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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 26, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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when i saw the bullets -- >> right now at 5:00, hearing from a 9-year-old survivor of that mass school shooting in texas this morning as families continue to mourn, we're also learning about the shooter's final moments. today marks one year since a gunman opened fire at the vta rail yard in san jose, how the bay area is paying tribute to the lives lost. plus, how the rising cost of gas and airfare have many rethinking their travel plans.
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after tonight, dub nation could be going to the nba finals. i'm justin andrews live inside the chase center all morning. good morning. it's thursday, may 26th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese. good to have you with us. first up, our forecast. people will notice a change as they step outside this morning. >> i'm sure you guys did, too. this afternoon, more significant. we're below average today, only by a degree or two. nothing too extreme. that's better than yesterday, right, where we were about 10, 15 degrees above average. here is a live look at our salesforce tower cam. a beautiful depiction of seeing that fog slowly trickle in this morning. 50s in the forecast for us right now. clear conditiontion as we head into this afternoon in certain areas. a completely different setup throughout the rest of the day. a live look at the mark hopkins cam, a slow start with all the
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fog creeping in. daytime highs today actually in the 70s or inland areas, a 20-degree jump from yesterday. as we extend into the next couple days, that will continue to be the tread. dealing with low 60s in the bay. we're seeing upper 50s along our coast. this is all due to low pressure pushing its way in from the gulf of alaskament gianna, how are things going out there? >> i'm noticing a change on some of our cameras as well. it's a little foggy. we haven't seen that in our bay areas. that's the case at the golden gate bridge. a heads-up, it might be tough to see the freeway off 101 through sausalito. overall we don't have brake lights or issues this morning. traffic moving at the limit. most of our bay area bridges are pretty quiet as far as delays go. there are none to slow you down. bay bridge toll plaza looks good. an easy ride into the city. a little windy for the golden gate. the san mateo bridge is clear in
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both directions. >> when i heard the shooting through the door, i told my friend to hide under something so he won't find us. >> i just want my baby home. i don't care. i don't care about anything else. i don't care about -- >> this is enough. this is enough. no one else needs to go through this. we never needed to go through this but we are. >> this morning we're hearing from a 9-year-old who survived the school shooting in texas while parens mourning the loss of their children are demanding action from lawmakers. right now many questions remain about how and why the school shooting in texas unfolded. >> investigators say the shooter had no known criminal or mental health history. this morning new details are emerging about his background. >> reporter: a community heartbroken, residents in uvalde, texas, mourning the loss of 19 children and two teachers who were tragically shot and killed at robb elementary on
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tuesday. these are some of the faces of the 21 people killed. the victims include 19 innocent children between 8 and 10 years old along with two of their teachers. >> you look at this girl -- oh, my baby. >> reporter: chilling details emerging about the suspected gunman. police say he shot his grandmother before going to the school and opening fire on a fourth grade class. officials say he purchased two assault-style rifles for his 18th birthday. >> what can you tell us about your grandson. did you ever know he had firearms? >> no, i didn't know. if i had known, i would have reported him. >> reporter: politicians are demanding action to curb gun violence. >> the idea that an 18-year-old can walk into a store and buy
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weapons of war designed and marketed to kill is i think just wrong. >> reporter: president biden is expected to travel to uvalde in the coming days. coming up at 5:30. danya bacchus is live this morning with more on the shooter's final moments. in uvalde and all over texas people are coming together to grieve. austin and san antonio are among the several cities holding memorial services. >> kpix 5's sara conchey showing how lawmakers butted heads to prevent future tragedies. >> lila salazar, age 10, makenna elrod, age 10. >> reporter: as the sun began to set in foster city, the names and ages of some of the youngest victims of the uvalde shooting were read to a crowd. >> i have an 8-year-old niece and a 6-year-old niece who live
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in texas. it's so hard -- i can't tell you how many times i cried this morning. ♪ to live in peace i'm not afraid ♪ >> reporter: this is a vigil for victims of recent mass shootings, news of which weighed heavy and across california renewed debate about how best to tackle the problem. >> we have to control the controllables, the things that we have control of. >> reporter: governor newsom announced he would speed up legislation aimed to curb gun violence in the state. lawmakers across the aisle say that approach hasn't worked. >> we've passed so many different gun laws in the state now and we continue to have mass shooting. if the governor wants to fast track something, he should end the early release program. >> reporter: as the debate rages over universal background checks, one pointed out to what's happening in the meantime. >> why in the world do we have a
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society where schools have to have barbed wire and razor wire around the fences where there's only one entrance, a fully armed policeman and metal detector? why do we have to do that? because we have so many guns and people are willing to use them in schools for totally irrational murderous purposes. >> reporter: in foster city, sara conchey, kpix 5. >> stay with us. we'll have coverage on air at and streaming on cbs news bay area. today marks one year where a gunman opened fire and killed nine co-workers. >> many are paying tribute this morning. et vta employees this morning se a private ceremony to pay tribute to the nine co-workers killed in the deadliest mass shooting in bay area history. this anniversary comes two days after the tragedy at robb elementary in texas and gun
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control has been front and center. locally in the last year san jose city leaders have passed a number of gun control measures. that includes requiring gun shops to record video and audio of purchases, requiring gun owners to get liability insurance and pay an annual fee and cracking down on selling, owning or manufacturing ghost guns. >> i feel we're just as vulnerable today as we were last year. the question around whether we've done enough, the city is very limited in terms of what we can do. >> some say that's not enough as far as the gun control measures that have been implemented. moms demand action says the city's gun control measures are a step in the right direction but believes as long as there's a patchwork of state laws and gridlock in washington, we remain vulnerable. other events are happening to honor the lives lost. the santa clara county district attorney will hold a public remembrance event this morning
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with county supervisors. jocelyn moran, kpix 5. many parents are trying to determine what's the right age >>o sencto theiridolence buthere are helpful guidelines as parents as these delicate conversations with their children. an important part of this conversation is being approachable. emphasize that you're there as a parent to answer any questions they may have. at michael robb of common sense media explains, there's a fine line between saying too much and too little. >> don't overexplain. don't overtalk. >> he recommends if a child 7 or younger doesn't ask about something like a mass shooting, there's no need to address it for the most part, but that line gets blurred for older children who are more inquisitive and often exposed to more sources of information, sometimes exaggerated and inaccurate in classmates and school. >> you can get into it a little bit. but i would leave out grisly
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stuff, especially for younger kids. keep it simple, just the facts, without a lot of intense detail about what happened. >> he says safety and love is how we reassure our kids. they have to know we listen to them and we're here to support and protect them. expect the bridges to be busy today ahead of the holiday weekend. prepare for sticker shock. federal data shows airline fares went up nearly 19% in april. high gas prices and hotel prices. hours away from game five of the western conference finals. >> if the warriors take the win, dub nation is headed to the nba finals. a lot of excitement. that's why justin andrews is inside the chase center with the good assignment. justin, a big night. >> yes, a big night, a big crowd
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set to fill the chase center here. this thing seats about 18,000 people. of course, we cannot wait to see the players right here on the court. talking curry, klay, wiggins and the whole team. also an unofficial player you'll see hyping up the crowd. >> all right dub nation. we need you louder than ever right now! >> reporter: the voice and the energy, you've heard it and seen it before. that's frank oh fin better known as the warriors official hype man. for 20 years you've heard him hyping up fans and announcing the lineup. >> dub nation is growing bigger and bigger. we have the best and most loyal fans, not only in the nba but in all of sports. >> reporter: hype man says tonight's energy will be no different, thousands of fans inside and hundreds more outside at thrive city which he says has been greatly growing the last several weeks. >> a huge crowd.
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people are flooding in from all over, not just the bay area, people are flying in. >> reporter: all the eyes on the court no matter if you're inside or outside thrive city, you'll hear this guy. >> warriors basketball coming up next! >> reporter: even if you're at home watching, he says warriors fans, no matter where you are, you are the x factor. >> a standing ovation -- >> warriors! we're gold doosh blooded this morning. they will be tonight. we cannot wait to take home game five. that means we'll be going to the nba finals. ooh, that sounds so good. i'll send it back to you. >> we need to. we were expecting this the other night. time to wrap it up. >> we need to call you hype man junior with that voice. [ laughter ]. >> call me lil hype man.
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>> all right, justin, lil hype man, we'll see you coming up in the next half hour. it's 5:12. we suited up just to bring you a closer look to what it takes to battle california wildfires. how a new invention by a college engineer could lend a hand during surgeries. as we take a look at the roadways, we're actually doing okay for the mos i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall
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chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets.
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fire departments across the bay area are busy preparing for what's expected to be another rough season. >> community members got a hands-on demonstration on what it's like to be firefighters. city officials along with our in that case cana used technology crews to get data on wild land fires. out of everything they learned, the workshop gave them a greater appreciation for the job of a firefighter. >> when you're actually mimicking a situation they have to deal with every day, i think it makes you more aware of what they have to deal with. >> it is 5:16. time for a check of your forecast and traffic. >> we'll start things off with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. we've been keeping an eye on possible fires we could have gotten this week because of the high temperatures.
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what are we looking at now? >> relative humidity, we've seen great recovery processes in the overnight hours. now we're left right back to where we should be this time of year. i want to start off with a live look from our live cam. this is actually from the sutro tower, taking another look from the hotel in it will stick around as w t ever daytime highs today 70s in our inland areas. yesterday dealing with upper 90s. we have seen a significant trend change actually within the past couple days. as we take a look ot our bay area, also dealing with 50s today, 60s along the coast. we're right back to where we should be the time of year. the winds are pushing in from the southwest. that's the big reason we're seeing that southerly surge. it will continue into the afternoon hours with more partly cloudy conditions and that fog staying consistent even into the
5:18 am
noon hour, all the way into the afternoon as well. it's a beautiful set up nonetheless. daytime highs today ranging well below average for the santa clara valley where we're dealing with low 80s, upper 70s. the tri-valley, another set up of upper 70s. if you live in the sausalito area or san francisco, we're still seeing upper 50s, low 60s with cooler temperatures in the northern portions, too. let's take a quick look at our next seven days, partly cloudy skies are going to stick around as we extend into the weekend, just in time foremorday wed. e extenntext week, we'll see more sunshine popping up, daytime highs averaging in the 60s and 70s. as for the north bay and inland eastbound, we' y updated in the weather center. gianna, how are things going out there? >> as far as crashes go, we're doing okay. first report of an incident in
5:19 am
westbound 580 in livermore. a quiet thursday morning commute. if you're taking the ride across the golden gate bridge, i'm focusing on that because we were seeing fog. it looks like it's getting a little better as you make the ride 101, sausalito over to the span, everything moving nicely. a little breezy for the golden gate and for the bay bridge. there were wind advisories issued by caltrans overnight. if you're in a more high profile vehicle, be extra careful. things are pretty calm right now. that will certain change, especially tomorrow afternoon as everyone starts thinking about getting out of town for this three-day weekend. a lot of people with that pent-up travel energy. we'll see a lot of people on the roadway. if you plan for that peak travel times, definitely in the afternoons after 1:00. san mateo bridge looking good both directions, no delays there. within 580. this is an area i got word of a crash not too far from isabelle.
5:20 am
looks like people is slowing in that portion of 580 as well. you can see that along 580 westbound. tracking some red there which means speeds that are 25 miles per hour. you have brake lights coming out of tracy as you work your way into the altamont. westbound 80 looking good. everything moving at the limit. this is going to be a very different commute on friday afternoon as people try to get out of town. so 80, 580, 101, some of our getaway routes to think about for this memorial day weekend. still ahead, why the latest invention by a college professor is making lots of headlines in the tech
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welcome back. it is time for lunch, kind of, not really. it's stick breakfast time. don't worry. as we extend into the afternoon and heechk hoevening hours, a l cooler than yesterday's 90s. along the coast, low 60s. upper 50s in the bay. hour-by-hour we won't see too much of a change. this is by 2:00, we warm into the 60s and 70s. we'll keep you updated. for now, we'll send it back over to you. time now for our new segment
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"morning mix." >> gianna franco has everything you need to know. good to see you. >> good morning, guys. i've got fun stuff. we start with a graduation speech from a student in florida getting a lot of attention. he was told to not speak about his sexuality, but he didn't let that stop him from saying or staying rather true to himself. take a listen to this. >> that is why i must discuss a very public part of my identity. this characteristic has probably become the first thing you've think of. as you know, i have curly hair. >> this was a speech from zxandr morris, who was openly gay was told by administrators that his mic would be cut off if he talked about certain topics during his speech. he found another way by using his hair as a metaphor. what an incredibly clever way to do it. good for him. >> shout out to xander for
5:25 am
finding a way to get around the situation there. >> definitely. they underestimate these kids. they'll find a way to get their message across. >> that was almost a very professional way to do it. he's well beyond his years. how dare that school for saying they would cut him off. >> that's not okay at all. now to a pretty cool invention by engineers at northwestern university. they've created the world's smallest remote controlled walking robot. each one is half a millimeter wide. can you see that? a professor who helped lead the effort says it took a year and a half to create the minuscule metal creatures. the sturnts involved with the effort designed robots that looked like crabs and other animals. they used a malleable memory shape alloy with the robots in standing position. the team used lasers to heat up certain joints creating movement. they're hoping the invention
5:26 am
can'can eventually be used in minimally invasive surgery or repair small-scale machines. that's incredible. >> that does sound good. those movies where the robots turn against you and start doing bad things. >> i feel like you can take on those robots. they're super tiny. >> those will have little cameras and be watching you everywhere. >> you won't even know they're there. >> you guys are so paranoid. >> our director is shaking his head. paco is like, uh-huh. summer barbecue, we're ready for it. beer goes with it. that's the idea behind miller light's new product. introducing the first ever beer-infused charcoal. the company made it by reducing the beer down to a concentrate and using it to coat the coles. as of early this morning, they
5:27 am
were already sold out. according to the website, there's more on the way. >> order up for memorial day, hopefully by fourth of july. it sounds good. >> i'm down with it. >> there's recipes with it. >> making us hungry this morning, g. >> you're welcome. it's 5:27. still ahead, a ticket to the nba finals up for grabs for the dubs tonight. how fans at chase center are getting ready for what's expected to be a big night.
5:28 am
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jose marks one year since the vta mass shooting, what the city is doing to prevent another tragedy. >> when he shot, it was very loud and it hurt my ear. >> a chilling testimony from a young survivor of the school shooting. we'll take you live to texas with what investigators have now found out about the gunman. parents standing their ground, their message as they prepare to occupy one bay area school. we will be live at chase center as the dubs hopefully bring home a win tonight and we can move on to the finals. justin andrews will be there
5:31 am
live for us coming up. good morning to you, it is thursday, may 26th, i'm omicron variant. >> i'm len kiese. we're turning the corner on the heat we've been having. >> oh, yeah, it is gone for a while. for the next six days, a gradual cooling trend into our beautiful memorial day weekend. my new favorite part about this job is dealing with these live shots. i'm soate. i get a look at this every morning and so do you. as we extend into this afternoon, the clouds continue to push into the bay. this is a live look overlooking the legislator valley. patchy fog puching its way in this morning. this is a look from the mark hopkins hotel cam. today daytime highs are well below average. yesterday we were dealing with 90s in our inland areas, today mid 70s. low 60s for our bay. upper 50s for our coast. winds still pushing in from the
5:32 am
southwest. a live shot right now from the salesforce tower cam. you can see the patchy fog pushing its way in from offshore. that will continue as we head into this afternoon and for the next couple days, a lot cooler as we extend into the next couple days. gianna, with all the patchy fog, how are the roads looking? >> it's getting a little bit better. i saw a lot of fog on the 101 ride, but it's improving. where it's not looking good is 580 westbound at isabelle. that's where we have a crash. the number two lane is blocked and it's causing a backup there. if you're making the ride out of the altamont, typly areak in the arr commuters, he slower than usual as you head along the 580 commute over towards the dublin interchange. i'll zoom out a little bit and show you that slow and go, stop and go conditions out of tracy getting onto 580.
5:33 am
you'll see the brake lights approaching isabelle. on the dublin interchange traffic is backing up where that trouble spot is. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights not on just yet. right now traffic moving pretty nicely here. for later on and tomorrow especially this is going to look a lot different especially in the afternoons for the getaway weekend. i'll have more on that coming up in my next report. today marks one year since the deadliest mass shooting in bay area history. >> a year ago a gunman opened fire at the vta rail yard and killed nine co-workers. jocelyn moran is in the studio this morning. gun control is top of mind. just this week we're still talking about it. >> it's been one year and this anniversary comes just two days after the tragedy at robb elementary in texas. gun control is front and center. here locally a year after the vta shooting, there's a question if enough has been done to prevent another tragedy like
5:34 am
this. san jose leaders passed a number of control measures that requires gun shops to record video and audio of purchases, requiring gun owners to get liability insurance and pay an annual fee and cracking down on selling, owning, manufacturing ghost guns. moms demand action say this is all a step in the right direction but believe as long as we have a patchwork of state laws, ready access to firearms and gridlock in washington, we are still vulnerable. >> we do not need to live this way. we do not need to die this way. we all should be angry and sad, but we cannot give up. we are making progress this is not going to be fixed overnight, and we have to show up -- >> rachel also said enough is enough. this is all as we mourn the
5:35 am
lives lost. a remembrance event this morning will be held with county supervisors. jocelyn moran, kpix 5. >> when he shot, it was very loud and it hurt my ear. when i heard the shooting i told my friend to hide under something so he won't find us. >> this morning for the first time we're hearing from a 9-year-old survivor of the mass shooting. this student says his class was watching a movie when they heard a loud bang. they were inches away from the gunman and witnessed his friends and teachers lose their lives. >> this morning we're learning more about the shooter's final moments. >> danya bacchus joining us live from the scene in uvalde. what are you finding out this morning? >> reporter: good morning. as you both know, hearing the young children talk about what happened and what they experienced is absolutely heartbreaking. we are still feeling the magnitude of this tragedy here
5:36 am
in uvalde, texas. we're also learning more about the innocent young victims. officials are still searching for a motive, but we are learning more about the gunman's final moments. >> there was no known mental health history. >> reporter: governor greg abbott says the 18-year-old sent private online messages before his rampage at robb elementary. >> the first post was i'm going to shoot my grandmother. the second post was i shot my grandmother. the third post, i'm going to shoot an elementary school. >> reporter: the grandmother is recovering in the hospital. people who knew the gunman say he was antisocial and dropped out of school recently. crosses outside of robb elementary school have the names of the 19 children and two teachers who lost their lives. while the investigation continues, residents of the
5:37 am
small town are searching for a way forward. >> she tried to grab her phone and call the cops -- >> reporter: angel garza takes comfort in the fact that his stepdaughter tried to call 911 as the gunman opened fire in her class, but he isn't hopeful that things will change. >> i just want my baby home. i don't care. i don't care about anything else. i don't care about -- >> reporter: in washington, democrats are pressing for new gun control measures. >> we're cowards if we don't act, cowards. >> reporter: those republicans appear poised to blocking legislation. >> any firearm is potentially dangerous in the hands of a deranged lunatic. >> reporter: president biden is expected to travel to uvalde in the coming days. talking again about some of the survivors of the shooting, we were also able to speak to a mom of one of the survivors who said just yesterday when there was a thunderstorm that came through the area, her son woke up a couple of times and said to her
5:38 am
it's happening again. so again, just hearing these stories is just a reminder of what these children are liing with and what they're going to have to deal with for the rest of their lives. >> it is absolutely evil what these children have been through and they do not deserve to deal with this. are we learning anything more about the victims this morning, danya? >> reporter: we are. what we're learning about the victims just humanizes them as young children. we know that they were participating in award ceremonies as this was going on, some just receiving certificates for honor rolls, that some loved music videos on tiktok. others were a part of a basketball team. a couple were even family members, cousins who went here. we're learning more about the connection of their young lives that were tragically cut too short. >> they have lives, families.
5:39 am
>> so many stories. >> our hearts are breaking this morning, danya. we'll talk to you again soon. as the nation mourns the 19 students and two teachers killed in texas, california is fast-tracking a slate of proposed new gun laws, one that would allow private citizens to sue makers and sellers of illegal guns just cleared the state senate. another would require school officials in investigate and report any threats of a mass shooting. the third bill would restrict firearm advertisements to minors. lawmakers are also considering several actions on ghost guns. >> we need to get dangerous guns and weapons of war off the streets. that's what we're here today. that's what we're focused on. we have too many guns, a gun culture. we've come to accept this, normalize this and providing that right of action to get these people to get these weapons of war has led to this carnage and death, not just mass shootings but shootings every day. they do not capture our
5:40 am
attention as they should. i think it's principled and appropriate under the extraordinary circumstances that we're living through in this state. >> california republican leaders argue the solution isn't more gun laws but rather enforcing the ones already on the books. they specifically point to the attorney general's armed and prohibited persons list. stay with us for all the latest developments on the texas school shooting. we ooh el have coverage on air and and streaming on cbs news bay area. in the east bay parents staged an occupation yesterday in a bit to save a school from closing. parker elementary is one of several schools included in the district's campus consolidation plan. the district says declining enrollment districtwide has led to a funding shortfall. opponents argue the plan disproportionately affects black and latino students. parents say they plan to liberate the school and reopen it as parker community. we have reached out to oakland
5:41 am
unified for a response but have not heard back yet. happening today, the golden state warriors head to game five with the dallas mavericks at chase center. >> the dubs have yet to lose a playoff game at home. our justin andrews is live inside chase center. a big night tonight, justin. >> he's chilling. look at him. >> dubs' house. i'm chilling. i'm one of the first fans here inside the chase center this morning. look at this, all the gold. it's quiet right now. boy, it's going to be packed inside chase center. look at all the gold in the t-shirts. that's because it's game five. if we take this win, we're headed to the nba finals. we cannot wait. in the next 12 hours this place will be packed with people bleeding gold, cheering on their team. a win tonight gives the teamed a time to rest up. a loss forces the warriors to take the plane back to texas. let's not talk about that, though. we are ending this one tonight.
5:42 am
fans will be going wild. the fans are just eating it up. when we bring it home, you know the fans are literally that x factor. to players talk about it all the time. >> that thes the warriors official hype man, franco finn. he'll be doing everything he can to cheer on the warriors tonight. we'll see you again in about 30 minutes. we'll hear more from tran co-finn coming up. >> you're our hype man, justin. >> i got to beat her. we're in competition. >> justin, we'll see you again soon. it is now 5:42. "top gun: maverick" is about to land in theaters. to celebrate, we were tested on
5:43 am
the original 1986 film -- i don't want to see that. >> check out those aviators. >> who won the title of top gun expert? as we take a live look over the bay bridge, fol is rolling in. time tie highs cooler than it was yesterday. more on that coming up in your ♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood,
5:44 am
across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome.
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welcome back. it's 5:46. "top gun: maverick" made by our parent company paramount is landing in theaters. >> we got tested with a little pop quizzes on the original 1986 film. take a look. >> all right. ready for the quiz? yes, guys, the time has come in which to channel my inner tom cruise. >> you look good. >> thank you. >> there are prizes. you ready. >> let's start with a little softball for our first question. fill-in-the-blank. i feel the need, the need for -- very good. roll the clip. >> i feel the need, the need for
5:47 am
speed. >> where was the original top gun movie filmed? where was the original top gun movie filmed? i hope you guys know this answer. look at that. roll the clip. >> san diego, miramar, california, my hometown. this is where top gun was filmed. what is lieutenant pete mitchell's call sign? let's see the answers. what? amanda? the answer, please. >> maverick. >> you guys are doing very well, although i have to say len and jess are tied. amanda, we have hope. who is maverick's wingman? let me see the answers. right. >> maverick and goose. >> goose, very well done.
5:48 am
all three of you got that. what song does maverick and goose sing to the woman in the bar. this is a very big moment in the movie. >> you lost that loving feeling. ♪ you've lost that loving feeling ♪ >> all together now. len, congratulations. well done. >> i'd like to thank my mom. thank you very much. >> i'll watch the movie this weekend guys. >> hopefully the new one, too. >> i've heard amazing things. >> you're going to watch that one? >> i'll watch both. i will. >> i think we covered that with my obsession with the original film. >> you can rock those glasses though.
5:49 am
>> thanks. >> i was not kidding. it's a look for you. >> i wore them yesterday in the park. >> it's your look. >> all right. >> you have a live look outside. a beautiful start to the day. >> it is a lot more fall calm for us today. we need this as we approach the weekend. an area of low pressure dipping its way down, just enough to cool us off. change the winds, too. we've been dealing with winds pushing in from the northwest. now they're shifting as that trough begins to develop. that's the reason why we're seeing such a strong driving force with the clouds we're dealing with this morning. this is a look at wind gusts heading into this afternoon. it stays strong in san francisco, as well as fairfield and concord where we'll see wind gusts 25 to 35 miles per hour at times. this is a look of what we're expecting as we head into the afternoon. partly cloudy skies turning int fog settling in in the morning hours. it will pull back a san mateo bridge as we head into the noon
5:50 am
setup. as we head into the evening, clouds settle in. nonetheless, it is a completely different trend for us as we extend into this weekend. that's okay. it's just in time for memorial day weekend as well as carnival. we're cooling down a lot. for today, daytime highs in the 70s and 80s in the santa clara valley. walnut creek only a daytime high of 78 degrees. that's a lot nicer than the 90s we started off the week with. as we extend into fairfield and pittsburg, things are calm. heading north we see a gradual warming trend. pet lumina, 70. sonoma, 73. near clearlake, lakeport, cloverdale in the low airts. sunrise this morning, 5:52. let's take a look at the next senk days. plooirz will stick around. windy conditions as we head into the weekend. memorial day onealing with 60s and 70s for oakland as well as san francisco. as for our inland eastbound and
5:51 am
north bay, a lot more sunshine in store for us. for now, enjoy these partly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures because we need it here in the bay. gianna, how are things going out there? >> we have busy spots already for the morning commute. if you plan on traveling for memorial day weekend, it will be busy on the roadways, especially this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. lots to get to. a live look at westbound 580 as you work your way towards the dublin interchange, loading up just a bit. we have a hot spot heading in that direction. this is westbound 580 at livermore. as you head into livermore valley, a crash is blocking one lane. track is slow through here. blietsz into the altamont pass. keep in mind that area is going to be very busy this afternoon as well as on friday afternoon, and westbound will be busy coming home. that's one of our getaway routes, 580, 80, 101, i-5 if you
5:52 am
plan on heading south. busiest travel times expected in the bay area. if you're leaving the san francisco area, san jose, the north bay, thursday and friday afternoon after 3:00. if you're getting on the roadway today or tomorrow, try to get an early start to save some time. monday for coming home traffic after 1:00 until just about 9:00 in the evening. that's when you'll see all those busy travel conditions for folks heading home from the long weekend. also conditions along 101 heading to 152, the pacheco pass, that will be busy as well getting over to i-5. speaking of brake lights, we have them building at the bay bridge. metering lights are turned on. that morning rush is in full swing as you work your way over to san francisco via the bay bridge. we had fog this morning along the golden gate bridge. it is a little murky on 101 through sausalito, waldo grade as you work your way over the
5:53 am
golden gate bridge to the city. coming up, the unusual mission for a team of rescuers in central california. how these donkeys even got standed in the first place. right after our show, stick around for "cbs mornings," gayle
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
recent rains created quite the problem for a stubborn group of animals. >> a wildlife rescue team had to help rescue them. these donkeys got stranded in pair pose is a county after water levels rose from rain. their herd was able to swim across the lake, but these two were injured and couldn't cross. after weeks of trying, a group of agencies were able to rescue the pair. >> one of the donkeys sitting on the island, they're not borderline starving, not going to drown. it was a huge relief. >> the two are now in the care of a vet who will treat them. poor guys. >> maybe they wanted to get away. maybe they weren't truly stranded. >> i don't want to be with them. >> like with your family after a long holiday. if you're heading out for
5:57 am
the holiday weekend, what you need to know coming up. >> what sports experts say will be a and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school.
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we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability.
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. today marks one year since a gunman opened fire at the vta rail yard in sai, how the bay area is paying tribute to the lives lost and what's being done to prevented another tragedy. >> makenna elrod, age 10. >> the bay area coming together to remember the innocent lives lost in texas. hear from the father of one of the victims. the warriors could be one win away from claiming their spot at the finals. good morninis it i'm len kiese >> i'm omicron variant. today markne


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