i can't tell you how many times i cried this morning. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: this was a vigil for victims of recent mass shootings across the u.s., news of which weighed heavy on peep's minds here and across california renewed debate about how best to tackle the problem. >> we have to control the controllables, the things we have control of. >> governor newsom announced wednesday he would speed up legislation aimed to curb gun violence in the state. lawmakers say that approach hasn't worked. >> we've passed so many different gun laws in the state now and we continue to have mass shootings. if the governor wants to fast track something, he should end the early release program. that's something he has total control over. >> reporter: as the debate rages over stricter laws and universal background checks, bun bay area congressman points out to what happens in the meantime. >> why in the world do we have a society where schools have to have barbed wire and razor wire
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around. why do we have to do that? well, because we have so many guns and people are willing to use them in schools for totally irrational, murder rouse purposes. many questions remain about how and why the school shooting in, the tks unfolded. investigators say the shooter had no known criminal or mental health history. people are left mourning their loved ones and friends. >> reporter: officials in uvalde, texas, are still searching for a motive in tuesday's school shooting. we are learning more about the gunman's final moments. >> there was no known mental health history. >> reporter: governor greg abbott says the 18-year-old sent private online messages before his rampage at robb elementary. >> the first post was i'm going to shoot my grandmother. the second post was i shot my
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grandmother. the third post, i'm going to shoot an elementary school. >> reporter: the grandmother is recovering in the hospital. people who knew the gunman say he was antisocial and dropped out of school recently. crosses outside of robb elementary school have the names of the 19 children and two teachers who lost their lives. while the investigation continues, residents of the small town are searching for a way forward. >> she tried to grab her phone and call the cops -- >> reporter: angel garcia takes comfort in the fact that his stepdaughter tried to call 911 as the gunman opened fire in her class, but he isn't hopeful that things will change. >> i just want my baby home. i don't care. i don't care about anything else. i don't care about -- >> reporter: in washington, democrats are pressing for new gun control measures. >> we're cow wards if we don't act, cowards.
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>> reporter: those republicans appear poised to blocking legislation. >> any firearm is deadly in the hands of a deranged lunatic. >> reporter: danya bacchus, cbs news, uvalde, texas. >> we'll have coverage on air at w . a student in fremont is facing charges after threatening to shoot a school employee. police say they were informed by personnel at american high school that a student was making threat on social media. they say the student also threatened gun violence at another unnamed school. a search of the 17-year-old's home linked him to the threats, although no guns found. parents staged an occupation in an oakland elementary school. parker elementary is one of the schools in the campus consolidation plan. declining enrollment
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districtwise has led to a funding shortfall. opponents argue it affects black and latino students. parents say they plan to liberate the school and reopen it as parker community. >> we will not move. we are going to gather here peacefully. they have the funding. they have the resources to keep each and every last one of these schools open. but because they refuse, we'll refuse to leave and we will keep our schools open one way or another. >> we've reached out to oakland unified for a response but have not heard back yet. it's 4:40. how the rising cost of gas and airfare have many people rethinking their travel plans. plus, why you could be seeing more and
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a live look at sfo and the bay bridge.
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expect both to be busy before the holiday weekend. >> since memorial day weekend getaways won't be cheap, some are opting to save a few bucks. between airline ticket prices, gas prices and hotel prices, a memorial day weekend trip this year won't be cheap. >> left on a wednesday because it was the most affordable ticket. >> reporter: malcolm is here from philly to see some friends for the holiday weekend. >> today's ticket was upwards of $700. >> reporter: but the price tag wasn't going to change his plans. >> it's worth it in my mind, but, yeah, definitely more expensive than in the past. >> reporter: according to the bu bureau of labor statistics, airline fairs were up 18%, but millions plan to travel anyway. asaa predicts millions will travel out of down this memorial day weekend, almost in line with 2017 figures. here at sfo, the airport is
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preparing for what will be some of the busiest travel days the airport has experienced in several years. >> if we look at both arriving and departing, we'll probably see about 125,000 in and out on any of these given days leading up to the memorial day holiday. >> reporter: some travel experts say the rising costs may push some people to drive to their destinations despite the record high gas prices. >> for a family of four, if all of a sudden your $92 ticket went to $400, that's $1600 for the family. they'll be in the car. they'll cram everybody in the car even if gas prices go to $12 a gallon, because it's still an economical viable alternative. >> reporter: rather than her typical holiday trip, nicole iverson plans to spend the weekend at home on the peninsula. >> i guess make sure of gas prices, airline prices.
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none of my friends are traveling either. so i think that plays a role as well. >> reporter: if you are flying, give yourself extra time to get wherever you need to go. max darrow, kpix 5. a welcome sight for investors as all three major indexes saw some gains yesterday. the fed plans to fight inflation. matt pieper has more. >> reporter: the federal reserve is preparing to raise interest rates higher than expected in order to fight inflation. minutes from the central bank's meeting earlier this month show the committee members believe a city of half point increases will likely be needed. higher interest rates tend to slow consumer and business spending. the white house is working to ban a controversial mining project from an alaskan watershed, the pebble mine project would mine bristol bay for copper.
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if finalized, the epa's proposal would protect the bay which supports a $2 billion fishing industry. oreo and ritz crackers are teaming up. for a limited time today, fans of the snacks can order this half cookie half cracker online for free plus a shipping free. the treat's stuffing is half cream, half peanut butter. available until june 5th or when all 1,000 packs are gone. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to i'm matt pieper. >> that actually sounds pretty tasty. 4:46 is the time. let's get a check of the traffic. >> yesterday we were dealing with above average temperatures. anything above 15 degrees actually. today, a completely different trend. we're ranging below average
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throughout the whole zone set up in the bay area. let's start off this morning with a live look just from the sutro live cam. a beautiful, beautiful depiction of what we're dealing with this morning. patchy fog starting to roll in all through out the way. this will continue as we head into this afternoon with the marine layer sticking around. daytime highs today, we're no longer dealing with the upper 90s like yesterday in the inland areas. we dropped about 20 degrees just like that it will continue to be the friend for the coast and bay where we're dealing with patchy fog and high clouds pushing through as we head into this afternoon. let's start with futurecast extending into this afternoon. by 8:00 a.m., the fog will continue to roll in and bleed throughout the inland areas, even as we extend into the evening hours tonight it will stick around. this is just by noon. it pulls back a san mateo bridge as we extend to the 3:00 hour and all through out the evening. here is the big reason we're not dealing with above average
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temperatures anymore. high pressure out in the pacific. now low pressure dipping in just enough to bring the winds out of the southwest. that will continue to be the trend for us as we wrap up this week. more partly cloudy conditions to stick around. this is what i'm excited for. santa clara valley, 80s and upper 70s. the tri-valley, pretty much the exact-same setup. daytime highs in the upper 70s, even low 80s, too. once we head offer to the coast this will continue to be the trend into the holiday weekend. heading north, getting back into the 70s near saint helena as well as 80s near ukiah. here is a look at the next seven days, partly cloudy conditions as we head into the weekend, daytime highs getting back to memorial day. as we extend into the north bay, also seeing a lot more 70s sticking around throughout the next six days. it's a little foggy in some spots if you're getting on the
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freeways. it could affect your drive especially here at the golden gate bridge. things looking a little murky there. heads-up if you're heading out of marin county, out of so sausalito. no official advisories in effect. bay bridge to oak plaza, no issues. there was a wind advisory issued overnight for the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge as well. keep that in mind, that this is issues by caltrans. it hasn't been officially cleared or canceled. it might feel gusty across the span. 580/680 interchange, things busy for the morning commute westbound heading towards 680. we're starting to see extra volume there, brake lights coming into tracy, you have stop-and-go conditions all the
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way to about north flynn. there is one crash, really a minor incident. keeping a close eye on this just in case they decide to close the ramp to clear this out of lanes. this is the entry ramp from almaden expressway to northbound guadalupe parkway. if you want to take 87, it's moving nicely in both directions. you can use 101 as well. 280 looks good, also. the oakland area looks good as well. this is the nimitz freeway near the coliseum. no major brake lights or issues there. if you plan to go for a walk, beware of rattle snakes. they're slithering onto trails to soak up the sun. if you happen to spot one, leave it alone. don't harm it. they are protected by law. "top gun: maverick" has landed in theaters. >> the sequel brings attention to the navy's top gun school. cbs's nischelle medina spoke
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with one aviator part of the elite training school and the original movie. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: there's a new generation of aif raters at top gun. "top gun: maverick" is a return to the danger zone. >> we're going to show you what it's really like to be a top gun pilot. >> when you get to top gun, you're flying with the best of the best. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel lynn sick jer flu the f-5. he was a top gun student and instructor from 1982 to 1986 during the filming of the original movie. >> as top gun, we make sure that anything we put in the movie wasn't going to put the navy in a bad light. >> reporter: miramar was home to top gun. manufacture o the scenes of the 1986 film were shot here with the flying done by naval aviators. >> everything is choreographed
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and scripted out so you know exactly who is turning, when they're turning, what they're doing. >> reporter: he helped coordinate the aerial photography shot off the coast of san diego and the nevada desert. he filmed several scenes having to fly slower and in tight formation for cameras. >> a switch on the bottom you turn on, and it would film the face. i'm one of the two guys that actually showed up in the movie as the guy in the black helmet. >> is this your idea of fun, man? >> reporter: here is that famous scene. >> watch the birdie. >> cameras are on. >> reporter: the navy's best are, again, a part of "top gun: maverick" delivering heart pounding action while showcasing the navy's power in the sky. >> the men and women volunteered to do this. they do it with a passion. >> reporter: a hollywood glimpse into naval aviation's
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good morning everyone.
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the giants have bounced back and done so at the right time, winners of two straight. get this, 28 of san francisco's next 31 games are against teams with a losing record. half of those games against last-place teams. yesterday they tore the cover off the baseball. joc pederson took pointers from barry bonds on tuesday night, preceded to hit three homers, and then on wednesday, see ya. giants up 5-0. pederson ten rbis in the last five games. mike yastrzesmki, that will extend his hitting streak. sends it on a ride into the beer garden. evan longoria, it's already 8-0. make it 9-0. it's just the second inning. if it's fair, it's gone. it was clearly fair. his second homer of the game. giants winners 9-3. they will start a ten-game road trip friday in cincinnati. getaway day for the a's at
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seattle's t-mobile park. did you know paul blackburn has the fifth lowest ric in baseball, now 1.70 of 5 1/3 shut out innings. top six, elvis, he's going to leave the bidding to make it a 3-0 ball game. elvis andrus, his third home run of the season matches his total from all of last year. a's beat the mariners 4-2. they begin a ten-game homestand tonight. the warriors flew back from dallas yesterday. they will have another changes to close out the mavericks tonight at chase center. golden state has yet to lose at home in the playoffs. over to miami there's jimmy buffet. we got fans to the left. game five of the eastern conference finals. 7 of 45 from deep for the heat. meanwhile, jaylen brown, that's a little more of a high percentage shot. the former cal bear had 19 of
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his 25 after half-time. celtics defense holds miami. celtics can close out the series friday at home. the raiders brought colin kaepernick in for a workout yesterday. kap hasn't taken a shot since 2016. former secretary of state continued lesion is a rice cheering them on. the cardinal beat oregon to win their second national title in program history. sticking with stanford, college baseball, there's brock jones. the go-ahead homer in the seventh. the cardinal ranged number three beat arizona state in the opening round of the pac-12 tournament, theirst pac-12 tournament ever. stanford won the regular season crown last weekend. that does it for sports for
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me. i'm charlie walter. have a great day. time is 4:57. coming up, we suit it up to bring you a close look of what it takes to battle california
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when i saw the bullets -- >> right now at 5:00, hearing from a 9-year-old survivor of that mass school shooting in texas this morning as families continue to mourn, we're also learning about the shooter's final moments. today marks one year since a gunman opened fire at the vta rail yard in san jose, how the bay area is paying tribute to the lives lost. plus, how the rising cost of gas and airfare have many rethinking their


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